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I followed the agenda of last night's AGM as it happened via the Liverpool Echo, who had a reporter there giving a timeline and appropriate updates on what was said by the contributors on stage. For the first time I have began to (ever so slightly) question the viability of the new stadium project.

As well as the completion date being put back 12 months, it seems we are now relying on the persuasive power's of Joe Anderson to convince the full city council that they will provide financial backing for two thirds of the stadium costs. Yet, only three months ago, we were informed that the council was only going to act as 'guarantor'? So what's happened in the interim?

Added to the fact that the cost of the stadium, before a brick is laid, is now escalating, and approaching half a billion pounds? All this without the unknown factor of the 'Brexit' effect happening soon, by the way.

I also thought the comments made by Denise Baxendale were a bit silly. On moving her ever-growing empire to the Liver Building, she proclaims (albeit half-heartedly) 'the City will soon be all ours'. That's sure to endear us to the red half of the City, just when we're asking the rest of the City Council to support us.

However, the majority shareholder then fans the flame further, by claiming the Lukaku transfer situation was decided by a telephone call in which Lukaku's mother was guided/advised by a 'voodoo' priest that her son should sign for Chelsea. What on earth was gained by that statement? We didn't really need to know about the private conversation between the player and owner. The player wanted away, couldn't he have just left it at that?

Sorry, but the public statements just made the club look rather silly in the current climate.

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Lyndon Lloyd
1 Posted 10/01/2018 at 17:10:26
Both Denise and Farhad were playing to the crowd – hers a quip at the expense of our loveable neighbours who have dominated the football and city "landscape" (in abstract terms) for three decades; his an entertaining story about a transfer saga that preoccupied us all for a very long time.

The unfortunate thing these days with Twitter and embedded reporting is that none of this stuff can stay between four walls. None of it was meant as a public communiqué but everything has to be analysed, dissected and picked apart.

With regard to funding the stadium, LCC have merely shifted from being the guarantor of Everton's loan to the facilitator of it. LCC will borrow a maximum of 𧷐m, with EFC on the hook for everything over and above, including any surplus should the costs rise further (as they surely they will but, hopefully, not prohibitively so), and will make ٥m per year as Everton pay them back.

The deal will be securitised against EFC's assets so the council can't lose out should it all go tits up.

We would surely be able to take out a similar loan with anyone else (albeit, perhaps, at higher interest rates) but have chosen to do it through LCC. If anything it's Everton who are playing favourites by going with the council for its loans not the other way around.

Kevin Tully
2 Posted 10/01/2018 at 17:28:01
Lyndon, the very fact the funding arrangements have changed in such a short space of time should set off the alarm bells. Lurching from one model to another, along with escalating costs and no doubt political and public dissent, could make this scheme unworkable from the outset.
Stan Schofield
3 Posted 10/01/2018 at 17:46:41
The most important thing is how we perform on the pitch. The stadium is secondary to that, and I'm not really interested in the EitC stuff.

Andy Meighan
4 Posted 10/01/2018 at 17:54:18
That whole AGM has turned out to be a total and utter embarrassment. Final piece of the jigsaw. "The fab four", "Siggy's bullets", "The city will soon be all ours" ... Absolute nonsense.

Do they honestly think these statements will endear us to them? No! It's the complete opposite.

The whole lot of them are a joke. No wonder that crowd across the park laugh at us. How much wine had the fuckers had before they took to the stage? Copious amounts, judging by the Ill-informed shite they spewed out.

Oh and I forgot the all-time classic – Lukaku's mother got a voodoo message... What the actual fuck?!??! No wonder we're shite.

John Pierce
5 Posted 10/01/2018 at 17:55:51
Anderson wouldn't be so bold if he knew it wasn't all lined up and ready to roll. Rubber stamping is all is required.

I actually feel much better about the stadium. Moshiri's equity input is a clear indication of clearing the decks for the LCC loan and other funding.

LCC are if is to be believed they are the protagonists (hearsay) here and approached Everton. It's a very common model. Venture capitalism from the council in an era were all entities have to become diverse and develop other income streams. In Liverpool, no less!

Their is a very strong socioeconomic arguement around the regeneration. Rather than the grants etc garnered from government and the European Union, this is been generated from within Liverpool itself. Far more likely to get buy-in from the people of the city.

As for footballing matters, Steve, I agree completely, telling anecdotes and whipping up the crowd is nothing more than shownanship.

Walsh's and Allardyce's remarks were utterly without merit, and when asked about why no replacement had been secured for Lukaku, Walsh gave a list of unwanted he was offered. What a load of bollocks.

Allardyce offered up ‘victim of our own success'. Sam, seventh is the minimum, lad; the fact you believe that or were scripted to says enough. Lowering those expectations daily folks.

Where I do worry is as the stadium looms large; if we don't recruit well and soon, then surely our competitive abilities in the market will wane as cash is ultimately drained towards the dock.

However, three things for Moshiri to do:

1. Sack Walsh; get a competent well known Director of Footbal in responsible for results. He sacks and hires the coach;

2. Following that, remove Allardyce, promptly with a clear replacement ready;

3. Employ a communications officer to manage our business. Let's not air our laundry in public. Or at least get someone who can spin it.

Crack on, laa!!!

Lyndon Lloyd
6 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:00:38
Kevin, the funding model was always going to remain fluid until everything was finalised so the term "lurching" is a little disingenuous while the best deal for all parties is worked out.

Certainly for LCC, going from being guarantor of £350m with a £4m p/a return to the loanee of a £280m securitised loan with £7m p/a profit is a better deal for the council and the city.

Likewise, the costs were also bound to rise; they always do. Tottenham's almost doubled and while I don't expect ours to go up that much, the £300m figure always felt a little ambitious for what we aim to do at the site.

Nicholas Ryan
7 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:09:37
Lyndon "...securitised against EFC's assets..." We have assets ?!!
Steve Hogan
8 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:11:07
John (5)

No-one wants a new stadium more than me. After more than 50 years of watching the Blues at Goodison Park, I would like to depart this mortal coil in the knowledge that the next 100 years of the football club is secure.

Failure to deliver this project would signal even more dark uncertain times ahead. It just pisses me off that senior personnel within the club, make daft soundbites to an audience without seemingly realising virtually 'everything' will be picked up by the local and national media and blown up out of all proportion.

Just get on with the business in hand and leave the silly remarks to someone else.

Lyndon Lloyd
9 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:18:36
Steve, Moshiri's comments won't have been planned. Yes, they were daft but they were off-the-cuff and in the moment in a relaxed setting. I'm sure he will be more circumspect in future but at the expense of some refreshingly frank talk from the club hierarchy.

Barrett-Baxendale made a joke to Blues at the Kopites' expense which is fine by me. People can't say anything anymore without it being scrutinised to the nth degree or someone taking offence. The reds don't like it because they're scared she'll eventually be proved right.

Paul Smith
10 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:29:41
Brexit??? Come on.... Yes, costs have increased but to throw Brexit into the mix casts a biased cloud over the article.

As for Voodoo Raygate, how do we know it's not true? Rom was gonna stay but, after consulting with his mum and her faith, he changed his mind... and?

Some on here have called his remarks racist – that's their own stuff and another reason to distrust.

Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 10/01/2018 at 18:38:27
Lyndon@9, you always speak sense, but you even exceed yourself with that last sentence mate. It's probably what is worrying Kevin, myself and countless other Evertonians, with regards to this changing of the plans?

I'm glad you and John P, amongst others, are so cool about these changes, but no one gangs up like our horrible fucking neighbors, just imagine if they really hated us?

The best case scenario for me would be the reds kick up a massive fuss, derail these plans, and Usmanov then decides to get rid of his cloak. I might sound like a dreamer, but I couldn't beat Kenwright so I've decided to join him!

Jim Bennings
12 Posted 10/01/2018 at 19:25:52
To be honest I'm worried by Moshiri's apparent easily pleased nature when it comes to what he perceives as success.

Wasn't it last year that we didn't buy a midfield player because we “Didn't want to upset our family member, James McCarthy“?

Then in summer we have the “I expect the squad we have to be good enough to finish 6th”.

What, with no proven quality Premier League striker? Well we all know how that panned out between that Farhad statement August and now.

Now we've had him going on about Tosun being the final piece of the jigsaw and the “Fab Four” which includes 32 year old Rooney , a player that's only just returned after a year out Bolasie and a unproven lad at this level from Turkey...

Give me strength!!

Now he's going on about voodoo and Lukaku , why? Why even agree to speak about Lukaku?? Just leave it in the past.

As for final pieces of jigsaws, what about a new left back? And no 33-year-old Leighton Baines will not be like a new signing when he returns from injury .

Is this a jigsaw that see's one player (Tosun) come into a team that currently sits lower in the table than the mighty big spending Burnley!???

A complete jigsaw that will probably see us cross the halfway line maybe two or three times on Saturday against another mental block opponent of ours, Tottenham?

Sorry but I can't buy into this talk of everything is rosy and fitting into place quite like Moshiri believes.

Brian Harrison
14 Posted 10/01/2018 at 21:42:58
I see some of our neighbours fans have now started a petition to stop the LCC approving the deal. Knowing their ability to get everything they want, I can see the LCC voting against it.

Remember they even got UEFA to change the rules regarding the European Champions League. They said that though they didnt qualify for the following years Champions League they should be allowed to enter as holders and the change was made.

Danny Broderick
15 Posted 10/01/2018 at 21:54:12
Paul (10),

You only have to look at the exchange rate to see how Brexit has had an impact. It will cost far more to use imported steel now, for instance, while using British steel would be far more expensive than Chinese steel, for example. The landscape has changed massively for any companies involved in any big projects now – it's Sod's law that we are getting round to doing this at a time when the country faces an uncertain immediate future.

I am also concerned by the change of funding for the new stadium. There's been far too much talk and not enough action going on for my liking. The costs are going up all the time when you take inflation into account.

It seems what was said in the AGM this year was exactly the same as what was said in the 2017 AGM. Dan Meis says it's gonna be a one off. Elstone says there are some obstacles to overcome. Kenwright and Moshiri provide a sideshow with some anecdotes and everyone goes home happy.

Let's have some action please!!

Steve Ferns
16 Posted 10/01/2018 at 23:55:12
Brian, the reality was the Everton should not have been in the Champions League Qualifiers. The rules were untested but clearly stated that England has 4 CL teams and the holders had the right to defend the trophy.

Liverpool and the Premier League did us a favour by fighting UEFA for both of us. We can't blame them for that. If they wanted to stick the boot in, they could have petitioned the Premier League to select them as the 4th team and eject us, and UEFA made it clear that was what they fought should happen. Fortunately, the Premier League was too strong and we got in.

Sometimes, we need to give Liverpool some credit, as they aren't always evil.

Champions League Regulation 1.03 (as in 2004):
At the request of the national association concerned, the UEFA Champions League title holders may be entered for this competition, as an additional representative of that association, if they have not qualified for the UEFA Champions League via the top domestic league championship. If, in such a case, the title holders come from an association entitled to enter four teams for the UEFA Champions League, the fourth-placed club in the top domestic league championship has to be entered for the UEFA Cup.

Ernie Baywood
17 Posted 10/01/2018 at 00:02:15
For a while, people were asking to hear from Moshiri. I think now's the time for him to stop.

His comments on Lukaku were ridiculous. I can't think of one reason to say that even if it's true. And given Moshiri's record, it's probably not true.

Certainly Lukaku disagrees with his recollection and the quotes in today's news now read...

"Romelu is very Catholic and voodoo is not part of his life or his beliefs. He simply had no faith in Everton and no confidence in Mr Moshiri's project. That is why he did not want to sign on any condition."

That's a great bit of global print for the club, hey?

Ernie Baywood
18 Posted 11/01/2018 at 00:08:46
Steve "Brian, the reality was the Everton should not have been in the Champions League Qualifiers. The rules were untested but clearly stated that England has 4 CL teams and the holders had the right to defend the trophy."

No, as quoted by yourself the UEFA rules stated that it was up to the FA. The FA's own rules at the time were very clear about who qualified, and it wasn't Liverpool. The FA hadn't given themselves any wiggle room at all.

Liverpool did petition the FA but the FA stuck to their rules. We qualified.

To avoid either upsetting our red cousins or having to make a determination that went against their own rules they begged for UEFA to make an exception and then both updated their rules.

Jim Bennings
19 Posted 11/01/2018 at 00:25:24
Moshiri has basically given our club and himself very unwanted attention with some daft and poorly chosen words about a player who doesn't even matter to Everton anymore.

Peter Gorman
20 Posted 11/01/2018 at 01:51:36
And bingo! Lukaku apparently seeking legal advice over this voodoo nonsense;


The utter bunglefucks that own and represent us.

Pete Clarke
21 Posted 11/01/2018 at 12:55:37
I look at Moshiri and do not see a strong man in the leader sense. He is no fool, that's for sure, but he is cutting his teeth attempting to run our club.

As for the the voodoo crap well the reason Moshiri probably said it was that Jim White wouldn't and furthermore if it's true about Lukaku's mum then let's sign her and put her up front in the next derby to turn the spell around onto them.

Kevin Tully
22 Posted 11/01/2018 at 13:26:38
621 comments and counting on the Echo article laying out funding plans. Lots of people asking why the Council are taking out loans on behalf a billionaire for a private sector development.

We all know there is a perfectly sound financial case behind the proposed scheme, but that doesn't mean people will be able to look past the most simple of questions, posed above.

Tony Abrahams
23 Posted 11/01/2018 at 14:58:58
Kevin, the simple fact of the matter is that deep down they really hate us. If it's the cheapest way to borrow, and the council are going to create a load of long-term jobs for the people of Liverpool, and also a load of money for the coffers each year, then it should really be a time for rejoicing?

They though are a different fucking breed, and nothing they do would surprise me... Well, nothing good anyway!

Stan Schofield
25 Posted 11/01/2018 at 15:11:09
Tony, absolutely. I know a fair few reds, and none of them looks happy. They seem frustrated because they never win anything despite spending huge amounts of money.

They've spent the same as Man Utd since 2008, but Utd have won the league 4 times, averaging over 80 points per season, whereas Liverpool haven't won it at all and have averaged 68 points per season (10 more than us). Plus the other trophies Utd have won. All aided significantly by Rooney, of course, whom they also hate.

It probably won't take a tremendous business effort to surpass Liverpool (and if we had a more robust mental approach to derby games, that 10-point difference between us would be quite a bit less), but to actually win things like the elite clubs (Man Utd, Man City and Chelsea) is a different kettle of fish.

Len Hawkins
26 Posted 12/01/2018 at 14:21:06
Don't worry about the jigsaw – it is only 4 pieces; the problem is, the box lid with the picture on has been lost.
Steve Carse
27 Posted 12/01/2018 at 18:53:04
Ernie (#18) you are of course correct. Why any Evertonian (Steve #16) should be inferring anything different I don't know.
Peter Larkin
28 Posted 13/01/2018 at 12:23:33
Moshiri is an utter clown. Between him and Kenwright, they will take our wonderful club down the drain. Why on earth would a billionaire who has strong links to one of the richest men in the world need a loan from the council? Why can't he find investors for "the project"?

And while I'm at it, the transfer system from what I am seeing is nothing more then sell-to-buy but on a larger scale?

Yes, Moshiri cleared the club's debt; however, if Moshiri walks away, we still owe him £80 million! I've no doubt in my mind he will get the stadium built, strangle the club in debt, and sell the whole thing!!! He will walk away with the £80 million we owe him plus interest, while the new stadium will make our club value near the £1 billion mark in 2022. So, for his £150 million investment, him and Kenwright will walk away with a fortune.

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