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Wilshere on loan?

Arsenal have stated they are willing to allow Jack Wilshere leave on loan. He is an immense talent but obviously has not fully lived up to expectations, mainly due to injury.

He is a bit of an arsehole too. But, could be the exact midfielder we are looking for. Good passing, creative... next to Gana with Barry as backup/alternative.

Maybe Wilshere needs a move to get out the rut. Everton would be a great option for him. Add an option to buy and it could be a great deal. Nothing to lose.
Fran Mitchell     Posted 30/08/2016 at 00:07:49

What's wrong with Everton?

As an up-and-coming 23-year-old forward playing somewhere in Europe, I’m informed by my agent and my club that top clubs in the UK are asking after me and, if the price is right, I can go. My agent has asked me where I would like to go to: Well here we go...

The no-brainers - Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal. Guaranteed good money and European football... and London as well for two of them.

Liverpool – admired everywhere, been there done it, and now Klopp as well

European Football – Spurs (with beautiful London thrown in for my wife), Leicester (unsure but...)

London Calling – West Ham and (until last night) European Football

Southampton – European Football, please!

Got the money – Stoke, Everton

Everton... what can they offer me? Well, now they are becoming / are a rich club with fantastic plans in place to get them into the top echelon in 3-4 years with a new ground to boot. They are going to emulate Man City – but didn’t they take 4 years to get into the Champions League after their billionaire arrived? Err... yes! So I’ll probably have to wait 3-4 years before I can shine on the top stage? Erh... Yes. why should I bother?

Reality – the top / good players won’t / don’t see Everton as a good move yet; too many ifs, and too long before we achieve success. Mr Koeman & Mr Walsh, get us into the Europa Cup with what you’ve got – and maybe add in a couple of “potential for the future“ buys.

Mike Oates     Posted 26/08/2016 at 09:37:41

Squad by the Numbers

Looking at the transfer business done so far, I wanted to see how much more does the team need to get to a complete roster of 25 senior players out of which 8 must be homegrown as a minimum.

Last season, we had 24 senior players registered, with 11 homegrown; Stones, Deulofeu, Galloway, Holgate and Browning were all considered U21 and didn't factor into the 24. Deulofeu makes the jump into the senior squad this year.

For this review I will consider any U21 players as a bonus (Holgate, Davies, Dowell etc...)

From the 24 we have 'lost/will lose' 8 players: Howard, Hibbert, Osman, Pienaar, McGeady, Niasse, McAleny and Rodriguez. Looking at those names, not a huge loss in quality but still it's all about the numbers.

So far, we have brought in 4 senior players: Stekelenburg, Gueye, Williams & Bolasie. Currently we have 20 Senior players (including Besic) out of which 10 are homegrown. Straight up accounting tells us we need 4-5 more senior players.

Bringing in Bolasie and Williams was important as you can see Koeman & Walsh are giving themselves the flexibility of moving on two out of the trio of McCarthy, Gibson & Cleverley while still maintaining the 8 homegrown players for this season.
Where do we need these extra players?

Using a breakdown of positions as follows:

GK: 2/3 (Stekelenburg, Robles, ???)
RB: 1/2 (Coleman, ???)
CB: 3/4 (Jagielka, Funes Mori, Williams, ????)
LB: 2/2 (Baines, Oviedo)
DM: 2/2 (Gueye, McCarthy)
#8: 3/3 (Barry, Gibson, Cleverley)
LW: 2/2 (Mirallas, Lennon)
RW: 2/2 (Bolasie, Deulofeu)
#10: 1/2 (Barkley, ???)
#9: 2/3 (Lukaku, Kone, ???)

As most people know, we are 5 players short without selling anyone. My best-case scenario for new faces in the coming week based on the rumours is we end up with 24 senior players but at a much higher quality than last year:

Begovic (GK)
Martina (RB)
Sissoko (DM) for McCarthy (to Newcastle)
Brahimi (#10)

With Gibson, McGeady, Niasse and Rodriguez all finding new homes. This will give us the flexibility to add 2 players in January when hopefully our league position gives us better leverage to attract the kind of player Everton are looking for now.

We will all know next Thursday morning if the Moshiri era has really kicked off...

Mohammed  Horoub     Posted 26/08/2016 at 07:53:04

Will we still be The People's Club in 5 years?

Although the takeover and the wealth we now have is exciting, it does leave me with a large amount of concern.

I had a season ticket in the Gwladys Street for the majority of my teenage years and was there on the day we beat Wimbledon and drew with Coventry to stay up; the passion on days like this goes way past just "football".

I have been in the home end watching Everton in a number of grounds around the country (sat on my hands!) and, although I may see things through blue-tinted glasses, none of these grounds have the same special feel as Goodison Park and the fans don't seem to have the same bond. During the 3-3 derby game a few seasons back, I was jumping around and hugging people I have never spoken to, and pretty much everyone in the ground was doing the same thing. I don't think you see this emotion in many stadiums in world football.

Now that it seems we are fast becoming a more wealthy, modern football club, I am concerned that this feeling the club currently has will just die away. I think Everton fans are more of a family than just a group of people that support the same football team, which is why Everton fans would never decide to up and leave to support someone else who wins more trophies.

Hand on heart, do I think that, when we spend all of this money, probably have a merry-go-round of foreign players in and out the door, and we leave Goodison Park for a "better" or "more modern" stadium, we will continue to have the same passion in the stands week-in & week-out? No, I don't.

I think we will see more business men in the stands, maybe a few new fans jumping ship from other clubs now that Everton are winning things. (I didn't know many Man City or Chelsea fans growing up; I know a lot now.) I know it will still be Everton and we will still be the same fans, I just think that we will lose something along the way.

So I ask myself, would I prefer to keep the special feeling in the ground on matchdays? Or give some of this up in the quest for trophies? I think that maybe, deep down, I would rather stick to what I know and love.

I want Everton to win trophies as much as any fan, but not if, when we win them, it doesn't feel like the real Everton winning them.
Chad Harper     Posted 25/08/2016 at 08:29:14

Refereeing at corners

I was delighted to see Ryan Shawcross booked for grabbing a Man City player's arm and impeding him at a corner kick - and a penalty duly awarded at this weekend's Stoke vs City game.

MotD said it was a "change in the rules". Well I studied the rules – there have been some changes. There are several offenses that merit a direct free kick (or a penalty if incurred in the penalty area). One has been added where "a player impedes an opponent with contact". However Shawcross would in my view have infringed the existing rules which includes the office of "holding" an opponent.

On MotD there was superficial discussion between two ex Everton players – Phil Neville saying it's part of the game and it never should be a penalty... and Gary Lineker saying its not part of the game (guess which one was a striker and which was a defender in their playing days). I guess it's too much to ask for journalists (and ex-players) to understand the rules and properly explain them. As a lawyer it infuriates me when players say it's "part of the game" or "he should have been stronger". No, no, no – there are formal rules that simply have to be (a) understood and (b) applied.

This holding that has gone on at corners for several years now was ALWAYS illegal if it continued once the ball was in play. I for one would be so pleased if there is a campaign to wipe it out – the game of football is about attacking the ball – not the body (it's in the name).
David Ellis     Posted 21/08/2016 at 09:44:22


Well... I am sceptical – after all, I'm an Evertonian!!!

So far, in simple terms, we have spent zero... nada, zilch. We waited for the Stones sale to Man City before we opened up the purse strings. Now some may say we had to wait due to Financial Fair Play rules and to free up wages? But, if that is the case... how come every other team could buy before a sale?

I'm happy with the direction we are going under Koeman – he's building a hard-to-beat, in-your-face, pacey Everton team; that's what we all wanted. So, now we are getting that (on the evidence of one game)... why am I so sceptical?

Nearly every Evertonian has been here before: promises of Kings Dock, promises of not selling Rooney for £50 million... the list is endless. I see across the board there has been huge praise for Farhad Moshiri; I don't get it. Why? What has he done apart from sacking Roberto and appointing a Director of Football? While this is no doubt a great move from Moshiri, my question is: Has anything really changed?

We played out first game last Saturday with no Striker, no backup right-back, and a keeper who will be second choice from the look of it. If this was Bill Kenwright, there would be an outcry!!! I'm all for giving Moshiri time etc... but I'm hugely sceptical of the whole thing. I'm expecting phantom bids for players like Draxler and Hart while the tried and trusted excuse is: "We ran out of time" – and plenty of the fans will lap it up.

Now I don't want us spunking £40 million on some dodgy Brazillian with a flashy hairdo; what Ii do want is progress and – with less then two weeks until the transfer window slams shut – I am not optimistic.
Peter Larkin     Posted 19/08/2016 at 01:07:12

£150mil To Spend...

£150mil to spend... What I'd do:


Firstly, writing it out makes it clear and obvious where we need to improve.

GK: *Butland, Stekelenburg, Hewelt

RB: Coleman, Kone and Holgate as cover (Davies as a last resort)

RCB: *Williams, *Kone, Holgate, Pennington

LCB: Funes Mori, Jagielka, Galloway

LB: Baines, Oviedo, Garbutt

CDM: Gueye, McCarthy, Barry, Besic

CM: *Witsel, Davies, Cleverley, Gibson

RM: Deulofeu, *Ziyech, Lennon, Tarashaj, Dowell

CAM: Barkley, *Mata, Tarashaj, Dowell

LM: Mirallas, *Bolasie, *Ziyech, Tarashaj, Dowell

ST: Lukaku, *Bony, *Remy

The likes of Bolasie, Tarashaj, Dowell, Ziyech & to a lesser extent Mata can play across the three behind the striker (RM, CAM, LM)


Transfers in:

Butland (£25mil) - I'd be willing to spend a lot of money on him! I'd go as far to say more than £40mil.

Kone (£18mil) - He is very decent, main reason Sunderland stayed up last year, after he was brought in, in Jan. He played a lot at RB in France, is good with the ball, running with the ball too, he can pass well and scores a lot from set plays.

Williams (£12mil) - No nonsense, experienced head, team man. Good business.

Witsel (£20mil) - He is available. Big name player, he will bring a lot of class and attract bigger names in the future. He is big, but also is good going forward, which we need.

Ziyech (£10mil) - Should be available on the cheap, following FC Twente's forced relegation due to FFP. He is very creative and deadly from set pieces. Still young, will grow into a really top class player.

Mata (£20mil) - After the embarrassment of being subbed off, just after being subbed on - in the game against Leicester - he will probably be happy if his old friend Koeman comes in for him. Plus United might be happy to earn back some money from the Pogba deal. Again, he should be available and he is another big name will lots of class.

Bolasie (£20mil) - Disappointing season last season, but the one before, he was one of the top wingers. He is a lot different from Deulofeu, Mirallas, Lennon, Dowell and Tarashaj. He is a lot bigger and stronger on the ball, but has loads of skill and gas to burn. I think he will be very effective and a change from what we have.

Bony (£15mil) - Big and strong, his time with Swansea, he was one of the best in the league. A lot better than Rom with the ball at his feet, can bring others into the game a lot more. Also, he is gettable.

Remy (£10mil) - Another one I like a lot! He hasn't featured for a while, but when he plays - he is a deadly finisher, will a lot of gas to burn, and holds the ball up well too.

= £150mil

Alternatives I'd like to look at -

GK: Forster, Hart, Begovic, Ryan

CB: Van Dijk, Dragovic

CDM: Carvalho,

RM/CAM/ LM: Januzaj, Nasri, Perisic, Depay, Coric, etc.

ST: Jovetic and Iheanacho from Man City. (Hopefully we are on decent terms following Stones' sale), Benteke, Ighalo.

Transfers out:

GK: Robles - not good enough. Sell now.

CB: Jags might be coming to the end for us, with all the injuries. But definitely keep him for the next season or two. Good experience.

CB: Galloway & Pennington - I might look to send one or both of them out on loan, to a decent Championship side, where they will play at least 3/4 of a season.

LB: Personally, I'd move Oviedo on. Or at least make Garbutt second choice LB. Oviedo doesn't cut it for me, while Garbutt has the potential to be very good.

CDM: Barry is also one who is aging, and his pace is ever deteriorating. However, like Jags, I'd keep him for at least the next season - good experience and mentor for the youngsters.

CM: Gibson is a broken man, I'd move him out within the next season.

RM: McGeady doesn't cut it.

ST: Kone the cone, has to go.


The full first-team squad list for the forthcoming season or two, below:

1. *Butland
2. *Williams
3. Baines
4. *Kone
5. *Funes Mori
6. Jagielka
7. Deulofeu
8. Barkley
9. *Mata
10. Lukaku
11. Mirallas
12. Lennon
13. *Witsel
14. *Ziyech
15. Cleverley
16. McCarthy
17. Idrissa
18. *Bolasie
19. *Bony
20. *Remy
21. Besic
22. Stekelenburg
23. Coleman
24. Tarashaj
25. Oviedo
26. Davies
27. Browning
28. Dowell
29. *Garbutt
30. Holgate
31. *Oviedo
32. Galloway
33. *Gibson
34. *Barry

38. Pennington

"*" = New signing/New number

With a options for the starting team:



Coleman/Holgate (Kone/Davies if needed)


Williams/Funes Mori/Galloway








A very strong, all round squad, with very capable back ups as well as third options.

This at the cost of £150mil, the £100mil plus the £50mil from Stones, along with sales of the dead wood.

That leaves us with a very strong squad for the next three seasons at least.

Gareth Clark     Posted 09/08/2016 at 14:52:01

Team for Spurs

Not much seems to be happening on the transfer front and it's getting pretty close to the start of the season for us to sign anyone who'll also be able to play against Spurs.

Thought I'd have a bit of fun and see what starting XI people would choose based on the current squad (ie, no new faces before Saturday). Also what formation would you play?

Personally I'd plump for old school 4-4-2: Stekelenburg
Coleman / Jagielka / Funes Mori / Baines
Deulofeu / Geuye / Barkley / Oviedo
Lukaku / Mirallas

Assuming Jags is fit, Gibson is not and Lukaku is fit and played.

Not 100% happy with the team. If Gibson is fit, I'd be tempted to play him 'cos of his passing but not sure he'll cope in the centre with the pace Spurs have... tricky one.
Denis Richardson     Posted 08/08/2016 at 15:12:14

Which 3 players?

Over the last few months we have been linked with loads of players.... Witsel, Forster, Mata, Butland, Koulibaly, Williams, Carvalho to name a few.

The one thing that seems to be forgotten, by media and fans alike, is that there is a limit to how many players we have in the squad. Assuming we will bring in a keeper, there is only space for another 3 players (if my rough guess at our players ages is correct) if you look at the released squad list.

With that in mind, what do we think the priorities are? For me it's keep everyone in the squad, adding a solid centre half, a wide left player, and a playmaker of some description.
Kev Lucas     Posted 02/08/2016 at 18:57:03

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