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Season 2011-12
The Mail Bag

What can we expect from Everton?

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What can we expect of Everton now that Fellaini finally has signed, and we won and got 3 points against Wolves? Is it likely we will go on a run of form just because Fellaini has signed a new contract?

I think the mess we are in is because of two things: Firstly, having sold Pienaar, Arteta & Yakubu and not getting any permanent replacements in for them. I think Moyes has no idea about what our current best eleven players is. He has altered the team too much in midfield plus not giving Barkley and Gueye a fair chance to show they are better than Osman, Bily or Neville.

Secondly, a lack of any creative minds in the squad, plus the form of each player this season has not been good to date, only 2 or 3 have shown ability and form and they are Baines, Drenthe and Vellios. The form of a player can tip a game in our favour, but as only 3 out of 11 players have shown the form needed, the rest of the team are dragging these 3 down.

Cahill and Saha should be allowed to leave after this season, because of their age and their huge salaries, £50k and £55k a week for this crap showing is hardly worth commenting on. For the sake of our future, they should be phased out of the first team, and should only come on as second-half substitutes, at least until they have hit form and start scoring regularly.

I doubt we will se them score more then 15 goals between them this season, I would even suggest they are not able to reach 12 together. Knowing their past performances are NOT good enough to get us the points we need now. Some changes have to be made and I would start with these two, plus they can only benefit from this being shown that they do not have automatic spots in the first team.

That is my view on how things are and what needs to change... but, looking towards the end of season, where can we expect Everton to end up?

I think it depends on how Moyes reacts to their poor form. At the start of the season, Moyes said to the media that there was a real competition for first team places and that he would only pick those who he deserved it. He has gone back on his word many times this season, allowing players like Neville, Saha and Cahill to play regardless of their performances on the field. I am sick of it, and I hate the fact that he has lied to our faces while doing so,; it is an insult to the fans as well as the players.

The old saying that Moyes breeds youth better than anyone is a myth at best as I have hardly seen Barkley, Vellios or Gueye, even though Moyes warned us not to put to much pressure on the young new team he was thinking of forming. Seems he has changed his mind on both these things. Vellios has been our best striker and looked most dangerous of all our forwards so far... why is he not being handed a few consecutive starts as Saha has been given?

No matter what argument I may think of, I cannot defend his decision making, and it will get even worse when Anichebe and McFadden are match fit again. Why Anichebe is even paid to be here is a miracle as Moyes must be seeing visions or seeing things others can`t.

For those who call em a Moyes-basher I submit I actually want Moyes to change and then stay, as I know he has ability; it just seems like it has gone into hiding since the beginning of last season.
Jimmy Soerheim, Stavanger Norway     Posted 25/11/2011 at 17:04:17

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Eric Myles
1   Posted 26/11/2011 at 07:56:09

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Good rant except for 2 things.

Neville has been dropped for most of the games this season.

The one game Velios did start (Fulham) he was knackered by half time.
Jimmy Sørheim
2   Posted 26/11/2011 at 09:10:16

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Only because of injury Eric.
The second game which we won actually, the first was Wigan. where he came on with Drenthe and scored the ultimate 2-1 goal that saw us take the lead.
You can try argue one away match, but that isnt any argument, Vellios has looked and actually been more of a striker then both Saha and Cahill.
Saha has THE POOREST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE, 25 shots with only 1 goal from it.
While Cahill has 0, that is zero since 20th of December 2010.
There simply is no defense of having SAHA and Cahill as regular starters with this abysmal record, surely YOU must see that, or do you wish hell upon Everton????
Derek Thomas
3   Posted 26/11/2011 at 08:49:56

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Jimmy; I have gone on record many times in maintaining that Moyes has NEVER known what his best 11 has been.

Eric; nobody gets truely match fit sitting on the bench.

Steadied the ship and all that, grateful thanks etc etc blah blah...BUT, sorry but Moyes has never been more than a 50% manager, 2004-05 was his defining 50% season and we have had,how many is it now?poor 1st quarter a decent middle and a fade away.

Moyes changes


Moyes goes.

It's sad really, early days I had great hopes that he could turn out to be the Blue Shankly and galvinise us.

But in the cold light of day, not helped by his mates(?) on the board, it didn't come to pass.

Time to move on, for better or worse, for all of us.
Roger Barrett
4   Posted 26/11/2011 at 11:25:49

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You can expect the same level of performance from fellaini but for twice the money and now we'll get a fee for him when he demands a move away

As for beating wolves yep we did,yep we needed to and yep we should be beating shite like them
Now Bolton that's where our 1 game unbeaten run ends,hope no but I'm a realist
Mike Manchester
5   Posted 26/11/2011 at 11:49:09

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Optimists and pessimists alike believe they are realists.
I personally think Moyes himself does not believe in the strikers we have at the club. Thats why he plays such defensive football. I think we all know King Louis is our best option up-front. Moyes watches these guys play football everyday if Vellios was any good do you think Davey would want to keep him out??? But he's pretty mediocre in my opinion.
Cahill is seriously out of form aswell, but hes probably a great guy to have in the dressing room, he really does love Everton, and hes a good role model for the youngsters.
Gotta give Moyes time to buy some new attacking talent., which is always likely to be the most expensive.
In my opinion the next two signings are the most important for the club in years because they will need to take the baton off these guys, and shape the style we play for the next 5 years possibly. IMWT
Stephen Kenny
6   Posted 26/11/2011 at 12:23:24

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Mike I agree with what you say about our next few signings.

I think with 3 points for a win and one for a draw it's worthwhile to have an attacking bias even if you lave yourself short at times defensively.
Chris Williams
7   Posted 26/11/2011 at 12:28:14

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It's becoming a bit tedious to hear how much we are missing Arteta, Pienaar and Yakubu.

Compared to when?

Arteta has missed huge chunks of the last few seasons through injury, and for most of last season, when he was in the team he stank the place out playing too deep,, apart from a brief spell near the end when he had a brief purple patch on the wing before getting injured again.

Yakubu basically had one very good season, but that was a while ago, since when a horrible injury aggravated by a lack of enthusiasm, possibly aggravated by not getting a run in the team, produced a series of bit part indifferent displays.

Pienaar also had his injury problems and never delivered the goal return he should have done with the tools he had in his toolbox. What he gave us was unstinting effort and a partnership with Baines that was extremely good and productive.We've never really been able to replicate it.

At a pinch, for the team structure, I'd say that he is definitely a miss.

Arteta and Yakubu are misses against what they were maybe three years ago, but they're not missed against, say, last season or even the season before, in my view, for what it is worth.

I'm not sure what the real physical problems are this current season, other than those that have been frequently aired, such as lack of goals, lack of pace etc. etc.But that was true last season too, more or less.

I feel that a collective gloom seems to have settled over the entire 'Everton Family' starting with DM, spreading outwards through his entire squad and being picked up on by the fans.

The talk is of poor morale/loss of confidence in comments from Jagielka and others, and it shows in every game.

We go into games against Man City and Chelsea pretty well already beaten, and the comments of the manager reflect this overall depression. Can you imagine what his team talks are like, or how his players must feel when they read his comments?

Perhaps, as a club we should forget about what we no longer have, and concentrate on what we actually do still have and set our stall out accordingly.

Unfortunately there is nothing that any of us can do but get behind them.
Adam Luszniak
8   Posted 26/11/2011 at 12:51:10

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Agree with Mike @ 5 that Moyes sees Vellios play everyday and is therefore keeping him out as he is mediocre. What i don't understand is that the cahill behind saha combo is clearly mediocre at best. Saha has at least had a run of fitness, and when he gets the ball he shows the kind of skill he is capable of, unfortunately it has not resulted in goals. Cahill demonstrated against Wolves with his blunder inside the 5 yard box that he is no striker. Where then is the harm in playing a mediocre vellios saha 442 instead of a mediocre cahil saha 451?
Eric Myles
9   Posted 26/11/2011 at 13:20:26

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Jimmy, yes I agree that Saha and Cahill should not be starters given their lack of form.

I just don't see Velios as the answer.
Dean Adams
10   Posted 26/11/2011 at 13:51:17

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Eric Myles 9

I just don't see Velios as the answer.

Thats the problem. We dont see any alternatives to give us an answer.
Derek Thomas
11   Posted 26/11/2011 at 21:36:38

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Eric; Vellios, with extremely restricted game time is our top scorer.

Some German Guy said about Gerd Muller, why is this carthorse in with my racehorses.

Now I'm not saying he is in Mullers class and he may well be a big carthorse. But he is getting the odd goal more than anyone else.

I actually think that Saha should be in the Cahill role to work with Vellios, talk him through the whole game.

Also more game time may make for more cock ups but he will be getting fitter and hopefully learning at the same time.

What's the alternative???Anichebe, McFadden
Roger Barrett
12   Posted 26/11/2011 at 21:56:07

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Have to hold my hand up and say, yes, I had us down with no chance today and was completely wrong, albeit against a poor side a man down. Let's be real, we struggled to break down Bolton even with the ten men but a win is a win and up to 8th and great goals too.
Eric Myles
13   Posted 27/11/2011 at 07:52:11

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Derek, after seeing him start against Fulham I expect he has limited game time due to lack of fitness.

Dean, yes I agree, very few alternatives.

It seems to be a choice of going with eperienced EPL players (Saha & Cahill) and if they fail then bring on something new (Velios) to make an impact against the tiring experienced EPL opposition.

That seems to have been working.


Start with the new boys (Velios) who isn't fit enough and doesn't make an impact against the experienced EPL opposition when they're fresh and then have to replace him with Saha / Cahill who are clearly out of form and not performing and are hardly game changers.

Between a rock and a hard place as our USA cousins say.
Derek Thomas
14   Posted 27/11/2011 at 08:21:38

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Eric; again, he won't ever get truely fit on the bench. Start him Vs Stoke, he will be up for it and run his bollocks off for an hour or so, he may even score one or two and will be all the better for the run as they say in racing circles.

yet again I won't be holding my breath for Moyes to see the light.

If you can't see it fair enough, we will have to agree to differ

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