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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

More Rowan than Martin?

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After a couple of days of quiet reflection which followed the gasket-blowing anger I felt after Saturday's shenanigans (whatever they are), I started to think about referees in general and more particularly, the allocation of referees to certain high-profile matches.

Why is it that certain teams and certain matches are deemed worthy of being officiated by those whom the FA/Premier League/Sky/MotD laughingly call 'our elite referees'? Why are Webb, Atkinson et al wheeled out to look after the Derby or Man Utd versus Chelsea etc etc whilst the humble journeyman of QPR, Wigan, Norwich etc etc have to 'make do' with mere mortals such as Dowd, Halsey, Foy?

And who decided that each ref has to nominate a team that he supposedly has an affection for and therefore can't referee them ever? Mike Dean, for instance apparently supports Tranmere but had to name a Premier League team so he chose us and subsequently never officiates at our games. Does that mean that he's biased against the Shite when he refs them? Or does he not ref them either?

Surely if these guys are all above reproach, paragons of virtue, entrusted with our national game we should be able to have confidence in them wherever they're working. Why is it that Atkinson hadn't been back to Goodison for a year before Saturday? Why has Clattenberg never been back? Why has Halsey hardly been seen since we gave him a standing ovation at the Chile Everton game (I thought that was worth at least a goal start next time he was here!). Why do we have one ref six times a year and another just once?

Here's a thought... perhaps the referees shouldn't be 'allocated' to matches as such, at all. Perhaps if they just chucked their names into the computer in the summer and they came out, with the fixtures, in a totally random way, the whole organisation might be a little more above suspicion.

I'd rather have every ref approximately the same number of times a season rather than this 'special treatment for certain games' nonsense. Who knows, perhaps if they knew they'd be back in a few weeks time, they might be a little more even-handed? At present, virtually every time we play a 'big team' we know we're going to get one of about three or four poodles trotted out. Let's face it, they're pretty well all useless so let everyone have their fair share of all the tossers. Mason or Probert? Marriner or Oliver? Hopeless or pointless? Let's see a little democracy eh?

It also might stop Webb and Atkinson and Co from thinking they're the 'dogs' and well above the likes of Everton. The strutting, preening cocks. Never mind exiling the bastards ? get 'em back here while we're still angry!

Chris Rudd, Belmont, Lancashire     Posted 05/10/2011 at 15:41:31

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Frank Duffy
1   Posted 05/10/2011 at 18:12:24

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Well said Chris though I think there would be a riot if Clattenberg ever showed his face at Goodison Park. We have long long memories and will never ever forgive him.

Mind you the way we are going they will not be shouting is there a 'doctor'' in the house but is the a 'REF' in the crowd.

Gerry Quinn
2   Posted 05/10/2011 at 18:23:08

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Great article, Chris.

Back "when-I-were-a-lad" :) playing in the local leagues, we were asked to mark the referees performances after each match. Twats got low scores ? high scores only if we won ? very fair system, eh? The totals would then be sent to the local FA where they had their written/manual excel spreadsheet to continually assess performances.

Can someone advise if that is a rough concept of what happens in the EPL nowadays, or is it just the Referees Assessor sitting in the stands? If it is the latter, then maybe Everton should move him away from the obstructed seating!!!

Getting them back here wouldn't help the cause ? they would be even more fuckin biased than they are now!
Paul Smith
3   Posted 05/10/2011 at 19:28:30

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Made me laugh about the Halsey comment, I was at that game and
I thought exactly the same thing but don't think we've had him since???
Pat Finegan
4   Posted 05/10/2011 at 21:41:18

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Atkinson is a disgrace. A foul for that tackle would have been a mistake which is ok. A red card for that foul was beyond a mistake it was gross incompetence. So how does this twat ever get a game again? When players make mistakes they are forgiven. When they are not fit to perform, they don't get a game. Same should go for referees.
Derek Thomas
5   Posted 06/10/2011 at 02:39:21

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As Jerry Quinn states, 'back in the day' I to had to fill in a Referee's assesment after each game.

I was hauled over the coals by the Zingarin for marking a reff low... I mean this guy was absolute crap I gave him 3/10 and was told that the minimum was, I think 6/10 as he ? wait for it ? got a mark for having each Item of his paraphinalia ? whistle , pencil, notebook, uniform ? turned out neatly etc etc... I kid you not.

As to his performance, it had to be marked 'overall 'and, yet again ? wait for it ? ignoring 'controversial Incidents'... ffs!

This is the sort of thing you are up against; Democracy and Transparency ? never in a million years.
Gerry Quinn
6   Posted 06/10/2011 at 14:45:47

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That will be the same ref I scored low on too then, Derek. I actually refereed a few matches at the Little Crosby Easter festival - and the worst match for foul language happened to be a ladies game -could not believe how venomous and frequent their swearing was!!!

I will also admit to being biased in some of those Easter matches ? gob off to me and I would make sure I got one over on you.... naughty, biased and bad, I know, but it makes me chuckle thinking about how I would react to some of the "poofftahs and gobshites" that play in the EPL today. My red card count would put even Atkinson to shame ? especially if I got an inkling that those players supported the RS!

Can anyone answer my question regarding how they score a referee ? do the teams actually input, or is it just the Assessor that scores a ref's performance?
Gerry Quinn
7   Posted 06/10/2011 at 23:55:36

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...and not forgetting this twat.......
James Fearns
8   Posted 07/10/2011 at 17:02:48

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I wonder if any money was bet in the Bradford area on a sending off in the derby...
David Donnellan
9   Posted 11/10/2011 at 18:55:35

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I play at quite a high amateur level on a saturday & I know our club has to score a ref after each game. If you score them too low (not sure of the exact score), you have to write out some sort of convoluted report. So if our club are unhappy with a ref, they will score him to the lowest mark possible without having to fill out said report.

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