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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

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Mick Davies
1   Posted 17/12/2011 at 14:59:56

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Do you really think that after 10 years in charge, suddenly Moyes will have a road to Damascus moment just because a new owner appears? He drops Hibbert, Osman and Cahill and doesn't put Neville in midfield? Sorry mate but if some nutcase actually bought this sinking ship, they'd fuck the clueless twat and his alien weirdo sidekick off and bring in somebody who knows how to win matches
Anto Byrne
2   Posted 17/12/2011 at 15:56:24

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One-nil down at half-time against a well organized Norwich who sustained a lot of pressure and then scored with their first real chance. It's the same aimless dross being served up by Moyes who looks like he would prefer to be anywhere but at Goodison this arvo.
Joe McMahon
3   Posted 17/12/2011 at 16:57:40

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After nearly 11 years!?!?.........Sigh
Denis Richardson
4   Posted 17/12/2011 at 17:44:51

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He will not be sacked due to the fact we cannot afford to pay him off but I believe if the terraces start calling for his head he will walk of his own accord.

Trouble is, a large number of supporters either want him to stay or are not arsed so it will take a seismic event for the crowd to start calling for his head - unfortunately.

One thing is guaranteed, he wont be leaving anytime soon to take up a 'better' offer elsewhere as no righful owner would want his team to play our 'unique' brand of football.

Think his contract is up end of 2013, really hope talk of it being extended is a wind up.
James Hollister
5   Posted 17/12/2011 at 17:23:01

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While I appreciate and cannot stand we have no money at all in the pot.

You need to see the bigger you honestly think throwing money at Moyse is going to fix some of his giant glaring flaws that 11 years as not fixed?

He is petrified to play anything other than 4-5-1, maybe years ago it worked out, because of the limitation of our players...but my home playing 4-5-1 every other week is fucking embarrassing...there can be no excuses for it at all.

Further more, his well publicized lack of tactical nouse is there for all to see.

Moyes does well with a very limited aquad and budget, but give him money and he'd shit himself. Why ? because he can only operate with a small squad, ask any pne fan and they will tell you the exact same thing...he simply cannot cope with more players than can sit on the bench.

He might give youth a chance, but do not for one minute think he is doing the kid a favour because he is most definitely not...the only time youth gets a chance is when his favourite players are injured.

Throwing endless amounts of money at the man is like asking a burglar to run off with the bank money with no fear of ever getting caught.

Is it right to get rid of him? I think so, I think his time is up. He may have brought some gems into the team, but even they have turned into dusty old coal.

The fact is right there for everyone to see. there are no more rising gems in the making or available, buying quality new players is out of the question, i wouldnt trust him with still pissed of he bough fellaini out of desperation and then admitted he bought the wrong player!

I hope in all things that are good we do not go down this year...but this has to be his last year in charge, we need change and that needs to happen at the team level with the manager.

You have to make do with the best that you have got, and he is simply not doing got the team, you must put the best team out, you must find other ways to get them to play, to score and to defend...the fact our lads still struggle years later to even string a bunch of passes together without hoofing it or giving it away constantly is mind boggling to say the least.

This season has to be his last in charge..we are going nowhere, he has no new ideas, he looks resigned to just play out his matches and doesn't look like a man in trouble..when he should be.

Any new manager coming in wont put up with our charlatan of a board or kenwrong...and maybe this is needed more than ever to kick it into his head to sell or walk (kenwrong) coz with inept moyse , kenwrong is going nowhere, and the only place we will go is down...its unavoidable.

Aidy Dews
6   Posted 17/12/2011 at 17:43:57

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I know we've got no money and it does make a difference but we still have some good players and some good youngsters waiting to come through and yet, to me anyway, we're going backwards.

In the past two or so years, our football has got worse and the work rate of the players as dropped; I've never known us to stand off the opposition so much as we do, it's disgusting! Norwich there, a team that was in League One only a year ago, and have a lot of those players still playing for them today, showed us how to get on, closed down and defended stoutly, when on the ball looked comfortable and broke well and got in good positions.

Week-in & week-out, we're performing the same way with terrible football and no closing down and no wonder we're in the shit like we are!

If Moyes is as ambitious as he makes out, he'd see that he's taken us as far as he can and needs to pass on the reigns to another younger manager with drive and new ideas to try and make the best of what we've got cos Moyes to me, looking at clips of him during the game today, has lost the fight at our club, has lost his passion. There was nothing in him when it was one-nil to them with about 60, 70 mins to go and cameras were on him, normally he would be shouting and bawling and geeing the team on but instead he was stood there expressionless with his hands in his pockets!

People say "be careful what you wish for" but I think both the club and Moyesie needs a change. Without no money, we're on a downward spiral as it is, so why not cut our losses, or Moyesie, do the decent thing and quit and let us appoint a younger, fresher manager with new ideas on how to play good football take over us and see how we get on?
Aidy Dews
7   Posted 17/12/2011 at 18:18:49

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#James Hollister, good post!. I'm with you, I'm affraid, I think it's time for change. Although I don't agree on Felli being a desperation signing cos I do like him, but the rest of your post for me is spot on!

We need a change of manager and some of the coaching staff and we need to be in the hands of a young, up and coming manager who as got new and fresh ideas and up to the times with football as for me, Moyesie isn't up to speed with the new generation of football, he's still stuck in his old ways and wont change like the greats will and do! (Sir Alex Ferguson, Wenger, even Mancini as changed his aproach, regardless of the money at his disposal, even Redknapp, an old school English manager, as got Spurs playing some great stuff!)

Moyesie over 10 years hasn't changed a bit, and 7 or 8 years out of them 10 he's stuck with the same formation and tactics to this very day!

Something's got to give at our great club sooner or later!
David Barks
8   Posted 17/12/2011 at 18:34:25

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Everybody knows the owner can't sack Moyes for financial reasons and because I'm sure it would lead to the possibility of Moyes opening his mouth about the true financial state of Everton, from an inside source. But besides that, there really is no argument in favor of him at this point in time, and I'm been a person who's argued in his favor for years.

He is setting that team out with players who have not performed in years (Cahill) and is so hesitant to give anyone new a go in the side that it's painful to watch. Players like Cahill can go a year without scoring, and be out of form a lot longer than that, but be automatic selections in the starting 11 every match. That is unacceptable and it is Moyes making that decision. Cahill in no way warrants a place in the team and hasn't done in a very long time.

Saha is working hard but is isolated up front, often having to drop way back just to get on the ball. He needs help up front. Put Vellios up with him, or Denis, or this youngster McAleny. No they're not polished pros but you see the energy they bring when on the pitch. They're hungry to build their careers, that's their motivation. But they hardly get any time.

Barkley hasn't seen a minute in months, Rodwell has impressive games for England, one against Spain, then returns injured but is now healthy and can't get a minute. Instead Neville plays in midfield. So Moyes selects a player who hasn't been an international for years and years, in favor of a player who just made impressive debuts for the national side. That's not a money issue, that's a Moyes issue.

I'm not going to have a go at Osman because at least he is putting in full effort and does offer some good play for Everton. But he shouldn't be on the wing, ever. If you insist on playing him from the start put him next to Fellaini instead of Neville and let Drenthe be out wide. Put two active strikers up front. Just fucking go for it for once this season. It's so pathetic to watch.

The ownership has it's faults and own the majority of blame for what's wrong with Everton. Owners with money would have no doubt kept Pienaar and Arteta and our side would be better this season. But that doesn't erase the blame from Moyes and his inability to adapt to the current situation. He won't give the young, hungry players any time. He refuses to remove players who are offering nothing, and he refuses to go after goals. This team could be scoring goals, there is plenty of talent. The problem is it's all sitting on the bench.
Paul Holmes
9   Posted 17/12/2011 at 18:43:04

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He has the best job in football, job for life: £60,000+ a week and runs the club with no-one to answer to. It's a better job than most Hollywood actors!
Andy Crooks
10   Posted 17/12/2011 at 18:48:05

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Moyes and Kenwright(and they are a double act) are quite capable of getting us relegated this season.Has anyone got any ideas about what an ordinary supporter can do?
Nick Armitage
11   Posted 17/12/2011 at 18:52:41

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Moyes needs to attack or fuck off somewhere else with his painful dour anti-football. Simply as.

Moyes doesn't need money, he needs to tell his players to move and pass the fucking ball forwards.

This ain't rocket science and it doesn't cost millions to make professional footballers do what school kids should be doing.
Paul Gladwell
12   Posted 17/12/2011 at 19:07:11

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Another game I left early, I am really struggling to motivate watching his negative shit and so are many more; no money excuses today ,Moyes, just dour negative tactics that are even having an effect on players like Baines.

Game after game, 30k fans can see what we need to do, like put Drenthe on at half-time, but not old Davey.

We have had people slating Saha but he worked hard today but he is having to come so deep to do other people's jobs, it's just negative cauutious shite against shite teams with players I have never heard of... End of season, get shut: we need a change.
Paul Gladwell
13   Posted 17/12/2011 at 19:28:56

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Oh and we have such a small squad yet he is risking Barkley in poxy under 18 games a level he is well to advanced for now and what happens ? He gets injured, a joke.
Paul Gladwell
14   Posted 17/12/2011 at 19:41:23

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And just watch Swansea come and pass us to death too...

Another MotD I'll miss tonight, thanks Davey.
Glen Anderson
15   Posted 17/12/2011 at 19:35:25

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Agree with quite a lot of things, but James Hollister, when did Moyes admit to buying Fellaini in error?
James Stewart
16   Posted 17/12/2011 at 20:13:47

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Moyes does not deserve to stay for one reason.

He is tactically retarded and outdated.
Gavin Ramejkis
17   Posted 17/12/2011 at 20:18:57

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I was quite surprised today and can only assume Gollum found and unwrapped two of his xmas presents today about the 61st and 72nd minute each one containing a hairy cojone. The first one gave his the earth shattering choice of having two strikers on the pitch and dropping a useless Cahill, the second brought on Drenthe who almost and should have won the game singled handed.

One minor point from the Stoke debacle after Drac stayed up on the halfway line for a Stoke corner had me amazed in the Park End and convinced that was the last we would ever see of him was repeated today by Saha a few times. Maybe Moyes had a peek at another present which was a footballing basics book?

I've sympathy for him getting shafted over selling players but his miserable one-trick football has been on show for years.
Craig Bellew
18   Posted 17/12/2011 at 20:35:12

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After seeing today's starting 11 and their subsequent performance in particular in the final third, I have no more to add than what has already been said.

Actually I do ONE THING I will add is that the team has now become a true reflection of the MOYESIAH, negative, toothless, devoid of ideas and painful to watch.

IMWT my arse the trust with him went some time ago ! Cheers Davey for another memorable weekend !
Alex Highton
19   Posted 18/12/2011 at 09:43:12

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We need Walter Smith back he was brilliant. Actually scrub that we need Mike Walker he was amazing.

Moyes is rubbish. When you consider the talent he started off with (Ginola & Gascoigne being two great examples) and the masses of money he's had to spend (over 3.5 million net a season if the rumours are true), I can't believe he's still in his job.

Why hasn't he won the league? He must be an idiot who knows nothing about football.

Lets get rid. I hear that new young manager Steve Kean may be looking for a job soon, we need fresh ideas, he would be perfect.

I know, I'm setting my sights too low. How about Jose Mourinho? He's really good. He'd definitely want the job, what with that massive transfer chest.

Moyes out.
Domino Darkley
20   Posted 18/12/2011 at 14:13:27

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Mr Moyes once said hello and smiled you, didn't he?

You feel like he is your mate and you have to defend him.

A fully paid-up acolyte and willing believer in the Moyes delusion.
Matt Traynor
21   Posted 18/12/2011 at 17:24:42

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Ales #19, are you 12 or just a smart arse?

As Andy says in #10, the double act is well capable of seeing us go down this season. Unfortunately they are inseparable, and the only way we'll see change is with new owners. Moyes won't hang around as soon as BK gets his pay off.

Sadly for BK, I think the opportune time to sell has passed. The club is potless, and worthless. He won't get the 500% return he and his cronies are looking for, which sadly for us means he'll hang on in until relegation, then the banks, force the sale of the club from under him.

True blue Evertonian? My fucking arse.
Alex Highton
22   Posted 18/12/2011 at 18:15:35

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I'm not twelve, i remember Kendall, I remember winning things. We weren't however up against billionaire owners and the like.

I'm just so bored of the same old rubbish about how he's such a bad manager. It's not me who has got a short memory, it's most of the people posting here.

He took over a terrible team. Followed on from some of the worst football I've ever seen (under Smith & Walker). We weren't much better under Kendall when he came back either and Joe Royle? He was alright but that final against Man Utd we got battered. We could have lost six-nil but we got a spawny goal and half of you will rate him better than Moyes because he won something. We played well better against Chelsea in the final than we did against Man Utd. Oh and I'm sure you loved our silky football when we were universally known as "The Dogs Of War".

You really think a guy who's finished top six in the Premiership on the back of no investment as many times as we have, whilst other clubs have spent tons of money have been relegated, is rubbish. That he doesn't know what he's doing? That he hasn't got a clue about management? A few bad results and we're a rubbish team. Cahill, who was your hero, is now awful, Jagielka can't play......Baines will play bad for a couple of months and you'll all want to sell him.

It's just weird. You just can't appreciate when you've got something good. I don't know why I still come to this site, you lot embarrass me.

Dennis Stevens
23   Posted 18/12/2011 at 18:34:52

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If & when we do ever get a clearout of the Boardroom, I'd rather see a new manager installed before they start investing in squad redevelopment. Moyes has picked up some decent players at bargain prices but hasn't always spent wisely when he's had a bit more cash available. I suspect when it's all change on the Board it'll also be all change for Manager & coaches, in fact I'd be disappointed in any new Board that wished to retain Moyes as manager.
Mick Gallagher
24   Posted 18/12/2011 at 21:39:28

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Alex #22 we also played football under Joe Royle he started off with the dogs of war as we're rock fucking bottom of the league. Remember that Monday night his first game in charge against the shite yes dogs of war to start off but he went on to play some fucking good football. That was a lot better then the shite were watching now. We played some good football under Joe Royle , there wasnt much dogs of war when he Kanchelskis and Limpar on each wing. As for a SPAWNY goal in the final get fucking real mate. I know what cup final I enjoyed out of the 2
Chris Verghoden
25   Posted 18/12/2011 at 22:03:37

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Alex, you're dead right. I also think that Bayern Munich was nowhere near as good as Fiorentina at home. Unforgettable night that.

In fact I think the period from 1878 to March 2002 should be airbrushed out of our history as we really only started that day against Fulham at home.

What are we doing for the tenth anniversary of the birth of our great club then? I thought it would be better advertised. It's only three months away .
Mick Davies
26   Posted 19/12/2011 at 03:01:16

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"I'm not twelve, i remember Kendall, I remember winning things. We weren't however up against billionaire owners and the like." That's right, we weren't up against billionaire owners, but we finished second to our neighbours in the league and cup in 86, even with the greatest squad of players this club ever had. What did LFC have? Continuity. 10 years of Moyes and we still don't know who he's going to pick and in what positions he's going to pick them. A decent manager plays his best players in their best positions, and sticks to a formula which has proved successful. DM plays anyone anywhere and sticks dogmatically to a formula which everyone can see is an abject failure. You carry on supporting him if you believe in him, but after 40 years of following the blues, this is about the most dour period I can remember. And that includes the Lee, Walker, Harvey and Smith era's
Peter Fearon
27   Posted 19/12/2011 at 04:51:19

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If, in the seemingly unlikely event that a new owner with deep pockets took over Everton, he would, assuming he knows anything at all about football, take a look at the way we've been playing and before he even finds out where the bog is, before he puts the photos of his wife and kids on the desk, before his bum even touches leather, he will fire this son of a bitch.
Chris Rudd
28   Posted 19/12/2011 at 14:49:45

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Alex - if you turned out consistently shite work, in whatever field you earn a living, for 12 months would your boss accept the lamentable excuse - "My work was great 7 or 8 years ago"?

Tim Cahill was a hero to me, he still is. But the fact is he's been pretty much a passenger for quite a while now. I don't blame him - he still gives his all but he needs a break and would be way more effective and probably have more chance of breaking his scoring duck this year as an impact sub. If just about every man and his dog can see this, why can't Moyes or you for that matter? The same goes for Neville and others. I don't blame players who are still trying but struggling, I blame the manager for picking them.

It's not just about bad results, it's about the dour, vision-less, unimaginative, inflexible crap we have to put up with every week. It's about waiting till we go a goal down every game before he does anything even vaguely progressive.

It's about claiming it's all about the money when many of the teams we've underperformed against have nothing like the wage bill we have, or the quality of players at their disposal.

It's about motivating himself and then the players instead of giving them every excuse under the sun before they even go out on the park - knives and guns for god's sake!

It's about giving the long suffering and let's not forget, ever- diminishing number of patrons at Goodison something to get behind.

I don't want Mourinho or Kean. I want Moyes to learn from his mistakes, stop blaming things he can't control and make the most of the things he can, or is at least supposed to - the players in the squad that he and he alone has put together.

Starting on Wednesday night. No more feckin' excuses!

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