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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

Fellaini decision must be made

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The transfer window has now passed and we are approaching October and still there is no new contract signed with Fellaini.

We all know what happened last time this club let contract talks go on like this with Steven Pienaar. He had to be sold because we could get nothing in the end.

I am fearful of this happening all over again and I do not think Kenwright has thought about how important it is to take a stand here on this case before it is too late.

David Moyes has suggested that he has to set a final deadline in the summer for how long the contract talks can drag out.

I disagree, I think this should be resolved during the January window because we cannot afford to let his price value fall any more. We at least have to get back the £15 million we paid for him, if not £20 million to have something left after the sale to buy a replacement.

January is a month where prices are pushed up because no-one want`s to sell in the middle of the season. So I think that, if we are to get the most out of him, we have to do it in january.

The sad thing is, here we go again. We are slowly losing key players at a rate we just cannot afford or even keep up with. It is costing us in a huge way. Where will we finish in the table? Barkley is also being linked away and that is on top of the Fellaini situation.

It just does not feel good being an Evertonian this season; our success hangs in the balance. I believe we could afford to lose Arteta, but now we just do not have anyone else we can sell without killing this club totally.

We need a new striker right now, that much is evident, Cahill has not scored since December and he normally does not play as a striker. Never has. That sort of tells you what kind of team we have left after selling Beckford and Yakubu, both for much less than they are worth.

Let us hope and pray Fellaini signs the new contract before january.

Jimmy Sorheim, Stavanger, Norway     Posted 28/09/2011 at 11:48:41

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Roberto Birquet
1   Posted 28/09/2011 at 14:07:39

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I'd accept a £20 million bid. Bank pressure could work both ways, of course. The manager may prefer to keep a player rather than give the bank yet more cash.

We have sold £30 m worth of players and training ground in a little over a year. So hopefully the bank is assuaged, and we have money at least for a £10m striker. That would suit me, but an unsigned contract for Felli means we need to get rid if the price is good enough.

The current market is deeply stratified: top end players go for high fees to Champions League teams; but lower down, money is tight. My guess is that the likes of Bily would struggle to attract a £5 m bid.

As for the Pienaar ordeal. Wasn't it always obvious he would leave. It seemed that to me, and wonder if Moyes resisted as he knew he'd not see a cent of it.
Aidy Dews
2   Posted 28/09/2011 at 15:07:48

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Jimmy, I think Moyesy has given Felli till January to have signed or else he's going to consider selling him that month whilst he still holds good value, that's what I read Moyes had said anyway.

Talks are supposed to have been going well but he still hasn't signed yet has he. I hope he does and that Moyes stays true to his words and looks to build a new team with the youngsters he's got and starts giving the likes of Vellios, Barkley and Gueye a more prominent role in the team, instead of going with his favoured old guard as usual.

The likes of Hibbo, Neville and Cahill are good pros and do give their all for the team but today's game is about more than giving 100%, you've got to have the technical ability as well to win games and those players aren't the best when it comes to the technical side of the game.
Eugene Ruane
3   Posted 28/09/2011 at 16:01:37

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Jimmy, just sit for a minute and think about what the dumbest, daftest, most inept deal for Everton could be.

Well that's EXACTLY what will happen.
Alasdair Mackay
4   Posted 28/09/2011 at 16:51:29

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Two things to consider here:

1) - Pienaar had a year left on his contract before it became obvious that he wasn't going to sign and we shipped him off in the January. Felli still has 2 years left, so it is not quite as desperate as that situation yet.

2) - Arteta signed a 5 year contract last season and all it meant was that we got slightly more for him than we would have done if he had a year left to run.
Luke Dunn
5   Posted 28/09/2011 at 17:15:52

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We could have got Barton for nothing, then sold the big guy. Fact - he will end up at a much bigger club that plays in the CL.
Tony Cheek
6   Posted 28/09/2011 at 17:23:49

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Sell...I would jump at 20 mill. But only if we could use the money to get a strong midfield player with a decent haircut! Seriously, I think Felli is overrated, makes too many mistakes, not enough teliing passes (assists) and too few goals. His really good games are outnumbered by his weak performances.
Peter Laing
7   Posted 28/09/2011 at 17:26:43

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If Fellaini is asking / demanding a significant rise in his salary then we can expect that Everton will not be able to meet these demands. The Steven Pienaar situation will be repeated and Everton will run the risk of his contract running down and valuation depreciate. We are a selling Club, cannot afford to compete on wages and will continue to trade as a feeder Club until regime change is achieved which given Kenwright's continuing stance and the apathy that exists within the rank and file of Evertonians is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Fellaini will move on to better thing's and given the fact that he has no affinty or obligation to Everton who can blame him ?
Richard Dodd
8   Posted 28/09/2011 at 17:44:57

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I think we can be certain that Davey is doing all he can to come to an accomodation with Felli. Whether the Club can afford to meet his demands is another thing. If it can`t, I hope they will proceed ? with all expediency ? to sell him for the maximum fee. The days of `breaking the bank` to meet players' demands (as with Arteta) is what got us into this mess to start with.

Time for both BK and Davey to start managing the Club and not merely the team, methinks!

Mike Williams
9   Posted 28/09/2011 at 18:16:22

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He will be sold 10 mins before the end of Januarys transfer window.
For money that will never be seen again.
Brian Waring
10   Posted 28/09/2011 at 18:29:23

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Alasdair (#4) I think Arteta was a panic buy by Wenger, and thats why we ended up getting more for him.
Mike Oates
11   Posted 28/09/2011 at 18:29:17

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His body language at the end of this season's games - particularly running straight off the pitch at the end of games with no fan recognition seems to point to me he's had enough and will go !
Denis Richardson
12   Posted 28/09/2011 at 18:47:14

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I can't see him signing and to be honest who can blame him with the current state of the club and crap hoofball 100% defensive game that we play.

My only concern is that I don't really see any team willing to stump up 15m for him. The good CLchallenging sides have that position covered and no other team would realistically shell out 15m for a defensive midfielder. I think we wont get more than 10m IMO. Maybe we can con 'appy 'arry.
Andy Crooks
13   Posted 28/09/2011 at 18:56:25

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Denis, I can blame him. He's paid a fortune to play for a great club. He. along with many of us , do not like the defensive tactics, nevertheless we pay to watch it he is paid to play his part in it. It seems to me that if he lived up to his alleged potential the he might just be excluded from the collective rubbish that we have witnessed for much of this season.
Jamie Tulacz
14   Posted 28/09/2011 at 19:59:03

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Completely agree with the article. Definitely need to sell in Jan, if not next summer at the very latest.

Actually think we got less for Arteta than we might have done (though given the form he's shown over the last couple of years, not sure he's worth much more). Most of the talk in the press seemed to be that Arsenal had got themselves a bargain
Matthew Lovekin
15   Posted 28/09/2011 at 20:02:27

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Can't see Fellaini staying past next summer. Don't think he will leave in January but definately next summer.

Who can blame him?

I just hope we can get £25m+ for him as that is what he is worth
Neal King
16   Posted 28/09/2011 at 21:15:54

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Andy Crooks(#13) he could get payed more money at another club who actually have a chance of winning things. Every player wants to be successful and play at the highest level i.e Champs Lge and let's be honest, it's not going to happen with us. He doesn't have blue blood like me, you and the rest of us so why should he not move on when his contract runs down.
Dominic Bobadilla
17   Posted 28/09/2011 at 21:55:29

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We should get our PR-department to plant stories in the media about the occult powers and skills of Fellaini. Hopefully that will convince some lunatic out there to pay 35 mill for him. Truly an overrated player.
Brin Williams
18   Posted 28/09/2011 at 21:41:49

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Why is it that I think that Everton is suffering the same malaise as football in general.

Overpaid primadonnas who think that they are entitled to hold the paying public to ransom - for very little effort in return.

Why is it that I am getting fed-up with the whole bunch of them from Board level down to all the mercenary sods that overprice their not so brilliant ability and think that Joe Public will put up with them indefinately.

Give them every opportunity to come to an agreement and toe the club line by all means but when that doesn't work - get rid - the sooner the better.

If after all the moving and shaking Everton turns out to be in the Championship - so what - we will have got there because we couldn't cut the mustard and deserve to.

Time to clear the decks board and all and bugger the consequences.

Feel better now!!
Tom Bowers
19   Posted 28/09/2011 at 21:53:55

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Some fans may feel that certain players feel that Everton will not progress beyond the point they are at now with the present chairman,manager and financial situation.
From the players standpoint you can be sure that there are things happening regarding secret enquiries and head turning offers in respect of some of the better players and this will go on until Jan.1st.when we will find out who is and who isn't staying.

Fellaini, Barklay and Rodwell are obvious targets and some of the others who are past their peak will see out the season unfortunately leaving us around mid-table as usual.

I believe that there are many unhappy campers at Goodison no matter what Moyes says. Selling Beckford who scores goals,keeping Anichebe who can't score, leaving Saha out and keeping Cahill in when clearly out of form is indicative of a manager who has lost the plot. He has nobody to replace Distin if he gets injured nor does he have a good right back.

Don't expect things to improve on Saturday with Atkinson as referee and Moyes continued negative tactics.
Jay Harris
20   Posted 29/09/2011 at 01:25:10

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First of all we did not pay £15 million for Fellaini,

The original asking price was only 15 million euros and despite our normal poor negotiating I am pretty sure we will not have paid full price and some of the fee is probably still being paid.

IMO Fellaini is head and shoulders above all our other MF players and I dont mean his size or haircut.

He would be a huge loss and send out all the wrong signals to the other players.

Having said that I really cant see him extending his contract especially as his deluded father is his agent.
Eric Myles
21   Posted 29/09/2011 at 02:19:48

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In the Wigan match I thought Fellaini was starting to show promise but after the City game where he was as bad as ever I think we'd be lucky to get 15 Quid for him, never mind 15 million.
Derek Thomas
22   Posted 29/09/2011 at 08:18:48

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To sell there first must be a buyer.

Offer him the going rate at the club ( what ever that is now?) Tell him this offer is good until Christmas. If he signs, all well and good, If not, Go Public between Christmas and New Year... For sale, see who bits and for how much.

Decent Price, then sell.

No offers; well there you go sunshine you're not as good as your Dad thinks you are...are you signing this or what.

Two things will happen...1) nothing; he was determined not to sign and run down his contract ala Pienaar...2) He signs and we still have the option of selling later or not as WE wish.

Or is that a bit too direct for Davie along with playing no forwards.
Richard Dodd
23   Posted 29/09/2011 at 08:51:33

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Just heard Davey on Talk Sport. He said that we do have some centre-forwards but they are `either young or just settling in`. I think he said Cahill was the best of the lot at present but wasn`t scoring goals!

Whither Saha?

Matthew Tait
24   Posted 29/09/2011 at 09:46:12

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Fellaini won't sign another deal with us, ever. He'd be mad to - he could get much higher wages and European football with any number of other clubs in the PL and elsewhere. I'm sure the club know that too, but they have to keep the supporters quiet by at least looking like they're making an effort to resign him.

He'll go next summer, most likely. In January we'll probably not be safe enough from relegation to sell him - plus he's our best midfielder, and we won't have enough cover in midfield unless Barkley really comes on and everyone else stays injury free. I'd expect (or hope at least) that even next summer we should be able to get close to £20m for him, so that's something.
Sam Hoare
25   Posted 29/09/2011 at 12:32:45

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I could stomach Arteta leaving but would be gutted to see Fellaini go. I really think he's our best player and still so young has the potential to play for one of the best 7 or 8 teams in the world. Which is why i guess he won't stay.

It all depends on what he is asking for. I think Everton have realised that they cannot afford another Arteta, giving out ludicrously high wages that entitle everybody else to want more.

Given our situation we should have a few star players on 40-50 k (Felli, Jags and Baines) the other nailed on starters on 30-40k and then the the rest of the first team squad between 20 and 30k. If people don't like that then tough...they get sold. Untill our finances are straightened i think this is how it has to be.

If Felli wants more than 50k then flog him in january for 25m, buy the best young striker from the championship and start playing rodwell and Barkley in central mid (with heitinga and Neville coming in if needed).
Peter Cummo
26   Posted 29/09/2011 at 13:09:17

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His agent, daddy, says 'bigger clubs' are after him; maybe he should name them.

As far as most fans are concerned, he is on his way out anyway, so get rid asap but not for peanuts. He may have two years on his contract but they mean nothing nowadays. There are too many prima donnas ruling the game today as the Tevez, Rooney, Modric sagas have shown amongst others.

We regularly hear the crap "It's not about the money, it's about winning cups and medals." ? if that was the case, there would be no more small club supporters, they would be flocking to those 'Bigger' clubs in their millions instead of turning up week after week to watch Accrington, Tranmere, Morecambe, Macclesfield, etc... Even EVERTON.

Our beloved game is becoming far less 'beautiful' by the season because of the billions now running it.

Martin Handley
27   Posted 29/09/2011 at 15:46:21

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I like many others feel that Felli will be given until the end of December to commit to a deal or the club will then withdraw the offer and circulate his name for transfer?

I personally would take anything over £20 mill. I'm not deluded enough to think that Moyes will see more than a ¼ of that if he's lucky.

I applaud City for their stance on Tevez, and think that clubs should also take a hard line on players who delay/mess around during contract talks.

Also what a great example Sylvain Distin has set with his statement re his contract. Follow his lead Felli!

Ian Edwards
28   Posted 29/09/2011 at 20:52:12

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Fellaini is vastly over rated. Brings little to the team offensively and is a liability defensively- gives free kicks away around the penalty area. He's a lumbering oaf. Sell him. Another example of how giving Dreary big money to spend is a mistake.
Ryan Holroyd
29   Posted 29/09/2011 at 21:05:17

Report abuse


You are one miserable FUCK.

Have you got anything good to say about Everton you miserable cunt.
Ryan Holroyd
30   Posted 29/09/2011 at 21:08:25

Report abuse

Why the fuck would a defensive midfielder add anything offensively?

I've never seen you write anything positive. Get a life.
Ryan Holroyd
31   Posted 29/09/2011 at 21:11:05

Report abuse

We know you hate Everton. We get the fucking picture.
Ciarán McGlone
32   Posted 29/09/2011 at 21:12:42

Report abuse


People can have different opinions without being miserable.

Grow up.
Mark Stone
33   Posted 29/09/2011 at 21:27:40

Report abuse

But in defence to Ryan, Ian was being miserable.
Andy Crooks
34   Posted 29/09/2011 at 23:30:08

Report abuse

Calm down, Ryan.
Sam Hoare
35   Posted 30/09/2011 at 10:56:55

Report abuse

Its true. Ryan has a fair point. If somewhat rashly made.
Tony J Williams
36   Posted 30/09/2011 at 12:49:43

Report abuse

I also thought it odd that he would have a go at a defensive midfielder for not offering that much offensively. Wouldn't have used the sweary words though.
Jonathan Flack
37   Posted 30/09/2011 at 13:11:46

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Felliani will not sign for us.

After watching a few games, especially against City, his body language said it all, he was fed up with the hoofing and I saw him shake his head more than once.

I don't want him to go, anyone that knows anything about football will understand that he will be the best defensive midfielder in the world in a few years. He's got the lot!

Ian Smitham
38   Posted 30/09/2011 at 23:32:48

Report abuse

Mk Are you Ok with the language of recent contributions to the thread bearing in mind your comments on anoth er one about abuse?
Ian Smitham
39   Posted 30/09/2011 at 23:36:17

Report abuse

I have bored you all on here about my views, MF and JR are the future, young and powerfull, in CM destroying all before them.

I agree MF has the lot and note that on the field last Sat the palyer that ran the most distance was.............MF

I said sell MA, sadly, age and injuries took the toll, but I implore the club, whatever it takes, sort it.

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