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Season 2012-13

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What is Leighton Baines truly worth?

Late this week, news broke that Manchester United had put in a bid for Leighton Baines at the paltry sum of £12 million. Evertonians were outraged that David Moyes could put in such a low bid for arguably the most important piece of Everton’s squad.
Added on 30/06/2013

The Martinez to-do list

Fresh from moonlighting as a pundit for ESPN, the official business of managing Everton starts for Roberto Martinez on Monday and Wednesday marks the first day of preseason training. After making all the right noises in the press, with clear indications that Martinez understands the size of the task ahead, the real work starts now.
Added on 30/06/2013

Selling Fellaini may not be as bad as first feared for Everton

Obviously losing a player of Fellaini’s calibre would be damaging to Everton’s chances of a European place finish next season but would losing Fellaini actually be as bad as it seems for Everton?
Added on 30/06/2013

Historic Victory For Shareholders Association

KEIOC celebrate the show of hands vote, to allow the motion to reinstate annual general meetings, that produced an almost unanimous verdict in favour at last night's EGM in the Philharmonic Hall.
Added on 27/06/2013

Former Academy player banned for doping

Fleetwood Town player Gerard Kinsella has been banned from football for two years after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. The former Everton Academy trainee, aged 21, admitted an FA charge for breaching its anti-doping regulations and won't play again until February 2015.
Added on 25/06/2013

Losing Baines Could Be Worse For Everton Than Losing Moyes

Shameful fear-mongering by a weepy Moyes devotee who concludes: "All Martinez can do is pray that United don’t come knocking – the loss of key players will devastate the club."
Added on 24/06/2013

Martinez making all the right noises

Doubts lingered over the appointment of Roberto Martinez, the relegation at Wigan threatening to become the proverbial millstone around his neck. Yet slowly but surely, the refined Spaniard is convincing the doubters.
Added on 22/06/2013

League of Love (and hate)

Everton are the fourth-most liked club in the Premier League according to a survey about supporters' attitude to rival sides.
Added on 21/06/2013

What if... England hadn't been banned from Europe

Miguel Delaney looks back at the era of the post-Heysel ban on English clubs in European competition between 1985 and 1991 and wonders how the likes of Everton and Liverpool might have fared had they still been allowed to compete.

Probably England's best chance of the whole period of winning another European Cup. As such, Everton can feel aggrieved. The previous season, Kendall's wonderfully balanced side had won two trophies. They scored 88 goals in 42 league games and collected 90 points - some of the finest totals in English history.

They carried that form into the 1985-86 campaign, hitting 87 goals and accumulating 86 points - but a resurgent Liverpool had just a little too much in the league. The all-action Andy Gray had been replaced up front by poacher Gary Lineker, and it is likely that the English forward's subtlety would have better suited the tactical minimalism of mid-80s European football. Given the premium on goalscoring opportunities, his predatory instincts could well have been perfect.

Added on 21/06/2013

''I’m surprised Everton fans are so positive about Martínez''

He was responsible for Wigan’s exit from the Premier League, but there are still very few voices of discontent among fans at Goodison Park as Roberto Martínez prepares for his debut season as manager of Everton.
Added on 21/06/2013

Pienaar’s poker face and retirement truth

A preoccupation with Steven Pienaar's retirement from the South African national team is still the focus of this emotional interview with "Poker-face Pienaar".
Added on 20/06/2013

How did the Everton centre backs fare in 2012-13?

If you love stats, you might be interested in this analysis of Everton's main defenders — especially Johnny Heitinga's fall from grace.
Added on 18/06/2013

When Dixie defied the Nazis

This article recalls the six-game post-season tour of Germany that Everton undertook in 1932.
Added on 17/06/2013

Early trainer's medal collection goes for auction

David Prentice has a nice write-up in the Echo of Harry Cooke, briefly an Everton player then the team trainer, coach and physio for much of the last century, until the arrival of Harry Catterick in 1961.
Added on 16/06/2013

Marouane Fellaini - Stick or Twist?

OA takes a statistical look at the big Belgian's importance to Everton as the big vultures potentially circle this summer looking to take him to the Champions League.
Added on 15/06/2013

Kevin Mirallas Can Be Everton’s Key Man Under Roberto Martinez

Matt Jones explains how he feels the Belgian wizard can benefit most from Roberto Martinez's appointment as Everton manager.
Added on 14/06/2013

£nough is £nough

Calling all fans who care about the future of the game to protest about scandalous pricing.

Meeting at Regent's Park on 19 June, 1pm, followed by a march to Premier League Headquarters.

Added on 14/06/2013

Drenthe returning to English Football

Former Real Madrid and Everton winger Royston Drenthe is set to sign for Reading, who are poised to sign the Dutch international on a three-year contract.
Added on 14/06/2013

Finch Farm just weeks from being taken over by Government

Marc Waddington in The Echo describes how the imminent dissolution of Finch Farm Ltd, the company who owned Everton's training complex and the 55-acres of land on which it sits, meant that Finch Farm would likely have been taken over by the Government.

Everton's lease would have been guaranteed regardless but the purchase of the facility by Liverpool City Council puts Finch Farm under local control and, Mayor Joe Anderson argues, stands to earn LCC a substantial profit over the lifetime of the club's tenancy.
Added on 13/06/2013

What the Finch Farm sale really tells us

Paul Jamieson outlines the message the Finch Farm issue sends about Everton's well-documented financial situation.
Added on 13/06/2013

Why Roberto Martinez will struggle to keep his Champions League promise

David Anderson sees Everton drifting further down the league rather than Roberto Martinez delivering Champions League football to Goodison Park.
Added on 11/06/2013

All about Roberto Martinez

Mark 'O'Brien of WSAG interviews Martin ‘Jimmy’ Tarbuck of the Wigan Athletic fanzine Mudhutter to give his view on Everton's new manager.
Added on 10/06/2013

A leaked document on a football scandal shows how the elites see the people

Everton likes to style itself as The People’s Club, but many of the people who make up the support don’t see it as such. Instead they see an organisation that maintains its distance from the people who support it, especially those who are independently-minded.

The club’s decision to change its badge recently prompted widespread opposition. Everton has apologised for not consulting fans, but the new version will stay in place for the coming season.

Added on 06/06/2013

Moyes v Martinez: How the stats stack up for the departing Everton boss and his likely successor

Chris Smith takes a look at how Everton's new manager stacks up against his predecessor.
Added on 06/06/2013

How Bellamy almost joined Everton

Craig Bellamy has revealed in his autobiography he came close to signing for Everton until a ‘bizarre’ encounter with David Moyes. Bellamy met the Everton manager at the Celtic Manor Hotel in 2005 but decided against the move after a second meeting with a ‘tense and hostile’ Moyes.
Added on 01/06/2013

The Rise of Everton's Seamus Coleman

Matt Jones recognises the leaps and bounds made by Everton's rising fullback star since arriving at Goodison for just £60,000 four years ago.
Added on 31/05/2013

Everton: A Vision for the Future

You would expect whoever negotiated [Everton's shirt] sponsorship deal [with Chang] that any advertising, labels, packaging a certain percentage would have to feature Everton in some shape or form in order to push forward (I hate this word but the club have been using it a lot recently) our 'brand'. This obviously is not the case... The deal itself ... expires at the end of next season; £4 million pound per season is a very poor return for a consistent top 8/6 side.
Added on 30/05/2013

Roberto Martinez: Strengths and Weaknesses

EB's in-depth analysis of the soon-to-be-ex-Wigan boss's credentials as a potential successor to David Moyes at Everton.
Added on 29/05/2013

Everton: What Has Happened to My Club?

Over at FootyScene, THT laments the seemingly increasing disconnect between Everton's marketing and the fans.

The reason for writing this is my total disbelief in how poorly we are marketed and how poorly we portray ourselves in the media. We market our club in a very insular way and always seem to sell ourselves short from a commercial point of view.

We are NOT plucky little Everton, and at times David Moyes annoyed me because he played up to that image. I felt insulted at times the way we portrayed ourselves; it's bad enough when others do it but when we do it ourselves I can’t abide it. We are a Big Club with passionate fans so how can we have got it so wrong of late?

Added on 27/05/2013

Everton debuts their new crest and it's plain awful

Zac Woolsey at SB Nation chimes in with more negative reaction to the unveiling of Everton's much-maligned new badge
Added on 25/05/2013

Everton get £51.7M in TV Revenue

Despite finishing 6th in the Premier League, Everton came in 7th behind Liverpool in terms of TV revenue totals.
Added on 21/05/2013

Chelsea defeat epitomises the season for Everton

This defeat epitomised the campaign, some will argue it epitomised the Moyes era, as missed chances and slack defending nullified good football. This familiar theme has prevailed throughout the season. In-between gifting the opposition goals, Everton have squandered chance after chance; Sunday was no different.
Added on 19/05/2013

Everton A-Z Season Deconstruction 2012-13

So, the last ball has been kicked in the 2012-13 season. It’s been a long slog with ace goals, great games and plenty of missed chances with the occasional defensive calamity. Pour yourself a large mug of coffee (twix optional) and prepare for a lengthy A-Z breakdown of the highs and lows of the last 9 months for the toffeemen…
Added on 19/05/2013

Benitez non-committal on Everton

Rafa Benitez told talkSPORT: 'I have a lot of respect for Everton. They have done a great job in the last year, and you have to give credit to them. But, still I think it would be quite difficult for them to approach me and maybe even for me to go there.'
Added on 18/05/2013

How long will it take before Merseyside captures the attention of football once again?

Tony Barrett underlines the glaring shift in power from Merseyside to Manchester over the last two decades and wonders whether Everton and Liverpool will be able to reclaim the spotlight again any time soon.

The dynamic of the power relations between Manchester and Merseyside is now so well established, so entrenched and so unquestioned that the only wonder is why the Stretford End still feels the need to rub in their superiority. A generation on from Wembley being a second home to supporters of Liverpool and Everton bearing “Manchester: A Trophy Free Zone” banners, the tables have well and truly been turned.

In the space of seven days between Sunday 5 May and Sunday 12 May, Merseyside was put in its place, perhaps more than ever before. The week started with a nondescript derby that has already been forgotten, a match that meant little outside of parochial superiority and how it showed. The following day came a surge of bets on David Moyes to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson, a rush of money that sent the bookmakers running for cover and left Everton fearing that they would be powerless to prevent their manager, soon to be out of contract, from walking away.

Within 48 hours, those concerns had been realised. Moyes was on his way and amidst the avalanche of deserved tributes that followed, the fact that Everton Football Club, the fourth most successful in English history, had left itself at United’s mercy. It almost felt like an afterthought but it should be one of the prevailing issues.

Moyes allowed his contract to run down, not because he knew he was getting the United job, but because of his ongoing belief that Everton lacked the ambition and the financial wherewithal to compete at the highest level. In January, his club had one last chance to prove him wrong by producing the kind of transfer budget that would have allowed him to move for players who might, just might, have propelled Everton to a top four finish.

Added on 17/05/2013

Moyes was not Man Utd’s first choice

A French journalist has revealed David Moyes was not Sir Alex Ferguson’s first choice successor at Manchester United. The Metro reports how Julien Laurens, who writes for Le Parisien, believes that Carlo Ancelotti was the iconic Scotsman’s preferred choice.

The Frenchman told his Twitter followers: “Very reliable sources tell Le Parisien that Sir Alex Ferguson called Carlo Ancelotti last week to ask him to succeed him. He was surprised and flattered but politely declined the offer. So Sir Alex Ferguson then turned to second choice David Moyes.”
Added on 16/05/2013

Looking back at David Moyes's time in charge of Everton

"[I]f Moyes wins at United, it's just going to be a constant reminder that the only thing holding him back at Everton was bad ownership."

Spurs fan Zac Woosley offers an outsider's view of David Moyes's 11 years at Everton.
Added on 15/05/2013

Everton hopeful Phil Neville and Leon Osman won't follow Moyes out of Goodison

Chairman Bill Kenwright has dropped heavy hints that he would like Phil Neville to be part of the new coaching structure at Everton, while Leon Osman is set to sign a new 2-year contract.
Added on 15/05/2013

Everton Have Much to Be Positive About

There is no point understating the significance this summer holds for Everton; it represents a new chapter in the clubs decorated history. A new manager, a new captain and a flurry of transfer activity surely await Toffees supporters. But despite many outsiders proclaiming the world is about to come crashing down around Everton, there is much for the supporters to be positive and excited about.
Added on 14/05/2013

David James thought Phil Neville was an absolute prick...

... Then he realised neville was an exemplary part of Fergie's United mafia. David James has compared Sir Alex Ferguson's reign at Manchester United to that of a mafia Don and revealed that, despite prolonged exposure to many of the manager's players, each consistently refused to share the secrets behind his or Manchester United's workings during his 27 years in charge.
Added on 13/05/2013

Smalltime club: Wigan chief says Everton not big enough for Roberto Martinez

Wigan owner Dave Whelan claimed Everton are not big enough for Roberto Martinez after the FA Cup win that has seen his manager’s standing rocket.
Added on 13/05/2013

David Moyes brought stability and success to Everton

Diligence and attention to detail employed by David Moyes brought stability and success to Everton, where he learnt to make tough decisions that would do much more than just keep the Goodison Park club in the Premier League throughout his 11-year reign as the Blues' manager.
Added on 11/05/2013

''You’ll make me cry'' says Burnham

Shadow Health Minister Andy Burnham tells staff at the Healthworks project he was visiting in Easington, “Don’t mention David Moyes, you’ll make me cry. I’m not happy about that at all.”
Added on 11/05/2013

Identifying the right manager

OnsideAnalysis rank the best managers of the past five years by average points-per-game.

"As with all data, take it for what it is worth. There is more to every Manager. They do however demonstrate who some of the top performers have been in the last five years - some we would expect, and some we may have forgotten!"
Added on 11/05/2013

McFadden on another Fir Park farewell and life under Moyes

James McFadden is set to bid Motherwell's home fans another farewell this weekend in their final home game of the season. He is linked with Celtic or a possible return to England but he has also provided some insight into his time at Everton under David Moyes:

“Every day at training he wanted to make you better. Only the best was good enough.

“You weren’t allowed a slack day. Any days it was slack he sent you home. You’d be sent off the pitch.

“At times he sent the whole squad off and said ‘Come back tomorrow and get your heads right’.

“He wouldn’t send anyone off on their own — he’d send everybody off and that was it. You’d be walking off the training pitch at 11 o’clock.

“We were taken aback, but those were the standards he set.

“He’s a great manager and he expects nothing but the best.” McFadden didn’t always see eye to eye with Moyes but admits the fiery gaffer made him a better player.

He added: “At the time I thought he was extra hard on me, I didn’t understand it. But when I left I realised how much he wanted me to improve and I felt he did that.

“A lot of the time I found it hard because I was trying my best and he was always nit-picking at wee things.

“I didn’t realise he just wanted me to have the kind of levels that meant I was better the next week than I’d been the previous week.

“I didn’t understand what he was trying to do and I always thought he was hard on me, but when I left I realised it was a good thing.”

Added on 11/05/2013

Is he the Moyesiah?

"My belief is that he’s a good manager, not a great manager. I think he’s a top guy with many great qualities... but I’ve felt for some time that he had taken Everton as far as he was able and it was time for something fresh to see if we could push on to that next level."
Added on 10/05/2013

Moyes was planning on staying at Everton

BBC report that David Moyes has said: "I wasn't planning on leaving. My contract was running out but we were planning for pre-season. All we've ever done is keep planning."
Added on 10/05/2013

Tough but not impossible to build on Moyes's Goodison groundwork

Andy Hunter argues that David Moyes leaves Everton in a much healthier position than he found them 11 years ago and says the foundation is in place for the new manager if the squad remains intact.
Added on 09/05/2013

Kenwright caught off guard by United move for Moyes

Manchester United's desire to secure David Moyes took Everton by surprise with the Merseyside club feeling aggrieved that they did not receive the courtesy of an official approach from the champions. However, as Moyes's contract with Everton expires on 30 June, Man Utd were not required to do so.

The news had been so unexpected at Goodison Park that until 2pm on Wednesday, four hours after Ferguson made his decision public, Everton's chairman, Bill Kenwright, had no idea that Moyes was wanted by United.
Added on 08/05/2013

Ferguson's Retirement Sends Man Utd Shares Tumbling

Shares in Manchester United fell in New York after fears over the impact that Sir Alex Ferguson's departure will have on the club. The opening bell on Wall Street saw shares down by 3%, driven lower by worries over whether the club can appoint the right replacement for the most successful manager in English football history.
Added on 08/05/2013

Everton’s Issues Run Deeper than a Lack of Funds

Brian Canever claims that a bleak outlook for Everton – despite their expected 6th place finish in the Premier League – emanates from the side’s crippling lack of confidence and inability to play proactive football for more than a handful of matches all season.
Added on 07/05/2013

Anfield: the victims, the anger and Liverpool's shameful truth

Highly respected football writer, David Conn, exposes the dark side of Liverpool FC and their cynical contribution to the dreadful decline of the area around Anfield over the past 20 years.
Added on 07/05/2013

''I've never won at Anfield because Everton don't get refereeing decisions,'' laments Moyes

Moyes told the press: "You people are quick to remind me that I have never won at Anfield but, if you don't get any decisions, it makes it very difficult to win and that is quite a regular occurrence when we come here."
Added on 07/05/2013

OA Performance Preview: Liverpool Everton

Onside Analysis preview the Anfield derby
Added on 05/05/2013

David Moyes hoping Everton can prove doubters wrong and get him a first Anfield derby win

Moyes said: “I've probably thought a lot of times I'm going there with my strongest team ever and it's our best chance but it has always proved to be a difficult venue for us. We've gone there and had some half decent results. So we'll go there again and see what we have to do, keep winning if we want to try and catch the teams above us.”
Added on 04/05/2013

Man with a Midas touch... Everton star Mirallas chasing the gold rush as he wraps £170k Bentley in metallic vinyl matt

Kevin Mirallas has now got a car to match his golden displays on the pitch. The 25-year-old showed his golden touch and has wrapped his £170,000 Bentley Continental GT in gold matt vinyl.
Added on 04/05/2013

How Everton should set up to beat Liverpool

Matt Cheatham's prescription for a Blues victory over Liverpool this Sunday, starting with fielding the best team available!
Added on 02/05/2013

Everton's swashbuckling right-back Seamus Coleman making a case for the defence

This season Seamus Coleman has been asked to defend as much as destroy and – operating as a right-back in place of the injured Tony Hibbert – was named the Blues’ Player of the Month for March.
Added on 02/05/2013

Three Reasons Why Leighton Baines Is Everton’s Player Of The Season

Chances created... Defensive Actions... Duels Won!
Added on 02/05/2013

Bundesliga move not main ambition for Everton boss David Moyes

David Moyes has distanced himself from a move to the Bundesliga: "I’ve always said that I wouldn’t have a problem managing abroad and would want that in time but it’s not my main ambition or something I feel has to be done."
Added on 02/05/2013

How Neville Southall won the Player of the Year award in the 1984-85 season

The Guardian takes a look back at how the Goodison legend was recognised for performances that helped Everton win the First Division title and Cup Winners' Cup
Added on 01/05/2013

Cole vs Baines – Time to Make that Shift in England colours?

Is it about time that a permanent change was made in the right back pecking order at International level? Should the vastly improved Baines be the number one pick at left-back in all the key matches that England play in the near future?
Added on 30/04/2013

The Curious Case of the Missing Director

Neil Adderley examines the role – or glaring lack thereof – played by Everton director Robert Earl at Goodison Park.

Does anyone know where Robert Earl is? The businessman owns 23% of Everton Football Club yet rarely ventures to Goodison - why is this?

Added on 29/04/2013

The Premier League is a powerful force for good in society

Everton's Free School gets a glowing write-up in this piece that showcases non-football investment by the Premier League and asserts that football's unique appeal, combined with the often imaginative approach of club staff, has improved thousands of lives in real terms, rather than just for a few hours after a winning Saturday.
Added on 26/04/2013

Tim Cahill enjoying life at New York Red Bulls

Former Everton midfielder Tim Cahill says he "couldn't be happier" at the New York Red Bulls, and feels Major League Soccer "is progressing". Speaking to Football Focus, Cahill also reveals he is hoping to play for his country at the next World Cup, even though he will be 34-years-old when the tournament in Brazil comes around.
Added on 26/04/2013

Prentice's in-depth cash probe of the missing Everton millions.

In today's Echo, David Prentice identifies the missing millions that are lurking so close to Bill Kenwright, but seemingly just out of his grasp.
Added on 26/04/2013

David Moyes: We will miss 'influential' Phil Neville

"He has been really influential. He has been a great captain and a great player since he joined us eight years ago and will be missed," Moyes told Yahoo Sports. "He has been someone that I can rely on both on and off the pitch. I have got no doubt that he will go on to work in football and he is someone who we will miss."
Added on 26/04/2013

Why Sunderland defeat will actually help Everton's bid to catch Chelsea and Spurs

I think it's a relief that Everton can finally forget all this Champions League talk and focus on their real goal this season – qualifying for Europe.
Added on 22/04/2013

What If... Heysel Had Never Happened?

The disaster saw English teams banned from competing in Europe for five years and after Everton had recently won the 1985 first division title, it could have been so different for the Toffees had 39 fans not lost their lives that fateful May day.
Added on 21/04/2013

Everton’s European Chances Hurt by Near Record Number of Draws

The optimism around Goodison Park is slowly fading as the season comes to a close. And it is not because the side are flopping. In fact, if Everton eventually miss out on continental competition it will be mostly due to one key statistic: draws.
Added on 19/04/2013

Wenger: Everton tackles went 'over the edge'

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed Everton went "over the edge" in their physicality during Tuesday night's 0-0 draw at the Emirates - but has pointed the finger of blame squarely at the referee.
Added on 17/04/2013

Everton set to make top four charge?

Everton will face off against an in-form Arsenal team on Tuesday night and the outcome will play a big role in both sides’ chances in their bid for Champions League football: Everton could close the gap on top four rivals with a victory.
Added on 16/04/2013

Moyes is making this brilliant Everton side better with every passing season

Martin Keown says this is the best squad David Moyes has had at the club. The Scot has added a gem of a player each season and polished it and his signings have been very astute.

Moyes has moulded his side — it’s his project. It would be difficult for him to leave because these are exciting times. When you sign players for a few years, you want to see them develop. If he left, he’d be picking up someone else’s mess and leaving his project behind.
Added on 16/04/2013

Arteta: I was right to leave Everton

Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta believes his ability to hold down a regular first-team spot at Emirates Stadium proves he was right to leave Everton in 2011.
Added on 16/04/2013

Everton boss David Moyes is told he would be 'perfect' to manage Schalke

Everton boss David Moyes was told last night: “You’d be perfect to manage Schalke”, according to the Sunday People. The recommendation comes from the former Nottingham Forest and Arsenal winger Tony Woodcock, a highly respected figure in German football after his spell at Cologne.
Added on 14/04/2013

All We Are Saying...

The Blue Union reveal that talks have taken place with the Liverpool Echo which, they hope, will see the local press dig a little deeper into the behind-the-scenes affairs at Goodison Park.
Added on 13/04/2013

OA Performance Preview: Everton v QPR

OnsideAnalysis preview QPR's visit to Goodison Park this weekend
Added on 12/04/2013

Premier League 'financial fair play' rules approved

Financial controls will be brought in to Premier League clubs from next season after opposition to the spending restraints fizzled out.
Added on 12/04/2013

Is Moyes Being Linked With Schalke 04 Move Really That Crazy?

Everton manager David Moyes has emerged as the number one target to take over at Bundesliga side Schalke, or so The Daily Mail might have us believe. Moyes has always been on the German side’s radar but was expected to be passed over in favour of Eintracht Frankfurt boss Armin Veh. With Veh signing a new deal with Frankfurt last week though, the Scotsman has now jumped to the top of the queue.
Added on 11/04/2013

Could this Porto coach replace David Moyes at Everton?

With David Moyes yet to sign a new contract with Everton, reports suggest the club are looking to Portugal for a possible replacement.
Added on 11/04/2013

It’s time for Moyes and Everton to say goodbye

For the betterment of both the club and his career, Moyes should now pack up his bags and seek pastures anew. And, with clubs like Schalke and Chelsea looking for managers, he will most certainly have his pick of clubs at the end of the season.
Added on 11/04/2013

Champions League qualification still within Everton's reach insists Phil Jagielka

Phil Jagielka insists Everton's Champions League hopes remain alive despite coming away with just one point from their match against Tottenham yesterday.
Added on 09/04/2013

Forget Messi and Ronaldo, it's Premier League defender Baines who creates more chances than anyone in Europe

Of the top 10 opportunity forgers in Europe, four ply their trade on these shores with Everton's Leighton Baines sitting proudly top of the chance charts with a staggering 97 goalscoring opportunities created this season.
Added on 09/04/2013

If We Played For The Full 90, We'd Be Second

If only games were 85 minutes long. If that were the case then Everton could well be second now. It seems we have an inability to concentrate for the full 90 and all too often the team seems to concede as full-time is drawing near.
Added on 09/04/2013

Are Everton’s Champions League hopes now finished?

Everton boss David Moyes still thinks his side have a chance of finishing in the Champions League positions this season. The Scot told Sky Sports: “I don’t know if a point does a great deal for us. If we’d won we’d have been right in it.
Added on 09/04/2013

Spurs today will face Europe’s most creative player

Sunday sees Everton travel to White Hart Lane to face Tottenham. The game looks set to be an interesting one with serious implications at the top of the table. Spurs currently sit in third place on 57 points, with Everton six points behind on 51... The Toffees will be heavily reliant on Leighton Baines, the rampaging full-back has created more goalscoring opportunities than any other player in Europe this season.
Added on 07/04/2013

Coming month could see David Moyes's doubters silenced

David Moyes, infamously, is still seeking his first trophy as a manager. And his critics never miss an opportunity to point out that his sides have come up short in ‘almost’ every truly big clash they have faced. But next month will hand David Moyes the opportunity to challenge the nay-sayers, silence the doubters and prove his team can win matches that matter.
Added on 05/04/2013

End Nears for Everton's Older Generation

Everton's average squad age this season stands at 27, on par with the Premier League's current top three - Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham - and a year younger than Chelsea. Their spine is currently occupied by players who have become mainstays despite their advancing seniority.
Added on 04/04/2013

SOS1878 reveal survey results

Everton fan site,, have published the results of their survey of supporters regarding the ownership and future of the Club, with 90% of the 3,000 respondents indicating that they "worry about the long-term future of Everton Football Club."

As a Blue Union member, make no pretence as to their impartiality to the Bill Kenwright Board and it's reasonable to assume that, as such, their Web and social media following would feature a sizeable contingent of like-minded fans. Nevertheless, the findings of the survey reveal an undercurrent of concern among the respondents.

Added on 03/04/2013

Everton must shed inferiority complex in upcoming away games

Whisper it quietly, but Everton are finding their form at the opportune moment. Home games against Reading, Manchester City and Stoke have returned three consecutive Premier League wins for the first time since January 2010. Enhancing their already exemplary home form, Everton have gained 33 points at Goodison Park with only Manchester United (42) and their aforementioned city rivals (36) gaining more points at home.
Added on 03/04/2013

Is Everton the best place for David Moyes?

David Moyes should think carefully when considering his future at the end of the season. If Moyes’s ambition is to move to a bigger club, there is nowhere in the Premier League for him to go at present. Moyes has grown to be extremely well respected and favoured at Everton, and that is not something to throw away lightly.
Added on 02/04/2013

Why David Moyes should just admit he's staying at Everton

David Anderson thinks it's time Moyes nailed his colours to the mast. Reading between the lines of his post-match quotes after Everton's win over Stoke, he clearly wants to stay at Goodison Park.

He could use the announcement that he is staying to give their run-in one final push if he made it over the next week or two. That would be smart management. But I would not understand his thinking if he left the issue hanging in the air, causing nothing but uncertainty at Goodison, until the summer.
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Moyes must be careful not to play into Stoke's hands with tactical tweaking

Throughout the 2012-13 season, David Moyes has favoured a 4-4-1-1 formation. But with both Marouane Fellaini and Steven Pienaar suspended for this weekend’s home fixture with Stoke City, as well as the following weekend’s visit to Tottenham, he could return to a more straightforward 4-4-2 system.
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FourFourTwo predicts tight finish, with Everton finishing...

With less than a quarter of the season left to play, they’ve run through the rest of the Premier League season's results to predict what will happen in the Premier League. At least one of the current top four will end the season with very little to show for their efforts, while a 'surprise' team in Blue is predicted to snatch 4th place!
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Biggest ref bias in favour of Liverpool

This statistical analysis ponders the question: Are Referees biased towards the Home Team? The resulting EPL Index Stats Analysis show up a fairly consistent bias in terms of free-kicks given away before a yellow card is received (on average). By team, the greatest beneficiary of this at home is found to be Liverpool by a clear margin.
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Three of the best under David Moyes

Almost 180 players have passed through Everton since David Moyes arrived in 2002 with around £260 million changing hands in the process; the net spend under Moyes is approximately £10.5 million (that equates to less than £1 million a season). Luke O'Farrell names his top three signings of the Moyes era.
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Stats outline Everton improvements and failings | Comparison to 2011-12

The improvements are clear; unfortunately, so are the problems and a quick comparison between 2011-12 and 2012-13 highlights these areas. Continual defensive problems and sub-par finishing temper the obvious improvements in passing and creativity.
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Why Everton fans should prepare for Fellaini's inevitable departure

Once again, Chelsea are being linked (in the Daily Star with a move for Marouane Fellaini. David Anderson argues that the Toffees must now get the best price they can. And, as unwelcome as this speculation is for Everton and their fans, they had better get used to it because it isn't going to go away.
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Be Careful What You Wish For

Other than taking a timely and welcome dig at this utterly banal cliche, it's not entirely clear what the purpose of this piece at KEIOC is really targetting...
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Cycling mogul's admiration for Moyes

Asked if there was another sport to which he might be interested in applying his skills. Sir Dave Brailsford, the architect of British cycling success at the London 2012 Olympics and last year's Tour de France, says:

"Football is something I would look at," adding that he admired the style and ability of Everton manager David Moyes to perform so well given the difference in resources he faces against some of the bigger clubs. "He does an unbelievably good job."
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A Wigan Fan Tells Everton Why Roberto Martinez Is The Man To Replace Moyes

Intelligent, positive, creative and confident, Roberto Martinez has all the necessary qualities to succeed at Everton according to this Wigan fan. Just go easy on him...
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BBC comedian 'Lee Nelson' charged after gatecrashing at Everton to warm-up with Manchester City players

Comedian Simon Brodkin was charged by police after entering the pitch and warming up with Manchester City players ahead of their 2-0 defeat by Everton at Goodison Park. City fan Brodkin, who is best known for his character Lee Nelson, was appearing in the guise of footballer Jason Bent - a character from his BBC series Lee Nelson’s Well Funny People. The 35-year-old was charged with pitch encroachment under the Football Offences Act.
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Victor Anichebe can become Everton's most important player

Victor Anichebe pulled out possibly his best performance of the season for Everton as they defeated Manchester City superbly with a 2-0 win at Goodison Park over the weekend. It was a performance which suggested that Anichebe has finally matured into the sort of player that the club would have seen leading the front line for many years to come.
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The cost of insanity, Pt II

The second part of Neil Adderley's interview with Colin Fitzpatrick covers the conclusion of the Kirkby inquiry and the origins of the Blue Union
Added on 18/03/2013

The cost of insanity, Pt I

Part I of an interview of KEIOC Secretary and Blue Union Communications Officer, Colin Fitzpatrick, by Neil Adderley.
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Pip's cricket dream

Phil Neville is already considering his next big move – a return to his first-love with Greenmount Cricket Club.
Added on 14/03/2013

How do you solve a problem like Everton?

Mark Godfrey adds to the number of well-written articles assessing Everton's plight in the wake of Saturday's FA Cup debacle and the ensuing fallout.

And it is in the direction of Kenwright where the ire of supporters is being aimed in the aftermath of the Cup disappointment. The Evertonians relationship with the man at the helm of the club has been strained to say the least for many years, from the failed new stadium ventures at Kings Dock and Kirkby to the inability to attract investment to move the club into a trophy-challenging position on the field. Finally, as a parting of the ways becomes an increasing possibility, it seems the manager could also running out of patience with his boss.

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The nearly man David Moyes risks being overlooked if he leaves Everton

The achievements of Moyes over the past decade far exceed those of managers such as Alex McLeish and Steve McClaren who have won major trophies in the same period, but the reality is that silverware is a prerequisite for applicants for the kind of jobs the Scot may covet. That Everton have not lifted any, critics of Moyes suggest, is no coincidence. Too often they have underperformed in the biggest of matches.
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Why could the defeat against Wigan Athletic be good for Everton?

I cannot see Moyes leaving until he has won a trophy and that could be the bonus from defeat to Wigan with one more year of Moyes to try and achieve what appears unachievable.
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A disgraceful performance from Everton FC

Video: "A disgraceful performance from Everton FC" — Sports Editor John Thompson.
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Write off David Moyes at your peril

Moyes is an old-fashioned authoritarian, yet is notably collegiate in his recruitment policy, in which he draws heavily on the professionalism of Steve Round, his assistant; Robbie Cooke, his chief scout; and James Smith, his technical scout. If he goes, they will doubtless follow. Everton would have to begin from scratch, without such players as Marouane Fellaini, whose form since the January transfer window closed has been sufficiently poor to pose questions about his class, character and commitment. A culture of evolution would be swept away by a revolution.
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The end of an era at Goodison Park?

Regardless of whether David Moyes does jump ship or not this summer, there was a definite ‘end of an era’ feel around Goodison Park on Saturday.
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Is it time for Everton and David Moyes to part company?

Next week marks the 11th year anniversary of David Moyes taking charge of Everton but after Saturday’s 3-0 FA Cup quarter-final defeat to Wigan he may feel it is time for a change for both himself and the club when his contract runs out in the summer.
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Terrible Toffees Stumble Out of the FA Cup in Embarrassing Fashion

With Everton, nothing is ever certain. And, when the media started blowing up this fixture against relegation-threatened Wigan Athletic as a quick-and-easy way for David Moyes to get his side into the FA Cup semifinals and potentially claim the first trophy of his long tenure, it just seemed like everything would go wrong.
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FA Cup horror show may actually improve the chances of Moyes staying at Everton

David Moyes may have taken the Toffees as far as he can, but are there any better options available to him?
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A rant about Everton’s Marouane Fellaini

The supporters’ issue with Fellaini wasn’t necessarily his performance, it was his apparent apathy to what was going on around him and his failure to leave any impression on the game whatsoever. This was the kind of the game which Everton should’ve won, and that Fellaini should have had a profound influence on.
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What next for David Moyes?

Phil McNulty ponders Moyes's future after one of the most abject displays of his tenure saw Everton crash out of the FA Cup to Wigan Athletic.

The intrigue surrounds how Moyes will react to such a setback. He has done much fine work at Goodison Park but there has been a simmering unsettled mood in recent weeks alongside the uncertainty over his contract.

A chance had opened up for Everton in this season's FA Cup but it was squandered quite spectacularly - and how Goodison Park, or at least those supporters still inside a rapidly deserting stadium at the final whistle, let Moyes and his players know it.

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Martin Keown interviews David Moyes: People say I need a trophy, but it's Everton that need one...

Read the full interview at the link below.
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What’s up with Jelavic?

The Croatian striker has gone 12 Premier League games without scoring now and even his greatest admirers must be worrying about his form. The Executioner has heard numerous theories – he’s been found out, he’s being grocked out of games, he’s working the channels too much or his confidence has gone. Instead of mere speculation, let’s have a look at his Premier League numbers....
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Taxi for Wayne Rooney – to Paris Saint-Germain

The papers are agog with the prospect of Wayne Rooney leaving Man Utd in the summer, after he started on the bench v Real Madrid, but are ruling out any return to Everton for the lifelong Blues fan, who they are touting strongly for a move across the channel to Paris St-Germain.
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Why David Moyes should start Shane Duffy against Wigan this weekend

Wigan have already admitted some players will be rested for their 6th Round tie at Goodison Park, and this is the perfect time for Shane Duffy to get a chance. He will be in front of a home crowd during a big match, and for the most part this will be a first-choice squad.
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Statistics show Baines as Europe's most creative player

Statistically, the Everton left back is the most creative player in Europe and it is to his credit that his defensive performances remain at such a high level; Baines has won 81 percent of his tackles this season and continues to excel defensively.
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Martinez to make changes for Everton FA Cup clash

Roberto Martinez has revealed he will make changes for Wigan Athletic's FA Cup quarter-final against Everton.
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Seamus Coleman is hoping Kevin Mirallas partnership will prosper

Seamus Coleman hopes his influential partnership with Kevin Mirallas can prosper without being marred by injuries as Everton bid to end the season in style.
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Everton 3 - 1 Reading – Tactical Deconstruction

This was a fairly routine win against one of the weakest sides we have faced at Goodison in a while and should set us up nicely for Wigan next week.
Added on 04/03/2013

Pienaar has sights on Europe

Steven Pienaar has his eye on European football this autumn as the season enters the final quarter.
Added on 04/03/2013

Podcast: Sylvain Distin — Back from the brink

The official site kicks off a series of podcasts with an interview with Sylvain Distin that takes in his ignominious departure from Paris St Germain as a teenager to his present days as a reliable presence at centre half for Everton.
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Anxious fans not prepared to just 'wait and see'

David Prentice detected some genuine anxiety among Evertonians in the cup replay against Oldham, even with the Blues two goals to the good.
Added on 01/03/2013

Tim Howard targets Wembley feelgood factor for Everton after FA Cup win

Tim Howard says Everton are determined to get to Wembley in the FA Cup to give their fans the feelgood factor. "The way Wembley makes me feel, makes the team feel and makes the fans feel gives you drive to get back there," said Howard.
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Has Moyes Achieved Enough At Everton?

Although Everton have regularly finished in the top eight under David Moyes, has he achieved enough in his 11 years to warrant all the praise?
Added on 27/02/2013

Tactical Analysis of Nikica Jelavic and His Loss of Form

The man who was the best one-touch finisher in the country last season now cuts a frustrated figure lacking in confidence.
Added on 27/02/2013

Moyes unlikely to get Manchester United job

David Moyes is unlikely to be offered the opportunity to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as the manager of Manchester United due to his lack of experience in European football.
Added on 27/02/2013

Can FA Cup victory revive Everton’s Premier League form?

Finishing in the top six of the Premier League and winning the FA Cup would be the perfect way for Moyes to bid farewell to the club he has managed for nearly 11 years.
Added on 27/02/2013

Can this Everton teenager have a similar impact to Wayne Rooney?

George Waring is an 18-year-old striker at Everton Academy and there are several reasons he could have a similar impact that Wayne Rooney had at Goodison Park.
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Everton’s financial past is casting a shadow over the future of David Moyes

Tony Evans, Football Editor at The Times, lays the blame for Everton's perennial inability to crack the top four at the feet of the Board of Directors whose failings over the past 13 years have left the Club struggling to compete financially with their peers:

The 49-year-old is in his eleventh year in charge at Goodison. He was condemned to struggle right from the beginning when Everton were unable to complete two deals [NTL and the Kings Dock] that might have changed the face of football on Merseyside.

After that, income has increasingly become a problem. Too many financial decisions have been made with the short-term in mind. Such a policy always catches up with the manager. It is showing in Moyes’s side now.

What can Moyes do to change things? No much. He cannot turn the clock back on a decade of boardroom misadventure. The dips in form on the pitch are a mere symptom. The errors were made behind the scenes long ago.

You can read the full article at the Keeping Everton In Our City site.
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Can Moyes really be considered a Goodison great if he leaves without wining a trophy?

It can't be denied that Moyes is a fine manager and has done well at Everton. But can he be classed as one of the Blues' great managers? David Anderson reckons the poverty card doesn't excuse the empty trophy cabinet.
Added on 25/02/2013

Is it time for David Moyes to leave Everton?

David Moyes is desperate for Everton to progress, but it seems he is now at the end of his tether with the situation at Everton. It seems that he can’t achieve much more on Merseyside and he is considering pastures new.
Added on 24/02/2013

Everton's Self-Inflicted Wounds Kill Off Champions League Dream

For the first time in many a year the Toffees seemed to be going places. A top-four finish, stacks of cash and key players staying. It was too good to be true...
Added on 24/02/2013

Has Grant Holt signed David Moyes's Everton resignation?

The Norwich City striker Grant Holt popped up late to score a winner for Norwich in the Premier League tie at Carrow Road yesterday leaving Everton's Champions League hopes hanging in the balance. Could it prove the moment that saw David Moyes leave Merseyside for pastures new?
Added on 24/02/2013

Can Everton quietly claim a Champions League place and the FA Cup?

Whilst recent results have not been great for Everton, it would be unwise to count them out of the Champions League race, and they might even add the FA Cup to a fine season in the Premier League.
Added on 22/02/2013

Everton's Champions League bid is still realistic, says David Moyes

"I don't think this season is ever over because I think there's always something to play for. Your league position in the Premier League carries such a value to it. But the fact of the matter is we are realistically still playing for a place hopefully in the Champions League and we're still trying to play for a place in a final at Wembley, and that's where we are today."
Added on 22/02/2013

The James Corbett Interview

Neil Adderley interviews journalist, life-long Evertonian and Neville Southall biographer James Corbett for These Football Times.
Added on 21/02/2013

Could Everton really recover from losing Moyes?

This is an Everton side made in Moyes’s image and from top to bottom it has his ethos coursing through its veins, so a quick exit not only leaves the job of finding a suitable successor to replace the legend that sat in the chair before an impossible task, but the very culture of the club will require tinkering.
Added on 21/02/2013

How Everton wasted their chance for a Champions League push

“I’m disappointed for our players because they’re looking for me to add one or two new faces,” Moyes had revealed in the hours before the January transfer window closed. “We’ll see if there’s anything we can do to help the lads if we can. I want them to feel we’re doing everything we can here to make it work.”
Added on 21/02/2013

Kevin Mirallas confident David Moyes will stay at Everton

“He has been at Everton for many years and is very popular with the fans, chairman and players and I am sure he will sign, I cannot see why he wouldn't because of those reasons.”
Added on 19/02/2013

Forget what the romantics say, Everton deserve to be in the next round

Everton should be through to the FA Cup quarter-finals without the need for a replay against Oldham Athletic. The cup romantics will not like that, but watching the last-gasp equaliser, scored by Matt Smith from a corner, the problem I had was not that the Oldham goalkeeper, Dean Bouzanis, flew through the air trying to handle the ball and clearly put his opposite number, Tim Howard, off — it was the conduct and intentions of Oldham’s Lee Croft.
Added on 18/02/2013

Moyes's contract talks will not affect Everton squad, says Jagielka

Phil Jagielka insists David Moyes's decision to put contract talks on hold will not prove distracting for Everton's squad as their season reaches its crucial point.
Added on 18/02/2013

Oldham won’t bully Everton like they did Liverpool

Jagielka is confident Oldham are wasting their time if they believe Everton will fall into the same trap as Liverpool did against Oldham in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. “I have been around this squad long enough to know that I would put my mortgage on us not getting knocked over because nobody wanted to turn up,” says the centre-back.
Added on 16/02/2013

Baxter’s tribute to Goodison faithful

Jose Baxter doesn't play for Everton any more — but that doesn't mean he has cut the club out of his life. The 21-year-old Oldham maestro still visits Goodison Park as often as he can...
Added on 14/02/2013

Everton: Premier League’s most impressive side this season?

The bottom line is that Everton have played well in almost every game this season, and their football has been of a terrific standard. Throughout the side there have been terrific performances, and the side has a great balance to it. Their only negative so far this season has been that they have dropped silly points in games they should’ve won.
Added on 12/02/2013

9 Point Tactical Deconstruction on Man Utd 2 - 0 Everton

The dynamism of the last 12 months was nowhere to be seen, replaced by the default EFC powder-puff display at Old Trafford that we have come to expect – garnished with the usual condescending ‘praise’ from Taggart.
Added on 12/02/2013

Racist fan fined £2,500 and banned for 3 years

William Blything, 41, has been fined £2,500 and was made subject to a three-year football banning order preventing him from entering any sporting arena. Blything was also ordered to pay £600 in court costs as well as £120 to the victim in compensation.
Added on 11/02/2013

Everton’s over-reliance on Marouane Fellaini bordered on ridiculous against Manchester United

It was clear from the opening five minutes at Old Trafford that Sir Alex Ferguson had paid huge respect to the threats of the Everton team, and in particular, the presence of Fellaini. Jones would literally have gone to the toilet with the Belgian had his manager told him to.
Added on 11/02/2013

Mirallas urges Fellaini stay

Marouane Fellaini has been urged to stay with Everton by team-mate Kevin Mirallas, despite ongoing speculation linking him with Chelsea.
Added on 10/02/2013

Moyes could have been Ferguson's No 2 in 1999

The Daily Mail take another opportunity to reprise the old story about David Moyes remembering the time one of the most enviable jobs in football slipped through his fingers. That post was No 2 to the most successful manager in British football history, Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson. But when opportunity knocked for Moyes, it got no further than sharing a pot of tea and a chat. Ferguson appointed Steve McClaren in 1999 instead of his fellow Glaswegian.
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Wayne Rooney spent England week winding up pal Phil Jagielka

"He’s expecting to score, and he made it clear he can’t wait to play against me at the weekend" says Everton defender before Old Trafford trip
Added on 09/02/2013

Steven Pienaar is in the form of his life, insists David Moyes

"I think Steven has been excellent ever since we got him back from Tottenham. You see a bit more of a mature player now, and it’s benefiting the team. He takes ownership and is trying to help the team get better. He has done a really good job for us."
Added on 09/02/2013

Everton ready to take advantage if Manchester United are not focused

Moyes’s men make the short journey to face Premier League leaders Manchester United tomorrow afternoon aiming to keep pace in the race for a top-four finish. And they could be aided by Ferguson’s pursuit of Champions League glory with the United manager pondering wholesale changes ahead of his side’s visit to Real Madrid on Wednesday.
Added on 09/02/2013

Alex Ferguson talks up influence of David Moyes at Everton

"They have a genuine chance of being in the top four, but Everton are there on merit. They are a difficult opponent. They have only lost three games, so they are obviously hard to beat. And that's in the mould of David Moyes."
Added on 08/02/2013

Everton and Liverpool have right to dream of fourth place

David Prentice asks some probing questions about the battle for 4th place:

Is it simply a case of one side trying to motivate themselves by chasing a distant target, and another trying to ease growing pressure?

Is one side starting to lose momentum while the other is gaining it?

Or is it simply more to do with expectation levels?
Added on 08/02/2013

Why Everton set off a Red warning light for Man Utd

“The United players and the club now regard Everton as one of their toughest games of the season,” declared the former Man Utd striker, Frank Stapleton. “And in my mind they have gone up another notch from last term and look a different side altogether.”
Added on 08/02/2013

What makes an Everton player? Desire, heart, quality and character...

Leon Osman is a one-club man (well, apart from being sent on loans to Derby and Carlisle as a youngster), who has made more than 270 appearances for Everton. He first represented England at Under-16 level in 1997 but then had to wait 15 years before his call up to the senior ranks last November when he played in the 4-2 defeat to Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Sweden. But it was only ever England. Now 31, the Wigan-born creative force lives life as he plays the game: with a smile. This is Leon Osman - Everton and England...
Added on 08/02/2013

Iconic Everton pub, The Winslow, still looking for new owners

The Winslow Hotel, opposite the main stand in Goodison Road, shut its doors shortly before Christmas due to what were described as “logistical and financial difficulties”. A sign outside urges anyone interested in buying the pub to contact the owners.
Added on 07/02/2013

Four years on from 'that goal' for Everton what has happened to Newcastle United's Dan Gosling?

Four years ago this Monday Dan Gosling scored an extra time winner to defeat Liverpool in the FA Cup Fourth Round in a season that culminated in an FA Cup final. Since then contract wrangles, injury and disciplinary problems have all blighted his once fledgling career.
Added on 07/02/2013

England footballers take the train to London

Wayne Rooney 'interviews' his old Everton teammates Leighton Baines and Leon Osman as the England squad were travelling from Birmingham to London by train ahead of their friendly against Brazil.
Added on 06/02/2013

Media non-story: Fellaini and friends leave nightclub after raised voices

A group of fiends that included Marouane Fellaini was asked to leave the Carre nightclub at Willebroek, near Antwerp, at 5:30am on Monday.
Added on 06/02/2013

Leighton Baines pushing hard for Ashley Cole's England place says boss Roy Hodgson

England Manager has warned Ashley Cole that Leighton Baines is poised to pounce on his left-back role.
Added on 06/02/2013

Deadline day — how Everton got Stones

Sam Stapleton describes a typical deadline day for an agent, including the successful transfer of client John Stones from Barnsley to Everton.
Added on 06/02/2013

Phil Jagielka gives his backing for under-fire Everton defender John Heitinga

Phil Jagielka said he sympathised with John Heitinga’s frustration, after the Dutch defender produced his worst display for the club since signing from Atletico Madrid in summer 2009.
Added on 04/02/2013

David Moyes defends his decision to withdraw Kevin Mirallas

Moyes’ decision to sub the Belgian forward – starting only his second game after a lengthy lay-off with a hamstring problem – attracted some booing.

He shrugged: “I think they’re not happy with my decisions, I think that’s what it is. I think they were the same at Bolton as well, disappointed with the decisions.”
Added on 04/02/2013

Everton need wins, not draws, to reach Champions League football

It is the unerring fighting spirit that has made the tight-knit squad avoid defeats against quality oppositions in the league. Along with Manchester clubs and Stoke City, they remain the only team in the league to have lost just one single game at home.
Added on 03/02/2013

Heitinga vows to come back stronger after 'worst ever game' for Everton

The Netherlands international was given a torrid time in the 3-3 draw with Aston Villa on Saturday and, after being booed by his own support, took to Twitter to repent.
Added on 03/02/2013

Odds on Everton to come 4th this season

Everton are currently priced at 5/1 to finish in the top four this season.
Added on 30/01/2013

New signing Leroy Fer insists his game is perfect for Premier League

“It’s a very nice step to move to the Premier League. My qualities can be fully expressed there. I’m a box-to-box player so that fits in England.

“Everton is a good club who always fights for the European spots. They have always been a good club to join and they came faster than I expected because I only expected to go in the summer at the earliest.”
Added on 29/01/2013

Leroy Fer thrilled by prospect of joining Everton

“I have looked at the players in the squad and love the way they play. Everton are in the top five and have a real chance of playing in Europe next season.

“From when I was a young boy, I always wanted to play in the Premier League. The fact I am going to do it with one of the biggest teams in the Premier League makes this move even more special.”
Added on 29/01/2013

Parliamentary report demands changes from English football

Described by sports minister Hugh Robertson as "the worst governed sport in this country," English football has come under attack from a parliamentary report that criticises the game's failure to introduce new financial controls and increase the influence of fans.
Added on 29/01/2013

No Cups no glory: Why Everton should prioritise trying to win the FA Cup over finishing fourth

For all of the talk about Everton trying to finish fourth and grab a Champions League spot, I feel winning the FA Cup would be bigger.
Added on 28/01/2013

Jimmy Payne dies, age 86

Former Liverpool and Everton winger Jimmy Payne has died at the age of 86. He left Liverpool to join Everton in 1956 but his time on the Blue side of the city was restricted to just six games due to injury before he forced to retire just short of his 30th birthday.
Added on 24/01/2013

Everton loanee Bidwell has Chelsea dream dashed by red card

In Brenford's game against Leighton Orient, Everton loanee Jake Bidwell had thoughts of playing in a dream cup tie with Chelsea at the weekend eliminated when he was issued with a second yellow card.
Added on 23/01/2013

Fat Spanish Waiter calls ex-Blue defender a liar!

Rafael Benitez has labelled Marco Materazzi “a liar” after the former Italy defender claimed Chelsea’s interim manager had pictures of Jose Mourinho removed from a wall at Inter Milan’s training base.
Added on 23/01/2013

Tim Howard backs Everton's defensive toughness to clinch Champions League spot

Tim Howard is hoping Everton's growing defensive resilience will help them produce their usual end-of-season form and clinch a Champions League qualification spot.
Added on 23/01/2013

Can Kevin Mirallas fire Everton into the top four?

Kevin Mirallas returned on Monday from a hamstring injury that has seen him miss almost two months of his first Premier League season.
Added on 23/01/2013

Mirallas to boost goals hunt

David Moyes believes that the return of Kevin Mirallas can only help in his side's struggle to score the goals needed to sustain a push for fourth.
Added on 22/01/2013

It's Time To Drop The Wobbly Jelly For Anichebe

Jelavic was again misfiring during the St Mary's stalemate and now is a good a time as any to relegate him to the Everton bench to accommodate the more explosive Anichebe.
Added on 22/01/2013

Moyes was interviewed for Saints job

David Moyes was interviewed for the job of Saints manager in the summer of 2001, shortly after caretaker boss Stuart Gray and assistant Dennis Rofe had ended the 2000-01 season in temporary charge.
Added on 21/01/2013

Mick Rathbone interview

This revealing interview with ex- Everton physio Mick 'Basil' Rathbone originally appeared in Issue 1 of The Merseysider Magazine.
Added on 21/01/2013

Evertonian engineer escapes captors in Algeria

Held hostage by Islamic militants in Algeria, engineer David Murray from Kirkby and three of his colleagues escaped from their captors during the attack by Algerian special forces this week.
Added on 20/01/2013

Everton downs Van Basten

Brazilian winger Everton Ramos da Silva scored the winning goal today for Heracles Almelo against Marco van Basten’s SC Heerenveen in the Dutch league.

Wikipedia says the 29-year-old is Heracles’s all-time top scorer in the Eredivisie.

Thanks to Chris Owen for finding this story
Added on 20/01/2013

Bradley Smith trains at Everton Football Club

22-year-old MotoGP rookie Bradley Smith sampled life in the English Premier Football League when he was invited to a special training session with Everton FC yesterday (Thursday), where he worked through a strenuous 40-minute match fitness test with flying colours and was declared as fit as a first team player.
Added on 18/01/2013

Everton should be 10 points better off in the Premier League – Peter Reid

Everton deserve to be third in the Premier League – hot on the heels of Manchester City and United – but must develop a more ruthless streak if they are to realise their true potential, claims Peter Reid.
Added on 18/01/2013

Behind the scenes with ESPN at Cheltenham-Everton

Luke O'Farrell provides some insight into the ESPN perspective from Everton's win against the League Two side.
Added on 17/01/2013

Jack Rodwell hoping new pillow can help Man City career

Jack Rodwell has left nothing to chance as he seeks to bounce back from the hamstring problems that have blighted him since his move from Everton. The 21-year-old Man City midfielder has moved house, swapped his car, started yoga lessons and even changed his pillow in a bid to get to grips with a problem which has repeatedly interrupted his career.
Added on 17/01/2013

Hitzlsperger hungry for success at Everton after escaping injury nightmare

"When I was out in the summer I thought maybe I'd played my last game already. Now I'm back at a very, very good level in the Premier League, playing for a huge club and it's so enjoyable. I'm over it now and I don't want to look back really. It happens and I think most players go through it."
Added on 17/01/2013

How much does it cost to follow each Premier League team away from home?

With the cost of attending Premier League matches currently somewhere near the top of the football news agenda, FourFourTwo has crunched the numbers to see which set of fans are being asked to fork over the most cash in order to follow their team away from home...
Added on 16/01/2013

Jose Baxter doing well for Oldham

Since joining Oldham in September, Jose Baxter has scored 11 times in 25 games and he agreed a new 2½-year contract with the Latics on Saturday.
Added on 15/01/2013

League Probe says Goodison Park is amongst the cleanest

For the Premier League's cleanest grounds Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle and Sunderland were equals in the keeping things tidy department. But an inspection of Manchester United's stadium revealed "mouse activity" which the club were advised to monitor, alongside a broken tap and flaking pipework.
Added on 15/01/2013

David Moyes: Draws could cost us

“The fact of the matter is we've played well enough to threaten those top positions in the league. There will be a lot of games at this time of year where you will have to find a way of winning and picking up points, because everybody is trying. Today, we just couldn't find that way."
Added on 14/01/2013

Leighton Baines continues to excel | Stats Analysis

Creating the most chances of any Premier League player this season, much has been made of Leighton Baines’ attacking prowess. Saturday’s 0-0 draw against Swansea highlighted his creative talents with the visitors employing an extra right back in a bid to halt his forays forward. In fairness to Michael Laudrup, the plan worked to an extent with Baines not quite at his best.
Added on 14/01/2013

Did Swansea tactics nullify our left side?

This was a frustrating afternoon for the Toffeemen against a stubborn, compact opponent. Our best chances where from crosses when we could use our aerial advantage, but sadly our finishing was not at its best.
Added on 14/01/2013

Everton: A Decent Club In An Indecent League

Everton’s comparison to the halcyon days of the labour movement is tellingly apt because, whilst other clubs are frantically dismantling their connections to the past, Everton make it a matter of honour to retain their sense of identity and continue to acknowledge those that have gone before. Everton, for instance, continue to emerge from the tunnel on home matchdays to the theme tune of Z-Cars.
Added on 14/01/2013

Marouane Fellaini will not leave Everton during January transfer window, claims David Moyes

David Moyes has responded to speculation about midfielder Marouane Fellaini by reiterating he is not looking to sell players in the current transfer window.
Added on 11/01/2013

Marouane Fellaini does have buy-out clause - but Blues hope to keep him for Champions League

Marouane Fellaini does have a buy-out clause in the lucrative contract he signed at Goodison in 2011 – but Everton hope they can satisfy the Belgian’s Champions League ambitions on Merseyside.
Added on 09/01/2013

Everton U21s 1 - 4 Burnley XI

A 'Development Squad' from Burnley recorded an impressive win against a young Everton side at Finch Farm today. No further details are forthcoming, since Everton banned access to Finch Farm for Steve, the youth reporter for Grand Old Team.
Added on 08/01/2013

Tim Cahill is unlikely to join Sunderland on loan from the MLS

New York Red Bulls midfielder Tim Cahill is unlikely to join Sunderland on loan this January. The club’s sporting director, Andy Roxburgh, is reluctant to see players depart on winter loan moves. Sources close to Sunderland have also told ESPN that a deal is now deemed unlikely.
Added on 08/01/2013

Joleon Lescott has determined that his future lies with City

Joleon Lescott has quashed all the transfer rumours, including links suggesting an Everton return, by revealing he sat down with the Blues’ top brass and determined that his future lies with Manchester City – at least until summer.
Added on 08/01/2013

Coleman's Best Ever Goal

Seamus Coleman has no doubts that his goal at Cheltenham was the best of his career to date: "I just passed to Victor and made the inside run, he picked me out and I had to concentrate on getting my touch right. It sat up and I could just flip it over the keeper."
Added on 08/01/2013

Cheltenham 1 - 5 Everton: Greg O'Keeffe's match report

The debate beforehand had centred on how ardently David Moyes would pursue progress in the FA Cup during a season when the ultimate aim is a fourth place finish in the league, but it was quickly settled when the team-sheets arrived – and sealed after what eventually proved to be a one-horse race.
Added on 08/01/2013

A decade since Shrewsbury defeat, can Everton avoid a similar FA Cup fate at Cheltenham?

David Moyes takes his side to Whaddon Road for a potential banana skin tie with Cheltenham Town on Monday night. With the competition his best chance of silverware this season he will be looking to avoid a similar fate from 10 years ago.
Added on 07/01/2013

After 10 years at Everton FC, Victor Anichebe is finally finding his feet

Victor Anichebe has managed only 147 appearances in seven and a half seasons, but with five goals in 12 outings so far this term – and a renewed work ethic and self-belief – Moyes sees signs that the Nigerian international is ready to take responsibility for himself.
Added on 07/01/2013

David Moyes hopeful previous FA Cup calamities can inspire Everton win

David Moyes will use the memory of his first ignominious FA Cup experience with Everton as motivation for tomorrow night’s trip to League Two side Cheltenham.
Added on 07/01/2013

KEIOC: A Question of Trust

KEOIC call on Bill Kenwright to earn the trust he asks of Evertonians and back David Moyes in the transfer market this month.
Added on 06/01/2013

Gaelic Career Helped Seamus Coleman Hit The £8M Jackpot At Everton

Seamus Coleman insists his youth career in Gaelic Football has turned him into a Premier League sensation.
Added on 06/01/2013

Nikica Jelavic must score more warns David Moyes

David Moyes is urging Nikica Jelavic to rediscover his goal-scoring touch, even though last season’s top scorer proved he can be just as deadly as a goal provider on Wednesday night.
Added on 05/01/2013

Cheltenham old boy Luke Garbutt is plotting a win for Everton

“I was really pleased for the Cheltenham lads when the draw was made because they deserve it for doing so well over the past couple of seasons."
Added on 05/01/2013

How Could He Choose China Ahead of Everton and Sunderland?

Former Paris Saint-Germain striker and later manager Jean-Michel Larque has slammed Guillaume Hoarau for his decision to snub the English Premier League to move to China.
Added on 05/01/2013

Bennett relishing Everton cup challenge

The Cheltenham boss is relishing the visit of a top Premier League side and feels his team is capable for giving the Blues a run for their money
Added on 04/01/2013

Everton the perfect fit for Leighton Baines

Michael Cox argues that "Baines has the technical ability to play for any English club, but Everton is his perfect match - nowhere else would he be, statistically, the most creative player in the league."
Added on 03/01/2013

Lions Led By Donkeys

KEOIC's reaction to the release of Everton's accounts for 2011-12 is typically scathing.
Added on 03/01/2013

Has David Moyes Got The Winning Mentality To Manage Manchester United?

The shrewd Scot has achieved great things with the Toffees but he has taken them as far as they can go. If he wants to succeed Fergie, he has to move on...
Added on 02/01/2013

Newcastle & Everton chase three very big points

The key might be who wants victory most. Everton, currently five points behind Chelsea, cannot afford to drop points if they are to stay in the hunt for Champions League football, while Newcastle find themselves two points above the relegation zone.
Added on 02/01/2013

David Moyes having to tinker with tactics and formations

David Moyes talked about breaking up the Baines-Pienaar combo for the Chelsea game: "I don’t want it to become predictable about Pienaar and Baines down the left and I felt it was right we changed it and I think Pienaarcan do a job for us there [in a more central position, behind the main striker]."
Added on 01/01/2013

Sir Alex Ferguson insists he won't retire any time soon

Sir Alex Ferguson insists he will not be retiring any time soon despite having turned 71, leaving suggestions that David Moyes will be named as his successor in the summer a little premature to say the least...
Added on 01/01/2013

Everton Review of the Year 2012

Signing Pienaar and Jelavic. That's it.
Added on 01/01/2013

Lack of depth could cost Everton top four finish

Ian Herbert, The Independent's man on Merseyside, admits the Goodison Park club probably don't have the strength in depth in their squad to challenge for a top four finish in the Premier League this season.
Added on 31/12/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: Everton 1-2 Chelsea

This was a game the Blues deserved more from and will rightfully feel disappointed not to have taken at least a point.
Added on 30/12/2012

Moyes plots five-point plan to spoil Rafa return

When Chelsea visit Goodison Park, David Moyes adopts certain tactics to counteract the Londoners. And three successive victories in the league would suggest those methods have worked. Everton's game plan is likely to centre around five key components that has made life difficult for Chelsea over the past few years.
Added on 29/12/2012

Top four in sight — yet the feeling remains it should have been better

Half-way through the season and Everton are looking up at a top-four finish and a cherished Champions League qualification berth firmly in their sights. Yet, as is often the way with the Goodison Park club, it could – and should – be much better.
Added on 28/12/2012

Leighton Baines is the best left-back in the Premier League

Everton coach Alan Stubbs has told TalkSport that Leighton Baines is the best left-back in the Premier League.
Added on 28/12/2012

Rafael Benítez braces himself for hostile reception at Goodison Park

In 2007 Benítez branded Everton one of the Premier League's "smaller teams", something that provoked a furious response from Everton fans. Asked about his jibe ahead of Sunday's game, Benítez joked: "You have a good memory."
Added on 28/12/2012

Everton out to make Wigan the fall guys in Euro quest

Everton are halfway to paradise, otherwise known as Europe; Wigan halfway to hell. The need for three points at either end of the Premier League table adds a literal dimension to this Boxing Day clash at Goodison Park.
Added on 26/12/2012

Everton give Liverpool a Blue Christmas

For the past 12 nights, Everton have projected images onto the city’s most famous landmarks with seasonal messages of goodwill to the people of Liverpool. The Town Hall was the last city landmark to receive an Everton makeover yesterday evening, as the Club’s 12 Days of Blue Christmas campaign ended.
Added on 24/12/2012

Victor Anichebe was delighted to mark his Everton return with a goal

“I was really pleased with the goal but even more so to stay on for the whole game,” he said. “I was doing well before I got the hamstring injury, but these things happen and hopefully now I can stay as fit as possible. Hopefully I can help the team out and we can keep progressing.”
Added on 24/12/2012

Leon Osman focused on club not England

“I’d have to say I’m trying not to think about the next England squad. There’s a lot of important games for Everton in the meantime. It’s important that as a team we’re playing well and performing the best we can. I suppose I got into the squad because of that and if things are the same situation where we’re near the top of the league at that point I may be considered.”
Added on 24/12/2012

Everton: How David Moyes has reinvented the club

A misleading title for a glorified match report on the West Ham game from Phil McNulty.
Added on 24/12/2012

West Ham 1 - 2 Everton – Tactical Deconstruction

Moyes side was bizarrely leaked on Twitter mid morning with a couple of significant changes and significantly two out and out strikers selected. Anichebe’s aerial ability in defending set plays and hold up play got him the nod ahead of Naismith with the Scot unfortunate to find himself benched.
Added on 24/12/2012

Naismith is now ready to prove he belongs at Everton

Steven Naismith admits that he is prepared to be patient as he adjusts to life in the Premier League but feels comfortable that his manager, David Moyes, also sees his development at Everton as a "longer-term project".
Added on 20/12/2012

Everton can expect more rough stuff at West Ham

Phil Jagielka says his team-mates are in for more of the same physical bombardment they got at Stoke when they make the trip to Upton Park on Saturday.
Added on 20/12/2012

Thomas Hitzlsperger says 'I want to play for Everton, not sit on bench'

Thomas Hitzlsperger insists he is not happy to simply sit on the bench until his Everton deal runs out next month.
Added on 20/12/2012

Referees launch clampdown on holding in the penalty box after Stoke's tactics against Everton causes storm

Sportsmail understands that elite group of Barclays Premier League referees have decided enough is enough and plan to penalise players for holding, pushing and shirt-grabbing at set-plays. If the ball is in play, a penalty will be awarded.
Added on 17/12/2012

Fellaini to dodge longer ban despite numerous clashes with Shawcross

Marouane Fellaini will escape with a three-match ban despite headbutting Stoke captain Ryan Shawcross during their running battle at the Britannia Stadium on Saturday.
Added on 17/12/2012

OK, Fellaini was wrong but let's get to grips with the real problem

What happened on Saturday, a clash that could have ended in serious injury, a fractured cheekbone or broken nose, was a direct result of football’s decision to allow wrestling matches in the penalty area.
Added on 17/12/2012

Ten things you need to know about Everton transfer target Wissam Ben Yedder

The Toulouse forward has had an interesting career up to now. So what should Everton fans know about him ahead of a potential move to Merseyside?
Added on 14/12/2012

Crystal Palace or Port Vale in the FA Youth Cup

Everton Under-18s have been drawn away to Crystal Palace or Port Vale in the FA Youth Cup fourth round.
Added on 14/12/2012

Gibson says Everton have the resources overcome Stoke City’s physical threat

“They’re well organised and good defensively but they’re not impossible to beat at home. If we can go there, play our normal game and play well, I think we’ll get a result."
Added on 14/12/2012

Will Cahill take over as Red Bulls captain in 2013?

Tim Cahill seems a likely candidate to replace Thierry Henry as Captain of the New York Red Bulls for the next MLS season after impressing with his leadership qualities on the field and in the locker room during his first five months with the club.
Added on 14/12/2012

Former Everton scourge in running for Liverpool communications role

Ian Ross, the one-time scourge of Everton fans who once described them as 'drunken knobheads' is apparently in the running for his old position — Head of Communications — but at Liverpool FC!
Added on 12/12/2012

Messi, Muller and Dixie – the three greatest goalscorers of all-time

David Prentice shows the first man to 85 goals in a calendar year was in fact Everton's Dixie Dean back in 1928
Added on 12/12/2012

Everton are among the upwardly mobile, and real Champions League contenders

It is not in the character of David Moyes to proclaim his own work, nor is it the habit of his players to trumpet theirs. Yet there is an unmistakable determination about Everton, exemplified by the refusal to surrender the points in a tight game against Spurs, that might yet send them into Champions League nirvana.
Added on 12/12/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: Everton 2-1 Spurs

"Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in" …..was the line which sprung to mind as a resolute Everton came from behind to take something from a game for the eighth time this season amidst 88 seconds of mayhem….
Added on 10/12/2012

Now The Jellyman Is Scoring, Nothing Can Stop Our Top Four Assault

It was pleasing that Everton gave Tottenham Hotspur a decent game yesterday. In contrast to last season’s fixture, where our approach could best be defined as ‘victory through attrition’, in Sunday’s match we met the opposition in terms of skill and creativity, and for significant periods were the ones doing the dominating.
Added on 10/12/2012

Seamus Coleman hails ‘massive’ win as Everton leapfrog Tottenham into fourth place

"Before the game I was at home looking at the table and it occurred to me that a win could really put us up there but with a defeat we were looking at maybe dropping down to ninth."
Added on 10/12/2012

Barry Horne says it's Time for Nikica Jelavic to rediscover his scoring touch

Jelavic is a striker signed to score goals, a striker who has built his career on scoring goals. He needs to start doing it on a regular basis for Everton.
Added on 08/12/2012

Everton have missed Kevin Mirallas says David Moyes as Belgian forward closes in on return

“We’ve been without him now for five weeks and we’ll be glad to get him back around it. I thought it wasn’t that serious a hamstring injury at first but it’s not been something we’ve been able to push, because he’s not been quite ready.”
Added on 08/12/2012

Nikica Jelavic on verge of rediscovering “incredible” goal-scoring habit insists David Moyes

"He looked a little bit more like himself, and I’ve seen little signs in training that his finishing is just beginning to tidy up a little bit" — David Moyes.
Added on 08/12/2012

Everton ban another life-long fan

Another astounding story of Everton banning a lifelong fan. Steve, who writes fantastic match reports on Everton Academy and its players for the Grand Old Team website under the pen name 'Alan Ball', has been banned from watching Under-18 games at Finch Farm.
Added on 08/12/2012

Neville Southall says Seamus Coleman can be one of Everton's 'best' players

Ex-Everton and Wales goalkeeper Neville Southall says that Seamus Coleman has the potential to become an all-time great at the Merseyside club.
Added on 07/12/2012

Duncan Ferguson has potential to be top manager, says Kevin Sheedy

“Duncan has done very well and worked extremely hard,” he said. “In my opinion he is a good manager in the making.

“He’s a very committed and passionate guy who loves being out on the training ground working with the lads who certainly think very highly of him. My era as an Everton players was a long time before them but they can really relate to him as a Blue icon so he’s very well respected but it’s as much for his ability as a coach as for his playing reputation.”
Added on 06/12/2012

Lescott needs a move back to Everton [link fixed]

David Moyes has openly admitted he would love to sign Joleon Lescott in January and bring him back to Everton. This is a must for Lescott.
Added on 04/12/2012

Marouane Fellaini is too clever to leave Everton in January, says Steven Pienaar

“He’s enjoying his game at the moment so I don’t think he’ll want to disturb that progress. He’s clever enough not to go. I don’t think he will go in January. I’m sure the manager will keep hold of him."
Added on 04/12/2012

Big hair but not a big head — Oliver Holt meets Marouane Fellaini

"Toffees star has top clubs and sponsors clamouring for his services but says he is just a normal guy - and one look at his car proves he's right!"
Added on 03/12/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: Man City 1 - 1 Everton

This was another interesting battle between Moyes and Mancini. Our approach was similar to recent seasons although we offered more going forward this time with a higher share of the ball. Our defensive shape was excellent in what was comfortably our best display of the season off the ball.
Added on 02/12/2012

Why aren't Everton in line for a City-style Sheikh-up?

"Though this can at times be difficult for fans to accept, Everton does not currently represent a sound investment."
Added on 30/11/2012

City and Everton: Still kindred spirits?

Over at ESPNFC, Simon Curtis takes a look at the changed relationship between two clubs who for decades shared very similar experiences as they toiled under the shadow of more successful neighbours.

Manchester City's overnight transformation has, of course, changed that dynamic and Simon canvassed some opinion from Evertonians to get their opinion.

The Merseyside Blues are as close to our kindred spirits as City supporters are likely to find, and have been for a very long time now. Evertonians follow their club much the way City fans do, without too many awkward questions, with a resigned 'Sigh' and sometimes with a clenched fist.

"For long periods over the last half a century, supporting these two grand old clubs has been a little like waking up and looking in the mirror. Now City have moved into another orbit."

» Read the article at ESPNFC

Added on 30/11/2012

Tony Hibbert believes Everton love taking on the Premier League's best

Tony Hibbert insists his team-mates are not daunted by the prospect of playing Manchester City on Saturday. Everton were the last team to win at City in the Premier League – a 2 - 1 success in December 2010.
Added on 30/11/2012

Man City Ready to Offload Joleon Lescott?

According to Italian source CalcioMercato, Man City are ready to offload former Everton defender Joleon Lescott, who has only made six appearances this season.
Added on 30/11/2012

Everton can qualify for Champions League, says Mancini

"They could end up with a Europa League place, but I actually believe they have the quality to finish fourth. They are a strong team with a strong future, so why not?"
Added on 30/11/2012

Why aren't Everton next in line for a Manchester City-style Sheikh-up?

The Merseyside club are struggling to attract the investment they need to grow while their wealthy Premier League rivals at the Etihad Stadium challenge for the top honours.
Added on 30/11/2012

EFC 1-1 Arsenal – 5 Point Tactical Deconstruction

This was a very good game between two evenly matched sides and one that we probably should have won.
Added on 30/11/2012

Shane Duffy tells of his pride at wearing Everton’s colours

One of two Londonderry men plying their footballing trade at Everton has told of the pride he felt when he first pulled on the famous blue shirt and ran onto the Goodison Park pitch.
Added on 30/11/2012

David Moyes is no replacement for Arsene Wenger

"Wenger is not above criticism, nor from being replaced. Yet it should only by someone with a higher profile, or with similar ideas about how the game should be played."
Added on 28/11/2012

Is Arsenal's next manager under their noses tonight?

"[Moyes's] Everton team consistently over-achieve, to such an extent that we can’t call it 'over-achieving' anymore. They are just very good."
Added on 28/11/2012

When is a ban not a ban...

More on the perplexing case of Richard Knights, the 50-year Everton fan and school teacher whose opposition to Everton's new Free School has seen the club revoke his season ticket.
Added on 28/11/2012

Joleon Lescott feels the freeze at Manchester City

Joleon Lescott is ­fuming over his axing at Manchester City. The defender, 30, was stunned when Roberto Mancini dropped him from the squad for Sunday’s goalless draw at Chelsea.
Added on 28/11/2012

Arteta has established himself as Arsenal’s leader, says David Moyes

David Moyes is not surprised at the amount of success the Spanish midfielder has enjoyed since departing Goodison Park to join the Gunners in a £10 million move last summer.
Added on 28/11/2012

The Anatomy of Deception

KEIOC highlight the case of Richard Knights of Evertonians Against Free Schools whose season ticket was rescinded by Everton FC this month for his vocal opposition to Everton's free school.
Added on 26/11/2012

The (Sir) Neville Southall MBE Interview

Recently, an opportunity arose whereby was given an chance to Interview perhaps, on sheer ability alone, the greatest footballer Everton have ever had... Certainly the greatest living Everton player.
Added on 26/11/2012

Big Talk Of The Top Four Will Be Undone By Our Paper Thin Squad

A lack of investment in decent back up will end up costing the Toffees. Despite the great start to the campaign, the cracks in the squad are beginning to show.
Added on 25/11/2012

Five reasons why Everton should avoid Cahill return

An overused term in football is ‘never go back,’ a term that Landon Donovan and Duncan Ferguson in recent Everton history can claim is nonsense. But for every Donovan there is a Gravesen and for every Ferguson there is a Jeffers, two players who returned to Everton and endured much less successful stints.
Added on 23/11/2012

Now or never for Everton

A nice write-up from a non-Everton fan who, as a sucker for nostalgia, is willing the Blues to succeed this season and claim fourth
Added on 22/11/2012

Do Everton have what it takes for a top-four finish?

Jim Campbell: "A top-four finish is a big ask, but Moyes has the nerve to pull it off."
Added on 21/11/2012

David Moyes hopes for big things for Ross Barkley on return from Sheffield Wednesday loan

“Ross has done great. He is a young boy, 18, and those games in the Championship will bode well for us and for him. It’s not unlike when we put Leon Osman out on loan. I wouldn’t say it’s an exact similarity, but we put Ross out to try and get him ready for Premier League action.”
Added on 21/11/2012

Are Everton set for a Premier League slump?

The defeat at Reading at the weekend was unlucky, but with key players dropping out of form and picking up suspensions, and a tricky run of fixtures coming up, could Everton be about to drop down the table?
Added on 21/11/2012

Random 1990s Footballer Tuesday: #45 John Ebbrell

Signing schoolboy terms with Everton in 1981, Ebbrell went on to captain England Schoolboys at differing age groups. Many thought that he was destined for international recognition, but it would be fair to say that the midfielder simply didn’t fulfil his potential.
Added on 21/11/2012

Soccermax Heroes: Thomas Gravesen

Thomas Gravesen. He smashed through the barrier of inconsistency. The ultimate bipolar footballer. A man described by Fabio Capello as “a little particular”, possibly the most understated and accurate euphemism ever used.
Added on 21/11/2012

Andy Gray column: Everton’s Osman was my star man against Sweden

People who play with Leon Osman week on week will see what he does and how well he does it, writes Andy Gray
Added on 18/11/2012

A Grand Old Lady... and only too happy to reveal her age

The Echo previews this weekend's celebrations of 120 years of Goodison Park at the Museum of Liverpool.
Added on 16/11/2012

Thomas Hitzlsperger will not hesitate to unleash his hammer-like left foot for Everton

Thomas Hitzlsperger has promised he will not hesitate if he gets the chance to unleash his hammer-like left-footed shot for Everton.
Added on 14/11/2012

''No doubt that Everton are the top team on Merseyside''

The Life’s a Pitch team believe the blue half of Merseyside fully deserve their plaudits. So can David Moyes’s team can justifiably call itself the best team in Liverpool?
Added on 14/11/2012

Yet another miserable result against Merseyside’s Decent Club

Saturday's game from the Sunderland perspective, worthy of linking for the respectful words about Everton, if not the Grand Old Lady
Added on 12/11/2012

Nikica Jelavic can fire Everton into the Champions League says Steven Naismith

Steven Naismith believes Nikica Jelavic can help fire the Toffees to a top-four finish this season.
Added on 12/11/2012

Everton 2 - 1 Sunderland: Tactical Deconstruction of game changing substitution

Moyes brought on Vellios for Neville and withdrew Fellaini into a deeper role.
Added on 11/11/2012

Sunderland must beware of Fellaini, says Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet admits Sunderland will have a job on their hands tomorrow containing his international team-mate Marouane Fellaini.
Added on 09/11/2012

Louis Saha's goal is to score against Everton this weekend

Louis Saha wants to make his first Sunderland strike a memorable one as he prepares for a return to his former employers Everton this weekend.
Added on 06/11/2012

Everton must be more ruthless says skipper Phil Neville

Phil Neville believes Everton must regain their cutting edge or become in danger of being too reliant on Nikica Jelavic for goals.
Added on 06/11/2012

Goal-machine Jose Baxter eager to stay put

Jose Baxter has revealed he wants to stay at Boundary Park after his fifth goal in six games helped secure a home tie with Doncaster in the second round of the FA Cup. The former Everton wonderkid, whose short-term contract expires in December, struck a cunning 25-yard free kick from out wide inside the near post.
Added on 05/11/2012

Some love for Everton’s Kevin Mirallas

When Kevin Mirallas signed for Everton, I think I mumbled something about him being a back-up to Nikica Jelavic and not having the tools to exist out-wide in the Premier League.... Not the most prophetic statement ever made on this site.
Added on 04/11/2012

Tactical Deconstruction – Fulham 2 – 2 Everton

This was definitely 2 points dropped in a game Everton dominated from start to finish.
Added on 04/11/2012

We’d Be A Top 5 Team… If Only We Took Our Chances

With Mirallas, Pienaar and Fellaini all dominating in midfield, the only missing ingredient for Everton is a clinical touch in front of goal. We need the 'Jellyman' back to his best...
Added on 04/11/2012

Barkley scores again for Owls

Ross Barkley hit his fourth goal of the season for loan club Sheffield Wednesday as Dave Jones’s side leapfrogged Peterborough out of the bottom three in the Championship.
Added on 04/11/2012

Fulham were priced out of a move for Mirallas

Martin Jol turned down the chance to sign Kevin Mirallas because he cost too much.
Added on 04/11/2012

Oviedo: Everton must beat Fulham or risk losing ground on CL chasing pack

Everton must beat Fulham tomorrow or risk losing crucial ground on the Champions League chasing pack, says Bryan Oviedo, whose friend and countryman Bryan Ruiz plays for Fulham.
Added on 02/11/2012

Scout Report – Moyes's Tactical Blueprint for Fulham

Saturday sees us take a trip to London to face Martin Jol’s expansive Fulham side. This tactical preview will inform what’s in store this time round and provide some pointers on where the game will be won and lost…
Added on 02/11/2012

Liverpool target Lewis Holtby - 'Everton are close to my heart'

Liverpool and Arsenal have both been linked with a move for the German international and Schalke 04 midfielder Lewis Holtby; however Everton may be in the driving seat in a pursuit for the 22-year-old talent.
Added on 31/10/2012

Leon Osman – Everton’s underrated hero (Video)

It’s fair to assume that Osman has firmly established himself as a key member of the Everton squad, no matter which player Moyes brings in.
Added on 30/10/2012

Poll would have booked Suarez for his celebratory 'dive' in front of Moyes

Graham Poll says: "I think he should have been sent off for two yellow-card offences. I would have booked him after the first goal when he ran to the Everton technical area and performed a mock dive in front of David Moyes."
Added on 29/10/2012

Moyes admits that derby goal should have stood

Everton boss David Moyes admitted Liverpool's disallowed goal should have stood after a pulsating Merseyside derby at Goodison Park
Added on 29/10/2012

Everton v Liverpool: From England’s El Clasico To A Forgotten War

In the mid 80s it was one of, if not the biggest derbies in the world. But finance and failure have resulted in both clubs falling from grace, and all that matters now is a win at all costs...
Added on 27/10/2012

Why Everton can beat Liverpool to win the Merseyside bragging rights

David Moyes' side have an ideal opportunity to see off their bitter rivals on Sunday and it is one that they could well take.
Added on 27/10/2012

Andy Gray: Everton have the edge in the Merseyside derby

Everton rightly go into the game favourites and there is talk that Marouane Fellaini will be back which is massive for the Toffees.
Added on 27/10/2012

Kevin Mirallas knows all about hostile derby atmospheres

Back in March, Mirallas turned out for Greek side Olympiakos at bitter Athens rivals Panathinaikos, a notoriously hostile fixture known as “the derby of the eternal enemies”.
Added on 27/10/2012

Liverpool will be scared of Everton's returning Marouane Fellaini, says Kevin Mirallas

Kevin Mirallas believes the return to fitness of “scary” Marouane Fellaini can land a psychological blow for Everton ahead of Sunday’s derby.
Added on 25/10/2012

Lewis Holtby speaks of his love for the Everton

Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby has again spoken of his love for Everton FC in response to questions about a potential move to the Premier League.
Added on 24/10/2012

Howard hails 'immense' Jagielka

Tim Howard feels Phil Jagielka could play a key role in Sunday's derby after an 'immense' display for the Toffees at QPR.
Added on 23/10/2012

Everton Bask In Osman Brilliance as England Continue to Overlook Midfielder

As English football slowly wakes up to the realisation that it needs more creative, ball playing midfielders, there is a 31-year-old, born in Wigan, who may feel entitled to wonder what he has to do to be taken seriously as a contender for the national team.
Added on 22/10/2012

10 Point Tactical Deconstruction on QPR 1-1 Everton

Overall a point was a decent outcome given the red card and our general passing not being up to scratch.
Added on 22/10/2012

Hitzlsperger looking for a long Everton stay

Thomas Hitzlsperger has pledged to show manager David Moyes and Everton supporters he warrants a long-term deal at Goodison Park.
Added on 22/10/2012

David Moyes heaps praise on Evertonian blue-blood Wayne Rooney

David Moyes has said he owes a debt of gratitude to Wayne Rooney and believes the former Everton prodigy wishes to return to Goodison Park later in his career.
Added on 20/10/2012

20-year-old Shane Duffy is ready to burst into Everton's first team

Everton's typically compact defence looked ragged in the first half against Wigan, leading talkSPORT to claim that this will tempt David Moyes into giving Shane Duffty a crack at senior Premier League football. They provide stats and facts on this "20-year-old defensive powerhouse" who is "threatening to oust Everton's senior defenders this season..."
Added on 14/10/2012

Video: Kevin Mirallas nets for Belgium v Serbia

Everton may have lost Marouane Fellaini to injury while on international duty with Belgium, but Kevin Mirallas had no such worries. The striker sealed a clinical victory in a tough looking away encounter to Serbia.
Added on 13/10/2012

What is the difference between David Moyes and Owen Coyle?

Quick answer: “One is unemployed and the other has won the Premier League Manager of the Month Award”
Added on 11/10/2012

‘Phil Jagielka was my hero, it’s an honour to eat soup with him’...

"I’m a Sheffield United boy, so my hero was Brian Deane, and then, when I fell back into defence, it was Phil Jagielka." says Kyle Walker.
Added on 11/10/2012

Everton: Portrait of Premier League Purgatory

Gabriel Marcotti assesses Everton's battle to break through the glass ceiling with a business model that he views and fundamentally flawed
Added on 09/10/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: Baines ensures lateral joust ends in deadlock

Honours ended even at the DW Stadium as an interesting tactical joust focused predominantly on two attacking left wing backs ended frustratingly in just a point…
Added on 07/10/2012

Scout Report: Moyes's Tactical Blueprint for Wigan

Wigan is next up for an Everton side looking to maintain their fantastic early season form with a win prior to signing off for the international break. Moyes and Martinez are both tactical tweakers and as a consequence margins are usually tight when the pair go head to head and its unlikely this weekend’s joust will be any different.
Added on 05/10/2012

Everton and the problems of being a medium-size soccer club

You can forgive Brian Phillips for not qualifying his description of Everton as a big club surviving on small- to medium-size resources because this is a well-written article extolling David Moyes's record at Everton.
Added on 04/10/2012

Coleman staking a claim at right-back for Everton

Seamus Coleman had an excellent game for Everton at right-back on Saturday as they defeated Southampton by three goals to one in the Premier League. The 23-year-old has been linking well with Kevin Mirallas on Everton’s right flank as David Moyes tries to replicate Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar on the left.
Added on 03/10/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: How Osman and his wide-boys schooled Saints

Everton’s rather ace start to the season continued to blossom in a solid victory against an easy on the eye if slightly wet behind the ears Southampton side.
Added on 01/10/2012

Big Nev: Football is all about theatre now

Big Nev talks about his autobiography, The Binman Chronicles
Added on 01/10/2012

David Moyes: Not an Asshat by nature or necessity?

Andi Thomas at Football365 notes how David Moyes and the players in his team, including Leon "Iniesta of the North", are remarkably less annoying than the football stereotypes.
Added on 01/10/2012

Osman deserves a place in Hodgson's England squad, says Moyes

The Everton boss believes his midfield star should get recognition for his displays at Goodison Park.
Added on 30/09/2012

Phil Neville believes Everton must keep opponents guessing

Phil Neville believes Everton must continue to keep opponents guessing if they are to maintain their Premier League form.
Added on 28/09/2012

Bryan Oviedo hopes to be another Everton mini-marvel

Bryan Oviedo hopes he can be another one of David Moyes’s mini-marvels as understudy to Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar.
Added on 28/09/2012

Scout Report: Moyes Tactical Blueprint for Southampton

After the misery of Leeds on Tuesday we welcome Southampton – comfortably the most interesting to watch of the newly promoted sides – to Goodison in a fixture which has produced some high-scoring and exciting games in years gone by.
Added on 28/09/2012

How did Francisco Junior perform on his debut?

The former Benfica and Manchester City trainee was handed his first appearance for the first team in their 2-1 defeat at Leeds United in the League Cup. So who is he and how did he get on?
Added on 26/09/2012

Everton Fan: I Can’t Wait Until The League Cup Goes The Way Of The Dodo

Is the League Cup (or the Capital One Cup as all the cool kids are calling it nowadays) a trophy worth winning?
Added on 26/09/2012

David Moyes blasts 'terrible' first-half performance

David Moyes blasted a “terrible” first-half performance as Everton saw a route to silverware disappear by slumping out of the Capital One Cup at Elland Road.
Added on 26/09/2012

Return of the Pienaar-Baines partnership key to Everton's 2012 success

Marc Braterman credits the astute signings of Jelavic and, in particular, Pienaar and his reunion with Baines down the Blues' left as the key to Everton's form since the end of January
Added on 24/09/2012

What did Anichebe do for Everton on Saturday that he hadn't since January 2010?

Six years after his first team debut, is Victor Anichebe finally going to stay injury-free and fulfil his potential? He played the full 90 minutes against Swansea on Saturday — 27 January 2010 was the last time he played the full 90 minutes without being substituted in the league, against Sunderland in a 2-0 win, three seasons ago.
Added on 24/09/2012

Performance of the weekend: Everton

Nobody seems to be taking any notice of Everton at the moment, and maybe that will be to David Moyes’ liking. Even after handling Swansea on Saturday, the press are still more eager to predict doom for Michael Laudrup’s side than they are to laud the Toffees. So be it, but they were mightily impressive at the Liberty Stadium.
Added on 24/09/2012

Champions League envy inspires Everton FC defender Phil Jagielka

“You hear the Man City boys talking about how their family and friends were going over to watch them against Real, and you do get envious of the stadiums they’ll be playing in and the big games but it only makes you want to perform."
Added on 21/09/2012

Phil Jagielka: I'll do talking on pitch not on Twitter

“I’m not on Twitter myself. If I’ve had a good game I don’t need telling I’ve had a good one, and likewise if I’ve had a bad game – I know myself or I speak to my parents and family to get a more accurate view."
Added on 21/09/2012

Everton Focus - Stop-start career holding back Anichebe

In many ways it encapsulated much of Anichebe’s recent Everton career, which can perhaps be best surmised with one word: Inconsistent. The Anichebe that buried a powerful effort past Steve Harper is not the one that always takes to the field. Too often seen is the Anichebe that stumbled when seemingly clean through on goal a little earlier.
Added on 21/09/2012

Swansea City boss Laudrup ready to adopt direct approach to stop Everton

Michael Laudrup is ready to change Swansea City’s trademark passing style to stop Everton repeating last season’s raid on the Liberty Stadium. The Toffeemen were one of only three sides to do the double over Swansea last term, including an impressive 2-0 win at the Liberty in March.
Added on 21/09/2012

Scout Report: Moyes's Tactical Plan for Swansea

Saturday’s early kick off sees us head to Wales to take on a Swansea outfit who have made a bright start to the season with the same points tally as the Toffees so far. This preview will take a look at probable tactics, formations and setup.
Added on 20/09/2012

Referee Mike Jones in dock as Everton are held to 2-2 draw

Pulsating game ends in draw after Fellaini and Anichebe goals are disallowed, to David Moyes's fury.
Added on 18/09/2012

Floodlight robbery as Blues suffer from bad refereeing decisions

It was a classic case of floodlight robbery. Everton supporters look forward to these pulsating nights at Goodison, especially after this season’s opening win over Manchester United, but they were always going to struggle against 14 men.
Added on 18/09/2012

Betting tips: Why Everton’s Nikica Jelavić will net against Newcastle

The Tipster is backing Nikica Jelavić to score for Everton against Newcastle United on Monday night
Added on 17/09/2012

Everton v Newcastle: Leon Osman wary of Hatem Ben Arfa

Leon Osman believes that shackling Hatem Ben Arfa will be the best way to ensure Newcastle’s potent strike force can’t shine against Everton tonight.
Added on 17/09/2012

JoeRoyle: Everton can finish in the top six this season

Joe Royle has backed Everton to finish strongly in the top six of the Premier League this season.
Added on 16/09/2012

Everton v Newcastle: Fellaini needed in midfield | Stats Preview

With his size and strength, Fellaini can dominate opposing midfielders in central midfield. When used further forward, Everton miss his two biggest assets; they are his tackling and aerial ability.
Added on 16/09/2012

The Marouane Fellaini story, Part Three

Fellaini's top Everton moments
Added on 13/09/2012

Jagielka keen to teach ‘disrespectful’ Pardew a lesson

Pardew upset the Goodison faithful towards the end of last season when he declared the Magpies, then challenging for Champions League qualification, were operating in a different league to David Moyes’s side.
Added on 13/09/2012

Everton can seal fourth place, says Neville Southall

“I think Everton have got a chance of finishing fourth,” says the Goodison legend. “I think Spurs will struggle and they will take time to settle under Andre Villas-Boas. “I don’t think Arsenal are going to finish in the top four, Liverpool will also take a while and then you’re just looking at Newcastle.
Added on 13/09/2012

Football is about theatre now, says the great Neville Southall

The former Everton and Wales goalkeeper is as forthright as ever in his new career as coach and teacher of 'Neets' (young people not in education, employment or training).
Added on 13/09/2012

There is no easy way to wage-war against Premier League salaries

Ever since Uefa rubber stamped it’s intentions to go ahead with its financial fair play initiative, fans of clubs within the nation’s top flight have certainly been split about its values and morality with a keen emphasis upon the transfer fees that clubs pay for players.
Added on 12/09/2012

The Marouane Fellaini story, Part Two

How Felli became a cult hero at Everton.
Added on 12/09/2012

Toffees Have What It Takes to Finish Among Top Four

Regardless of last week’s occurrences, though, Everton supporters should still look forward to a fascinating campaign for a number of reasons.
Added on 12/09/2012

The Marouane Fellaini story, Part One

When a young Marouane Fellaini first tested out for Standard Liege’s academy, Christophe Dessy quickly realised he was about to sign a physiological marvel with rare attributes for a footballer.
Added on 11/09/2012

Jelavic can fire Everton into the Champions League

Neville Southall believes that the goalscoring threat provided by Nikica Jelavic is the final piece in the jigsaw to get the Blues into the top four
Added on 10/09/2012

Sky Sports Focus on Fellaini

Marouane Fellaini has been quoted as saying his time at Everton is coming to an end. Adam Bate looks at the midfielder's growing importance at Goodison Park.
Added on 10/09/2012

Odjidja-Ofoe: What next for Everton's nearly man?

Everton thought they had signed Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe on deadline day, only for FIFA to block the transfer days later. Who is he and what happened? Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe could turn out to be the one that got away for Everton, even though there will be future opportunities to try to bring him in.
Added on 09/09/2012

A tribute to Leighton Baines (Video)

In celebration of his England full debut and goal, here are some of the Leighton Baines's best bits from a very good career so far at Wigan and Everton and, at the age of 27, he is just coming into his prime.
Added on 08/09/2012

Tony Bellew dreams of fighting at Goodison Park

“I’ve been asked a couple of times where would I rather fight Vegas, MGM Grand, big lights or Goodison Park – and there’s no comparison at all. I’d rather it be a summer’s night under the lights at Goodison Park.”
Added on 08/09/2012

We believe we can compete and win, says Naismith

“The squad believe we can go into every game and compete and win."
Added on 07/09/2012

Everton can finish in top four, says Joe Royle

“Everton are looking strong. They are certainly a solid bet for the top six and if they can get their best team out every week and find some rhythm and continuity then you can’t rule out the top four."
Added on 07/09/2012

First defeat for Moyes

After a great start to this year's campaign, Everton suffered their first defeat at the Hawthorns over the weekend.
Added on 04/09/2012

Everton Scout Report: Vadis Odidja-Ofoe Analysis

The surprise Belgian acquisition from Club Brugge with the challenging half-Ghanaian name has a number of exciting qualities
Added on 02/09/2012

Transfer dealings illustrate power shift in Merseyside

Richard Burton gives his thoughts on the respective business of Liverpool and Everton this summer
Added on 01/09/2012

Greg O'Keeffe on Everton's hopes of late transfer deadline day deals

Everton reporter Greg O'Keeffe gives the low-down on any last minute business Blues boss David Moyes may have lined up.
Added on 31/08/2012

Coleman out to cement Everton spot

Everton midfielder Seamus Coleman insisted he is ready to challenge for a regular first-team spot after impressing in the League Cup demolition of Leyton Orient.
Added on 31/08/2012

Kevin Mirallas could make Goodison debut against Leyton Orient

Everton's assistant manager Steve Round is impressed by new signing Kevin Mirallas and expects him to make his home debut in tonight’s League Cup second-round match against Leyton Orient at Goodison Park.
Added on 29/08/2012

Tactical Deconstruction: How Everton’s midfield bossed Aston Villa

Villa’s midfield duo were completely outnumbered as Naismith (although deployed right mid) spent most of his time narrow and Fellaini was also playing a tad deeper than he was vs Utd.
Added on 27/08/2012

Everton can make Europe this season, says Phil Neville

Phil Neville believes Everton's soaring confidence could lead them into Europe this season If they are able to maintain the current Goodison feel-good factor.
Added on 27/08/2012

Everton FC; The Premier League Club That Gets Little to No Respect

Why must the media insist on forgetting that Everton FC exist? The top four has become the top eight in order to include a consistently faltering team in red from Merseyside and the new trendy teams in Newcastle and Finsbury Park — yet the team that has most regularly finished in that clique is never mentioned. This season was yet another example. We are the stealth team of L4.
Added on 24/08/2012

Everton’s tactical plan worked to perfection against United

Marc Braterman's neutral perspective on the way Everton saw off United in the season opener
Added on 22/08/2012

Towering Fellaini leaves Fergie fuming

Phil McNulty hits the mark with his impressions of Everton's win over Manchester United
Added on 22/08/2012

Everton 1-0 Man United: Tactical Deconstruction

This was a classic Everton display of recent times and was very much an extension of what happened from January onwards last season at Goodison.
Added on 22/08/2012

RvP's debut overshadowed by tremendous Toffees

Roger Bennett captures the mood of the Blues' barn-burning display from a neutral's perspective
Added on 21/08/2012

Kevin Mirallas delighted to seal move to ‘big club’

Kevin Mirallas has revealed his delight after completing a move to Everton after being recommended to the club by countryman Marouane Fellaini: “I am very happy because Everton is a big club and for me it’s a very good opportunity. I’ve known Everton have been following me for a while and after talking with the manager I decided coming to Everton was the best opportunity for me."
Added on 20/08/2012

Sylvain Distin eyes more clean sheets

Sylvain Distin says Everton took pride from having one of the Premier League’s meanest defences last season – but insists the Blues are a club always looking for better.
Added on 20/08/2012

Steven Pienaar back to haunt United again

When Ferguson claps eyes on Steven Pienaar at Goodison Park tonight, three months of pain and lingering frustration will come bubbling to the surface. It was Everton midfielder Pienaar who unwittingly altered the destiny of the run-in, the South African’s late goal at Old Trafford back in April dragged Everton off the canvas, completing a thrilling comeback in a topsy-turvy, 4-4 draw that denied United two points which were ultimately to prove so crucial in their quest for another championship.
Added on 20/08/2012

Cahill notches first MLS goal

Tim Cahill scored his first goal for New York Red Bulls as they came from behind to beat Portland Timbers 3-2.
Added on 20/08/2012

Open Magazine interviews Wayne Rooney

It is 10 years since a young kid from the streets of Croxteth broke into the Everton first team to take the world of football by storm. Rooney spoke to Open about his highlights of a decade of football at the very top.
Added on 18/08/2012

Everton Premier League season preview 2012-13

It’s time for Moyes to set a pace that leaves others playing catch-up in January rather than vice versa.
Added on 17/08/2012

Naismith ready for Everton debut

Steven Naismith says he is fit and ready to make his Barclays Premier League debut for Everton at home to Manchester United on Monday night - and hopes Toffees boss Davie Moyes feels the same.
Added on 16/08/2012

Kevin Mirallas favours Goodison move as he wants first team football

Kevin Mirallas has admitted he favours a move to Goodison over Arsenal because he wants first team football.
Added on 16/08/2012

Steve Round has no doubt Nikica Jelavic will be amongst the goals again this season

Jelavic’s lack of goals in pre-season won’t affect his confidence in the slightest, insists Steve Round.
Added on 16/08/2012

Roberto Mancini's anti-Everton jibe showed a distinct lack of class

"With their fiercely competitive ethos under Moyes and their proud record of punching way above their financial weight, Everton are the very last team to deserve being dismissed as non-triers. "
Added on 15/08/2012

Everton Preview: Can 'steady Eddies' rock the boat?

Moyes continues to get his well-drilled outfit punching above their weight and, fired by the goals of Croatia striker Nikica Jelavic, expect the Toffees to again be pressing for a top-six finish - but they might be foiled.
Added on 14/08/2012

Losing Jack Rodwell Isn’t That Bad, Is It?

Injuries could hinder his development at City; he'll be back at Goodison Park in a year or two.
Added on 14/08/2012

Everton Season 2012-13 Preview

We hope you are suitably rested and prepared for another 9 months of gruelling pain, despair, struggle and excitement as the lure of warm Chang and cold scouse pies is now tantalisingly within your grasp….
Added on 14/08/2012

Has Rodwell made a mistake signing for Man City?

Rodwell joined Everton at seven, played for the reserves at 15 and made his first-team debut a year later. Intriguingly, there are suggestions on Merseyside that he was not all that keen to move. I don’t blame him. There’s a real danger he could be gathering dust on the shelf.
Added on 13/08/2012

Mancini warns Rodwell he is not ready for Manchester City's starting XI

"Jack Rodwell is a young player who needs to improve to play at this level," said Mancini.
Added on 12/08/2012

Tony Hibbert scores in his testimonial and Goodison riots

Greg O'Keefe reports from Tony Hibbert's memorable testimonial
Added on 08/08/2012

Why still being Blue is Tony Hibbert’s biggest honour

“Every game I have gone into I have given 100 per cent. When the day comes that I feel I cannot do that, then that will be it. But, as it is now, I am still hungry and feel that I can still perform. My body feels fine. Playing for Everton is a big part of that. When you pull that shirt on, you don’t want to give anything other than 100 per cent.”
Added on 08/08/2012

Do Everton have what it takes to finish above Liverpool again?

Everton found the money to cough up just under £6m in the January transfer window and the 9 Premier League goals from the Croatian striker Jelavic and the 7 assists from returning South African Pienaar was the firepower needed to ensure Everton finished in the top eight of the Premier League for the fifth season on the trot. More importantly, they finished above Liverpool – something they hadn’t done since the 2004/05 campaign in which Everton finished 4th thus qualifying for the Champions League.
Added on 07/08/2012

Pre-season sloppiness leaves David Moyes far from happy

The team as a whole can be forgiven a little sloppiness for now – but as the clock ticks down to August 20 the good will won’t last long...
Added on 06/08/2012

Cahill suffers defeat in MLS debut

Tim Cahill was on the wrong end of a 2-0 scoreline on his debut for New York Red Bulls as they lost to the Houston Dynamos in Texas.
Added on 04/08/2012

Phil Neville delighted to see Steven Pienaar back at Everton

“The way he played last year, he came back and seemed even better than he was in his first spell at the club. He lights up the place, there’s no question about that. The players trust him, the manager trusts him and he makes us a better team.”
Added on 03/08/2012

Without new investment, standing still should be considered moving forwards for Everton

Marc Braterman's piece at the Added Minutes blog goes over well-trodden ground in analysing the unchanging ownership situation at Everton
Added on 30/07/2012

Destiny calls for Barkley in Cahill's absence

The departure of the Australian could provide the teenager with the chance to step up
Added on 28/07/2012

Yobo desperate for permanent Fenerbahçe move

Everton defender Joseph Yobo has pleaded with the club to lower their asking price for him as he seeks a move to Fenerbahçe.
Added on 28/07/2012

Carsley: Cahill won't go down as an Everton legend

Lee Carsley says a lack of trophies has tarnished Tim Cahill's career at Goodison Park and as a consequence he won't go down as an all-time great.
Added on 25/07/2012

Royle: Cahill has been amazing value for Everton

Joe Royle hails Tim Cahill's Everton career, with the midfielder set for a move to the MLS, but admits the timing is probably right for player and club to part terms.
Added on 25/07/2012

Francisco Junior playing his way into Moyes's plans

After another impressive 45-minute cameo at Motherwell on Saturday, David Moyes said: “I think by the way he’s playing at the moment, yes, he’s got a good chance of being involved in my plans for next season."
Added on 23/07/2012

Nottingham Forest takeover prompts Everton questions — but it’s not so simple

Ian Doyle of the Post points out the differences between Everton and Nottingham Forest as investment propositions.
Added on 20/07/2012

James McFadden: My best years can still be ahead

"I came back last year at Everton and, despite not playing many games, I trained every day. It was difficult at the start but, towards the end, I was more than holding my own in training. I just couldn’t get a game but I probably felt better than I did before I got injured. These should be my peak years. I’ve had a couple out so I hope they’re still ahead of me.
Added on 20/07/2012

Prentice: Never mind the cuffs, designers should be collared about no white socks

The Echo's David Prentice joins the ranks calling for a return to white socks for Everton's home kit
Added on 17/07/2012

Weir keeping himself in tip-top condition

David Weir keeping himself in top condition in case he's needed to bolster Everton's defence this season
Added on 17/07/2012

'I was overwhelmed to face my beloved Everton' – Jim Bentley

“I’m a massive Evertonian. To play the team I’ve loved all my life at the home of the team I’ve played for throughout the last 10 years – head-to-head – was overwhelming for me. It was superb, I’m absolutely made up."
Added on 16/07/2012

Why it's vital Everton keep hold of Leighton Baines

Further argument, if it was needed, that Everton must keep their prized left back
Added on 11/07/2012

Tim Howard teaches players goalkeeping secrets at inaugural camp

Howard returned to Manatee County, Florida, to lead the instructors in the inaugural Complete Soccer Goalkeeper Academy featuring Tim Howard in Lakewood Ranch.
Added on 08/07/2012

Everton players at Austrian training camp

Pictures from the stunning setting in which the Blues began their preparations for the new season.
Added on 07/07/2012

Everton pleased with Sky dates but confused over ESPN shut-out

The Blues are not among the 23 games selected by ESPN for live broadcast between before December.
Added on 07/07/2012

Steven Naismith tells Rangers to drop legal threat

Seven Naismith has urged former club Rangers to drop the legal threat to his Everton future.
Added on 06/07/2012

Landon Donovan – best US player ever?

Is he the best US player of his generation? Cue the stats: all-time leading scorer for the national team with 49 goals, the leader in assists (48), a career spanning over a decade with 143 appearances for the country. He is the public face of American soccer internationally.
Added on 06/07/2012

Duffy: Critics are too harsh on Ireland

Everton defender Shane Duffy believes that the criticism meted out to the Repubiic of Ireland after their showing in Euro2012 is overly harsh.
Added on 05/07/2012

Everything the Toffees need to know about Naismith

"Naismith is that rare thing in British football currently – a home-grown example of the kind of confident, astute and dynamic forwards that excel in all the major European leagues."
Added on 05/07/2012

Introducing Steven Naismith: Stats and Analysis

The Executioner's Bong blog takes a look at Naismith's record at Rangers
Added on 04/07/2012

Leighton Baines Is Right Player, Wrong Price

Manchester United are not misguided in their pursuit of Everton's Leighton Baines, but their offering price is entirely too high. Baines is too old, and lacks the skill, to command the money being thrown his way.
Added on 02/07/2012

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