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Bricks and Mortar

In the days just before the Coleman injury and the nonsense with Lukaku's contract my daily Everton time was spent contemplating Bramley Moore Dock.

I remember my Dad used to park outside it when he would take me and my sisters down to the Sunday market as kids, and I remember always being struck by the enormous brick pillars that stand, grandiose over the entrance. I haven't been in the 25+ years since, but the memory is still quite sharp, and always has been.

It got my thinking about how great it would be if the club retained them as part of the new stadium design, and then I did a bit of research and found out that these pillars, along with 2 other buildings in the complex at Bramley Moore Dock, are actually listed - so the club (or anyone else for that matter) can't take them down.

This begs the question - how will the club incorporate these older buildings into the new design for our new home? And, perhaps more pertinently, what does this restriction mean for the stadium design in general?

I started google imaging a number of brick-based stadiums. I know LucasOil Field in Indianapolis has been mentioned - and that is an impressive arena. Also - the Rangers stadium - Ibrox. That is older, but even the modern extensions have been based around the main brick stand that we all see whenever there is a reporter outside on the TV.

At this point I should confess to knowing very little about the intricacies of construction and the materials it takes to build a large stadium - but the elephant in the room is the presence of our billionaire owner's access to the steel industry. Does this mean that we will end up with a steel-based construction that deliberately contrasts itself to the 19th century brick around it. Something like the images we are seeing of the new Chelsea ground, or the Bird's Nest in China.

Perhaps the answer is a happy medium - something like SafeCo Field (home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team), which is built of modern materials, but maintains the look of the older buildings that are nearby.

Side-bar: Seattle, as a city, actually really reminds me of Liverpool. Has anyone been and felt the same?

Anyway - I just thought I would start a discussion about the overall look of the new stadium, what fans are expecting and what they would like to see. Nothing to do with capacity or number of corporate boxes, or even the presence of a dreaded running track. Just the architectural aesthetics and how we get it to match the listed buildings around the site.

Looking forward to sparking a positive discussion about something we can all get excited about.
Alasdair Mackay     Posted 27/03/2017 at 11:49:59

Who's in for a prediction?

Just going through the fixture lists of the top 7 as it stands now, who is up for a prediction of the season placings and points?

Let me start. It'd be good to catch up for a beer before a game when I'm over from Oz in September.

Chelski		95Spurs		87Citeh		82RS		75Manure		73The Blues	69The Arse	67

A bit of fun but get's away from the Rom and Ross media crap!
Bob Parrington     Posted 22/03/2017 at 10:48:53

Summer 2017 Transfer Window

Ronald Koeman said that it will take - amongst many other things - several transfer windows for the "Everton Project" to get to the level of success he wants.
The changes to the playing staff that he's made so far are very encouraging and there are more improvements expected in the Summer and beyond.
At the end of the Summer transfer window, Everton will have to officially register their squad of 25 or fewer aged-over-21 players eligible for Premier League fixtures of which no more than 17 can be "non-homegrown" players.
At the end of RK's second Everton transfer window, in January, the club registered a squad of just 21 aged-over-21 players for the Premier League (of which 11 are non-homegrown): Baines (HG), Barkley (HG), Barry (HG), Besic, Bolasie, Coleman, Funes Mori, Garbutt (HG), Gueye, Jagielka (HG), Kone, Lennon (HG), Lukaku (HG), McCarthy (HG), Mirallas, Pennington (HG), Robles, Schneiderlin, Stekelenburg, Valencia and Williams (HG). [The annotation (HG) means "homegrown" player.]
We also have 7 aged-over-21 players out on loan until the end of the season: Browning (HG), Cleverley (HG), Deulofeu, McAleny (HG), McGeady, Niasse and Rodriguez. Of these, only Browning seems likely to have a future at Everton.
Then there are 6 players who will become classified as aged-over-21 this Summer: Byrne (HG), Duffus C (HG), Grant (HG), Gray (HG), Jones G (HG) and Tarashaj. It's a moot point as to whether any of these will break through to the first-team squad - let alone be retained.
Other players - such as Calvert-Lewin, Davies, Holgate, Lookman, etc. - are (and still will be this Summer) classified as under-21, so won't have to be registered in the Premier League squad although they will all be eligible to play.
So, as it stands, there will be 34 aged-over-21 players - and that's not counting for any additional incoming transfers - who will have to reduced to a squad of 25 or fewer registered aged-over-21 Premier League players by the end of the Summer transfer window.
The question is which of these 34 players will be transferred out permanently, which will be loaned out next season, which will be released (free transfers) and which will be retained but omitted from the registered first-team squad and therefore only eligible for our U23 side.
I imagine that Garbutt, Jagielka, Kone, Lennon and Valencia are the likeliest departures from the current squad, while there remain question marks over the contracts for Barkley and Lukaku.
It will be very interesting to see how big a turnaround is carried out by Ronald Koeman and Steve Walsh this Summer.
Robert Claxson     Posted 18/03/2017 at 22:02:51


Whether the Belgium lump stays or not, a striker has been needed for quite a while as we all know. Dominic Calvert-Lewin is now fit, so surely, seeing as we bought him and he has already been picked (the game he was injured), he should be ahead of Valencia on the bench or even start. Only 20 years old, he might surprise us.

I also reckon someone is gonna pick Chris Woods up, the Kiwi playing for Leeds who is on 25 goals (3 were in the EFL Cup). He scores all kinds and yeah, yeah, it's the Championship blah blah, but have a look on YouTube. He knocks them in from outside the box and great with his head.

He is a strapping 6ft-3in and I would be happy if we snapped him up. He is 25 and I wonder what he will go for? £20 mill would be reasonable. But what do I know...
Gary Russell     Posted 17/03/2017 at 13:41:51

50 years since the great Cup derby

The weekend just gone saw the 50-year anniversary of one of the greatest Merseyside derby events there's ever been, with a massive crowd of 64,851 at Goodison Park to watch Alan Ball scoring the winner, putting us thorough to the 6th Round of the FA Cup in 1967.

One of the great undertakings was at Anfield though where large screens were erected for another 40,149 fans to watch the match projected via close-circuit TV from each side of the ground.

Now apparently Anfield had an away end for the match for the many Blues who missed out on a home ticket, and the delighted Evertonians there crafted a new song to I saw the Light, no more darkness no more night, a Hank Williams song made known by Grandma in the Beverley Hillbillies. The words were something about it being dark at Anfield and light at Goodison, would anyone here who went to Anfield that night remember our song and how it went?

David Shaw     Posted 13/03/2017 at 10:50:50

Everton's Commitment of Care

I read a sad article in The Guardian today about Stan Bowles, who's suffering from full onset Alzheimer's:

An afternoon with Stan Bowles: the twinkle is still there but the memories are gone

It went on to cite how the game as a whole fails to care for its former players, those who had careers before the riches of today meant that they'd be set for life.

In the midst of the story, though, it was lovely to see this quote:

'Alex Young, who died last week from a short illness after suffering from dementia, had better luck having played for Everton who operate... "a role-model system for former players".'

We all have criticisms about the way the club is run. But one area where Everton are beyond reproach is their sense of responsibility to their former players and the wider community through EitC. It's one of the things that makes us very special.

Robin Cannon     Posted 08/03/2017 at 17:20:02

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