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Swansea ready to agree Sigurdsson fee

| Sunday, 23 July 2017  236 Comments  [Jump to last]
The Express is claiming that Swansea City will reach a compromise with Everton over a massive £45M fee for Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Sigurdsson has been a top target of Everton's for the past year and it seems the long-mooted transfer may be entering its final stages this week.

Having reportedly knocked back a £40m offer from Everton, Swansea slapped an eye-watering £50m price tag on Sigurdsson, but this has seemingly not deterred the Toffees from pursuing him further.

Sigurdsson has apparently expressed a desire to rejoin a bigger club and failed to go with his side on their US tour, which ends today.

Reader Comments (236)

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Rick Pattinson
1 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:08:41
Nooooooo, Ronald... don't do it!!! £35 million tops. Tell em the fuck off and find someone else!!!
Roberto Birquet
2 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:10:31
I'll take this with a pig pinch of salt as it is only the Express. Other media outlets are quoting the Express, so they do not yet count.

It would certainly seem a more realistic fee, but I won;'t think much of it until some more reliable source starts quoting it without reference to the Express.

The best news that could occur this week would be a big victory – three goals plus – in the Europa League.

Frank Crewe
3 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:12:01

Why do that? Money is not a problem for Everton. If Koeman thinks he can do a job and improve the squad, then I'm happy to go along with that. If his contribution gets us in the top 4, then it will be money well spent.

James Stewart
4 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:14:31
Overpriced... but then who isn't in this window? Is he better than what we have – Barkley, Mirallas etc? Resounding yes.

It's not all about the first 11: for once, we will have genuine quality to come off the bench.

Bill Gall
5 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:26:41
With some of the ridiculous fees being quoted for some players, the fee for Sigurdsson is not as ridiculous as some people feel. We have to get the strongest team together prior to the start of the season, – this includes a replacement for Lukaku.

With the stories that are going around about Everton's new found wealth, negotiating a player's contract and fees are fine as long as it does not allow another club to come in and steal the player you want with a slightly better offer.

It takes time to build a team with a number of new players coming in, so we have to get the players we want in, as quickly as possible. Haggling for a player to save money was the old Everton way; let's continue with the new Everton way and bring in the players we want quickly.

John G Davies
6 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:32:41

Keep them rolling in Ronald.
Not the slightest bit interested in the fee.
Spend more please Mr Moshiri.

Will Mabon
7 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:43:33
Even in the current world of crazy prices, this is far too much for Sigurdsson.
Chris Gould
8 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:44:51
Frank, I think we're going to need players like Sigurdsson to threaten top 6, but I will be very surprised if we make top 4. Man City are spending crazy money, Man Utd will also probably hit the £200 million mark, as will Chelsea. They're all buying players out of our reach.

If we buy Sigurdsson and Giroud I think we'll close the gap and could possibly catch up and overtake 1 or 2 of the top 6, hopefully Liverpool and possibly Arsenal, but that's still a big ask.

Spurs may slip away a bit as they don't have the money to compete for the top players, but Kane and Alli guarantee 40-50 goals alone and will probably scrape them the last champions league spot.

Personally, I'm hoping for us to cement our place as a super seven and be right in the mix for champions league places deep into the season. I'd like us to beat a couple of these top teams away from home and go deep in the Europa League.

That's what I realistically expect, but I am of course hoping for more and believe we are certainly going to be far better than last season.

I think it's easy to get carried away after what's been a great summer, but the clubs above us are not standing still. They will all also improve, and many are buying players that pull them further ahead with more huge transfers likely over the next few weeks.

David Barks
9 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:53:37
It's not too much to spend. It's a fair price for a player who has consistently delivered in the Premier League at his position. Just get him signed.
Jon Withey
10 Posted 23/07/2017 at 15:55:33
It's like Leeds United never happened!

Interested to see how we are funding all this, debts against the club guaranteed by Moshiri?

It's going to be a strangely unbalanced squad with a freebie right-back, ageing left-back and £45 million No 10!

Robin Cannon
11 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:00:23
I suppose you could spin it that way if you wanted to be super negative.

A strangely unbalanced squad in the sense of one that's been strengthened through the entire spine of the team, with cover in almost every position, mostly funded at this point through a near world record sale of Lukaku.

On Sigurdsson... prices are inflated. I still think it's a lot. But on the other hand, if Koeman identified him as the #1 target to fill a position, are we better paying over the odds for that #1, or going for a second or third choice that's cheaper?

Neil Thomas
12 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:05:17
Rick (#2),

Do you think Lukaku is worth up to £90m do you? Or Van Dijk £70m? What about Walker at £50m? That's the market at the moment so we have to except it.

For me, bring him in! I love this player – he will only add to our assist and goal tally.

Grant Rorrison
13 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:09:00
Need a striker, another left-back, a decent right-back, another central defender and another wide option before it would be a good squad.

Maybe we could sell half a dozen surplus midfielders to pay for it?

David Barks
14 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:13:20
Jon (#10),

So far we've simply spent the Lukaku money. So what exactly is the fear? Did Leeds have the massive revenue that the premier league now attracts? No. Did they have the wealth behind their owner? No. Was it mismanagement of the entire club that led to their demise? Yes.

Bill Griffiths
15 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:14:22
Koeman & Walsh both obviously rate him highly and obviously believe he can help take us to the next level. Koeman made it obvious a long time ago that his main targets in this window were Keane & Sigurdsson; you can't blame Swansea for holding out for as much as they can get. I'm surprised Burnley didn't squeeze a bit more out of us.

If they think he can help us to the next level, I don't see the fee as a problem. If he's a success, all well and good; if he's a flop, it's money wasted – whatever the fee.

My biggest concern is that, given the number of new signings that have come in and are possibly coming in, it is a big ask to expect them all to hit the ground running and gel together straight away – especially given our initial fixtures.

While I expect a slight improvement in performance, a higher finish or the winning of a trophy might have to wait until next season.

John G Davies
16 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:15:03
Jon (#10),

To date, we are funding the incoming transfers using the poke from the outgoing transfers.

Neil Thomas
17 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:23:53
David (#14) Well said.

Positives: great new manager, great new scout, great new owner, fantastic youth set up, state-of-the-art new stadium coming soon, and a transfer window like we have never witnessed before. Now is it a sin to be positive about that?

Ray Roche
18 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:29:38
Man City have just spent £26.5m on a back up for Kyle Walker. Prices have gone mad.
Derek Williams
19 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:42:29
So let's join in with the madness. We're financially able to compete for the first time in decades so let's get stuck in!
Derek Knox
20 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:43:12
Glad that this 'appears' to be nearing it's conclusion, I know the fee sounds stupid, but the lad is quality, and he has proved that, not only with the Swans, but also for Iceland. (The team, not the frozen food outlet...)

It's a pity in some ways, that this couldn't, have been sorted a couple of weeks ago, he has been training on his own, he could have been with team, and had a run out in one or two of the games.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Jon Withey
21 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:47:40
The two most cliched comments on here have got to be 'being negative' (of course, this is the internet) and 'ambition' (like that's all you need).

I'm just concerned for the club and these kind of booms can easily be followed by busts – I'd like to see big money invested in our infrastructure, ie, the new stadium. Let's hope that happens too.

Pickford and Keane I can understand as we were desperate for a decent keeper and centre-back. Rooney is decent business for many reasons. Sigurdsson is very much over-priced and we'd be well over the Lukaku money by that point – and still needing a centre-forward.

Paul Ellam
22 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:48:36
When you are spending £40-odd million anyway, does that extra £5m really make a difference? Koeman obviously wants him so let's just pay what they want and get the deal over the line.

I personally don't think he's worth that amount but then I don't think Lukaku is worth what Man Utd paid or Walker is worth what Man City paid.

We are in a position where we have to pay over the odds to get the players we want before "the big 4" get in but luckily we have the cash to do it.

Next up: a striker of sublime scoring pedigree please!

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
23 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:50:04
Pack it in, please, Neil.

It's not a sin to be positive, but where that crosses the line is you labeling Everton fans as haters because they don't see things quite like you do.


Rob Dolby
24 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:50:05
I love the fact that we are spending money but think that there has to be better options out there at Number 10.

Sigurdsson has plenty of Premier League experience but I have never thought that he was the player that could add the X-Factor and pop up for a winner in a close game,...

Is he the match winner or nice to have type player? I would rather go for Mahrez – the lad can I unlock any defence.

Ian Riley
25 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:51:21
The player has kept Swansea in the league with his goals and performances. They want £50 million and so they should. Massive blow for them if they let him go.

It could be the difference between staying in the league. Everton will gain a top player.

David Ellis
26 Posted 23/07/2017 at 16:51:48
I think we need Sigurdsson and Giroud (or something similar). The prices are crazy but these are the highest quality players that we can get and, as someone said on another thread, it is quality (not quantity) that counts. You can only have 11 on the pitch at once.

I was pleased to see an ESPN article headed what the "Premier League Big Boys" need to do in the transfer window. There was a piece on each of the top 7 (which included us) – whereas a year ago, that would have been all about the top 6. Perceptions are changing.

Len Hawkins
27 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:00:28
The money spent on Ball was ridiculous as was Kendall, Latchford overpriced Reid Gray Bracewell all rubbish then they blow a fortune on Lineker as with every other successful period Everton buy nothing but rubbish.

Chill out sit back and wait for the ride to start instead of moaning like a load of 80-year-old nymphomaniacs. It's not your money.

Neil Thomas
28 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:01:04
My apologies Michael (#23). Never meant to be disrespectful – just passionate to see us in a position we have never been in before. Sorry for any offence.
David Ellis
29 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:01:40
And another thing... the fact that the other big 7 clubs are strengthening and we need to run to stand still... this is not as strong a factor as people make out.

Firstly, it is easier for us to improve as we had weaker players to begin with. So Michael Keane may or not make it into the first XI of other top 7 clubs, but he will hugely improve our first team, and this closes the gap. This is also true of Pickford and possibly Klaassen – and is also true of Schneiderlin (now available for the full season)

Secondly – the loss of Lukaku – I'm not worried about this at all. Its how many goals the team scores that matter. The idea that you need a 20 goal a season striker is not backed up by the stats – we dominated in 1985 without a striker hitting over 20 goals – and we won in 1987 having lost our last 25-a-season striker. I am sure we will score more goals per game this season.

Thirdly – form changes. Chelsea were 10th two seasons ago and became the Champions the following season. They didn't buy a ton of new player but still made up the ground. We on the other hand have bought a ton of new players.

Fourthly – there's a lot of variables than the the buying of new players. Otherwise teams would generally get better every year (as they are always "strengthening") but this doesn't usually happen across the board. Some teams will decline.

Gerard Carey
30 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:03:48
If this is a player that Koeman really wants, then what's not to like? If he is £10 or 15 million over the odds... well, other teams are having to do the same. Next ,a centre-forward please.

Roll on Thursday, our season could be a great one. Transfers done early, good players in who should bring us up a few places in the league. To me, Everton are buzzing at the moment, brilliant.

Ian Hollingworth
31 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:06:12
The manager wants him in his team.
Enough said let's get it done.
Enjoy the ride... I think it's going to be exciting.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
32 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:06:39
Thanks, Neil.
Mike Green
33 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:14:44
Sigurdsson is clearly a major target.

A lot of people are saying £35m tops. In which case, we're probably going to pay £10m extra. In the greater scheme of things, so what? If it means the difference between really challenging for silverware or the Top 4, it's immaterial. It will still mean Lukaku in return for him, Sandro, Rooney and Klaassen with change.

We have to start buying the players that can make the difference – and he is obviously thought to be one – otherwise we will spend an eternity getting twatted at Anfield, fizzling out should we get to Wembley and watching the Top 6 pull away from us into the distance.

Moshiri isn't mucking about. He's putting his money where his mouth is and we should all be grateful that he is.

Next up – a proper, quality striker.

Soren Moyer
34 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:25:52
We have sold Lukaku and Cleverley for a combined sum of nearly £100m. So we have spent absolutely nothing, zilch £ so far.

So those who feel we are 'over-spending' and that we are the next Leeds should calm down!

Gavin Johnson
35 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:26:27
I think £40m + 5m add-ons is a very good deal for Swansea. They were just taking the piss expecting £50m. We'll be overpaying by £10m now.

I guess Sigurdsson coming in makes Ross staying pretty untenable. It probably also makes our stance of getting a fee of around £35m unlikely. Teams will now know that we want to get rid and they'll probably bid on deadline day accordingly.

A swap for Giroud with Arsenal throwing us £10m would be the perfect scenario for me.

Ed Fitzgerald
36 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:31:22
Neil @ 17 – we certainly have been in this position and much better before. We have won leagues, cups, broke the transfer record to buy the most coveted striker in England – all before a ball was kicked for the new season.

Great manager? Really? – I will call him a great manager if he wins the league for us and or a cup and gets us playing attractive football over a sustained period of time.

Nothing wrong with optimism whatsoever, Neil, but throwing the word great around about everything makes you sound like that Paul Whitehuse character who thought everything was "brilliant".

Neil Thomas
37 Posted 23/07/2017 at 17:41:26
Fair play, nice one, Ed, but what I meant was it's probably the best position we have been in since the days of the new billionaire owners have been about.

One guaranteed 'great' I will give though is: right now, it's great to be a Everton fan!

Colin Glassar
38 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:02:08
Jon, as others have said, with the money we got from Lukaku, Cleverley, Deulofeu etc, it means we've spent virtually nowt so far... and we've been "promised" a £150m transfer kitty ever since Moshiri took over, so we can still spend some more dough on the likes of Van Dijk, Sigurdsson and Giroud and stay within our budget.

Remember, we're now debt-free, have record season-ticket sales money available, Sky monies, Usmanov's sponsorship deal, the SportPesa deal, Chinese bank money etc... The money is there and soon we'll have a new stadium to show off and bring in extra millions in sponsor and corporate cash.

So Jon, while we have to be financially responsible, we are no longer 'poor little Everton'. That's dead and buried.

Nigel Munford
39 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:17:24
Neil and Ed, I love optimism!! I think we are on the verge of something pretty special.
Nicholas Ryan
40 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:17:59
Even though I am well used to the relentless, and hope-crushing negativity that sweeps through some ToffeeWeb threads like the burnt Worcestershire sauce in an overcooked Rarebit, this takes the proverbial biscuit.

Just recently, we were careering towards the Championship aboard the Martinez Mediocrity Express. Someone like Gylfi Sigurdsson would have laughed at the idea of joining Everton.

Fast forward a couple of years, and the guy can't wait to climb aboard 'The Flying Dutchman'. People worried if Koeman was tough enough; Boy, is he! People wondered if Moshiri was ambitious enough; Boy, is he!

The pool of players who will improve the team and come to Everton, and are available, and we can afford, is very small. Amazingly, we seem to have recruited the entire contents of that pool!

At last season's end, I thought: If we get Pickford, Keane and Sigurdsson, then the club hierarchy mean business, and I'll be happy. They did, and I am.

To those who say, "We're buying in with money from sales" – What... like that's a crime?! Fans of other clubs are now in awe of the EFC momentum.

Onwards and Upwards! The guys in charge of this club have clearly shown over the last few weeks that they are serious players. Let's get behind them and play our part.

Never in recent times has this Club had the prospects that it has now. Seat-belts on because it's not going to be dull!

Victor Jones
41 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:28:18
What was that old Eric Morecambe joke? About playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order... That's sort of what I think about Koeman's rebuilding.

Can he get a first eleven all playing in tandum? Can he get a tune out of this bunch of players? The parts of the sum are now all starting to come together. But Everton have to become more than a one-man team.

We sort of were just that when Lukaku was jogging about. A part became bigger than the sum. We now need players like Sigurdsson. And I have faith that Sigurdsson can be a big part of our team. A big part in hopefully the new improved winning sum that is Everton FC.

And who cares about a crazy price? A few winning goals and assists against the top teams will soon help repay that outlay.

Anyhow, when talking about crazy transfer deals, we mugged Man Utd and Man City off with Lukaku and Stones. Crazy money for those players.

I don't really care if Barkley has to go to make way for Sigurdsson. Everton have had a soft underbelly for far too long and Barkley was part of that, as were a number of other players. Baines? Jagielka? Mirallas? Most of the midfield under Martinez. (Hopefully mostly all fine.) And even Lukaku (remarkable he scored so many goals when he only turned up for half his matches).

We now seem to be instilling some passion, some grit, some forward passing, some style. Early days... but we now have better players, so surely Sigurdsson will add to all that. And I also hope that Koeman keeps faith with our talented youngsters.

Now let's get onboard a proven goalscorer. Giroud will do for me. And also cover at left back as it seems that Koeman has little faith in our youngsters in that position.

So let's rock and roll. Starting with a comfortable win on Thursday. A screamer from Gylfi to open the scoring. Happy days are here again.

Jack Convery
42 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:30:45
Hope the report is correct. I wanted 3 players to join since window opened. Sigurdsson will give us brains and class going forward alongside the brain and class of Rooney.

How many times have we seen EFC on top in games but unable to unlock the door with that killer pass? Well, gents, we have that in our locker now. I'd be putting money on Klaassen to score a lot of goals with these guys around him and his late runs into the box.

The other two I wanted were Van Dijk – still hopeful on that one. the other was Vardy – you never know.

As regards the fee, it's nonsense of course but football deals in monopoly money these days and if that is what he costs and we want him, then that is what we pay. Still can't believe we got £75 - £90m for Rom. His price has risen 200% since we got him but his ball skills haven't.

Jon Withey
43 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:34:25
Colin, I do hope so – I guess part of it is 20 years of mediocrity and thinking it's too good to be true.

I'm not keen on Vardy and it looks like Ramirez might do a similar job.

I'd still like Iheanacho or Dembele.

Neil Thomas
44 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:36:01
I can see why some people are negative with the sale of Lukaku and how many points his goals got us, but with Rooney, Klaassen, Sandro and hopefully Sigurdsson chipping in, it will make up for it, plus the improvement in our defence with Keane and Pickford hopefully will more than compensate for Lukaku's goals.
Andrew Ellams
45 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:37:16
With TV and Premier League money plus transfers in and out since Koeman came to the club, we are in no danger of doing a Leeds.

When Man City spend £130 million on three full backs inside a couple of weeks, player value just isn't relevant any more.

Colin Glassar
46 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:41:50
I hear you, Jon, and I expressed similar doubts a few weeks ago on here but then I read the "How Everton outflanked the FFP scam", or something along those lines.

We really are on financial sound ground here under the new regime. I'm looking forward to the ride.

The link to FFP is still on the home page, I believe, and is well worth a read.

Dennis Ng
47 Posted 23/07/2017 at 18:59:25
I personally think £45m is too much but I''d very much like Sigurdsson with us than not. I'm just interested with how we're financing it and future purchases. Ideally not selling Barkley but that's not up to us.

When you hear PSG trying to buy Neymar for $200m, you'd figure that £50m for a player like Sigurdsson is actually cheap... lol.

We should spend what we can to get better but let's not empty our warchest in one window.

Christy Ring
48 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:06:12
I wouldn't sign Sigurdsson for £45m, Rooney can do the same job. We need a target man, a winger and another left back – and keep Barkley.
Colin Glassar
49 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:12:07
Notice how the media, and their paid pundits, are not pushing a "Coutinho to Barcelona" agenda? Whenever a bigger club comes in for any below-top-6 team players, then the media, and their paid pundits, immediately get the ball rolling on why Y or X player should be allowed to move on.

I mention this as Le Tissier has posted a tweet calling for LFC to let Coutinho leave for Barca. Obviously a tongue-in-cheek post (re VVD) but our neighbours aren't taking it graciously.

I say, "Free Coutinho"!!!

Bill Gienapp
50 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:19:59
Initially I was in the camp that felt we shouldn't pay more than £35-million, but I've since changed my tune and just want to see the deal get done. There's little question that Sigurdsson improves the team, which, bottom line, is the most important thing.

Has anyone caught wind of the West Ham fans on Twitter? Seems a lot of them are trying to get a feud going with the Evertonians by claiming they've secretly had the better transfer window.

Kunal Desai
51 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:27:24
The only bit of cash we have spent in three windows so far is around £25 million on both Schneiderlin and Lookman, other than that any money spent on players has been generated from the sales of Stones and Lukaku.
Brian Williams
52 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:40:43
Wasn't Schneiderlin alone £24m?
Mark Morrissey
53 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:43:03
John G Davies @ 6, spot on, I'm with you and finally I'd like Giroud, £20 million & swap him for Ross and VVD from Southampton
Kunal Desai
54 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:46:10
Schneiderlin – £20 million: Lookman –£11 million.... less the sales of Oviedo and Gibson which was around £7 million. Roughly a net spend of £24/25 million.
Phil Martin
55 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:49:57
For that kind of money? Still leaves us short of a centre forward. But, with Klaassen and Rooney hogging the No 10 role, I think Mahrez would be a better fit.
Eugene Kearney
56 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:50:37
Great news, if true. I hope it is.

We are really going places and we'll be in the top six and we'll win the FA Cup and the Europa League.

le Nouveau Everton est arrivé !!!!

Geoff Lambert
57 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:53:00
Eugene!! I will have a couple of what you are having ha ha.
Dave Bowen
58 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:53:40
If Barca are asking €200 million for Neymar, when he's probably only their 3rd best player, surely Sigurdsson is worth £45 million to Swansea. He's kept them in the Premier League virtually by himself for the past couple of seasons. They are likely to be relegated this season without him.

I'd swap Sigurdsson for Barkley all day long without the money we might get for Ross. Add in the sales of Lukaku, Cleverley & Deulofeu – it's a big Yes from me.

Eugene Kearney
59 Posted 23/07/2017 at 19:59:20
Geoff (#58),

I am actually off the juice – have been for a bunch o' years.

I think I am just "high" on the effects of this transfer window... ;-)


Matthew Williams
60 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:00:00
Hope we sign him; more quality added to the team. I would love to see Mahrez too and a young pacy striker instead of a target man.

We'd only keep lumping the ball up to him; we need a new quick passing approach, play on the floor, pass & move like... & shooting from range would be a welcome change too!

Mr Pessimistic me (ask David Barks), but I've got a feeling we can finally bag a trophy this season... just unsure which one!!!

Colin Grierson
61 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:15:51
I can understand the caution on some of the posts on this thread, as Spurs didn't get the Beatles when they sold Elvis and there's always Leeds...

However, I believe we've bought well so far and Sigurdsson is a player I really like. I'm not worrying about the money as it's coming in as well as going out. We need a replacement for Barkley who will probably go at an inflated price too.

Drew Shortis
62 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:21:03
£45-50m may seem like crazy money, but I think we need to pay up if we're serious about breaking into the top four. To Swansea, he is probably worth every penny and then some. He has almost single-handedly kept them in the Premier League and that is worth way more than £50m.

We could get two European hot prospects who could end up being an absolute bargain, but that's a gamble and they could end up being garbage. With Sigurdsson, you know exactly what you're getting, with a proven track record. We desperately need this kind of midfield creator and for the sake of an extra £10-15m, I would pay the money for a sure bet, rather than risk it on a gamble.

The same thing goes for Giroud. Make Arsenal an offer they can't refuse... and then we just need to work on finding a centre-back and a few squad players.

Chris Gould
63 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:29:04
Because, Phil (#56), it's not Football Manager on a PC.

You can only buy players that actually want to come. I fully expect Walsh will have already sounded out Mahrez and been politely told that we have no chance.

Walsh found him and convinced him to come to Leicester. He'll know the player and his agent. Of course he would have already had the discussion. Every player that we managed to bring in so early in the window will have been spoken to and tapped up weeks/months ago.

Sorry, Phil, but some posters chuck names out such as Aguero and Costa as if Koeman and Walsh should be making serious bids for them, but are actually focusing on the wrong players. As if there really is a chance they'd come. It's ridiculous.

Sigurdsson is a quality player worth pursuing because he wants to come. Mahrez will most likely go to Arsenal, unless they manage to change Monaco's mind on Thomas Lemar.

Michael Burke
64 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:40:00
I'm a little sceptical of players who down tools when they want to leave or have issues with the manager, á la Hazard, 2 years ago.

Having said that, he still scored 10 goals last season! My overwhelming feeling is that Mahrez, at 26, would want to go to a club guaranteed success (define 'success' as you wish). Does he want 'potential'?

Neil Thomas
65 Posted 23/07/2017 at 20:52:12
Michael (#64), I don't think you can any longer class Arsenal as being guaranteed success as you can us.

Clueless manager (Roy Hodgson syndrome), best player wanting to leave, and no longer a Champions League team. I watched them yesterday totally played off the park by Chelsea. While we could be on the up, they seem on the way down.

Michael Lynch
66 Posted 23/07/2017 at 21:05:40
As others have said, money is coming in and money is going out – so I think Sigurdsson is worth spending £45m on.

We'll probably have to shell out the same again for a decent target man up front, and perhaps half that for another central defender ideally, and then we're ready for the season ahead, with a couple of outgoing players before the end of August. We'll maybe spend a net of £50m to £100m all told, which is not a ridiculous amount in the current market.

In my opinon, we'll have a stronger squad than this time last year, despite losing our two star players in Lukaku and Barkley. I doubt if it will get us into the top four, but fifth or sixth is a possibility.

Michael Burke
67 Posted 23/07/2017 at 21:11:17
Neil (#65), that is why I covered myself as defining successful as you seem fit. To many, it is playing in London and increasing their pay packet. Hernandez £140k a week at WHU... really!
Tom Bowers
68 Posted 23/07/2017 at 21:12:33
I'm still not sure about this but it will certainly make Everton stronger in midfield offensively if it's true.

Basically, it will mean nothing if they intend to go with Sandro as the only experienced out-and-out striker as I don't think many would agree that Dowell and Calvert-Lewin are quite ready just yet... but maybe the midfield will produce more goals with this guy and Rooney.

Andy Crooks
69 Posted 23/07/2017 at 21:17:32
Jon Withey (#10). One of the great things about this site is that, with an open mind, there is a post that sometimes makes you reconsider. That was one.
Brian Wilkinson
70 Posted 23/07/2017 at 21:52:37
He has been our number one target; if that is the case, get the guy in now so we can hit the new season full steam ahead. When, and not if he comes in, you can be assured the next to follow will be a big centre-forward.

I say when and not if because he is our number one target, he wants to leave and we are close to a price. The new Everton, unlike the old, will not let this deal fall through.

David McMullen
71 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:02:21
This is a good news story but somehow a few comments I read are so negative! We don't want to pay over the odds so this offers some hope but let's not forget he's one of Koeman's main targets, and transfer fees this summer are crazy.

But the one thing I'd say is, while I don't want us to over-spend, the point about being a big club (the sleeping giant is now woken) is that, if we want someone, we go out and buy him.

No haggling other than the bare minimum. If we wanna be a big club, we act like a big club.

Christy Ring
72 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:17:37
We all have opinions, but for £45m, where does he fit in, with Rooney and Klaassen, and hopefully a new striker? Can't work out our shape? We need a bit of width.
Christy Ring
73 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:23:55
I see where WBA are favourites to sign Smalling for £10m?? Would he not be a great addition to play beside Keane?
Phil Martin
74 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:25:43
Chris Gould thanks for that in-sight. Mahrez is hardly Aguero is he? How do you know he doesn't want to come? Is that what happens on Football Manager?

All we know is that he's a Leicester player and no big club has made any significant move for him. And Sigurdsson is seemingly looking just as expensive. I'd welcome either BTW.

David Pearl
75 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:31:34
We do need width, Christy! Especially if Barkley stays too. Wouldn't be so bad if we had a couple marauding full backs.

Lookman and Mirallas not good enough. Also a new striker and another centre back. We are full of central players. Space maybe for Kenny to try to break through though if good enough. Does make you question our shape. I'm questioning my shape too.

When are we going to make a signing? Watch this space. I think the cull will start soon and towards the close of the transfer window we will hopefully balance it all out.

Christy Ring
76 Posted 23/07/2017 at 22:37:29
David (#75) I agree I'd take Mahrez and a striker, but I hope we don't lose McCarthy in the cull; when fully fit, he's a huge asset.
Neil Thomas
77 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:10:31
Michael your right, West Ham are just an end-of-career meal ticket for Hernandez. £140k for a mediocre player just goes to show that they're just panic buying now, which to be fair is also cause a few of their targets decided to sign for us.

You only have to look at what they just paid for the Stoke player to see that perhaps £45m for Sigurdsson ain't that bad – especially when you look at the stats of the two players.

Trevor Peers
78 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:13:34
Not that convinced Mahrez would do the business, he was crap last season and seemed to just get lucky in that golden season Leicester won the Premier League.

Signing Sigurdsson should give us that cohesion and firepower we've been lacking in midfield since Arteta, but just how Koeman intends to organize the midfield area is baffling.

There's too many defensive midfielders – not enough wingers at the club. Koeman needs to balance it out, maybe swap McCarthy for Mahrez ?

Neil Thomas
79 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:18:15
Christy I have said before, McCarthy in my opinion is still a very good asset for us. If anything happens to any of our defensive midfielders, he's the perfect player to step in.

The lad still has a lot of passion and ability and with Barry coming to the end of his career we would be crazy to get rid of just yet.

Denis Richardson
80 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:19:17
Hope this happens soon and we can move onto getting a striker in.

We'll get some of the money back when we'll likely shift Barkley to Spurs next month.

Current squad should be able to put a few past Ruzomberok on Thursday.

Sam Hoare
81 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:26:40
So much of Sigurdsson's influence is from set pieces. We already have Rooney to take those now. A good player but not a priority for me. What we lack is:

A centre-forward to hold the ball and score;

A midfielder who is able to beat a man and then (unlike Mirallas and Barkley) make the right decision about who to pass to or if to shoot.

We lack first-team players who can skin their opposition and make the right play afterwards. Most top teams have one (Hazard, Sanchez, Coutinho, Eriksen, Silva/Sane).

Mike Gaynes
82 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:30:16
Trevor #78, agree re Mahrez... gifted player but goes into a funk very easily when things aren't going well.

Sam #81, I love his set piece threat for sure... but Sigurdsson's other influence is holding the ball and making the right pass. He's incredibly safe on the ball, more so than Rooney and MUCH more so than Barkley.

Don Alexander
83 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:40:25
It's fair comment to question whether the signing of Sigurdsson or any other new signings will deliver immediate improvement, but I think Koeman has the know-how to have recognised the inadequacies of the squad he inherited before he signed on.

I'm certain Mr Moshiri got him to explain the number of players he'd need to make good on the terms of Koeman's three-year, – League-qualifying contract. The finances are evidently in place to do it but selling Lukaku has allowed us to stay within the bollocks inherent in financial integrity (in football!!???) and also all but paid for everyone in this window thus far.

But most of all Koeman at Southampton twice in consecutive years gelled around a half-a-dozen new signings into his first team as he had had half-a-dozen or so "stars" sold by the club in the summer windows, and still got them their best ever Premier League positions, playing attractive football.

What's not to like, or at least be already optimistic about for us?

Rob Tedford
84 Posted 23/07/2017 at 23:47:55
Get this wrapped up and still plenty of time for more business, ins and outs Up top, I think Giroud or Becca would fit the bill.

Wide man I'd love to see us go all out for Brandt from Leverkusen, or a tricky South American like Luan.

Sam Hoare
85 Posted 23/07/2017 at 00:01:37
Mike, whether Siggurdsson is more reliable on the ball than Rooney is an interesting topic for debate but my concern is that they are too similar a style. Smart, technical players with limited mobility.

At the moment I see very little variety in our attack except from Sandro who is totally untried and maybe Lookman or Dowell who are very green. My worry is that we lack pace and reliable players who can beat a man. Players like that put the fear of God into defenders and create space for the smart players to then exploit.

Also a great deal of Sigurdsson's good work involved picking out excellent practitioners of the header (Llorente in particular); our attack is very diminutive as stands.

Chris Gould
86 Posted 23/07/2017 at 00:08:31
Phil (#74) apologies for being more than a little patronising. If Mahrez had any interest in us then Walsh would know. It's clear that Walsh has prepared well for this window and he knows Mahrez and his agent personally.

I guess if the Arsenal move doesn't come off and he doesn't get any offers from Champions League clubs then we may have a shot, but I doubt it. He definitely fancies himself and if he did come to us I'm not sure he'd have the right attitude. Koeman is definitely targeting a certain type of player. Leaders who work hard for the team. Mahrez is all about himself.

Sam, I am certain that, if we buy Sigurdsson, then Giroud will be lined up to follow.

Otherwise, as you suggest, the move makes little sense.

Albert Perkins
87 Posted 24/07/2017 at 01:04:00
Lot of folks are saying don't pay more than £35 mill. for Sigurdsson. That's what he's worth. Following that line of thinking we should pay another 20 mill for Sandro cos we got him on the cheap.

Another argument is that we have too many similar players in the mid. I think we will need lots of players to cover for injuries and the extra matches we will be playing when we are in Europe and the later stages of cup competitions.

Just thought of a new song to "Sittin On The Dock of the Bay":

We'll be sittin on the dock of the bay,
Watchin Everton play,
Watchin the goals go in,
Thinkin bout the cups we will win.

Brian Wilkinson
88 Posted 24/07/2017 at 01:51:38
Number One summer target, let's get this wrapped up, then a centre-forward who can reap the benefits.

Chris James
89 Posted 24/07/2017 at 02:24:22
Obviously it's a stupid amount of money, but I think in the current climate it is what it is, Sigurdsson is proven Premier League assists/goals and will add another dimension to the team I think.

Let's just get him in so he's ready to start the Premier League and we can focus all attention on luring a decent target man before the big kick off.

(nb: I'm aware some extra defensive cover is also merited with Funes Mori crocked, but I think it'll be easier to draft in a centre-half than a decent forward.)

Mike Gaynes
90 Posted 24/07/2017 at 03:38:05
Sam (#84), Sigurdsson is statistically the most mobile player in the Premier League – he covered the most ground of anyone last season – so I assume that, when you speak of mobility, you mean pace or quickness.

I just think it doesn't matter. His feet are so quick with the ball and his passing is so elegant that he just leaves the sprinting to others. And it's become an oft-repeated canard here that he does most of his best work with crosses, and it's as if TW has just adopted the point en masse, but it just ain't true:

You're absolutely right that we lack people who can consistently slice through defenses off the dribble, a la Lukaku and Barkley, but another way to slice up the defense is by running onto cutting through balls. (Besides, the window is still open for five more weeks.)

I actually don't see Rooney and Sigurdsson as similar players, but that's a debate for another thread.

William Cartwright
91 Posted 24/07/2017 at 03:52:59
Colin @ 49; You will see the BBC and other media support services beating the drum for Coutinho not only 'no to leave' but also actively stay for loyalty and pending glory reasons. My old hobby horse of the slanted bias towards the Red Shite will not go away.

It is a particularly galling facet of the bias when you consider the numerous articles they produced when John Stones was making a move, with the exact opposite approach.

Out of interest I contacted the BBC through their formal complaints channel. Absolutely hilarious and disheartening at the same time. The e mail exchange was a series of "You have over-marketed Liverpool FC compared to other winning clubs (with bountiful statistics to show the case) with embarrassing, one liner statistic-less responses of "Oh no we haven't as it is not our policy!'

God help us if the beloved reds actually do win something....

James Watts
92 Posted 24/07/2017 at 06:05:40
Mike (#90). You know it's funny. Someone posted a very similar/same link a while ago in a bid to show how over rated Sigurdsson is. Instead that said link, and my impression of seeing him a couple of times, is that he'll be a great signing and couldn't understand why that poster was saying "Check this out, shows how clumsy and rubbish he is." But there you go, guess we all see different things.

William (#91). It's very nauseating the way the media, with BBC and Sky being top culprits, fawn over those tossers. Amazing how Lukaku leaving 'for the good of his career' was the party line but with Coutinho 'needs to stay where he is' now in full shite talking swing. Truly is pathetic. Loved the Le Tissier post by the way. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

Colin Glassar
93 Posted 24/07/2017 at 07:53:29
William C, some don't want to see or acknowledge it but it exists and it is real. We have been, and still are, being brainwashed.
Mike Green
94 Posted 24/07/2017 at 09:08:40
As infuriating as it is, worry not about the huge bias in the media towards Liverpool. If it made a difference, they would consistently be winning trebles. The sad truth is that there are a lot of Liverpool fans out there so that's why they get the coverage they do – it's where the money is.

The media are whores and will jump out of bed with them the second a new story comes along to fill their column inches though, – we just need to make sure that story is us. Then Liverpool fans can read about 'How Liverpool Can Catch Their Successful Neighbours'.

Ray Roche
95 Posted 24/07/2017 at 09:11:19
Sam Hoare (#85),

"Sigurdsson's good work involved picking out excellent practitioners of the header."

Maybe Koeman is waiting to ensure he can get a good header of the ball in before he concludes the Sigurdsson transfer? Giroud, Benteke and Slimani have all been mentioned and are all good in the air.

Chris Gould
96 Posted 24/07/2017 at 09:23:10
Mike (#90), I agree that Sigurdsson is nothing like Sandro or Rooney. I don't get those comparisons at all.

If we manage to get Sig in, he will be the best ball player at our club. He has rarely missed a premier league match and runs farther than any other player in the league, so his fitness and mobility are clearly not an issue.

I agree with Sam that the team lacks a bit of pace but that should be addressed by playing the right players around him. He is the player who spots the runs and picks them out. Speed isn't necessary in his game.

One thing is for sure though, if we bring him in then we need centre backs and forwards who are strong in the air otherwise we will not make use of his fantastic deliveries. Fingers crossed for Giroud and another tall centre-back. Van Dijk would be the icing on the cake, but unfortunately he seems to want to play for that demented prat, Klopp.

Fran Mitchell
97 Posted 24/07/2017 at 09:31:59
How much is too much? Fees have actually become so exorbitant that they no longer matter.

The only thing us fans need worry about is the quality of the player. The Premier League has become a billionaires playground, we have no comprehension of value.

Those saying '£10 million too much?' – too much in relation to what? How did you come up with £35 million as a 'fair fee'. It is all just so absurd and beyond our reality.

So all I care about is they player. So, is Sigurdsson what we need?

I like him. I think he is top quality, goals, assists and graft from midfield. Better than anyone we have. He would be a good addition.

Dave Abrahams
98 Posted 24/07/2017 at 09:34:33
Chris (#96), well said. Rregarding speed, it isn't everything. Think of Le Tissier and Dalglish, both had speed of thought rather than being fast on their feet; both great players, even if one of them was a miserable so-and-so.
Stan Schofield
99 Posted 24/07/2017 at 10:19:26
Sigurdsson has excelled in a very poor Swansea side. There's every chance that he'd excel even more in a good Everton side.

Looking at the recent signings, plus the possibility of Sigurdsson, it looks like the team being assembled will have more focus on quick passing movements, with football brains where the likes of Schneiderlin, Klaassen, Sigurdsson and Rooney will anticipate the next move before they receive the ball. If this comes to pass, then our game will very likely be a lot faster.

Just looking at the pre-season games, there also seems to be more focus on shooting from distance, 5 goals from those friendlies being examples. So the signs seem to be there that we will get a faster, more precise passing game, with more scope for scoring from distance shots – something we've been lacking previously.

If this happens, there's every chance we'll also be more entertaining. So, if we become more effective as a team, more cohesive with more fluid and rapid passing movements, and more attempts at goal from distance, I'd call that progress. It might take a few games to gel this way, but once we get there it'll likely be worth watching.

Chris Gould
100 Posted 24/07/2017 at 10:21:59
Dave, funny you should mention Le Tissier; I was thinking of him when watching the link Mike Gaynes posted earlier. Sigurdsson has some of his qualities but with higher fitness levels.

Le Tissier was one of a kind. A genius one week and lazy bugger the next. Sigurdsson is no genius, but he's never lazy and is more dependable.

Watching Le Tissier when he was fit and in the mood was something special.

Tony Hill
101 Posted 24/07/2017 at 10:26:53
I agree with that, Dave, and with Mike (#90) and Chris (#96) to a large extent but my worry is with the overall "snap" of the side. We have tended not to generate pace either from raw speed of movement or through incisive use of space and quick passing.

On the power/strength front, I also think we look more than a bit light. I still haven't recovered from the way Tottenham brushed us aside at their place, and Chelsea did much the same.

It's a game for athletes now at the top level and it's what sets the top 4 apart – as well as talent, of course.

It would be great if we can indeed start to play with speed of thought through Klaassen, Sigurdsson and Rooney, always assuming they can be made to fit together.

Christy Ring
102 Posted 24/07/2017 at 10:28:59
I watched Sigurdsson last season; in my opinion – apart from set pieces – his passing and assists are mainly around the box. He does very little in midfield, he's not a playmaker like Barkley.
Carl Taylor
103 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:06:55
Christy, that sounds great. A player who scores and (my most hated word in the modern football vocabulary) assists goals mainly around the box. I'm not sure where you would like the goals and assists to come from, but I can't think of many 'assists' coming from away from the opposition's box.
Sam Hoare
104 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:13:45
Mike @90 "I just think it doesn't matter. His feet are so quick with the ball and his passing is so elegant that he just leaves the sprinting to others."

But this is my point. Who are the 'others'? Klaassen and Rooney for me are similar to Sigurdsson in the respect that they are smart players able to see and pick the right pass. And whilst they might have good movement none have the pace and acceleration to easily outstrip a defender when darting into space.

We have players who can potentially pick a pass but are lacking players who have the pace to best utilise that vision. Chelsea have Fabregas or Luiz picking out Hazard and Willian. Man City have Silva and De Bruyne picking out Sterling and Sane. Arsenal have Ozil picking out Sanchez and Walcott. Spurs have Eriksen picking out Alli and Son. Man Utd have Pogba picking out Martial and Lingard.

I am just not sure who will be providing the movement for us and for me that's a bigger priority currently than getting another player who can pick a pass.

Franny Porter
105 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:25:43
David Barks – spot on.

The comparison to Leeds which is popping up repeatedly is so far off the mark, it's unreal.

The financial landscape of football is worlds away from what it was then.

Peter Gorman
106 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:27:03
Lookman... and (when fit) Bolasie.
Chris Watts
107 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:37:41
Yes, whichever way you look at it we've fixed many of the problems from last season which the excellent recruitment this summer but we now have a Lukaku sized hole to fill.

The new players plus Sigurdsson plus Lukaku would be perfect but it's obvious we need a striker to replace him. I think this will certainly be sorted before the season starts.

Gary Edwards
108 Posted 24/07/2017 at 11:50:12
Chris (#107) frankly I don't see the need for Sigurdsson if we don't have a big, mobile centre-forward. Sandro has pace, runs the channels, and will probably link up well with Sigurdsson.

I feel that Rooney, Klaassen, Sandro and Sigurdsson will be contesting just two positions (#10 & attacking midfield) in a typical line-up. Regardless of the combination or line-up, we still need a big, mobile centre-forward.

Terry Underwood
109 Posted 24/07/2017 at 12:31:43
There is a lot of talk about how much we, and other clubs, are spending. While it is true that some big names can command massive fees, it is no guarantee that they will perform. Likewise, the smaller fees do not mean that they will under perform.

We picked up Peter Reid and Sharp for small fees by the standards of the time, and paid a lot for Micky Walsh. Somewhere, in the lower reaches of the league is a £250k player who will become a superstar – it's just a matter of finding him.

Paul Holmes
110 Posted 24/07/2017 at 12:36:15
You will get £20 million for McCarthy, so Sigurdsson will cost us £25 million, which is great business. He is a very good technical player that a top team needs and he takes all the free kicks, corners and even scores goals (which will leave Rooney and Sandro in the box)!
Graham Mockford
111 Posted 24/07/2017 at 12:38:01
This deal will be concluded without a shadow. He has always been our No1 target and he wants to play for us. It's just a question of the deal being signed up which now looks quite close.

For my tuppence worth he's exactly the creative type of player we need, certainly an upgrade on Barkley. A centre-forward and cover at left-back and I think our business will be done.

Stephen Ashton
112 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:00:08
Terry, we probably have already found at least one, but if they don't get the chance to play, we will never know how good they are. Isn't it about time we recognised that we may already have the solutions to our problem positions already on the books?

Jonjoe Kenny may be the solution at right-backuntil Seamus returns. Luke Garbutt / Callum Connolly may be the solution to a Leighton backup, after all few of us complained when Garbutt filled in for Leighton 2 seasons ago.

We are blessed beyond belief at centre back, Jagielka, Williams, Funes Mori, Keane, Galloway, Holgate, Besic (who has played there for his country in world cup finals).

Kieran Dowell seems to be shaping up nicely and we already have an abundance of midfielders, Tom Davies included.

The only position where we seem to lack cover is in the forward line, where no-one really seems to be stepping up to the mark.

After all, isn't it the managers job to find a blend? It seems to me that, with one exception, Koeman has all the tools at his disposal and now needs to start earning his considerable corn.

Dale Rose
113 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:10:35
We need a striker; we have the players to feed one – the side is looking great this season.

The Red Shite had an average team a couple of seasons ago and then Suarez stepped up to the plate, and one man made a team. We have the money get one in. .

Tom Bowers
114 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:19:36
Stephen, I am not so sure we are blessed at central defence as you say.

Funes Mori is out till next year, Holgate is not proven there but now seems to be groomed at right back, Jags and Williams are experienced but getting too slow, Besic is a rash tackler to be in that position and Galloway is out on loan. Keane seems the genuine article but Martina is a bit of an iffy call.

We may get by however as long as we have a really strong midfield which would appear so especially if Sigurdsson comes. With McCarthy, Schneiderlin and also Barry, they should be able to do the job – which is protecting the centre of the defence.

Sam Hoare
115 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:23:17
Slimani now being tenuously linked in the rags after Wenger suggested he wanted to keep Giroud.

Trouble is, the crucial piece we now need (a reliable goalscorer who can knit play together) is one of the hardest things to find in the game. I think whoever we buy in this position will have much more impact on our season than Sigurdsson.

James Macdonald
116 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:33:42
Interesting stat I just read is that Ross Barkley created more chances than any player in the Premier League from outside the final third (21). This underlines to me how priceless this kid is and that, if we let him go, someone else is going to make serious hay with him.

Imagine those qualities at Wembley over a season! I can see Daniel Levy seriously screwing us. He is worth £50 million and every cent. I really like Sigurdsson but we should be investing in Ross and a striker as priorities.

Koeman won't be here in 2 years – he will either succeed and move up the food chain or fail and be out. If the situation on Ross is down to Koeman, then this will prove short-sighted by the club

Stan Schofield
117 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:37:19
James, agreed regarding Ross. If he stays, he could perform as a striker.
Grant Rorrison
118 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:41:11
Personally, I think we should sign Benteke. 49 goals in 101 games for Villa and 17 in 40 last season for Palace. Proven Premier League goal-scorer and certainly fits the big, strong, target-man type we need.

Also has a fair bit of technical ability as his overhead kick against Man Utd shows. I can't imagine Lukaku scoring that one.

John G Davies
119 Posted 24/07/2017 at 13:58:21
Benteke, Dembele or Giroud and we will definitely score more goals than last season.
David McMullen
120 Posted 24/07/2017 at 14:25:02
Brilliant, Albert (#87)!
David Barks
121 Posted 24/07/2017 at 14:29:01
Oh please, please, please can we move above signing the likes of Benteke. He is nowhere near the level of player we should be targeting. He's just a limited big guy who will thrive at a small club that can only lump balls into the box. There is a reason he was a failure at our neighbours.

Everton is moving forward, it's time some supporters move forward as well. I don't know why there is this demand that we must have a big target man up top. Kane isn't a big target man. Vardy wasn't. Man City don't use that. Costa isn't that player. Liverpool don't use a big target forward.

We need a talented striker, not a big guy. For example, if we had a choice between Ageuro and Benteke, who in their right mind would say Benteke is the player we should sign?

Gordon Crawford
122 Posted 24/07/2017 at 14:40:51
James (#116), I am not sure that Ross wants to stay. The contract might not be on the table anymore too. He will be a big loss. He should have been tried as a second striker. I just hope we buy some fast movers when Ross leaves as this team lacks pace.
Chris Watts
123 Posted 24/07/2017 at 14:41:12
I agree finding a striker is the big challenge here – always the most vital piece of the jigsaw. Like the poster said earlier Suarez made such a difference to Liverpool its vital we get a top one.

I really think we should throw the kitchen sink at whoever they feel will do the best job. Dembele is available for £20m apparently – surely a good punt?

Sam Hoare
124 Posted 24/07/2017 at 14:59:29
David @121, I don't think Aguero would ever come so it's not a very helpful comparison. I'm not a big Benteke fan but he does hold the ball well and score goals regularly. Do you have any realistic alternatives?

Finding reliable goal scorers is hard to do. I'd be happy with Giroud, or maybe even Perez. I think Dembele looks a touch raw to me and would prefer Iheanacho personally who at least has some Premier League experience.

Joe Clitherow
125 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:22:51
I'd try and get Batshuayi from Chelsea. Morata pushes him down the pecking order and I don't think he gets a lot of game time this season.

Strong, fast and mobile, I think he would fit in well if we could tempt him away.

Jon Withey
126 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:26:08
Vardy or Perez would be disappointing and too similar to Rooney and Ramirez. Somebody who works the box well like Giroud.
Sam Hoare
127 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:31:48
Joe @125,

I've been hoping for Batshuayi since before the window opened but I think there's very little chance of Chelsea selling him unless Costa stays or they sign another high profile striker, neither of which looks very likely.He's been in good form for them pre-season and seems happy enough to play 2nd fiddle to Morata who he might fancy his chance against.

Fingers crossed though as I think he's exactly what we need,– fast but can hold onto it and scores pretty consistently. I'd throw the Sigurdsson fee at Chelsea for him and see if they're tempted; they can have Niasse in the bargain too if they want!

Joe Clitherow
128 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:38:26
Likewise, Sam.

I've been hoping we would have thrown our hat in the ring last year to get him whilst we knew Lukaku would be off and when it looked like he was going to West Ham.

Costa still hasn't actually left in the week moving to August so fingers crossed.

He would be my top pick; I'd get really excited if he was the spearhead of our new-look team.

Jonathan Fletcher
129 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:55:15
Benteke is a massive aerial threat.

Him and Glyfi would be magic.

Brian Williams
130 Posted 24/07/2017 at 15:59:33
Dembele all day long for me, and for a reported £20m, it would be steal of the century IMO. I'd be on to Celtic tonight with a £25m offer on the condition the deal was concluded before the end of the week.

Sandro and Dembele would drag defences all over the place! If I could find the £24.99m I'm short, I'd buy him for us myself!

David Barks
131 Posted 24/07/2017 at 17:05:34
Benteke is a damn donkey, useless player. We are not competing with the likes of West Ham and Crystal Palace of the world. We're competing with Spurs and Chelsea and Man Utd. He is nowhere near good enough for those sides so is certainly not good enough for us.

Stop thinking of Everton being the club they were 10 or even 5 years ago. That is not where this club is now. We are meant to be competing at the very top. To do so we need to be signing players who are able to do so. That's honestly my hesitation about Sigurdsson. But at least he's the best player on his team. Benteke isn't even the best player on a mediocre Crystal Palace side, after failing miserably at our neighbours. If we're signing anyone from Palace I would hope it would be Zaha.

In any case, my point is that this obsession with needing a big target man needs to stop. I used Aguero as the example because he is not a big target man, he is far better. That is the type of player we should be going after to be up top with Sandro. Skillful and quick with the ball. Not Belgium's 3rd or maybe 4th choice forward.

Sam Hoare
132 Posted 24/07/2017 at 17:20:10
But it depends on the system and tactics you play surely, David.

Man City don't need a big man because they have so much possession that they can other forward players to support Aguero, who incidentally is strong as an ox and very good at holding onto the ball. Mourinho on the other hand likes to play more direct so had Ibrahmimovich holding the ball up last season (good luck expecting Lukaku to do the same thing as well!).

We often struggle to get forward players up to support quickly and that may be why Koeman has oft favoured a bigger striker, in order to hold the ball up and allow support time to arrive. I agree with you about Benteke (and I also think we need more pace in wide areas) but I can see how a big man might suit Koeman's game plan and surely player acquisition has to be tailored to the managers planned tactics.

Also worth noting that Costa and Kane are both pretty big units and good at holding the ball up too, as is Morata. My ideal would be for someone quick and strong. Like Batshuayi. Who would you advocate as a target?

Grant Rorrison
133 Posted 24/07/2017 at 17:25:06
David (#121), Difficult to take you seriously when you claim that Kane 'isn't a big target man'. He's .6-ft 2-in 1 inch shorter than Benteke. Costa is also 6-ft 2-in. What do you consider 'big'? The two best teams in the country last season both had a 6-footer leading the line.

Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal, with 'proper' footballers playing upfront, were lagging behind them.

There is no precedent in English football history for a successful side not having a 'target man'.

David Barks
134 Posted 24/07/2017 at 17:37:04

Kane and Costa do not operate as "big target men", simply feeding off of lumped balls in the air. That is my point. It's not about size, it's about what people are calling out for and a method of play that comes with it. Kane isn't sitting up top and holding up play, just feeding off of crosses sent high into the box for him to get a head on. And nor is Costa, not at all.

Kane receives the ball to his feet, plays in the channels, one twos with Ali or Eriksen. Costa plays with the ball at his feed, playing one twos with Hazard and Pedro. Their height isn't what they build their games on, far from it.

Benteke on the other hand is reliant on his height. His game is about trying to get on the end of crosses which is a statistically poor way of playing football. Don't believe me? Compare England with their reliance on the "get it wide and cross it" tactics for decades with Germany and Spain relying on playing the ball to feet and overwhelming the defense.

Kane's goals, when not being from a penalty, are from his feet. He's actually scored more penalties than goals with his head. Costa has score 5 goals via header with Chelsea, compared to 48 with his feet. They aren't seen as big target men nor do they play that way. They play as strikers, demanding the ball to be played to their feet and scoring goals with their feet. Benteke is as far from that as it gets.

Will Mabon
135 Posted 24/07/2017 at 17:52:24
And Lukaku, who "Couldn't head the ball", scored six with his head last season, in the team that had "No-one that could cross a ball".

Target men that rely solely on the ability to head are not enough in this league today, but it's certainly a worthwhile tool to have in the armoury.

Stan Schofield
136 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:03:12
Sam @132: Maybe Koeman's game plan is different with Lukaku gone. The recent signings, plus Sigurdsson, could signal a change in tactics, where we do more of what David @134 describes Spurs and Chelsea doing. Not so reliant on getting the ball wide.
Ian Jones
137 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:16:12
I seem to remember it was suggested by Luke Garbutt that Lukaku had also said he didn't really like heading the ball... probably held his stats back for headed goals.

To be fair to Benteke, he is a lot better on the ground than he is given credit for but would not be my preferred choice...

Chris Williams
138 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:31:37
Reports now emerging of new Everton bid. £40m plus £5m add ons.

Telegraph this time.

Rob Halligan
139 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:32:56
Also being reported on SSN, Chris.
John G Davies
140 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:36:14
On his way here, Siggy.

Centre-forward next, please.

Chris Williams
141 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:37:48
I've been watching the Hairy Bikers Rob!

Last time they turned it down flat so let's see what happens this time. Might put the fee up to £55m this time.

Chris Williams
142 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:42:47
Express now reporting the same but adding 'they understand' Swansea will reluctantly accept it to release funds for strengthening the team overall.

Let's box this off now and get a Number 1 striker in.

Rob Halligan
143 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:43:01
Think he'll be on board by the weekend. Gentle run out in the Europa League qualifier away leg for him.
Christy Ring
144 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:43:26
Carl (#103),

Regarding your smart comment about my description of Sigurdsson, I was replying to earlier comments that said he was a playmaker, and worked back. Try reading all the comments, I do know what he offers.

Phil Walling
145 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:49:05
Don't be surprised if Koeman chooses not to sign the big centre-forward everyone is expecting. I suspect he sees Rooney as 'the man up front' and will look to his plethora of midfielders to accumulate the couple of dozen goals the loss of Lukaku will leave us short.

The tactic may well pay off but, if we look 'short' in the early Europa League games, the later weeks of August will see us scrapping with others to sign the likes of Benteke.

Chris Williams
146 Posted 24/07/2017 at 18:54:48
We'll see soon enough, Phil. I haven't a clue, but I hope he brings someone in sooner rather than later.

A fair few of his signings have had Premier League experience up to now. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds this time.

Martin Mason
147 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:11:21
The problem when you have a Lukaku is that nobody else scores. We can't replace Lukaku but we can play to a system that doesn't need a Lukaku and buy a forward who fits the system.

In many ways I feel sorry for Man Utd in that they have bought a magnificent player but they must ensure that their game revolves not around just getting the ball to Lukaku (as ours did) but to harnessing Lukaku so that he supplements the skills of others like Rashford and Martial.

Grant Rorrison
148 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:12:54
David (#134). How they 'operate' or are perceived is neither here nor there. I am talking about their physical and technical attributes.

If you think a front line of midgets is the way to go, good luck. :)

"Kane's goals, when not being from a penalty, are from his feet."

What does he take his penalties with? :O

Chris Williams
149 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:16:38
Martin, I no longer care about Lukaku, but we certainly need a good replacement, who as you say, doesn't have to be like-for-like.

Hopefully sooner rather than later, because I keep looking at those first six games and thinking that's a big test of the new set-up.

Colin Glassar
150 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:18:37
Rob, for that amount of money, I'd keep him wrapped up in cotton wool and wheel him out only for births, christenings, weddings and funerals.
Chris Williams
151 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:47:36
Wales Online now reporting 'they understand' Swansea have rejected the new offer.

Holding out for £50m or posturing? What does Sigurdsson think, I wonder?

Martin Mason
152 Posted 24/07/2017 at 19:55:20
The top clubs in the world don't have a big number 9 or any other equivalent to Lukaku.

We will be a better side without Lukaku even though he is sublime. We made the mistake of basing our game on only getting the ball to him but the real solution is using Lukaku as a means of distributing the ball to others.

The fault is not Lukaku but how he is used.

Tony Hill
153 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:04:11
This pursuit is becoming a bit farcical and threatens to become a distraction. I suspect a majority of Blues will want to stick with the transfer but, if the latest reports are right, in my view, we should walk away.
Frank Crewe
154 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:05:26
Personally I think if we offered £50 million they would bump it up to 60 million and accuse us of tapping him up. What good is the money to them if they can't replace the player?

Swansea haven't bought anyone so far and I'm sure they think they will be in another relegation fight this season. As the best player they have and probably their best bet to keep them up, if I was them, I wouldn't sell him at any price.

Maybe we should look for other alternatives.

Kunal Desai
155 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:15:04
Give them the £50 million if they also throw in Alfie Mawson.
Gordon Crawford
156 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:30:46
I think we should walk away from this transfer. He isn't worth the money and this is just a joke. Our transfers have been swift and on the ball, but this one is taking the biscuit.
Gavin Johnson
157 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:33:37
I'd go for Jonathan Viera for half the money. Let Swansea keep an unhappy player.
Paul McIntyre
158 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:38:26
Rejected improved bid of £40M plus add-ons... time to walk away and look at other options.
Bill Gall
159 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:45:30
If Koeman and the club really want this player, they either pay the asking price or move on. Swansea will be the club that will loose out as they will be left with a disgruntled player playing in the lower half of the league.

I stated previously that the old Everton prolonged negotiations trying to save money; this new Everton hierarchy are supposed to be more ambitious and aggressive, and I am sure for £40 mill, there must be someone else that can make as much improvement in the team as Sigurdsson could . Either shit or get off the pot.

Brian Harrison
160 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:47:33
I would prefer us to be concentrating on at least 1 if not 2 strikers. As far as I can see, if Sandro gets injured then its Calvert-Lewin up front. Now I am sure given time he will be able to play up top but just not at the moment.

I would have thought the one position that we have plenty of choice in, it's midfield.

Chris Gould
161 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:49:10
Sky Sports are also reporting that they've rejected our 2nd bid. Swansea are really beginning to piss me off.

All of our transfers up to this point have been seamless. It's frustrating as we need to get this one over the line so that we can put all our efforts into bringing in a striker before the Stoke match.

In fairness to Swansea, they are just sticking to their guns. It's £50 million or piss off. We need to decide on one or the other asap.

Steven Scaffardi
162 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:50:30
I have mixed feelings about this transfer. On one hand, I am dead excited about the financial transformation our club has gone through. It's great to finally be at the table where we can make signings like this. Boy, we've waited long enough!

But for so long we've been the Swansea – watching other clubs circle our best talent like vultures. It always annoyed me how teams like Chelsea and Man City bullied other teams into selling them their players, no matter how much they overpaid.

I know it's probably idealistic to expect Everton not to act in that way with the way football is these days now we have a bit of money, but I've always liked the fact that we conducted ourselves in the right way. I think other fans do too. I just hope we don't let the money change that or us too much.

Sam Hoare
163 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:57:31
£50m should buy you someone better than Siggurdsson, in my opinion. Man City bought one of the best playmakers in the Champions League last season for £43.5m.

I guess those ilk of players don't want to come to us but nonetheless, I feel our resources (which are not unlimited before people start up with the 'it's not my money' idiocy) could be better spent elsewhere.

Mike Berry
164 Posted 24/07/2017 at 20:59:07
Sigurdsson is only going to one place and that's Goodison; is the fee too much? Yes it is but a big striker will follow and the benefit of their collective impact on the club could be worth it.

I also think Smalling at £10m is a bargain, still only 27, he could yet join as we have the Funes Mori problem to contend with – and it's a problem, otherwise Ronald would not have been trying Besic there as cover.

Expect the squad to be trimmed also, as Ronald has said the current squad is too large to be managed effectively; therefore ,they will be some money coming back in and the wage bill trimmed.

Chris Williams
165 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:03:03
Swansea are acting entirely fairly in protecting their own interests, as we did with Stones. They said what the position was re the value they wanted, and they're sticking to it.

It's Everton who are playing games, not Swansea.

If you want him, pay the fee. These are not for budging by the look of it.

Andrew Ellams
166 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:07:32
Maybe it is time to walk away if this bid has been rejected and use the 5 weeks left in the window to bring in an alternative instead of dragging this one out and maybe being forced into a rushed deadline day mistake.
James Stewart
167 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:22:54
@162 Agreed. I like the player a lot but £50m is silly. Those kinds of fees are for the likes of Sanchez. Sigurdsson is not at that level. He is nearly 28 and has no real sell on value.

There are plenty of players out there just as good for a lot less. If he really wants the move, it's down to the player to do a Lukaku and force the move.

Jay Harris
168 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:28:44
This is at the stage where we either walk away or pay the piper.

Personally I would offer Leicester £80m for Vardy and Mahrez or £60m for Mahrez and Slimani.

Other than that, a tempting punt for Dembele and call it a day and tell Barkley he has to step up if he wants to regain his England place.

Mind you, I wouldn't mind Matuidi joining the squad either.

Neil Thomas
169 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:29:51
We should pull out now and leave the greedy gits to have a player on there hands who no longer wants to play for them. £10m more we could have had Rodriguez, what about Goetza of Bayern he seems surplus to requirement or Marhez. The way Swansea are rating him, we could end up paying less for Neymar
Michael Lynch
170 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:47:55
Pay the £50m and get the business done. In today's hyper-inflated market, he's worth the money. Missing piece of the jigsaw and all that.

Those slide rule passes will hand Sandro 20 goals on a plate this season. If I'm wrong, I'll come on here in May and you can all throw poo at me.

Jon Withey
171 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:52:17
You've got to hand it to Swansea – Sigurdsson will be far from a Walsh bargain!

It seems daft to haggle over £5m now – but I'd rather see the club get two £25m slight gambles in.

Kenny Smith
172 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:52:29
It's too much or is it really? You can see what's gonna happen – the Bruno Mars tribute act across the park will move to Barça and the lovable reds will snap up Sigurdsson and have £20 million to spare.

I think we need to see this one through as it's sets the tone and shows everyone that we are now serious players.

John Pierce
173 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:52:39
How many times? Pay it and get it done. Each weeks delay is a weeks less training.

And let's face it we stole Sandro from Malaga for nothing, £5.2m. In fact we all know his real value it's closer to £25m in the current market.

Divide the total fees of both players and you get £25-27m players. We haven't over spent regardless.

Crack on.

Carl Taylor
174 Posted 24/07/2017 at 21:53:07
I hated it when Man City bullied us over Lescott, unsettling our player and impacting our plans at the start of the season.

I have to say, I don't like being on the other side either. If we really want him, pay up. If we aren't prepared to pay what they want, walk away. Can't say I would be comfortable if the player forces the move.

Soren Moyer
175 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:06:15
Also hearing that Dembele is available for £20m.
James Macdonald
176 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:12:52
Those advocating just coughing up the £50 million are correct that £5 million in itself should not prove an insurmountable obstacle but this would be a wholly wrong strategy for the club to take as then our credibility will be shot and pants will be pulled down on every transfer.

This may be okay for Man City but we don't have an oil rich nation state bankrolling us. We need at this point to walk away, pick up our other targets then return to test Swansea's resolve closer to or on deadline day with an offer that is marginally higher than our existing offer.

Chris Watts
177 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:13:50
Apparently we've now upped it to £50m. Either do it or don't!!!
Chris Watts
178 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:18:21
Apologies I got this info from my numbnuts son. It turns out that is in euros and so the second rejected offer!! :)
Gavin Johnson
179 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:22:18
For £50m we'd be better off offering Ross Barkley parity of earnings with Rooney.
Brian Williams
180 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:22:44
James (#174).

I agree with you 99%, James. I'd leave it late and return to tell them the offer we've just made still stands. Wouldn't offer another penny personally.

Paul Smith
181 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:28:02
I personally think we should call their bluff now and tell them were moving onto other targets. I don't think he's worth that much and would rather spend that amount on a striker.

The striker I would target would be Inaki Williams from Bilbao. This fella is young, quick and direct. Also he would be a help with Sandro and along with Rooney would make a fearsome front 3.

Sam Hoare
182 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:29:34
I'm with you, James (#174); however many times I watch his 'best of' videos, I just don't see a £50m player there.

Spend the money on a high-class striker.

Soren Moyer
183 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:30:51
There are better (and cheaper) options out there:

Manu Trigueres (Villarreal);
Jean Micheal Seri (Nice);
Asier Illaramendi (Real Sociedad).
Len Hawkins
184 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:31:49
You'd think they'd snatch Boys Pen Billy's hand off – even if it is just to get him away from the window he has peering into with tears in his eyes and that scolded puppy look.
Ciarán McGlone
185 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:34:24
Thoroughly underwhelmed.
Tony Everan
186 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:37:15
Walk away.

£45 million is too much for a near 28-year-old.

I'd rather spend the money on the best striker available and keep Ross Barkley.

Kunal Desai
187 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:38:20
Better options in Europe. I would have preferred someone like Emil Forsberg. He wouldn't cost anywhere near £50 Million, it's a question whether the club can entice someone like him.
Clive Rogers
188 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:38:26
Swans have turned down our £45M bid. Time to move on, he's not worth the £50M they are insisting on.
Christy Ring
189 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:40:49
Offer Barkley a better deal, and buy a striker, Sigurdsson is no where near a £50m player.
Anthony Hughes
190 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:44:40
These transfer fees are getting silly. £50 million for a guy who couldn't hack it at one of our 7 top rivals when he was 3 years younger. There's got to be better players we could bring in for that money or less.
James Macdonald
191 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:52:34
There are a few comments sympathising with Swansea on the basis we have been in their shoes. This is nonsense – all that whingeing by Moyes was about extracting a then ludicrous fee for Lescott who we replaced with a player pretty much as good for comfortably less than a third of the price (Distin).

Swansea are adopting the same strategy and the club need to recognise this and not be drawn in. We need to box clever and play dirty. Make it clear we are still keen, ensuring the player remains unsettled, and then Swansea will cave... provided the revised offer can be dressed up as an improved offer, so as to save face for them – which is an important factor in these very public pursuits.

Peter Laing
192 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:53:16
Guys, stop playing Football Manager and worrying about the semantics of the transfer fee!! Gylfi is Koeman's No 1 target and, regardless of the fee, Everton will get their man.
Gordon Crawford
193 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:53:26
Chris (#175) where did you hear this? I can't see it in any of the tabloids.

I just think this is madness. I'm sure we can get much better. Someone made a good call on Goetze or even Max Meyer.

We need two fast wingers who can cross the ball and a big mobile striker who knows where the net is.

Christy Ring
194 Posted 24/07/2017 at 22:57:21
What about €30m + Barkley for Sanchez, we can dream.

Sigurdsson stood out for a relegation threatened team, not in that class.

Dan Davies
195 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:00:48
This is getting pathetic now. I would love him at the club but this is dragging big time.

If the Swans are digging in that much, move on. There has to be a similar quality player for less cash, surely!

C'mon Blues – either pay the man or go elsewhere. Time to show we mean business either way.

Chris Watts
196 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:01:33
Hi Gordon. My source read €50m euros (the £45m offer we've just had rejected) and I didn't quality assure the source (my son) before excitedly proclaiming it here!!!
Sean Patton
197 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:01:39
Oh, come on now, enough is enough with this guy – just move on to somebody else. He is not the only player in the world who can take a good set-piece.
Bill Gienapp
198 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:12:30
I have mixed feelings here. On the one hand, I respect Swansea's resolve – I don't enjoy watching smaller clubs bullied into selling their best players. They're under no obligation to lower their asking price.

On the other hand, I think they're acting stubborn and short-sighted. Sigurdsson wants the move, we're already paying above market value and this romantic notion that Sigurdsson will single-handedly keep them from being relegated is foolish.

Yes, he was instrumental in them staying up this past season, but Swansea badly needs an influx of talent and £45-million, judiciously invested, could have a big impact. Unfortunately, holding on to a disgruntled player just to prove a point usually doesn't work out so well.

Gordon Crawford
199 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:15:33
It's okay ,Chris (#192), I wonder – if we bought him in Euros – could we save money? lol.
James Marshall
200 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:21:42
Swansea set the price – just as we did with Stones and Lukaku. End of story.
Colin Glassar
201 Posted 24/07/2017 at 23:55:47
Sigurdsson will move... as will Mahrez, Sanchez, Barkley etc – it's just a case of accepting the inevitable and coughing up.

Where they'll all end up, I don't know... but, if you really want a player, you will pay for him.

Ed Fitzgerald
202 Posted 25/07/2017 at 00:37:42
It's a crazy fee... £45 M for a player who looks decent (no more than that) for Seansea but who didn't really cut it at Spurs.

Despite the negative press he gets on here, Barkley is a far better player.

Soren Moyer
203 Posted 25/07/2017 at 00:40:18
Get fucking Illaramendi! Excellent player with loads of experience and was playing for Real for 2 seasons. I mean come on! £50 million for Sigurdsson!? We don't pay ransom money!
David Barks
204 Posted 25/07/2017 at 00:57:53
Enough. Let him be relegated with them this season and they can lose him for a fraction of the price next year while they drop down the football leagues.
James Watts
205 Posted 25/07/2017 at 00:58:33
Ed @198. Agreed £50m is crazy but claiming Barkley is a better player is just as crazy. That debate has been done to death and you won't get many agreeing with you, me being one of them.
John Pierce
206 Posted 25/07/2017 at 01:20:29
All pretty straight forward. We pay the money. We are not Man Utd or Arsenal. Players don't pine to join us.

This is the first real roadblock in the new transfer policy. If we move on from Sigurdsson then we will get the same resistance from the next club.

We have neither the international reach or status to get close to attracting the fantasy players people post as alternatives.

We cannot buy 'top six' players but we can buy other teams best players and take players surplus to requirements at the top six. To date I think the strategy has been sound, nothing to complain about – even if its costs us £50m for Sigurdsson.

Anyone really thing for we could have bought Lacazette, Silva, Mendy or Walker? They are not even in the highest bracket of player. Same value as Sigurdsson.

We will pay over the odds, and for sometime yet.

Look at Man City – still overpaying despite a couple of league titles and regular Champion League footy, but attracting a better calibre of player.

The improvements we are making a incremental and in overall depth.

As for Swansea, nothing no more than they should do, good on them for sticking to their guns. Everton have done much the same having been in their position with one Wayne Rooney.

Laurie Hartley
207 Posted 25/07/2017 at 01:43:10
If as has been suggested, Sigurdsson is Koeman's number one target, then we will pay the £50m. I think we will also have to sign a good target man to compliment Sigurdsson's skill set. That will account for the Lukaku money.

So, for the £90-odd million previously spent, our billionaire shareholder will, as suggested by Don Alexander on the Genk thread, have high expectations for the coming season.

Mike Green
208 Posted 25/07/2017 at 01:45:42
Christy Ring – offer Barkley a better deal?

He (reputedly) got offered the best deal in Everton's 139-year history and turned it down. After doing what?

Fuck off... better deal. Jesus.

David Israel
209 Posted 25/07/2017 at 02:03:56
All the hype about the TV money is really an illusion if the going price for someone like Sigurdsson is £50m (and I'm not underrating him).
Steve Ferns
210 Posted 25/07/2017 at 02:17:08
How do we know that, Mike? Best deal means what? Most wages?

What did Koeman say about position? What about playing time?

I have heard that Koeman has told Barkley he's on the bench, and that's why Barkley wants out. It's nothing to do with wages. He wants to play and he wants to play off the striker – not on the wing.

James Watts
211 Posted 25/07/2017 at 02:31:17
Steve (#206). Barkley has had plenty of time to prove his worth under Koeman. He didn't bar a couple of good games early in the year.

I think Koeman hasn't handled it as well as he could publically but I sense he got completely frustrated with him. And as a result he's told Barkley he's on the bench.

I don't blame him, I would have benched him too with the way he's played and in my view it should be up to Barkley to prove he's good enough to start. But instead he's chosen to leave. That says more about Barkley's fight & desire more than anything else.

Albert Perkins
212 Posted 25/07/2017 at 03:31:16
Two things:

1. Koeman is Koeman and a straightforward guy. Like him or hate him. Alex Ferguson was a techy old guy who not everyone liked, including his players, but he got the job done very well. I'm hoping they have similarities to benefit Everton.

2. Some people are saying 'poor old Swansea getting robbed of their best players'. I think a quick look at Swansea's transfer negotiations will reveal that they have used their Premier League leverage to pluck players from teams who didn't want them to go. Up the pecking order we go and those scruples might go with our rise.

John Pierce
213 Posted 25/07/2017 at 04:22:05
Steve, if he's on the bench then what's the problem? Barkley ain't gonna start at any teams above us, so why not sign?

If true just another facet of a player not willing to play for his place. No player in that team is goona be a cert each week to play.

Michael Morgan
214 Posted 25/07/2017 at 04:33:01
I personally would love us to forget about Sigurdsson and move on to more needed positions:

1. Striker, Quoted on Sky Sports yesterday that Marseille were in talks for Dembele for £20 million. That is a steal if that's the price he goes for.

2. Right winger. Pacey winger that can cross a ball and can dribble.

3. Left back, backup to Baines or replacement for Baines.

4. Keep Barkley, he would benefit greatly from Rooney's experience.

Reference Barkley though, I personally think it's too late. I think his minds made up.

I'm not having a go at Koeman, but I think the whole saga with Barkley could have been handled better last season. I personally think Koeman doesn't fancy him and has gradually been pushing him out.

I mean publicly calling him out and dropping him on several occasions for bad games whilst most of the team had lots of bad performances were not treated the same.

Again, me personally, but if that was me, I'd feel like I was being unfairly treated and want to leave.

Jay Harris
215 Posted 25/07/2017 at 04:46:30

The whole point of being a top player and winning things is having the stomach for a fight – not acting like a child that's just been scolded and says he wants new parents.

Barkley has great technical ability but, as has been proven over the last 4 years, he is inconsistent and lets his head go down.

For me, him and Lukaku, with their extremely poor work rate and gifting the opposition the ball, more often than not, were holding the team back – not leading it.

Time will tell if I am right or wrong but that's my view.

As regards Sigurdsson, I would sooner put that £50m towards attracting a world class centre-forward.

Michael Morgan
216 Posted 25/07/2017 at 05:47:45

I was going to add this at the end of my last post.

Not once last season when he was dropped by Koeman, did he throw a tantrum. He just gone on with it, he didn't mention once that he wanted to move on to get Champions League football.

Reference contract being offered to him, not once has Everton him or Koeman publicly mentioned the exact wages being offered to him. It's all media guesswork so far, it's all media speculation about the interest from other clubs coming in for him too.

The thing that annoys me most about this whole thing, is the fact that his contract wasn't sorted out last summer. Your best players, I mean the players that are an asset financially, should not be allowed to run down their contract.

2-3 years ago, their were rumours that Man City were going to bid £50 million for him. Chances are, he'll go on a free next year.

I also think Everton will finally pay the £50 million for Sigurdsson at the expense of not strengthening other key areas which are in more desperate need of strengthening.

James Macdonald
217 Posted 25/07/2017 at 09:05:21
James (#205),

Barkley clearly divides opinion but I bet, if you took a straw poll of Evertonians, more would prefer he stay than we sign Sigurdsson.

I also think there would be a significant camp who feel Barkley is the superior player, and apparently Potchettino is one of them as presumably Spurs would be trying to sign Sigurdsson if that was not the case.

Joe Clitherow
218 Posted 25/07/2017 at 13:02:57
Player gets dropped by manager for football reasons and doesn't throw a tantrum.

Give him a medal and a 30% salary increase immediately.

Jesus wept!

John Wilson
219 Posted 28/07/2017 at 11:46:15
The performance at Goodison shows we need to get Sigurdsson. signature on the dotted line straight away then dilly dallying about over the spare change: relatively few million.

Oppenheimer manager on TalkSport said that Everton should beat yesterday's team 4-1/ 5-1. Of Sigurdsson, said manager said he is simply a brilliant player; that Tottenham made a serious mistake letting him go to Swansea. I believe this manager also said of Sigurdsson; that he could not even get into the first team at one point; now he has been excelling for the last 4 years. Just pay it and reorganise that team.

Rooney's problems were made obvious as he is clearly out of relative position now.

Steve Ferns
220 Posted 28/07/2017 at 11:52:07
John, where would Sigurdsson fit into the side last night? Who's place would he take and how would things have changed?
James Watts
221 Posted 28/07/2017 at 12:03:23
James (#217). I actually agree with your statements, with big caveats.

"If you took a straw poll of Evertonians, more would prefer he stay than we sign Sigurdsson."

That could very well be true. But it would be based on two big factors. One, Barkley is seen through blue tinted glasses far too often by some. Two, Sigurdsson isn't worth £50m. I'd be willing to bet more people would want Sigurdsson if he was more of a reasonable price.

"I also think there would be a significant camp who feel Barkley is the superior player." He is a superior player, ability wise. He's superior to a lot of players if it was based purely on that. But he isn't a superior player for overall consistency, application, team working and working hard, so in my book Sigurdsson is a far better overall player.

"apparently Potchettino is one of them as presumably Spurs would be trying to sign Sigurdsson if that was not the case.' The same Potchettino who recently admitted selling Sigurdsson was a mistake? And I'm also reading he thinks Barkley can play in a deeper role. We know he can't, he hasn't got the discipline and Potchettino will find out the hard way if he tries.

Contrary to my posts, I actually do rate Barkley as a decent player. In my heart, I would like him to stay as a squad player to see what he can do without just having Lukaku for support but it's gone too far now. And then my head tells me he's been very average for the majority of the last 3 seasons. He should be kicking on. He should be running games at his age with his ability. He's not, and is not even close to it.

I've said it numerous times. If Barkley was from anywhere else except the city, very few fans would give a stuff about him leaving but the blue tinted glasses cloud things too much.

John Wilson
222 Posted 28/07/2017 at 12:03:45
Sigurdsson is midfield player and has pedigree to score goals. So he need to be in midfield and build the team around him like Everton did with goal-hanger Lukaku.

Sandro is young but that kid's passion, energy, and ambition is exciting. Rooney does not have what it takes for midfield... he could barely lift his leg in the warm-up.

I am not an expert on Everton. However, the fact Lukaku has gone for the Man Utd money - who never did anything besides score or assist, we need an established striker.

Were it not for Baines's excellent goal, notwithstanding the opposition's clear and obvious threats, we would have been far worse off. Lookman is a special talent albeit still developing.

Brian Wilkinson
223 Posted 28/07/2017 at 15:34:20
After last nights showing of rustiness and getting a team to gel, I think we need to pay the extra £5 million now and bring him in sooner rather than later. We need to hit the new season full-on so, if he is our number one target, we need to get Sigurdsson in at the earliest opportunity.
Gordon Crawford
224 Posted 29/07/2017 at 05:01:10
Dean Saunders wants the dark side to possible sign Sigurdsson. If we want this player then we need to snap him up. He isn't worth the money, but I don't want the dark side to get him either.
Eric Myles
225 Posted 29/07/2017 at 07:41:35
I'm thinking maybe the last few pieces of the jigsaw are dependent on our progressing into the group stages of the Europa League which is why the Sigurdsson deal is not yet done, and we don't have a whiff of a new striker.

From both the Club perspective (quality squad depth) and player perspective (wanting to play in Europe). So after next Thursday expect a flurry of activity or not, as the case may be.

John Wilson
226 Posted 29/07/2017 at 11:08:10
Liverpool could have the best players in the world – they sometimes do: Suarez (the best Merseyside has ever had in my opinion), but they're still, 'the Red Shite'.

If Everton just would have accepted the inflated £50 million for Sigurdsson, then the other teams would not have had the opportunity. Lukaku was never worth £90; 75; 50 million even – but it's the game! If you say Lukaku is worth £75 or 90 mill., then every other top 6 team is saying, well ours must also be worth X amount; so it creates player value inflation.

Everton do not seem to have foresight to make decisions when necessary. If we lose Siggs to Liverpool or whomever else, that's our own greed in this inflated value time.

Gordon Crawford
227 Posted 29/07/2017 at 11:14:42
I personally don't want him, as I think he is overrated and the price is too high. But Koeman seems to want him, so why are we farting about over an extra £5m?
Terence Tyler
228 Posted 29/07/2017 at 11:47:33
Probably waiting till Thursday when we qualify for the next stage of European games, so he can use that old chestnut, "I want to play European football."
Paul Sullivan
229 Posted 29/07/2017 at 12:18:47
Wish we'd got Chicarito. A top striker is going to be hard to find.
Chris Williams
230 Posted 29/07/2017 at 12:40:31
I was looking at the current fixture list, and it shows we could have up to 9 games in December and 8 in January. We'd need to be still in both the Europa League and whatever the League Cup is now called.

I think there could be more than enough games to go round for the squad with a bit of luck.

Reports saying Newcastle interested in McCarthy and Niasse. The Fat Spanish Waiter obviously knows something!

Sam Hoare
231 Posted 29/07/2017 at 13:28:11
A fine player but just not sure he's one we need as badly as others.

In Rooney and Klaassen we already have slow(ish) central attacking players in the team for their vision, passing and ability to score from behind the striker.

Sigurdsson is a different player in many ways but still will not offer the pace in behind that I think we need more of to bring balance.

Plus, surely signing a striker must be a priority! Rooney is not a frontline striker any more which leaves us only the promising but mostly untested Sandro and Calvert-Lewin. I'd be much happier about signing Giroud or another top striker than Sigurdsson.

Chris Williams
232 Posted 29/07/2017 at 13:38:33
I think Giroud, if that is the one, is likely to take time with all the doubt surrounding Sanchez. He's away with Arsenal isn't he?

The fact we appear to be after Sigurdsson shouldn't stop us pursuing a centre-forward too should it? It's probably more about availability and suitability. They're few and far between too.

We certainly need one!

Tony Hill
233 Posted 29/07/2017 at 13:42:49
Sam, I would have agreed before Thursday but it's clear that neither Rooney nor Klaassen is going to be able to provide a creative threat. Sigurdsson may well now be the best we can get even at this inflated price.

Pace will have to come elsewhere and I would be looking for a striker who has it, lots of it. I also wanted Giroud but Thursday confirmed that, as well as lacking creativity, our lack of pace is alarming.

Sam Hoare
234 Posted 29/07/2017 at 13:52:28
Tony, if Rooney and Klaassen are not providing some creative threat then I'm not sure of their role in our team! I suppose Klaassen might be more box to box.

I have some faith in Koeman but I do feel unsure as to the balance of our team currently. If Sigurdsson was always our first target then it makes the Rooney move all the more strange to me in terms of first team places.

Hopefully it all makes more sense at the end of the transfer window and more importantly at the end of the season.

Tony Hill
235 Posted 29/07/2017 at 14:01:52
Sam, I guess that's my point really, certainly about Rooney who I just don't see as a season-long option for us and I wouldn't have bought him. Klaassen doesn't look like a creator to me – as you say, maybe he will get up and down but our midfield seems overcrowded at the moment.
Michael Penley
236 Posted 29/07/2017 at 15:47:50
Who the fuck is Dean Saunders?

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