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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

Saha must go!

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I was absolutely shocked to see Saha once again included in the starting line-up against Blackburn. Can anybody please tell me what he does to deserve a place in the team???

Right, I thought, lets see what he does in a game. So I wrote down his contributions to the wonderful footballing spectacle on display yesterday. Here we go:

04 mins - bad first touch - loses ball.
12 mins - bad control - loses ball.
13 mins - bad control - loses ball.
15 mins - good defensive clearance from corner.
19 mins - bad first touch - loses ball.
20 mins - bad first touch - loses ball.
28 mins - heads ball on via defender, ball falls to Cahill.
32 mins - fouled from behind, wins free kick. Half way line.
33 mins - great control, lays ball off.
40 mins - touches ball on, loses ball.
43 mins - fouled, wins free kick, left side outside penalty area.
46 mins - Cahill wins ball in penalty area, cannot be arsed to run for it.
54 mins - Subbed.

Now can someone forward this to Moyes before the Fulham game...
Tony  Cheek, Haugesund, Norway     Posted 22/01/2012 at 13:43:15

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Dean Adams
882   Posted 22/01/2012 at 19:19:43

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That was probably one of his better performances in Moyes eyes as he made a good defensive clearance on the quarter hour mark.
He really looks well worth his wages eh, as he was actively involved with the ball on 11 occassions.
I wish I could find a job like that!!
Ben Jones
885   Posted 22/01/2012 at 19:25:20

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AAgreed tony, the only problem is I don't think any of our other strikers are good enough to start games. Vellios didn't do well with the games he started, stracq hasn't either. They're both good impact players and certainly need maturing and have more experience before they're good enough.

Anichebe looked out of sorts earlier in the season, but is looking better recently. I would personally start him to be honest.

But we really need a striker basically, and freeing up Saha's astronomical wages would be a good start of getting some money.
Jamie Barlow
886   Posted 22/01/2012 at 19:29:40

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Probably his last start for Everton. Can't see him getting another. Moyes seems to have lost patience with him. It's just a shame he is 19 games to late.
Andy Callan
894   Posted 22/01/2012 at 20:36:30

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I agree that Saha looks like he's just lost interest mate; however it's not just him is it?

Only Mad Johnny and Duffy had a half-decent game yesterday.

Baines just gets marked out the game; Neville just fookin' hoofs it when he gets it and as he's 35 is about finished; Victor isn't a winger and isn't gifted enough; Fellaini never beats a man, doesn?t drive the ball forward, doesn?t put a through-ball to the strikers, doesn?t score enough goals, can't mark and is too fuckin' slow; Cahill actually didn't do too bad yesterday, but as he totally fucked up for their goal, that ruined it; Drenthe runs up his own arse and defenders know he's going to cut inside because he's on the wrong wing.

That's not the end of it but I really can't be arsed goin' on?..

If it's not this season, it'll be next that we go down. Have you seen our next 6 games for fucks sake.....?!?!?!?

Saha is shite and he's finished, but make it fair and comment on how fuckin' shite and uninterested the rest of em are too.......!!!!!!!!

I can?t blame the players to be honest, as judging by the atmosphere and attendances this season, everyone else has chucked the towel in as well?.
Peter Laing
898   Posted 22/01/2012 at 20:54:17

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Seen him arrive in a black Ferrari yesterday - do any of you actually think he gives a fuck what we think ? - no me neither !
Jamie Tulacz
903   Posted 22/01/2012 at 20:50:40

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Just think his confidence is shot now, disagree that he's not trying. unfortunately we don't have a lot of options upfront.

Vellios looks the best of these, but doesn't look ready to start and I can't say he made any difference when he came on. Anichebe... well, just not really good enough, Stracq just looks like a bit of a donkey to be honest.

Don't know what everyone really expects when our strikers cost a combined total of £250k, when we sell off our best players to pay off our debts and reduce our wage bill, can't afford to replace ageing players who are clearly past their best and with zero investment over the last 5 years. Sack the board!

Blimey that's cheered me up no end...
Anthony Millington
929   Posted 22/01/2012 at 22:33:58

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Ben you must be havin' a laugh mate. To say Vellios didn't do well with the games he started, he's only started about twice ffs and we won at Fulham when he did didn't we? Why change a winning team? How many games has Saha started? Nearly every bloody game and I don't remember him doing well in any of them!

Infact Vellios has scored more than him in about 1/20 of the playing time that Saha has had! Moyes is a disgrace, how can that Argentine lad that's never scored be given more chances than him recently? Vellios has been frozen out and he banged a hat trick for the reserves, must have shattered his confidence to see Moyes persistently pick such terrible strikers instead of him!

Makes you wonder why Moyes got rid of Yak and Beckford and kept Saha, Anichebe and signed Strac and Mcfadden! I'd rather have Yak and Beckford and be rid of the other 4 clogging up our wage bill with very little return whatsoever.
Shaun Brennan
933   Posted 22/01/2012 at 23:02:56

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Go where? Surely No one is stupid enough to have him now.
Dick Fearon
935   Posted 22/01/2012 at 22:36:00

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Jamie # 903, You mention Vellios and suggest he is not yet ready. I ask when will he be ready, how long does it take for Moyes and his 'brilliant' coaching panel to get the lad up to speed fer Christ sake???

Is the lad, or, for that matter, any of our under-performing squad, putting in extra training? I doubt it.

Wouldn't it be nice to think of Hibbert and Neville using a bit of their spare time on how to make good crosses while the two Vs practice how to make best use of them.

With a bit of imagination I can see our entire midfield volunteering their spare time on learning the art of defence-splitting through-balls.

Then reality sets in and I recognise there are much more important things on the minds of professionals. Things like studying catalogs of the very latest in tattoos or visiting car sales yards or planning their holidays in the Bahamas.
Eric Myles
970   Posted 23/01/2012 at 02:56:52

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Anthony #929, we won at Fulham AFTER Velios had been taken off at half time.

The other game he started he was also taken off, just after half time I think.

He's only scored coming on as sub in the last 20 minutes.
Russell Buckley
971   Posted 23/01/2012 at 02:56:39

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Russell Buckley
973   Posted 23/01/2012 at 03:02:18

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I look at it a bit differently Dick,

I honestly believe Moyes and the squad would be working there backsides off in training. I believe they talk about how they are going to address our problems every week.

They may be high paid professionals but I still beleive they have some pride and want to make the best of their careers. The scary part of me is that if they are trying it shows how horribly lost we are as a team under Moyes.

No confidence, lack of basic football skills and play. Moyes' major strength over the years has been his conservative approach. I fear its his knuckle down battern down the hatches approach that is killing us. I see Bill and the lack of investment as our main issue but Moyes now resembles a turtle that has gone into it shell in the hopes the outside threat will pass us by.

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