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Season 2012-13

Goalmakers, 2012-13

The players who created the goals for Everton this season (aka "assists")

No.  Player League FA Cup CLC Europe Total
11  Mirallas
3  Baines
25  Fellaini
23  Coleman
21  Osman
4  Gibson
6  Jagielka
7  Jelavic
14  Naismith
22  Pienaar 10 
28  Anichebe 10 
8  Oviedo
15  Distin
18  Neville
24  Howard
27  Vellios
  Notes: CLC = Carling League Cup


Who are the Goalmakers?

Goalmakers are defined variously as:-

The penultimate Everton player touching the ball in a move which leads to a goal;

The Everton player fouled in the course of winning a converted penalty or direct free-kick;

The goalscorer himself where the goal results from a solo effort not involving any other Everton players.

Credit for Everton goals scored primarily from an error by an opposition player is given to the last Everton player involved in the build-up or to Everton player who helped to force that error.

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