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Jack Charlton talking 25 years ago

This struck me, especially 10 minutes in how Jack talks about footballers and the money. Twenty-five years later, goodness me. Agents weren't even about at this time:

"I think we were delighted just to be players. We were delighted to get retained ay the end of the season so we could be a footballer for another year.

"You didn't have any ambitions to be charging off an making money because there was no financial reward in being transferred."

Gary Russell     Posted 30/09/2016 at 15:53:22

Are Everton squeaky clean?

After the latest scandals to tarnish English football, here is a food for thought.

Time and again Everton have missed out to players signing for other clubs, or simply turning Everton down; how many times have we said, "Typical Everton... Bill this, Elstone that"?

But what if the agents have tried to get a sweetener from Everton... cough, cough... Brown paper bag. Everton have done it above board and said No; could there be a slightest chance that some of the players that signed for another club not in the Champions League simply because some played ball with agents, to get their player.

I can understand missing some targets but it seems it has happened too often at Everton... players in talks, then, out of the Blue, another club have signed the player.

It could be Everton dithering, not being attractive, or it could be that Everton are not playing ball with agents, and keeping our club squeaky clean from allegations.

Worth thinking about? Over to you, fellow Evertonians.
Brian Wilkinson     Posted 29/09/2016 at 14:55:27

What we need to do

Okay, people, we lost today. Oh, and we lost at home in midweek.

We, as Everton fans need to get real, and pretty bloody quickly. We are not top 4 contenders, in my opinion we are not top 6 contenders either. We are nowhere near that level and we will never be whilst we continue with the likes of Deulofeu, Mirallas and Barkley.

All three are patently not good enough to carry our club forward. To that list I would add Lukaku whose attitude stinks. Wasn't it a grand gesture on his behalf to give us another season?

There are lots of players on EFC'S books that need to be got rid of if we are to become genuine challengers for trophies. The afore-mentioned, plus Niasse, Kone and Gibson.

We as supporters have had a reality check over the last two games, against Norwich at home and Bournemouth away, we didn't register a single goal. Doesn't auger well does it?.

This is a work in progress and we need to be realistic (for example, is a 1-0 loss under Koeman better than a 3-3 draw under Martinez?).

Wait until we play the big hitters, I think there will be tears before bedtime.
Trevor Bailey     Posted 24/09/2016 at 17:37:41

Remember the name?

This has definitely been done before, but in the light of Man Utd getting pasted yet again, the reaction and scrutiny of Crocky's finest has reached for me, a point of peculiar interest.

Wayne Rooney's performance against Watford was heavily castigated; resulting in a national newspaper, traditionally obsequious towards him, highlighting – rather cruelly I thought – in just 13-points, exactly how bad he was yesterday.

This was backed up by merciless social media sledging at the hands of his own so-called supporters – yes the ones who, with no sense of irony, routinely trot-out the "You Scouse Bastard," chant, whilst simultaneously expecting their (Scouse) Captain to run his bollocks off for their over-indulged cause. Whilst they film it on their iPhones.

[On a side note, the Mancs could have bought Idrissa Gueye TWELVE times over for all the money they wasted on Pogba. Just saying...]

It's also glaringly-obvious that the sparkle has definitely now gone from The Special One and I do think he'll have a series of (comical) hissy-fits, fall out with Rooney, and possibly scapegoat him for HIS own inability to polish the damaged turd he inherited from LVG and Morag's knife-carrying other half.

Plus, we were supposedly seeking a number 10 last summer, with Juan Mata rumoured to be just one of our (gazillion) targets and given the frankly absurd notion of Rooney playing as a deep-lying playmaker, my by-now obvious question revolves around the possible/ fabled return of the boyhood Blue.

Playing just behind the striker, and still young enough to make a meaningful impact, if it would ever come to pass, then the sooner the better. Could a January move, a hefty pay-cut, and a bold move by Moshiri be of benefit to our club? Would Koeman be interested and would he even think it possible? If prompted, would 'Wazza,' even countenance the notion?

Brief and boring stats: 179 goals for the Red Devils, England's all-time leading scorer, and more pertinently, 2nd in Premier League History for assists, apparently.

Or is Tom Cleverley the answer?

The thought of a 35 year old slightly-bloating Rooney making a sentimental return clearly wouldn't make sense, would not fit with our projected trajectory, or our style of play, etc, but could he be effective now?

Thoughts will be mixed on this, I know, but I would just love another Scouse Evertonian in the squad, partly for parochial reasons, but also because right now, I do think he would fit the puzzle, help develop Barkley's game, and no question he'd passionately fight our corner.

Once a Manc, always a Blue.
Kevin Hudson     Posted 19/09/2016 at 09:26:10

Thirteen decent players and precious little else?

I admit to a soft spot for Paul Merson. A flawed human being, like the rest of us, he has managed to turn his life around. He has other qualities: he tells it as he sees it; he has interesting insights into players; he gives reasons for his views; he has no side to him; he can laugh at himself; he admits when his judgements are awry; and not least, he once scored a great solo goal again Liverpool.

On Saturday, he said that he thought Everton were dark horses. But he added that our squad basically had 13 players who cut the mustard, and implied we had little else beyond these. Our fate depended on keeping these 13 players fit.

This sparked two thoughts: (1) the identities of his 13 players: and (2) whether he is correct.

I suspect his 13 are yesterday’s starters (Stekelenberg, Coleman, Jagielka, Williams, Baines, Gueye, Barry, Mirallas, Barkley, Bolasie, Lukaku) plus Deulofeu and one other (maybe Lennon?) If this is right, this means he does not see us as currently having a decent back-up: in goal; in defence; as a defensive midfielder; or to replace Lukaku.

I would be interested in others’ views. Is our squad really as weak as Merson suggests?

Tony McNulty     Posted 18/09/2016 at 18:17:34

Dodged a bullet?

While watching PSG/Arsenal game today the PSG manager seemed familiar. Then I remembered; hadn't Unai Emery been rumoured to get the Everton Manager's job but PSG got him?

If so we might have missed a bullet not getting him. In today's Guardian two paragraphs tell a familiar story.

“During a bristling performance at his pre-match press conference on Monday, in which he reverted to speaking in his native Spanish, Emery asked for patience. “I’m the coach. So, when we win matches, there are positive press and when we lose there is criticism,” he said. “That is always the case. I’m also very self-critical and learn a lot as well from this process of self-criticism. That’s always been the case. I focus on the work I have to do in terms of patience and precision in my work.”

“PSG have laboured over recent weeks, the players apparently unconvinced by Unai Emery’s approach and the team diminished by the departure of David Luiz and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They have been hampered by niggling injuries and have dropped points owing to sloppy defending that was rare last season.”

It seems the announcement of the PSG’s manager’s name before the kick-off provoked grumbling among the fans.

Hello! Haven't we heard that 10 million pound story before?
Eric Owen     Posted 13/09/2016 at 23:07:15

Net Spend and Other Misnomers of the Transfer Window

Greetings fellow Blues,

Throughout the transfer window saga we've all suffered through, I've noticed dozens of comments decrying Everton's "net spend" and references to the mythological £100 million transfer "war chest".

While it is convenient for the media and fans to only look at incoming and outgoing transfer fees when considering the money clubs spend on player personnel, it simply doesn't reflect reality.

Don't get me wrong, I firmly believe the "Arteta money" jokes are hilarious and will never get old. However, I have stumbled across a couple of articles that I hope my fellow Blues will enjoy that bust some of the myths surrounding transfers and club finances.

The Guardian: Transfer window: exposing the widely held myths about how clubs sign players

ESPN FC: How much Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, N'Golo Kante actually cost
Nick McGregor     Posted 06/09/2016 at 160906

Moshiri – nothing has changed

Being old, 57 , and very cynical, I find it easy to predict how things will go at Everton – I expect the worst and am never disappointed. My view was always that Moshiri was only brought in to prop up the Kenwright regime. The clue is in the 49.9% share purchase.

Looking at the recent past, I didn't believe the £100m transfer kitty story. That was made up for the papers. I wasn't surprised that we were one of the few clubs to make a net profit in the transfer window.

Moshiri's contact with Jim White about us not being serious about Sissoko has damaged Moshiri's credibility – sorry but I just don't believe his version of events.

The most recent Secret Footballer book talks of clubs that don't want to succeed. His reasoning is that success will trigger increases in salaries to current players and transfer targets – this is where Everton are at now – programmed for mediocrity. Our transfer window showed the club's intent – which is to be happy to be mediocre.

I believe that Koeman knew what he was buying into. Being the Everton manager is an implicit agreement to keep Everton in the Premier League but to expect to win nothing. Whilst Kenwright clings on, nothing will change. Get used to it... I have.
Jonathan Tasker     Posted 05/09/2016 at 13:13:24

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