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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag


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Is there any Club more predictable than Everton ?

Teams sent out with containment in mind. Moyes doesn't even try to hide it anymore "just keep it tight and see" is the pre-match mantra. We all knew that what would happen in any case; he didn't need to tell us, it's the same every week.

Players who know they will be in the team week-in, week-out because there's no real competition for places; giving lack-lustre performances and picking up stupid amounts of money for it.

Tactics that never differ. Opposition teams know what we will do every week; as do we the supporters.

Substitutions that never happen until it's usually too late. I knew at half-time today, despite Chelsea winning 2-0, that there was no chance of Moyes changing it at that point. Sure enough, with 20 minutes to go and 3-0 down, he makes one substituion and then waits another 10 minutes before making a second. Surely I wasn't the only one to predict it?

There's been plenty said in recent times about the off-field side of things and, when you add both the latter to the on-field apathy, you just feel the whole Club is flat.

When was the last time you REALLY looked forward to watching Everton? When was the last time you were entertained for 90 minutes? When was the last time you thought we would win easily?

The Club needs re-vitalising. In the short-term, it's clearly not going to be new players, as there's no money. Billy Liar's not going anywhere soon ? and Moyes? ? well...

We're a loaf of bread stuck in the bottom of the Bread Bin; stale and heading towards mould and decay.

Steve Guy, Harrogate     Posted 15/10/2011 at 19:33:19

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Dave Richman
1   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:02:40

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Spot on Steve. And you know what? I find myself not really caring that much any more...... That is the saddest part of it.

Anyway, Vellios back on the bench next week?
Steve Woods
2   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:06:52

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Steve and Dave absolutely! As you said what is perhaps more worrying is the fact that I don't really care much anymore either. After nearly 50 years support I have been driven to almost total apathy and worse particularly with my club but even more so with the EPL and its year zero (1992) approach to the top division. The whole thing stinks and is rotten to the core. I wonder how many more of us old timers are starting to give up the will to support or even care anymore?
Andy Crooks
3   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:01:34

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Steven Bennett
4   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:18:23

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I want to care.... but I want to less and less every week!
Wayne McNee
5   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:05:21

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Also in agreement, Steve...

Don't get me started on subs! I don't think he knows you're allowed to sub before 70 mins!? And Neville on for Cahill... He can suck it! I'd rather have made all 3 "attacking" subs at half-time & lost five-nil.

I don't bother buying my daughter a kit anymore for fear of ridicule. She lives in Newcastle... That's where we're at, folks, she got away with it for a while. Now she's back in the proverbial closet.
John Daley
6   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:08:55

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Steve, Dave,

Absolutely. I've seen some shite Everton teams over the years, with much poorer players than we possess now. I've seen us escape relegation by the breadth of a bollock hair. I've seen us sign John Spencer.

However, I've never known so many Blues to become so disillusioned and apathetic, almost resigned to the idea that this is simply the best we can ever hope for from now on. This is a myth Moyes helps to perpetuate with his constant negative soundbites and sniping about the spending power of clubs he's given up trying to compete with.

It's just depressing and feels like a chore going the game at the moment. No-one I know seems to be really up for it and hopeful of being entertained anymore. Instead, we're just turning up out of loyalty/habit, like Goodison is the Monoeville shopping mall and we're a bunch of shuffling Romero zombies. Except pissed.
Trevor Mackie
7   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:26:13

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It's because his team stifle and strangle points out of a game yet he gets the Press of Mother Theresa.

Sam Allardyce got villified at Bolton even though he signed the likes of Okocha and similar. Moyes shamelessly puts out unbalanced teams without ambition or creativity and gets off scott-free.

The lack of ambition on the pitch is becoming endemic ? I wasn't in the least interested in the derby, only seeing it on the news. A 2-goal reverse against a so-called bigger club with a bad luck story has become a script for this "Carry on Pretending" production (Barbara Windsor's bits courtesy of Moyes and Kenwright.)
Chris Halliday
8   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:37:58

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I think Moyes is just playing to keep us in the league.

He knows we're going backwards and a few kids here and there aint going to get us in the top 4 or win a cup.

he must know more players are getting sold soon, so what's the point? He is probably just trying to keep his reputation intact so he can move on.
Dave Richman
9   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:51:29

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Sad as it may be...... but it somehow makes me feel marginally better that I'm not the only one feeling this way ? 40 years a Blue for me too.

Of course, at the final whistle I stormed out of the room declaring that ".... I'm done with this shite. I refuse to allow this crowd to fuck up my life any more."

And here I am, back on Toffeeweb, and just checked the TV schedule to find out what channel the Fulham match is on.......

I think we should all start every post here with the adapted AA mantra...... "My name's Dave and I'm an Evertonian."
Robert Daniels
10   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:35:37

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Trevor @ 7 ? Well said, mate... Carry on Pretending ? him and the funny fella have hid behind the "plucky Everton" myth for too long.

I think it was Eugene who said he was a glorified PE teacher ? never a truer word said.

Fuck off, Moyes, and take that panto dame Boys Pen Billy with you.

Gonna change my user name to....

Ashamed of Liverpool.
Kase Chow
11   Posted 15/10/2011 at 20:51:55

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I'd love to say I don't care but I do. Those that say they don't care, well I know you do. But it's self-protection cos our situation is so so bad. Shite football, boring predictable crap, no hope off the field... we're crap & we're stuffed and we know it and can't do anything about it.

So depressed.
Robert Daniels
12   Posted 15/10/2011 at 21:28:03

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I would love to know how many times in 10 depressing years he has made a substitution at 60 mins?

Just imagine the conversation every week between Moyes and Rounhead:

Roundhead: "What time shall we bring the sub on, Davey?"

Davey: "Well, we were shite for the first 45 mins, let's give them another 15 just to make sure, it's only 2-0."

Rounhead: "Do you want to change the tactics?"

Moyes: "Fuck off dickhead, we're the only team in the Prem that plays 4-4-1-1. Ask any more stupid fuckin questions like that, when i get the united job off my hero, i,ll take stupid pearce as my number two.

By the way, were you standing up when we scored?

Roundhead, yes.

Moyes, well fuckin stay standing up,..................

Matthew Roache
13   Posted 15/10/2011 at 21:57:34

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Steve, I was going to write a piece after the game but you've just covered it all.
Jimmy Sorheim
14   Posted 16/10/2011 at 00:03:46

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Touche! How sad can an Evertonian get, I thought before the start of the season, now I know!

This is not fun anymore, Moyes just needs to wake up and do something or take his hat and leave. Rotting from the inside out, that pretty much says it all about how we are doing. Thanks for sharing as misery loves company.
Domino Darkley
15   Posted 16/10/2011 at 00:49:36

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Here's what I don't understand.

Moyes is now writing off these trips to Man City, and Chelsea.

No doubt it will be the same with United.

So why not just give Drenthe, Vellios, Denis and Barkley the nod and get them blooded.

At least we would look forward to the games with a wee sliver of hope that they might just rise to the occasion.
Robert Johnson
16   Posted 16/10/2011 at 01:06:51

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Moyes doesn't like strikers because, in his playing days as a defender, they used to take the piss out of him; that's why he leaves them on the bench, and plays without any at all.

He'll never change, he's bringing the club to its knees and draining the life out of the fans with his negativity.

I don't know what the answer is, but after 10 years of the same old shit tactics and lack of a Plan B, I know he's not it.

Taxi for Moyes!!
Jamie Crowley
17   Posted 16/10/2011 at 01:30:17

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To Dave @9:

Everyone, all together now...


My name's Jamie and I've been an Evertonian for 5 years.


Not even sure why I first tried Everton... curious I guess. But once I started I just couldn't stop. I know I should but I just keep going back. The pain it causes me and my family... It just hurts.

I come to TW for support. So many tell me it's not worth it. But I'm an addict. I just keep thinking one more time won't kill me ? maybe I'll see some free-flowing football. And when I start I feel great and that's the high man, that's why I do it.

But it always turns dark in the end, and I know it'll all finish off with me lying in a pool of piss and vomit watching Jags whack the fuckin ball as hard as he can diagonally across the pitch to absolutely fucking no-one...

I need help. I just can't go on doing this....
Domino Darkley
18   Posted 16/10/2011 at 01:39:14

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How long has he got left on his contract?

Approximately how much would it take to pay him off?

I was thinking Martin O'Neill might relish the chance to re-establish himself in the EPL.

I know he left Villa over a dispute over money, but the Everton job is a win/win for him.

You succeed and you are hailed as a genius.

You fail and no one will blame you.

He would at least motivate the players we already have.

Andrew Steen
19   Posted 16/10/2011 at 01:45:16

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Many employees have regular meetings with their line managers, very successful firms build their business around their people. That way they get more out of their "assets"

re Velios

What more does he have to do to start a bloody game? Surely strikers can only prove they are good enough when they score goals? I think he is now our joint top scorer with Arteta yet still can't get a start!

How can he keep motivated?

Michael O'Brien
20   Posted 16/10/2011 at 05:35:45

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I have an idea that might start helping with our addiction.

Instead of going the ground, we all just buy xboxs and FIFA, and just play the fixture everyweek.

We could even sign players !!!!

Virtual reality is 100 times better then shite we are subjected to week in and week out.
Colin Taylor
21   Posted 16/10/2011 at 10:46:57

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Until this season, I was in the pro-Moyes camp and I thought he had done a great job. My patience has been wearing thin this season and it finally ran out against Chelsea.

I was disapointed with the team selection unchanged after a defeat. It's a shame Rodwell was not suspended because if he is a 20 million pound player then Hibbert is worth £25 million.

I found myself predicting the subs correctly, even saying to my son, half-jokingly, "Moyes will bring Neville on in a minute". Moyes's subs are so boringly predictable: one on 60 mins, one on 70, then give Vellios 5-10 minutes when it's too late.

Then we have to listen to Moyes say how unlucky we are and how the boys done a terrific job when we lost simply because of Moyes's tactics. The players must go out with an inferiority complex because Moyes must say to them "Right lads, they are better than you so just get everyone behind the ball. When you get the ball, just hoof it and hope for the best and we might get a nil-nil. I don't want to see any skill; if you cant hoof it, pass it sideways or backwards."

I have had enough; Moyes ? just go. Thank god I am old enough to remember the good old days of the mid-eighties as I don't think we will see Everton there again and it's the younger supporters I feel sorry for who have witnessed nothing but shit.

Please, David Moyes, be a man and resign. For all those who say but there is no-one else who could do the job ? you're wrong: it's a big world out there, Everton was here before Moyes came along and I am sure there are a lot of good talented young coaches out there who would relish the Everton job.
Trevor Lynes
22   Posted 16/10/2011 at 11:26:26

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Domino... you must be double-blank: Martin O'Neill left Villa because there was no transfer budget for him!!

We are like a St Mirren or Kilmarnock in the SFA... play to stay in the division and concede that we are not realistically going anywhere unless we are bailed out by a multi-millionnaire. We are spending less than clubs in leagues BELOW us and DM is not the reason ? it's BK and his board.

Our players are not GOOD enough to be able to do anything other than play it tight and try to sneak something. Be realistic and stop blaming DM for being the manager which is tantamount to being the donkey. The OWNERS of our club are wholely to blame for the debacle we are in.

If money is not made available in January it will be a long hard winter and survival will be the goal.
Matthew Lovekin
23   Posted 16/10/2011 at 12:09:28

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I wrote a similar article last week after the derby defeat and felt the same the week before after the City defeat.

The whole club is stale right to the core. I don't waste any more money on the club and spend less and less time on them.

However, the whole negative, boring, predictable crap side of it is purely down to Moyes. What's wrong with signing strikers or wingers or playmakers? They don't all cost money.

Why not start with Vellios, Saha, Cahill, Gueye and Bily? Fellaini can make up the midfield with Coleman and Baines attacking full-backs. No ? we have to watch and put up with this dour shit!
James Stewart
24   Posted 16/10/2011 at 13:15:04

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As soon as the team is announced, you know what to expect. Dour stuff. Moyes has integrity which I like but he is one of the most defence-only minded managers I have ever seen! People will leap to his defence but he has attackers at his disposal. He CHOOSES not to use them properly or at all.

9 years and the same gameplan. Things have just moved on and sadly he hasn't.
Tony Christian
25   Posted 16/10/2011 at 15:35:23

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Win-Win Dave ? If we finish Top Ten, then the media laud him as working miracles; and if we finish bottom ten, then it's 'what can be expected' etc. The guy has no targets forced on him and is getting away with murder. Smith, Royle & Harvey were sacked for far less !!!

Fact ? On Bonfire Night, 1994, Mike Walker was sacked for having 4 points... On Bonfire Night, 2011, Everton WILL have 7 points and the press will tell us we are lucky to have such a great manager.
James Morgan
26   Posted 16/10/2011 at 16:11:48

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Yesterday I wasn't really bothered we lost.

Sad or what?
Domino Darkley
27   Posted 16/10/2011 at 23:24:10

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Trevor Lynes...byou won't be awarded double anything when it comes to comprehension.

"I was thinking Martin O'Neill might relish the chance to re-establish himself in the EPL. I know he left Villa over a dispute over money, but the Everton job is a win-win for him"

That's what I said and it acknowledged the dispute MON had with Lerner.

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