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Everton first XI with a twist...

Would this team beat our current eleven?

Ruddy; Mostafi, Duffy, Stones, Dier; Deulofeu, Barry, Fellaini, Cleverley; Lukaku, Naismith.

All the above are playing in the Championship or the Premier League (with the exception of Geri). Would these give our first eleven a run for their money? If Yes, then how do we find ourselves in a position that we have lost the above?

Nigel Gregson     Posted 19/11/2017 at 15:12:00

A Song for Seamus

This is a suggestion for the poets and jesters who go to Goodison with chants and songs and odes to our great players. Seamus will (hopefully) be racing up the right wing in a few months, and I think a new song would show our appreciation. The song, Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal, by Goats Don't Shave (I know, I know) has the chorus:

And if I could I'd build a wall around old Donegal
The north and south to keep them out, by God I'd build it tall
Casinos, chicken ranches, I'd legalize them all
We'd have our own Las Vegas, in the hills of Donegal
Yeah Las Vegas, in the hills of Donegal

I can guarantee that Seamus knows this song. :)

We can change it to this, or something similar:

Goodison jumps to it's feet, when Seamus gets the ball,
He's up and down the right wing, he's nearly 6 feet tall
He only cost us 60 grand, but we don't care at all
He's our Seamus Coleman, the man from Donegal,
SEAMUS Coleman, the man from Donegal

There's plenty of diddly-aye there too!

As I say, it's just a suggestion for those who make up songs or get songs going in the crowd. It's been going around in my head for years.

Dermot O'Brien     Posted 09/11/2017 at 13:04:41

What Big Sam’s appointment would say about the current state of Everton FC

Okay, he hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet but he’s going to so better get used to it.

What’s perhaps more interesting are the insights that Big Sam’s appointment gives as to the thinking of Kenwright and Moshiri. Truly progressive companies work along the sound principles of forward planning. They can see trends and they can gear their businesses to take advantage. Everton isn’t run along these lines. It veers from one crisis to another and the cycle shows no signs of breaking.

Consider the last two managerial appointments. Quite what Bill Kenwright saw in Roberto Martinez, beyond nice shoes, I will never understand. Martinez had just presided over Wigan’s relegation. The hallmark of that team was a dodgy defence, a problem that persisted through Martinez’s regime at Everton.

Then we had Ronald Koeman. I sit in a marketing office in London, with no obvious connections to football. Lo and behold, as Koeman was being appointed, I got an e mail forwarded to me by my Saints-supporting colleague which told me exactly how things had unravelled at Southampton. It entirely predicted what would happen at Everton – Koeman being deeply unpopular with players and fans as his arrogance shone through.

All of this suggests a business philosophy that doesn’t do due diligence and certainly has no forward plan.

And so, to the impending appointment of Big Sam. His USP, unique selling proposition, to Everton’s owners is that he has never presided over a relegation. This appointment backs up the contention that there is no forward plan whatsoever at Everton except to stay in the division. This is where the money is made and this is all the Everton owners care about.

Allardyce is 63. He’s not exactly the future of football. Looking ahead, Nil Satis nisi optimum has never made less sense. Everton’s real “mission statement” now should be “make do and mend” and hope it all sort of comes out okay.

Finally, I would apply the same thoughts to the new ground. Nothing the owners say or do gives me any comfort on the new ground and I think their short-termism and mistakes on manager selection equally applies to the supposed new ground.

So, what does the future hold? Staying in the division. That’s all.

Sam will deliver that but don’t expect any plan beyond the end of this season.

Jonathan Tasker     Posted 07/11/2017 at 07:55:05

Best formation and going forward

I have been saying for a long time, that we need to tighten up our defence and build confidence through defensive solidity.

However, there is no point doing this, and then having absolutely nothing going for us up front... because, as we have seen, the pressure will eventually get to us and we will concede.

This mean that we simply HAVE TO play two up front and three in midfield.

If would therefore 4-3-1-2

Kenny Keane Jagielka Baines
Idrissa Baningime Rooney
Calvert-Lewin Niasse

Robles, Williams, Holgate, Davies, Vlasic, Lennon, Lookman

With Schneiderlin being off his best and with the apparent lack of effort I’d leave him out for now (however I am more than confident that he will fix his wrongs and get back to the right attitude). I would play McCarthy (if fit) as the CDM in the midfield three. If McCarthy is not fit, I’d go with either Baningime or Besic in at CDM. With Rooney and Idrissa having a slightly more free role, and allowing Rooney to control the game from midfield.

This formation allows us to have enough in midfield to keep out the goals, while Niasse and Calvert-Lewin offer more than enough pace and width upfront - further more, it means they are not isolated. As seen in the Watford game, and many other games, when we have switched to 2 up front.

Sigurdsson would also thrive in this formation.

It would also then be easy to switch to a 4-2-3-1 later on to add width with Lookman, Vlasic or Lennon.

Europa League:

Moving onto the near future we have 2 Europa games left, and with our exit from the competition confirmed, I would use it as a platform to build team confidence and give players who have not played the opportunity to prove themselves and put pressure on the usual starters.

I would also play our new players from Europe (Sandro, Klaassen, Vlasic) as they have experience in Europe and also they need a chance.

Holgate Feeney Williams Cuco
Besic Schneiderlin Klaassen
Vlasic Sandro Lookman

Stekelenburg, Keane, Kenny, Baninime, Davies, Lennon, Henen

Or something similar...

Further into the future:

Looking at when our injured players come back.

We have a very exciting time ahead of us - the return of Bolasie, Coleman, Barkley and Funes Mori...

The difference these players will make is difficult to explain... we have missed Bolasie and Coleman’s passion and energy so much, Barkley’s ability and Funes Mori’s pace and left foot. As well as the inclusion of Garbutt in January!

With a full strength team, we have a very very strong squad:

GK: Pickford / Robles / Stekelenburg
RB: Coleman / Kenny / Cuco
RCB: Keane / Holgate / Jagielka
LCB: Funes Mori / Williams / Feeney
LB: Baines / Garbutt
RCM: Idrissa / Besic
CDM: Schneiderlin / McCarthy / Baningime
LCM: Rooney / Davies / Klaassen
CAM: Sigurdsson / Barkley
RW: Bolasie / Lookman / Lennon
LW: Sandro / Vlasic / Mirallas
ST: Calvert-Lewin / Niasse

Next Season:

I think people often get too focused on the here and now (which is important, of course) - but we also need to look at the big picture.

We have a strong squad, and a good blend of experience, youth and players in their prime. Yes we are missing a few players - a striker, a left back and a CB. However, next season we have a lot of on loan players coming back.

Most exciting is our winger/striker Onyekuru, who is thriving once again. Then there is Dowell who is proving himself and learning a lot in the championship, which is a big step for him.

And then there are others, such as Robinson (LB), Galloway (LCB/LB), Browning (RCB/RB), Walsh (CM), Williams (CM), Pennington (CB) to name a few off the top of my head...

We need to build, therefore I don’t think we should sell anyone (especially those just bought in this summer - give them a season and a bit to adapt and prove themselves).

I might let the likes of Cuco, Mirallas, Stekelenburg go, but I’d like to keep the others.

Onwards and upwards, Blues... this was always going to be a tough season, with so much change. But we need to back our boys and our team. Patients and full support.


Gareth Clark     Posted 06/11/2017 at 11:50:02

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