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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

The Yobo Fiasco

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I'm very surprised/shocked that none of my fellow ToffeeWeb posters have not even made a peep regarding the Yobo cock-up.

I have been waiting for some well written post explaining the intricacies of the foul-up... Instead, I'll give you a short, below-average written piece to stoke some conversation amongst our bewildered and embarrassed Blues...

Once again, we have been made to look the absolute FOOLS in the open market. Fenerfuckers agreed to buy Yobo for £6M, then negotiated down to £2M or what have you...

Then we get the old mule back only for them to take him on loan again for another season??? Could we be any more daft?? Could we???

Are we the biggest bag of nutbags the Prem has ever seen?? Sure it's nice to get his wages off the books but Fenercheaters have completely run circles around us with this one... And the whole league is having a laugh, trust me.

We couldn't get 1m for him??? He's the f-ing captain of Nigeria???

Looking into my crystal ball, I will almost bet my house that we will be stuck with Yobo again next year as Fenertwats will not want to buy a 30+ defender who is past his best and deadweight.

No money in to give to the bank or reinvest. Just shows you how little leverage we have in ANY deal going forward under this wayward stewardship.

Business is ultra competitive with money so tight at the moment. Football is just as, if not more than other businesses... Fuck my life.

Christopher Kelly, Crying under a rock     Posted 08/09/2011 at 15:27:09

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Dennis Stevens
1   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:11:02

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As I've previously commented elsewhere, with his experience & athleticism, Yobo would have been a good signing for a number of Premiership clubs - especially those newly promoted. I'm surprised there were no takers.
Dick Anderson
2   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:06:00

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So you have inside knowledge that the two clubs agreed a £6 million deal which was then negotiated down to £2M.

I mean you must work for the Everton administrations to know the ins and outs of the Yobo deal.

Are you sure its such a terrible deal to let him go out to loan for another year? I mean the alternative was to keep him here in the reserves and pay him £60, 000 a week for fuck all.

The simple fact is nobody (including Fenerbache) wanted to buy Yobo. If Moyes could have sold him I'm sure he would have.

So the only two options were to keep him here and pay him a fortune for nothing or send him out on loan for another season and hope he impresses enough this time to get a permanent deal next summer.

Sure its not ideal. Sure we would have preffered to sell him but Moyes cant make other teams bid for Yobo.

You say Fenerbache are getting the better deal, well maybe. But we just signed Royston Drenthe on loan for the season and that effectively ends his Real Madrid contract meaning they get fuck all for the player. Have we completely run circles around Real Madrid?

The Yobo loan works against us the Drenthe loan works for us.

I believe they call that Swings & Roundabouts.
James Crolla
3   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:13:48

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Couldn't agree more.

Accepted that we took them for their word last season when they agreed a loan with a transfer at the end of the loan spell. Although I would have preferred to see a legally binding agreement, I suppose some deals have to be built on trust.

However, once they tried to go back on the deal and offer only £2m instead of £6m, EFC should have been offering him out to other clubs to get interest which in turn would be leverage. At that point £6m would have been impossible because of what happened previously, however somewhere in between (£4m) would have been sufficient leverage to get it back up closer to £6m.

I would not be surprised if Yobo was in on the deal and was stating he would not play again for Everton to allow a deal on the cheap for Fenerbache. We should have taken a much firmer stance with the player at this point and make it clear he was for sale, to any taker, for £4m.

This obviously did not happen, and he is now on loan to the same club that messed up around... RIDICULOUS! Our board just is not commercial in any way....
Tony J Williams
4   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:20:54

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May have something to do with the match fixing allegations.

Moyes doesn't want him so offload his wages onto Fenerbache. It will save us what we would get for him.
Christopher Kelly
5   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:25:54

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Then what Tony? He comes back in a year and we're stuck with the same problem?? It's not like he's getting better?...

Now I don't work for EFC like mine and everyone's good friend Dick states, but I'm sure (Just like w/ Gosling and many others) there was some contractual miscue which let them off the hook. All I'm saying is you'd hope we'd learnt something along the way and fix these stupid mistakes.
Chris Bannantyne
6   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:57:38

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Im going to let sleeping dogs lie on this one.

I know everton are more than capable of a royal cock-up or two, but its hard to know with this one.

Fehnerfuckers got done for some match fixing shit, which may have stuffed the deal. Yobo himself wanted to go back to Turkey, which may have put off other English clubs. Who really knows? It's all hearsay and 'could have's. Probably why no one has written about it.
John Daley
7   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:39:58

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"... I'm sure (Just like w/ Gosling and many others) there was some contractual miscue which let them off the hook"

Fenerbache took Yobo on loan for a year, with the 'option' to buy at the end of the deal for a fixed fee. They simply chose not to take that option up. No contractual cock up on Evertons part. They couldn't exactly force Fenerbache to take up the option to purchase Yobo. "Shut it corrupt Fenerbache chairman.Your fucking having him. Hand over the money you said you might give us for him right now know...we really need it and that."

If the reputed figure of £6m is true then i don't blame them for retroactively trying to negotiate a better deal. Everyone knows Everton are skint. Everyone knows Yobo has been effectively frozen out by Moyes. Everyone knows there hasn't been a stampede of clubs smashing down the door to take him off our hands. So Fenerbache tried to renogotiate and get him on the cheap, until the match fixing probe put paid to that. An unfortunate turn of events, but I really can't see how it's down to a "foul up" on Evertons part.

I can't believe I'm actually defending the board for once. Fuck. I feel all dirty now.
Gavin Ramejkis
8   Posted 08/09/2011 at 17:24:58

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The real pisser for me is that Everton had the gall to name him in their pitiful squad of 18 knowing he wouldn't be playing for us again.

Kenshite was involved in the sale and we all know about his gentleman's agreements but he obviously hasn't learned his lesson, well he hasn't in ten years of "learning accounts" either.

Dick you seem very quick to jump on your soap box questioning other people's views as hearsay but can you put your money where your mouth is with this £60k a week? It's all hearsay as to whether or not he was placed in the shop window but I'd be inclined to think once he was on loan with a gentleman's agreement with Kenshite he was removed from everyone elses radar.
Michael Mcloughlin
9   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:23:22

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I see there is yet another rumour about new investment or buyer coming in this week. I have to admit I am very sceptical about this and why wouldnt I be. Is this just to divert the protest this week or just to take pressure of the glaringly obvious lack of funds. I hope beyong hope that its true but we all know dont we
Thor Sørensen
10   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:22:50

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We can't really blame Fenerbache for going back on the original deal. Come to think of it, we did the same a few years ago with Mikel Arteta.
We had Mikel on loan with an option to buy for £2,5m. We desperately wanted him but decided to risk losing him to other clubs in order to reduce the fee to £2m or so. Madness.
Nelly Verdonghan
11   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:29:49

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Michael...suddenly there are THREE...yes THREE... buyers on the horizon just days before the biggest organised protest against Kenwrong's (....and his cronies) leadership in his tenure.

Couldn't find ONE buyer in 10yrs but now he got THREE in the short time since the details of the protest were announced...these people treat the fans with the utmost DISRESPECT and have done for they think we are a gang of cretins....??

Betcha they disappear into thin air if nothing comes of the protest...hope to god the protest works as Kenwrong will have to tell us who these buyers are....that's of course if they are genuine....what do you think...??
Ian Smitham
12   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:26:28

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Its all about opinions, so I will take mine, probably in a minority of one. I would have JY back and though I can not believe he earns £60k PW, I feel sure that he is on less than Jags, and at only around a year older would have been ideal to replace Jags. Like signing a new player. A player who at the end of the day would have raised an invaluable £15m if sold to the Arse. (Now with that Vermil injured again how they must wish)

Aside from the obvious game that is trotted out, (and to be fair) ignore Jags game against Villa both are pretty reliable last ditch defenders and considering the poor distribution both have. For the money, I would do it.
Alan Williams
13   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:31:53

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Please, please get off your anti board backs and understand that the Owner of the club is in jail for match fixing and they and two other teams have a transfer embargo put on them by the league due to match fixing. Once the sentence against the Turkish clubs has been completed they will all get relegated and barred from Europe. The Owner has already pleaded guilty. They can only sign players with the leagues authority, this is just typical bad EFC luck nothing at all to do with Bill Kenwright, which I?m sure disappoints you miserable lot. COYB
Michael Mcloughlin
14   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:42:24

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De Ja Vu Nelly. Happened so many times. Fortress fund, Kirkby, Kings dock season ticket sales we going to buy this that So bloody frustrating
Michael Mcloughlin
15   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:45:09

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Yobo want s to go.. Doesnt pay to have someone in the team who doesnt want to be there. Lescott proved that. Get what we can for him and let him mmove on
Noel Lynam
16   Posted 08/09/2011 at 18:33:44

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Some real comic geniuses in on this thread....


Would you have preferred if the club had not named him in the squad then be left paying him but not having the option of playing him should the loan move not have materialised?

And had such a scenario arisen, would you have kept quiet and not complained?

If your answer is yes to both of the above then fair dues.

You seem quick to jump on Dick (no pun intended) so tell us, how do you know Kenwright was involved in the sale, as you say he was. Or is this just hearsay?
Anthony Millington
17   Posted 08/09/2011 at 19:13:47

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Spot on Chris,

We are skint so instead of selling him let's loan him out to a team taking the p**s out of us! Let's get everyone off the wage bill, it doesn't matter if we get nothing for them! Gosling- free, Pienaar- 2mill, Yak-1 mill, Beckford (2.5 mill?) now Yobo on loan! Shameful business in the current inflated market where Henderson is 20 million! What more can I say!

If we do end up in serious financial trouble, we're going to have barely any assets left to sell and Kenwright should rue letting these good proven Premier League players leaving for next to nothing! It will be Fellaini jumping ship next when his contract runs down, surely he should be told to sign or leave because we can't afford another Pienaar type fiasco where we get peanuts for him!
Martin Handley
18   Posted 08/09/2011 at 21:19:32

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Why are we arguing about this? The lad wanted to go, he made it clear where he wanted to go, and now he's there, off our wage bill and not poisoning the rest of the squad with his attitude.

He'll be back next summer when the loan runs out and Fenerbahçe are relegated for match fixing and the whole thing will start again.

James Morgan
19   Posted 08/09/2011 at 21:41:32

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Noel, I'd have gone with "Fenerbastards."
Tommy Coleman
20   Posted 08/09/2011 at 22:08:03

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It failed because Kenwright Curse said a deal was just days away.... 2 months ago.

The same fella who said he could'nt sell Arteta. 3 weeks later ....

Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

Andrew Flanagan
21   Posted 08/09/2011 at 22:14:28

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Nearly spat my tea all over the couch when I saw the end of that post

"Fuck my life"

Dennis Stevens
22   Posted 08/09/2011 at 21:44:45

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Was Yobo "poisoning the rest of the squad with his attitude", Martin? Maybe I'd missed that report but, if you're just assuming that's the case, it seems an unwarranted slur on a player who's served the club well for many years.
Chris James
23   Posted 08/09/2011 at 22:34:37

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One small point RE: Yobo deal is that, according to a Reuters report referred to in a post the other day, we're actually getting a £700k loan fee for Yobo on top of his wages being paid for the year ? not a terrible result all considered.

The fact that a football club broke it's promise and tried to renegotiate isn't exactly startling, especially when said club is essentially in schtuck for financial irregularities, one result of which is that they have no cash to buy players at whatever price is negotiated.

Nor is it that surprising that a player who's proved error-prone and laxadasical in the Premier League and who's spat his dummy out when he wasn't first choice wouldn't be attracting attention elsewhere.

Hence, whilst I agree that the board clearly have many things to answer for, Yobo transfer isn't really one of them.
Matt Traynor
24   Posted 08/09/2011 at 23:34:13

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Quick question for those who keep on top of these things, when is Yobo's deal expired?

Also, people should remember we have a knack for contract / transfer screw ups.
- Gosling needs no mention
- Nyarko (5 year contract on a 4 year work permit, with what happened to him "spiritually" we had to pay up for the last year)
- Letting Rangers dick us around over Ball's transfer

I'm sure there are others, I just wish the club would be less of a pushover. It doesn't seem to happen so much to other clubs, does it?
Kris Boner
25   Posted 08/09/2011 at 23:54:08

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Has everyone enjoyed this little bit of 'Fenerbashing'...

Sorry Noel...
James Stewart
26   Posted 09/09/2011 at 00:43:00

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Another Pigs ear by the idiots who run the club. He should have been sold last year.
James Flynn
27   Posted 09/09/2011 at 01:39:41

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Fenerbahçe was the only option with Yobo. If he still had something to offer in the EPL, why no offers?

I don't believe in "6 million pound offers". Why? When no team in Western Europe at least sniffed around acquiring Yobo? Other players came in and shone better in training than Yobo. That's it. No other reason.

I've only come in recently. Judging by comments here when he went out on loan last season, Yobo was well-liked, respected, and wished the best of luck. Just like Arteta, his time's come and gone. Both good fellows and servants to the Club. Both over-the-hill.

(Unless anyone thinks Arsenal will leap back into Trophy contention by signing Arteta and/or interest from big clubs will increase regarding Yobo).

We have the financial problems we have. We have good players. 3 games played, 2 won.

Who's next?

ps: Don't know who in here goes to the games. Nothing wrong with participating in the protest, then going into to Goodison to support the players on the field.
Niall Clinton
28   Posted 09/09/2011 at 09:02:39

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Ok, Yobo has 3/4 years left on his contract. No one but this lot wanted him, they are not allowed to buy anyone, so we loan him, for a loan fee, lose his wages for a season and then this time next year we sell him or loan him again. What's the big deal?! If he goes on loan every season for the next 3/4 years for a 'reputed' £700,000 laon fee, that gives us £2.1/2.8m and saves us millions more in wages. Anyone that comes on here bashing the board for that one is just looking for any old excuse to have a go. What was the alternative? Does anyone think that he's gone there for no loan fee and we're paying his wages?!?! I know we've made cock ups in the past but not even we would broker a deal like that.
I happen to think that this was the best we could do given the fact that he's shite and has no interest in being at our club. Yak and Becks leaving is fine by me too. Yes Beckford got 10 goals last season but when (apart from Chelsea & Liverpool and some would argue that the Chelsea game was meaningless for them so they weren't too arsed when he started running into everyone) did he score in a meanigful game? When did he ever set up a goal? He scored against teams like Bolton, Wolves, twice against Sunderland when he tried his best to miss both and offered little. £2.5m in the bank for him plus more when they get promoted, which they will eventually.
Yak? Whatever!!
Martin Handley
29   Posted 09/09/2011 at 12:44:39

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Denis#22 'Yobo has served the club well' is this the same player who refused to play against Stoke on the Saturday because he was 'injured' then miraculously 3 days later against club orders was fit to play for Nigeria in a friendly! Yes Denis a real club man!
Short memory I think!
Tony J Williams
30   Posted 09/09/2011 at 13:45:20

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Also he refused to train with the team. Great professional attitude that!
Chris Fisher
31   Posted 09/09/2011 at 13:46:57

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He is shit, no one else wanted him and Fenerbache knew that. He stated that he never wanted to play for Everton again! Beleive me Everton fans dont ever want you to play for us again either cos your shit. Anyway i couldnt care less if we have to let him go on a free he is shit and the further away we can get him from our club the better. He is shit. Just incase i hadnt made that clear.
Kunal Desai
32   Posted 09/09/2011 at 20:57:13

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Lets be honest Yobo is shit end of! But he's so shit that even he can see the shitter this club is in. It's totally farcical when a player like Yobo doesn't want to be at Everton. I mean Everton should be shipping out players of his calibre but the malaise gives your average Joe Bloggs wanting away from this shambles! Don't blame them one bit.

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