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The One-Man Wrecking Ball

Before anyone talks about giving Koeman more time, it's worth remembering that a heck of a lot of Saints fans were happy to see the back of him. But let's also remember what happened to Valencia under Koeman's leadership. I know I'm repeating much of what some already know, but here goes, and this is a short version of what took place there.

Koeman first admitted he was losing control if the team then went to extreme lengths to try to correct (his) mistakes. He told three key players, Canizares, Albelda and Anglo they would no longer feature in his plans and they could look for different clubs, (sounding familiar so far?).

Santiago Canizares, a world - class goalkeeper said he would consider retirement if Koeman stood by his decision to leave him out of the team for the rest of the season. Barcelona immediately registered an interest in him.

David Albelda took legal action against the club to get his contract terminated after calling a press conference to announce his frustration with the management (Koeman), stating that he deserved better than public humiliation.

Angulo also spoke to the press, saying that the club's veterans were being treated with little or no respect by Koeman.

After Athletic Bilbao, who hadn't scored more than twice at home all season, hit five against Koeman's Valencia, Raul Albiol of Valencia said, "The dressing room is like a funeral," and the funeral was Koeman's. The fans and players couldn't wait to get rid of him.

When he took over from the sacked Sanchez-Florescent, Valencia were four points off the top of La Liga. They then took only 18 out of a possible 66 points, and were 35 points off the top and had won only four games, and sat two points above the relegation zone.

He presided over a divided dressing room who (surprise, surprise), found themselves totally at a loss with his tactics, with Joaquin saying Koeman's tactics had them running around like headless chickens (again, sound familiar?) and the only reason they eventually escaped relegation was that the players got together and dumped his tactics and played it their way. The final nail in his coffin.

Now, if anyone can't see the similarities between then and now, they have to be deaf, dumb and blind. What the hell was Moshiri doing when he appointed Koeman? Did he not read the man's record? Didn't he pick up any of the vibes coming out of Southampton?

At least Valencia eventually took action to get rid of this awful man before he got them relegated. Has Moshiri got the guts to admit his mistake and do the right thing to save us from similar humiliation?

When you consider he could have gone for Premier League winner Pellegrini, or Europa League winner Emery at the time, it does raise a question or two about how much in-depth football knowledge Mr. Moshiri really possesses.

Everything in Koeman's past spells out DISASTER in capital letters. He almost destroyed Valencia, a club with a long and proud history (sound familiar again). For God's sake don't let him do the same to us. If it takes fan protests a la Valencia then let's do it, let the club know how we feel.

Start an online petition, anything, something, but we need to get this one-man wrecking ball out of our beloved Everton.
Brian Porter       Posted 18/09/2017 at

Fresh start?

Firstly, I'm not going slate the manager, players, board or anyone connected with Everton regarding our recent "displays" – that's been done to death by me and by many others now.

Sometimes, a manager – for whatever reason – just doesn't fit a certain club. They could have great reputation, a great CV, or a great record at winning them shinny things that seem to elude every manager at our club since 1995. But sometimes, it just does not work.

When I think back over the years of being an Everton fan, two things spring to mind. We were always very hard to beat and very well organised. That always sticks out for me; that is what Everton is about – we roll over for no one!!!! Basics, the very simple basics is what we are lacking at the minute. We have to be hard to beat, we have to be in your face, aggressive, passionate. That's the basics. And the rest will follow. So the point of this is a fresh start; back to basics.

So when Koeman's gone, the fresh start begins. Who's the gaffer that will "at least" offer the above? For me, it's Unsworth to the end of the season. Further down the line... maybe a Dyche or big Sam. Bear in mind this is short term, a steady-the-ship, back-to-basics appointment.

Peter Larkin     Posted 14/09/2017 at 21:31:13


This post is not a reaction to today's game – I was going to write it yesterday. I have grave concerns about our team. We have invested a huge amount in the Koeman project. He is vastly paid. It will take time... but I expect signs of improvement; there are none.

Our football is one-dimensional, we lack width, pace, guile, imagination and inspiration. Also, our coach seems utterly lacking in any type of man-management skills.

We had an opportunity to step forward; I absolutely believed we had appointed the right man. I have defended him, believed in him and argued that he should have more time. However, I expected more, perhaps a change in tactics, some belief, some confidence in our players. In my view, it has not happened. We have, it seems to me, a coach who is working on a CV and who doesn't want a thumping on it.

I hate humble pie but I think I am ready for a helping of it. I now believe we have made a dreadful mistake. I believe have wasted a lot of money and I am gutted.

Andy Crooks     Posted 09/09/2017 at 18:50:30

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