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July 2015 Archive   |   Submit a topic

We Are Where We Are

It's rather ironic that, after decades without real investment in our club, the very time someone of real wealth comes along, virtually every other club in the Premier League is awash with money as well.

The recent frustrations with the lack of activity on the transfer front present the club with a two-fold problem: first, the transfer market is vastly inflated, with average players costing upwards of £20m; and secondly, we simply don't have the 'pulling power' of the recognised 'top four' in the Premier league, unpalatable as that fact is. We have simply slipped into the 'best of the rest' (some may argue we are not even that).

The likes of the much-vaunted Witsel are clearly attracted by the wages Everton can offer, but not with the current status of the club, and we have now reached the point where his agent has to make a choice between the package on offer in the Premier League, or less salary and a club who can offer the prospect of Champions League football

The start of the new season is now just two weeks away. I believe we will sign a number of players to improve the team and the squad before the deadline approaches, but it will take time for the new recruits to bed in. I think we could be in for some average results in August & September whilst Koeman gets his new team playing the way he wants, but we have to give him time to get it right; I hope the fans are patient...

Steve Hogan     Posted 31/07/2016 at 23:32:01

Martinez's parting gift

I, along with most Evertonians, was over the moon when Ronald Koeman took over as manager of Everton Football Club. Thoughts turned to Champions League football coming up shortly, big names being attracted with Farhad Moshiri’s millions, new dockside ground – all in the space of two years?

In reality, though, Martinez has left Koeman with an absolute disaster of a club. Departures of Howard, Hibbert, Osman & Pienaar; likely departures of Stones and Lukaku; the years telling on the likes of Jagielka, Kone, Gibson, Barry, Baines; and the absolute failure of McGeady, Robles, and Niasse. What’s left for Koeman to build on? – Coleman, Barkley, Mirallas, Funes Mori, Deulofeu, McCarthy and maybe Lennon and Besic.

Yes, we have potential coming through with Dowell, Galloway, and Davies, but at this stage it’s only potential. I just can’t see the likes of Pennington, Holgate, McAleny, Henen and Garbutt breaking through. So we are desperately short in all areas of the team: goalkeepers, right-back cover, centre-halves, midfield players – both defensive and creative, and worst of all, no 20-a-season goalscorers nor lots and lots of cover.

If Stones and Lukaku both get their wish to leave ASAP, what team are we likely to play against Spurs in 2 weeks/ time?

Coleman, Pennington, Funes Mori, Baines;
McCarthy, Barry;
Gibson, Lennon;
Deulofeu, Mirallas...

With a bench of Robles, Davies, Dowell, McGeady, Galloway, Besic, Kone. We couldn’t even beat Hull City with that squad.

We are short of quality and quantity to make any effective push for a top 6 place. Okay, we may get two or three new faces in but realistically we need Top 6 quality, Top 6 experience. I don’t see us being in a position to push for some sort of European places for a few years yet.

Martinez and his staff were clearly out of their depth, there was no planning at all for this season coming up, there were no adequate player turnover plans, and not even a pre-season planned. (How the hell can you accept two matches in 17 hours in the Dresden tournament?)

Koeman has walked into a nightmare scenario! But I have faith.
Mike Oates     Posted 29/07/2016 at 18:05:37

What is it with Everton and players from Russia?

What is it with the players we buy from Russia? I am aware of four:

Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. This is a player who cost £9 million, at the time our third most expensive signing. He has 46 caps for Russia, and made 59 appearances for us. Yet, apart from a few cameos, he spent most of the time running around looking lost, as if he didn't have a clue what to do. Over the time he was with us, he was selected less and less, until he was sold back to a Russian club complaining about Moyes's tactics.

Aiden McGeady. 85 caps for the Republic of Ireland, yet he has rarely shown any form for us. Last season, he was shipped out on loan to Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship, and by the end of the season he wasn't even making their bench. Now he's back with us missing sitters in pre-season friendlies.

Samuel Eto'o. A player of immense talent who only lasted a few months and left amid rumours of dressing room discontent. Interestingly one of his better games for us was against Krasnodar, away in Russia in the Europa League.

And now Oumar Niasse. £13.5 million, again our third highest fee, and a contract to June 2020, for a Russian league 'player of the year'. This has to be the biggest blunder of all. The chances of clawing much of that money back must be minimal.

So what is it with Everton and players from the Russian league? Is there a problem with scouting them properly? Come to think of it, can anyone think of any success stories in the Premier League who have come from Russia? Or is it just us?

Paul Newton     Posted 28/07/2016 at 13:20:48

Thoughts on a winter break

According to Richard Scudamore, the prospect of a winter break is on the horizon again. According to a poll on Talksport it seems to be a fairly even position across the fanbase at 47% for and 53% against. Personally I would not be a great supporter of a break but having given it some thought I do have a suggestion that would not be too disruptive, and may even add a bit of focus back to the early rounds of the FA cup.

My suggestion is we do away with FA Cup replays, they have already gone from the quarter finals onwards so why not remove them from the 3rd, 4th & 5th rounds as well? This would free up 3 midweeks 10 days after these rounds that are reserved for replays. If we then cancelled all matches between the 3rd and 4th Round that would leave two blank weekends, and use up one of the reserved replay midweeks. The other two could then be used to hold two full fixture lists.

As an example that would mean this season we would play the 3rd round on the weekend of 7th January and the 4th Round on the weekend of the 28th. The fixtures against Man City (14th) and Crystal Palace (21st) would be played on 7th/8th Feb and 28th Feb/1st March.

There may be other midweek options but this would seem to fit within the current restrictions of the need to accommodate International and European football.
while retaining the Christmas and New Year Fixtures. It may also give the FA Cup a bit more focus by starting and ending the winter break.

What does anybody else feel about the prospect or options for a winter break?

John Chambers     Posted 26/07/2016 at 21:27:08

What to expect from Dutch style at Goodison

As a long-time Everton fan in The Netherlands, I am thrilled at the prospect of the upcoming season with Ronald Koeman in charge. The Dutch philosophy of Total Football will work very well with the current Everton squad.

Essentially, what this means is that every player needs to know the skills required to play in all other positions. Here is how it will be different from what we have seen in the past:

Under Moyes's management, we were set up to not leak goals, and maintain defensive shape. No matter what you say about Moyes, he made sure we were not easy to beat, and we never lost games in the dying minutes. The problem was a lack of attacking creativity.

Martinez, on the other hand, gave us the opposite: lots more goals and excitement, but the lack of defense was woeful and losing defensive shape to give up last-minute goals was a regular occurrence.

Now we will see the Dutch style! The defense begins with pressing by the forwards. There is to be no lazy walking back to the halfway line. Opponents must be pressured into making rushed passes. Mirallas and Lennon will thrive with this philosophy; not so sure about Lukaku, as he will have to dramatically increase his off-the-ball work rate.

For the defense, they are never to break defensive formation. So say goodbye to Oviedo, Baines, and Coleman bombing up the wings to deliver crosses. Under Martinez, we have seen this strategy leaving us exposed at the back if we lose the ball. Also on defense, we must realize that the safest place to have the ball is outside of our own half. So there is to be no passing the ball back and forth between defenders – get the ball up to Barkley in midfield.

If Lukaku stays, you will see him smiling more often too, with more direct early balls in that allow him to do what he is best at. Baines and Coleman have proven ability to pick out a long pass, they will contribute to attack in this way. Finally, playing against your bitter rivals will be treated like playing in the cup final.
Greg Dijkman     Posted 25/07/2016 at 19:06:24

Where is my optimism?

As a 45-year-old man who has was born into a blue family and was privileged to watch our sides of the 80s start dominate English football (without a doubt in my mind, they would have gone to dominate European football if the ban on English clubs had not occurred), strangely I feel a lack of passion and hope for the first time in my life.

As a late teenager / early 20s man, I always felt "This will be our year." Instead, I experienced relegation battles and no resurgence.

Moyes stabilised us, he really did take us forward, maybe not in silverware but as a professional club. To be honest, I was a bit gutted when he left....

Enter Roberto... first season was superb. Hope, enthusiasm all looked great but we know where that went.

Koeman has arrived, for some reason he does not excite me. Maybe it is too many false dawns?! I read the reports on the Barnsley game and started to get drawn in... but it is Barnsley (no disrespect meant).

Maybe it's a good thing not to be excited but for me it is very unnerving. Leicester should give me more hope but for some reason, despite the new investment, I don't see anything changing.

I am normally a 'glass half-full' person and this is a depressing post. Restore my faith!!!
Phil Hoyle     Posted 24/07/2016 at 22:00:50

Don't Let's Kid Ourselves Here

As the final stretch of the transfer season approaches, and as the rumours themselves become more and more desperate, I, like many of you, spend a certain amount of time trying to look for hope for the next season. In reading the rumours, I also read the comments left, so as to see a little bit about what my fellow fans are thinking, and I am surprised by the oft-cited reaction concerning the ludicrous prices that are being bandied about; namely that of “…I don’t care, it is not coming out of my pocket…” or “…not my money…”
Well in fact, it is OUR money, it is YOUR money.

The money in football at the moment is obscene, but it is not invented money, it is not imaginary money that clubs derive from thin air; this money comes out of the pockets of consumers – not just fans, but all consumers. When we pay for a shirt, we pay directly into the football revenue stream; and likewise if we pay for a Sky subscription. However, even those of us who never go to the match, who never buy a shirt end up paying for this. We buy trainers made by companies who then pay millions to individual players to advertise said trainer, in fact, whenever we buy any product that is advertised through a football-related medium we are financially supporting football.

In the first quarter of 2015 Adidas generated over €4000 million in revenue – half of which was profit. (Yes – HALF!)

Adidas sponsored both Manchester United and Chelsea last year, who in turn paid silly money for players in both contracts and wages (not to mention the agent fees!!). That money came directly from the pockets of everyone who bought an Adidas product. (In some ways, this is even worse than buying a shirt from the club - because at least when you go to Everton 2 to buy a shirt YOU are choosing to hand over the money, when you buy an Adidas product, it is Adidas who choose to whom the money is given, not you.)

The bigger the football market becomes, the more people see it as a good channel in which to advertise. All of this is subject to market economics and thus prices continue to rise, and as clubs receive more and more money from more and various sources, they seek to maintain these streams by maintaining success; and so spend more and more money on players and wages etc. This 'market' is perpetuated by us – we read the online articles, we read the newspapers, we pay for Sky subscriptions. Each click, each sale contributes to the market size, and thus the wheel turns. For as long as we continue to lap up every word that is ever printed about football, (yes, I do appreciate the irony of raising this on a football fan website!) for as long as we continue to buy our beer in a Sky pub so we can watch the match…

Don’t lets kid ourselves here… WE are paying these players, this money IS coming out of our pockets!

Rupert Sullivan     Posted 22/07/2016 at 08:13:47

Ticket Availability, 2016-17

Does anyone know whether or not it is club policy to try to make the whole ground season-ticket holders only for the coming season?

I have a season-ticket in the Park End but like to take my son (non ticket-holder) and friends to occasional home matches. Looking at the season ticket availability plan, it looks as if there are only 200 or so restricted view seats left - and there are still over 3 weeks left until the season starts.

If so, unless Everton are holding certain seats back on a match by match basis, this means that there will be little or no ticket availability for ANY match during the season (unless the away club give up part of their allocation).

Can this be true? Will we really have about 36,000 season ticket holders?
Ray Robinson     Posted 19/07/2016 at 13:48:59

Squad Evaluation

Player Rating Legend

In top 5% of EPL players in their position
In top 20% of EPL players in their position
In top 80% of EPL players in their position ...and so on – lower % means a better player


Joel Robles – Fair to say if not pushing Tim Howard out of the Number One keeper's spot last season, he certainly nudged him out. Pulled of some memorable saves at times but was found wanting on a number of occasions; decent keeper though, and we should persevere unless a new Nev Southall can be unearthed – keep: 80%

Maarten Stekelenberg – I can't quite recall him but he must be reliable if Ronald has made a B-line for him; keep: 70%


Leighton Baines – probably still the best left fullback in the EPL when fit and allowed to play his best game. I totally disagree with criticism of him last season; he is a class act; Keep: 20%

Phil Jagielka – He has been a fantastic servant but, with his contract ending next year and being on the wrong end of 30, perhaps it is time to capitalize on his current market value and build a central defense for the future; Sell: 40%

Seamus Coleman – He definitely dropped off in form last season and while he did okay in the Euros, he was not outstanding. I'm sure he will return to his best under Ronald and with his contract tied up until 2019 we should certainly... Keep: 30%

John Stones – I was and probably still am a fan; he is so good on the ball in tight situations. Yes, he has been undone when trying too much and there are questions over his robustness. I have always felt his distribution going forward was rank average and was looking forward to seeing the results of Ronald's influence. Could he turn him into a modern day Franz Beckenbauer? Sadly he wants out and his current over-estimated market value means we should sell and invest in a more solid option. 50%

Ramiro Funes Mori – I have mixed feelings on him; he could be very good and very poor from game to game... sometimes in the same game. But I feel we should persevere with him. Argentina certainly rate the lad. Keep: 60%

Tyias Browning – I haven't seen enough of him to make a call but he certainly has the physique and looks reasonable on the ball. Keep: 100%

Luke Garbutt
We certainly need an understudy for Baines now that Oviedo baby has verified that it mustn't under any circumstances be him. We need an alternative and perhaps Luke can be our man. However, I must say from what I have seen of him I rate Galloway higher; sell if we get a decent offer. 100%

Brendan Galloway – was really impressive last season when filling in for the injured Bainsy. He looked really confident to me and it will be interesting to see how he develops especially with Luke Garbutt in competition; Keep: 80%

Jonjoe Kenny – looked dam impressive in his debut appearance against Norwich one for the future and you never know may end up pushing Shamus for his position by season end. Keep: 100%

Matthew Pennington – He did okay late last season when filling in for the brain explosion of Funes Mori. Too early to say how good he is and I must say he is taller at 6'-1" than he appears on TV. Worth persevering with and he is one that may really kick on under Ronald. Keep: 100%.


Darren Gibson – I can't believe we have extended his contract. On his day, he can be an effective EPL standard midfielder... but I would think nothing potentially more than this and, given his horrendous injury record, why, why, why... 80%

Aiden McGeady – He has to go; just not up to it. What was 'Brown Shoes' thinking! - Sell if we can find anyone that wants him: 100%

Bryan Oviedo – badly exposed on to many occasions last season and to be fair 'Brown Shoes' set him up to fail playing out of position at fullback. But I have seen enough of him to determine that he falls short of the quality we really need. Sell: 90%

Aaron Lennon – I wasn't a fan before he arrived at Goodison, but I must say he did really well when given a decent stint in the side. He did fade towards the end of the season but he wasn't on his 'Pat Malone' in that respect! He is handy squad player. Keep: 50%

Tom Cleverley – He is not top quality, it has to be said, but a decent squad player and worth his place in the squad. He is young and perhaps will improve in a more positive environment. Keep: 60%

James McCarthy – He turned in some energetic performances in his first season with us, winning the ball, inflicting plenty of biting tackles, and I thought really made a difference. Really faded last season: disciplinary issues, injuries and poor form brought him right back to the field, probably the Championship level field to be honest. This is the make-or-break season for him under Ronald. He really needs to be totally influential with his work rate because we know his distribution is ordinary at best. Keep, unless Stoke or someone stumps up some decent cash for him: 60%

Muhamed Besic – Far too inconsistent for me has showed some glimpses of class on the rare occasion. But has been shown up as totally inadequate on a few occasions as well. Realistically we just can't afford the luxury of another inconsistent performer. Sell: 90%

Gareth Barry – He really has been the consistent performer in our midfield for the last few seasons. He will obviously be up against it in terms of father time and all that but he does deserve at least this coming season. Keep: 50%

Ross Barkley – I just cannot agree with some of the shellacking he gets in the forums. Sure, he wasn't at his best last season but surely 'Brown Shoes' was a more than significant factor. He needs solid direction and I feel Ronald will provide this direction. A Must Keep: 30%

Tom Davies & Kieran Dowell were both super impressive in the last home game against Norwich. Exciting prospects need to be carefully handled. Must keeps: 100%


Arouna Kone – A Brown Shoes signing to the hilt; rank average... misses too many chances and is slow and predictable. Sell: 90%

Romelu Lukaku – still has all the finesse of a baby elephant and you can see why the special one just didn't rate him. But he is effective on his day especially when he can run on he the ball and batter defenders out of his way. It looks like his old man has quietened down a little and perhaps he is willing to work with Ronald to our benefit hopefully - keep 20%

Kevin Mirallas – again on his day, he can be very effective but has been inconsistent and cost us big time last season with his indiscipline. He is a real threat when in the right frame of mind. He must work on his defensive game; if he can do this, and he well may under Ronald, we will have a real player on our hands. Keep: 50%

Gerard Deulofeu – This kid could be anything. At times last season he was our only supply line to Lukaku. But he rarely lasted more than 60 minutes in a game and this he must work on. Keep: 60%

Conor McAleny – We haven't seen him for two seasons or is it three... unless he is showing something in preseason that we haven't seen to date. Sell: 100%

Oumar Niasse – must be given a chance. Keep: 90%


Of the 29 players assessed, we have approximately 30% of the squad that would rate in the top 50% or higher of EPL players. If we are serious about moving up the ladder and consistently challenging for trophies, we must take this percentage up considerably.

With Pienaar, Osman and Hibbert moving on, we do have readymade replacements in youngsters Davies, Dowell and Kenny so I'm not concerned at all with this. However, I'm for selling 2 defenders, 2 midfielders and 2 forwards from the squad and these places must be filled with quality or we will remain mid-table at best.

Michael Farrelly     Posted 16/07/2016 at 04:45:27

Boys of the Old Brigade

Would anybody know if Everton ever used to sing either of The Boys of the Old Brigade songs, and if so, what the Everton words were?

There are two songs under this name. The original was a British military song written in 1881 but was still a big song through to well after the Second World War. It is likely that the marching bands may have played it at Goodison Park before kick-off so our fans may have adopted it though that?

There are also a couple of references to the phrase "boys of the old brigade" in old Everton programmes and newspaper clippings, but they don't go on to mention if it was sung by our fans; it could still be an indirect reference, similar to how we now reference the Grand Old Team.

Where are the Boys of the Old Brigade?
Who fought with us side by side?
Shoulder to shoulder and blade by blade,
Fought till they fell and died.

Who so ready and undismayed?
Who so merry and true?
Where are the boys of the old brigade?
Where are the lads we knew?

Then steadily shoulder to shoulder,
Steadily blade by blade
Ready and strong, marching along,
Like the boys of the Old Brigade.

Peter Dawson - (The boys of) The Old Brigade on YouTube

Then there’s the Irish version which was only written in 1972 by Barry McGuigan’s Dad, Paddy. The lyrics and song structure lend heavily on the above but the tune within that same structure is quite different.

There have been a few spells in our support where Celtic (and Rangers) have influenced our own culture, eg, the Bobble Hats and the Celtic Rangers chant, so during those spells in the '70s and '80s, it would only seem natural that fans would also amend their songs to Everton words, at least in the pubs?

Oh, father why are you so sad,
On this bright Easter morn’
When Irish men are proud and glad
Of the land where they were born?

Oh, son, I see sad mem'ries view
Of far-off distant days
When, being just a boy like you
I joined the IRA.

Where are the lads that stood with me
When history was made?
A ghrá mo chroí, I long to see
The boys of the old brigade.

Barleycorn – Boys of the Old Brigade on YouTube

So what version, if any (or both???), did we do?
Derek Turnbull     Posted 14/07/2016 at 06:56:19

Everton History

As a fan of Everton and a history buff, it was interesting to discover the lads played Cricket (St Domingos) before forming a Football Team.

It has never mentioned in the History who the actual founding members of Everton were. W.J. Clarke, club secretary; W. Lowe; John Bentley; John Holding land owner

Does any other history buff know the founding members names? Fred Geary is listed as Everton's first great goalie.
Richard Jones     Posted 13/07/2016 at 15:33:33

Luxury squad players

With silly season starting to go into overdrive and tens of players being linked to Everton, we enter a new era of the club with a new owner, new manager, more money and bigger expectations. That in turn will inevitably make Koeman target better players and create a better, more balanced squad.

I had a proper look at the squad and I was thinking in my head what we need, who we need to sell etc. I'm not going to do a list of each player, but I think I will sum up quite differently to what I've heard and seen in my number of years on the website, and it relates to the title of this piece.

I was thinking who would be nailed-on starters, alongside any new players we may sign? I came up with Stones, Coleman, Barkley, Baines and Lukaku, but even Baines I was debating my mind. That might be a little harsh (might be working with loads of kopites who constantly criticise our squad) but that's genuinely what I think.

Of the other players in the squad, a lot divide opinion on this site for whatever reason. Look at our wingers. Deulofeu is undoubtedly talented but inconsistent, same with Mirallas... and Lennon I don't think is good enough to rely upon for a whole season. Basic and McCarthy are again inconsistent, although I believe Besic could be very important for us in the future. Jagielka has a question of age to be relied on and Funes Mori has had a mixed first season. There is undoubtedly deadwood to get rid of in the squad (Kone, McGeady etc).

The point of the article is we need a little bit of an overhaul in the team. We need to get players who we think "Yeah I'd start them every time". I have five such players on my list; people will undoubtedly have more, but I still think we need to buy 5/6 top quality players, maybe at least.

Now who's to say some of players I have mentioned, my so called "luxury squad players" can't come good under Koeman. I actually think McCarthy or Besic alongside a Witsel or Strootman would be a top-class and balanced midfield. I think Koeman likes Mirallas too. But I think our squad isn't as highly rated as people think and Koeman has a big summer of getting a bunch of top quality players as well as getting the best out of the current squad.

I'm really excited though, Koeman is very capable and I think he'll prove his worth in the transfer market.

But we need better players...
Ben Jones     Posted 09/07/2016 at 12:18:04

The Blue-Brick Road...

Well, guys and girls, here goes!

I just spent 30 mins in the company of an "Insider" through a business colleague neither of whom I will name. But, by the nature of who they are, I am repeating what I have been told this afternoon:

1) Farhad bought 49.9% for a reason (see #2)
2) Usmanov will be installed with 50.1%
3) David Dein will be voted onto the Everton Board of Directors
4) New stadium WILL be on the docks (Talks with Peel Holdings are ongoing) including a massive retail, residential & commercial centre.
5) The new owners WILL make Everton FC into a global brand

Items 2 & 3 will happen in November/December of this year!

Well, that's it!!!!!

I'm going for a beer or two...

Lee Whitehead     Posted 08/07/2016 at

A fan wrote to Everton asking why he should support them – and their response was brilliant

From Liverpool Echo 5th July 2016
A fan wrote to Everton asking why he should support them - and their response was brilliant

When a football fan wrote to all 92 English Football Clubs asking which of them he should support – I bet he didn't expect a reply THIS good.

Bosnian supporter Aldin Karabeg emailed every club in all of the top four tiers of English football asking for reasons why they deserve his support and posted his resulting responses on Reddit.

In fact, only 10 clubs actually replied to Aldin's message – and of course Everton were always going to be one of them. mCan't help but notice that Liverpool didn't reply – but Barnet and Cambridge did...

Anyway, out of the replies that Aldin did receive, the Blues' response was by far the best, and the most detailed.

Not only making reference to the club's famous motto, Everton went on to give Aldin numerous reasons to support the club and gave him a list of 'famous firsts' that belong to the Blues.

Have a look at the reply below, it is brilliant:

Thank you for writing to Everton Football Club.

Everton…… The best team in the world. Evertonians are born not made. You don't understand what it is to love Everton unless you actually do, they're more than just a football team.

The history of Everton Football Club is so much more than the players who have graced the hallowed Goodison Park turf.

There's more to Everton than the trophies in the cabinet; the Toffees have been constant innovators in the footballing world, ceaselessly striving to be the best, and the first to accomplish new feats, while establishing new norms. The Nil Satis Nisi Optimum ("Nothing but the best is good enough") motto could not be more appropriate.

From becoming one of the founder members of the Football League in 1888, right through to present day when we announced a new service which allows fans to purchase match tickets through text message, Everton have always been at the forefront of new ideas.

Did you know we were the first to wear numbers on our backs, the first to have a purpose-built football stadium, and the first go on an overseas tour?

Below is an extensive list of some of the significant landmarks that Everton Football Club has accomplished since its birth.

Founder members of the Football League in 1888

Founder members of the FA Premier League in 1992

First club to be presented with the League Championship trophy

First club to present medals for winning the Championship

First club to stage an FA Cup final 1894, Notts County v Bolton Wanderers

First club on Merseyside to win the FA Cup 1906

First club to go on an overseas football tour

First club to construct a purpose-built football stadium

First club to have a four-sided stadium with two-tier stands

First club to have a stadium with a three-tier stand

First club to issue a regular match programme for home fixtures

First club to have a player (William Ralph Dean) score 60 league goals

First club to wear numbered shirts from 1-11 (1933 FA Cup final)

First club to have a church attached to its stadium

First club to install dugouts

First club to install undersoil heating

First club to win a penalty shootout in the European Cup, 1970 v Borussia Moenchengladbach

First club to play 4,000 top-flight games

First club to amass 5,000 League points

First club to play 100 seasons in the top-flight

First club to stage a World Cup semi-final in Britain

First club to have the youngest Premiership goalscorer in two consecutive seasons with two different players

First club to break the £100,000 transfer threshold when Alan Ball moved from Blackpool for £110,000 in 1966.

First club to be featured in a TV game in August 1936 v Arsenal. Not live (pre-recorded).

First club to have scoreboard half-time/full-time facility

First club to have its own podcast

First club to have its own online social networking site.

First club to sell tickets via text message.

If you require any further help regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Kenrick     Posted 05/07/2016 at 15:58:14

Trial by Social media

Being an occasional Twitter billy-goat, trip-trapping over the trolls under the bridge that stands between us normos and the glitzy world of celebrity, I was looking forward to following our new Manager and hopefully being rewarded with some gems like this one on his first day of training at Southampton when everyone had been sold to Liverpool:

Or even more mundane thoughts on team performances and you know, the usual day-to-day doings of the better-than-average Premier League manager.

I notice that our former manager isn’t present on Twitter. I suspect that the character restriction would have been too much for him to get his head around, brevity not being one of his strong points. However, the Koeman boys and Jan Kluitenberg (wearing a suspiciously white homage to the vomit-inducing “Spice Boys” suits worn by the knobheads at Wembley “back in the day” as his profile pic) are all on there and all ready to get down to work.

This is a brave new world, and I wonder how many Southampton fans used the platform to vent their ire directly at them as they all severed their ties. Looking back at Ronald’s tweets now is like looking at your new girlfriend’s Facebook page and seeing the pictures of her and her ex together, a strange feeling of jealously, and one where you’ll forever be checking that she’s smiling as much with you as she seemed to do with him. And tweets like this one won’t help:

Did you have fun with them did you? DID YOU?!!? More fun with them than you do with us? You look really happy to be there, maybe you’d like to be back there with them??.... Ahem.

Anyway, Ronald’s ready

Jan’s ready,

And Erwin doesn’t really say much.

Let’s get following Ronald’s Blue Army, COYB!
James Cuthbert     Posted 04/07/2016 at 09:55:29

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