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Your all-time Top Ten Everton players.

This may be quite a juvenile talking point and is obviously very subjective but I am interested to know what people's opinions of Everton's all-time Top Ten best players are.

My Top Ten, in order, are...

#1 Dixie Dean
#2 Alan Ball
#3 Tommy Lawton
#4 Neville Southall
#5 Alex Young
#6 Gary Lineker
#7 Andre Kanchelskis
#8 Romelu Lukaku
#9 Trevor Steven
#10 Greame Sharp/ Bob Latchford

Conor Skelly     Posted 27/06/2017 at 21:11:21

I just don't like the redesigned club crest

Let's face it, the current crest was a botch job after the debacle of that first fateful redesign attempt for the 2013-14 season. Although the dust seems to have well and truly settled on this subject, I am curious what other ToffeeWebbers think about it as it is linked to a lot of other subjects already discussed on this site – the kits, the new stadium, the sponsors, marketing, and so many commercial aspects... Submitting this to you now might also provide a welcome distraction to some of the other chatter during this frustrating off-season time!

The questionnaire Evertonians then completed in response to that outrageous version was pretty appalling and yielded a dismal choice of three designs, from which the current badge was eventually selected just as the best of a bad bunch:

Whoever was responsible has tried to shoehorn every possible aspect in order to tick some marketeer's boxes. All the components everyone wants are there (part of the problem is in trying to please everyone) but it is nowhere near as slick, smart, appealing and stand-out as it aught to be.

I remember being drawn to the badge like a bee to honey in the 80s and 90s, whether it was on a boot bag or a pin badge. My mates and I would draw it on our school books etc but I don't see the same mystique around it today. On the rare occasion you see it in the shops, it looks very underwhelming compared to the those of Milan and Madrid... or even Crystal Palace and Stoke City...

Unfortunately the name and year have been stuffed incongruously inside the shield because of some ridiculous (imo) logic that it must show the name (to have meaning for anyone outside the UK) and the year (because if you know your history). I actually liked the addition of 1878 on the badge in the more recent Premier League years but doesn't it now look a bit tacky in it's current format?

It is also apparent that what we were told then about the difficulties of using more than one or two colours has proven to be a complete fallacy based on what most other clubs are now doing quite successfully – like Man City after their dalliance with an elaborate shield and eagle etc) – look at Chelsea, Newcastle... and so on.

And what about the reworked / simplified scroll and Latin text?? Is it an improvement? Look at the Welsh FA's reworked crest with a scroll and Welsh text – in no fewer than four colours, if you include white!

There are now, sadly, so many better examples of what a 21st century football club crest/badge should be. So, if indeed we are to move to a new super ground and we are developing a commercial nouse to rival other clubs, something must surely be done about the badge.

For me, the club crest is a historical emblem and should remain as it has (with perhaps minor modification) since 1938. It should be the traditional crest that appears on matchday blazers (last seen in the FA Cup Final 1995?) and ties etc, and should be prominent in various forms of media and apparel and locations around the ground. However, there is no reason why the badge on the playing shirts cannot be different.

Manchester United are a good example of this and I have to admit to admiring what Liverpool have done recently with their return to a simple liver bird emblem whilst keeping the crest with he Shankly gates etc that was introduced in the 90s... It pains me but their shirt badge is iconic. Notwithstanding the poor NB kit, the badge is simple and elegant and it is viewed with reverence and worn with pride.

The best badges to appear on our kits imo were from the late 80s through to the mid 2000s and there is no real reason why we can't return to something along these lines. Replicating the elegance and simplicity of the late 80s imo would be a real stand-out on the shirts.... a bit like Spurs at the moment...

As a side note, kits by Adidas, Under Armour, Puma and others lead me, sadly, to go as far as to say that Umbro has had its day now, as others have mentioned on different threads.

Performance aspects aside, where Umbro were once world leaders in football clothing design and technology, they have become a little uninspiring aesthetically... and without over simplification of the sports psychology there is truth in that adage: "If you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you play good," etc...

Getting back to the point, however, whether the kit designer or manufacturers are involved in the badge design, I don't know...

So, in summary, although there are undoubtedly bigger fish to fry at the moment, I hope the subject of the badge on the shirt and/or the official club crest will soon be revisited (perhaps including the potential adoption of a blue liver bird to go with the coming season's Dixie) as there is an undoubted impact... We need a symbol of a new era we can all get behind.

Ian Owen     Posted 21/06/2017 at 17:28:30

Roy Vernon - your memories needed

Roy Vernon was posthumously announced as an Everton Giant at the club's 2017 End of Season Awards (he had previously been inducted into Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame).

The North Walian came to Everton from Blackburn Rovers in 1960. His impact over 5 years at Goodison was immense. He captained the team to title glory, had an impressive goal ratio, and forged an intuitive strike partnership with Alex Young. He moved to Stoke City in 1965 and left professional football in 1970. He died, at the age of 56, from lung cancer, in 1993.

I am researching Roy's career; if you have memories of him at club or international level please drop me an email – rsneston "at"

Rob Sawyer     Posted 16/06/2017 at 22:42:52

The Lukaku Problem and the Myth of a Number Nine

As Evertonians, we have waited a long time for a 20 goal-a-season man.

We tried Bent, Beattie, Johnson, Yakubu, Anichebe, Vaughan, Saha, Jelavic – none of whom were up to the task (although in fairness the Yak & Saha had their moments, but invariably each were struck down by injury).

Romelu Lukaku represents (almost) everything we want from Our Striker - but perhaps the job description is changing.

Everton scored 67 goals last season, 26 of which were from Romelu. The next highest scorer was Barkley (6) followed by Mirallas & Coleman with 4 each.

I have enjoyed Lukaku as much as the next Evertonian but, if he was less selfish, the other players around him would score more goals. Put Dele Alli in our team, would he score nearly the number of goals he does for Tottenham? Or would Son, would Eriksen? Taking another team into consideration, would Pedro or even Hazard?

The selfless running from other teams' front men – Kane and Costa the best examples – create invaluable space for the other attackers to get in behind and through opponents back lines. The way Lukaku plays between the posts is fine if you have a team getting to the byline and whipping in crosses; but not if you have the two flowing inside forwards that Koeman seems to favour. Perhaps this is what Koeman saw Deulofeu providing when he was put up front while Lukaku was injured.

With the flowing inside forwards you need a striker who will make selfless runs to draw defenders, who will drop deep to pull them out of position, as well as finish HIS chances when he gets them. Arguably our best team in the Premier League era was the one with Marcus Bent up front, who would have scored more were he not lacking the finishing skills that would have made him a much more expensive striker.

To quote Moneyball, Everton need to find 26 goals; not a 26-goal striker.

When you think we are requiring 26 goals, it seems much easier to replace the man we trusted to score them. Find a front man with a mixture of power, pace and a footballing brain that will allow the two forwards and three midfielders around him to get 5-10 goals each and the problem is solved.

As always, COYB.

Robert Leigh     Posted 16/06/2017 at 15:32:37

Positive but...

Believe me when I say am over the moon that it looks like we are building a new squad that will hopefully get us in the top 4 but I still have doubts...

Has Mr Moshiri really spent any money as yet or are we spending the up-coming Lukaku money?

Hopefully we will have any transfer money we get in to spend as well but, if we look at the amount we have received for Stones and the amount we actually spent over the last two windows, I don't think he has spent that much in football terms.

Or is it just my glass half-empty?
Peter Rogers     Posted 15/06/2017 at 21:43:11

This Time Feels Different

The media pictures of our Director of Football arriving in Milan today to 'talk business' should herald a new dawn of optimism amongst our fanabase.

Clearly, we no longer have to wait until 11:30pm on deadline day to sign the 'best of the rest' – a familiar trait of the last 20 years of outstanding mediocrity on behalf of the custodians of our club. By the end of July, I expect at least five new players to have come in and improved the squad.

I think Ronald Koeman can sometimes come across as slightly dour in his demeanour, but underneath I believe, is a steely determination to take Everton to the next level as soon as possible.

As to what that level is, I'm not sure anybody knows yet; perhaps not even Koeman himself? At the moment, there are still probably at least three clubs in the Premier League who we simply can't compete with financially, and I hope the fans show some degree of patience as the large influx of new players that arrive are allowed to 'bed in'.

Koeman and even Moshiri have come in for some veiled criticism from some elements of the fanbase lately for not improving things quickly enough, but the situation on and off the field is improving; the real litmus test will be early in the New Year when the plans for a new stadium will be made public, and planning permission applied for.

Let's enjoy the ride along the way.
Steve Hogan     Posted 14/06/2017 at 21:52:44

It was 50 years ago today...

Well... it was on June 1.


This version is not quite what it seems... But a special Everton-flavoured celebration instead.

Mark Riding     Posted 04/06/2017 at

The gullible fans of Goodison Park

A group of fans like no other, an indescribable love for our team
Up to Sunderland or down to Bournemouth, in our thousands we’re happy to stream.
Putting up with performances so often wide of the mark,
We are the gullible fans of Goodison Park.

Blue Bill with his empty promises, his media soundbites are strong,
Yet Blue Bill is nowhere to be seen, when inevitably things go wrong.
And what about Bobby Elstone, a man so out of his depth,
A lie or an excuse is murmured, with each and every breath.

In came the saviour we had longer for, a billionaire to roll back the years,
Could this be the man to put us back on top, eradicating all of our fears?

Like City before us we expected, a Robinho-esque statement of player,
But this is Everton of course, and to dream we better not dare.

For a moment we were linked to the best, a club once against rich with cash,
But the months went by, our transfer funds dry, and the dream over in but a flash.

Sell-to-buy is the policy we must get used to, despite the claims of Blue Bill.
As we watch those around us strengthen and spend, not even the gossip columns give us a thrill.

The train has left, the ship has sailed, so don’t be fooled into thinking it ain't so.
We might make one or two signings, but only when Ross and Rom go.

So next time you walk home, we’ve lost and you’re miserable and frozen,
Console yourself with one of Blue Bills favourites...
You didn’t choose, you were chosen.

But still we’ll go back, that’s just what we do,
We’ll still give our everything for those boys in blue.
That one-off moment, that occasional spark,
Because we are the gullible fans of Goodison Park.

Scott Hall     Posted 01/06/2017 at 11:05:29

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