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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

What does Moyes think?

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So, the window closes and our squad is changed. Our fastest striker, and that isn't saying much, and our most creative player have gone. Is this part of the coach's plan? What does he know about the two new lads? Has he watched them and thought, "Yeah, they are exactly what I need to take us forward"?

It seems to me that Moyes is irrelevant as far as any future planning goes. He has been hung out to dry once more and if he wasn't over-paid and over-rated I'd feel sorry for him.

I look forward to seeing the new players, I hope they are inspired signings, I find it hard to believe that Moyes played any part in our transfer dealings. What I find harder to believe is his acceptance of his treatment. Sorry, I forgot about his salary.

Andy Crooks, Belfast     Posted 02/09/2011 at 23:47:35

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Mark Wayman
1   Posted 03/09/2011 at 01:59:51

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I would like to wish our two new signings all the best, and hope they are successful at our club.

The players brought in did seem to smack of getting bodies in, certainly no links to them beforehand, and myself had not heard of either of them.

No matter what the circumstances of their arrival, we now seem to have a team better suited to 4-5-1. Pace on both flanks, giant striker up top and two holding midfielders, with Barkley or Cahill supporting the lone striker.

Really hope things turn out okay...
Mark Wayman
2   Posted 03/09/2011 at 02:14:13

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Just like to add, I think in January we will get Landon Donovan and Jon Walters in on loan. Both deals you would think easy to make happen.
Eric Myles
3   Posted 03/09/2011 at 03:40:13

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"The players brought in did seem to smack of getting bodies in, certainly no links to them beforehand, and myself had not heard of either of them."

Sounds a lot like what was written after the Fellaini signing.

Nick Entwistle
4   Posted 03/09/2011 at 08:39:22

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The longer he has stayed the harder it will be to leave. It his, as is used to slight the man at times, 'his team' and that will be hard to walk away from.
Andrew Clare
5   Posted 03/09/2011 at 08:55:43

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Moyes has all of the right attributes that a good manager should have. He is good with the press and TV, he has a good eye for a player but and it is a big but he is so defensive minded and cautious.
Having been at the club for so long he will know all about our great history and our passionate supporters and as a result he will feel Everton is the only place to be.
I really hope the new guys work out, Drenthe has been playing in the best league in the world-but did he cut the mustard? I don't think so! I watch a lot of Spanish football and quite frankly Drenthe was dreadful! Hopefully against the lumbering defenders in England he will realise the great potential he had before he went to Spain.
As for Denis we don't know. I love Argentinian footballers and anyone who scores three against Boca Juniors can't be that bad, so he should prove to be a good signing.
Sad to see Arteta go, he was the epitome of the Everton I grew up with in the '60's top class!

Everton always!
Simon Atkins
6   Posted 03/09/2011 at 10:12:59

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Personally, what I want is to hear from Moyes. Not one of these stupid one word interviews but a full discussion with some positivity and leadership.

I want Moyes to say he sanctioned the arteta sale and he will sort us out in his absence. He is the one paid 65k a week to lead, so start showing us some bloody leadership and stop sulking like my 5 year old.

Why not use the opportunity to create a siege mentality around the place. It's us (paupers) against the rest (millionaires) and we will not be moved.

This is the biggest test for you Mr Moyes and I want to see what you are made of.
Paul Whittaker
7   Posted 03/09/2011 at 10:13:09

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If we sold no one and brought no one in this summer I think we would have finished mid table. With what happened on deadline day I still think we will finish mid table. However by selling our perceived marque player and shipping out two of our 4 'goalscorers' the negativity and speculation about the clubs finances and future has been even more heightened by fans and the media alike. Is that a bad thing? I dont think so - the board are under scrutiny and so they should be and the club has more publicity now than it ever has. This may just attract a buyer, and not just those based in a 1 bed flat in Manchester.

I would also like to wish Mikel the best of luck at Arsenal. A great player and a true professional. I think we were lucky to have him for 6 years, and we definately have his loyalty to thank for that. I hope he goes out and shows he has the talent to produce in the Champions League.
James Morgan
8   Posted 03/09/2011 at 10:32:20

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Looks like Drenthe has bags of pace and skill but has lost his way at the biggest club in the world. Moyes has shown with Arteta and Pienaar that he can resurrect flagging careers so fingers crossed. As for Denis, he appears to be a big strong unit with a bit of pace for his size. Maybe we have missed someone who can knock defenders about up front and cause the goalkeeper problems at set pieces.
Nelly Verdonghan
9   Posted 03/09/2011 at 11:52:24

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For God's sake when will people wake up....


He is part of the problem...during his reign....Middlesborough and Fulham have reached the UEFA Final which Moyes has never got anywhere near....Fulham doing it from a far harder group than ANY we have been involved in.

Stoke, Millwall and Cardiff have reached the FA CUP Final and Birmingham and Portsmouth have actually won trophies...Portsmouth beating Man Utd at OLD TRAFFORD...something that Moyes has NEVER done.

In nearly 10 years Moyes has reached a semi-final and final and 'bottled them both' as he did in the !st leg at Fiorentina....In his whole Managerial career including his time at Preston he has won pecisely NOTHING...Please can someone explain how this makes him a good manager....PLEASE !!
Aidy Dews
10   Posted 03/09/2011 at 12:12:28

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Some fair points Nelly. But it's Moyesies ways that stiffles us sometimes, like when he goes in to important cup ties vs. good teams, especially away from home, he sets up not to get beat or be beaten by the slightist margine instead of sending the team out there to score and either get a score draw or win.

You cant go out and look to contain and not concede and look to defend what you've got from the off and not show enough ambition to win the game, you just cant!.

But what he as done for us is a very good job to have us challenging for European spots more often than not but that doesnt mean im 100% happy about the way he goes about games and his stubborness to stick to 4-5-1 and the way we play the game cos im not, i'd like to see some variation and an openess and freedom to our play sometimes.

And back to topic, i dont for one second believe Moyesy didnt know about the transfer dealings on deadline day. Moyes only said a couple of weeks ago that someone could possibly be sold to appease the banks and that none of the money could quite possibly not be re-invested in the squad, it could all go to the banks. And Kenwright said in that interview with the blue union that Howard, Baines, Jags and Felli would definitely NOT be sold, so everyone else had a price and it was Arteta to go, and after Arteta made it clear he wanted to go to be able to play champions league footy, Moyesy had no choice.

And with regards to the new boys, we have been linked to Drenthe in the past and Stracqualursi is an unknown but apparently we had him watched eariler on in the year and Moyes did say at the beginning of pre-season not to believe the tabloids cos the players we'd be linked to would possibly not be the players we'd be after and you could say that the new boys prove his point.

Drenthe was a promising talent that lost his way at Real and went on loan to Herecules and did well and i think he's a good signing and if we can get him back to the form he showed previous to joining Real Madrid then we'll have a player on our hands. Evertonians were pinening for N'Zogbia this summer and this lad can turn out to be better IMO if he finds his feet and hits the ground running.

As for Stracqualursi, I dont know much about him and have only seen clips of him on youtube and he looks handy, a big strong lad thats good in the air and will suit our 1 uptop formation Moyesy favours. And im pretty sure that after Hernandez's success at Utd, alot of clubs went scouting over in South America and weve come across this lad and watched him and no doubt Moyesy as seen plenty of video's aswell and thought that Stracqualursi could be an asset to us.

I hope now that the squad and Moyesy put this summer, the transfer window and the loss of Arteta behind em and re-group and show that we are still a good side and that we can compete again in this league and i think we'll be ok this season.
John White
11   Posted 03/09/2011 at 12:10:07

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Moyes has always stated he and he alone determines who goes, who stays and who comes in. No-one else.

Arteta wanted out so why keep him? £10m for a player who has been very poor for last 2 years is fantastic business, regardless of the club's current situation. Those who can't agree have got the blinkers on, because he's not performed when given a place in the team.

Yes, he is a good player, and possibly with better players around him at Arsenal, will pick some form up. If he does, don't kid yourselves that he could be doing the same for us, as we don't have enough skillful players to compliment him. Exactly like Rooney, who has excelled at Utd for the same reason.

New signings: Moyes never declares interest until a signing has been done. End of. I'm sure these players have been watched for months. That's Moyes's way.

I'm not a fan of Moyes. Just wish a lot of fans take a step back and stop being negative about everything. We are where we are. Yes, it's not brilliant but let's move on and hope for better things and continue to back our team.

Martin Mason
12   Posted 03/09/2011 at 13:01:30

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Nelly, where are Milwall, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Birmingham and Middlesbrough now?
Mark Wayman
13   Posted 03/09/2011 at 13:46:41

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Having sold attackers AJ and McFadden then surely needing to 'get bodies in' we would have loaned/bought 3 or 4 players, rather than using all the money to buy a holding midfielder in Fellaini.
Carlos Camacho
14   Posted 03/09/2011 at 14:47:15

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"I think in January we will get Landon Donovan"
This is 95% likely to happen. Following the loan, 3 year contract.
Gavin Ramejkis
15   Posted 03/09/2011 at 15:34:15

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Players come and go at all clubs its the nature of the game, hopefully for a profit, the trouble with this club is that the usual plan on replacing like for like or better isn't the case, the named squad is just 18 names, now that's piss poor in anyone's eyes
John Ford
16   Posted 03/09/2011 at 20:38:51

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Michael @12 spot on!
Rob Sawyer
17   Posted 04/09/2011 at 05:44:22

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Mindful that there will be a (small) amount of cash burning a hole in David Moyes's pocket right now, might he look to pick up a free agent or two on a short-term contract to tide us over to January? Any suggestions welcomed...

(Have we had our annual Jason Koumas rumour yet this summer?!)!

Graham Tansey
18   Posted 07/09/2011 at 00:17:39

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With the lack of depth in our strike force does anybody else think we should get Beattie or McFadden for free?

Yes I know they are not the best and Beattie is certainly getting on a bit but for free and I am sure a lowish wage they could be useful back up.

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