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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

The Fan's Forum

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Apparently, courtesy of Bluekipper...

"Everton hosted the latest of their monthly Fans' Forums on Thursday evening.

A small group of fans attended September's meeting, which was held in the Brian Labone suite at Goodison Park.

The Forum is designed specifically to allow fans an opportunity to engage with the Club directly to provide feedback and ask questions on a variety of topics.

Chairman was friend of Blue Kipper, Head of Media and Communications Mark Rowan. Also attending were Chief Executive Bobby Elstone, Commercial Director Dave Biggar, Marketing Services Manager Hollie Costigan and Stadium Safety Officer Ray Foy.

Topics discussed during the meeting included away match travel, ticketing, Club communication, Everton in the Community and enhancing the Everton experience.

Fans' Forums are held once a month and are attended by fans representing different areas of the Club's fanbase."

While no doubt the topics mentioned are in some way relevant, I'm not personally sure they would be top of my agenda for discussion with Mr Elstone (or "Bobby" to his BlueKipper mates).

I'm not sure what I despaired of more; the fan's forum itself or the responses to the above the "report" got generally got on the Blue Kipper site.
Steve Guy, Harrogate     Posted 16/09/2011 at 17:24:48

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Karl Meighan
1   Posted 17/09/2011 at 08:32:02

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Bluekipper the site were your not allowed to be critical, even if the team plays shit or the board make blunders.

At least here posts go up and things are discussed whether posters agree or not. As for the forum from the outside it looks like a hand picked few, were your not allowed to ask anything important or that may paint a bad picture of the board.

I wonder if the people and groups attending are given a list of things that are off limits. I imagine Toffeeweb and Michael dont expect a invite anytime soon?
Garry Martin
2   Posted 17/09/2011 at 08:52:16

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Bluekipper - topics are crap, responses are controlled,basically an advertising site.............waste of time really, I don't consider it a real site. Might as well call it EFC official site 2
Richard Dodd
3   Posted 17/09/2011 at 09:17:15

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Agee,Garry#2.Much prefer the cut and thrust of TW-even if NOBODY sees it as I do!
Brian Waring
4   Posted 17/09/2011 at 11:13:00

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Bluekipper has, and always will be just an extension of the OS. Towing the party line, everything is rosey in the garden shite. Do they class themselves as an independent site?

And to say some of the columnists are up their own arses, would be a fucking understatement!

The fans forum, a few hand picked fans, who are probalby told what they can, and can't ask.

Viva Toffeeweb!!!

Ian Smitham
5   Posted 17/09/2011 at 11:27:23

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Karl, I think the forum is for individuals, rather than groups.

Brian I went to one ia bit ago, and certainly I was given no instructions what to ask and what not to. Equally, there was some accurate reporting of the meeting on this site by attendees which evidences that we were not hand picked and that Toffeewebbers (if that is a name) were in no way excluded.
Brian Waring
6   Posted 17/09/2011 at 11:34:37

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Cheers Ian, thats nice to know.

Is it the same fans every time that attend Ian?
Rob Wilkinson
7   Posted 17/09/2011 at 12:04:24

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Plus the BlueKipper website is designed by a retard with crayons.
Mark Stone
8   Posted 17/09/2011 at 13:51:32

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"The Fans Forum, a few hand picked fans, who are probalby told what they can, and can't ask."

I've been to a couple of these and this couldn't be further from the truth. Unlike you to share your opinion only for it to be about as accurate as a watch from Primark, Brian!
Brian Waring
9   Posted 17/09/2011 at 13:57:59

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I got it first time Mark! Also Mark, look at my reply to Ian.

David O'Keefe
10   Posted 17/09/2011 at 17:08:03

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They can discuss Z-cars at half time, or the betting kiosks, but not the two failed building projects. Its a hand-picked forum and an irrelevance.
Dennis Stevens
11   Posted 17/09/2011 at 17:57:55

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Some of these events are aranged for official supporters groups & I attended one last season, unfortunately Elstone couldn't be there. No questions were barred, answers were quite forthright - even if it wasn't always what people either wanted or expected to hear. So much of the time was spent discussing off-field matters that one of our group commented that he felt like he was at a Board meeting rather than a supporters forum & he wanted to get back to talking about football! I think these efforts are fine for what they are, but in the grand scheme of things they are, as previously mentioned, "an irrelevance". But not one worth getting too het up about.
Ian Smitham
12   Posted 17/09/2011 at 19:11:37

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Brian, soz for the late reply, had to get beer reinforcements on way back from the match.

It better not be the same old people each time as last time it was Chang and Sandwiches with Chips on the club. Call me cynical but I am open to bribery (joke)

It was a nice tone to set off a good night and I for one would like to go again, I have to agree with the first part of
Marks' response and also completely disagree with Dave.

Just for the sake of completeness, there were a few posts on here of how I saw the one I went to and they seemed pretty consistent
Karl Meighan
13   Posted 17/09/2011 at 21:29:46

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Thanks for the reply Ian. Maybe next time there is a meeting i shall attend and ask why a team like Wigan (relegation dogfight certs) can bring the ball out from the back and try to play the right way yet we are happy for Jageilka and co the hit long aimless balls missing out midfield to 2 of the smallest players on the park?

Fuck it playing shite and getting the points is the sign of a good team, and i for 1 wont be complaining. We deserved the points last week and only got 1 so take it and move on untill WBA in midweek.
Dick Fearon
14   Posted 17/09/2011 at 22:09:38

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I can imagine a typical twebber for the thousandth time screaming, Kenwright Out!
Some fans forum that would be.
Ian Smitham
15   Posted 18/09/2011 at 08:38:05

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Karl, friend, if I knew why we persist with the Stubbs 60 yard diagonal ball to the third row of the stand as perfected by JY and now Jags I would be a clever man and master tactician, however, I am not. Hey ho.

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