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The Mail Bag

June 2007 Archive


Yet again, Everton are getting outdone in the transfer market. How can Fulham spend £6.5 million on a championship striker (Diomansy Kamara) yet Everton, a bigger club and in Europe are terrified to spend over £4 million on a player?

It was well publicised in the papers about the amount of money teams would get for their final place in the league table. According to the papers, 6th place recieved about £7.1M. Where is this money now? I doubt it has been put in for transfers.

It pisses me off that Tottenham, who I think are a smaller club than us and who have a smaller stadium, can spend £17M on Darren Bent, £10M on an untried 17-year-old, and are now linked with a £17M double swoop for Wright-Phillips and Lassana Diarra. This is down to one thing and one thing only, AMBITION.

Although Jagielka is a good player, he will not improve our team and we should only be signing players that will improve the team. Why not go for players who have proven themselves at the highest level, such as Defoe or Smith, and not players such as Richardson and Koumas. Somehow, I cannot see many players arriving at Goodison any time soon.
John Murphy     Posted 30/06/2007 at 14:49:06   Comments (22)

Howard Interview

Thought you all might like a break from stewing over new transfers to consider one of last seasons signings who seems to be going from strength to strength. Heres a US interview with Tim Howard.

Good to see an intelligent overseas player speak with pride and understanding about the club and its fans. Plenty more clean sheets this season Timbo!

Transfers aside, I'm feeling optimistic about this season ? if Team spirit alone could win medals I reckon we'd be the bookies favorites. COYB
Mike  Emm     Posted 30/06/2007 at 12:19:44   Comments (1)

Good News! (And I'm not Doddy...)

Motivated to put fingers to keyboard and comment on some very signficant good news: the long-term contracts for Cahill and Arteta.

These guys are no fools, and are players who know they could have moved elsewehere for more money, and perhaps (certainly in Mikel's case) more chances of title success.

Apart from the fact that we have retained these excellent and important players for us, I read this also as signalling that: these boys believe that Everton is going forward not backward; that they like playing under Moyes; that Lescott and Johnson are not about to jump ship; and that some quality new signings are still likely.

Am I being overly optimistic?
Neil Pearse     Posted 30/06/2007 at 12:05:50   Comments (2)


I've tried and tried to resist getting involved in the transfer/lack of transfer activity saga, but there's something that keeps bugging me that I wondered if anyone else is confused about? Why should the signing (or not) of Jagielka prevent the club from doing any other business?

I've gone from the sublime: Moyesy has a master plan of which Jagielka is a fundamental necessity before the other five or six signings are made... to the ridiculous: We're that hard up that Jagielka's a must, as he can fulfil a number of roles within the team/squad, and beyond him there may not BE any other business...

I'm trying like mad to remain optimistic, I really am. And I hope in the coming couple of weeks there's a frenzy of transfer activity with our beloved Blues bagging a number of excellent additions to the club.... but I just can't work out why the signing of Jagielka seems to be the required catalyst????
Brian Williams     Posted 30/06/2007 at 03:16:23   Comments (21)


Been seeing some rumours about Mathieu Flamini signing after the 1st July on a free. I think he would be a decent buy and Moyes likes him as he tried to buy him before he joined the Gooners.
Kristian  Barnard     Posted 29/06/2007 at 21:24:27   Comments (13)


I, like the next person, enjoy a tasty transfer rumour, but this close season has encapsulated everything that's wrong with football at the moment! With the huge amount of column inches and media air time to fill, the rumour mill has been utterly ridiculous, and ? even scarier ? many fans seem to take each rumour as fact and let themselves get far too carried away.

It is completely unfair to judge Moyes and Kenwright by this nonsense! Transfer rumours are fun but come on, we must have been linked to over 30 players so far, surely the penny must drop with people that there is no substance in these rumours. It's time for everyone to relax because its getting tedious and silly now!

Personally, I will wait till Moyes makes an official move, when a player signs on the dotted line! Then we can have a sensible and interesting debate on our future, based on fact not empty speculation! Great news about Cahill and Arteta though! Let's all enjoy this lovely summer weather!
Matty Mold     Posted 29/06/2007 at 16:07:02   Comments (2)

Kieran Richardson

There's fresh rumours today linking us to Kieran Richardson again. I seriously hope this isn't true. Another Man Utd reject. I've seen a lot of Richardson and the only time I've been impressed with him is when he scored the two goals for England. Not a name that will get any Evertonians excited.

Does anyone know what the deal is between Man Utd and Everton? We are constantly linked with their players. Maybe Moyes thinks buying Man Utd players will bring back the glory days.
Shaka Islam     Posted 29/06/2007 at 15:52:18   Comments (13)

With a K as in Kenwright

If we are going to continue to debate this move to Kirkby, can we all agree at least on the spelling? It's 'Kirkby' with two Ks, as in Kenwright, not 'Kirby'. Kirkby residents especially take note. When we stop being the Mersey Masters to become the Kings of Kirkby, the Pride of Altside, the most successful Premier League club in the history of... the borough of Knowsley, it would be best to know how to spell our home town.
James Molloy     Posted 29/06/2007 at 14:31:32   Comments (1)

Stay calm...

Great news on the two contract extensions, particularly Mikky, who for my money is just about the best player outside of the "top four" right now, apart, perhaps, from Berbatov.

And as for the unease surrounding our "lack of activity" can I just make one point. Let's analyse who has gone where shall we:

1. Scott Parker, useful "tier two" Premiership midfielder, Newcastle to West Ham.

2. Joey Barton, useful "tier two" Premiership midfielder, Manchester City to Newcastle.

3. Nigel Reo-choker, leaving West Ham to joining God knows who (Man City perhaps?)

4. Darren Bent, useful "tier two" Premiership striker, Charlton to Spurs.

5. Jermiane Defoe, on his way out of Spurs (perhaps) to...another useful "tier two" team...

There's a trend here folks. It may appear that Newcastle, Spurs and West Ham (etc.) are all showing "more ambition" than us. But they're not. They're engaged in a complex game of musical chairs, fuelled by agents and egos. So West Ham sign Parker, they lose Reo-choker; so Spurs sign Bent, they lose (perhaps) Defoe...

Of course I'm uneasy about us not adding to our squad but I'm confident that DM will get one or two in over the next three weeks. And, whilst that won't be enough to see us challenge for a title, we have to realise that buying Re-choker and selling Cahill wouldn't either. Whether we like it or not we're not "tier one" and the same people who moan about BK today will moan tomorrow if he sells his soul to some Dubai based prince or whatever. Aston Villa thought they had it nailed this time last year and look at them. Foreign bucks don't guarantee success.

If Everton and DM can finally establish themselves in the top 6 or 7 again (and avoid the yo-yoing of pervious seasons), I'll be content (I know, I know, "nothing but the best" and all that, but really, apart from 85-87, when has that really been true over the last 35 years? - just saying is all...).

And anyway, to be honest, despite all of the "ambition" shown by Spurs, Newcastle etc. I'd still prefer to have Arteta... Apologies for the ramble. C'mon the toffees!
Jer Sweetnam     Posted 29/06/2007 at 13:45:55   Comments (10)

Spinning it

Great news that Arteta and Cahill have agreed to sign 5-year deals, no doubt. First bit of good news this close season. But please BK don't patronise us with "We did it in the Everton way - quietly, efficiently and away from the glare of the spotlight."

If only that was the Everton Way under your "leadership". All too often in recent years we've dithered and shown an abject lack of commercial acumen, allowing ourselves to get outmanoeuvred by others clubs with greater savvy and more decisive and ambitious leaders. You can try to spin it, but the fans won't fall for it. Just tell it how it is ? that should be The Everton Way.
Rodger Armstrong     Posted 29/06/2007 at 11:30:43   Comments (23)

Managing the People ('s Club)

I, like many Everton fans this close season, am incredibly disappointed by the apparent lack of progress made by EFC. Given the current market and our recent transfer history, I can understand the lack of noise from EFC officially concerning this. Nevertheless, what disappoints me more than anything is the ability (or lack thereof) of EFC to control the speculation around the team and to placate the fan-base through effective communications.

Who amongst the fans can seriously consider that Everton do not have a plan? OK ? don?t answer that ? but go with me on this will you?

Given the qualification for the Uuefa Cup, given the total balls-up made of Europe last time, given the recent history of selling our best players and being gazumped by others (like LFC for Sissoko) for the one?s we wanted? surely this time we have entered the close season knowing what to do and how to do it? The question of money may well prove to be a deciding factor, but DM and BK will (must surely) know how much moolah they have, and how much they can afford to throw around. I personally would splash £12M on Fernandes, because I think he has the next level of class that Everton needs as a club to progress?


  1. I don?t have £12M
  2. I don?t manage EFC

The experiences of the past several seasons I hope will have taught EFC several valuable lessons about not being blabber-mouthed when it comes to prospective targets, not playing the fans for chumps by using the Echo to link to fantastic footballers that we could never afford? and I suspect that it has. Not many teams have entered the transfer fray yet; all expecting to have stupid prices quoted at them (£16M for Darren Bent!) so they are waiting until the last week to buy when clubs need to ?panic-sell? to get shot of their deadwood. So maybe, just maybe at the end of this close season, Everton will have bought who they wanted, for the money that they wanted and be where they think they should be.

However, and here?s the real killer? what about me???? (and you lot as well obviously!) Somebody tell me something PLEASE!! Even if all you have to say is ?Wait and see? then please at least tell me that ? give me the confidence that you know what you are doing.
Rupert Sullivan     Posted 29/06/2007 at 10:19:27   Comments (12)

Eggs in one basket

Are we really holding back on all transfers till we sign Jagielka from Sheff Utd?? This could go on for weeks yet and pre-season is only a short while away... I realise we are not the only club looking to buy players BUT we are so short on players it's untrue.

Last year, Moyes and Co got it spot on; it seems this year (just like the Champions League season) he is totally off the pace. People may say that once he gets back off his hols it will be Game On but I refuse to believe it. I just hope that if a decent target becomes available the message from EFC is "can you wait 'til a week on Saturday? ? the boss is back then."

Not really good enough for a "forward-thinking club"...

I think we may be pretty threadbare come August
John  Audsley     Posted 29/06/2007 at 09:22:49   Comments (6)

Is It Just History?

As a regular TW reader I feel I must ask one question to all the fans who have been on here the past few days/weeks having their say on the stadium debate, saying that the ONLY reason they don't want to move to Kirkby is because of our HISTORY at GP: Would you have the same attitude if we were moving to a 55,000-seater built on Walton Hall Park?

I would just like to add that I don't want to move to any stadium inside or outside a dubious 'city' boundary. Also, to anyyone who believes Wyness when he says that a bigger crowd and more people will enable us to invest in better players ? two years ago, when we finished 4th, we were in the European top 20 richest football clubs YET we still had no money for players. If you believe one word out of Wyness's mouth, you are a complete mug.
Andy Baker     Posted 29/06/2007 at 08:03:17   Comments (9)


No signings ? yet three senior players have gone (include VDM) ... getting a little worried now. We so needed to strengthen before these guys left so it's worrying that we need at least 6 players now to have a decent squad to compete on all fronts next season.
Gavin Harris     Posted 28/06/2007 at 22:01:15   Comments (10)

Jags bagged but....

Well assuming Sheff Utd stay down, after their chairman's recent words it seems we're about to bag our first signing-at last!

It's common knowledge that our Dave wants to use Neville in midfield but whether he or Cars is employed to cover the defence, I think we're in dire need of a left midfielder. "What about Super Shandy-Andy?" I hear you cry. Well, I reckon the fellas got talent somewhere deep down but even if Moyes is absolutlely confident that he can unlock the Dutch fella's potential, we're still gonna be short if he starts pub-crawling again so I think we need to sign one.

Problem is I can't bring one to mind that I think we could sign apart from Baines but he's more defensively-minded and I'm thinking of someone getting forward with a cross... Downing's not for sale so any ideas folks?
Sean Macfarlane     Posted 28/06/2007 at 21:24:05   Comments (6)

WHAT, No Investment?

West Ham, Newcastle.... all getting investment why aren't we? Sounds a bit like a kid trying to get a Playstation 3 from his mum. At the end of the day, why?

West Ham are in London so are a more attractive proposition. Man City have a ready-made stadium in the fastest economically growing city in the country. Newcastle have a ready-made stadium and are the biggest club in the area with a massive fanbase (sell out every week even if they are crap. Aston Villa are the biggest club in their area, on a level par with Everton in terms of history, maybe more successful (Euro Cup) and based right in the centre of the country.

I don't want Everton to sell out to someone who views Everton as a money-making scheme, buying the club into a debt a la liverpool and Man Utd. Or have a despicable person who has killed people (or responsible for peoples death's) run our club. I mean, I don't like BK as a person but he ain't the living scum that a successful billionaire capitalist requires to be in order to be a successful billionaire capitalist.

Besides this fact, getting a person to bring investment is not as simple as saying, "OK we accept your offer." Any investor will look at every detail before buying. People say a club with our history should attract investment, when it comes to this money it aint History they care about, its Money.
Oliver McAdam     Posted 28/06/2007 at 21:03:25   Comments (4)

Why do Scousers become Blues?

In response to a comment made on a previous topic I thought it would be interesting to consider how scousers became Evertonians as opposed to the ?other? side.

There are a number of folks who are saying that if Everton move out of the city of Liverpool then the local support base will be eroded and over time anyone born within Liverpool will be a red.

My question is to scousers born in the immediate North Liverpool area, how did you become a blue? Was it because your dad or your brother (in my case) or your uncle or your mum, or another close person in your life made it pretty clear that this was how it was going to be when you were very young? Perhaps they took you to your first match when you were kid? Perhaps someone bought you a kit? Perhaps you watched a game on the tv and got hooked by the boys in blue (from previous eras) playing beautiful joined up football? Perhaps your favorite player happened to play for Everton? I would guess that most of us would say it was an existing supporter that got us involved with Everton.

Would that change if we moved out of Liverpool?

As long as Everton continue to improve and challenge the top end of the league, surely existing supporters will continue to be as ?blue? as they always have, which means that they will continue to influence their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews (etc.) just like they always have?

Regardless of whether we end up in Kirkby or not, we?d better keep improving as it?s our current level of performance that will maintain our level of support with future fans.
Greg Dawson     Posted 28/06/2007 at 19:10:30   Comments (24)

And So It Begins...

The Moyes mega spending spree will take effect this week.

Obafemi Martins - £12.5m
Kevin Nolan - £4.5m
Leighton Baines - £3.5m
Phil Jagielka - £4m
Oliver Banks     Posted 28/06/2007 at 14:37:35   Comments (3)

Ground (Again!)

Against my better judgement, I'm getting involved in this whole Ground thing. I'm putting forward my experience as a Warrington Wolves RL fan because I think it might help reduce, by maybe ten percent, the total rubbish which is repeatedly churned out on this issue.

We were in an old knackered ground with lots of history, but absolutely nothing else to recommend it. We then moved to a new, Tesco-funded, stadium (no idea of the precise funding arrangements) with a capacity of double our average crowd.

The new stadium was much more pleasant to be in, and the average attendance immediately went up by more than 50%. Now, there's talk of increasing the capacity further, and building extra hospitality boxes to meet demand. Apparently nobody has stopped coming to games because of the retail park asssociations or the fact that they have to travel a different route and park in different places. All-round, it's been a great success.

Now, I fully accept that RL in Warrington is not the same as Premier League football in Liverpool. What I am saying is that anyone who assumes that people will automatically stop going to games in Kirkby, that extra capacity is necessarily needless, or that anything that Tescos do is a bad thing, is talking complete bollocks. I've just demonstrated the opposite.

There are, I'm sure, lots of other agruments on either side that can legitimately be made. I'll leave you all to sort those out, and continue to watch these posts with interest.
Bill Latimer     Posted 28/06/2007 at 13:40:14   Comments (36)

Alf Hincks's KEIOC statement

Sorry Mr Hincks but you and the campaign group KEIOC has lost all credibility due to your moronic actions in documenting football violence at an Everton match that happened nearly three years ago. You have managed to nationally besmirch the reputation of our football club. Whatever tactics you deem to use, remember you are speaking on behalf of yourself and not EVERY Evertonian.

Whilst I am against any move to Kirkby, I would not feel the need to drag myslef or the name of my club through the mud, this is just what the media and other parties in our city will thrive on. Sort yourself out.
John Codd     Posted 28/06/2007 at 13:37:06   Comments (10)

The case for a striker

Vaughan, Anichebe, Johnson, Beattie(!) & McFadden; an attempt at another consistent season in the Premier League PLUS an assault on Europe's second tier competition. Have we got what it takes with regard to firepower?

Personally, I think not. Drawing a parallel with Spurs who did pretty well in the Uefa Cup without winning it, I am afraid that any combination of strikers we can offer just doesn't match up to Keane/Berbatov/Defoe. To my eyes, we are in need of a proven goalscorer on the European stage ? and that certainly ain't David Nugent. Added to this, I don't feel that AJ's style of play suits the European game which means the addition of a striker is essential if we are to take Europe seriously.

So... now that Spurs are about to snap up Darren Bent, why not speculate on the international striker who is likely to find himself out of favour at Spurs: one Jermaine Defoe? Would his trickery around the box not provide the ideal foil for Johnson's enthusiastic running?
John Ferguson     Posted 28/06/2007 at 13:15:24   Comments (5)

Local history

Exciting news on Radio Merseyside today. Seemingly one of the region's oldest established clubs, with a solid fan base, a glorious history and a golden future, is combining with Tesco, to build a brand new purpose-built stadium. The new ground replaces the old stadium that has stood on it's site for over one hundred years. The new ground is about one mile from the existing one.

If only Betty's lad had spared us and supported Saints.
Alan McGuffog     Posted 28/06/2007 at 12:28:14   Comments (1)

Tired of VDM

It appears that, yet again, Van Der Meyde has failed to keep his mouth shut and just get on with the job. I surely can't be the only one who thinks enough is enough. I wrote a few months back, after he accused Moyes of lying, saying that he should be more gracious given the support he's received in the face of overwhelming nothingness.

The fact is the guy has failed to get both his body and his mind in the right place at Everton. The injuries may not be his fault but my faith in his willingness to work himself to fitness has waned considerably. That's not only brought on by the rumours of alcoholism, the persistent whining to the media and hankering for moves abroad, but also by the increasing evidence of his performances on the pitch.

At one point we were seeing cameos where he looked like a player who, with a few more games, would be a major threat in our attack. Increasingly though, those cameos have become just that, a consistent range of cameos never looking any more likely to be able to translate into match-long performances repeated across several games. Each appearance that went by without him making any major impact appeared to show a decreasing likelihood that he would ever make that impact.

More concerningly, in between times, reports of his performances in the reserves have been literally unremarkable. Those who write the reviews for the OS have been unmoved to comment on his performance, hardly stirring a belief that he's busting a gut to get into the first team. I think I'm right in saying his only significant contribution in reserves or first team was one, admittedly impressive cross for a goal, during 2005-06. Hardly fitting repayment.

We all wanted the best from VDM and gave him every encouragement to show it but a point had to come when we accept he's simply not going to deliver and frankly doesn't seem to have the stomach to. Time to sell.
John Holmes     Posted 28/06/2007 at 12:15:57   Comments (11)

Shilly-shally Davey

What is it about Moyes that makes him go for lower-league players only when they have made an initial move at a knock-down price and then done enough to see them valued at three or four times the amount? He and Irvine `had season tickets` at clubs whilst watching the likes of Koumas and Nugent but shilly-shallied whilst their value escalated. The same goes with Ashton where Crewe got fed up with waiting for the Everton bid to come in.

I reckon all three of these could have been ours for a total £5M less than two years ago, now they would cost three times that amount!
Simon Marchant     Posted 28/06/2007 at 11:58:24   Comments (2)


Having assessed the squad, I believe we are 4 players short. I believe both full back areas need strengthening e.g. with Jagileka & Baines as well as a central midfield player, wide player and a striker.

I believe we have an excellent core to the squad and 7 players who can compete at the highest level: Howard, Lescott, Yobo, Cahill, Arteta, Johnson & Vaughan. However we are carrying players who are struggling to compete at even Premiership level e.g. Beattie, VDM, Naysmith etc. If this Summer we could flog the deadwood and strengthen these key areas than I feel we can challenge effectively on all fronts next season. But these players will not come cheap and Moyes will need serious backing from the Board to achieve this.
Steven Thomas     Posted 28/06/2007 at 10:37:57   Comments (0)

VdM wanting to leave?

As you can see, I live in VdM's home country (actually the city where he was born, so I was told by a colleague) and I just found the interview at a Dutch site. VdM states he would love to stay in England, but fancies some more playing time. Not a sign in the direction of "I need/want to leave", only that he likes to have more first-team action, which is quite understandable.

Just to rectify the article about him saying to the Dutch press he "needs to leave". Personally, I think he's rubbish and doesn't have what it takes to be a Premier League player mentally and physically so show him the door please!
Erik Dols     Posted 28/06/2007 at 08:08:00   Comments (1)

What price image?

I'm gonna get shot down for this but I feel its worth saying.

Building a shiny new stadium is important in boosting a club's image and marketability ? attracting new players, sponsors, investors etc ? it may seem obvious but flashing a new (and hopefully) impressive-looking structure to such people could prove decisive in their potential association with the club. If one of the parties mentioned is taken on a tour of Goodison, whose history or character has little bearing on them, or is taken to a new or significantly redeveloped venue of one of our rivals with superficial wow factor, which venue will they be more likely impressed with?

I know there are many other factors to be considered and of course the team, management, support, location etc, but if we're serious about attracting new players and investment, then our venue is also crucial.

I think its also disingenous to suggest that other clubs moving to new venues has done nothing for them or their fans. I'm not suggesting a new stadium (a la Sunderland, Middlesborough, Southampton, Derby etc) will transform your playing fortunes but its part of a wider jigsaw needed to make you competitive and forward thinking. Whatever our Premiership experiences and financial position, we're not a yo-yo relegation club, and our comparatively long and successful history, standing and support give us some tangible advantage imo.

But, of course, to the the Board, how about some fucking information, please!
Alex  Spelling     Posted 28/06/2007 at 00:52:16   Comments (11)

Kirkby or Not

It?s time for every Evertonian to be honest with themselves concerning the proposed move away from our city to Kirby. Those of you who are unsure need to decide which side of the fence you want to be on and cast your vote accordingly. Those of you who have decided you want this move I would ask you to think again, do the pros really out way the cons?

Ask yourselves a few simple questions ?

  1. How much money will be invested on the pitch?
  2. How do we promote corporate facilities/fill the stadium week to week with the lack of quality football being played on the pitch.
  3. What if 20, 30, 40% of fans decide the move isn?t for them, then what?
Why would we move ? we can?t even sell out our home matches consistently? I really don?t see us filling a 50-60,000 seated stadium with the style of football that?s been on offer for the best part of last season. Yes, I am aware of the restricted views but if we were challenging for cups / Europe etc consistently then would those views be a major factor or would you go to savour the atmosphere, just to say I WAS THERE? I know I would.

As far as I can see, Tesco?s are only providing the stadium, not investment on the pitch, a bit like Robert Earle, neither use nor ornament unless we have the investment to bring success, fill the stadium, sell the corporate boxes and promote Everton world wide. Success which may I add is well overdue.

Finally are we really bigger than the city of Liverpool that we are naive enough to think that our fans/future fans will blindly follow the club anywhere? I don?t think so. We are all custodians of our once-great club ? please do not allow those who are just looking for the cheap/quick-fix approach, to be successful in their aims. We will have to live with this not only short term but quite possibly till our children?s children grow old. The "If we build it, they will come" mentality is not the answer, there is no quick fix or get-rich-quick schemes that are worth selling our souls and moving from our city.

Use your vote wisely, because we sure as hell won't get another chance to stick two fingers up to Kenwright & Co and force them to actually find the invester they are supposedly working 24-7 to find.
Dwayne Porter     Posted 27/06/2007 at 22:51:18   Comments (7)

Gooner Vaughan

Anyone heard the one about Arsenal possibly trying to take our James from us?
Ste Russell     Posted 27/06/2007 at 22:37:35   Comments (7)

John Paul Kissock

Hi, does anybody know how good Kissock really is? I know he's a natural left footed winger which is obviously what we need and want at Goodison, but I've never seen him play and have heard his name a few times on TW forums etc saying that he should be in the 1st team..

The official site has this to say about him...."His quick feet and sharp vision have impressed ? and he also possesses a powerful shot when required."
Greg Dawson     Posted 27/06/2007 at 21:23:25   Comments (3)

Terry Tesco

I see that our very own Sir Terry Leahy is going to be one of Gordon Brown's advisors on his new 'business council'. Without going into the fact I disagree that corporates should advise on government policy; maybe he could slip him a word or two to set some money aside to fund a government redevelopment of Liverpool with a free new 60,000 seater stadium for Everton as a part of the proposal!
Dan Parker     Posted 27/06/2007 at 20:39:40   Comments (0)

One season ticket holder, one vote?

I can't believe anyone could fall for the total bullshit attached to every facet of the proposed move to Kirkby. We have horrible arrogance from Wyness as he issues yet another glib comment that explains NOTHING and keeps everyone in the dark for as long as possible, we have "Evertonian" (Sir) Terry Leahy obviously not acting for the benefit of his real love Tesco and, of course, Billy Bullshit, a man who couldn't sell his backside in a gay prison.

Their misinformation and underhand chicanery wouldn't be out of place in a communist hellhole or a right-wing banana republic and anyone who believes that a single thing this gang of three is up to is for the good of Everton FC had better wake up before these tricksters have picked all our pockets.
Paul Burns     Posted 27/06/2007 at 20:26:47   Comments (1)

Kirkby Opinion

Judging by the letter on here from kopite fred oakes from kirkby, his terrible spelling and his opinion of everton f.c and in particular of our ground i goes to show I was proven right when I have always thought that the people of kirky are nothing more than hillbillies. thanks fred but i would sooner move back to anfield.
Colin  Hughes     Posted 27/06/2007 at 20:04:02   Comments (0)

It doesn't add up

Have just seen on teletext that Bolton are now in for Jagielka. I must admit that I wasn't too overjoyed when I heard that we were linked with him but now I'd got used to the prospect it will be a little disheartening if the move does get hijacked.

Then I started thinking what effect does this have on Moyes? Is BK realy tightening the purse strings in advance of decamping to Kirkby?

If the latter wouldn't you expect Moyes to start querying Everton's ambition and making some noises? After all Allardyce felt he'd taken Bolton as far as he could and joined a club perceived to have greater ambition. It doesn't add up.

However, Moyes has hardly ever protested about lack of funds (a la Benitez over the park), so is he ok with the situation? But he's recognised the need to strenghten the squad - so, again, it doesn't add up.

Moyes gives the impression of being pretty forthright and doesn't give the impression that he is ? or would be ? happy to be in anyone's pocket. So again, to say nothing to keep BK sweet just doesn't add up.

I can only conclude therefore that there IS money available and that ARE some major signings on the horizon - they just haven't happened yet. Why am I not totally convinced?
Ray Robinson     Posted 27/06/2007 at 19:41:54   Comments (0)

Midfielder signs....

Midfielder signs. Austrian captain signs in: The Everton academy have completed the signing of Austrian U16 captain Georg Krenn from VFB Admira Wacker. Midfielder Krenn has also featured for his country at Under 17 level. That's if you believe That should stop some of you moaning.
Shka Islam     Posted 27/06/2007 at 15:52:39   Comments (7)

What guarantee

Some of the postings and replies littering the mailbox of late have me shaking my head. Will someone please tell me what aspect of the ground move will guarantee us success? Having all the money in the world will not guarantee success without a solid foundation at the football club (See Newcastle). Some of you seem to be missing the point, that winning football matches guarantees sucess. Not having a new stadium with the PROMISE of untold riches.

How many times have we been led up the garden path, yet some of you, lads, seem eager to swallow every line of spin and lies that come out of the club. I say spin and lies because we have been guaranteed nothing, and a new stadium with all its PROMISED benefits will not guarantee us success, it never will and never has.

Derby, Sunderland, Coventry, Boro, Bolton. etc etc. have all got nice shiny stadiums and they are hardly setting the football world alight. And before we get the. 'Yes but we are Everton! One of the biggest and historical clubs in the country'. Forget it, Money rules. and footballers are mercenary bastards. But a new ground Promises these things.

Promises, promises. I want GUARANTEES! Before I sell the soul of my club.
Dave Lynch     Posted 27/06/2007 at 15:06:41   Comments (23)

Move to Kirkby/Stay Where we are Vote

Since last week, when it was announced that only season-ticket holders over the last three years and shareholders will get a vote on the ground move, I have been asking all my friends and family who I know will have a vote how they will vote when it finally comes around.

I have asked approximately 40 people and every single one of them is going to vote against going to Kirkby. A few of them said they may change their mind if the club can convince them, before the vote takes place, that it will categorically be the best thing for us to do but the majority will vote a resounding NO.

I was already of the opinion that fans will vote against Kirkby and now I am convinced. Has anybody else done similar and got different results?
Paul  Clays     Posted 27/06/2007 at 13:50:09   Comments (25)

Tomasz Rad-Sinkski

Everton signed Tomasz Radzinski during the summer of 2002. After initial wrangling over a valuation, £4.5M was the final bid which sealed the deal and brought Anderlecht?s top scorer in the Champions League to Goodison Park.

Just two years later, after rejecting a three-year contract he had requested from Everton, he was sounding off in the media, Ratzinski was blatantly constructing his own exit from Everton. However, the summer of 2004 was a time of high sensitivity due to the Rooney saga and an apparent attempt by the Daily Mirror to portray us as the new ?crisis club? ? the new Leeds.

How ironic it is then that only 3 years later (the length of time offered to Radzinski on a new contract), after an event-free stint at Fulham, this player who stated that our club was no match for him and that Rooney would be well advised to also jump ship, that this football gypsy is now out of contract and looking to drop two divisions to ply his trade with none other than Leeds United!

Karma is a beautiful thing!
Robbie Muldoon     Posted 27/06/2007 at 09:53:10   Comments (17)

KEIOC anyway we can

I am sorry but I have lost all respect for KEIOC. After what appeared on BBC local news this morning and what appears on their website this afternoon under the guise of informing us about the initial responses of Kirkby residents to the first view of the 'plans', it seems to me that this self-appointed organisation is determined to get its way even at the expense of the reputation of Everton Football Club and its supporters.

KEIOC don't do us, the Club, nor themselves any favours in their reckless pursuit of these tactics and they have shown that they are even less interested in democracy than the Club in their unnecessarily restrictive proposals for the vote.

Describing Kirkby residents as being 'up in arms' over the proposed development, accompanied by a meaningless photograph of a group of people, one of whom appears to be about to thump the table they are standing around with his fist, is an absolute disgrace and is propaganda worthy of Goebbels himself. Get this debate to a higher level or we will all suffer in the end.
Eileen Roberts     Posted 26/06/2007 at 19:33:40   Comments (52)

All or nothing

One thing about all these stadium arguments that anybody hardly cares to mention is the simple fact that we should all agree on what happens. I am not on the fence, in fact I think it will be a tragedy to move to this site. I may be wrong but that's my opinion.

Anyhow, is it not right that if, when and where we move it should be done with the full backing of our support because once we move there is no going back? So tell me this: if 30,000 fans vote and 16,000 vote for the move, how can the club justify saying "right, that's it; off to Kirby we go". Bollocks to the other 14,000 and the other 15,000 who love the club but cannot afford a season ticket so don't get a vote. People's Club, my arse. They will do this believe me.

I know there will always be people against any proposal but I mean the vast majority, because if this vote is done fairly it looks like a close call. This is our club and just because I think "Micky from Oxford" is just after a quick fix in Kirkby, it doesn't make him to be an idiot who doesn't love Everton as much as me. The simple facts are thousands of Blues do not trust the idiots running our club for numerous reasons and one of them is they won't give a toss what we say; what they want they will do, end of. And is it right to trust these with the biggest decision in our history?
Paul  Halliwell     Posted 26/06/2007 at 18:43:47   Comments (7)

what do you think we are

as a liverpudlion living in kirkby i am absolutely discusted with the attitude of most evertonians towards the proposed moov to kirkby you talk as though we are somewere near timbucktoo well let me remind you up until a few years ago kirkby was in the boundries of liverpool my post code is still l32 how many of your so called objectionists can say that there post code begins with L 99% of the families living in kirkby were born and bred in liverpool and no matter what any body says were scousers trough and through so we feel offended when you talk about boundries especialy our ardent evertoians ( my son in law my grandson my brother etc come into this cattergree )by the way you will be aprox 1/2 a mile from your so called boundry and omly 5 miles from your deralict club so keep your offendin attitudes to yourseves and stay in your shack still hoping that some mirical might happen well this is your miical and your going to blow it the way my house will be coming down for your stadium so do me a favour and stay put
fred oakes     Posted 26/06/2007 at 16:40:19   Comments (19)

Path to the truth

As an Evertonian living in Newcastle I am not able to fully understand the impact of a stadium move to outside the City boundries, but looking purely on the footballing side of things I can see even from here how bad an idea it is and the potentially devastating effect it could have on our club. I'm unsure sometimes of whether Bill Kenwright is indeed doing a good job of running our football club or simply a good job of running it into the ground.

Lets face it we'll never actually know as we only know what the club tell us, which is usually spin to say our debt hasn't increased, there's money in the pot for transfers (which is usually during a time when we fail to sign anyone) and that lettings Liverpool FC have the city is in the best interests of our club.

So here's my proposal, and I appologise if this has already been explored but I haven't seen it anywhere. Why doesn't someone interview Paul Gregg on his previous working relationship with Bill Kenwright? I'm sure they didn't end their partnership on great terms (or at least thats the way it seemed to me) and may be a good source to find out what is actually going on with our club.

We want, no in fact we need answers and they are not forthcoming from the club, we need someone with inside knowledge and I see him as an ideal candidate to supply us with this. I know he probably wouldn't talk but wouldn't it be worth a try?
Andy Hudson     Posted 26/06/2007 at 15:48:31   Comments (5)


This on BBC Liverpool about KEIOC demo today:

"They were also showing them CCTV video footage from Merseyside Police of Everton and Manchester United fans fighting."

If this is the standard of the argument God help us.

Why not a new slogan:

KEIOC : fighting for our heritage
Ged Simpson     Posted 26/06/2007 at 15:43:51   Comments (3)

The stadium footprint is a giveaway

Compare the stadium footprint on the Keioc website with the plan of existing Cologne stadium.

Kirkby plan with stadium footprint

Cologne stadium plan

Pictures of Cologne stadium


I don't need to point out the simularity between the stadium footprints. Is this proof of what they have in store for us?

As long as they do something to dress up the outside, it should be ok.
Brian Baker     Posted 26/06/2007 at 15:36:52   Comments (1)

Smith spotted

I`ve just got back from meeting my wife at Lime St Station and as I got into the traffic flow, I swore I pulled alongside Buster`s Bentley with none other than the `Blond Bombshell` Alan Smith in the passenger seat!

Moyes may be on his holidays but it seem work goes apace at Goodison.
Ben Keeling     Posted 26/06/2007 at 14:51:26   Comments (14)

Simon Says.....

Call me an old cynic, but (Former) Radio Merseyside Presenter Simon O'Brien falls foul of the editing department and his unfortunate expletives are aired live to the breakfast listeners yesterday morning. Simon duly apologised and fell on his sword. This morning co-incidentally Tesco's spokesman was given a relatively easy interview by Simon's stand-in.

I can't help but think that Simon as a property developer and Evertonian would have asked some pertinent and uncomfortable questions of the Tesco spokesman.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 26/06/2007 at 14:35:42   Comments (0)

What a JOKE!!

Has anyone seen the "plans" for the new ground in Kirkby, hardly impressive. I know it is all preliminary however my three-year-old could do better. Once again, after months and months of intense speculation, all Everton can come up with is the "back of a fag packet" drawing. If Everton and Kirkby were trying to win over fans here I think it will sadly misfire. One the thing KEIOC have gone a little too far in winding up the Knowsley crowd with fottage of football violence, do they want to keep the violence in the city too?
James Gardener     Posted 26/06/2007 at 14:33:48   Comments (1)

Fernandes and Moyes

Having returned from Glastonbury to find not much has changed in the outside world (and the apocalypse was localised to Somerset) apologies if others have already made this point. Reading the comments from Fernandes about his time at Everton, it seems to highlight the fallacy of some of the claims made about Moyes' handling of him.

He says he developed as a player and the club were very good to him. Perhaps all those who laid into Moyes for daring to suggest he needed to improve areas in his game and claimed these comments would drive him away from Everton would care to explain how this squares with the reality.

He has made limited comments to the press but from what he has said he seems a very mature character with a willingness to learn and improve. It's open to debate whether Moyes spotted this and this validated his public criticism but it seems that Fernandes took it in the best way. On a different note, surely this willingness to accept criticism and learn furthers arguments for the club to pull out the stops to sign him; if not permanently then to do their utmost to find a compromise which would lead to a permanent move in the future.
John Holmes     Posted 26/06/2007 at 13:20:14   Comments (0)

Stadium Move

This parochial small-mindedness of some you "Everton fans" is ridiculous, you should all take a long look at yourself because you sound like country bumpkins.

Wimbledon moving to Milton Keynes is the same as Everton moving 6 miles down the East Lancs? Come off it, Milton Keynes is a different city over TWO hours away!

Ideally, we want a great stadium with increased capacity. To get that means we have to move somewhere else. In a few years time we could be playing in a 55,000-seater, state-of-the-art stadium, with extra revenue, attracting a better class of player and a better chance of keeping our best players.

So, fellow Evertonians, if you want the club to stand still and stagnate just growing older and even less successful then keep up all the negativity. But, if you want the club to move forward (and ten minutes down the road!) get behind Bill and see that what we have now is a great chance to build a stadium that we can be proud of. Let's look to the future and stop living in the past.

To Kirkby residents... I'm from Kirkby and it's a shithole. There are two ways to improve Kirkby - 1) Major regeneration involving blue chip companies. Or 2) bombing it.

WAKE UP PEOPLE! It's a great idea.
John Gee     Posted 26/06/2007 at 12:59:25   Comments (10)

Stop Whinging

Why are people so afraid of moving Everton out of the City? I am sick of hearing people whinging about moving 6 miles up the road. Can't we ask Liverpool Council to move the boundaries a bit if it bothers people that much? After all Liverpool used to be in the county of Lancashire until Merseyside was created. I would go and watch Everton if they relocated to fuckin? Spain?

Why does this matter so much to people? This development is going to create around 2000 jobs in an area that needs them. Red tape is all this is and it is doing this situation no good whatsoever. Get moved and get this new ground, as alas is looks like Goodison cannot be re-developed...

Stop whinging; stop the debates, stop the KEIOC nonsense and GET THE PLACE BUILT ffs. There were 3 grounds in the Premiership last season that were older or worse than Goodison; Watford, Fulham and Sheff Utd - I suppose you could argue The Valley is bad to, but at least 3 of the sides of that ground are new(ish). Oh and note that 3 or the 4 teams mentioned above were relegated.

The 3 teams joining us in the top flight next season have newer stadiums than ours, therefore OURS WILL BE THE WORST (admittedly most are smaller than Goodison, but that isn?t my point), apart from Craven Cottage. Shite that is. If people want our club to progress - not just the team - we need to move and we need to do it now.

Lets back the club and lets get behind Bill finding us a new home. We need to generate extra income not sit on our morals; 1 trophy in 20 years tells me that... The posting on the Knowsley web site looks promising; I for one can't wait to see the back of restricted views and shite facilities / conditions. In 1966 Goodison held a World Cup semi-final ? lets return to the glory days and have the very best once again.

Goodison has been good to us all, but all good things come to an end.

Andy Callan     Posted 26/06/2007 at 11:55:16   Comments (1)

Moyes's thinking

Anyone knows how this fella's brain works?

Jagielka:- Duno why we declare such major interest then look like we'll lose out, plus were will he play anyways?

Nugent:- The man is down on his knees to sign for us, but in this one I feel Moyes is waiting for Spurs to sign Bent so we can sign Defoe.

I think we'll sign 2 strikers out of Defoe, Nugent, Gudjohnson and Smith.
Manuel Gonzalez     Posted 26/06/2007 at 12:01:59   Comments (4)

Alfie Hinks (KEIOC)

Alfie Hinks, secretary of the Keep Everton In Our City (KEIOC) campaign group, who also lives in Kirkby, said: "This has just fuelled residents? anger. They don?t want the stadium there. They have built up a good community which is going to have the heart ripped out of it.

"This plan could quite easily be transported to an alternative site we have put forward in the East Lancashire Road area. The feeling of people who were at the presentation is that there?s going to be uproar about these plans."

So one of the main men in KE "IN" OC is actually proposing moving the club OUT of the city just not onto his own doorstep !!

Should he not chair Keep Everton Out of Our City!
James Done     Posted 26/06/2007 at 11:30:07   Comments (2)

The Ivory Tower does watch this space

I'm almost speechless, read the link about the consultation process from the TW main page and scroll down through the KEIOC site to the section about the fans views, amazingly the site posts that the clubs only insight into the fanbase views was none other than the previous TW Poll about the ground move.

Maybe insider Doddy was right about keeping non-libelous about Pravda was closer than we all thought, let's just hope they keep reading this site and realise there are many varied views both pro and anti many things at the club we all love.
Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 26/06/2007 at 11:10:16   Comments (0)

All a matter of cashflow

Whilst the frustration at the continued absence of signings is understandable, Everton are not alone in pushing the opening of the transfer window back this year.

Whilst the focus amongst supporters is usually on the headline transfer fee, the `going rate` for even average players on the move is now in the order of £40k PER WEEK. Thus a player signed on 1st June rather than 1st July can effectively increase his `all in` cost by some £170k!

Add to this is the regulation that half the tranfer fee must be paid up front and it is easy to understand why ALL clubs have been reluctant to over commit themselves until receipt of the first tranche of this year`s Sky/Premier money scheduled for 1st July.

I have no doubt that next week will see a spate of transfer activity amongst Premier clubs with one deal fuelling another but for the reasons given above the main `action` this year may very well focus on deadline day, 31 August!

As I have said many times before, patience will have its reward!
Richard Dodd     Posted 26/06/2007 at 08:05:47   Comments (1)

Just sign Nugent already!

Why haven't we signed David Nugent? He's 22, scores regularly, made the English squad from the Championship which is remarkable in itself, WANTS TO PLAY FOR EVERTON, why aren't we making it happen? Proven, young strikers are hard to come by aren't they? When you have one that only wants to play for your club, surely you'd snap him up in an instant??
Dennis Kirk     Posted 26/06/2007 at 06:03:54   Comments (16)


In my local area there have been proposals to re-locate the Town Centre but not on the scale of Kirkby. At the moment it is at the issues-and-options stage, with a draft masterplan to follow next year and commencement of work to begin in 2009. So how long if all is agreed before a new stadium is erected in Kirkby. Next year or within 3 years?

I don't think this continuance of exclusivity is good for Everton Football Club as it prevents ANY alternative proposals from being discussed at all. No wonder we cannot attract investment, who is going to buy a club that is so hamstrung? Bill Kenwright has once again ensured that nobody can alter his vision of the future.

If the fans vote against Kirkby, it won't be his fault we haven't moved forward; if Tesco's pulls the plug, again it won't be his fault; and if the Kirkby residents decide to veto the proposal, Everton will once again have to return to square one.

Not an ideal situation to be in for a club which says it wants to challenge the big boys. Mr. Kenwright should heed the proverb, never put all your eggs in one basket, it may prove disasterous.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 25/06/2007 at 21:39:51   Comments (9)

As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods..

Here?s a true story. Once upon a time there was a football club. They were not bad, but on the periphery of the very top clubs. For years their stadium, beloved of their fans, had been inadequate and there was pressure to improve it or move elsewhere. The borough council offered them several sites within their local community. There had even been a plan at one time for the local authority to build a stadium in partnership, but that fell through. Eventually, the club chairman arranged to move out of the borough.

It was only six miles to their new home. Even though the club was moving away from their roots to a neighboring borough, many of those who opposed the move were ridiculed. After all a few miles away isn?t far. Sounds familiar? Some of you will have guessed that this club was Wimbledon. Some of you will have recognized the parallels with what Everton plans to do.

In Wimbledon?s case, many fans just didn?t travel to see matches in the neighboring borough. It turned out that despite globalization of the economics of football, football clubs themselves remain rooted in their parochial communities. Three years after they moved away, they tried to move back. But there was no going back. We know what happened to Wimbledon in the end.

Now, obviously there are big differences between Everton and Wimbledon and Everton fans and Wimbledon fans. But it?s impossible to read the optimistic reports about Wimbledon?s future in 1991 ? when they had just missed out on Europe - and the debate about the move, without seeing the parallels. Back then they were talking about building a World Cup standard venue. There was even a supermarket involved ? Safeways.

If Wimbledon had redeveloped Plough Lane or built a new stadium in Merton they would probably be there today and not 70 miles away under a new identity, struggling to climb out of Division 2. They might even still be in the Premier League. Those so eager to move out of Liverpool, take note.
Peter Fearon     Posted 25/06/2007 at 19:34:27   Comments (11)

It makes you insane

Like most of us I've been flicking through web-sites looking for info on transfers etc. Since Phil Jagielka is pretty much the only confirmed target I was quite worried by the discovery of Clubcall?s article 'Trotters to win Jag race'

I then proceeded to read another article on the aforementioned site which claims Wigan is looking at Carsley as he 'only has one year left on his contract' That?s the one year extension he signed about a month ago then.

Just goes to prove that these journo's cannot even be bothered to research articles and instead print what they want to fill inches. What gets me is that I'm stupid enough to keep looking.
Rob  Heaton     Posted 25/06/2007 at 19:04:23   Comments (3)

Even the rumours have stopped!

"Ambition & excellence is for the ambitious & excellent"?? ..... PE teachers are never going to come out with anything too intelligent, that's why they teach PE but this quote is surprisingly close to the mark.

The rain's coming down, it's dull, miserable & we haven't made any sort of positive move in any direction... it must be summer! And that will be why I'm on an absolute downer & refusing to discuss anything about next season with anyone. It's a familiar feeling that could be cured by a number of things...

  1. The signing of Nugent.
  2. The signing of Jagielka.
  3. The signing of that welsh kid 'Gunter' just on principle as I find it embarassing we didn't get him (whoever he is).
  4. Sign anyone.
None of this is going to happen though... well Jagielka will as it will be an embarassment that we let him go in the first place & ironies like that are forever present at this club. The best we can hope for is Franny Je... no, no, no.
Wayne McNee     Posted 25/06/2007 at 16:06:13   Comments (1)

A bit of Optimism eh!

We're all anxious, checking every web site and news paper for a bit of Transfer news, but all the negativity must stop. Didn?t anybody watch the season review? We played some sweet football, scored some great goals, finished sixth and got into Europe!! If anybody seriously thinks DM hasn?t a penny and is just spending his afternoons watching Murder She Wrote, you got it wrong! Have a bit of faith in the man, and if he doesn?t sign anybody by the end of August then call for his head.

I am pretty certain there will be a few tasty signings, what?s the saying?? Fools rush in! All this rumour stuff does my head in too, but people have to realise that the clubs assets are at stake here, DM is using his head, I am sure he?s will use what he?s got very wisely. So don?t worry, we already have a talented team, let?s be patient.
James Hazlehurst     Posted 25/06/2007 at 16:19:16   Comments (0)


Doesn't look like we will get Manny on loan for another season after all. I just spotted this article in the Portuguese press from Friday, stating that Benfica don't want to loan him out now, and he'll be staying at Benfica unless anyone coughs up (a clause in his contract apparently states that Benfica must receive €9M, presumably on top of the fee to the agency or whatever that owns him). I also saw runours that he's now off to West Ham... although I think the original source for this one was the ever-reliable Sunday People...
Michael Fernandez     Posted 25/06/2007 at 15:35:30   Comments (0)

Its not just Everton...

Why is is it so quiet on the transfer market? Its not just Everton who are not spending, so go easy on BK and DM. These are the inbound money transfers todate (not counting Bosmans):

  • Scott Parker [Newcastle - West Ham] £7M
  • Paddy McCarthy [Leicester - Charlton] £650k
  • Gavin McCann [Aston Villa - Bolton] £1M
  • Greg Halford [Reading - Sunderland] £2.5M
  • Joey Barton [Man City - Newcastle] £5.8M
  • Jeremie Aliadiere [Arsenal - Middlesbrough] £2M
  • Yassin Moutaouakil [Chateauroux - Charlton] £400k
  • Garry O'Connor [Lokomotiv Moscow - Birmingham City] £2.6M
That's 8 players with a total spend of just under £20M. Chelsea spent more than that on one player last year! Is it the over inflated prices, the summer holidays, or what?
Brian Baker     Posted 25/06/2007 at 15:02:08   Comments (0)

Uefa Cup Ground Capacities

Just been having a nosey at the official site and who we might get in the draw. What struck me most is the capacity of some of the grounds, which, in some cases is well below 20,000. If you thought it was tough trying to get tickets on our last jolly overseas, I dread to think what it will be like this time! There is one ground that has a temporary capacity of 10,000 at the moment. Yikes!
Mark Joseph     Posted 25/06/2007 at 14:49:08   Comments (2)


It's a big day tomorrow. Has noone noticed this? It will be our first view of what is being planned, although I expect stadium design details to be vague.
Ed MacDonald     Posted 25/06/2007 at 13:51:30   Comments (0)


It's obvious that they'll be no incoming transfers, untill the Jagielka's saga's over. That's if we have any money to spend. Any money we do have will be spent at Pound Strechers and not Armani. Don't blame Moyes for that, blame Kenwright.

It seems like everytime we take a step forward, we then go take two steps back. While other clubs around us take a step forward every year. They're catching up to us while Spurs will be leaving us behind.

Here's another chance to take the club forward and our Board will fuck it up again, due to lack of ambition and finance. I've lost faith in Kenwright and Co. They can't even keep us fans informed of anything. The silence is getting to me. Can't take this anymore......
Shaka Islam     Posted 25/06/2007 at 13:28:55   Comments (7)

Get Ready!

Something tells me that the period of perceived inactivity is about to end... I say 'perceived' because we have no idea as to what has been going on behind the scenes..

Now Moyes is back off his hols and focused on 2007-08, expect some news this week and next of reinforcements. However, don't bank on Nugent ? he is simply not necessary. I suspect the Number 1 front pairing next season to be AJ and Cahill ? yes, Cahill playing just behind AJ but certainly not in midfield expected to track back too far. This will mean all efforts will be for midfield and full back reinforcements throughout the close season. Young James will be hot on the heels of Cahill and will offer us a different more robust alternative up front when needed.

The link to Cardiff's Gunter is interesting and by all accounts this kid could cut it at a higher level but he is one for the future. Personally I feel Baines would suit us down to the ground at left fullback, has a good engine and can certainly cross a good ball ? but enjoys getting to the byline ? something you don't see too often these days. Expect Fernandez to come back for another year and Arteta to sign a new four-year deal. Jagielka to displace Hibbert and expect a midfield 'enforcer' in the Nolan mould.

Expect a drawn out bid for Koumas. Expect Beattie, VDM and Naysmith to depart ? and McFadden to be retained and battle with young James and Victor for a place on the bench. I reckon we need to find a £15-18M layout to complete the picture above ? yes, that would all do nicely!
Steve Callaghan     Posted 25/06/2007 at 12:32:45   Comments (8)


Not usually one for all this FM stuff but -

Newcastle don't want Owen; Owen has a £10m escape clause in his contract; That other team in our city don't want him, Man U don't want him, Arsenal & Chelsea don't want him; he is a local lad, PROVEN PREMIERSHIP/INTERNATIONAL goalscorer and a boyhood blue!

Sell AJ to West Ham (£15m, as much as I would hate to see him go) then buy Owen, Fernandes, Nugent (thats maybe £25m). That surely improves the squad no end and only costs us £10m. If we add Jagielka and Baines (8m) to that as defensive players thats only £18m spent.

Forget the stadium - live in the NOW - splash the cash (realistically) and make us successful now!
Paul Smith     Posted 25/06/2007 at 10:53:27   Comments (11)

For what little its worth

I am not normally one to start or contribute toward what may be little more than downunder rumour mongering yet it makes me wonder that, as Australia is a recognised world leader in sports medicine, why is Everton sending two 'experts' to check on Cahill? Could there be a bit more to local scuttlebut that Tiny is being well and truly worked over by a top four club. Our 'experts' could or should be more concerned about that rather than Tiny's big toe.
Dick Fearon     Posted 25/06/2007 at 10:23:31   Comments (7)

Was it Moyes?

Have I missed it .... who did win Sky Sports Manager of the Year Award? Trust it was Moyes - I voted enough times for him!! Yeah... I know its cheating but I thought the guy did a great job this year.
patty blue Beesley     Posted 25/06/2007 at 09:09:01   Comments (4)

Sell Arteta

Give me a fair hearing on this before slagging me off. Arteta is without doubt our best player. That said, I reckon he'll be off next year to Spain if we don't make the European Cup. Why not flog him now to someone like Inter or one of the big Spanish teams for a big fee. Then use that money to buy some new players. Hey presto, then we have quality and quantity. A bold move methinks. If you think about it, this makes sense.
David  Kipps     Posted 25/06/2007 at 07:00:10   Comments (10)

Fernandes malarky

Does anyone know the official line on 3rd party ownership? It's just that it occurred to me, seeing as loans are okay in the eyes of the FA, why don't we buy the "other half" of Manny that the agent owns, let's say £6m, and then loan him from Benfica so the ownership doesn't matter. If we decide to pay more next year for him, he becomes our player, if not, he goes back to Portugal where they obviously do not have this rule, hence the situation we find ourselves in. If Benfica decide to sell, we have 1st refusal, literally, and we get half of his transfer fee back. Just a thought...
Kev Kendall     Posted 25/06/2007 at 00:39:52   Comments (7)

Initial Thoughts

Though Evertonians Strongly Characterise Objectivity
They Engage Some Careless obtrusiveness
Tesco Earns Shareholders Cash Obviously
The Everton Stadium Carries Opportunity
The Environment Supports Car-parking Overload
Through Endeavour Sometimes Casualties Occur
Tough Entrepreneurs Show Correct Overview
Taking Extra Seats Cuts Overheads
Troublesome Everton Supporters Communicate Openly
This Explains Some Constant Obduracy
Tokenism Endangers Solidarity Causing Obedience
Talking Eradicates Silly Conspiracy Outpourings
Together Everton Supporters Carry On
The Everton Story Continues Onwards
John Patrick McFarlane     Posted 24/06/2007 at 21:30:10   Comments (6)

Daniel Braaten

I find it a bit strange that a team like Everton seems not to be interested in signing a Bosman player like Daniel Braaten. He is a striker/winger regularly picked for the Norwegian national team and he would probably cost around £500k-£1M, which is a bargain if you ask me. I have been following Moyes struggle to sign a striker in the last few weeks and instead of spending £10M on Nugent he should spend £1M on 24-year-old Norwegian striker Braaten.
John-Are Haatuft     Posted 24/06/2007 at 13:10:39   Comments (11)

Do Nothing

So sitting back and doing fuck all gets us to sixth place. What's going to happen when we do something? :)
Andrew Cunningham     Posted 24/06/2007 at 12:49:13   Comments (8)

£12M for Fernandes?

Just been reading the Portuguese sports paper "Record", and was surprised to see that Benfica are giving out only two options on Manuel Fernandes. Either buy him or don't buy him, no loans are available for this term. That's not the confusing thing though; what's confused me is, where does the £12m sterling price tag come from? Benfica have said that they will ONLY accept ?9M (That's Euros) for him ? if not he will be playing at Benfica next season! Strange disparity in price don't you think? He would cost half of what is being suggested back home!
Matt  D'Arcy     Posted 24/06/2007 at 11:00:27   Comments (4)


Anyone else surprised that Kenwright hasn't announced that we made a bid of £16 million for Henry to join us? Perhaps he realises the majority of Everton fans don't fall for that tactic anymore?
Mike Whittaker     Posted 24/06/2007 at 09:27:29   Comments (0)

Make do and mend

I watched the 06-07 season review on DVD yesterday. It was nice to relive some of the good moments though not so good to be reminded of the annoying and infuriating ones. They left out some of the opposition's goals but crucially, also left out some equally entertaining moments such as Manny's showboating vs Arsenal and perhaps should have shown a bit more of the end of season parade after the Portsmouth match.

We had loads about Rocky and how often he rings BK to ask how we're doing. Why? Anyway, just my views:

One of the key elements of the DVD was speaking to David Moyes. No complaints about that, but at one point he did say how important it was to have assembled the team well before pre-season training started and how that had helped the lads gel and build up a good squad mentality (can't remember it word for word but that's the gist of it).

There is also a lot of footage from the Awards night and several players, when asked about the prospects for next season (07/08), said that we needed to buy a couple more quality players to add to the squad in order to build on this year's success. No doubts that they are aiming for greater things. Hmmmm, so what's happening this season? Training starts in a week or two at most and nothing seems to be happening on the transfer front. I've been trying hard not to worry too much about our seemingly laid back approach to the transfer window but the little voice in my head keeps teasing me and saying that we'll be presented with a fit again Cahill, AJ with his bionic ankle, BT ready to take on the world and a couple of the youngsters ready to 'step up to the plate'. Not to mention Howard who now REALLY becomes an Everton player. Any good PR company could make that sound like 5 new signings!

TW pages are full of 'panic, no don't panic' comments from all of us who love the Blues and I think many feel like I do, that we may well be presented with a dour 'we've got no money so we have to make do and mend'.

That translates to "Make do with what we've got" ? mid table to 5th every season, mend all the injured battlers and be grateful for that!

I'm not advocating a rush and buy everything that moves à la West Ham but no one can deny, can they that the squad needs a few additional quality players, not just 17 year olds who will be there for future years but not now? I read somewhere someone saying that we did really well last season with the squad we have. True but we will have more games and, importantly, don't we want to improve rather than stand still? To me that means seriously challenging for a CL place and having a decent Uefa cup run.

Is it me? Am I feeling cynical because I'm old or feeling old because I'm cynical? I understand that if the money isnt there it can't be spent but I'm still holding out for DM to surprise us all and do some serious business in the next few weeks. I want better football, I want to win something, I want to be proud of the way we play. I want EFC to strike fear into ANY team. I can but live in hope.
Lue Glover     Posted 24/06/2007 at 08:08:35   Comments (0)

Confirmed Transfers

Just to try and get some perspective back into the debate on signing players this summer I thought I would attach this link

This is a list of all the confirmed (rather than rumoured) transfers so far this summer. Reading through this list I would suggest that the only teams better off when you take into consideration those who have left and those they have signed are Chelsea, Man Utd, Portsmouth, and possibly Middlesbrough.

It would be easy to speculate on the rumours but in my opinion completely pointless as they are just that, rumours. If we were to stick within these parameters what does everyone else think of the transfers so far?

To me it's this:

  • Arsenal, got rid of some fringe players who are not going to get a game regularly.
  • Villa, See Arsenal.
  • Birmingham, 3 players in, none of them highly rated.
  • Blackburn, no changes.
  • Bolton, too many in and out, year of transition. May well struggle.
  • Chelsea, improved.
  • Derby, see Arsenal.
  • Everton, see Arsenal.
  • Fulham, see Arsenal.
  • Liverpool, can't comment as I can't even pronounce the names, no idea who they are and frankly don't care. Liverpool are crap, end of.
  • City, see Arsenal.
  • United, one signing but has improved the squad.
  • Middlesbrough, Seemingly improved.
  • Newcastle, like for like in midfield, an older striker added, will Barton improve or implode the squad?
  • Portsmouth, improved.
  • Reading, will miss Sidwell a lot.
  • Sunderland, hard to tell, looks on paper to have remained the same.
  • Spurs, £5 million down on a 17-year-old with up to £5 million to follow!!
  • West Ham, lots of rumours but ignoring these they have added Parker for silly wages.
  • Wigan, too many changes involving average (at best) players.
Based on the above and taking last year's placings as a baseline I would suggest that Portsmouth and Middlesbrough will finish above Bolton but not us. I know this may seem boring as it's based mainly in reality rather than FM, but what do others think?
Barry Earley     Posted 24/06/2007 at 06:39:27   Comments (5)

Jagielka can be signed

Given how legal is the PL; I can?t believe the reasons that have been put forward for the wait-and-see game that Everton has to endure for the signature of Phil Jagielka.

So where does Sheffield United stand at this particular moment in time? Are they still in the Premiership and they are waiting to learn whether they will be playing Championship football next year? Or, are they already relegated and they are waiting to learn whether they will be reinstated in the Premiership?

The truth is they are relegated because they came 18th last season. The English Premier League has never stated otherwise. Sheffield United made an appeal to see if they can be reinstated to the Premiership at the expense of West Ham because they believe the sanction against West Ham is insufficient. However, if an accused makes an appeal it does not mean that he is out of jail until his appeal is decided.

So if they are relegated at this very moment, then the whatever clause that costs 4 million GBP in Jagielka?s contract is already on the trigger.

Hence, the crap that we are waiting to learn whether Sheffield United will be relegated before we can trigger the 4 million GBP escape clause in Jagielka?s contract should be stopped.

If anything, Sheffield United is committing another legal mistake.
Sur Jo     Posted 24/06/2007 at 03:42:29   Comments (5)


You know what, I wouldn't be anywhere near as bitter as I am with Rooney if he'd havesaid what Henry said. Thanking the fans and saying that Arsenal will always be his team, unlike Rooney leaving, and doing nothing but slagging the club off since.
Shaun Wyder     Posted 24/06/2007 at 01:11:19   Comments (2)

Blues Go Dutch

Have this on very good authority from a Dutch Football writer that we've won the race for the under 21 duo Royston Drenthe and Ryan Babel for a combined fee of £10m.

Great News if so.
Benjamin McKinley     Posted 23/06/2007 at 23:30:50   Comments (6)


"Everton are tragic." Where have I heard that before? Having got to where we are today with Europe next season and a good crop of players wanting to go that bit further, why are we not strengthening the squad? We have let more players go than we have brought in. It may be that we have players lined up to come to Goodison but I doubt it will be more than two or three.

Still one of the smallest squads in the league, our players will be burnt out by January with the extra games we have, so I hope "Everton are tragic" will not come back to haunt us again. There is still time for Moyes to persuade Kenwright to get his purse out and pay the going rate and get the players we need to go forward with pride and passion in the coming season. "Everton forever."
John Parker     Posted 23/06/2007 at 15:05:31   Comments (16)

Andy Johnson

I was in one of Asda's superstores. While walking past the magazine isle, I saw the Shoot magazine so I had a quick flick through it. There's a three-page interview with Andy Johnson. He's got a new pair of footy boots: Yellow Nike T90 Lasers. Laser technology for more power, more accuracy and more swerve. You never know, he just might have a better first touch and score more goals next season. That's if these boots are as good as they say.... LOL!

Near the back of the magazine they also link us to two players. One of them called Bruce Lalombongo (we all know what happened there according to the Mirror). The other player is Javi Canquar (I think I've spelt his name right) A Spanish midfielder who plays for Getafe. I just thought I'd keep every one at TW informed...
Shaka  Islam     Posted 23/06/2007 at 13:47:14   Comments (1)


I'm Hungaryan Everton fan! I have dream! I go a Merseyside derby in Goodison Park. Bye-bye all blue hearts. Tamás
Tóth Tamás     Posted 23/06/2007 at 12:05:46   Comments (2)

What price would you pay?

Just to digress from the frustration of the off-season and the Rumour Mill that is associated with it, what would you pay now for the team that was Everton in 1985?

Everton were arguably the best team in the world that year, 13 points clear of second place Liverpool and more silverware to boot. What do you think the following players would be worth today and maybe compare that against what we have at the moment.

The game has changed considerably since the Bosman ruling, especially where loyalty to the club is concerned, but a bit of fun or food for thought, however you want to look at it. (I added a couple of names that weren?t there in ?85 just for the hell of it).

  • Goalkeepers: Southall and Mimms.
  • Defenders: Ratcliffe, Stevens, Van Den Hauwe, Mountfield, Watson, Bailey.
  • Midfield: Steven, Reid, Bracewell, Sheedy, Richardson.
  • Forwards: Sharp, Gray, Heath and Lineker.

Ivan Parsons     Posted 23/06/2007 at 10:18:38   Comments (4)


I read the response by nuttytoffee to the fan article written by Liam Cassidy, "Get your money then treat 'em like shit." Read this response and you will be appalled by the way a young fan was treated, all for the sake of three players signing a piece of paper. Is this really the way to handle potential future die-hard supporters? How times have changed.

I remember 1985. I was 17 years old. Dad had parked the car in the Stanley Park parking area. Walking the distance to Goodison was nothing (I now live in the US where nobody walks if possible!) We came around the back of the Park End heading for the Main Stand, Top Balcony, turnstiles. ?Inchy? was walking the other way, coming toward us. ?Inchy? I shouted in awe and he smiled said something kind in return. That will never happen today. Players think they are above those that pay to watch them IMHO. They do not walk past the Park End. They do not SEE the fans. It is get in, get out and let's go.

I was at Hillsborough in 1985. Wednesday were a strong side and we were close to winning the League. Andy Gray scored the winner in a tense battle. Neville (Southall) produced a save almost equal to that of the one at Spurs. I remember the game like yesterday but I also remember how I was able to close in on the bench before the game and secure the signatures of players such as Alan Harper, Kevin Richardson and the manager Howard! Does that happen today? I doubt it.

Rewind back to my time in the UK. My best mate Phil was and is still an avid Wigan RL fan. He introduced me to rugby league. I still went to watch my beloved Everton whenever possible but I also went to watch Wigan. That was back in the day when Wigan DOMINATED rugby league - from 1989 until I moved to the US late 1993. I saw Wigan play at Wembley as many times as Everton - and that was a lot! Wigan then were the equivalent of MU/Chelsea/Arsenal as they are now, within rugby league.

1992, Phil and his wife were expecting their second child. his brings me back to ?nuttytoffee?. His son?s request was handled abysmally by the club.

1992. I drove down to Wigan from Lancaster. I was able to park my reliable Peugeot 205 right outside the front offices of Central Park. I entered the offices with a Congratulations card in my hand complete with the envelope with a stamp placed on it. I told them of my friend?s upcoming event. I asked if it would be possible for those great players of the time to sign it and then mail it back to me. I thought then it was a no-brainer; the card and mailing costs were covered.

Phil and Denise?s second child arrived. On the same day so did my pre-posted paid card to my address. I confess I steamed it open. My jaw dropped?

Wigan greats had signed the card, greats such as; Joe Lydon, Frano Botica, Andy Gregory, Jason Robinson, Shaun Edwards, Dennis Betts, Martin Offiah ? and they mailed it back to me.

I have great memories of walking into the pub Phil was manager of. I said, ?This got mailed to me by mistake.? I gave him the card. His face when he saw who had signed it was, as MasterCard like to say, ?Priceless.?

I can only hope the PL does not reflect what the US has become/is.

Money is the ?carrot? to move the donkey. The only problem with this ? the donkey remembers the carrot and forgets the supporters.
Gary Sedgwick     Posted 23/06/2007 at 01:26:22   Comments (1)

Cost-price or cut price??

We all know the PRICE of player investment, just think of a number. What we all should be concerned about is the COST of not investing a decent amount in players. Ladies and Gentlemen...Put your hands together for... THE COCA COLA CHAMPIONSHIP!
Derek Thomas     Posted 23/06/2007 at 01:55:17   Comments (1)

Resigned or resigning?

It's an almost universally accepted opinion that the current squad needs strenghtening in quality and numbers. The lack of action by Moyes thus far is therefore down to a) a reluctance to pay inflated prices b) not having any money to do spend anyway c) a belief that the current squad is good enough d) dithering.

Whatever the reason, unless something happens quickly I reckon our Davey will be off one way or another.

If it's lack of finance on the part of the club (points a and b), Moyes will resign to go to a club with higher ambition (Allardyce and Bolton situation). If it's points c or d he deserves to go anyway.

Whatever happens, we're at a crossroads again. We must grasp the opportunity that presents itself otherwise the new stadium will be playing to a half-empty gallery.
Ray Robinson     Posted 22/06/2007 at 21:41:08   Comments (2)

Bent is worth £15million?

If Darren Bent is worth £15 Million then AJ's valuation is what £20M+?

The TV money really screws up everything and the value of the players and their salaries are going to go right through the roof... Maybe we can get our money back on JB? Darren Bent... this is really the silly season!
Roger Domal     Posted 22/06/2007 at 21:42:10   Comments (8)

Who Needs Transfers?

OK, so most of the fans don't trust BK. No surprise there on his past record and while Moyes is generally seen as a 'safe pair of hands' who is very unlikely to lead his squad into relegation struggles next season, he will never produce a side capable of exciting football.

There are postings to suggest that Moyes should be hunting down every transfer target out there, like the "He's a Blue ? pay up and sign him..." for Nugent.

Why should we spend £7m on Nugent, or £4m on Smith, or £6m on Koumas, £2m on Bardsley or this or that half-decent player when they will want £50k a week to sit on the bench? Nobody named as a target so far is better than the players we have! Ask yourself which one of the players talked about as 'transfer targets' would get into the current first choice side at Everton and where would he play in that first choice side.

Moyes has always spoken of Neville as a midfield player and if that is where he still wants to play him, Hibbert comes back and the side that was closing last season and which was good enough to finish in 6th place will start next season, bolstered by Johnson and Cahill returning. Otherwise Neville plays at right back and we look for a left winger who can cross a decent ball.

Is it not clear that Moyes already has his squad for the next couple of years and the low cost, reasonable waged signings of kids that he has made are to to set the side up for the years after that?

If Jagielka is a target and does eventually arrive, he will be a good addition to the bench as he covers the entire back four and could even do a job in midfield but let's bury the hysteria and watch the current squad prove again that it is good enough to hold its own with all but the top four.

As for competing with Manchester and Chelsea.... behave! The Moneybags across at Kellogg Park are nowhere close to doing that... how the hell could Moyes?

Forget the cups and concentrate on the Premier League and we are in for another good season without chucking around money that we don't have !

Chill, Blue Brothers. We're OK !
Glen Strachan     Posted 22/06/2007 at 20:03:39   Comments (0)

Voting for the Asbodome

Can someone tell me how it's possible to have a meaningful ballot on Everton's departure from Liverpool with next to no information available about the project? Wyness says it's not a done deal, but if it's not a done deal, how come there's only one option on the table? Is the question, "Do you favor (a) staying at obsolete Goodison with all its obstructed views while it falls down around your ears or (b) moving to a spanking brand new beautiful stadium just a short distance down the East Lancs?" Er, let me think about that for a minute...

Or is the question, "Do you favor (a) permanently cutting ties with the city of our origin to go to a stadium you have been told nothing about in a neighbouring community at double the seat price and which we probably won't own or (b) finding an alternative site within the city? Er... let me think about that for a minute.

The fact is only an informed electorate can come up with an informed decision and so far we have been informed of nothing other than that Keith Wyness wants to move Everton to the Asbodome. If the club wants to do the right thing, let them stage a 30-day exhibit of the plans with solid facts, models and so on, with officials to answer questions. Inform the fans what the options really are, and have a binding referendum.

The electorate qualification should a season ticket, a share, supporters club membership, 10 ticket stubs, Everton tv subscription OR receipts for more than £100 of stuff at the club store. I am against the move to Kirkby, but I would take the fans' informed decision, whatever it was, over the result of a secret meeting in a smoke-filled room any day.
Peter Fearon     Posted 22/06/2007 at 18:23:42   Comments (9)


I love these rumours. If we had any cash available then they might be some truth behind them. The only rumour that has any truth behind it is the Jagielka one. Here's another one: Ghanian born Dutch international Riga Mustapha is being linked with a 4mill move to Spurs Everton and Birmingham. The 25 year old striker currently plays in Spain for Levante. That's according to It's going to be an interesting summer. Personally, I don't expect any big signings to get me off my seat.
Shaka Islam     Posted 22/06/2007 at 16:50:40   Comments (1)

Left behind?

Scouring the web as you do for any transfer news and just read Tuncay Sanli a player we were reputedly linked with has signed for Boro on a free. Hmm... maybe a journeyman you think but no, a Turkish international aged 25 who has scored some quite decent goals including a Champions League hat trick against Man U. Where the hell and what the hell are our scouts up to? This club is a fucking shambles.
Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 22/06/2007 at 16:44:56   Comments (3)

Alan Smith

My first real criticism of Moyes, why the hell has he let the little bleach blonde barsteward slip through his fingers? I'd have paid more than Preston are asking for Nugent to get Smith, up to around £8-9 Million yet it looks like he's going to Newcastle for £3.5 Mil. Hmmm, maybe Moyes is waiting for January to sign a cheap, recovered Louis Saha.
Nick Harrison     Posted 22/06/2007 at 16:33:12   Comments (3)


I'm not all that bothered about missing out on Nugent, he looks average (I thought he was meant to be fast). But a part of me is secretly hoping we bid for him just so I know we've got some money. Of course when I say 'bid', I mean genuine bid, not like when we 'tried' to sign Alan Smith a few years back.
Eddie Harrison     Posted 22/06/2007 at 15:03:23   Comments (0)

Why so quick to get rid?

One thing that strikes me about the Manuel Fernandes saga... if he's really worth £12M why are Benfica so desperate to loan him out? They loaned him out to Pompey at the start of the season and when that didn?t work out they were happy for us to take him. Now the Echo?s saying the door?s still open for him to return to us on loan because no one, as yet, is willing to pay the asking price.

I can understand them wanting to cash in (on what is still only potential) if they found a buyer... but they haven't. Surely a £12m midfielder would be good enough to challenge for a first team place in the Portugeuse League?

Don't get me wrong, I'd take him back on loan in a flash, just seems strange that Benfica are so keen for him to leave.
Paul O'Hanlon     Posted 22/06/2007 at 12:47:14   Comments (6)

Everton Master Card

Anybody bought your season tickets with the EFC Mastercard? Sounds good, nothing at all to pay until December etc ? just make sure you check your statements. I've been hit with a £10 "promotional interest" charge this month - all a mistake of course and will be sorted out for next statement. I hope this is a one-off error and not some cynical effort to extract a little more from us in the hope that some of us might not have noticed!!
Paul Turton     Posted 22/06/2007 at 12:30:18   Comments (5)

Cut the Club some slack

I read the Toffeeweb Mailbag daily but have never been tempted to post before. What I can never understand is why so many people who spend fortunes following the Club seem to hate everything Everton with a passion. Chairman, Board, Administrators, Manager and, all to often, the players get layers of abuse showered upon them by people who seem to spend every waking hour agonising over the Club`s fortunes.

I have followed Everton all through the Premier years and have had little to show for it. But given that it`s forty years since we were `the millionaires` of English football, the Kenwright/Moyes era has shown a good return for limited investment. With excitement mounting over a return to Europe and the proposed ground move, is it not time that the arch critics that populate your pages cut a great club a little slack?
S.Norman Whitehead     Posted 22/06/2007 at 12:15:27   Comments (8)

New Ground?

I have some possible information about the new stadium move debate. I will have to remain anonymous as I don't want to get the sack. I work for a big surveyors firm in the smoke whose name I will not say but those who are willing to dig a little deeper will find out which firm it is.

The firm have benn involved in all kinds of projects in the sporting world involved in projects like Benfica's Stadium, Sunderland's Stadium of Light, Wolves, Leeds, Wembley, Middlesbrough, Olympic Stadium Berlin, Excel Centre, The Oval etc etc the list is quite long. I am sat next to a photocopier and along pops a document about consultancy for The Shay Stadium East Stand and on a list below there are projects for the clients perusal of a similar nature and, lo and behold, our beloved EFC pops up on this list! The only problem I have is determining whether the latter project is a past or present project. I will have to dig a bit deeper to try to find out more solid facts.

The projects the firm were/are involved in with EFC:

  • Financial, design and cost appraisal of the Kings Dock Arena Scheme.
  • Site assessment and feasability study for the construction of a new 65,000 seat edge-of-city stadium.
I know how important this subject is to many Evertonians, myself included. So I will try to find out as much info as possible. Knowing how well regarded the firm's Sports Projects Department are within the sporting world, I would hedge a considerable bet that we'll have something to do with any possible ground move. So I'll keep everyone on TW informed. Viva la revolution! COYB!
Ivor  Biggun     Posted 22/06/2007 at 09:55:00   Comments (3)

Bill Kenwright's School of Comedy

So the team building funds are blocked so we can finance the disastrous move to Kirkby? The Bill Kenwright School Of Comedy gathers pace!
Ged Dwyer     Posted 22/06/2007 at 09:44:32   Comments (4)

Black cats land Nuge

I have it on good authority that we've lost out on Nugent to Sunderland with the ditherer unable to make up his mind. I'm not too fussed to be honest as I believe Vaughany's a better prospect & McFadden (assuming he's staying) is a decent enough sub.

I also don't buy into all this panic around at the moment regarding transfers... we need about 5 players for sure but our first team (when all fit) is a decent team ? especially for the money Moyes has had over the years. Looks like we're gonna get Jags & a few more like that and I think we've got a squad that can do us proud next season.

Gotta get our Spanish spud contracted-up though!
Sean Mafarlane     Posted 22/06/2007 at 09:15:36   Comments (13)


There has been some mention made in the mailbag over the last few days about us signing young players and little else. That Sheppard kid from Shelbourne, that kid from Swindon Town and three youth players signing professional contracts. With only 15m to spend on transfers, in a summer supposedly awash with money, you would have to wonder about whether or not the possible stadium deal with Tesco's is putting more of a constraint on our ready cash than we first thought.

Our share of the cost at present on the Tescos deal is an estimated £25M to £30M. Once specific plans or proposals are released the actual figure could well be higher. As the plan or proposal is put into effect, and we start building, the figure could increase again as time goes on. Given how slow the whole process of settling on a plan has been to date, having to put money away until we know exactly what our share of any stadium cost would be could involve the next two or three transfer windows. We could possibly be looking at the paltry transfer fund we have now for some time to come.

Most of us would like to see a transfer kitty of £25M to £30M. Buying proven players with this money could mean increased revenue for higher league finishing, champion's league money, increased gate receipts and merchandising. We could then look at building our own ground. How long though would it take us with this approach to have enough ready cash or even financial muscle with the bank to pay for our own ground. In the mean time, West Ham and Man City get investors and new grounds with which to attract those same proven quality players. How much worth does that enlarged transfer fund have then?

I don't know what the answer is. I'm not happy with how the transfer window has gone to date either. I want to see big-name players come in. But I also want a decent ground for those players to play in. With our finances right now, I can't have both together. Time to make a choice I'm afraid.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 21/06/2007 at 19:28:45   Comments (6)

Genuine Poll

So glad to see that the Club are making every effort to ensure that all the votes in the forthcoming poll are by genuine Evertonians. I know that my proposal that the poll should be restricted to shareholders and season ticket holders got panned on here but at least its adoption by the Board means that the vote will not be corrupted by followers of the other side. You see, THEY do listen!
Richard Dodd     Posted 21/06/2007 at 17:22:42   Comments (19)

Let 'em know

At this end of the East Lancs I am spared whatever is going on in the Echo, but from what is being said it all sounds too familiar ? lazy media folk parading their opinions as the word of God ? what any sensible person would think?

A suggestion of boycotting the paper makes sense if this is the case, but I would add that if you do this you should also tell them that you are doing it, and why. That way they may review what they have been doing. I'm afraid its eternal vigilance, but it can work.

I once heard a BBC radio presenter stop her flow and say, "oh no, I can't say that." She must have had a bollocking (?) following my correspondence with the show's producer. His first response was that she was always neutral in her comments. The following day I sent him a list of quotes from that morning's programme. Game over.

If you think you're right, you probably are. Let them know and make life as uncomfortable as you can for them.
Keith Glazzard     Posted 21/06/2007 at 15:57:03   Comments (3)

And finally...

...something on the official site I can be excited about. Everton FC have announced they are to play Werder Bremen on the 31st July. Bremen finished 3rd in the Bundesliga and should show us Evertonians just what our squad is like when put up against good European opposition. COYB!
Matthew Davies     Posted 21/06/2007 at 14:55:01   Comments (0)

Money for the stadium

Take this however you like but I know someone who works inside Bellefield (this is me who knows him, not someone's dad's, brother's, friend's mate) and they were chatting to Alan Irvine this week in Davie's absence. It would appear that the current lack of transfer activity might be set to continue. The stadium in Kirkby is going to be a £300m investement and we have to provide £30m of that up front to proceed. Tesco and whoever we're in bed with is going to provide the rest. If anyone is thinking we may get some Bosmans in then I'm afraid that's a no-go as well; Irvine says Bosmans are expensive because once you get someone in on 70k a week, Arteta, Cahill and Johnson lead a queue to Davie's office and want more money.

My best guess is we will probably sign Bardsley or someone else Man Utd don't want as they now owe us another Rooney installment after winning the Premiership.

This could, of course, be complete bollocks, but most of what this guy tells me turns out to be spot on. I hope for our sake that he's talking complete shit about this one.
Andy  Baker     Posted 21/06/2007 at 14:43:52   Comments (6)


Every single player we get linked with in the Echo, theres a but to it, like this afternoons issue:

- Grella joins Torino.
- Jagielka, again nothin happening.
- Diop, little chance of him joining Everton.
- Koumas, too much money.
- Fernandes, unlikely.

They then go on to chat shit for the rest of the story filling are heads with nonsense, when all we want to do is hear news of a new signing. Quite frankly, this is really beggining to piss me off now; we could really do with getting a few players in before the training begins again so that they can get to know each other.

It does look like we are setting ourselves up for another season of Champions League failure again, where we had the opportunity to buy many players of top quality and what did we do? Sweet fa, just a few dodgey players. Moyes or Kenwright, seriously need to get their heads together because after this season I don't see us being in europe for a long, long time with all these takeovers. This is our only chance and we need to seize it. If not, im going to have to start calling for Kenwright's head.

Oh yeh and whatever happened to Arteta's new contract? Everton put on their website months ago that he was getting a new one. Obviously he rejected it, please correct me if im wrong.
Shaun Wyder     Posted 21/06/2007 at 13:26:09   Comments (1)

Players Past and Present

I don't know if this fhas been posted before, but due to the long boring close-season I came across this site with a great picture quiz of Everton players past and present. See how many you can get without using the clues.
David Pilling     Posted 21/06/2007 at 13:04:18   Comments (1)

Official Website Cock Up

I have just read this article on young James Vaughan regarding his trip with the U21's ( Very surprised to read that he spent the whole tournament as an unused sub; Maybe I was seeing things when he came on against Italy. I know it was only the last 10 minutes but it is still his first U21 cap I believe?
Paul Smith     Posted 21/06/2007 at 08:58:15   Comments (2)

If KEIOC fail...

...just a bit of fun, but who fancies doing an AFC Wimbledon and starting up again from scratch? Bagsy number 9!
Mike Bates     Posted 20/06/2007 at 23:22:20   Comments (6)

Left Midfielder?

After watchin the Under 21s tournament recently, I have been keeping my eye out to see any players who I feel would be good for Everton. One player that has caught my eye is Royston Drenthe of Holland. He is exactly what we need a young left winger who has pace, can cross the ball and score goals. He is currently playing his football in Holland with Feyenoord so maybe we could put Andy Van Der Meyde in the deal?
James Gardner     Posted 20/06/2007 at 22:49:15   Comments (8)


So where did all the rest of the Dominic King stuff go? The stuff that was online mid-way through the afternoon? Or are we not allowed to ask?

Really weird: I checked every word that everyone, including me, had written in the response chain to "care to explain your apology to DK" piece, and there wasn't one libellous bit amongst it.
TaxiClubBlue      Posted 20/06/2007 at 22:35:54   Comments (4)

Ye Ken Wright From Wrong?

According to one of those millionaire city blokes facing a parliamentary committee today ?asset stripping only reduces the value of something? and in that regard ?it would be foolish to do such a thing if you wanted a business to grow?. Given that since Bill Kenwright — or more especially Mr. Wyness — have been at the helm, every piece of family silver has been utilised except Goodison itself. It does make you wonder if the dynamic duo are making a bigger mess than even agent Johnson could ever have dreamed of achieving. Allied to this the startling increase in ticket prices during Bill?s tenure also gives some cause for concern.

Seeing as David Moyes has only just gone on his holidays, when was the last time he spoke to the fans via the media? I do hope all is well at Goodison, but you do get the feeling that all is not as it should be. Long drawn out transfer targets with no sign of any progress and no public utterances regarding squad building from the manager all adds to the concerns of Blues? supporters.

What progress has been made on Mikel?s future, he?s not been involved in any tournaments — so what is the reason for Everton not securing his future? Carsley and Stubbs were signed pretty quickly. Perhaps those who believe that the Kirkby plans are going to take a large chunk out of Everton?s petty cash are correct and the re-signing of Arteta will be heralded as our major signing of the summer?

This time last year we were all watching the World Cup Finals group matches safe in the knowledge that we had made three signings, this year with less than a fortnight to go before pre-season training begins we have done no significant business. I admit that not much business has been carried out by most of the Premiership, and I also advocated patience, but given that we had a small squad to begin with , you would have thought we would have added one or two squad players at least.

Will David Moyes celebrate his 200th Premier League game against Wigan? I for one wouldn?t bet on it.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 20/06/2007 at 20:48:19   Comments (2)

Not 'who' but 'how many'

At the end of the season there was common agreement that we needed to add quality and quantity to the squad. I believe it is reasonable to consider that a minimum of 3 additional players were required, unless of course Moyes was talking bollocks

Since that time we have 'lost' 3 more players if you include Fernandes, who was in any case a replacement for the 'lost' Davies. So now the club should be looking to buy 6 players. There is more chance of Beattie playing for England than that number of players arriving at Goodison.

As things stand there is every chance of having a squad which is actually smaller next season — unbelievable.

The delay in the Jagielka deal is beyond our control but if he is the no 1 target (and that's another issue) then what's wrong with securing No 2 and 3? The only reason can be that the odd 500k in the Jagielka deal is crucial to future spending targets — in other words we dont have pot to piss in.

All of this would be more bearable if the club was honest and stopped talking about investing in the squad when they know it is not going to happen.

On 31 August expect a 2 or 3 bargain journeymen or confused looking Albanians.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else detect vibes that the club are either cooling on Kirkby (just vote no) or have been reduced to a writhing mass of indecision? Some news on that would be nice — no pressure though, anytime this decade...
John Doolan     Posted 20/06/2007 at 19:22:07   Comments (4)

New Signings

Not a big huge fan of rumours, but I've been told that we'll complete the signings of these next 5 players in the next 2 weeks:

Manuel Fernandes - 12 Month Loan
Leighton Baines - £4m
Nigel Reo-Coker - £6.5m
Phil Jagielka - £4m
Dave Nugent - £4m + Anichebe going out on loan to them
Javier Saviola - Free Transfer
Richard Mansell     Posted 20/06/2007 at 19:09:55   Comments (10)

Bouncy, bouncy!

I think the Everton netball team business is very tantalizing! It could explain why we are not buying any footballers couldn't it? We would need a smaller Stadium and therefore we could redevelop Goodison as a netball court (is that the right word?) and Tescos could build their supermarket around it and still leave enough room for a housing development in Bullens Road! All problems solved. Bloody clever this Board...wot? Anybody heard any rumours about athletic-looking seven footers wandering in and out of Bellefield over the last few days? I saw one at Finch Lane but he was wearing a yellow hard-hat. Hmmm?
Eileen Roberts     Posted 20/06/2007 at 17:03:37   Comments (2)

Show me da money!

Well, Billy boy, we've shown you our hard-earned cash to the tune of 21,000-plus season tickets Now you'd better bloody well show us the colour of yours!

We finished a more than creditable 6th with crap like Beattie in the squad, that is worth at least £50 million, what with the new Sky deal and league placing and who's our top transfer target? Phil "we let him go as a kid" Jagileka. NO, NO, NO, NO!

If he's the the best we can come up with, God help us next year. Oh, and Billy boy, do me and every other Blue who's put up with your thespian crap a favour and GET LOST (polite version) sell up and go and run the Empire theatre!

And if that's the level of Moyes's ambition you can join him! I'm sick of the apologists for Kenwright et al trotting out the usual garbage like "he's a true blue". So am I and I've got no money either, the difference being I wouldn't dream of owning the club with no money. Please, Bill, sell up to somebody with cash and business sense ? Phillip Green, anybody? ? and stop leading us on with false promises of cash injections and ground moves. We've got the basis of great squad with great spirit but if we don't spend we'll be left behind again.

Who would I bring in? Well to start with I'd get Alan Smith, then I'd try for Wayne Bridge (on loan, maybe) and I hear Keiron Dyer is surplus up at the Barcodes. We need at least 7 players if we're to be able to compete at the highest level.

Well that's my rant over. The men in the white coats are here to take me back to my padded cell!
Martin Handley     Posted 20/06/2007 at 16:45:05   Comments (3)

20 Goal Season

Ever since Beardsley in the 1991-92 season, no Everton striker has scored 20 goals in a season. I think in some recent seasons the top-scorer may not even have made double figures. Pretty shit to be honest!!

Given Everton's record of great strikers, it had to be said we`ve had to put up with some pretty turd ones over the past 20 years. I think to progress as a team, we need someone [even a couple of players] to get the magical 20 goals. AJ's 12 goals wasn`t really good enough. He needs to get a lot more this coming season.
Paul Cook     Posted 20/06/2007 at 16:00:15   Comments (5)

Transfers inactivity and Pre-season tour.

I, as is the case with many of my fellow Evertonians, am getting increasingly frustrated with our current tranfer inactivity. However, I am still excited and upbeat at what the finished article will resemble.

What I think is more important at present than the speculation over individual players, is the timing of new introductions and our pre-season schedule. I will be happy if the majority of our 'summer dealings' will have occured in time for our trip to the USA (and in retrospect this frustrating couple of months will seem less draining!).

I see the USA trip as a fundamental aspect of our pre-season. During the trips in recent years I think team bonds have been made, which is essential for team moral (one of our strengths). I also believe that in the 'Moyes plan' this time is when the training games/friendlies are more competitive and have a more meaningful reflection on the squad for the upcoming season.

I can see David Moyes regarding our first two friendlies (Bury/NI, split squad on the same day, and Preston) as a way of integrating some acadamy players and testing some partnerships he may be less inclined to put straight into the Premier League itself. Whereas the USA trip and beyond is when I think he picks his core players and the real tactical (rather than physical) preparation will begin.

Therefore, I think it is very important that our squad reinforcements 'arrive at Goodison' in time to be part of this trip. If this happens, my mind will certainly be put (slightly more) at ease. However, if we are still in the same situation or are still waiting for some important first team squad players to arrive, I fear our preparations will have been severely comprimised.
Gareth  Cooper     Posted 20/06/2007 at 12:10:00   Comments (2)

'In Negotiations'

Phil Bardsley? £2 million?? fucks sake.

If true, I wonder if that's the Jagielka deal dead. Bardsley played half a season up here for Rangers and was so-so. £2 million could be spent a whole lot better me thinks.
Ross Trotter     Posted 20/06/2007 at 09:50:12   Comments (16)

Same old Summer

So here we are exactly six weeks after showing interest in Phil Jagielka.. Still waiting on an answer to find out if we can sign... Yes Phil Jagielka. What is the big delay in this deal anyway? Does Jagielka really want another relegation battle if some minor miracle happened and Sheff Utd were reinstated to the Premiership? He has already said he wants to play for Everton so maybe now its up to Moyes and Kenwright to be hard and say to Sheffield United "ok heres the £4 million now take it or leave it".

We cannot afford to waste anymore time on this deal because with all due respect Jagielka is hardly top class and for me I am very suprised that Moyes has made him the number one transfer target, we already have a player like him in Phil Neville. You could say he is a classic Moyes signing. Its typical of Everton again that we mess around so long on one player whilst there are numerous clubs improving the attacking side of their team.. Aliadeire..Mark Viduka..Sulley Muntari..a few strikers who have passed us by. Why are we not in for Nigel Reo Coker? Or Diomansy Kamara and Jason Koumas? David Nugent?. Mario Melchiot went to Wigan as a free agent. Where was the defensive minded Moyes then?.. Is Beattie still going to be here next season?.

There is little time to do so much work especially in today's transfer market of interferring agents and so far after finishing sixth and getting into Europe the summer has been very very dissapointing in my personal view.
Joseph Hughes     Posted 20/06/2007 at 09:09:37   Comments (7)

Liverpudlians dominate?

I read the other day that 20% of all professional footballers who are English were born in Liverpool. If that is correct, that is an amazing total and also one that should benefit Everton in the future as we, along with Liverpool, will surely get the best pick of young players.

Has anyone else heard of this or can back this statement up? Does it include all leagues in the UK? If so, that would mean the League of Wales which is dominated by Liverpool-based players and would surely improve that 20% stat. Or is it just the 4 English leagues?
Ritchie Bann     Posted 19/06/2007 at 23:42:36   Comments (6)

Everton and Europe

I have figured out by looking at Everton's current co-efficient and looking at the clubs left in the Qualifiers and Intertoto what will be needed for us to be seeded in the forthcoming UEFA Cup.

I have calculated the following teams are seeded higher than us:

Blackburn, Lens, Hamburg, Athletico Madrid, Sampdoria, Haifa, Partizan Belgrade, FC Basel, Zenit St. Petersburg, Austria Wien, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, Partizan Belgrade and Galatasaray.

As we are currently 31st, we can afford to drop 9 places. That means that of the 14 teams named above, 4 of those must not progress to the first round in order for Everton to be seeded. I would think my information is 90% accurate but I think I am right.
Ryan Ellis     Posted 19/06/2007 at 22:41:42   Comments (4)

The echo

I can't believe that Dominic King and Pravda (sorry the Echo) have stooped so low as to demand a retraction from ToffeeWeb.

They should not kid themselves and in terms of credibility the Echo scores 1 and ToffeeWeb scores 100. Their curent craven attitude to the club contrasts with their viscious campaign against Joe Royle which was shameful.

If anything like this happens again I would suggest everyone should consider whether they wish to continue to purchase this publication.
John Doolan     Posted 19/06/2007 at 22:19:58   Comments (7)

The waiting game

19 days since the transfer window opened and still no news, every day goes buy scanning the newspapers and various internet sites just hoping to see a player sign, still no news. Viduka has been and gone, Fernandes bags are packed and Joey Barton is no longer an option on the roumer mill. However I do feel there is a reason for this lack of activity.

Firstly, I imagine Moyes is keeping an eye on the Euro U21 tournament, and will wait til its over to make a move.

Secondly, as we already know we are just waiting for Jagielka's release fee to be offically activated by Sheff Utd's relegation (sometime in next week).

However, the main reason I see is Moyes attempting to get as much for his money as possible, so currently, less money spent now may mean more players bought later.

With Jagielka, I believe he was offereing Naysmith not expecting them to accept, but just possibly they might and would leave with that little bit of extra cash. Even saving 500k could pay for a free transfers wages for a season.

Same with Fernandes, Moyes could pounce now, but if he bargains and examines all the options first, we may get a better deal, and possibly save enough money for an extra player. It happened with Arteta, It took a month of nail biting but we got him, and got him cheaper.

All the transfers already done are for big prices, big wages. But, not until later in the summer, when aswell as clubs being anxious to buy, others a equally anxious to sell do we begin to see more realistic transfer fee's (e.g. Nugent, 1 year left on contract, come August he will be cheaper than 6mil if still there as they will be desperate not to lose for nowt) I believe between July-September, with International Football ended, all major leagues completed and players back from holiday we will see 6 arrivals on Goodison, 1 of which will be Jagielka.

I dont know whether Moyes waiting game will work, we may lose out on some specific players ala Fernandes, but I think its the only possible way to make a 15mil budget work in todays game.
Ollie McAdam     Posted 19/06/2007 at 20:49:02   Comments (1)

Surely a Striker Will Be Bought?

I have just read that Aliadaire from Arsenal has joined Boro for a shrewd £1.5m. Now, if we are operating on a tight budget this summer, and I think most of us would agree we could do with a fresh striker - then Aliadaire would have fit the bill for me. He has proved at Arsenal that, despite limited chances, he is a dangerous striker capable of finding the back of the net but also is continental; helpful for tackling a UEFA cup.

If we are losing out on good players to the likes of Boro what hope do we have? Unless there is better players to come...
Robbie Muldoon     Posted 19/06/2007 at 20:32:46   Comments (8)

Caps, injuries and tap ups.

To James Vaughan, on the bench.

Sorry, James. If you really want those England caps, please wait. Go there on your own terms, as the player who simply demands his place. You will become that at EFC. The FA circus is more likely to send you home injured and tapped up by some overpriced player who will promise you a mansion in Cheshire.

We grew up proud to have our internationals - we were outraged that Joe Royle didn't get those caps, it was seen as recognition in those days, maybe it still is. But that's the problem - who recognises talent, merit, all that stuff? Some Daily Mail journalist?

So James, sit on the bench. Look and learn. Knock ten or 15 in next season and they'll come begging. But if you have a calf strain, and they say, you'll be OK, don't believe them. They don't care about your career, just today's result.

And if you want a mansion in Cheshire, you're well on your way to it anyway.
Keith G     Posted 19/06/2007 at 18:44:39   Comments (3)

I'm Back...

...from my holidays (did anyone miss me?).

I'm disappointed on my return for a few reasons.

1. It's raining in Carlisle
2. We still haven't signed anyone
3. The possible stumbling block to the Jagielka deal is Naysmith's value (I predict he is worth nothing).
4. Bernard Manning is dead (I loved his turkey steak it was bootiful). 5. Toffeeweb had to apology to Dominic King (It's disgusting that no-one can have an opinion in this day an age).
6. Did I mention it was raining and we still hadn't signed anyone?
Steve  Claringbold     Posted 19/06/2007 at 15:34:03   Comments (2)

Patience is a virtue

Everybody seems to be getting their knickers in a twist, or should I say boxer shorts?!

We all want to see some new worthwhile players joining EFC particularly in view of the fact that we are going back into Europe competition and for Billy Boy to splash the cash, but have a little patience guys - it will come right in the end, I am sure. Lots of players are still on holiday and therefore not available for discussion plus there are other aspects for delays. Just because Davey signed players early last year everyone seems to think he should have done the same this year. Granted, I do agree that such early signings were definitely beneficial from the point of pre-season training.
Patty  Blue     Posted 19/06/2007 at 15:24:20   Comments (1)

All Quiet on the North Western Front

Since the season ended, I've checked daily the BBC, ToffeeWeb and for news of a big signing. Each day I've hoped that I'd be suprised and that Moyes had pulled one out of the bag. Nothing but tumbleweed blowing across the Goodison pitch!

Oh how dull the close season is. Lack of transfer activity, reflection on the past season and predictions of the season ahead (of which I'm guilty).

They should move the academy league to the summer or start/finish later than the Premiership. Raise crowds at academy games and give young players a chance to shine for the upcoming season. Good idea or bad idea, least it would give us something to watch!

It's very odd how there has been zero talk of transfers. We usually get statements saying we have little money to spend or that we're going to sign x and y before it falls through. Perhaps no news is good news?
Dan Parker     Posted 19/06/2007 at 15:16:43   Comments (3)

Football fooked?

Good article from TeamTalk, that explains a lot about the current transfer market and why we're so quiet. Relating to the article, I've never understood the fees paid for Rio Ferdinand, one of the most overrated players of all time, IMO. [View article
James Newcombe     Posted 19/06/2007 at 14:38:04   Comments (1)

Best Everton Own Goal

Great post re our worst team ever! What about great Everton own goals?

Being too young to see Sandy Brown's classic, my two personal 'favourites' are Henry Newton's fabulous diving header from outside the box (can't remember who we were playing but it was c.1972) and the ultimate classic Mick Lyons backpass from the halfway line against The Shite. I'll never forget sitting in the main stand at Analfield watching it loop over George Wood! Anyone got anything better?
Paul Tran     Posted 19/06/2007 at 09:48:32   Comments (8)

Mobile edition

Is it just me, or does the letters page on Toffeeweb's mobile edition never get updated these days?
Rob Hamilton     Posted 19/06/2007 at 09:53:43   Comments (0)


Trust me, I would love to be proven wrong here, maybe wake up in the morning to see that someone has had the balls to speculate. But we all know that the Fernandes loan deal went through at the last minute to appease us at the end of the last transfer window. My comments at that time were rubbished by Michael (01/02/07), but what else had we done in that particular window? SOLD, OR GIVEN AWAY!

Roll on Riquelme (on loan, no doubt!)
Simon Templeman     Posted 18/06/2007 at 22:36:27   Comments (3)

The Domino effect

I e.mailed a fellow blue at work about my earlier post 'You don't win anything with kids!' and she came up with an even better theory of why Everton are tight lipped at the moment.

What if we're waiting on the likes of Tottenham to sign Bent, Keane/Defoe will get pissed off at playing second fiddle again and then the domino effect comes into play? Who's to say that there aren't a whole host of transfers waiting to happen - problem is having to wait for that first damn domino to fall.

Someone open a window....
Alan  Humphreys     Posted 18/06/2007 at 22:05:03   Comments (7)

Money Madness

What chance have we of making the signings we need this summer when players with the limited ability of Marlon Harewood and Kamara at WBA are being touted around for £5M! With our limited budget, the chances of buyieng the quality needed is remote. Maybe Nugent isn't that over-priced after all?
Lee Gorre     Posted 18/06/2007 at 20:15:10   Comments (5)

Uefa Cup

On the subject of the Uefa Cup, I only heard last week that the final next season will be held at the City of Manchester stadium, bloody typical that is - kopites when they get to a final in Europe get to go to exotic places like Athens/Istanbul... if we do it, it's grim rainy Manchester! I know we probably won't sniff the final but sooner or later our club has got to have a cup run and generally the quality of opposition in that tournament is poor.
Colin Hughes     Posted 18/06/2007 at 19:59:26   Comments (1)

Official what?

Have just been on the official site. And Beside the riveting interview with that bastion of football greatness, Bjorn Borg? Timmy waxing lyrical about how he is looking forward to the Asia cup, I see we have now reached the depths of reverse auctions to keep us occupied.

Perhaps this is the way we are going to conduct our transfer dealings. Wait and wait until all the decent players have been snapped up and then go and buy in the bargain basement on the cheap. Fucking hell! I'm bored shitless with this close season mullarkey already, roll on the start of the season.
Dave  Lynch     Posted 18/06/2007 at 18:35:06   Comments (3)

Worst team ever

A friend asked me to name my side's all time worst XI the other day so I thought I'd post the question on here to get away from the FM-esque pointless transfer banter (and cos I'm a little bored at work).

I'm a fairly young Blues fan, but I didn't realise how much sh!te I'd seen play for us during the early 90's. Here's the side I came up with - let me know if you've got any improvements:

GK: Simonsen
RB: O'Kane
LB: Burrows
CB: Bilic
CB: Krøldrup
RM: Davies
CM: Williamson
CM: Thomsen
LM: Blomqvist
CF: Bakayoko
CF: Madar
(Manager): Mike Walker
Graham Holliday     Posted 18/06/2007 at 16:08:20   Comments (14)

Downing My Sorrows

I like Downing. He?s the sort of player that we need. Admittedly he?s no Ronaldo but he?s got a great cross on him and can deliver a ball from the wing better than anybody we?ve currently got. However, there is no way on this earth that he is worth £10M plus Beattie and VDM as some sources have suggested. I understand that this is paper talk but assume there is some truth in it.

The thing that really puzzles me is why we would send Beattie the opposite way when throughout his time at the club we?ve said that with genuine service into the box we?ll begin to see the real player ? the sort of service that Downing may be able to provide?? I can?t see how the offer of VDM could convince many Premiership managers to part with one of their brightest young stars either, but we need him off the wage bill soon.
Ben Howard     Posted 18/06/2007 at 16:03:48   Comments (1)

Dire European Record

I was just checking through our European record since the 1960s. Aside from the '85 win in Rotterdam there ain't much too cheer about. We got to a European Cup semi-final in 1971 and that's about it. Pretty crap for a club of our history. To be blunt, we're no-marks in terms of European competition! Of course this would have been very different but for those lovable reds and their antics at Hysel.

Due to this, it suprises me that many blues don't give a toss about the Uefa Cup this season. I for one want to see us bring it home.
Paul Cook     Posted 18/06/2007 at 14:24:12   Comments (10)

We signed someone!!!1

Are you guys as excited as me about this? The first summer signing is in! The official website informs us about Karl Sheppard, 16-year old, from Shelbourne! A pacey, easy-scoring striker, just what we needed!

Pha, this proves all you Moyes-haters and Kenwright-deniers wrong, they didn't dither on this one and pulled out all moneybags available!
Erik Dols     Posted 18/06/2007 at 13:52:02   Comments (9)

You can't win anything with kids!

Having watched tonight's England U-21 game and, like many Evertonians, with one eye on Nugent, I think at £6M he's overpriced while in Vaughan and Anichibe, we have two home-grown players with better prospects. That's not to say that Nugent is a bad player ? far from it ? and would be a welcome addition to an already threadbare squad. However, when you consider earlier postings that we're skint, any money we have is better spent elsewhere surely, with midfield a priority.

We've been mentioned as being interested in the majority of the U-21 squad (Reo-Coker, Milner, Richardson, Baines to name but a few in the England squad alone). This inactivity in the transfer market ? especially compared to last summer ? is driving most of us crazy. My lunchtimes are spent munching salad whilst searching every conceivable website for a mere glimpse of a possible signing. Messrs Moyes/Kenwright haven't signed anyone yet but I don't believe for one minute that there aren't signings waiting in the wings. Especially with Moyes looking for younger players.

And hopefully, a few of them are in Germany at the moment.....
Alan  Humphreys     Posted 17/06/2007 at 22:45:55   Comments (7)


I am wondering whether we have limited money this summer due to a 'deposit' for Kirby or whether it is due to us having spent this years funds (from the new TV money) last year ? not as a gamble to consistently spend future income (a la Leeds), but instead with some foresight (from Moyes or Kenwright) in the knowledge that the influx of money would lead to inflated prices (directly or because of the extra money encouraging investment and 'sugar daddies') and that by spending in advance we would get more for our money.

This would explain the limited funds (although I may be premature in this assumption) and would mean that our 6th place finish would be slightly flattering as we are temporarily a year ahead in terms of squad improvements and that we should aim for maintenance rather than improvement.

Overall I think that this would represent good management but could lead to a frustrating summer and backward movement in the league (still not as far back as we would have been had we not spent big last year though!!!). So maybe we should get off Kenwright's back and accept that he is making the most of the limited money that the club (and him/due to him) has. Still we can dream of investment, beautiful football, one big name signing...
Tom Dooley     Posted 17/06/2007 at 21:19:03   Comments (1)

Did we really overspend last season?

I'm getting annoyed by some contributors who seem to think that we overspent last season. Yes, we spent up to £5M on Lescott (£2M downpayment) and up to £8M on AJ (£5M downpayment); however, people are easily forgetting that since the January 2006 transfer window we have sold Bent for £2.5M, Krøldrup for £4M(?), Kilbane for £2.5M and Davies for £3M. So in the time we have spent up to £13M we have also recouped nearly £12M.

Even if you doubt that we got £4M or so for Krøldrup then what no-one can argue with is the fact that Moyes has spent about net £9M in his time as Everton manager and to put it into some context our dear neighbours have spent net £20M net just on goalkeepers in the same time ? Still think we overspent last season ?
Jez Clein     Posted 17/06/2007 at 21:05:54   Comments (1)

Good to see...

... that the official site have decided to quell incessant interest in potential transfers, the Jagielka will he/won't he (probably more a case of Bill paying: will he/won't we), the exit of a certain luxury Portuguese Fancy Dan ? with a very welcome interview with ....... Bjorn Borg!

Mark Wynne     Posted 17/06/2007 at 14:05:11   Comments (2)

Transfer Hot Air

Why are so many people getting so steamed up about our transfer activity?

It's pretty obvious that we have a few players who should be got rid of, but will anyone pay significant money for the likes of Beattie, McFadden & Van der Meyde? Even if we give them away, our woefully short squad needs numbers, so to redress that imbalance, this summer should see more players coming in than going out.

We know we're short of money due to an inability/unwillingness to find investment, so let's just take it as read. There's lots of talk about 'money', but money's only half the battle. Chelsea had 'money' last year, spent loads of it badly and lost the title. Leeds had 'money' and put it in the hands of an unproven 'young' manager who couldn't cut it.

This summer will be like a mass game of poker, with lots of clubs looking to buy the vast array of mediocre 'stars' as cheaply as possible. Look at the papers and websites, keep smiling and remember that nothing matters until the players are waving the shirt after signing. Then we can debate whether they represent value and whether the management can get the best out of them!

I just hope that Moyes is looking for players who can win us games as well as more of those who can 'do a job in a few positions'!
Paul Tran     Posted 17/06/2007 at 13:42:48   Comments (2)

Manny ? take a chance

In regard to Fernandes, I might be what you call 'in the real world'. I know we haven't got pots of money an you can only actually spend what you have got. It's impossible for us to ? as I understand ? borrow money at a reasonable rate, so we really do have to spend what we have. I know we have a small squad and I realise the (hopefully) extra games in Europe are going to really hurt us numbers-wise.

BUT: something I would never say is "let's take a chance". Ye,t here I am suggesting and wanting it. Normally I am not one of these 'entertain us' supporters. I want results, I couldn't care less if we are shite and win 1-0. But Fernandes playing with Arteta ? I've never sat in Goodison and marvelled and enjoyed the football so much. Sure, I've enjoyed us scoring goals in the past and winning, but for someone in my late 20s I've never seen Everton punch the ball around and entertain like that in my lifetime... I went in the 80s, but I was about 7 years old ? I just don't remember.

So, can we possibly stretch to Jagielka and Fernandes? Just the two of them, if you can then essentially swap Beattie for Smith or Van der Meyde for another midfielder than great, but I personally won't be on Moyes's and Kenwright's backs if they spunk everything on Fernandes. Yeah, yeah ? I know I know: he drifts through games ? he does. And I know £10-12M is too much ? I know this and I agree. But, please, I've not sat in the Upper Bullens with that kind of smile on my face. Mikky does it occasionally ? and Fernandes seemingly links with Mikky and makes him even better.

I've never seen a real skilful footballing Everton team ? and I think with Fernandes we might just find that more consistently. I'm not one for taking a chance... but let's take a chance.
John Cajoman     Posted 17/06/2007 at 13:33:54   Comments (3)

What GREAT signings?

It amuses me that so many Evertonians get their knickers wet about who Moyes is ? or is not ? going to sign. After all, few of the players he has brought to Everton will ever go down as `Goodison Greats.`

Now I know that may be down to the financial strictures imposed on him but nothing`s much different this time, surely. With £25M ring-fenced for the Kirkby move, he ain`t exactly flush and what he brings in will be `numbers` rather than real quality.

Just think of the saleable players we have as the quality: Arteta, Lescott, Cahill, Johnson and, just maybe, Yobo. The rest are `shufflers` as someone described them last week ? £20M for the lot would cover it! Moyes loves `em.

So, as we wait on the Great Ditherer to `bring us off`, don`t expect too much will you? It`s never worth the wait!
Mike Potter     Posted 17/06/2007 at 09:20:52   Comments (2)


Here we are in the close season limbo, with (as we are a FM-free zone) it seems only two choices open to us; looking forward or looking back.

At the moment, the most pleasurable option seems to be the nostalgic one, probably coz we know where we are with it. Yes, Alex was great... and yes again, Roy is under-appreciated... and as for hard men, forget Bremner and Grevesen... Tony Kay ? he da man!

As for the looking forward bit, well I mean, no-one can know the future coz it hasn't happened yet ? not in this part of the multiverse/time tread anyway. But what we can do is speculate (in a strictly non-FM way, eh Michael?) trying to guess what is to come from things that happened before, coupled with what we know now, which, in technical terms, is jack-shit, and there lies the problem.

Short version:

  • 6th; could have been worse/should have been better(?).
  • Joined up football?? see above.
  • To move or not to move; split down the middle, but a "period of exclusivity", aka "commercial sensitivity" leaves us in an information void.
  • How much have we got to spend and why isn't it being spent, tout sweet(sic)... see above.
  • The Manager: Moyesiah or Dithering Dave? Split three ways down the middle ? yes, no, not sure.
  • The Chairman and the Board: again, see above.
So where does that leave me, the fan, be it I reside at No 2 Gwladys St or in a far-flung corner of the empire? We are all ? the club, the fans ? balanced at a cusp, a crossroads. Well, not so much a crossroads as a fiveways (or maybe more in the time-stream multiverse) standing at the corner of Ignorance and Bliss, trying to make up my mind if we are all going up along Shit Creek (paddle optional).

Heading down to Hell in a hand basket, via BK's primrose path of good intentions, vainly trying, like some modern Quantum Leapesque hero to get back to the right road that leads to the School of Science. 'And I'm standing at the crossroads, believe I'm sinking down'.

Ah, number Six. I am not a number, I am a free man. Who are you?? I am number two. What do you want?? Information!! You and me both matey!!... Be seeing you!
Derek  Thomas     Posted 17/06/2007 at 06:10:48   Comments (6)

Silly Season...

Ok, seeing as everyone's being so negative about our summer plans, and especially with most of the negativity revolving around opinion and hearsay, I thought I'd have a go at some optimistic speculation that may or may not be true, but has a healthy dose of truth to get the conspiracy fanatics going...

Mid-July, 2007, and Everton are training away from the prying eyes of British Press in Utah, USA, preparing to face Real Salt Lake. After previously enticing promising young goalkeeper, Josh Lambo, on an earlier training camp, Everton invite USA prodigy, and current RSL star player, Freddy Adu, to train with them, with a view to the most exciting transfer since Ronaldinho joined Barca. Adu, who plays either midfield or attack, is impressed by the team spirit and dazzling array of talent, including Manuel Fernandes, who joined on a season-long loan from Benfica, and opts to sign a 5-year deal with us, instead of joining Utd and Chelsea, with ringing endorsements from such pros as our own T-HO, former players such as Joe-Max Moore, Brian McBride and Preki, all MLS and US national legends.

Further news from Utah, Moyes has been busy with his second midfield signing whilst in the US, with Juan Riquelme joining THE up-and-coming club in the EPL. Moyes moved in as planned when Riquelme's current club, Boca Jnrs, also in town to play RSL, arrived at the same Hotel as the Everton Squad, to finalize a move which had been in the pipeline since January.

Who knows what a bit of positive thinking might get us for once... COYB!!!
Kev Kendall     Posted 17/06/2007 at 00:19:11   Comments (3)

Slide to the left

Although the rumour mill is in full swing and the Club remains steadfast in the face of mounting discontent from eager fans, I have personally been most interested in the latest whispers concerning the acquisition of left-sided players. For many years now, Everton have been plauged by the archilles heel of a poor left side; it comes to something when Kevin Kilbane is remembered as a relative success in this position. Left-back hasn't fared much better with Pistone, Naysmith and latterly Valente hardly setting the world on fire and the only player to make a reasonable fist of this position albeit for a short period being Michael Ball.

If the rumours suggesting that Moyes is seriously interested in Leighton Baines and Stuart Downing then the prospect of a left side with pace, skill and composure would be something to relish. Over the years we have struggled to both attack and defend down the left; Arteta is often switched during the game not for what I would say is purely tactical reasons but as we offer very little threat to teams.

My points are obviously based on a huge dose of FM mode but it would be refreshing to see Everton recruit players for this area, after all naturally left-footed players are hard to come by and the two mentioned are both young and may represent the future of England if they are to realise their own potential.
Peter  Laing     Posted 16/06/2007 at 22:32:55   Comments (0)

Sixth was great

I really do think too many of us Evertonians are `getting above our station`. On the back of a hard-worked sixth place, there`s all this talk ok `kicking on to the next level` - whatever that means! Let`s face it, we can only ever hope to be `the best of the rest` and we were only one place below that last season. I, too, suspect Dodd was right about the £25M bond to secure the Tesco/Knowsley funding; having overspent last year, £10-15M is all the Moyestro can expect this time round. The test will be how he spends it

So don`t get carried away, sixth was great ? we`ll be lucky to repeat it next season!
Melvin Awford     Posted 16/06/2007 at 20:27:45   Comments (7)

A Book

Will the staff of TW be running a book this year, on when Dithering Davie will come out with statement "We tried for loads of players, but none were available to us". I don't blame him 100%, you can't really, not when you work for that smarmy bastard Billy Liar. I just wish he had the guts to stand up for himself.
Colin Potter     Posted 16/06/2007 at 19:09:24   Comments (0)

Fernandes the “luxury player”?

I still can't understand why Fernandes is being labeled a luxury player. Where I sit in the stadium he looks the full package. He has got a good passing range, skills, strength, pace and he can tackle.

What is a luxury player? If its someone who can change a game then thats what Fernandes is. I see everyone questioning him. He dosen't defend. He dosen't track back. He dosen't dominate. For one he is not there to defend he is there to create. If anyone is going develop his workrate and defensive abilities it is David Moyes. Probably one of the most defensive minded managers in the premiership.

What sort of player is Arteta? He is our best player by about a mile yet he is not someone who is going to take the game by the scruff of the neck. The fact of the matter is Fernandes is going to be a big miss and we will notice next season. Who is going to do a better job than him next season? Phil Jagielka??? Some People have got it into their heads that Jagielka is a midfielder. Ask any Sheffield Utd fan and they will tell you he is a cental defender. He can do a job like Neville but is just as limited.

If Nugent is worth £10 million and Scott Parker worth £7M then Fernandes is a bargain at £12M. We are missing out on a player who could move us up a gear.
Connor Rohrer     Posted 16/06/2007 at 16:04:46   Comments (10)


I know we're trying not to mention transfer rumours but the Downing deal has now just appeared on Football365. Obviously this doesn't mean it's happening but I've usually found 365 fairly reliable, as well as being a damn good site. It claims Beattie and Van der Meyde as makeweights. God knows they need a replacement in the fat striker department.
Luke  McEwan     Posted 16/06/2007 at 14:52:23   Comments (1)

Kenwright must go!

The plain truth is that Kenwright is a staller. He is similar to a Labour spin-doctor who says what the 'IMWT' faithful want to hear and then does nothing. When Moyes has managed to get us a good league placing, out pops Blair (oops - Kenwright) and he takes credit. When things go wrong...

I actually do not lay blame at Moyes's door because he is hamstrung by lovvie Kenwright. This man is no true blue. He was supposed to be looking for an investor. Investors seem to be falling over themselves to invest in clubs like West Ham, Birmingham et al. Why can't he find an heir? The reason is that Kenwright is selfishly manipulating the club into a move where he can offload his shares for multiples of its current face value. Please don't tell me we have not had opportunities to get some decent investment in because the evidence from other clubs speaks volumes.

Regarding transfers:- Moyes can only spend what he has been given and to be fair, this is less than one would expect for a top ten club. His support of Kenwright is only what one would expect form a manager but underneath I bet he is seething.

Please go, Bill, because I don't want to be part of a false dawn yet again. To use a couple of clichés: We need to speculate (sensibly) to accumulate. Fortune favours the brave.

Time to go eh Bill... Joseph is calling!
Russ Kavanagh     Posted 16/06/2007 at 12:43:07   Comments (2)

Yes i am that bored

I know that this is almost certain just lies, but forgive me I'm bored and having to work on Saturday morning for once and I would be quite happy to say the least if Newcastle were deducted points. Taken from that wonderful fountain of Knowledge football-rumours.....

"This just in? now that five teams have been named as cheats, the FA will have no choice but to come down hard. Bolton and Newcastle are going to be hit hard with point?s deductions and one will go down next season as a result ? I can't predict who. Pompey, Boro, and Chelsea will all get a slap on the wrist (from the FA ? not from UEFA) and a small points deduction ? Portsmouth and Middlesbrough won't feel it as they are solid mid?table teams but the three points will cost Chelsea the title.

"I have insider information at the FA offices and mark my words, Newcastle is going to be deducted 8 points, Bolton 7, Boro and Chelsea 3, and Pompey 2. FIFA may also force the FA to strip Chelsea of the 2005?06 title since the players they signed illegally ? Essien, Drogba, and Cech, were all important to that title.

"This year's Champions League winner was a worthy winner but should never have been there with the match-fixing they did. Uefa learned a lesson and I can tell you with 100% certainty that Chelsea will be tossed out of the Champions League in a couple of weeks."
On a side issue now if that was to happen then that would really make the two big decisions against Chelsea on the last day of the season even more costly as I assume Spurs would be entered into the champions league.

I know it's all conjecture but all this transfer silence is frying my brain.

Also on another point, Arteta has to be Moyes's best ever buy, Lescott has been fantastic but he cant yet come close for the bargain that Mikel was.
Daniel Ford     Posted 16/06/2007 at 10:54:58   Comments (3)

Bend it like Arteta

As Real Madrid have been trying desperately hard to sign Beckham recently, I hope that they don't realise that the Spanish have their very own 'Beckham' and come knocking down our door! I think they have very similar qualities in their passing, crossing, and they can both find the back of the net too. However, unlike Beckham, Arteta has not seen as much media attention over the years and has developed into a very modest young man.

I think we need to do all we can to stop any kind of bid tempting him away. Bringing in some class will show him we have the same ambition and that he will be able to break into the Spanish national squad here at Everton.

I think our strikers too often rely on Arteta and the midfield creative play. AJ is awesome at converting the chances but he struggles when he is not getting the service. I would like to see us bring in a world-class striker who can make goals out of nothing and take some of the pressure from Arteta. We could hopefully turn a few of our draws into wins and push further up the leagie.

Im thinking someone like Robbie Keane but with a bit more aerial prowess to play some neat link up with AJ.
Brett Bradshaw     Posted 16/06/2007 at 09:32:15   Comments (2)


With regards to some supporters becoming disillusioned with current happening transfers, I think Evertonians should treat the tabloids and their content with the contempt they deserve. If you believed even The Liverpool Echo last year, we would not bid over £6 million for Andy Johnson and Moyes had only £8-10 million to spend. They just lie/guess most of the time.

If Everton want Nugent, he will arrive. Moyes knows him better than anyone. I feel he lacks the determination for the Premiership and disappears from games, and would prefer we kept Beattie.

Barton is an over-rated trouble-maker just perfect for Newcastle and has only gone there for inflated wages (he wants to win things!).

On Fernandes, there is every chance he could still arrive on a year's loan. The player never seems to know what is happening as his agent is probably trying to sell him on the back of his U21 performances.

To get the right type of player we need patience and to move at the right time. We don't need to panic. We're still nearer the end of last season than we are to the start of next season.
Karl Jones     Posted 16/06/2007 at 08:12:02   Comments (7)

TW Towers

A weird one this, perhaps it's because it's 4am and I have just finished a 13-hour shift... but having visited the site for many years now, I have built up a mental image of what you would all look like at TW towers.

  • Michael I would imagine to be the old wise man with the white hair, and beard, a bit like the wizard off Lord of the Rings.
  • Lyndon comes accross as a bit younger perhaps a bit pale and a computer nerd.
  • Colm, I just imagine as a short fella with bushy eyebrows, who drinks Guiness and starts silly arguments in pubs.
Anyhow I'm sure I am completely wrong. Perhaps for a laugh you could swap the players photos top right for that of the main players at TW??
Paul Coleman     Posted 16/06/2007 at 04:21:10   Comments (3)

£10 million to spend

Most conservative speculators believe that is the most we have in the pot to spend. I don't think Moyes is the type to walk... who knows ? maybe after his holidays he will have another think. But the fact remains that Everton have had the rug pulled out from under them in the finance dept this summer.

Personally I don't give a flying hoot about the players that have already moved clubs in this window. I am more concerned that this summer we won't be able to push onwards by investing in quality and quantity but then, we have been here before, eh? For me the team comes before any move outside the city and any available funds should go to the team to keep the club moving forward. But once again it appears we have been found lacking in the money belt and frankly the 24/7 investment bollocks is no longer a long-running joke.

It's a disgrace!

The amount of threads that I see popping up on websites talking about selling, about better players before we can buy or that Kenwright is best for the club becuase he is a Brit and is slowly doing it the right way... is just plain shite.

Slow isn't working and neither is paying clubs drip installments with the offer a defender here or there. This summer is going to be a firestorm for all the wrong reasons.
John Cribb     Posted 15/06/2007 at 18:28:32   Comments (6)

Big club, my arse!

So it`s no Barton, no Fernandes and almost certainly no Nugent. Instead, we`re well in the frame to bring in `shufflers` like Jagielka, Roberts and Kilbane. Big club, my arse!
Alan Rawlings     Posted 15/06/2007 at 16:54:43   Comments (22)

Manny Fernandes

Manuel Fernandes has all but shut the door on a return to Everton.

The Portugal U21 international midfielder remarked after the defeat to Holland this week: "I'm back at Benfica now, it's finished for me in England. I enjoyed it, it was a great experience."

Well done Kenwright, Moyes et al. Potentially one of the best players ever to wear the Royal Blue and we let him go back to Benfica.

I've grown up dreaming about Everton becoming the cream of European football again but it just isn't going to happen with the current leadership. Unbelievable!
Shez Khan     Posted 15/06/2007 at 12:40:26   Comments (18)


In my opinion, Joleon Lescott is Moyes's best ever signing. To be honest he was the best buy last season. I still don't know which is his best position. At centre half he is dominant as well as left back. I haven't seen anyone go past him yet. I remember Agbonlahor just beating him for pace when we lost one nil at Goodison but other than that no one.

I think It was a good thing Moyes did putting him out at left back. It has obviously improved his distibution. If we where to buy another good centre half then I would have no problems with him being put out there.

If Moyes is looking for a defender then I would renew our intrest in Matteo Ferrari. I watched one of Roma's games a few months back and he was superb. He is one of those elegant defenders and strong In the tackle. The problem is though he is injury prone. Altough he wasn't injured last season.
Connor Rohrer     Posted 15/06/2007 at 01:37:03   Comments (4)

Approaches for Johnson

With Bent's move to West Ham seemingly having fallen through, it will be interesting to see if the Hammers make an approach for Johnson. If they were to make an outrageous offer, I think it would merit consideration as it would allow us to secure at least two quality signings . Nugent would be a great signing and we could also afford a quality central midfielder also. Whist some may see such a move as counterproductive I think it would be a good piece of business.
Gerry Western     Posted 14/06/2007 at 21:31:05   Comments (8)

Next Season

If they get their act together and have enough players for the league and Uefa Cup, Everton should have a very good season next year. Looking down the list of teams in the league, it is a particularly lame year. 90% of teams are either seriously re-building or just plain old crap.
Dan Parker     Posted 14/06/2007 at 17:26:01   Comments (3)

Fadden / Bent Partnership

AJ -> "I wished Ossie and Faddy all the best for their weddings" ... I guess that dispells the myth someboday posted on here recently. It amazed me to be honest, didn't think it was true (unless it's in the closet).

On another note, nice to see the fixture list has been kind to us for a change on the opening and closing days of the season. I really hope we sign Manu as well, the club keeps posting updates about his performance in internationals which will really annoy me if they don't sign him.
Dan Parker     Posted 14/06/2007 at 14:37:50   Comments (1)

ESCLA - where are you

Anyone know of the fate of this august body? I have sent emails to and and got no reply. I requested and received a membership application form back in March which I filled out and sent back to them together with my cheque. Since that time nothing, nada, zip, zilch. Has it collapsed? Does anybody out there know whether it has gasped its last? Any info or kicks in the right places greatly appreciated.
Alan Rooney     Posted 14/06/2007 at 13:10:17   Comments (4)


Micheal and friends, is there anyway we can look up the previous rants of the more controversial contributers of TW to see if their arguments were proven right or wrong, Luq and Mr Marsh for example. It would be interesting to see if these lads can claim any credibility for their predictions.
Dave Lawley     Posted 14/06/2007 at 12:36:33   Comments (1)


Watched Portugal v Holland last night in the U21 Euros. Manu was outstanding, he is definitely the player we should be building our midfield around.

It's almost not nice watching him play because the thought of him not playing for Everton next season is horrible. Here's hoping, fingers crossed and all that.

Just on a side note, some of the talent in that game was unreal, wonder if DM has his eye on any of these players. Portugal must be a real breeding ground of talent.
Ross Trotter     Posted 14/06/2007 at 07:17:31   Comments (20)

Summer Loving

As the fixtures for the new season will be announced tomorrow and every Premier League club (Everton apart) seemingly raising the interest of speculators, it is a weird sort of close season. Why is this?

Is it due to the fall out of the Tevez affair? Is it due to the ongoing Lord Steven's report into dodgy transfers? Matters for Everton have rarely if ever been so important, yet public utterances from important members of the club are few and far between. MPs have raised questions in Parliament, fans for and against moving have aired their views, yet the club have hidden behind the cloak of 'exclusivity' for so long now I wonder if they will make public their views any time soon. Maybe we will have to wait until the end of 2008 so as not to upset the City's capital of culture celebrations, maybe until 2012 to ensure the Olympics aren't besmirched.

Most of us understand that when you have little money in your pocket it is not polite to make demands on those who you have asked to help you in difficult times. However, it is important that when you are responsible for things that effect other people's lives, you owe it to those people to provide as much information as is possible in order to allay their fears, even if it means dashing their hopes.

I also notice the silence of those other great Evertonians, namely the Granchesters. How is it possible for a family who have long associations with Everton to remain so quiet on the controversial proposal to leave Goodison and perhaps the City?

As an ordinary supporter you start to believe that some extremely important people know exactly what is going to happen and for reasons best known to themselves remain tight-lipped. No doubt by the end of August, following a flurry of transfer activity, we will all be concentrating on matters on the pitch. Ground moves, takeovers and transfers can all take a back seat until next summer ? a summer where our minds will be concentrating on Euro 2008 and the 800th birthday of the City of Liverpool. See ? there will be so much going on next summer, it is good for us to spend this one quietly.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 13/06/2007 at 19:09:58   Comments (2)

Solutions Not Problems

When I first started work, my boss used to say to me 'Bring me solutions ? not problems!' I know, not quite Oscar Wilde but it still had an effect on me. As I read the contributions from a number of blues there seems to be a lot of people with a lot of problems but very few with solutions ie, Luq Yussef (the man moans more than the mother-in-law, FFS)...

So for that type of fan the two solutions available are:

  1. New Manager
    Still faced with the same problems as DM and again there is nobody out there better than him at the moment (Suggestions if you believe otherwise please Luq)
  2. New Chairman/Investor
    How long is a piece of string?! There is no answer to when either of these will come along so all we can do in the meantime is make the club look attractive to investors ? ie, new ground and traing complex (both in progress). Again, open to suggestions...
As for BK putting potential investors off, we have no way of being sure of this either way; all we can do is take his word for it that he has the club's best intentions at mind all the time.

In my eyes, I believe we are moving forward as a club with the resources we have available to us, so instead of finishing with the old cliche 'COYB lets get behind the boys etc' I will finsh with 'Lets have some solutions not more problems!'
Chris  Maylor     Posted 13/06/2007 at 17:30:47   Comments (7)

New contract for Mickey Arteta

We will see over the coming months how serious the club are to becoming a regular top 6 side and a side competing for a Champions League place not just by transfers in/out but also contract negotiations. The club in April talked about tying Arteta up to a new long term contract. Having been voted our player of the year for 2 seasons running and now being voted Sky Sports midfield player of the year as well as being 3rd best midfielder in the FA Premier League actim stats, and contributing massively to our Uefa Cup challenge a new contract for Arteta will surely be around the £50k- to £60k-a-week mark.

With players like Parker and Barton reportedly getting £60k-a-week contracts, I am sure his agent will be looking for similar as Arteta is a far better player than them and I consider him to be one of the best midfield players in the country. Over to you, Mr Kenwright...
Ian McDowell     Posted 13/06/2007 at 17:18:24   Comments (3)

Irish Friendly

Just heard about the announced friendly in Coleraine. Does anyone know what type of team will be travelling? The last friendly against Bohemians was a big disappointment as only the youth team turned up ? no senior pro's at all. Also does anyone know where tickets can be purchased for this? Thanks! COYB!
Seamus Murphy     Posted 13/06/2007 at 17:22:46   Comments (1)

The Best Little Spaniard We Know!

Sky Sports have just announced Arteta won the midfielder of the year award that we all voted on through the link given the other day. Their new poll is for Manager of the Year and Moyes has made the top 5. Do we all start voting for Moyes or is that going too far?
Paul  Clays     Posted 13/06/2007 at 17:01:19   Comments (1)

Cash Priorities

Demands for David Moyes to be spending upwards of £20M on new signings this summer are not only unrealistic given the existing strength of the side but also indicative of how little some fans are aware of football finance.

With the Kirkby move becoming ever more likely, the joint venturers will be required to each post a bond ? probably in the order of £25M ? before work can start on the new stadium. This will be the principal investment of the Club over the next twelve months and given how much hand-wringing there still is after the failure to secure King's Dock, there is no way they can skip the down-payment this time round.

I feel the usual stealth of Mr Moyes will result in two or three signings for an investment of, perhaps, £10M max and that this will be sufficient to guarantee another worry-free season.
Richard Dodd     Posted 13/06/2007 at 15:16:45   Comments (5)

The Artful Dodger

Great to see Mikel Arteta topped the poll on with 31%, 55,000 votes which was 5,000 ahead of the Portugese winker. Not going to go into the various transfer rumours and FM stuff, but I'd really love to see us sign another creative midfield player to take some of the burden from Arteta's shoulders next season as he's bound to be even more of a marked-man in 2007-08.

On a side note: is it just me and my screen or is Nuno Valente wearing a purple version of our jersey (a la Harchester) when he shows up on the home page?!
Robin Byrne     Posted 13/06/2007 at 14:57:50   Comments (0)

Only when they`ve gone.....

Fascinating that yesterday`s posting calling for the retention of Beattie should provoke so much response - 18 replies so far and counting! I don`t recall another player who so many fans would like to see the back of although Richard Wright might run him close.

It`s so easy to be dismissive of quality players in the call for fresh faces. Usually it takes a few weeks without them to recognise what they bring to the team/squad. Just look at the gap created by the sale of Kilbane ? we have no-one who makes half his contribution on the left. Is it true that he may be returning soon? ? another Stubbs-like renaissance...
Nigel Clemson     Posted 13/06/2007 at 13:47:22   Comments (7)


Investment. Birmingham are in preliminary talks to be taken over by a billionaire... well done Bill.

Radzinski. He's been released on a free from Everton Reserves in London... I don't want him back but any thoughts? He didn't score loads, but pace and... well, he's better than Beats.

Riquelme. Ok, doubt this rumour is true (if rumours by definition can be true or false) but I literally feel excited just to imagine him on the same pitch as Arteta and dare I say Fernandes.

Fixtures. The list is out tomorrow. Again excited... any preference for first game? Obviously someone crap and at home!
Nick  Entwistle     Posted 13/06/2007 at 13:07:24   Comments (1)

Managing `the numbers`

Am I alone in believing that the signing of Jagielka and Fernandes - on loan if necessary - would constitute all the serious business Moyes needs to do this summer? I have no interest in the Uefa Cup, believing it to be an irrelevance we could well do without. Sure it would be nice to cover all bases with a glut of newcomers but I suspect that few within our price range would be automatic picks and the Beatties and Naysmiths are as good as anything for the subs bench. My contact at Wigan tells me that Killer is set to return ? he should never have been allowed to leave.
Doug  Mangold     Posted 13/06/2007 at 09:03:15   Comments (10)


In this time of buy, buy, buy ? what about the youngsters we've developed? Is this the season we see Vidarsson, Molyneux, Kissock, and others hopefully in the first team squad? Potentially these kids could save us millions but if we don't play them we'll never know. Come on Everton ? give youth a chance.
Dave Wright     Posted 13/06/2007 at 08:50:36   Comments (2)


Now although BK can be quite embarassing to listen to when eulogising about his manager, and quite annoying when discusssing how much work he is putting into finding a new investor, I have always given him the benefit of the doubt because he is a Blue.

I must admit though that even I am now beginning to wonder if it's not him that is putting off potential investors. This week I have been reading what is probably newspaper summer footy rumour-mongering of how Birmingham city are about to be bought by one of the world's richest men.

It's a club with potential (as long as Villa don't realise theirs) but why didn't he come and have a sniff at Everton first? I can only think of two reasons why we arent being bought up... One: our debts are actually much worse than BK is admitting; Two: BK is being very careful of who he is selling to.

If BK had loads more money to waste on players like Beattie (sic) then I'd be happy to put up with his bullshit to be honest, but something is not right if Birmingham and Man City are a better buy than us at the moment.
Iain McWilliam     Posted 13/06/2007 at 06:56:34   Comments (13)

Shrewd Scot

Everton have been in mountains of debt for donkey's years. Everyone expecting Everton to spend big again this summer needs their head feeling. I firmly believe that last season we gambled money we did not have, with Moyes knowing that to wait another season till the TV money arrived would be suicide. He has been proved right: players are double their price of last season; however, the debts still remain. We need Fernandes on loan to add some quality and if we land Jagielka I think that's our lot. I hope I am wrong, as would love SWP to add an extra cutting edge.
Matt Woods     Posted 13/06/2007 at 06:13:57   Comments (2)

Everton season review

Does anyone know where I could buy the new Everton season review? I have been looking for the past few days to buy it for my son but have had no luck. By the way, does anyone know who gets interviewed in it? Players, manager etc.
Connor Rohrer     Posted 13/06/2007 at 00:17:30   Comments (5)

Are our strikers good enough?

Prompted by the Beattie debate (I'm in the "decent bloke but not good enough, let's get rid" camp, by the way), I find myself constantly asking the question whether our strike force is actually good enough?

I know we scored quite a few last season and we saw the emergence of Anichebe and Vaughan but I still wonder whether we pose that much of a threat in open play?

We had quite a few penalties last year (admittedly, should have been many more!) and many of our strikes came from set pieces. I never ever got the impression that the team was naturally full of goals and sometimes goals arrived out of the blue rather than as result of concerted pressure.

The bottom line is that although midfield is probably a priority both in terms of numbers and flair, I think we ignore the limitations of our strikeforce at our peril. Johnson has pace and effort but doesn't look a really top-notch finisher, Vaughan looks full of promise - but that's all it is at the moment, Anichebe looks raw and powerful but lacks a composure and a first touch and Beattie, is well, largely immobile and generally useless.

So we start next season with Johnson and Vaughan as first choice, particularly for away matches, but have we really got the necessary cover in depth?

I don't subscribe to the view that Vaughan and Anichebe are our salvation just yet although I do hope I'm wrong! I've seen too many Cadamteris, Jevons's, Wakenshaws, Chadwicks and Branch's to be easily convinced.

I'd go for another pacey striker and perhaps even try to get McBride back from Fulham as cover. Better to have too many strikers than too few.

Anyone else share my concerns or does everyone else think we're sorted in the forward line?
Ray  Robinson     Posted 12/06/2007 at 20:24:10   Comments (3)

Transfer rumours

I know they are only rumours, but my biggest worry is that the players we are linked with have all got one thing in common (in my opinion): they are all just average players, with no real quality.
Brian Waring     Posted 12/06/2007 at 19:57:41   Comments (1)

Silly Close Season

I think most Evertonian?s would agree that we need a bigger squad. At the moment we have a thin squad with a classy spine. Indeed if the playing could be personalized it would look like someone with Anorexia.

The classy players stand out like decorum and a gathering of Liverpool fans. The names of Arteta, Cahill, Fernandez, Johnson, Lescott, Vaughan and Yobo. So what are needed are squad players, particular utility players.

Personally I was so pleased to hear that we were interested in Phil Jagielka. A man who can play along the back four and in midfield. Not to mention being his club?s sub goalkeeper. Shades of Alex ?Sandy? Brown, who played in every position for Everton except winger during the 1960s.

So why, apparently are we trying to get rid of Gary Naysmith? Surely if anyone is a good squad player its ?Nace. Sure he has his detractors. Mainly those who think a football team should be made up of ten Arteta?s and a goalie. He is an international left-back... ok it's for Scotland. So the competition is as limited as a politicians aspirations. He also plays left side midfield and pops up with the odd goal.

For me, the perfect player for a squad taking on four trophies. The English Premier League, The FA Cup, The Mickey Mouse Cup (what is it called this year) and the Uefa Cup!

So why are we considering getting rid?
MICHAEL BERRY     Posted 12/06/2007 at 19:23:16   Comments (0)

Blasphemous Rumours

Most of us (including me) are so impatient for some sign of activity that we are overlooking the fact that a few weeks back Moyes came out and clearly stated that we wouldn?t be quick into the transfer market. Presumably we didn?t or don?t believe him and maybe because of some past dithering performances where he didn?t do well in the transfer market we have every right to be concerned, but maybe not.

The fact that Moyes came out with this statement could be more insightful than merely downplaying expectations. Moyes can be called a lot of things, but he always strikes me as being honest and very hard-working ? in fact he?s obsessed with being prepared ? he?s in his office each day before most of us are awake and he runs around checking players out personally when most managers would send a scout. I can?t imagine that someone who is as obsessed with preparation as David Moyes would not have a detailed plan of action for his transfer activity.

We can argue about the quality of his plan until we?re all royal blue in the face, but he is going to be very well prepared for what he thinks he needs to do this summer. I can?t help but thinking that his downfall in the summer prior to our CL qualifier attempt was that through lack of experience he hadn?t planned on alternate strategies when his primary targets went elsewhere ? hopefully he?s learned from that particular lesson.

Since Moyes knew that he wouldn?t be particularly active in the first few weeks of the off-season, I?m intrigued as to why he knew that over a month ago ? and the only logical reason would be that he knew that his targets would be unavailable for a specific period of time ? which could only mean the Euro U21 tournament. Whether the rumour about deals for certain players already being in the works is true or not, it seems to me that Moyes? main transfer targets are involved in the U21 ? which might include Fernandes and could certainly include some of the players mentioned from the England squad.

Whatever David?s plan is, all we can do is sit around and speculate ? which is something we all do very well. Whether we like it or not, who we end up with will be Moyes? decision and will be governed by how much money he?s given to spend. Only time will tell if he gets it right.
Greg  Dawson     Posted 12/06/2007 at 19:10:33   Comments (3)


Sometimes I don't understand all the criticism the website comes in for. It's a fans' website, open to all fans and all their opinions. Unless you are an idiot or just a nasty piece of work you get to voice your opinion. These opinions range from Tony Marsh to Richard Dodd and everyone, myself included, in between. It's the job of the editorial team to run the site and keep the idiots and nasties out. Nothing more. I don't see them as having an agenda as a result.

Here's the opinion of fans out there. Have a read and see what you think. Fair enough in my view. And yes, as fans, they are as entitled as anyone else to throw their tuppence worth in, either in responses or in their own pieces. So let them at it. When you think about it, neither your local boozer or your workmates are as egalitarian about your football loyalties.

When I think of it too, the crap I've posted when tired, sulking in work or just plain frustrated with the club that I have cringed over afterwards, I am amazed that I still get to have my say. As a result I cannot really afford to take the moral high ground with anyone. (I've done it once or twice and felt a muppet afterwards so apologies to all concerned.) As a result I don't understand why people feel the need to complain about posts.You know what you're getting, like it or don't log on.

In fairness too, none of us have the definitive opinion on any subject related to the club yet we all get our say. What more do you want? There's always the official club site I suppose.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 12/06/2007 at 18:07:38   Comments (2)

The Leaving of Bellefield

No matter who we sign , who we get rid of for this coming season don't underestimate the significant problem of leaving Bellefield. Whilst it is outdated and Finch Farm is state of the art - Bellefield is and has been the comfortable home for players , coaching/medical staff with the remaining day to day staff being pseudo mothers and fathers to all and sundry. Finch Farm with it's 20(?) pitches, 250 players of all ages , 2 acres of infrastructure buildings and hospital-like smell/cleaniless will feel like a mile from cosy Bellefield.

Most of us know what its like to move home and often move workplaces and it takes time to settle in - I suspect there will be a number of players/staff who "wont feel part of Moyles previous small well bonded team" - it will take time to adjust and that could well cost us dearly early season if we move pre-season as last I heard.

It will certainly detract Moyles and his staff from normal pre-season team planning as I'm sure there will have to be significant time spent on "the move"
Mike Oates     Posted 12/06/2007 at 17:56:11   Comments (3)

Yoo-hoo Tube!

It seems an increasing number of posters are providing links to YouTube in order to advocate the signing of this player or that player. That's fine and I am perfectly happy to have a look at them. But a word of warning. YouTube clips could never do any harm to a player like Arteta but this suits some players far more than others. If I knew how to do it I could make James McFadden look like the best player in the world. He's full of little cameos (the goal against Charlton being the best example) but these little cameos do not tell the full story. On the other hand, what justice could YouTube clips do to a player like Lee Carsley...or even Joleon Lescott for that matter? Just a thought!
Eileen Roberts     Posted 12/06/2007 at 17:53:27   Comments (0)

Where did we finish ?

I am a little confused, it seems as though they have taken 4th position off us... well Martin Tyler has, the so-called expert from Sky Sports. [League Champions, Champions League].
Trevor Day     Posted 12/06/2007 at 15:12:09   Comments (0)

Advice on tickets: where and how?

Hoping to take my boys to their fist experience at G.P. (9,10 and 11 yrs old). What is the surest way to obtain tickets once the fixtures are announced (on Thursday, I believe), and is the Family Enclosure really for families (wasn't there an article here by someone who had a bad experience there?) I used to go Street End or Upper Bullens. It is still £2.99 to get in isn't it ? :-)
David Smith     Posted 12/06/2007 at 15:14:32   Comments (0)

Beattie must stay

I was delighted to read in the rumour mill that Moyes was reluctant to sell Beattie. In my view, the ex-England man is quality and has had a raw deal here since moving from Southampton. Moyes has unsuccessfully tried to change an out-and- out goalscorer into the type of all-purpose player he so admires which begs the question: Why he was attracted to him in the first place? Although the big man`s scoring record was abysmal last season, he played his heart out and I am convinced he can do a great job for us. Moyes should be going all out to strengthen the sqaud not decimate it, so it`s a relief to hear Beatties not on the `to go` list.
Fraser Matlock     Posted 12/06/2007 at 14:16:02   Comments (18)


Vote for the best midfielder in this Sky poll. Arteta is currently on 23%, 2% behind Ronaldo and 1% ahead of Gerrard. Go on ,vote for the truth! Don't say I told you this but you can vote more than once if you close your browser and then go back to the link in a new session.
Steve Linden     Posted 12/06/2007 at 12:23:07   Comments (4)

T Shirts

I have been waiting some time for you to announce a new edition of the T Shirt for Europe (better than any song eh?) but next time around can you ensure it's in royal blue? Might you be holding your fire to see whether or not we draw the qualifier from Azerbaijan or Lithuania as opposed to Italy, Spain or Germany?
Tony Waring     Posted 12/06/2007 at 12:04:18   Comments (1)

Better, stronger, faster...

To break with the transfer non-activity monotony, may I bring up that other (monotonous?) subject of redeveloping Goodison.

I have a read through the two "proposals" set out by Ward McHugh Associates and TA Hughes which are available on-line on the KEIOC website and they both look sufficiently serious and plausible to me (although my knowledge of architecture and planning permission is zero) to deserve consideration. Is there any further information about these proposals?

The Hughes document goes into detail about crowd noise which is all very exciting and certainly deserves to be taken into account in a football ground design.

There is a question about the planning schedule on both proposals though. Particularly the Ward McHugh which demolishes and reconstructs each side of the ground over 4 seasons (optionally shortened to 3). The proposal includes a shift of the pitch at one point and one wonders how supporters at the "Church" end of the non-shifted Street End stands will be able to watch the match. But then that is just one detail.

Anyway I thought it all looked very exciting so the BIG question is: if I think it is exciting and feasible, what is it that I have missed that makes Bill & Co dismiss the proposals straight off?

(There is the housing repossession bit of course: but are the houses owned by the Council or the residents? Does does the council have any power to impose a repossession? They did it recently in the Edge Hill area near St Crispin's Church.)

Answers on a postcard to this Mailbag!

Cheers for the ace Website: can't live without it when you've left home and are overseas.
David Smith     Posted 12/06/2007 at 10:59:48   Comments (7)

Hate rumours but anyone else heard?

Usually hate this rumour spreading stuff but very strong rumours in Skelmersdale the top at the bottom of the hill where I live and also the home of Leon Osman are that he is set to move to Sunderland. Rumours are supposed to have originated from his brother who plays for the local town side, Skelmersdale. Anyone else heard this or able to say more about it?
Gavin Ramejkis     Posted 12/06/2007 at 10:45:03   Comments (0)

A pinch of salt?

...nevermind that, all these rumours require enough salt to give me a heart attack!
Ben Hankinson     Posted 12/06/2007 at 10:26:07   Comments (0)

Corner flag clear up

Just to let everyone know, that the only club who used to be able to have the club crest on their corner flags was Blackburn Rovers, thanks to their three consecutive FA Cup wins in the 1880's.

However, several clubs (including Everton and Manchester United) are now putting their club crests on corner flags as well.

Apparently there is no rule to stop any club putting their crest on the corner flags if they so wish.
Steve Flanagan     Posted 12/06/2007 at 08:24:50   Comments (1)

Everton on the Mapp?

Just to add some fuel to the transfer rumour fire, I found this piece of vision of Justin Mapp, the American mentioned as a possible target for David Moyes in the Rumour Mill.

For the record, he has played over a hundred games for Chicago Fire, scored 11 goals and appeared five times for the USA. At 6 ft 1 in, perhaps he's on the big side for a midfielder, but he certainly knows how to take a free-kick - all be it against some fairly lame defending.

And while I'm at it, a top-drawer goal from David Nugent that didn't feature in the longer video package posted earlier... unless I wasn't concentrating.

this goal against Leeds remind you of??
Richard Ewart     Posted 12/06/2007 at 06:39:21   Comments (1)


Has anyone else noticed that Everton's official site still displays notices of Fernandes? I thought his loan deal was over, and we haven't signed him yet.

Is this some way of trying to keep the fan's attention, and maybe persuade those who haven't yet renewed/bought a season ticket? When was the last time a player left us on loan and still received news coverage?
Martin Roberts     Posted 11/06/2007 at 19:47:33   Comments (0)

What type are you?

It seems to me that of the three common types of fans (positive, negative and those battling in the centre) the negative supporters are often the most passionate.

People like Tony Marsh and Luq Yussef's vitriolic comments often contain more emotion than the more positive spin others place on their articles. Is it true that huge amounts of passion for a club can lead you to such negativity? Or is it that the belief of the club as a separate entity from those that are part of it allows both an almost patriotic fervour to induce both negativity and passion?

Personally, I believe that all the hatred aimed at the current staff is pointless since whatever the past they ARE the club. Yes we have a great history but that?s all it is, history, not some mystical defining power that makes up the club. It is people that make up a club and therefore spending all your time aiming snide comments at the playing staff and management is in effect aiming it at the club itself.

Don't get me wrong, criticism can be both useful and necessary. Fans' opinions and views can help to make a club like ours better. It's just spending your time screaming obscenities just degrades your probably justifiable views.

And before any one tries to bracket me with the positive group their lack of criticism is just as harmful. Sometimes negative views expressed can push a club in the correct direction, just like when we played Spurs.
Rob Heaton     Posted 11/06/2007 at 19:28:06   Comments (3)


"Ah yes... how does it go again? In Moyes We Trust. 2004-05 was merely a bad memory, eh, Dickie? Michael"

Was 2005-06 a good memory then Michael? Is it possible that the manager is capable of growth, learning from his mistakes? Is it possible that we as fans can have a little patience and wait beyond the 11th of June? Is it possible that the media, or you, or I, or any "source" for that matter, doesn't know everything that Moyes is trying to set up? Is it possible that a chief executive with decades of experience is better at running a football club than a fansite webmaster?

It's time for cool heads, time to think about other things than football. After all, no matter how much we worry, it will not change anything going on at the club. I recommend the Sopranos, or sunbathing with a beer, as a good distraction.
Scott Broadhurst     Posted 11/06/2007 at 18:17:10   Comments (0)

Transfers (Not FM)

Just been on the BBC web site and noticed the transfer market is very, very quiet. Does anyone know why this is? I thought all Premiership clubs had loads of money to spend. The quiet start to the transfer window probably relates to all the rubbish the tabloids are putting out as there is no "real" news. On a similar point, I cannot understand why Moyes gets so much (constant) stick when he, like almost all Prem managers, has done little or no business since May.
Mark Jensen     Posted 11/06/2007 at 15:11:31   Comments (5)

Target Positions

From what I can see, we won't be selling any more players, we're already two down having released Sandro and Richard.

For me, musts are a new left back, Nuno is quality but lacks pace that we need; a centre-mid is a must, Fernandes is the obvious candidate we all saw his talent and £12M would turn out a snip. Our transfer dealings show why we're not a big club anymore, we've got 2 players that want to play for Everton in Nugent and Manny yet we still havn't signed them. These players would form the basis of the future, I mean sure they would cost about £17M for the pair, but the £12M for Manny wouldn't be paid upfront so that would leave us with spare money.

If we got a few good free transfers and loans, we can challenge, with players returning we have the basis of a good squad, but we need to sign players that can instantly make us better. Nugent and Manny fit this bill and I really hope that we can make these happen, Nugent is down on his knees now begging for us to sign him, so sign him!!!!!
Richard  Mansell     Posted 11/06/2007 at 12:07:02   Comments (9)


Although Manuel Fernandes' loan spell ended at the end of the season and he is now considered a Benfica player why does the Everton FC website bring us news of his appearance in the U21's for Portugal ? After reading Dave Prentice's column in the Echo it would appear that Benfica's prohibitive transfer fee demand and his shared ownership looked likely to scupper any permanent deal with a further loan increasingly unlikely.

The wall of silence continues to cast a long shadow over any transfer activity concerning Everton, maybe Moyes is at the U21 scouting and will base his decision concerning Fernandes on his subsequent performances. Either Everton still have eyes for Manny or the PR machine at the Club likes to generate publicity for a player who we have no intention of signing, which to be honest wouldnt be the first time.
Peter  Laing     Posted 11/06/2007 at 11:32:23   Comments (1)

Corner Flag Logos - Trivia

I was told over the weekend that the league only contained 2 clubs that were allowed to have the club badge on the corner flags. Everton were one of the two and apparently the fact we can have our logo on the flags is because we won the right to do so.

Has anyone else heard of this strange tale and can anyone shed any light onto what we won, when we won it and who the other team is that have the right to show their logo on the corner flag??

An additional point that came up was that the club who wins the FA Cup is entitled to have triangular flags whilst the holder the cup...?

Has someone been pulling my leg?
James Taylor     Posted 11/06/2007 at 10:55:20   Comments (3)

Proof of 'dithering'

Those who believe Moyes is better than he is and he is a decisive man should read what Nugent has said about Everton. He has a career to think about and will not wait for Moyes to come in and make a bid. Is this not 'dithering'? I think Moyes takes all morning to decide what underpants to wear! Even then he would go a for cautious colour!

This man's dithering, not only in the transfer market, but in games also, has cost us too many times. If Billy Bullshite won't replace him, then bring in a man to oversee transfers and other important matters. Let Moyes around only at match days, where he can't do too much damage!

As Nugent prepares to go to another club, and Everton now offer two players for Jagielka, thus leaving us more players short! Remember, Moyes lovers, that this man will steer us to glory! Bollocks!
Luq Yussef     Posted 11/06/2007 at 10:24:31   Comments (5)

Tony Marsh column

I really can't believe you've given this fellow a column on your website! Oh, hang on, I think I can, for two reasons.

(1) Am I the only one who thinks this is the most pessimistic Everton fan site on the net? I agree that the Official Site and Daily Post/Echo site are overly optimistic, but this site certainly redresses the balance - and then some! Tony Marsh obviously fits right in at TW.

(2) Controversy pays! Having such ridiculously outspoken views attracts internet traffic to the site, if only to have a laugh at them, or to post a witty riposte. And increased footfall means more people clicking on your adverts (which I'm guessing, somewhat cynically, means more revenue?!?)

If you insist on allowing Tony Marsh headlining status on your otherwise excellent site, can you do the same for Richard Dodd??Then the realistic optimists amongst us can find the middle ground between the two.
Bob Turner     Posted 11/06/2007 at 09:27:56   Comments (4)

TIme Wasters

With the greatest respect to David Moyes and all else who conduct Everton transfers, they may be decent men but they are hopeless when it comes to doing business... Why on earth do I read in the Echo every night or other sources that Moyes is monitoring a potential target's position? Shouldn't all the monitoring have been done throughout the season? What's to monitor now? Where a player is spending his holiday?

For heaven's sake do some serious bidding... We have a European campaign coming up and so far we don't look like bringing anyone in and I'm hearing stories now that there is more than one stumbling block over the Jagielka deal. This is typical Everton FC...
Paul Simpson     Posted 11/06/2007 at 08:32:02   Comments (1)

Yellow Submarine

With the silly season in full effect I'm suprised that nobody has as yet cued the link to Riquelme. I'm sure Moyes is an admirer after watching first hand his display against the Blues back in 2005. Funny also to see the shite being linked with Diego Forlan, bit of a come down from Samuel E'to...
Peter  Laing     Posted 10/06/2007 at 23:55:07   Comments (1)

Nugent - See for yourself!

For those of you who have no idea what Nugent can do ? and I'm sure there are plenty ? have a look at this and then decide if he is worth the quoted £7 million:
Damian Waite     Posted 10/06/2007 at 21:09:43   Comments (7)

We Love Man U

Having just watched the Canadian Grand Prix, the adverts came on and lo and behold, Tesco and Sir Terry are advertising the latest Manc glory hunter's DVD. Am I alone in having a bad taste in my mouth (to quote Alan Curbishley), if, as we are told, the best businessman in England is a closet Manc!
Simon Templeman     Posted 10/06/2007 at 19:51:36   Comments (1)

Tony Marsh

A lot of people are not agreeing with Tony, but he is certainly right about one thing: Moyes is the biggest dithering arsehole this club of ours has ever had.

As for Billy Liar, he may be blue, but to me he is manufactured, certainly not born. Once he has us ensconced in Kirkby, watch how all of a sudden he finds a buyer for us. You won't see him for dust. He may not be able to write plays and musicals, and he certainly couldn't act, but as these people who think the sun shines out of his arse will find out, he certainly seems to know how to con people. He is a phoney from the tip of his toes to the top of his head.
Colin  Potter     Posted 10/06/2007 at 19:33:33   Comments (9)

Turn left at the Strangled Stoat

There seems to be widespread disagreement about how far away the site of the new stadium is. Wyness called it four miles, I've heard people call it ten. This surely is something that can be cleared up. The new stadium site is 6.2 miles from Goodison Park by the shortest driving route - Walton Lane, Walton Hall Ave, East Lancs Rd, Moorgate Road, County Road and so on.

It is 9 miles from George's Hall via a similar route. It would be interesting for there to be some kind of study of how travel times and distances will change for a cross section of fans when the club becomes Kirkby's home town team.

There was a recent posting claiming that most Everton fans no longer come from inside the political boundary of Liverpool and a move away from the city should mean nothing to them. If Everton doesn't draw its fans from Liverpool, and we know Liverpool doesn't, can someone tell me what the hell us real scousers do on a Saturday afternoon? Shop at Lewis's?
Peter Fearon     Posted 10/06/2007 at 16:12:02   Comments (3)

Oh No!!!

For god's sake please let the Rumour Mill be wrong. How on earth can we even contemplate having Roberts? He's been shite everywhere he's played and is one player who could actually turn out worse than Beattie... Heaven forbid!
Terry  Downes     Posted 10/06/2007 at 12:40:01   Comments (10)

It might just work!

Why don't we say to West Ham "Yes we'll take your £20 million for AJ" then starve Beattie for a couple of weeks, shave his head, then put him on the train to London? Gotta be worth a go.
Craig McManus     Posted 10/06/2007 at 11:05:57   Comments (2)

Have faith!

How sad that after all he has achieved at Goodison, so many Evertonians lack faith in David Moyes`s ability to sign the right players. Davey has said on numerous occasions that we are in need of re-inforcements for the coming season and I have not the slightest doubt we shall have them. With a limited budget it takes time to wheel and deal but by deadline time there is no doubt that `the numbers` will be in place. Have faith in `The Moyestro`, I beg you!
Richard  Dodd     Posted 10/06/2007 at 10:01:08   Comments (8)

Foreign investment

Just picking up on Tony Marsh's point of us needing foreign investment. I for one am not the biggest of Kenwright fans but I don't think having a corrupt ex-Thai PM in charge would help take our club forward. The big thing that I'm sure most people ask is why does an Icelandic biscuit maker want to take over West Ham? Or why do two Americans (one has been declared bankrupt in the past) want to take over Liverpool?

These foreign investors have absolutely no links with these clubs and they are business men so what motivates them is making money. What they're doing is releasing equity by securing debt against the football club maybe using their own wealth to act as guarantor. I'm in no doubt that Hicks and Gillette and the Glazers will not be putting a penny of their own money into their respective teams. If their club is successful then the money the club makes pays off the debt, they then sell their succesful club at a tidy profit collecting the money for themselves. This works well if the club is successful but only one team wins the Premier League and only four teams qualify for the lucrative Champions League.

So what happens to the other teams? I think in a few years time there won't be much change at the top of the table and clubs like Aston Villa, West Ham, Portsmouth, Man City and Newcastle will be struggling with crippling debts because the "investment" has not payed off. These "investors" will not make a loss on these deals so ultimitely it will be the clubs who pay. It will be then that we might just be thanking Kenwright for his slow and steady approach.

Or he might build us a new stadium on the cheap and sell us to the most corrupt man going!
Alan Clarke     Posted 10/06/2007 at 07:50:17   Comments (8)


Now BK has finished his luvvie bit and found his Joseph, I wonder if it crosses his mind that his beloved club needs to find a few Josephs or Phil or whoever before our show gets on the road? I appreciate that there is time but the sooner the better to bring in new players and we do need them if we are to compete for a top four place next season, never mind the Uefa Cup. We want and deserve Champions League football. Nil Satis....
George Carroll     Posted 09/06/2007 at 22:44:20   Comments (6)

Mark Viduka

I was gutted to hear that we didn't go in for Mark Viduka. I think he would have been a great signing. He has everything we need in terms skill, hold-up, aerial prowess and genuine strength.

Anichebe can hold the ball up yet is only 19 and still developing. Viduka is also a natural goalscorer. 19 goals and 8 assists in all competitions proves his quality
Connor Rohrer     Posted 09/06/2007 at 21:21:10   Comments (9)

The truth!

Alex Ferguson is a far better manager than Moyes is and probably will ever be, right? Anyone would be stupid, or a pro-Moyes zealot to agree otherwise. Watching the Man U channel (as I'm already starved of Premier League football), of seven games they showed, I noticed in six of them Phil 'agent' Neville was either right- or left-back. The only game he was in midfield, he was soon subbed.

Now it won't take a genius why I have pointed this out! But what astounds me is that Moyes, if he signs Jagilkia, wants to play him at right-back to keep Neville in midfield????? Answers on a post-card.

And those fans saying we should have patience in the transfer market are living in a dream world. Look at our squad and tell me we don't need AT LEAST four to five average to real quality players? We got very fortunate with injuries last year, and the probability is we won't be so fortunate again this season. And all this talk about relying on the two youngsters up-front all season marks what is wrong at this club.

When Rooney was here, the expectations were huge on him, partly because the rest of the squad were so average/poor. To pin our hopes on these very good players shows how far we have fallen from grace. Tottenham, Villa, and even Newcastle have more money than us and have better managers than us, so don't expect another top-six this season.

Some fans can wait forever for success, I certainly won't!!!
Luq Yussef     Posted 09/06/2007 at 13:26:54   Comments (8)

Anyone lost a hat?

The season over and European football secured, I set off for a trip through Nepal and Tibet. About 30 miles or so from Everest base camp, driving along dirt tracks in an extremely remote area of Tibet, a small horse-drawn cart came towards us. The Tibetan driver sat lazily on the cart, flicking a stick at the horse, resplendent in a blue hat. As we pulled past him there it was - plain as day - 'Everton' emblazoned across a blue knitted bobble hat, my guess circa 1970s. Not a world wide brand name? Rubbish.
Alan  Burnham     Posted 09/06/2007 at 11:16:34   Comments (3)

Stop The Panic

We are eight days into the transfer window (offically) and already the panic seems to be widespread! We should all relax. We have a very good core to the team with the likes of Lescott, Yobo, Arteta, Cahill, Johnson and Howard ? all players Moyes has bought. Even his doubters must admit that is a good basis for a squad! (Curbishly thinks so any way, if the rumors are true!)

I think over the next month or so the signings of Jagielka (a versatile squad player), Koumas (a very accomplished wide man), and Nugent (not proven but has potential), will leave us with a good core ready to take the next step. All are players who have stated their desire to come to Everton and very much not the likes of Parker, an overated, over-paid greedy bastard! If, by the end of July, nobody has been signed then we should panic but at the moment just relax and have some faith.

By the way, if any doubters of Moyes can suggest a manager who can sign players like Lescott for £4 million, now worth £10 million at least, Arteta, £2 million now worth £15 million at least, Cahill, Johnson, Yobo etc, I'm welcome to suggestions and we can get rid of Moyes! Give the man credit; for every sack of shite, ie, Krøldrop and some may say Beattie ? but who said he was crap when we signed him? ? Moyes has done well. Let's all relax and see what happens! COYB!
Chris  Maylor     Posted 09/06/2007 at 00:02:00   Comments (10)

The Masters Team

Why is it we always have a rubbish team for it? If you look at the players we could have why do none of them play?

Dave Watson
Anders Limpar
Andrei Kanchelskis
Peter Beagrie
Richard Gough
Duncan Ferguson
Graham Stuart

The list does go on and on, but we always end up with players such as Angell and Barlow, who are sheer no-marks.
Richard Mansell     Posted 08/06/2007 at 22:13:15   Comments (7)

Show us your spurs

What a pile of tripe on the Caught Offside blog by a Spurs fan. Classic case of unrealistic bias in football. Sounds like so many football fans I know who refuse to admit players or sides are good other than their own.

I hate Liverpool but Steven Gerrard is a good player, I hate Man U and Ronaldo but he is a good player. I know Man U/Liverpool fans who simply refuse to admit that Arteta is a good player or anything good is happening at Everton. Madness!

Is that muppet telling us that Andy Johnson, Arteta, Lescott, Howard wouldn't make their team? Look at the league table, Spurs currently lie in the relegation zone at 18th and Everton are 8th.... Can't be that good, can they?
Dan Parker     Posted 08/06/2007 at 20:48:43   Comments (8)

Moyes's Strategy

Just my take on things, but I believe that Moyes needs up to 6 additional players to maintain the league momentum and compete effectively in Europe this season. He probably realises that he can't do this for obvious financial reasons and is looking instead to bring in 3 - 4 utlility players who can cover all bases. Not a bad strategy given how Lescott covered most of the year for lack of a competent / fit left back, but one that doesn't necessarily lend itself to purchasing luxury, flair players comfortable in one role only. Hence the reason for Jagielka? Maybe he'll convert Beattie to stand in centre back?!!!
Ray  Robinson     Posted 08/06/2007 at 19:08:06   Comments (4)

Phil Jagielka

I could be putting two and two together and getting five but here's how I understand the situation: We want to sign him, he wants to come to us. He has a clause in his contract which states that, if Sheffield Wnited were relegated, then a £4M fee will allow him to talk to the team that bids this (thats the fee mentioned in most places).

Now, given that Sheffield United are still effectively a Premiership team unitl the hearing on 18th June, the clause will not be activated before then. This means that we would more likely have to bid a higher bid for the Blades to accept, for example £6M.

I sense that we want Jagielka whether they go down or not so obviously this court case will have a relatively big effect on our budget. That's just one aspect of this whole mess with West Ham so is it really surprising that the market has been quiet? Not to mention the fact the Spanish league is still to finish?
Daniel Ford     Posted 08/06/2007 at 11:33:40   Comments (3)

Deja Vu

With the fixture lists about to be with us, and reading the posts about the lack of transfer activity, reminds me of a couple of seasons ago. Let's just hope that when the transfer window is about to shut we are not away at Wigan. I remember being in the ground and no-one was watching the match ? we were all glued to radios to see who we had signed. We all came out and asked "Have we signed anyone yet" only to be told "No". We all rushed home and the PC was on right up until midnight and then 'tick, tick, tick'... Nothing! ? and with it, all hope we had for a crack at Europe. Deja vu? Hope not!
Mark Joseph     Posted 08/06/2007 at 08:24:47   Comments (3)

Ground vote

In the event that Evertonians are 'consulted' and given a vote on the ground move issue, I have a couple of queries:

1) Has there been any indication that the results may be binding?
2) To whom is a vote granted?? I am expatriated and only make it to Goodison once a year from Alaska, yet consider myself passionate about the club and opinionated on this matter. Does my vote count?

Also, I want to get my mits on a high enough resolution of a print e-copy of a picture of the Gwladys Street sign that was part of the 'Rebuilding Goodison, Part 2' article by Trevor Skempton in March. Any idea how? COYB. Also, thanks to all at KEIOC.
Paul Columb     Posted 08/06/2007 at 00:43:30   Comments (1)

Future, Europe, Fernandes and Money

I to be honest am not that bothered by the lack of signings. Although it is annoying to some fans It might be that some of the targets are on holiday or the under 21s. David Nugent and Manuel Fernandes ETC.

I just worry that the small squad will be similar next season. It is obvious he likes keeping a small tight knit squad with a good atmosphere.

The people we have been linked with are decent players who would be good additions to the squad. But in my opinion, if you want to challenge for Europe you need pace and technical ability. We have the pace in players like Johnson, Yobo, Lescott, Vaughan and Anichebe yet we lack technical players who are able to keep possesion and create. Only Arteta, Fernandes and a fit Van Der Meyde offer us this.

In my opinion, everyone seems to focus on Fernandes's faults since we now no Moyes dosent fancy him. He dosen't run enough, he drifts in and out of games. This is a load of shite. The fact of the matter is he is one of the best players I have seen at Goodison in the past decade and a half. If anyone is going to change his workrate its David Moyes. Moyes as a manager lacks tactical nous but is a brilliant defensive manager.

Let me take you back to the early Arteta days. He showed flashes, lacked the English workrate. Now look at him our best player. The boy has everything skill, crossing, two footed, passing, set pieces, decent pace and now a good workrate. Fernandes is younger and has more potential.

The price tag is probably in the range 8 to 12 million. This is a lot but how much have we got to spend? I think we should have at least 20-25 million but you never know with the lack of investment and Bill Kenwright.
Connor Rohrer     Posted 07/06/2007 at 21:03:20   Comments (2)

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Who is Everton's most expensive player of all time taking inflation into account? One for Mr Statto...

I've no idea personally. Just started to think about it after remembering we paid £4.5m for Slaven Billic who's now competing against England as manager of Croatia.
Dan Parker     Posted 07/06/2007 at 17:34:33   Comments (4)


Still no new signings! So all the talk about the need to strengthen the squad and bring in reinforcements was more flannel from dithering Davy. The sooner West Ham, Newcastle, and Aston Villa finish in the transfer market the better then Davy can swoop on what's left over. Can't wait til next season. How long before he moans about squad size?
Andy Hegan     Posted 07/06/2007 at 17:26:24   Comments (2)

Silly Season

Wow. It really is the silly season. The latest is that we have people freaking out of a grainy photo of Alan Curbishley talking to someone with......wait for it.....dark hair!!!!! Oh shit Arteta has dark hair doesn't he? West Ham want to buy the entire Everton squad don't they? Oh crap he's gone.

Well no, he isn't. Apart from the fact that I find hard to determine who is in the photograph, I am more inclined to believe the words of the people involved. Egghead Magnusson only yesterday assured evryone that he was not trying to sign any Everton players (at this time). Arteta has frequently insisted that he is happy at Everton and that the only reason he would leave was if Everton didn't want him to stay. David Moyes is building a competitive team and I am sure that he knows the venom he would feel if Arteta were to go.

Please, for the love of god, don't freak out everyone. With no football on offer it seems that a few of us spend our time with predictions into the future. Let's just calm down until we hear something official and not get carried away with what is clearly now the silly season!!
Graham Nolan     Posted 07/06/2007 at 11:48:30   Comments (1)

Cahill: Childhood Hero

Thought you might be interested in Tim Cahill's latest venture: Childhood Heroes.

As you will see he has been chosen as the first 'hero' in a series of new books aimed at inspiring children in their sporting endeavours. The book can be customised with your child's name and picture. Would make a nice birthday/Christmas present for young Evertonians... provided they don't want to play for England one day! (Check the website, all will become clear)

Says a lot about Tim's standing in Australia these days. He has been prominent on TV and radio talk shows for several weeks now and has just announced he will be fit to play for the Socceroos in the Asian Cup Finals. After such a long lay-off, it strikes me that his involvement with the tournament could actually be beneficial to his preparations for the next Premier League season, with Australia favourites to win.

Now here's some homework for the Toffeeweb team. Have you ever counted up the number of transfer rumours you publish that actually come to anything? My guess is about one in fifty. And yet for some reason we ? well a large number of us ? are still fascinated by them, which is why you publish them of course.

As for that picture of Mikel Arteta - do me a favour! I some how doubt Curbishley would be hatching a transfer deal in a hotel lounge and it looks nothing like Arteta anyway.

A final point from an Evertonian abroad -- how do you pronounce Jagielka ?
Richard Ewart     Posted 07/06/2007 at 11:06:50   Comments (0)

Goal of the Season...

Rooney's breakaway with Ronaldo goal of the season? Rubbish. Good as it was, a couple of one-twos against a team who had every one up for a corner shouldn't be goal of the season. Then again, is it a surprise the the Love-In the BBC have with the powers that be should chose a top 4 side?

Call me biased but it SHOULD have been McFadden's. All the goals were breakaways and volleys yet McFadden's was the only goal out of the selection that has a true moment of considered genius. If it was Rooney or Gerrard or Drogba or Henry then...
Nick Entwistle     Posted 07/06/2007 at 09:18:03   Comments (4)

Getting a bit scared!?

I was on the BBC 606 forum when I stumbled across a thread from some cockney Hammer fan declaring that Curbishley has been spotted with Arteta. He then he gives this link: If you go on this link you can clearly see Curbs, but there is a debate among the Hammers who the other is, with a majority saying it is Arteta. I, for one, am not so sure, but i would be devastated if "Our Tayter" left as I really do think he is the linchpin of our improving squad. COYB!
Nick Legatori     Posted 07/06/2007 at 00:06:28   Comments (0)

Gary Naysmith

I was going to type a little something about Gary Naysmith's interview on the official website but I waited to see what other people thought first. So far I've not seen much comment on it, which I think is a bit of shame. Here's : the article if anyone missed it, although it was linked on the 'news in brief' part of the site. I noted an incident midway through the season where we were pressing and the crowd were getting frustrated that we hadn't scored, I can't for the life of me remember the game, but Naysmith came forward on the left but had no options open so he passed the ball backwards and the crowd let him have it. It's things like that that make me feel sympathy for a player, it can knock confidence and it feels like the crowd are blaming him for players not giving him an option.
Nick Harrison     Posted 06/06/2007 at 23:31:01   Comments (3)


"...I was an Everton supporter and Gary Lineker was my idol..." - Michael Owen. He's just said it on Match of the Day.

We've given them some of their greatest players, the list is so long. Who do we have? Peter Reid? Any other greats that were Liverpool fans as lads. I can't think of many.
Nick Harrison     Posted 06/06/2007 at 23:13:58   Comments (6)

Trouble ahead

I see that the story about Arteta meeting Curbishley to discuss terms has finally surfaced as I knew it would, for the simple reason that it is true. I have spoken to someone who was in the hotel that day (I know, I know) and there is no doubt what was happening. West Ham are intent on raiding big time and when the bids arrive expect all hell to break loose as Kenwright wrings his hands but eventually cashes in. This summer will prove beyond all doubt why we need investment and why Kenwright has to go, which brings me to another subject.

In the Echo tonight Tom Hicks announces that the Reds have complely redesigned their stadium (he only joined in March for Christ's sake) and are ready to submit them this month. In the meanwhile the silence from Kenwright on this issue is deafening and becoming a major embarrassment. Knowsley Council announce plans for a consulation - nothing from Everton, not even a promise of when we might hear something.

For anyone who is still in any doubt about the ground move I urge you to vote no for the following reasons

1. Its in the wrong place
2. If Kenwright is in charge it will end in a major fuck up and
3. If Kenwright is in charge it will end in a major fuck up

Batton down the hatches boys and girls it going to be a very painful summer indeed.
John Doolan     Posted 06/06/2007 at 18:34:28   Comments (8)

Arteta Pictured?

A friend of mine is a West Ham fan and he sent me this link from one of their websites: What do you think?

June, 2007 - 19:31.
I have seen Arteta in the Marriot hotel in Waltham Abbey, he was with his agent and also West Ham manager Alan Curbishley. From what I over heard, it felt like Curbishley was trying to agree terms with Arteta joining West Ham. Photo Evidence Available.

John Riley     Posted 06/06/2007 at 17:26:55   Comments (25)

Jose Baxter

I have it on good authority that this kid in our youth team is an absolute gem, the inner circle are more excited about this boy than they ever where about Rooney.
Dick Bill     Posted 06/06/2007 at 16:43:05   Comments (0)

Who Speaks for Us? Bill?

As the West Ham Chairman is a good friend of his, maybe Bill Kenwright could let the paying supporters of the Blues know exactly what is meant by 'at this time'. As a cynical Evertonian I cannot help but think that once West Ham have their Premier status assured they will make an offer for several of our players. If it transpires that AJ or Cahill et al return to London , I advise BK to stay in the capital as he will not be wanted at Goodison. In fact he could do worse than sell his stake in the Blues and invest in a club nearer to home.

How will Moyes and Wyness be able to carry out their jobs properly if we sell our star(s) to West Ham, I smell another Rooneyesque situation , only this time it really does stink.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 06/06/2007 at 15:56:56   Comments (0)


Maybe it's Everton leaking stories of West Ham's bidding for Johnson / Cahill / Arteta to the press so when we don't sign anyone, Moyes can just say "well we've done well to hold on to our better players, they're really like three new signings!"

God, I'm bored with no football to talk about...
Alan Clarke     Posted 06/06/2007 at 15:57:57   Comments (6)

AJ Money

I've just checked the football headlines on the BBC website. Apparently Everton are prepared to let AJ go, if the likes of West Ham are prepared to pay £20M. Of course it could be nothing in itself, one of those throwaway remarks the rumour mill produces as a matter of course at this time of the season.

It does make for some interesting debating in my own mind though. As Lyndon points out, if there is any seriousness to offers like this, it would be a test of the club's financial progress. We have been a selling club for a while now. Now just with our best players but with the likes of our training ground being sold off and leased back. The club having the courage to refuse an offer like this would be a big step in the right direction. While true to say that you would not trust the Board as far as you would throw it, the fact that we have increased the sponsorship deal with Chang would add some credance to the soundbites about not being interested in selling AJ. The fact that only £15M out of all the alleged money floating about has been made available for transfers would suggest that the Board is sensibly setting money aside for stuff off the pitch.

On another point there is the value the money would be to us. Yes, 18m to 20m is a hugh sum, especially for a club like ours. But considering AJ's overall contribution last season what would it cost to replace him? Every club selling a striker,and his agent by extension, would know we had cash to spend and prices and player demands would go up accordingly. There's no guarantee that we would get the money all in one go either. Getting it in installments would dillute the impact of it. And to be honest, the idea of West Ham trading us some of their players ala Utd. wouldn't exactly fill me full of hope.

A third point would be the overall progress that the club would appear to be making. AJ is an established first team player who was an integral part of the positive progress the club made on the pitch last season. We were all happy with some of the football on offer at times last season and with how Moyes adopted a more positive style of play. AJ was a part of this. To loose him and waste half a season bedding his replacement in would in my view be a backward step for the squad. Our approach during this transfer window should be one of adding to and improving on what we have. We have all argued since the end of the season about hanging on to the likes of AJ and Lescott. Off the pitch, refusing the money would be a statement of intent by the Board that it has a positive and progressive plan in place for the club. That it has embarked on a solid rebuilding programme.

Of course, the reports could be just rumours and soundbites. And there is no knowing for sure what the club would do if we received a serious offer. You would hopen that the decision would be the right one though.
Kieran Fitzgerald     Posted 06/06/2007 at 14:20:19   Comments (6)

Hard to improve next season?

I'm slightly worried that a large number of clubs we finished above last season are going to improve a fair amount. Adding that to our European campaign, I believe that we are going to have a hard task on our hands to retain a position like last year let alone improve it.

The likes of West Ham, Newcastle and Portsmouth have already opened there cheque books for players that will improve their squads: Tottenham have splashed out £10M on a 19-year-old and look to continue spending; Aston Villa and Man City apparently preparing to spend big... When you hear that clubs like City are going to have £50M to spend then you start to wonder what it's goin to take for us to compete.

Although I believe we will spend a fair amount, I don't think it will push us on enough to keep these clubs far behind us. Obviously I'm not putting the most optimistic view on events, but I just hope we are all suprised by Moyes and we get a few top-class players because a single Championship 'find' in the mold of Lescott and Cahill may not be enough next season..

On the bright side, one thing money can't buy is the team spirit and work ethic we have currently, and the likes of Vaughan and Anichebe could develop into the stars of tomorrow. All in all, it should be an eventfull yet unpredictable season.
Mike Cowhig     Posted 06/06/2007 at 14:36:47   Comments (2)


Speculation is great and it gets us all excited but let's remember it's nothing more than stuff dreamt up by bored reporters maybe with their own agendas, or in the pay of a player's agent.

I was in London last week and one of the free papers they give out on the tube had a back page article saying that Beckham would be an Everton player come November and that the only stumbling block was his £125,000 a week wages.

Now since it was a few days before the first season ticket deadline expired, you could make a case for this particular rumour being started to boost sales. None of the nationals picked it up, probably too ridiculous even for them!

When I see them in a blue shirt standing with a smiling DM then I'll believe they are EFC players.
Stephen Ashton     Posted 06/06/2007 at 14:01:33   Comments (0)

Fans Targets

Sitting at my desk in work, I, like most Evertonians regularly browse through all Everton-related websites. Since the season ended, I have come across a disturbing trend amongst fans discussing potential transfers, that is a lack of ambition regarding potential targets

Let's look at the facts: we have money to spend (rumoured to be around £10M to £15M depending on targets), we can offer European football, we are one of only 2 clubs (Tottenham being the other) who has the fanbase, team & manager to possibly break into top 4 (or more likely make it a top 5) yet a lot of our fans keep mentioning names that are so unsuitable for us it is borderline comical

Let me list the most common offenders & give you my view points on these players:-

  • Reo-Coker: He is a lazy footballer, captain of a poor team last year has an attitude that he thinks he is a top player when in fact he is a championship player at best, and on top of that I hear figures of £8M to 10M!!!! You must be joking.
  • Barton:-Now Joey is different altogether, he can be a good player on his day but the trouble that comes with this fella is not worth it for even £5.5 mil, talk about rocking the boat. When you have a squad that plays for each other week in, week out then a player like this can cause untold trouble. Avoid
  • Parker ? Had a chance to join us & chose Newcastle for trophies & success (more like £70k a week) missed the boat now Scotty you greedy bastard!
  • Harewood ? This was one of the worst!! He couldn?t get a game for West Ham, back the championship Marlon, you waste of space!
  • Wes Brown ? Admittedly he would keep our tradition of buying Man Utd players in last few years but he is not good enough. Prone to mistakes & lack of concentration.
  • Matty Taylor ? Just cos he scored a good goal against us?? Nah
The players the club seem to be after are more like it, Jagielka has been Sheff Utds' best player for 3 years & is ready for step up; Scharner always looked better than what surrounded him at Wigan; Nugent/D Bent are both young, talented & ready to move to next level of careers; and Fernandes I don?t need to explain. He is an outstandingly talented player and I have a feeling that if we do sign him we would have to fight hard to keep him within 2/3 years!! Basically we need to look at players that would guarantee improvement. Four things: Talent, Work Rate, personality & history of player. You're still taking a chance but at least you have a starting point.

John Lloyd     Posted 06/06/2007 at 12:45:40   Comments (3)

Dodging the Barton Bullet

I agree we've dodged the bullet regarding Joey Barton. There was a very real chance he would have ruined the dressing room camaraderie that Moyes has so carefully crafted over the last few years.

Plus as we've now seen, he'll be on 70k a week which is ridiculous money for a player of his standard I think ? Moyes was dead right not to fork out that kind of weekly expenditure wage on him. If anyone in our club deserved to be on 70k a week it should be Arteta, Cahill or Johnson, not someone who is unproven and may not work out for us at all!

It'll be interesting to see how he gets on in Newcastle but I think we've dodged a bullet here. Koumas or Jagielka (or ideally both) would be much better for us.
Ger Johnson     Posted 06/06/2007 at 12:39:11   Comments (2)

Ominously quiet on the Fernandes Front

Is anyone else starting to get a bad feeling about the whole Fernandes situation? In this case I think no news is bad news. I can't see the sometimes overly frugal Moyes paying anything close to £12m for him, especially with the headache David has in the coming season with trying to balance quantity with quality.

And as for a year-long loan deal? I'm dubious that even Benfica would leave a young player of such obvious quality stay on loan for another 12 months unless we guarantee to cough up the 12m by this time next year. Much and all as I'd dearly love to see him in Everton blue over the coming months, I worry we might have already seen Fernandes kick his last ball for Everton.

We live in hope though!
Ger Johnson     Posted 06/06/2007 at 12:31:10   Comments (3)


Couldn?t selling AJ for 20 million + and buying Fernandes, Nugent, Jagielka/Koumas with the proceeds plus some of the transfer kitty also be seen as making progress?

I'm not sure if it's just pride getting in the way when we talk of not selling our top players and not being a selling club. (After all, when Ferguson sold Beckham, Van Nistelrooy no-one labelled Man Utd as a selling club). Nugent might even be better than AJ and therefore mean progress.

Much as I would love to see AJ in an Everton shirt next season I would love to see us lifting the Uefa Cup and getting to the Big cup next year even more. I?m not knocking AJ as for me it would be impossible to criticise him in any way, but is it not worth gambling on Vaughn, Anichebe and Nugent (plus the Polish lad ... sorry can't remember his name) in attack and strengthening/improving the side overall?

It?s a genuine question I don't have the answer to, so please don't jump down my throat for asking.
Paul Lowrie     Posted 06/06/2007 at 12:29:48   Comments (1)

Barton: pressure from Chang

We were first in the queue for Barton, with us his preferred destination. The reason we backed out was due to pressure from Chang, who had concerns about the existance of a video of Joey Barton using a number of racial slurs whilst on tour in Thailand.

It's a shame we've missed out on his footballing talents, but there'll be more trouble still to follow Mr Barton.
lan McBride     Posted 06/06/2007 at 09:56:05   Comments (3)

AJ Again

Im getting fed up with the national LONDON based press constantly linking our best players with other clubs. Every year this happens. AJ has come out and said in public that he would sign for life if they offered it to him. Yes I agree that the £20M in today's press is ridiculous and is probably more silly season nonesense but it must be pretty unsettling for the player hearing this shit.

And for all those bleating on about not signing players yet. It was only the other year we were all moaning that Moyes did too much of his dealings in the press and things went public too quickly a la Parker. Maybe just maybe things are going on behind the scenes just like Lescott and Johnson. Or maybe Moyes is sitting on his arse. Who knows???
Ste Boileau     Posted 06/06/2007 at 09:31:05   Comments (0)


I used to think that watching us play each weekend was scary... but over the years I have grown to realise that there is something that is even more scary: THE TRANSFER WINDOW!.

In past years, we have often not had much of a choice and most players would have rather not come to play for us,but with Moyes at the helm that has changed. Our steady ascent has been duly noted by both players and Managers around, making us once again an option for MANY players (yes, it's true but sadly I didnt say ALL!).

This year seems even more than others and although I try and avoid it, I end up running to my computer and checking for any transfer activity that may have taken place while I slept. It's too soon to panic or worry but we do need to stregthen our squad significantly before the start of the new season. I trust Moyes to make the right choices. Let's hope he doesnt let us down... Come on you Blues!
Santosh Benjamin     Posted 06/06/2007 at 04:38:39   Comments (3)

When will we sign a new player??

I have managed to stay calm and patient over our transfer activities since the season ended but now, I am starting to get nervy. Everyone knows we need midfielders and to see Barton, Reo-Coker and Parker do their merry goround and not one bit of indication that we lodge any kinda bid for them is having me worried.

Surely we aren't planning our Uefa Cup assault on transfer market left-overs.... or maybe, we will just re-sign Unsy in August. We might be dreaming about challenging the top 4 next season but in reality, we will have a big job hanging on to our new "top 6" status because I do think that West Ham, Aston Villa and Newcastle are doing the right thing with their manager appointments and transfer dealings.
Gary Tan     Posted 06/06/2007 at 03:36:34   Comments (8)

Finch Farm @ Halewood

With little in the way of communication from Everton, are the plans still in place for the 1st team squad to report for pre-season training at the new facilities in Halewood? If my memory serves me right, Moyes and Wyness had indicated that the state-of-the-art training complex and academy would be ready for Summer 2006. I also believe that many of the old pros were given the opportunity to say a final farewell to Bellefield.

Living close to Bellefield, I will be sorry to see the old place go, it's almost become synonomous though with a bye-gone era. I'm sure that the souls of Labone, Ball, Catterick and even Shankly will live on in this quiet suburban corner of West Derby, times change and who can stand in the way of progress?

The old corrugated roof on the indoor pitch looks rusty and an ageing relic of the 1960s that is now Bellefield, but I'm sure the old place (like the grand old lady that is Goodison) has many a tale to tell. From Catterick to Kendall, the now-departed Mick Heaton, legends like Ball and Labone.

I'm hoping that Finch Farm is replaced by a name more befitting, the School of Science would do me with a Hall of Fame proudly evident to today's professionals of those that have graced the name of Everton before them with such esteem.
Peter Laing     Posted 06/06/2007 at 00:36:13   Comments (1)

Great news on Joey Barton

He has today signed for Newcastle, a marriage made in heaven. I was seriously worried that this loud-mouthed thug would come to us and undermine the squad spirit which has played a big part in our success this season.

All the talk has about who we should sign, but who should we offload? Obviously Van de Meyde but I think Valente, Beattie, Osman, McFadden, Naysmith are not the players that are going to get us up another notch.
Colin Dunne     Posted 05/06/2007 at 22:01:05   Comments (0)


In an attempt to take people's minds off all the Transfer nonsense flying about, I would like to pose the following question:

Other than Goodsion Park, which stadium in England do you think generates the best atmosphere and why?

My own favourie has always been White Hart Lane, a ground we have had scant success at in recent times (until last August of course ) - a fact that is surely linked to the intimidating atmosphere that is often generated there by some very partisan fans and a very enclosed arena.

My personal favourite visit, mind you, was an Everton victory - 2-1 on a Wednesday night in April 1985. Over 48,000 there with around 10,000 from Everton packed in the entire Park Lane end, both terrace and seats. An awesome atmosphere! We even witnessed Andy Gray score from 20 yards for the only time in history as the Top of the table Blue Boys sank second placed Spurs' hopes of catching us. Happy Days!
Karl Masters     Posted 05/06/2007 at 20:50:36   Comments (2)

July 1st ?

Am I wrong in thinking the transfer window opens on July 1st? If not, how come Johnny So and So has signed for Fulchester etc etc already, more paper bullshit? Anyway if we sign half of the numerous players we're being linked with I can't wait for next season when Moysie unveils his new 6,8,5 formation *L*...well they'll all want to play won't they?
Brian Williams     Posted 05/06/2007 at 20:29:56   Comments (2)

To move or not to move?

Having been a blue all my life, I first went to Goodison in 1958 as a 6 yo. As I grew older, I regularly attended each fortnight, becoming a season-ticket holder in the late 60s and 70s. Followed the blues ever since.

I have been in Aussie 25 years and paid a return visit last June. I am sorry to say that the proud old lady Goodison is in disrepair and looks shoddy and out of date. For the Blues to advance, I am afraid a move is the only way. Rebuilding in the shadow of a new Anfield is a thought not worth considering. I hate the redshite and always will.

In order to compete with the likes of the Redshite, Mancs, Chelski etc we need better facilities and more income generation through a new stadium. Liverpool Council sold us out. A move 4 miles down the road, even if it is Kirkby (home of Z Cars) will pay benefits for us. It's either move or wither, I am afraid to say.
Geoff Wells     Posted 05/06/2007 at 13:42:52   Comments (3)


I have been looking at the Sky Sports website and it says that Everton are possibly interested in taking Zenden from our beloved team accross the park!! What do you think??!!
Alex Garnett     Posted 05/06/2007 at 13:17:49   Comments (4)

Daily Mail & AJ

I see this morning, and despite what David Moyes and Keith Wyness said yesterday, The Daily Mail is still running with the Andrew Johnson to West Ham ?story? which got me thinking. This is the same newspaper which had to offer an apology to Moyes after he threatened to sue them over the serialisation of Wayne Rooney?s book. So this to me is just blatant childishness by the hacks trying to unsettle the club as a way of ?getting back? at Moyes for threatening them. Pathetic journalism at it?s finest. Oh, and the Sports Editor of the Mail, a Mr Lee Clayton, is a West Ham fan!
Adam Bennett     Posted 05/06/2007 at 10:21:48   Comments (0)


Just finished reading this piece by Mike Hornby in tonights Liverpool Echo:

EVERTON and Liverpool football clubs could be hit by new rules preventing replica shirts emblazoned with alcohol sponsors being sold to children.

Drinks firms sponsoring sports teams have agreed a voluntary scheme to remove alcohol brands from children?s sized-shirts.

Merseyside?s two Premiership teams are among the football clubs that could be hit by the regulations, which were announced yesterday by Britain?s drinks industry?s representative body, the Portman Group.

The ban will apply to all sponsorship contracts signed from January next year, which could mean that Liverpool and its sponsor Carlsberg escape the clampdown. It is thought the beer brand and the club have agreed a new £20m three-year deal within the past few days.

The Portman Group wrote to sports associations informing them of the change last week. Everton are sponsored by Chang, a Thai beer. The agreement is to be included in the industry?s code of conduct.

How come our deal will come under the code of conduct and their's won't, or am I reading the article wrong?

Also in tonight's Echo is a picture of next season's LFC victory parade vehicle, oh sorry! I was confused by the colour, it is in actual fact the unbiased Echo's TV Taxi.
John Partick McFarlane     Posted 04/06/2007 at 21:21:02   Comments (2)

Sell out

Does anyone seriously believe that Everton won't cash in on Andy Johnson if a huge offer is made? They always do, and have done so for 40 years.

Despite the fact that the figures being quoted are hugely inflated, and AJ has had an average season in my opinion I would not sell him at any price. The simple reason for this is the message it would send out to every fan, the manager, media and other clubs. Our credibility is neglgible as it is but selling one of our best players would finish us off.

Isn't it sickening, though, that a club like West Ham are now able to, potentially at least, just pick off our players with their superior financial muscle? And yet we are still told that Bullshit Billy is still the right man to be Chairman of our club.

Certainly, if Everton do cash in on Johnson, Arteta, etc then the current board will likely be chased out of town at long last. Hang on a minute, maybe selling Andy Johnson isn't such a bad idea after all!
Gaz Hughes     Posted 04/06/2007 at 20:53:11   Comments (3)

Transfer market

I think it's nice that somebody actually wants to buy one/some of our players (for a change). Progress?
Paul Newman     Posted 04/06/2007 at 20:52:57   Comments (0)

Dominic King

With regards to the various letters and comments (particularly from the Toffeeweb Editor, who used the word unequivocally!) that Dominic King of the Echo is a red, I can assure you that he isn't. I have personally known him and he is a Blue.

For the record, I don't agree with a lot of stuff he (or the Echo) says but for people to be throwing accusations about where his footballing loyalties lie, well that's just too easy isn't it? "Ah well, I don't agree with him so he must be a red." ? Bollocks!. Incidentally, he's supposed to be a journalist first and foremost anyway.

I can also tell you (unequivocally) that's and previously the Echo's very own Scott McLeod is a Manc (Utd).
Brian Lawler     Posted 04/06/2007 at 19:05:07   Comments (0)

Koln Stadium

With reference to the Koln stadium: it is, for lots of reasons, more than a 'meccano' arena. I visited the stadium three times during the Pre-World Cup Confederations Cup international tournament in 2005.

It's a terrfic arena - good sightlines, clean, modern & not without atmosphere when filled with passionate fans (Brazil / Germany / Japan & more played there).

From inside it's very easy on the eye & would be a great blueprint for any club looking to upgrade from a tired old-fashioned stadium (box ticked there).

What makes it work even better is its tie-in with the local infrastructure - connected by direct trams (what a radical idea) from the city centre; & tastefully placed within a huge area of parkland.

Like garlic bread, sleek modern-designed stadiums are the future, so let's all get used to them. As modern stadiums go, the Koln Stadium is pretty good. Not top notch, but neither is our team, manager, bank balance or, dare I say it, the sound volume of support most games.

All we need to do now is set up our (potential) brand spanking new stadium in excellent parkland....err, looks like someone else thought of that first.
Alan Chadwick     Posted 04/06/2007 at 18:06:06   Comments (0)


Pardon my language but I don't usually give a shite about what the Kopites say about themselves or what others (especially the local media) say about them. But today, on the Roger Phillips phone -in, on Radio Merseyside, a Kopite came on and brought up the Heysel tragedy. According to him he was there that night and the problem was not Liverpool supporters (he conjectured) but the fact that the wire fence FELL DOWN which caused the Italians to panic leading to the deaths of the 39.

Fucking amazing! Whatever state the stadium was in, is it not an incredible coincidence that the fence chose that moment to fall down!

Anybody with an IQ marginally above that of a dead frog would realize that that was a load of unadulterated crap... except, it seems, Roger Phillips. The statement went completely unchallenged. That is annoying enough but what worries me a hell of a lot more is the fact that 'Football' in this country learned a very serious lesson as a result of the events at Heysel. If this prick who phoned Radio Merseyside is an example of the thought processes in operation amongst Kopites then there is a serious danger that this lesson is in process of being UNLEARNED. While it may not be of the same order of magnitude, this is very much the same ilk as Holocaust denial and it is being ably assisted by the local media.

I love this beautiful game of ours. I love Everton Football Club. I love justice and peace and I can even put up with fucking Kopites if at least they are honest and when they are not they are brought to task by the people with the power to do so. But none of this is happening at the moment and I think it is a fucking disgrace.

We have been in the 'shadow' of this shower of shite for years but now we have an opportunity to put them in our Shadow. However far we get in Europe next season let's make sure that nobody can level the charge against us that we are the worst supporters in Europe. Let's elicit the same response as we got all those years ago in Rotterdam. I am not pretending that everything is perfect if you're Blue, we have a share of idiots ....but they are hard to find. And that is what makes me proud to be an Evertonian.
Eileen Roberts     Posted 04/06/2007 at 17:32:16   Comments (11)

Keith Wyness

Does anybody remember Keith Wyness stating at some point last year that if Everton do not move from Goodison then they have a "revoloutionary" idea for Goodison which typically has never been elaborated on?
Steve Wolfe     Posted 04/06/2007 at 17:04:34   Comments (0)

Moyes Hammers Wild Rumours...

Please TW, I don't know why newspapers feel the need to pun every headline they have on the page, it's insulting to think that the UK's readership work on this level to feel entertained, so don't start yourselves!

Then again the linked page on Everton FC have the highly over used word of Moyes 'Slams' rumours. Why just not 'dismisses'? And all this after the amusing start to my day of reading your tongue-in-cheek 'Prepare to repel boarders!'
Nick Entwistle     Posted 04/06/2007 at 15:53:52   Comments (0)

Eddie Tunney

Am looking for detail on Eddie Tunney who played for Everton prior to his transfer to Wrexham where he completed his career 37-52

Detail would be appreciated > send to >

Many Thanks

Mike Roche     Posted 04/06/2007 at 15:44:46   Comments (1)

Who do we compete with?

David Moyes wanted Scott Parker 9 months ago, he also inquired about Joey Barton only 3 months ago... now both players are up for grabs but it again appeares that we will lose out to either Newcastle (again) or West Ham (Why?). Are we saying we cannot compete with Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal?

Now it appeares that we cannot compete with Tottenham, Aston Villa, Newcastle, West Ham. so where are we in the scheme of things as i am not a business man only a simple supporter who wants to see the best players available to Everton that the top 4 don't want. Why is it now we can expect to loose out to these other clubs in the transfer market?
Jimmy Digney     Posted 04/06/2007 at 13:53:50   Comments (10)

Fantastic Moyes Quote.

I love Moyes when he stands up for Everton, by commenting that West Ham dont have the money to buy AJ or any Everton player, he has basically told them to fuck off. Moyes believes Everton are a bigger club then West Ham despite their newly received fat greasy cash.

Every now and then Moyes comes out with a comment which makes you proud to be an Evertonian and honored to have such a clever manager. Although secretly I bet Moyes will admit the Hammers might just have enough money to purchase James Beattie.
Paul Atress     Posted 04/06/2007 at 13:56:09   Comments (1)

Shut it, Dom!

Normally I don?t pay much attention to what Liverpool fans say about us, but when he is the Everton correspondent in the Local Rag I suppose I have to. His article on the Knowsley Tesco Arena is just pathetic. There are a number of things in there that are just plain wrong (how the hell can LCC talk to Everton when they are not allowed to, Dom?) and is blatenly obvious that the article had Wyness and Kenwright?s approval before it went to print.

It?s about time the Echo got their house in order and used their position to interrogate the club into giving us the answers we crave about the move instead of just writing what the club tell them to. And could they please get rid of Mr King and have an Evertonian writing about Everton because most of the things he comes out with does my head in.
Adam Bennett     Posted 04/06/2007 at 13:36:13   Comments (1)

Put a peg on your nose first...

Were you one of the hundreds of Everton fans who are said to have recently bombarded the airwaves in defence of the reputation of the Devil's brigade? Please identify yourselves and explain why, after all that has gone before, you too are in denial. The coverage in tonights Echo is puke-inducing and by its very nature seeks to exonerate the guilty from any blame. Worse, it gives the impression that Everton supporters are sympathetic to the bullying and blood-letting regularly indulged in by that evil shower across the park. Next we will have the crusade to banish from the newsagents all papers that carried the story of the Uefa condemnation. Compare the teletext coverage between BBC and ITV in this matter and BBC at least give the story the prominence it deserves. I hope that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the evil empire. Lately, things do not seem to be running their way for a change... Kaka may have broken their spell.
Brian Finnigan     Posted 04/06/2007 at 13:01:57   Comments (1)

Kopite hooligans

Usually, I don't give a toss what's happening over on the dark side, but just lately, it's grabbed my attention and I hope my fellow Toffemen can help me out.

Having being voted the worst fans in Europe, most "letters pages" are now rightly condemning them. Unfortunately it's now spread from Kopites to all Scousers. It's time for us Blue Scousers to let the world know that the Blue half of Merseyside didn't cause any trouble in Athens.

Even over in Oz I've had a few heated discussions with Italian supporters calling me 'Scouse hooligan' but I must admit after explaining to them the merits of being from the peoples club they have apologized.

So fellow Evertonians get writing! And let the world know US SCOUSERS, THE BLUE SCOUSERS ARE NOT HOOLIGANS!
David Stewart     Posted 04/06/2007 at 12:20:08   Comments (6)


Good or bad thing he is going to join Big Sam's Toon Army?

Don't think he'll do anything at Newcastle - it's the poison chalice of any aspiring football do get paid well though...

But would he have been a good asset to Everton, despite the obvious flaws in his character?

Personally I think he would have; aggressive, committed etc....

What do you think guys?
Sam Purcell     Posted 04/06/2007 at 12:10:11   Comments (2)

West Country People - worst behaved in Europe

Council leader Warren Bradley said: "Uefa is dragging Liverpool's name through the mud to deflect attention from themselves."

But we know that the people from the city of Liverpool are fantastic football supporters. Just witness the scenes when Everton fans travel.

I am surprised that Warren (being a true Blue Evertonian) is not putting the blame where it firmly belongs, not on the people of Liverpool but on the thugs and hooligans from around the country who support that other club in OUR city.

Perhaps another reason why we should stay and THEY should go as we do not drag down the name of the city in the way THEY do.
Phil Roberts     Posted 04/06/2007 at 11:06:19   Comments (3)

info on reserve teams 1924 ish


I hope you can help me my deceased father (1945) JACK/JOHN EVANS apparently played for the Everton reserves at some stage we believe but I have scant information. All of our family would love to know whether it was the case that he did play for Everton Reserves.

He was born in 1904 so I presume it would have been 1920-30. Don't Know is there any way we could find out. PLEASE?

He did win medals, I beleive a GOLD one and others in his collection. Alas we don't have any. I did e mail a few months ago to an Everton Site but NO reply ... could you please at least answer if you can. We are all getting older now and would like to pass some info to our Grandchilren. Thanking you so Very Much
Frances Abel     Posted 04/06/2007 at 10:33:24   Comments (3)

West Ham Money Bags.

To be fair £18 million is a lot of money to turn down for a striker who only scored 12 goals last season, especially one who also picks up injuries.

I would be sad to see AJ leave, yet another piece of the jigsaw Moyes will have to replace but £18 million is silly money.
Paul Atress     Posted 04/06/2007 at 09:14:20   Comments (0)

Just in case you haven't seen it...

Liverpool's open top bus.
Will Mitchell     Posted 04/06/2007 at 09:02:03   Comments (0)

The Victory Parade Route

In answer to Raj Parbat's intriguing question about what route the Victory Parade would take if we won a trophy after the move to Kirkby, the route would be as follows: From Lime Street by open topped bus to the Dixie Dean 60th Goal Memorial Checkout Counter at the Goodison Park Superstore for photo ops, then on to the Tesco SuperTour, with stops at Bootle Metro and Longmoor Lane Tesco stores before passing cheering crowds on the road to the Kirkby Tescodome followed by welcoming ceremonies in the GoingGreen club Restaurant in the Localchoice Stand at the Clubcard End. Now that's settled, all we have to do is win a trophy.
Peter Fearon     Posted 04/06/2007 at 06:52:32   Comments (0)

$18 million? Bite off their hands!

I would prefer to see AJ stay at Goodison but he is not worth £18 million and if we are offered that then it would be good business. With that money we can buy someone with a broader skill set. If they are willing to go to say, £22 mill for Johnson and Beattie in a two-fer-one, then I say bite off their hands.
Peter Fearon     Posted 04/06/2007 at 06:40:03   Comments (6)

Everton must resist bid for AJ

While I don't really think Johnson is worth £13M nevermind £18M, my intial feeling is that the potential disruption to Moyes's team-buildng plans would be substantial. However, with our two young stars Vaughan and Victor looking all set to be the real thing, perhaps one could argue we have sufficient cover for AJ, who, dare I say it, is just a bit too one-dimensional for my liking... This could be a really tough challenge (if real) and I could see the Blues selling to make that pretty substantial profit.
Michael Kenrick     Posted 04/06/2007 at 06:29:20   Comments (53)

Fernandes Petition

All those interested in keeping Fernandes at Everton should check out this link.

It may be BS, but it may also be worth it! And the cause to sign him is more evident with Everton missing out on Barton. A risk I feel we should have explored! Oh yeah, back to the likes of Scharner...
Luq Yussef     Posted 03/06/2007 at 23:12:48   Comments (2)

From Amsterdam ArenA to Rheinenergie Stadium

It surprises me that people hold the stadium of Ajax in higher respect than the stadium of FC Köln. With me living in the Netherlands (and, yes, Köln is Germany, but 'tll a month ago I lived only 40 miles from Köln), I've had the chance to visit home matches of both teams. I would choose Köln over Amsterdam every time, the accoustics in the ArenA are a drama, the pitch-to-stand-distance is huge, even if you're in the front row. For these reasons, the atmosphere sucks.

In the RheinEnergie stadium, stands start immediately at the border of the pitch and sound is carried under the roof so a great atmosphere is created as soon as a small group starts singing.

Most Ajax fans I spoke to on this subject do not like the ArenA either. In the Netherlands, the ArenA is widely considered to be inferior to De Kuip (yes, the ground in Rotterdam where we triumphed two decades back!), even though the ArenA is more up-to-date with the modern expectations of service level and all that. There really is only one reason for this. AT - MOS - PHERE.

Really, if whe're going to move to a new stadium anyway, I'd rather play on an oil rig that creates a wall of sound than in the fanciest new thing without any soul.
Erik Dols     Posted 03/06/2007 at 22:27:40   Comments (0)

Victory Parade?

I'm not sure if this has been thought of or mentioned before but suppose Everton do move to Kirkby and after a time there Everton win the FA Cup, where would the open-top bus parade be held? Would it be in the streets of Liverpool (our true home) run by LCC, or on the outskirts around Kirkby where it's run by Knowsley Borough Council? I assume it would have to be around Kirkby which would be totally wrong after the great parades Everton have had over the years in Liverpool. Please don't do it, Bill.
Raj Parbat     Posted 03/06/2007 at 20:04:42   Comments (0)

Mikel Areta - Player Of The Season

Just back in the UK and back onto the Internet today and hurriedly trying to catch-up on the latest Everton news, such that it is! First port of call (naturally) is Toffeeweb, and I was delighted to see that Mikel has won the Player Of The Season poll again. I was wondering, do you lads in charge of the site ?officially? convey this to The Club and /or the player at all? I don?t really know how our contract negotiations stand with him at the moment, but surely every little helps to feel the esteem in which he is held and convince him to stay-on?
Glyn Heighway     Posted 03/06/2007 at 20:24:41   Comments (0)

All seater?

All seater stadia are seen in some quarters as the panacea for all football's ills. I would not support this view as bad behaviour by some supporters continues regardless of whether or not they are seated. Obviously CCTV cameras can more readily identify guilty parties of those that are seated rather than in a sea of standing supporters. But in this age of technological innovation standing supporters would have little chance of achieving annonimity than those seated.

From a safety aspect, I understand the nervousness of those who have had bad experiences on the terraces, but I would argue that standing room only in most big City bars and clubs present a significantly greater danger than those that may effect a specially constructed well thought out terrace at a sports ground.

On another issue will today's announcement about Beer advertising for children's replica shirts affect the negotiations with Chang. Lastly if we allow Johnson and Arteta to even contemplate leaving for pastures new I will personally insert my newly purchased season ticket sideways into the orifice of one Bill Kenwright.
John Patrick McFarlane     Posted 03/06/2007 at 18:09:09   Comments (0)

Smith again!?!

If there is any truth in this rumour I would be very surprised. Remembering that Smith is similar to Beattie in style and physique does anyone actually believe he would do any better than James?

Let's face it with the current squad the archetypal number nine has no place in the team. Better that the wages go instead on a quicker striker. Smith would only be successful if we managed to get that ever elusive left winger we have been crying out for.
Rob Heaton     Posted 03/06/2007 at 18:15:49   Comments (2)

Dominic King

I would just like to say that I am not a fan of that Dominic King. He always seems to stick up for Kenwright or Moyes when the fans turn against them. Like the other week with Manuel Fernandes. When it was blatantly honest we could not afford him, Dominic starts critisising Fernandes as a footballer and as a man. By the way is he really a Liverpool fan?
Connor Rohrer     Posted 03/06/2007 at 17:33:25   Comments (0)

RheinEnergie Stadium

Here is an image of this Stadium suitably enhanced to give an impression of what it could be like with a bit of Evertonian imagination.

My point is, why don't we wait until we see exactly what we are supposed to be voting about? If we don't see enough...then vote against.
Dave Roberts     Posted 03/06/2007 at 17:33:19   Comments (0)

Stadium Design

Regarding all the correspondence over the Köln RhineEnergie Stadion,I visited this stadium last October whilst on a "City Break" to Cologne and although it was new (it cost ?100M), it is in my opinion only fit for a Championship or League 1 or 2 club. The area around it is quite impressive and it is served by the local rail/tram system that even has a branch line to transport away supporters closer to the stadium. If this is what EFC want to base their stadium ideas on, I would ask them to think again. We, the present set of supporters, owe it to future generations of fans to make sure we get this right.
Graham Lloyd     Posted 03/06/2007 at 14:01:39   Comments (2)

The Echo

Lads, I am surprised that you intelligent folk at TW, never actually caught on to the hidden agenda behind Dom's article. It was clear to me that this article was prodding Liverpool City Council in the chest to try and hurt their pride.

I think what Dominic was trying to do is get the council to respond. I think Everton are playing it really cute. It's a bit like using a girl to make one that you like better, jealous and want you more. No-one is really seeing through it, not even the City Council, which is why I think we will stay in Liverpool.
Paul Coleman     Posted 03/06/2007 at 13:33:48   Comments (0)


I think Victor should play for England. Respect for the fact he wants to play for his roots, but after all that happened the other day, I've got to say, England would be better. We've got some great young strikers right now, so he would have to push himself more to get on! Better for him and Everton.....
Ateeq Moghal     Posted 03/06/2007 at 03:38:54   Comments (1)

EFC / Cahill Material

Folks, need some help from the Everton community.

As most will be aware, the Australian team will be in Asia this summer. They're having a 10 day training camp here in Singapore, with a friendly against the national side. Whilst I don't expect Tim to play in that friendly, he should be here and I'm trying to arrange a fans evening.

Does anyone have any clips that I can embed into a presentation, also Everton songs etc (clean!) - I've got the All Together Now one. Any photos (footage of Cars tackle on Tim would be good). We're having a mixed format evening - some clips, interviews, a Q&A. I've got to give a detailed plan to Football Federation Australia before they'll approve (!) If any of you have any questions, please include with name, location etc.

Irish-based newsagents are banned after some of the questions posed to Becky Tallentire all those years ago (read Talking Blue to find more!) Email to if you can send any good material. Please put 'EFC Material' in the subject so I can filter it out in amongst all the citalis and penis extension spam mails! Cheers

Oh, and for all the FM-ers, whilst not one for rumours, got a snippet from someone who has a personal trainer who also looks after a couple of Chelsea players. I thought she was bullshitting me, but she told me Anelka would go to Man U, Pizarro to Chelsea - which seem to have come to pass. She also told me Lampard is off to Spain, Shevchenko back to Italy, Defoe to Chelsea, Bent to Spurs and Owen possibly to Arsenal, though he has a 10m release clause if Man U come calling.

I'm trying to find out whether there's any truth in the Lescott stuff...
Matt Traynor     Posted 03/06/2007 at 02:50:46   Comments (0)

Re: Karl Masters

Karl, you hit the nail on the head with your letter regarding Koln's Rhein Energie Stadium. Indeed it does look like a soulless piece of architecture built out of mecano.

Also, your spot on with your point about it being bad enough we are being moved away from Goodison Park. The board must make up for this with a stadium to be proud of or they can forget the whole thing, it won't receive the backing.

What baffles me further though is how we can go from looking at stadiums such as Ajax's 'ArenA' in Amsterdam (the inspiration behind the design for Everton's doomed King's Dock project) to looking at a stadium that, lets face it, looks like a Tesco superstore!

In the words of a fellow Evertonian who has his head well and truly screwed on; 'It's like giving up the penthouse suite for a council flat.'

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum. Hopefully the powers that be at the club know their latin!
Dominic Fitzpatrick     Posted 03/06/2007 at 00:58:42   Comments (0)

ToffeeWeb bias

ToffeeWeb seems to be taking the keep Everton in Liverpool approach. There must be many Evertonians, like myself, who have trust in Bill Kenwright and the board. He has taken us a long way in a short space of time. I believe if it wasn't for Bill we would probably be where Leeds United are now. I have trust in him and if he says Kirkby is the best long-term option for us then I for one will go along with that.
Jim McMahon     Posted 03/06/2007 at 00:29:35   Comments (0)

Lets 'ave our Maddie

Back !!!!! Now.
Steve Lyth     Posted 03/06/2007 at 00:31:07   Comments (0)

Cologne Stinks

If we do end up being shunted out to Kirkby, the only saving grace would be a stadium with serious 'wow factor'.

The pictures of Cologne's stadium, if indeed this is what we can expect, do not fill me with hope. In one simple word: Boring! What an unimaginative, undistinguished piece of bland architecture! From the outside it looks unfinished with all those exposed girders. On the inside, all 4 sides look the same. If we are not having a bowl, then we should be clearly able to distinguish a 'main stand' structure - clearly taller than the other 3 sides - a 'Home' end and an 'Away' end. The tiers should overhang the lower tiers for maximum sound and atmosphere, the roof should not look like it's just floating in mid-air.

Fuck me! If that's all we have to look forward to - another soul-less, characterless Riverside, Pride Park, St Mary's, Britannia with 4 meccano towers and no walls on the outside - we're gonna wish we had stayed at Goodison!

Kenwright and Wyness: Have you really no idea what makes a Stadium great? Get the fans to explain to you before it's too late! I have generally trusted you so far, but if this really is the design you're working on then I'm afraid I think you are both clueless and out of your depth!

Maybe it's time you told us what you are planning - in detail. Like I say, before we end up with one giant mistake. This wouldn't be acceptable on Goodison Road, never mind in Kirkby!
Karl Masters     Posted 02/06/2007 at 22:13:39   Comments (2)

Transfers out of Goodison

Does anyone remember last year when Arteta was pictured outside Old Trafford attending a game and everyone said he was off to Man Utd?

Also last year, wasn't Cahill linked with Man Utd as well, the man they wanted to replace Scholes. Then the mailbag spent the whole summer debating whether we should sell Cahill.

I really wouldn't get worked up about speculation made up to sell newspapers this summer. I'm sure part of Moyes's next "5 year plan" is not selling our better players especially ones who have quite a lot of time left on their contract.
Alan Clarke     Posted 02/06/2007 at 21:06:00   Comments (3)


Does anyone else get that horrible feeling that we are skint?
Christopher Woodhouse     Posted 02/06/2007 at 16:01:37   Comments (4)

David Nugent

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post. I met David Nugent and Newcastle defender Stephen Taylor last Bank Holiday Monday. They had both been out on the drink in the Toon. I was suprised to see them in the kebab shop.

I had a very interesting conversation with Nugent. The guy is desperate to come to Everton. He also told me that Everton haven't made any bids for him. They've just enquired about him. Newcastle and Sunderland have also enquired about him and he could be the the replacement for Owen, if Owen decides to leave. However, Nugent had said he will make up his mind after the Euro Under-21 championship. On a final note Stephen Taylor even payed for my food.
Shaka Islam     Posted 02/06/2007 at 14:39:03   Comments (0)


Does any one know what's happening with Arteta's contract? Didn't Keith Wyness say they were due for talks a week after the season ended? De Silva was another one who was due for talks. Fernandes what's happening with him?

I would have thought the most important thing for Everton was to keep hold of our best players. It's nice of Everton to keep us fans in the dark. I've also heard rumours on Sky Sports news that Tim Cahill and Andy Johnson are being linked to West Ham. I wouldn't be suprised if one of the two is sold to fianance our own deals. I don't think Moyes has that much money to play around with. He spent some of the new TV money last season. Personaly I only think he's got about £10 million to spend on new players.

Look on the bright side: at least Bill Kenwright is searching 24/7 for for new investments...
Shaka Islam     Posted 02/06/2007 at 12:33:48   Comments (2)

Money talks ?!

We've heard a lot about how we don't have a lot to spend on transfers this summer compared with the ultra rich clubs and whilst we try and muster $5 million together for Jagielka money bags Chelsea have been very busy. So far they have signed Pizarro, Sidwell and Philiskirk for a combined ....... ZERO POUNDS IN TRANSFER FEES.
Kieran Kinsella     Posted 02/06/2007 at 00:50:29   Comments (9)

Sound of spin?

Okay, maybe you were being ironic, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one who smelt the Everton PR machine that is Dominic King in full overdrive there.

Only gripe about the Ricoh (makers of flavoured gum?) Arena is you can only access by car? Small matter that, given we currently have one of the highest pedestrian access modes in the country, and I'll bet a lot of the fans don't have ready access to cars.

Still, every little helps. For Bill.
Matt Traynor     Posted 02/06/2007 at 00:39:24   Comments (0)

Could the Stade de Tesco looklike this?

I was interested to see Dominic King's fawning propaganda in the Echo comparing the Tescodome to FC Cologne's ground. There is an interesting set of 3D Pix at and some regular 2D shots at

Interestingly, the capacity was cut to 41,000 for the 2006 World Cup. And unlike the proposed Parc de Aisle, this stadium was reconstructed on the site of the original, not in some neighboring town. I'm guessing the seats will not be red in our version.
Peter Fearon     Posted 01/06/2007 at 20:29:37   Comments (0)


Can't speak for anybody else's WAG but I have seen Mikey's! Got my geriatric juices going after all these years! She makes Victoria Beckham look like a dried out turd (mind you Carsley makes Victoria Beckham look like a dried out turd, doesn't he?!)
Dave Roberts     Posted 01/06/2007 at 19:16:32   Comments (0)

West Ham

Why have West Ham suddenly become an interesting prospect for a transfer? Isn't this the same team that just, by the scarred skin of their Argentine, escaped relegation? Isn't this the same team that many of their big names don't want to play for, Reo-Coker and Ferdinand being the ones who have pleaded teams to buy them in the last fortnight?

Now, Scott Parker is on his way there and they are, apparently, interested in Tim Cahill. First off I think Parker is nuts to go to West Ham, that's a downward turn in his career surely. As for Timmy going to West Ham, I would find it very hard to believe, but weirder things have happened in football.

I'm forever blowing bubbles - out of my ass.
Steve Claringbold     Posted 01/06/2007 at 18:34:15   Comments (2)

Summer Daze

In many regards I hate the summer, at least this part of it. The season has just finished, the summer transfer window is barely open and I?m already scanning the web each morning to see any sign that we?re buying some new players ? it?s pathetic really you?d think I?d have better things to do (which I actually do!).

The main thing that?s floating around out there is the Jagielka deal, but maybe this is a good thing. Remember a couple of summers ago when every lead we had got leaked all over the place and everyone else bought the players we were trying to get? I?d like to think that the silence from Goodison at the moment is due to discretion and not just that Davie is on his holidays at Saltcoats or Benidorm.

We clearly have needs to be met and it all depends on how much money we are willing to shell out. If the Jag deal is going to happen, surely this should be a good one? Certainly OPTAs assessment of the player is positive, and the lad appears to have his heart in the right place.

Obviously a key element to this prospective deal is that Jagielka can play at right-back. Someone broached the thought a few days ago that with Phil Jagielka you are actually signing four players ? I won?t go that far ? but I have to agree that signing him means that Davie might not need to bring in a fully fledged right-back to challenge Hibbert.

Moyes has stated numerous times that ?the plan? calls for signing one key player per season ? that ?key? player that we are promised isn?t Jagielka, and it?s certainly not Koumas or Scharner or even Barton ? time will tell (with an associated frustrating wait) who the main man is going to be ? but we shouldn?t be surprised if one of Moyes? long-term targets becomes a blue. (I wonder if keeping Manny on loan would count in David?s mind as a ?key signing???)

My biggest hope for the summer would be that Moyes actually brings in some players who give us a bit of width (AVDM is surely gone and rightly so), and some possession retention capability will be essential in our European adventure. I'll forego the list of FM candidates.

Thanks Toffeeweb for keeping exiled Blues informed and connected ? and keep the rumour mill going ? it helps to pass the time!
Greg Dawson     Posted 01/06/2007 at 17:38:21   Comments (0)

Dominic King's Echo piece

In his Silence is golden piece in tonight's Echo, Dominic King basically laments the lack of action taken by Liverpool Council to keep Everton in the city. Most of the article is the same old recycled tripe we hear all the time but there is one comment which puts everything in a totally different light and I quote:

'In essence, what they (Liverpool Council) need to offer is a piece of land with retail planning permission that could involve Tesco..'

The inference from this is that Tesco would feasibly build us a stadium in the city if the council offer a suitable site with permission.

Everything else I have read on the subject of ground move has led me to believe that Tesco would only build in Knowsley and therefore that is where Everton had to go because we couldn't fund a stadium for ourselves even if we had the land. If it is true that Tesco WILL build for us in the city then surely the council MUST give us a site here.
Barry Bragg     Posted 01/06/2007 at 16:50:26   Comments (3)


Didn't we have Spud Head's younger bro on our books? Not that I read such material but saw a picture of 'a brother' with Colleen's cousin in Now magazine or something... now that's a scary couple. Anyway, is he still at the club and how is he doing?
Nick Entwistle     Posted 01/06/2007 at 16:34:01   Comments (4)

Transfer Targets

I am a firm believer that David Moyes is the right man to take us forward. We have made great strides forward (albeit with the occasional backward one) under his managerment. However, it concerns me looking at some of the choices of players we are being linked with. I do not think the likes of Zoltan Gera/Paul Scharner are really going to make the squad any better than it is. We need players who could instantly command a first-team place in the team in order to consistently challenge for European football.

I would like to see Fernandes signed permanently as the boy is a potential world-class player in the making. If it costs us £12M to sign him, he could be worth double that in five years or so. Look how Spurs invested heavily in a player such as Berbatov in order to challenge the Top 4 and look at what a success he's been. We cannot be looking at these very average players as a way of improving our squad.
Martin Clarke     Posted 01/06/2007 at 16:07:35   Comments (0)

Ground Move catch up!

I've not really got to involved in the whole "should we? shouldn't we?" argument about moving ground. I have generally seen arguments from both sides and am not to bothered what happens as long as we get a new ground and it is the right thing for Everton.

Yesterday I was bored at work and took time to go to and have to say I have read this document from a few years back.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this? has it actually been looked at? There is a letter on there also from the chap and Big KW apparently hasn't replied, well was that it then?

I know I'm behind but sitting here this looks like a good option.
Craig Taylor     Posted 01/06/2007 at 14:08:32   Comments (1)

I know we should move on but.....

I am sorry I have to return to this subject.

After a week getting back from Greece the one mouthy Shite fan in the office went to talk to the Italian guy in our office. Davide (from Milano) has just come to say to me, "Aren't they bad losers. He did nothing but whinge and say they didn't deserve to lose". I told him "Welcome to the club - we have been saying that for years". I just can't stop laughing at my naivity that Davide did not realise this before this week.

Sorry to bring the subject back. Tony Blair - your final task as PM, European Summit in June, your chance to tell the truth.
Phil Roberts     Posted 01/06/2007 at 13:57:28   Comments (0)

Dithering is costing us!

I think Moyes is an idiot! Barton, Nugent, Jagielkia and Koumas have all said this summer they want to join Everton. But it looks like Barton will go Newcastle, and Nugent will go else where. As a result of Moyes 'dithering' like Nick Entwistle!

Three season ago, Scott Parker was champing at the bit to join us, but because we took an eternity to finalise a deal, we went to Newcastle. Even Parker himself said Everton didn't seem interested to sign him. Now because Moyes is the second coming of Frank Spencer, we will lose out on Barton as well.

Imagine if Everton stuck a deal straight after the fight at Man City, we would be a Everton player be now. But every transfer we go for always take an age to complete. No one can argue that Barton, Nugent, Jags and Koumas would make us serious contenders for the top four, or at least a realistic challenge. But while Moyes dithers, foolish supporters are happy with him dithering, we will always be second rate. Even Joe Parkinson said we are short of talent. He says;

"We need to strengthen all round in all areas," he said. "Maybe some more flair players, because we are a strong side in that way but we need a couple more, like Arteta and Fernandes, to help us out and get the goals when we are struggling."

There you have it! And some fans say we should not worry, FOOLS! Please, Everton, at least sign Fernandes and Da Silva permanently!
Luq Yussef     Posted 01/06/2007 at 12:51:36   Comments (14)

Patty has the blues

So it looks as though we are not going to have any choice in the matter, never mind be kept informed of what's going on from the hirachy or asked our lowly opinion by way of a vote, and EFC will be moving to Kirby... it appears to be all done and dusted.

I honestly doubt that EFC will fill a 55,000 stadium. At top Goodison holds 40,000 and it's a very, very long time since I saw supporters shut outside the ground because it was full. So that leaves at least 15,000 more supporters to find to fill the place, plus all those who have strongly stated that they will not go to games if we relocate to Kirby or anywhere else outside the Pool. I know it sounds petty but EFC were here first and we should remain in our City and not give in.

The only reason we are moving there is so that Bill Kenwright doesn't have to put his hand in his pocket [if he has the funds, which I seriously doubt] and someone else can foot the bill for the building of the new Stadium [in this case the "Every little helps" merchants].

If we move out of Liverpool, over the years we will have less and less support from Scouse youngsters growing up in the City. I feel so strongly against moving out of Liverpool that, after over 60 years of blind devotion, first game attended was at 6 years old, I have decided to no longer put money in the coffers of EFC and will sever all contact. They will always be in my heart and I am blue through and through but move out of Liverpool ....sorry but enough is enough.
patty blue     Posted 01/06/2007 at 12:04:09   Comments (6)

Double your money

If sources including the Echo are to believed then it looks likely that Joey Barton is off to Newcastle on a double-your-money pay deal. Big Sam obviously feels that the troubled Barton is the ideal replacement for the outgoing Scott Parker, hardly suprising either that Newcastle are prepared once again to pay silly money (£100 k a week ?) to a player who shows promise but has more baggage than Heathrow.

The over-inflated transfer market and continuing astronomic increase in player's earnings looks likely to thwart much of Everton's activity in the close season; it would also suggest that Wyness was on the nail with his assessment that much of the increased TV revenue is likely to end up in the player's car park.

Which brings me to my final point, we either look overseas at possible recruits or we concentrate our efforts on players who want to play for the Club on reasonable and affordable terms. Some may be dissapointed at the talk of Jagielka, Koumas and Scharner; however, I would personally welcome a player who has desire to play for the Club and is not merely driven and motivated by greed. If Barton smells the dollar he will pursue it, forget Huyton-born Evertonian ? we had one from Croxteth and look what happened in that case ? and he was already our player!
Peter Laing     Posted 01/06/2007 at 11:59:17   Comments (1)

Nugent biding his time

There seems to be a scenario developing with regards to David Nugent's future at Preston and his recent comments suggest that he is preparing to bide his time to secure a move to his prefared Club. With 12 months remaining on his contract it would appear that Preston have based their ludicrous £8m valuation with the aim of trying to smoke out Club's to offer in the region of £6m which they probably believe to be his true valuation.

Sources would suggest that Moyes is not prepared to pay over the odds to secure Nugent at the present time, much would also depend on the immediate future of James Beattie. Nugent clearly see's his future at Everton, word has it that he is also in the process of building a property on the Wirral. Regular attendances at Everton matches demonstrates his love of the Club and all his comments to date suggest his overwhelming desire to don the Royal Blue jersey.

There will undoubtedly be many twists and turns in the transfer market as the summer progresses, Moyes will have his wish-list and also priorities, whether Nugent is one of them remains to be seen. There is always the prospect of Nugent sitting tight at Preston and letting his contract run down, maybe come January when Anichebe reports for duty at the ANC with Nigeria and if Beattie / McFadden are still not making the grade then Nugent will realise his dream on Everton and not Preston's terms.
Peter Laing     Posted 01/06/2007 at 10:53:09   Comments (2)

Everton WAGS

Far be it from me to perpetuate a tacky thread but, as in all competitions, our Blue Boys can compete with the very best. Check out Mikel Arteta's lady . Danielle Lloyd eat your heart out!!
John MacEwan     Posted 01/06/2007 at 10:47:50   Comments (1)

I want FACTS ? not fiction

I'm sorry for harping on over old ground but as the ground move picks up pace in the press I'm finding myself getting more and more angry.

Firstly, I'm sick and tired of hearing quotes in the press of "It's not financially viable to stay at Goodison" ? PROVE IT! Kenwright talks about communicating with the fans but the silence is the usual Everton response. Show us some figures Bill and show us some FACTS.

Secondly, why arent LCC coming forward? Everton would have you believe that they're offered nothing, the council say they have. Why don't Everton produce the FACTS?

This is not rocket science, Bill; most fans are against this but some (not all) can be swayed if you come out with nothing but FACTS. Discuss the possibility of staying at Goodison with the KEIOC people in an open forum with the guys who've put plans forward on web sites (sorry, I forget the names). Shoot their ideas down with your own experts.

Bill said he'd communicate and we've heard nothing. I'm sick of this silence( again) from Everton, hoping that we'll get bored and just get behind the move. Speak to us, Bill ? give us some FACTS.

Finally, come out with a clear statement please on why you want to move this great club 4 miles away from our home and out of the city. Speak to us for the love of god. Right I'll stop now ? I'm begining to rant.
Ste Boileau     Posted 01/06/2007 at 09:25:09   Comments (0)

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