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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

Feel the fear; succumb to the fear

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Chelsea have better players than Everton and a stronger squad. Yet I thought we might win today. It was the sort of match that David Moyes used to be good at and I thought he might still have it in him; he doesn't. The squad we had at the start of last season was possibly our last chance of success. The reasons it went wrong have been debated but the fact is, a year on, we have the same coach with a weaker squad. David Moyes has been forced to sell key players from his squad to keep the banks at bay and, frankly, why he is still here baffles me. He has always been a cautious coach but has at times produced some fine football. This season, however, fear is the key. He appears to have lost all confidence in his players. We appear to approach every game as though victory will be a nice surprise. We are devoid of arrogance and even purpose. Somehow, avoiding humiliation is becoming acceptable. This is not a heated post-match rant; it is the culmination of something I have been feeling for some time. In the short term, we are stuck with Kenwright therefore I feel that the only way our season can be saved is with the resignation of David Moyes. It seems to me that he has looked at a tough sequence of matches and calculated that we can get little from them. That is the attitude of relegation fodder and is not something that the David Moyes of old would have countenanced. His standing is still high in the game and he might achieve success elsewhere; I cannot believe that he will at Everton. Ten years is long enough. Who will replace him? I don't believe that knowing the answer to that is a prerequisite for believing he should go ? although, like many, I have my own ideas. I do feel that, for the good of the club and himself, he should go. This might just be the season when we don't come good. We have some good players but we are playing with fear; it permeates the club and will spread to the supporters. We need some sort of spark and I believe that David Moyes is past providing it.
Andy  Crooks, Belfast     Posted 15/10/2011 at 21:18:07

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Robert Daniels
1   Posted 15/10/2011 at 21:55:32

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I think you're right, Andy; we're in a relegation battle already...
Marcus Kendall
2   Posted 15/10/2011 at 22:57:23

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Agreed 100%.

Like Arsenal, who also need a change, sometimes a manager can outstay their welcome and live on past glories. Poyet or Lambert please.
Chris Halliday
3   Posted 15/10/2011 at 23:03:47

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Andy, it is a rant... but well put nevertheless.
Paul Ferry
4   Posted 15/10/2011 at 23:37:20

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Why on earth would a decent manager in a decent situation like Lambert want to join the cash-ppor, mis-managed, 70s sheepskin coat wearing homespun chairman led Everton?

The crime is that Kenwright and the powers that be in suits and tracksuits at Everton have, through their incompetence, short-sighteedness, and lack of froward/creative thinking put the club in a position in which their positions are seemingly secure. For them, there is security in our downward slide under our gobshite excuse for a chairman.

Off and on the pitch there is so little to feel good about and we have pudgy Billy and tactically challenged Moyes to thank. There's even some arrogance in thinking that a bright young manager would come to us, or at least living in the past. No money; dim Billy who belongs in the era of Peter Swales and the sheepskin coat wearing local boy made good on the backs of locals; a ground that needs a paint job; and so on.

I would love Lambert to walk through our door and into the hot seat. There is hardly a word to disagree with in Andy Crooks's post. The tragedy is that the people who have put us in this quagmire are the ones who benefit from it above everyone else.
Brendan McLaughlin
5   Posted 15/10/2011 at 23:47:34

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We have the same coach with a weaker squad... when we had the same coach with a better squad, we were finishing 5/6... so what am I missing?
Peter Fearon
6   Posted 16/10/2011 at 00:00:13

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Definitely should go. Impotent, toothless, timid, with no credible threat. Not much to show for 10 years work.

Incidentally, Mata cost less than what we paid for Clumsy Carthorse and Russian Rubbish put together, so it's not all about financial clout. Sometimes it's about value for money. Yes, yes, Cahill and Arteta and others were bargains. But you have to focus on the now.

I just don't see where the goals are coming from that will save us from relegation unless we change our formation and posture and that stubborn get ? no offence ? will just never do that. I'm in despair.

A possible point next week ? and the usual abject surrender to his pals from Manchester the next.
Andy Crooks
7   Posted 16/10/2011 at 00:04:03

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Brendan, I assume David Moyes has enough money so, really, what's in it for him? The "better squad" ship has sailed. It will get no better for him here and no better for Everton with him here. It's run its course and I don't think a slow bitter ending is good for the club or the manager.

I believe that Bill Kenwright has drained the coach as well as the club. I think the substitution of Cahill for Neville is a symbolic turning point. I seems to me the tactics of a man drained of confidence, passion and ideas.
Domino Darkley
8   Posted 16/10/2011 at 00:37:15

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"The squad we had at the start of last season was possibly our last chance of success. The reasons it went wrong have been debated but the fact is, a year on, we have the same coach with a weaker squad"

Considering he refused to play the Yak and that Beckford was woefully underused, I don't think Mr. Moyes believes that the absence of these two weaken the aquad.

Which leaves only Pienaar and Arteta as significant absences from last year's starting squad.

The team acutually performed better when the former left.....and we all know the latter was only a pale shadow of his former self.

So, IMO, the squad is not significantly weaker than last season.

" David Moyes has been forced to sell key players from his squad to keep the banks at bay and, frankly, why he is still here baffles me."

It doesn't baffle me.

No club of a higher status than EFC appear to be interested in him.....and the circa £70K per week he is paid for serving up this dross is s might persuasive reason for him to stay.

He won't get that type of dough anywhere else.

He knows it ergo we are stuck with him.
Brian Hill
9   Posted 16/10/2011 at 06:03:46

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Domino Darkley, brilliant name, you sound like an enemy of Batman. I agree with your observations re Moyes ? why would anybody give up that kind of money, especially when the expectations of your employers are so low?

And those who call for Lambert or Poyet ought to consider this: would either of those men improve their prospects of long-term success by linking up with Kenwright?
Alan Clarke
10   Posted 16/10/2011 at 06:28:48

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You can't be anti-Kenwright and pro-Moyes. The two are joined at the hip. Moyes is complicit to all of Kenwright's wrongdoing and often acts as the buffoon's mouthpiece. Moyes has consented to the sale of his best players without kicking up a fuss. Why doesn't he? Because he's in on it.

Kenwright is killling the club. Moyes is killing the team.
Brian Hill
11   Posted 16/10/2011 at 06:16:06

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A further point: when Moyes was appointed, I remember him making a comment to the effect that "You can't say no to Everton ? this is probably the biggest job I'll ever have." This no longer applies.

To manage Everton would once have been the pinnacle of a career. As far as I know, not one of our managers in the history of the club has ever left for a "better" position, because in the past the only way was down.

Now, we are in the category of Bolton, Blackburn, Sunderland... even lower division clubs such as Forest, Derby, etc. Our name is meaningful only to we, the supporters.

There is another thread wherein people are claiming not to care anymore. Surely this cannot be so? I have loved this club for more than 40 years, my Dad is 74 and still goes; (I live in Cape Town) ? Everton is a part of me and I am a part of Everton.

I cannot give up on something that has meant so much to so many. Sorry for the emotional outburst, but it really hurts to see my club in this situation.
Trevor Mackie
12   Posted 16/10/2011 at 10:55:21

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Your continual reference to Everton's league position just says the ends justify the means.

I'd take a few places lower to see young blood and competitive football ? it's a self-fulfilling prophesy, this slide into obscurity.
Domino Darkley
13   Posted 16/10/2011 at 12:30:43

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Thank you, Brian..... :-)

On the bright side, the history of EFC is one of good times rolling just after an apparently darkest hour.

That season of '83/'84 was pretty dismal up until Kevin Brock took a hand.

Our last piece of silverware came almost twelve months to the day sfter we looked down and out on Wimbledon Day.

And going way back in time, relegation circa 1930 led to the 2nd Division being won, the 1st Division being won, and the FA Cup coming to Goodison in three successive seasons.

I know we are all depressed right now but I feel that thigs aren't so bad, they're just more wrong than right.

A change of manager would be desirable but that isn't going to happen.

So Bill needs to step in now and tell Moyes, as his employer, that the club is unhappy with the woeful tactics being employed and that he wants to see a different approach being taken on the pitch.

He needs to tell him to start talking up his players and the team... not constantly appear on TV with a resigned air of indifference and getting excuses in before each dismal performance.

We are paying this man circa £70k per week for what?

And if Moyes doesn't like it then he can resign and save EFC a fortune in severance pay.

I am sure most of us have been in jobs where the boss has called us in and given us a good rollocking for complacency or downright incompetence. Moyes should be no different.
Nick Entwistle
14   Posted 16/10/2011 at 12:48:20

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Is that Kenwright rollicking Moyes, or Moyes rollicking Kenwright?
Jon Ferguson
15   Posted 16/10/2011 at 13:29:14

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I don't agree we had a lesser squad than last year, Moyes just doesn't play them.

I was desperate to see Drenthe play, he has pace and can go past a man, something we desperately need, but Moyes won't start him. When he did bring him on, he takes off the only other player with pace, Coleman.

To substitute a (supposedly) attacking threat in Cahill and replace him with Neville was criminal, made all the more frustrating as when he eventually brought on a striker (for the only other striker) he sored after 18 seconds.

We have the most exciting prospect in the country who was playing well but hasn't got a look in recently. I know Osman had a great end to last season but he has been ineffective this season, and Barkley deserves a run.

I have shouted for Coleman to play right back but Hibbert has been playing well and deserves his place for the moment.

I don't want Moyes to go, I just want him to play his best players and go for games a bit more; and for god's sake tell the defenders to pass is out.

I still think we have a top six team if utilized correctly.
Brian Keoghan
16   Posted 16/10/2011 at 13:08:05

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Yes, we probably are in a relegation situation but sacking Moyes is not the answer. I feel Moyes will decide himself when he walks and it could be this season once he has acheived safety.

Despite the earlier comments, David Moyes will be difficult to replace and I will always feel a deep tinge of regret that Everton FC were unable to financially support his undoubted ability. Moyes has played his part on the pitch and is in no way responsible for the club's present plight off the pitch.

Our custodians appear to have no imagination or creativity in order to bring wealth into the club and, as much as I like Kenwright for saving us from Peter Johnson, he is so unconvincing when interveiwed.
Mick Davies
17   Posted 16/10/2011 at 14:25:24

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The malaise that afflicts EFC didn't start with BK, it set in after Kendall dumped us for the glamour of European football, which we were unjustifiably expelled from. We were at the height of this clubs power and popularity at the time and what did the board do? Appoint a man with no managerial experience, great coach as he was. If we had brought in a decent manager, just as the dreaded BSkyB takeover of football was happening, then we could have kept the 80s momentum on track.

As we stand now, it reminds me of the 70s, when supporting the blues was like a disease, having to avoid kopites on Mondays at school or work. Where we go from here is anyone's guess but, with Moyes and his strange decisions leading us into the abyss, I have a horrible feeling it's probably even further down than this club has been since the 50s.
Domino Darkley
18   Posted 16/10/2011 at 15:23:08

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That ignores the fact that EFC did support Moyes with money a few years ago and he brought in three big money, prolific strikers in successive seasons only to run them into ths ground in a formation which reduced their goal threat to almost nil.

The fact that Moyes can "decide himself when he walks" illustrates the bind we are in.

An over-rated manager has our club by the short and curlies.

The sad thing is he could "walk" after we are relegated without his reputation suffering in the outside world.

You try telling a non-Everton fan how crap Moyes is and they laugh at you. They have bought into the media myth of Moyes.

It's only us poor saps who pay to watch this crap every week who know the truth.
Ben Dyke
19   Posted 16/10/2011 at 17:29:52

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It is not wrong to look on the bright side. I remember Everton from the end of the 80s through the 90s and I think we are miles better now and the financial gap is also massively greater. I actually enjoy watching us in games like this because it is very satisfying to try and take on the 'big boys' or the 'money boys' and beat them.

I think if we played a more expansive style we would have some good exciting wins every now and again but would also lose a lot more games and end up lower down the league. I am not Moyes's biggest fan but I honestly can't see anyone coming to the table with a better game plan with the same resources. Moyes has worked miracles for me even though he also frustrates me sometimes.

Everton's plight is part of the bigger picture of what is wrong with top flight English football. Romance is mostly dead and money talks.
Richard Reeves
20   Posted 16/10/2011 at 21:19:44

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I worry that this is the season when we won't be able to crawl away from the relegation zone. Stubbornness to play his usual favourites, midfielders played as strikers when we actually have strikers, and a worn out and defeatest look about him. Reminds me of the end of the Walter Smith era but what worries me just as much is that Kenwright probably has his new contract printed out already.

I hate Kenwright for what he has done to this club but Moyes is responsible for team selections and tactics which, to be honest, have bored the fuck out of me for most of his tenure. I didn't even get excited for the derby and that is something even Walter Smith in his last season could not achieve.

The time for Moyes to go is well overdue but I won't be holding my breath, he just won't go because he has the safest job in the Prem.

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