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Simeone is 'untouchable' at Atletico Madrid

| Sunday, 12 November 2017  47 Comments  [Jump to last]

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has responded to criticism of manager Diego Simeone at the same time as there is reported interest in his services from Everton.

Amid constant peculation over who will be appointed the next Blues manager following the sacking of Ronald Koeman, Simeone is said to be at the top of Farhad Moshiri's shortlist of candidates.

Champions League finalists in recent years and now perennial title contenders under the Argentine, Atletico are 4th in La Liga and have been disappointing in European competition but Cerezo won't countenance people talking ill of his manager.

In what is being taken by the British media as a "hands-off" warning to Everton, Cezero said:

“I want to say this in a loud voice: Simeone is untouchable at Atletico Madrid, for the players, for the directors and for the supporters. Having doubts about Cholo Simeone is not allowed here.

“No club in the world has had 115 years of continuous and wonderful sporting success. We have had good, bad and average seasons and right now we're in a good one. It only just started and we're not even a third of the way through La Liga and we're fighting for everything.”

Simeone put pen to paper on an improved contract with Atletico and has shown no willingness to leave the Spanish club, even when linked with plumb Premier League jobs like the one at Chelsea.

Original Source: SportsLens  

Reader Comments (47)

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Mike Berry
1 Posted 12/11/2017 at 17:03:56
Heard it all before, if he wants to move he will, regardless of pontifications from Presidents !
Tony Twist
2 Posted 12/11/2017 at 17:15:29
Pie in the sky, not worth chasing him. Everton need to walk before they can run, he is unavailable, Tuchel is available and could get us to the next level.
Michael Kenrick
3 Posted 12/11/2017 at 17:17:38
Pretty funny that some sources now have Silva as leading the 'race', while others (Sunday Times) say he has 'bowed out'.

If the betting odds on Silva are listed as 1/1, doesn't that translate to a 50% certainty? Unsworth at 6/4... is that 40%? I guess this is why I don't gamble!

Come on, Unsy! I want our own Big Guy to win!

Mark Morrissey
4 Posted 12/11/2017 at 17:18:35
He'll be coming to us. Farhad normally gets what he wants. Unsy until the Summer and a pre-contract agreement for Diego. It's gonna happen. Oh and we win the FA Cup too. Happy days
Tony Hill
5 Posted 12/11/2017 at 17:19:51
I can't imagine he'd come to us in summer but I have to say that the fact of the denial is faintly interesting. If Moshiri were to hook Simeone, my dream choice as manager of Everton, then we would truly be in a new era. After the Usmanov Panorama nonsense, I've assumed we're not going to have serious clout after all. But I wonder.

That's what desperation does to you.

John Graham
6 Posted 12/11/2017 at 18:52:42
Whoever we are after, I don't understand why it is taking so much time.

Leicester and West Ham both had a new manager within a week of getting rid of their old managers. There has been plenty of time to check over possible candidates and find out who actually is interested. Then all they need to do is select a couple to interview and then pick the best one.

To me, all this time is basically leading to a big big letdown.

Bill Gienapp
7 Posted 12/11/2017 at 18:56:15
If Simeone wants to leave, he'll leave – it's that simple. That being said, I'll believe it when I see it.
John G Davies
8 Posted 12/11/2017 at 19:04:12
Bill 6,

He is on £5.1 million per year. He won't be tempted by money.

Paul Hewitt
9 Posted 12/11/2017 at 19:13:41
Simeone will be at Chelsea next season.
Stan Schofield
10 Posted 12/11/2017 at 19:54:47
He'll come if there's enough money.
James Marshall
11 Posted 12/11/2017 at 20:40:27
Marco Silva now favourite with the bookies anyway – Simeone isn't coming to Everton for a good few years yet.

Silva is even-money to be next with his head on the block.

Steve Ferns
12 Posted 12/11/2017 at 21:29:19
So the international break is almost over. It's 7 days since Watford, we play Palace on Saturday. I'd say it's looking pretty obvious Unsworth is in charge for that now. Time has ticked away for getting someone in before.

Why has time ticked away? My guess is that the board do want Unsworth to remain in charge, and are waiting for palace. If he wins then they'll use the high to announce he's in place until the end of the season.

It makes the most sense financially. Unsworth will have a limited say on transfers and walsh will sign a striker he wants and we will keep the squad we expansively assembled.

Then if we recovered to 7th Unsworth may get it full time. Or we could try for the marque name we want. Once Bayern appoint Nagelsmann, then Tuchel will Come to us. Or maybe Silva will be ready to jump ship. Or maybe Dyche will have impressed enough to warrant the job.

Who knows. It's cheaper to keep Unsworth in place. We will just sign a striker and the rest of the squad will have until the summer to earn their place in the next revolution.

Andy Williams
13 Posted 12/11/2017 at 23:07:05
Whilst spending the weekend (joy of joys) decorating the front room, I have been listening to Radio 5 interviewing the international rugby managers. Very interesting. They all seemed to follow the line that players should be free to play their natural game.

Eddie Jones, Warren Gatland and Gregor Townsend appeared to agree that, whilst players can work on little improvements, it is counter-productive to try and change too much. It brought to mind our previous two managers attempting to impose a philosophy on the team.

Mitchell Johnson was also interviewed and discussed the dangers of over-thinking when you are sportsman. I don't want a manager with a 'philosophy'. I don't care who it is as long as they can motivate the players.

We have a good squad minus the obvious gaps and they just need to be filled with confidence. All these players don't turn to crap overnight but their belief in themselves can be ruined by being asked to do things that aren't natural to them.

Football is not a difficult game. Motivate players, make sure they know what their role is (one that is natural to them) and ensure they can trust in their fellow team members. Unsy can do that.

Andy McNabb
14 Posted 13/11/2017 at 02:52:45
Andy #13, I hate decorating too. It is the one time I am truly glad I'm a teacher.

Oh - agree with what you said as well.

Mark Andersson
15 Posted 13/11/2017 at 06:11:35
I'm just glad the hammers nailed a job..

Unsworth will do a good job given time if not big Sam can get us out of the shit caused by the board

It's still all very amateurish meanwhile players are getting well over paid and not being professional..

Every game is so important now.. hope things turn around soon...

Rob Baker
16 Posted 13/11/2017 at 08:34:14
It's getting to the point where I have forgotten we are manager-less. Leicester and West Ham managed to find replacements pretty sharpish. We however....
Ian Jones
17 Posted 13/11/2017 at 09:21:24
Rob, I will continue your sentence:

... choosing to take our time so as to hopefully get it right or at least take us many steps in the right direction.

Andy Williams
18 Posted 13/11/2017 at 09:38:17
Andy (#14) – exactly what you said; right back at yer.
Anthony Dwyer
19 Posted 13/11/2017 at 10:36:27
Anyone thinking Simeone is joining us is fucking deluded.
Tony Everan
20 Posted 13/11/2017 at 10:42:26
Maybe they have made an offer to someone... Simeone, Tuchel, Hiddink, Dyche or Silva – and they wanted some time to think it over and talk to their family about it. Over the weekend maybe.

If they've said No, we may never hear about it. Unsworth may be given another game or two...

If yes, we may find out tomorrow if we agree to the guarantees they would want.

Ciaran O'Brien
21 Posted 13/11/2017 at 11:21:08
I know that I have advocated Simeone to take the job for ages now but I do see something in this. The Atletico owner wouldn't have come out so vocally about how untouchable Simeone is if he wasn't worried about losing him to us. Simeone has always wanted to coach in the Premier League and I reckon he would be interested in us. But not until next season probably.

I don't know why so many top coaches go to Chelsea with the inevitable interfering by Abramovich and backstabbing that goes on and seems to happen every second season. I know they have money and regular Champions League football and that their in London but the coach never has control of the team and transfers.

Something that pisses me off though is why so many on here say that nobody outside the Premier League, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have heard of us. We are not some tin pot club who plays in League 2 or below.

We have been an ever present in the top flight since 1954 and every season of the Premier League. It's the most watched league in the world and there are more teams than just the Sky Six.

I think Simeone or someone of that ilk would jump at the chance to manage us. Koeman and Moyes were two of the highest paid managers around during their tenures. Yes, I agree that we are a total shambles now but if Unsworth can settle the ship and help us finish mid table or even top seven, then why not go for Simeone.

Unsworth could then go back to continuing his excellent work with the Under-23s or try out in the lower leagues or Scotland.

Liverpool sacked Rodgers when they were in the bottom half, out of Europe and hired Klopp.

Victor Jones
22 Posted 13/11/2017 at 11:53:02
So what if West Ham and Leicester City have appointed their new managers quickly. FFS look who they have appointed. Would we have wanted any of those two at Everton. No thank you.Doesn't matter about The Foxes beating us. Let's see where we all stand come May. That's what count's.

Let's take our time and appoint the best possible manager that we can. And Unsworth will do for me for now.

But at the end of all this. I just hope that we don't end up with Sam Allardyce. Some ambition that will show. A few wins in the coming weeks and a relegation battle will be off the agenda. So no need for Big Sam. And if we want an F.A. cup run, then we most definitely do not need Allardyce.

Anyhow .its Unsworth for me. Let's see what this guy can do. Barring Unsworth I'd go for Brendan Rodgers. If he would come. Let's not be snobbish or even clannish about this . Rodgers can manage. And he could bring his young left back Tierney with him.

Simeone won't be joining Everton. At least not until we really do start threatening the top four . And if Unsworth can somehow get us there. Then Simeone and every other manager can whistle Dixie. I have faith in Unsworth . I really do.Foreign managers needing money are all just one big gamble anyway. IUIT...

Neil Wood
23 Posted 13/11/2017 at 13:00:29
Anthony... I will have a tenner with you he comes within 12 months?
Terence Connell
24 Posted 13/11/2017 at 15:08:51
I'm not convinced by Unsworth. We were lucky to beat Watford and that was his only victory. We need to aim as high as possible but also accept the reality of a stepping-stone appointment if necessary to stabilise us.

I have been worried for a long time about this ridiculous 49.9% ownership thing. Who is actually in charge of the club? It's affecting the decision-making process.

Tony Everan
25 Posted 13/11/2017 at 16:15:57
Yes Terence, the sooner there is clarity over who is calling the shots, the better. This muddled ownership and hierarchy is creating confusion.

Strategies and decision-making have been very disjointed.

Gordon Roberts
26 Posted 13/11/2017 at 16:18:28
Terence O'Conell (#24). You raise a very valid point in regard to the Board members and who actually does what. In my opinion, the club treats its fans appallingly, the lack of information over the managerial appointment being an example.

According to Unsworth, he speaks to Kenwright three times a day, and if I'm honest, I'm unclear if Moshiri, Kenwright, Elstone or Walsh are responsible for day-to-day operational management of the club.

Michael Kenrick
27 Posted 13/11/2017 at 16:48:00
Do we know for sure the decision-making is muddled?

Yes, I know there's stories in the media, but they are so diverse, only a very small number of them could actually be right. I mean, we had our own ITK guru on here telling us Unsworth would be announced on Saturday...

This old point about Moshiri's 49.9% stake being a cause of the befuddlement has come up again, but it seems to be a red herring because, in practical terms, Moshiri has a majority of voteable shares, if needed. This is because the shares held outside of the Board of Directors (by the 'small' shareholders) number 29% and are effectively frozen out of the day-to-day decision-making process. So Moshiri's stake is controlling.

However, I think it's irrelevant because I suspect Moshiri and Kenwright have established a fairly tight understanding about how the club is run, with the current era of transition since February 2016 being the time required for Moshiri to take advantage of whatever it is that Bill brings to the table. The idea that the details of the day-to-day running of the club must be divulged to the fans is simply ridiculous.

Kenwright may yet be around a lot longer as he seems to have gotten over his illness, and is likely to be kept around – just like Sir Phillip Carter was well into his dotage. Unless something significant changes... like Usmanov coming in. But there seems to be no real sign of that happening at this point, wishful thinking aside.

Brian Harrison
28 Posted 13/11/2017 at 17:09:38

I think the reason some are saying the decision making is muddled is because no decision as yet leads many to think that. Now maybe as you rightly say they have made approaches and those people are thinking it over. And I agree no club in this position will conduct their business in public and nor should they.

I do feel a little sympathy with Unsworth as we have already seen what can happen with indecision, we have both Mirallas and Schneiderlin sent home from Finch Farm. Obviously these players think they can please themselves till a new man is appointed.

I also think they could give themselves a little leeway, by stating that Unsworth has got the job till Xmas. That way, they can delay making a permanent appointment and, if a change is then needed, the new man would have a transfer window to bring in his players.

Steve Ferns
29 Posted 13/11/2017 at 17:15:30
Brian, I think the club want to give Unsworth the job in the short term. But I think they are waiting for some kind of big result. Maybe a win against Palace will be enough.

I can't believe that they haven't spoken to anyone else. Maybe they were close to bringing in Allardyce and put off by the opposition of people like myself who all sent emails to the club making our views clear. Maybe they decided to just wait and see. Who knows?

It's far from ideal, but is it better to rush into an appointment and get it wrong than wait and see if they can persuade the right man to come along. I cannot see how anyone can come in before Palace now, the players should be arriving back at Finch Farm today with the last of the internationals due back on Thursday night, and the game on Saturday.

Jay Harris
30 Posted 13/11/2017 at 17:24:41
I agree with Steve.

I get the feeling that they're trying to give Unsy a bit more time to see if he can swing it.

Personally I think it's crazy. We need a top drawer manager asap and Unsy is not the answer.

Bob Parrington
31 Posted 14/11/2017 at 06:48:51
Oh, Hi, Er is that Mr. Winston Churchill (in somewhat German accent!). Yes, oh good. We're trying to understand what's going on 'cos, er, we haven't heard anything from you. Just a few er media type rumours about Dunkirk or something. What's wrong with you leaders? Must be bad for morale, old chap. Maybe you should tell us your plans!

. maybe Michael #27 first line asks a good question!

another question is," Do we want to win a game or do we want to win the war?" Cool Heads!

Martin Nicholls
32 Posted 14/11/2017 at 08:08:32
I suspect Unsworth has been made well aware of what the Club's intentions are.
Gary Hughes
33 Posted 14/11/2017 at 08:28:42
I don't dislike Unsworth but the idea that he can see us through to the end of the season is terrifying. Have people not watched the last four games? Three miserable defeats & a complete fluke of a win do not inspire confidence. We need a new manager right now because, make no mistake, we are still in serious trouble.
Justin Doone
34 Posted 14/11/2017 at 09:59:51
We need to get Mancini ASAP before Italy make a move for him.

Simeone is NOT coming to Everton. He's only going to a club in the Champions league. A fiery character that demands full on effort but I'm not sure he's suited to England and vice versa. He will upset many players not used to that style of aggressive, in your face Latino temperament.

Forget Silva he's done less than Martinez had, same for Dyche and Fat Sam can stay retired.

Roberto Mancini has the experience and is a winner. NSNO

Steve Ferns
35 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:05:27
What do you expect Mancini to do to turn it around? What's the qualities you see in him that makes you so confident that he can do it?

Silva has won 3 trophies, including the league title, to Martinez's 1. He's also finished in the top 5 in all of his full seasons at a club (twice with Estoril, 3rd with Sporting, and Champions with Olympiacos).

Steve Carse
36 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:22:30
Justin (33), in case you hadn't heard, the Man City players couldn't wait for Mancini to go. He's an aggressive, unpleasant character with no man-management skills. We've just got rid of one of those!
Oliver Brunel
37 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:31:53
There's more chance of the Ewoks being invited for lunch on the Death Star, than Simeone coming to Everton. This is all posturing from Moshiri whilst The Emperor pulls the strings for the grand entrance of Jabba The Hutt.

Usmanov is not going to spunk more cash away when the Death Star is all at sea and The Emperor is trying to guide us back to the dark side....

Steve Ferns
38 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:34:54
Steve, his coaching skills were heavily criticised by his own coaches and players. This is well documented. He over-trained them apparently, exposing them to injury. He took them past the point of being the "fittest team in the fittest league" so that they were too tired.
Derek Thomas
39 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:37:58
With all this fannying about by the board it's obvious now that the decision to sack Koeman was a spur-of-the-moment thing. They seemed, until the 5 - 2 vs Arsenal, to have ignored what most, well some could see – we were only going one way.

Hence there were no irons, however vague and tentative, in the fire... Everton that.

Add to that the rumoured 3-way / too many Chiefs / committee who can't / don't even now, know just what sort of manager we need, nevermind who it might be.

Koeman must've thought all his Christmas pressies had come early... he's out of the mad-hatters tea party with a boat load of compo and he'll most likely get the Dutch job too.

Only in L4.

James Marshall
40 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:47:35
Are they fannying about though? Or have they become backed into an impossible corner?

It feels to me as though we're kinda fucked – no top manager wants to come to Everton because we're a shitshow of a football club on so many levels, we don't want an interim boss because of the lack of continuity, it's mid season so people like Silva at Watford are even out of reach because well, why on earth would/should Watford let him even talk to us?

We're screwed for a full time manager, and clearly our only real options are those out of work, or an interim short-termer.

I can only imagine that people like Tuchel have simply said, thanks but no thanks.

Tony Marsh
41 Posted 14/11/2017 at 10:59:19
The notion that top managers are queuing up for the Everton job is ridiculous. It has nothing to do with the Championship League either. Jose went to Man Utd, Pochtino to Spurs, Klopp to Liverpool when none of these clubs were in the Champions League.

It's all about belief in your own abilities and belief in the club you are going to join. Everyone knows we have two hopeless romantics in charge at Everton. It is always backwards steps after a little progression here.

There is no real money at the club just more smoke and mirrors. The best players shipped out on an annual basis. Even the Phantom stadium move appears to have been forgotten about..

Maybe a Sean Dyche or similar type manager is the best we can achieve here in this current fucked up state of affairs. Those who were booing Lukaku at Old Trafford, I hope you can now see what Romelu saw in the summertime. A club going nowhere.

Justin Doone
42 Posted 14/11/2017 at 11:15:43
Mancini. He upsets players that don't play football, so what? It's soon forgotten when playing and winning.

Mancini keeps it simple for defenders and the team, they all are responsible to help defend. But he builds teams to win the ball and attack with flair and creativity.

The type of players he brings in are team players. Some failed including our own Rodwell but he likes a solid core of strong fit players de Jong, Toure, Milner mixed with class Silva, Aguero and Balotteli. He liked Balotteli a lot, but after defending him, giving him time and chances he dropped him and then sold him because he wasn't a team player. He handled a difficult player well unlike others.

He's proven time and time again in different league's that he can turn around clubs quickly including the premier league.

10 years ago we were a very similar club to Man City. Yes money helped but we are also in a better financial position now. It was only when Mancini took over they won their first trophies. I would love some silverware and I think he's the standout candidate with a proven track record to help us win something.

I wanted him 4 years ago and maybe things weren't in place then to make it happen. We have moved on, we are improving off the pitch and with the youth teams. Mancini can help us usher in an important 5 years of growth, success and a new stadium. NSNO

Ciaran O'Brien
43 Posted 14/11/2017 at 11:34:36
I don't know about Mancini, he seems happy in Russia and although he won the league and FA Cup at City, they were awful in the Champions League. They only won the league in 2012 last minute on goal difference and he fell out with a few players there. Then again often managers are a right fit with a club at the right time.

I'm wary about Silva because if we hire him, he might leave soon afterwards to Arsenal or Milan etc. He only lasts a season or so at one club and moves on. Although getting sacked at Sporting for not wearing a suit is fucking ridiculous.

I still feel Simeone is attainable and would be interested in the job but not until May, unless he got the chop at Atletico. Give Unsworth till the end of the season and sound out Simeone. He's probably sick of Barcelona and Real Madrid now and how they get all the decisions and easy Champions League groups.

We have to start being ambitious and stop believing that we are just making up the numbers with bending over to United and the other Wankers in London, Manchester and Mordor. Simeone would wind them up big time like throwing a ball onto the pitch while they counter us.

We need to get away from the likes of Allardyce and Hughes. The only coaches from these islands I'd consider are Sean Dyche and Brendan Rodgers alongside Simeone. Dyche's record against the big teams, Rodgers football and Simeones man management.

Koeman was an awful choice and was never in a million years a top manager. Shite tactics with shite football plus terrible man management.

Tony Everan
44 Posted 15/11/2017 at 09:53:30
Kroenke or Abramovich will have tapped up Simeone, I think we are pissing in the wind with this one.

It is counterproductive to be advocating it at this point.

Steve Ferns
45 Posted 17/11/2017 at 18:56:51
Echo Report Simeone Dismisses Everton

Number one target gone then. Probably why we started going mad for Silva, who must be second choice. Simeone rules us out now and at the end of the season and reiterates his commitment to the 2 years left on his contract.

Stephen Davies
46 Posted 17/11/2017 at 19:07:13
Justin (#34),

Why did they get rid of him?

Oliver Brunel
47 Posted 17/11/2017 at 19:09:58
We were never in for Simeone. The Emperor wouldn't want it. There is a civil war on the Death Star and we will probably still end up with Jabba The Hutt.

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