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Hostile and partisan

An interview with Howard Webb from last month provides an interesting insight into the clubs, managers and fans he found most troublesome whilst officiating in the Premier League.

He will have won no new fans amongst Blues by naming Everton and Stoke as the two sets of fans as partisan and hostile. By coupling us with the lovable Potters fans he has surely delivered the greatest possible insult!

Interesting that he names David Moyes as the manager with whom he had the most fractious interactions.

Everton were a great club behind the scenes and I liked Everton a lot but some of their fans were so partisan. You know, the most clear situation that you would penalise would be greeted with howls of derision.

That touchline on the far side from the Main Stand was the hardest place for the Assistants to run. They would certainly feel the pressure from the fans behind.

The Article can be found on Mirror Football.
Gavin Fennessy     Posted 08/11/2016 at Tue, 08 Nov 2016 22:31:37 +0000

Gay and Royal Blue

Are Everton FC and Evertonians brave enough to break the ice and openly support ANY professional footballer who comes out as gay?

I believe that beyond supporting players, WE as a club should do so, now. Our history of innovation within our sport has always been aimed at societal involvement. From even before 1878 to EitC, this supremely fine club has only ever had PEOPLE as its prime consideration. Other clubs can never compare.

Surely then Everton FC would (once again), by declaring openly their willingness, openness and support for gay people, continue our record as innovators ?

The present debate regarding players who are gay having the bravado to "come out", is based upon a single, brave, individual having the guts to stand alone. Big ask... Wrong.

Everton state that we are an equality organisation. So, let's just say "Everton Football Club Employs Gay People". Then, let's get on with being Everton?

IF Everton OPENLY do this, then every Football Club on this planet MUST follow.

Fear must NOT be argued as a factor. Following bullies is NOT brave. PLEASE, Everton, break the ice!

For the record, I'm not gay. I DID agonise whether my disclosure would aid or hinder. Doing NOTHING in the face of vile prejudice is the only thing that permits harm! I'm straightforward, as ALL Evertonians are aware.

"Those who know, need no explanation..." May "The Holy Trinity" be your guiding lights.
Tony Draper     Posted 26/10/2016 at 161026

Why have an Academy?!?

Is it really worth us having an Academy? And the same can be probably be said for the Top 6 rich clubs or so, in the Premier League. Are the kids actually given a chance to show what they can do? Will they ever be given the chance or is it just too risky?

I was brought up when the likes of Brian Labone. Jimmy Husband, Colin Harvey, Gary Stevens, Joe Royle, Francis Jeffers, Michael Ball, with loads more to forget in the '60s to the '90s, and more recently since 2003 — Wayne Rooney, Jack Rodwell and Ross Barkley were given extended runs in the 1st team to show they could make it.

Today, I don’t think the likes of Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola, Wenger, Pochettino, Koeman will offer any 18- to 20-year-old coming through the academy, the 6 to 10 senior games he needs to see if he can make it at that level. It’s just too risky.

It’s easier to spend £5-15M on an 20- to 22-year-old who has shown at other clubs – be it in the UK or abroad – he can physically meet what’s required, that he has the 20- to 40-game experience required to convince the managers he is worth the risk. Why has Koeman let Cleverley play instead of Tom Davies? Why has he allowed Deulofeu to play as a creative player instead of using Dowell or Walsh? Why has he allowed Galloway to go on loan and instead play Oviedo?

It was interesting to hear a Podcast today when the Echo’s Everton reporters touched on the problem Liam Walsh faces — an excellent footballer, physically maybe too small, but he won’t get a chance to play. One of the reasons they cited was that today’s top managers only get at most 2-3 years to prove they are worth their £4-6m a year and there is no way they are going to throw an untried youngster into the fray and give him sufficient game time.

Look at Everton’s latest young players who might be called successful at breaking through – Stones bought at 18 from Barnsley after playing a season with them; same for Holgate; same for Galloway with MK Dons, and I bet the next guy given a chance will be Dominc Calvert-Lewin who has played for Sheffield United and Northampton Town 1st teams. The financial rewards for success are so great for club and staff that any possible short-term problems or issues will be avoided even if it could potentially benefit the club in the long term.

Will we consider playing anyone of our own? Davies, Dowell, Kenny, Walsh, Dyson, etc etc – I think not! So why have an Academy? And what do Unsworth and Sheedy think about it all?
Mike Oates     Posted 21/10/2016 at 22:09:08

Alex Witsel

Watched the Dundalk v Zenit St Petersburg on TV3 tonight. Full professional team of Zenit just about got away with a 1-2 win against the part-timers of Dundalk.

My particular focus was on the performance of Alex Witsel, with whom we were linked earlier this year. Suffice to say he was distinctly unimpressive. Anything but a game changer. Not saying he was bad. Just not particularly imposing.

Think we avoided a bullet there...
Declan Martin     Posted 20/10/2016 at 161020

Raising the bar from last season

I have just watched the "Final word" of the Derby last season before the cup semi-final, and I remembered what every one of us have forced out of our minds.

We were totally unfit as a team, no dicipline shown from any of the players but Gareth Barry.

If you go and watch that particular Toffee TV clip after losing the Derby in a humiliating way, you are reminded of where we were as a team, then it becomes clear how hard Koeman has had to work to get BASIC dicipline and fitness back into this team.

We are in my opinion starting a clear out of the old utter lazy mindsets of the first team players, and I can see that certain players still have not been able to change as much as Koeman wants.

If I am being honest I think players like Barkley, Mirallas, Deulofeu, Lukaku, Coleman and McCarthy have not given their all to elevate themselves, whether it is a lack of full effort or just a refusal to give up that primadonna attitude from last season I do not know.

Basically I think the new fitness regime is taking a toll on players not being used to working hard for a long time.

I also think as I said above that certain players have still not adapted mentally from last season, and I am concerned that this season will be an average season because of players playing catch up both physichally and mentally.

The biggest question is this: How long will it take for the team as a whole will have learned the hard way as they say?

Koeman for me is having to spend time on basic fitness still into the season because we as team are behind schedual in that area.

So I am letting every single Evertonian know where we ACTUALLY are, not where we should be.

Go and check out the "Final word" on ToffeeTV of the 4-0 defeat last season and it will all come back to you how truly dismal we were fitness wise and attitude wise.

I feel very secure about my view on this, and again I urge us as fans to be more grounded to the cold hard facts and then we can all be as one and go forward as one, because the mood should be that we are all fully behind what Koeman is doing.

That will improve the feeling towards the club and where we are going, all I want is for everyone to get behind the team at Goodison and roar them forwards because I can see they really need our "12th player" to carry them through this adjustment period!

Jimmy-Aage Soerheim     Posted 11/10/2016 at 21:20:09

Bill Bryson at Goodison Park

I was browsing in a bookshop and came across a passage in Bill Bryson's latest book about his travels round Britain. I turned to the chapter about the North and was interested to read about his visit to Goodison Park.

He went with his son-in-law and his children who are mad Evertonians even though they live hundreds of miles away, and can never attend games – which must be familiar to many ToffeeWebers. Anyway, Bryson bought them tickets as a treat. He gave a potted history of the club, explaining for his readers where Everton the district is, and what it is like. He wasn't complimentary about the environs of the stadium.

They met in the city centre with the family all in Royal Blue and replica shirts. They were the only ones so dressed; it seems to Bryson that Everton remains a secret even in its own city. However, around the ground there were thousands in replica shirts, even though most were the larger sizes, and many wearers had tattoos on their necks.

He described Goodison Park and its venerable history, being the first purpose-built soccer stadium; which sounds charming, until he considered that places like Liberia and Burkina Faso have better facilities for watching soccer. He squeezed himself into a tiny wooden seat (perhaps he was sitting near me in the Upper Bullens) and when numbness had replaced the pain in both buttocks, he could look around and take in what was happening.

Not for the first time at an English soccer match, he found that he was the only one enjoying the experience. All around him spectators were anxious, angry or depressed. Someone behind him seemed obsessed with the German philosopher 'Kant'... When Manchester City scored, the gloomy silence deepened. There was a bright moment when Everton equalised, but his son-in-law was not impressed – Everton had plenty of chances to win but naturally missed them all.

I thought it was all very interesting, not least because Bryson is a good writer and always entertaining. I have just returned from a visit to the United States, and I marked the contrast with their football and baseball stadiums, with their fantastic (though very expensive) fan facilities and their relentlessly positive fans, albeit without any humorous songs or chants.

It is also valuable, I think, to discover what outsiders think about us. As the great Robbie Burns wrote:

"O wad some pow'r the giftie gi'e us
to see oursel's as others see us"

Roger Helm     Posted 11/10/2016 at 20:29:38

Plans for road improvements near Bramley Moore dock

The plot thickens with regard to Everton moving to Bramley Moore Dock.

I see an article has been published today in the Echo stating that Liverpool Council have issued notice of their intention to buy land alongside the Great Howard Street and Regent Road areas for the purposes of an upgrade to the roads (to dual carriageway). If you are not familiar with the area, these are the two roads that run parallel to Bramley Moore dock.

The plan is to complete the work by 2019 and the council have said that, if necessary, compulsory purchase orders will be issued.

Surely this is yet another indication of the enabling work that must be undertaken to make the dockside stadium come to fruition.
Joe  Wilcox     Posted 06/10/2016 at 161006

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