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Mayor's latest hint has Evertonians marking their calendars for Thursday

| Monday, 20 March 2017  127 Comments  [Jump to last]
Following his tease at the Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame dinner the Friday before last, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson appeared to drop another big hint over the weekend that an announcement over Everton's proposed move to Bradley Moore Dock is imminent.

The Mayor quipped at the dinner that he could confirm that no announcement would be made next (i.e. last) week "just don't ask me about the week after".

Now, a light-hearted tweet that he posted on Saturday in response to a fan's query as to whether anything was happening in the coming week is pointing to Thursday as a potentially big day for Blues fans.

Just seen my diary for next week, my office have cancelled my weekly fitness session and my hairdressers appointment for Thursday, just saying

Rumours have been intensifying that the Blues have completed a land-purchase agreement with Peel Group for Bramley-Moore Dock and the adjacent Nelson Dock which has been earmarked for potential car parking or other open space at the new ground.

Reader Comments (127)

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Drew O'Neall
1 Posted 20/03/2017 at 07:28:15
Mayor Anderson's quotes read better in the style of David Brent.

'Just don't ask me about next Thursday..ooh, guilty' (overbite smile, upward glance)

Colin Glassar
2 Posted 20/03/2017 at 07:45:53
Stadium plans confirmed. Lukaku and Ross both sign new contracts, as does Koeman. Media go into overdrive linking Tom Davies with a move to Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester, London, Milan and Luton Town FC.

It's all part of the plan.

Joe O'Brien
3 Posted 20/03/2017 at 08:00:40
It's like waiting for Christmas... hopefully it'll happen this Thursday. Does anyone have any idea if the design will be unveiled at the same time as the announcement that Bramley-Moore Dock is the chosen site?
Liam Reilly
4 Posted 20/03/2017 at 08:27:04
A huge moment in the history of this Football Club beckons.

And the Reds wept as they witnessed a seismic shift in Power on Merseyside.

I'll have some of that.

Matt Traynor
5 Posted 20/03/2017 at 08:44:46
Colin #2, this is Everton remember. IF the stadium gets the nod, the sale of the two aforementioned players will be the down-payment!
Len Hawkins
6 Posted 20/03/2017 at 09:29:04
Matt (#5)

Thanks! I was freewheeling along quite nicely enjoying the ride then you go and poke a broom handle straight between the spokes of my front wheel.

Please, Please move away from the "OLD" Everton and give Mr Moshiri some credibility.

Derek Thomas
7 Posted 20/03/2017 at 09:36:44
Fitness and hairdresser cancelled, now we know he's just taking the piss...and it's a soulless bowl, with a permanent running track for the games and it's in Crocky.
Stephen Jones
8 Posted 20/03/2017 at 09:51:05
Bramley-Moore is 100% going ahead blues, also a local cinematography company has been given the go ahead to do the timeline as the new ground is built.

Just wait, as soon as this is official, listen to the darkside fans bombard the local radio stations and media wailing about how this is being funded by local tax payers or this is a heritage site that must be left as it is, as my granny will not be able to see the river if those nasty blues build this stadium!!! You get my drift, people... AND they say we are bitter?

Brent Stephens
9 Posted 20/03/2017 at 09:55:46
Stephen #8 "a local cinematography company has been given the go ahead to do the timeline as the new ground is built".

Is that true? Not asking for sources. But if you tell us it's true and you really know, that is another massive sign. You know it to be true?

John Pickles
10 Posted 20/03/2017 at 11:25:11
Lets just make sure we level Goodison to stop any nasty squatters moving in. ....... Like they did the last time we moved!
Stephen Jones
11 Posted 20/03/2017 at 11:57:32
Brent 100% true matey.
Martin Nicholls
12 Posted 20/03/2017 at 12:06:26
John (#10) – good point!
Tony Draper
13 Posted 20/03/2017 at 13:40:33
At the match against Hull, I said to my mate "If they just have the guts to build a ground that LOOKS like Goodison from inside. But, no stanchions or pillars. And for god's sake definately NOT some bloody architect's wet dream".

He said "I'd love something iconic that you look at an think That is Everton !".

Just not some bloody polystyrene castle like WHU had.

Brent Stephens
14 Posted 20/03/2017 at 13:50:58
Stephen - as true, then, that seems to seal it. Done deal.
Ben Mackenzie
15 Posted 20/03/2017 at 14:14:41
Our time is nigh fellow blues. We've waited long enough now.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
16 Posted 20/03/2017 at 14:47:06
John Pickles (#10) – Brilliant. And if you know yer history. .

Joe O'Brien (#3) – it will be sooner. The other one is on 25th December this year.

David Young
17 Posted 20/03/2017 at 15:26:38
Nelson Dock. My Dad was captain of the Nelson and Trafalgar when he worked for Alexandra towing company. Brown, black and white funnel, think they only have about 5 tugs now. 40 plus in the Mersey heyday.

Not a footy thread I know, but Dad will be looking down on us.
Can't think of a better place for our Glorious new Stadium
Mark Morrissey
18 Posted 20/03/2017 at 16:04:08
Why Thursday then, boys? C'mon... is there any significance? I can't see one. I'm not saying there needs to be one.
Alexander Murphy
19 Posted 20/03/2017 at 16:18:26

Gotta be Sunday.

St Domingo.

Julian Wait
20 Posted 20/03/2017 at 17:02:04
Thursday because it's after the England game on Wednesday, and before the weekend, and there's no European international games on Thursday?
Julian Wait
21 Posted 20/03/2017 at 17:03:08
Hairdresser and gym – ha!
Dennis Stevens
22 Posted 20/03/2017 at 17:06:39
Thursday is Promised Messiah Day, maybe Rooney is coming home after all!
Paul Ferry
23 Posted 20/03/2017 at 17:22:49
Turn the Old Lady into an Everton museum with apartments for the elderly amongst former players who have fallen on hard times.
Dan Davies
24 Posted 20/03/2017 at 17:29:48
Might have something to do with that film 23 with Jim Carrey. Spooky.. eh !
Paul Turner
25 Posted 20/03/2017 at 18:26:38
Thursday? Because it's "Thor's Day", what better day to upset the Norse Reds(hite)...


Craig Fletcher
26 Posted 20/03/2017 at 19:05:44
Paul Ferry (#23), great idea.
Gerry Quinn
27 Posted 20/03/2017 at 19:16:27
Paul – great idea, I am nearing retirement v will you make it free?
Mark Morrissey
28 Posted 20/03/2017 at 20:50:27
Whatever the reason and for whatever they build, please let the dream makers say no to having a running track between us and the pitch. We need a traditional footballing atmosphere, so no to track for Gods sake, for Dixies sake.
Gerard Carey
29 Posted 20/03/2017 at 21:10:23
Paul 23, good idea. First two apartments to those two old guys, nearing retirement age, Jags and Williams !!?? :) :).
Mike Keating
30 Posted 20/03/2017 at 21:13:01
And its my birthday
A great present which, hopefully, will stop me moaning about the King's Dock fiasco...or will it?
Colin Glassar
31 Posted 20/03/2017 at 21:38:37
I've cancelled my manicure and pedicure and rescheduled my Pilates class. You'd better not let me down Big Joe!
Brent Stephens
32 Posted 20/03/2017 at 21:49:11
Thursday's child has far to go.
Paul Birmingham
33 Posted 20/03/2017 at 21:55:39
Let's wait and see... We've had plenty of let-downs in the past on new stadiums and ground developments. Until there's plans issued, I'm gonna be patient.
Paul Mackie
34 Posted 20/03/2017 at 23:14:21
I"m refusing to get excited until there's a spade in the ground.
Paul Ferry
35 Posted 20/03/2017 at 23:21:48

Were you the Gerry Quinn we sold to Hartlepool in 1965 – 'One game was too many for us' (Catterick) – who ended up at Marine sacked by Roly for too many George and Angelas?

Nicholas Ryan
36 Posted 21/03/2017 at 01:50:49
Why did Lukaku get his announcement in last week?

Cos it would be a bit difficult, to accuse a club that's just announced a £300 million [or thereabouts] new ground project, of lack of ambition!!

James Marshall
37 Posted 21/03/2017 at 01:57:19
I don't think the new stadium is of any concern to Lukaku – even if it's announced this week that it's going ahead, we're looking at several years before it's completed and Rom certainly won't be waiting around that long for us to have a new ground.

My money is on Lukaku staying one more year at the absolute tops, and I don't think any of us will be surprised if he leaves in the summer either. Fingers crossed he doesn't, obviously.

Alan Freese
38 Posted 21/03/2017 at 07:39:40
Announcement to be made! McGeady signs a new contract and Niasse returns with a new locker!
Mike Green
39 Posted 21/03/2017 at 08:34:42
Genius Brent #33
Mike Keating
40 Posted 21/03/2017 at 08:56:15
But forget thee not Brent;

"The Child that is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny, blithe, good and gueye"

Sam Hoare
41 Posted 21/03/2017 at 09:04:29
Exciting. This week would seem a good time with two huge season defining games coming up at OT and Mordor.

If the announcement is made I wonder what information we can expect? Will they already have some design sketches for what the architect is envisaging? Capacity estimates? Fingers crossed...

Brent Stephens
42 Posted 21/03/2017 at 09:09:30
Mike K. Very good (and blithe).
Eric Myles
43 Posted 21/03/2017 at 09:35:59
Mike #40, so you think we'll be signing Wilfred Bonney, Jacob Blythe and Curtis Goode to go along with our Gueye?
Jimmy Salt
44 Posted 21/03/2017 at 10:15:17
Looking at the footprint, it will need the Nelson Dock. To only use the Bramley-Moore Dock footprint would only be a small increase on Goodison Park.

I hope the club plan to incorporate an area around the ground to encourage fans to get there early. Shops, bars etc – a fan zone. If you have visited any of the big European clubs (Ajax, Barcelona etc) they all have an area such as this that enhances the matchday experience. This also brings in more tourists.

Paul Ellam
45 Posted 21/03/2017 at 11:07:50
Fingers crossed this actually comes off.

Then we can concentrate on pinning Barkley and Lukaku down to long contracts as our next big thing.
Brian Williams
46 Posted 21/03/2017 at 12:16:15
Any announcement is likely to be a "heads of terms" only.

This is an initial agreement but doesn't involve a contract being signed.


Greg Lambden
47 Posted 21/03/2017 at 12:32:28
Fitness session and hairdressers? This is the fat bald fella right?
Terence Beresford
48 Posted 21/03/2017 at 12:37:20
Jon Pickles @10. Brilliant. Still pissing myself.

You have given me an idea for a banner at the derby.

Up the toffees

Ray Said
49 Posted 21/03/2017 at 13:03:22
Jimmy (#44), the article does mention the Nelson Dock so hopefully the footprint will include both docks and be large enough for 60k.
Jonathan Tasker
50 Posted 21/03/2017 at 13:08:21
What will happen on Thursday:

Amid much media hype and lots of flashbulbs, Everton will announce their shiny new ground, replete with golden photos of the new stadium and talk of a return to our brilliant past.

All of the media and the vast bulk of supporters will crow about the new ground. Except that, hidden in the small print will be the subtext that actually the new ground is dependent on a factor outside of the direct control of the owners.

In other words, the club will want you to believe that they have done absolutely everything to make the new ground happen but they can’t control everything. And, of course, that unknown factor will ultimately prevent the new ground seeing the light of day.

ps: I am not a Kopite.
Clive Rogers
51 Posted 21/03/2017 at 13:20:24
How much will parking on Nelson dock be? Or is that jumping the gun?
Brent Stephens
52 Posted 21/03/2017 at 13:34:25
Clive - "How much will parking on Nelson dock be?"

Car or yacht, Clive?

"Can I mind yer yacht, mister?"

Alan McGuffog
53 Posted 21/03/2017 at 13:52:11
I'll keep an eye on it, matey.
Mark Melton
54 Posted 21/03/2017 at 14:00:26
He's not going to lose that beer gut by only going to the gym once a week.
Eric Myles
55 Posted 21/03/2017 at 15:22:35
Sam #42, I hear the street lighting is designed to look like hanging kopites.
Scott Hamilton
56 Posted 21/03/2017 at 15:42:26
Jimmy (45) - We also need branches of The Pen & Wig and Lucky's Blue Dragon (of Goodison Road fame)
Tony Abrahams
57 Posted 21/03/2017 at 15:46:00
Hanging basket-cases Eric, Because if this comes off, then I can't see our loveable neighbours being very happy, especially if we can get some underwater lighting to turn the Mersey, BLUE!
Dave Roberts
58 Posted 21/03/2017 at 15:49:41
Where's the nearest chippy?
John Francis
59 Posted 21/03/2017 at 16:31:25
We are told (through rumours) Bramley Moore is to be the start of a project to develop the north dock area.

That it is to be part of a regeneration which will include a hotel, restaurants business premises and housing.

Such an idea is inconceivable if plonked right in the middle of the whole project is a sewage treatment works. Surely if the plan goes ahead another site would be deligated for the said treatment works.

Which brings me to ask, if Peel are the owners of the land , can they legally oust the sewage firm from the area?

Dave Roberts
60 Posted 21/03/2017 at 16:33:02
There's no doubt I'm going to enjoy a few pints in the Slaughterhouse before a brisk 15 minute walk to the new stadium. And I will definitely enjoy having the most iconic club stadium in the country once again. But there's one thing I won't enjoy and that's seeing Goodison Park turned into a cluster of affordable housing that will be a slum in 5 years or into a copse of commercial buildings waiting forever for somebody to move into them. I won't enjoy not turning the corner and seeing the facade of the Bullens Road Stand..... not because it's a lovely view because it most definitely isn't, but because, however ugly, it's a view I've experienced with anxiety, expectation and enjoyment for more than fifty years.

Two of my relatives, my uncle Peter and my great uncle Tom died in Goodison and I won't enjoy not being able to remember that with respect and sadness as I look around the place today and remember. Just like Bill my first memories of Goodison are usually to do with the Boy's Pen and my dad seeing me in through the turnstile for sixpence and I'd meet him in the front corner with him on the other side of the fence. He would leave the game a little bit before the final whistle to make sure he was there to meet me when I came out.

I won't enjoy realising that the place I saw my team parade trophies around in '63, '66, '70, '84,'85',87 and '95 isn't there anymore and has become a forgotten housing estate or whatever in some quiet, deserted and increasingly run-down area of Walton.

Why can't it be left to the City of LIverpool? This is not Anfield we are talking about here this is the original Theatre of Dreams built for football.... .the first in the world. Let the Everton Ladies and the young Everton teams play there including what used to be called the 'reserves'. Let the finals of the kid's leagues and school leagues be played there. It could be owned by the City of Liverpool, as a gift from Everton Football Club for the benefit of the people of the city.... .including kopites.

She's old and she's tired but she's far from dead. She is famous and has so many firsts connected with her that she should not be allowed to waste away. The City of Liverpool is renowned the world over for it's self inflicted desecration of it's own heritage, the Cavern, The Customs House, The Overhead Railway and many more. Don't let it happen again.

Keep Goodison alive.

Mark Daley
61 Posted 21/03/2017 at 16:45:53
My aunty who swabs down the deck on the Royal Iris said she just heard a booking taken for Thursday afternoon. It sounded like Bill and Ken Wright, to New Brighton and back. Two crates of stout and 12 party bags of crisps. I just wonder...
Brent Stephens
62 Posted 21/03/2017 at 16:46:44
Dave, that overhead railway I loved as a very small kid. Oh to have that back when we snuggle into Bramley-Moore Dock.
Tony Abrahams
63 Posted 21/03/2017 at 17:11:47
Just when I was waiting for Moshiri to come sailing up the Mersey on his mates yacht, Mark!
Brian Wilkinson
64 Posted 21/03/2017 at 17:18:38
Our neighbours will be sticking protests in as soon as we announce it, after all we are taking up their docking for the Longships on match days, the Vikings will be restless.
Colin Glassar
65 Posted 21/03/2017 at 17:34:30
Brian, they are already moaning about it being a "waste of tax payers money" and that it will be an eyesore. Expect them to start a campaign to save the near-extinct Bramley-Moore black ant.

Great post Dave. I hope Goodison has a fitting end worthy of its glorious history.

Antony Matthews
66 Posted 21/03/2017 at 17:41:46
Maybe the sewage treatment works could relocate to Goodison when we move out. Now that would really get up our neighbours noses.
Laura Round
67 Posted 21/03/2017 at 17:43:21
Yes Dave. I'm excited for the future but my eyes well up and I feel sick at the thought of the last game. 😐
Brian Wilkinson
68 Posted 21/03/2017 at 18:12:26
Sounds daft but if we get the docks, think of the tourists that visit the centre, build a souvenir shop, could even build a museum, Educate the tourists and our global know will rocket, maybe that is what is worrying our neighbours, being stuck on the outskirts of Liverpool, while visitors marvel at our waterside stadium.

This is going to break our neighbours hearts if and when we land the waterfront.

Gordon Crawford
69 Posted 21/03/2017 at 18:28:51
Let's not jump the shark though. It might turn out to look like the Reebok. Lol
In all seriousness this is very exciting. I am looking for a four sided ground with a huge atmosphere. Steep sided stands too. And no less than 60,000. Coyb
John Francis
70 Posted 21/03/2017 at 18:46:02
LOL Colin @66 The famous Bramley Moore black ant brill.
Mark Morrissey
71 Posted 21/03/2017 at 18:57:06
Dave Older
72 Posted 21/03/2017 at 20:55:43
I better get down to Asda and pick up a nice bottle of plonk to celebrate the imminent news. No expense spared for joyous days such as this. Roll on Thursday. I might keep an ambulance on standby though. My jaw may actually hit the floor if EFC go ahead and do this.
Paul Birmingham
73 Posted 21/03/2017 at 21:10:12
Dave (#61), a fantastic write and great idea.

Who knows what may unveil in the next days and weeks, but here's to hoping it's positive news for EFC and its supporters.

Tony Hill
74 Posted 21/03/2017 at 21:11:16
Great interview with Nev now available from the recent dinner awards. He has very interesting things to say about the ground, ambition and about Koeman. Perhaps gets a bit carried away but why not? We need much more of his style.
Kevin Tully
75 Posted 21/03/2017 at 21:31:21
Peel announced last week they were close to signing 'Heads of Terms' with the club. This is just a broad outline of any future binding contract, so I really cannot see there being a major press announcement for pre-contract negotiations, it wouldn't make any sense at this stage.

Apparently, the club has learnt it's lessons from their amateur hour past of announcing projects before they knew all the intricacies of what was involved with the actual delivery. The beauty of this project is a blank canvas, and they can build around the clock if they so wish. The Emirates took just over two years to build, so I would say a kick-off for 2020-21 is easily achievable on a site such as this, there will be no objections or hold-up's as regards to planning permission. They have already started addressing transport issues in the area.

I am not getting too excited about a Thursday announcement, but there is a chance the club may be much, much further ahead in the progress of building a new stadium than any of us could imagine. Then it's time for massive sesh...

Peter Lee
76 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:04:35
John Francis, the point about a sewage works is that you build it where the sewage is. Two huge interceptor sewers capture all the sewage that used to go straight in the river along more than 15 miles of river frontage. They terminate next to the site of our proposed new stadium.

There is as much chance of it being moved as there is of a landing stage for ferries and hovercraft and a terminal for Branson's space plane.

Given that the city council don't own the land or control merseytravel and central government controls the purse strings for trunk roads, can someone explain why Joe Anderson matters in all of this?

Brian Williams
77 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:24:04
Where can I read Nevs interview?
Keith Harrison
78 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:24:35
Kev, just what sort of announcement is not a reason for a massive sesh in your book mate? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
John Francis
79 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:29:05
Peter @76 thanks for the info re the sewage plant. You seem well clued up on the subject. So the plant stays. Now, who would rent offices, or live or, indeed dine at a restaurant amid such a toxic atmosphere? My guess would be not a single sane person.

In my mind that means the development of the north docks as a business, residential and social area is dead in the water. Literally. Because of a sewage works, hmm.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get around this problem? Cue the ToffeeWeb experts.

My own take on this would be we (bluenoses) march on the town hall with banners and placards proclaiming, NO SHIT JOE.

Tony Hill
80 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:32:46
Brian, it's on Toffee TV Everton Fan Channel.
Tony Hill
81 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:34:10
Easy to get on YouTube.
Ray Robinson
82 Posted 21/03/2017 at 22:52:23
Dave #61, wonderful sentiments and I don't mind admitting that having been visiting Goodison for 56 years, I will be blubbering buckets if and when we do leave, but how the hell do expect the City of Liverpool to maintain the site when there isn't adequate provision for social care, housing, transport etc?

No, if we leave, let's make a clean break of it. As Moshiri stated, we don't want to become a museum. I'll learn to love the new ground as much as I love the old one (unless it has a running track)!

Eric Myles
83 Posted 21/03/2017 at 23:36:25
Dave #61, I remember as a lad in the 60's watching mates play in schoolboy finals at Goodison.

I once tried to have Goodison declared a listed building by English Heritage and a UNESCO World Heritage Site but was told only the owners can do that.

Maybe as our new owner hopefully doesn't need the £10 mill it would fetch it could be preserved and made into the permanent home of The Everton Collection and used for matches as you suggest.

Laura Round
84 Posted 22/03/2017 at 07:51:50
Today marks exactly 125 yrs since Goodison was announced.. just sayin...
Andrew Clare
85 Posted 22/03/2017 at 08:48:51
I remember taking my school friend to Goodison in the sixties (he was a Stoke City fan) and was blown away by the place.

We are so lucky to have had such a great stadium. Love the place.

Paul Mackie
86 Posted 22/03/2017 at 10:23:38
Anyone heard anything concrete about this yet? Surely if an announcement was being made tomorrow the press would have their invite by now?
Brent Stephens
87 Posted 22/03/2017 at 10:52:05
Next to a sewage works! It will be a stadium with stools not seats.
Paul Burns
88 Posted 22/03/2017 at 13:36:16

Liverpool mayor, Joe Anderson, is trying to force Everton to incorporate a running track into Everton's new stadium plans in order to facilitate his vanity project of the Commonwealth Games.

We'd be stuck with a white elephant that our fans have indicated they don't want for ever, ruining the whole concept of being on top of the action and creating the atmosphere we want to reproduce from Goodison.

It's been a disaster at West Ham and in no way should it be allowed to happen to Everton just because the cheapskates at the club would get money for allowing it.Marry in haste, repent at leisure!

It's a football stadium, not an athletics stadium, Joe Anderson, move on and leave us alone, we'll decide what the design is.

Michael Kenrick
89 Posted 22/03/2017 at 13:39:59
You seem pretty convinced about this running track, Paul... but where is your evidence that he's forcing it on us??

It's a fear plenty share, I can see that, but it may just be the price we have to pay to get the thing built. And you know this one ain't going out for a vote, don't you.

Thomas Lennon
90 Posted 22/03/2017 at 15:22:11
On the contrary, installing a running track for a one-off event that takes place in the summer is something that has already been done successfully and then removed.

If there is money on offer, take it.

Brian Williams
91 Posted 22/03/2017 at 19:40:35
So,,,,,tomorrow's the big day?

Just about to watch the Germany v England game, hopefully to see Ross come on as sub.

Dortmund's stadium would do me fine, thank you very much. Obviously not its capacity (81k) but the way the stands are arranged is exactly how I'd love to see the RBMS look!!!!! Oh, that's the Royal Blue Mersey Stadium, by the way.

Paul Turner
92 Posted 22/03/2017 at 19:55:00
Disappointed to say the least at the Ingerland "supporters" booing and whistling the German national anthem. If we, Everton, get into Europe, let's continue our fine reputation and show them how to behave with respect.
Joe O'Brien
93 Posted 22/03/2017 at 21:33:15
Laura, if the announcement is made tomorrow, that will defo get mentioned. Surely it will be made tomorrow... the club would have quashed the rumours in one way or another if it wasn't. Probably through Anderson's twitter account.

As for the running track, I think it will happen but Man City have shown it can be taken away after the games easily enough.

Laura Round
94 Posted 22/03/2017 at 21:41:18
Joe, the OCD in me would've preferred today. πŸ˜‚
Mark Taylor
95 Posted 22/03/2017 at 21:42:41
Contact in the media telling me an announcement at 5pm...
Joe O'Brien
96 Posted 22/03/2017 at 22:07:47
You and me both, Laura... hopefully not too much longer. ☺
Brent Stephens
97 Posted 22/03/2017 at 22:31:54
The adjacent sewage works really worries me. This really takes the edge off it?
Alan McGuffog
98 Posted 22/03/2017 at 23:02:21
Brent the club has asked everyone living between Widnes and Seaforth not to take a shit between 12 noon and 18 .00 hours on a match day. Sorted !
Graham Mockford
99 Posted 22/03/2017 at 23:03:30

Our current ground is adjacent to the biggest shithole in England.

Colin Glassar
100 Posted 22/03/2017 at 23:12:56
Alan, I've been practising all day. I'm up to 4 hours now and going strong.
Alan McGuffog
101 Posted 22/03/2017 at 23:18:03
You're just going through the motions, lad.
Colin Metcalfe
102 Posted 22/03/2017 at 23:39:12
With regards to the sewage plant, I stayed in the Titanic Hotel for a couple of nights last summer and it was fine.

I was in town a lot but I did eat on the terrace right opposite the old tobacco warehouse and there was no hint of sewage. I had the window open at night and again it was fine.

Dermot Byrne
103 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:05:25
Am I the only one who is mega excited this morning? The right news today could be brill for 12 hours until the "glass half-empty" folk get scared by a rumble of optimism and tell us we are betraying their memories of Goodison in 1936! It will be a good day with news that will make Rooney stories so small change. I feel it in my bones.
Andrew Clare
104 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:16:28
I'm sure all Evertonians are excited about today. Get this right and we will be on the way to great things. 60,000 capacity stadium in a great location will be iconic.

Forget the Rooney, Lukaku and Barkley stuff, this will put us right back where we belong.

Matt Traynor
105 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:43:09
Dermot (#104), I think it's crass to piss on the memories of people for whom the club, and visiting Goodison, has a significant hold on them. Many will have memories of family and friends no longer around that are tied there.

Personally, I've always been keen to move in recognition we need to keep up with the teams around and above us. For me it had to be the right place – Kings Waterfront was. Kirkby was not. Walton Hall Park was not. Bramley-Moore / Nelson Docks is.

Whilst Billy Bullshit will no doubt be front and centre again, I think the reason many of us sceptics have optimism is because he's no longer the kingmaker. The only reason LCC has put their neck on the line – again – is because of this.

My only regret is that my old man passed away last year and I'd loved to have discussed this with him today, on his birthday. He didn't have memories from 1936 – as that was the year of his birth, but he also recognised the need to move on and progress, in order to challenge.

Ernie Baywood
106 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:51:56
I don't know how I'll feel when it eventually gets underway. As a migrant, I always take great care to take it all in just in case it's not there next time I visit.

The day I realise it's actually going will be a sad one... even if I'm filled with excitement for the future.

Feels pretty real. Any word on press conferences or anything?

Stephen Jones
107 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:53:42
(#8) I told you so, it's happening today as promised.

Nil satis nisi optimum... Onwards and upwards, Blues!!!

Stephen Jones
108 Posted 23/03/2017 at 08:59:07
Ernie, on Radio Merseyside council have an announcement on Everton's new ground later today. I would advise we all tune in to Jim White as I am sure he will have been on the blower to Farhad his bessy mate.
Ernie Baywood
109 Posted 23/03/2017 at 09:25:04
Cheers Stephen... looks like the Echo are running a live report all day too.

Interesting tweet from the pub.

David Nicholls
110 Posted 23/03/2017 at 09:28:15
I'm buzzing, like a kid at Christmas. I'm really hoping that, as well as announcing the move to Bramley-Moore Dock, they have some spectacular images of Meis Architects' proposed design.

I also hope there are some reassurances regarding the smell of sewage!

Stephen Jones
111 Posted 23/03/2017 at 09:33:12
David (#111) we have lived 3/4 mile away from Anfield for over 120 years so anything less smelly than that shithole must be an improvement.

Also, did you know all the old dockers pubs are being done up and ready for re opening so there will be plenty of watering holes on the way to our new ground on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.

Rob Halligan
112 Posted 23/03/2017 at 09:40:22
I take no credit for this:

This is what it's like to be Everton
This is what it's like to be poor
You've built a shit stand
We'll build on Bramley-Moore, Bramley-Moore.

Dermot Byrne
113 Posted 23/03/2017 at 09:49:28
Matt #106 :

My light-hearted comment #104 (intention important !) was to joke how we often have great news and then pessimists seem to get scared. You may notice it was full of hope and excitement about today.

But you managed to see it as crass and pissing on people's memories. Well pissing on people's memories is not the intention at alI and, if I weirdly wanted to do that, I have better word skills than that kind of comment.

If you define "crass" as "lacking intelligence or sensitivity", then re intelligence, hands up! Re sensitivity, well that is so subjective and there is a great phrase: "Just because you're offended, doesn't make you right."

So yes, I could have shared stories with you about my late granddad and Dad at Goodison and waited to take offense but silly me, I was just excited about a new ground.

Now I will go back to being excited!

Gerry Quinn
114 Posted 23/03/2017 at 10:18:01
Oh we hate Bill Shankly and we hate St John
But most of all we hate Big Ron
And we'll hang the Kopites one by one
On the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey

So to hell with Liverpool and Rangers too
We'll throw them all in the Mersey
And we'll fight, fight, fight,
With all our might
For the lads in the Royal Blue Jersey
Geoff Lambert
115 Posted 23/03/2017 at 10:52:04
The City's all ours, the city's all ours.
Kopites are woolys, the city's all ours.
Dermot Byrne
116 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:10:34
David (#111): "I'm buzzing, like a kid at Christmas!"

Me too.

I got day mixed up and was gutted yesterday when no news!

Paul Norman
117 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:20:26
Has anyone else got that transfer deadline day dread? It starts with promise of a team-changing signing or 3, and ends with a loanee from Forest Green at 11pm!

We're expecting a ground-breaking stadium on the docks, we get ring fenced money for a new retail ground with Asda in Widnes. I know those days should be gone, but I can't shake the expectation for disappointment.

Joe O'Brien
118 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:24:41
Paul, mate, it's going to happen... this is the new Everton.

What a huge date this is going to be in our history.

Gordon Crawford
119 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:29:32
Lyndon / Michael Can we do a live forum on this please? This is too exciting not to have a live forum. :) Aw, you will, you will. Lol
Rob Halligan
120 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:29:34
Has anyone seen this
Joe O'Brien
121 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:46:30
Great idea, Gordon, mate.
Gerry Quinn
122 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:51:06
Rob, brilliant - seen that video so many times for different reasons, but, being a ToffeeNose, love it!
Dermot Byrne
123 Posted 23/03/2017 at 11:51:41
Very funny, Rob.
Patrick Murphy
124 Posted 23/03/2017 at 12:00:38
Gordon (#121),

I think the forum is available but don't shout at me if it doesn't work... :)

Live Forum

James Marshall
125 Posted 23/03/2017 at 12:06:51
Hahaha! Love it, Rob :)
Gordon Crawford
126 Posted 23/03/2017 at 12:19:12
Thanks guys for the live forum, you're just the best. 😝
Joe, why thank you, kind sir. πŸ˜‚
I'll not blame you yet, Patrick. πŸ˜›
Patrick Murphy
127 Posted 23/03/2017 at 12:33:19
Thanks James (#129).
TW has a thread for this report here.

TW Guardian report

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