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Everton 'still tracking' Fonseca for manager

| Saturday, 10 February 2018 102comments  |  Jump to last
It could be routine Sunday tabloid speculation but MailSport claim that Everton are still interested in Paulo Fonseca and could move to install him as manager at Goodison Park as soon as the summer.

The Blues approached his current Shakhtar Donetsk about holding talks with the 44-year-old Portuguese last November but were rebuffed. His contract with the Ukrainian club expires at the end of this season, however, and he would be free to leave if he doesn't sign an extension.

The Mail's report claims that Everton's decision would be dependent on Sam Allardyce's performance over the next few weeks. It also suggests Steve Walsh's role is under threat and repeats talk that Marcel Brands could be drafted in from PSV Eindhoven to replace him.

Reader Comments (102)

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Colin Glassar
1 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:01:25
Everyone knows it's going to be Silva. Don't they?
Ron Marr
2 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:09:11
No it's going to be Simeone. Aim higher FFS
Gordon White
3 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:12:24
Silva is being linked with Chelski
Dave Bowen
4 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:15:05
Colin @ #1. Silva allegedly being lined up as the next Chelsea manager. God knows why!
Colin Glassar
5 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:28:40
Silva has been mentioned as interim manager if Conte gets sacked next week. It's whatshisname (former Barca coach) who being lined up for next season.
Brian Porter
6 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:30:01
Silva hasn't won a thing yet. I really don't understand why some people are seemingly obsessed with appointing another manager whose main claim to fame is having got his previous club before Watford (Hull City) relegated?
Vijay Nair
7 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:30:16
Yes you're right Colin, Luis Enrique
Colin Glassar
8 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:42:16
Neither has Pochettino, Brian. Would you turn him down as Everton manager?
Matt Butlin
9 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:47:20
Silva wouldn't last 5 minutes at Chelsea. Hazard will turn tut and stop playing for him over something trivial, dressed up as a three course dinner. Reports will startmto appear that he has lost the dressing room, then it'll be goodbye.
Mike Gaynes
10 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:52:18
Tacking? Or tracking? Or tackling?
Ron Marr
11 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:55:48
People have been brainwashed by years of Kenwright mediocrity. Moshiri has said money will not be a problem while he's the owner, so when he calls time on Wooly Bully, get a top drawer manager and DOF.
Gavin Johnson
12 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:59:51
Never mind Fonseca. Think big and try and tempt Conte once he leaves Chelsea.
Si Cooper
13 Posted 11/02/2018 at 02:20:54
Surely people can see it is not actually possible to predict a manager's future performance from their history?

There are too many variables between managing clubs like Hull City and Wigan in the Premier League and managing one of the bigger clubs. For some clubs succumbing to relegation may be regarded as largely inevitable and it is the peak performances a manager has achieved that are a better way to judge them. That is why Silva and Martinez have appeal; because they have been able to inspire the belief that they may be blessed with that X-factor that means they can become great managers.

Likewise, it is impossible to correlate two separate careers – just because both Silva and Martinez were relegated from the Premier League doesn't mean Silva would fail in the same way at Everton.

I'm not currently advocating anyone because I admit I am not qualified to make a decision, but in my heart of hearts I would rather the club carry on looking for an innovative and imaginative ‘chancer' rather than merely settle for getting to 40 points before setting other targets ad infinitum.

James Hopper
14 Posted 11/02/2018 at 03:16:26
There's a story or two about Everton in the tabloids every day. Most of them I take with a pinch of salt, especially when it's from a rag like the Mail.

There is something about this particular story though that rings true. There's a little more detail than usual in relation to Moshiri's unhappiness with Cenk Tosun and Allardyce not believing he works hard enough in training. That doesn't make the Fonseca link any truer except that the journalist would appear to have a good source somewhere.

Ron Marr
15 Posted 11/02/2018 at 03:39:54
Surely people can see it is not actually possible to predict a manager's future performance from their history?
And yet the top teams hire managers with previous success. Go figure... it must be luck.

I would rather the club carry on looking for an innovative and imaginative ‘chancer'

Yeah, we're #7 let's have a parade. We love you Billy K.

Si Cooper
16 Posted 11/02/2018 at 03:55:46
Ron Marr, are you suggesting that all such appointments are successes?

Well done for stripping away all the context that balances what you have chosen to present. I was actually addressing the perceived level of risk of picking a manager who is largely untested at a club of a similar size and ambition or greater.

To reiterate,the point I was making is that there are many variables that have to be considered in reality.

Such as how ‘successful' a manager can a particular club attract / afford? Perhaps you have noticed a strange correlation between the level of club particular managers stick to and their relative success? Or that managers who have won things at certain clubs aren't guaranteed to succeed at other clubs, or even going back to a club where they have previously done wonders?

Derek Knox
17 Posted 11/02/2018 at 07:40:56
I would love Conte, he knows the Premier League, is a good manager with passion, and would have a lot to prove, to Chelsea among others.
Jim Bennings
18 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:09:01

Silva is only 40, I'm not sure how much he's meant to have won at a relatively young age?

He's a manager who could get better with age and experience, fans want to give young players time so why not be willing to give young managers time too!?

Fonseca is probably just Sunday paper talk I think we know this.

Tony Everan
19 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:26:31
Give big Sam a chance first. He's only just got here and inherited the biggest shambles I've ever seen at Everton.

He's a big fat northern pragmatist, who calls a black puddin' a black puddin' and not a boudin noir. In the space of 3 months we've gone from relegation desperation to seventh heaven... nearly.

From what I'm seeing, it is the recruitment that has improved us. Beyond doubt Walcott. His pace and quality have transformed our attack. With a left back and a midfield trade-off, Schneiderlin for Nzonzi or someone, we will have a potent team for next season.

I didn't want Sam, but I think we have 3 managers at the moment with Lee and Shakespeare. They have a wealth of football experience between them and work well as a unit. They are trying to stabilise us and make us better, it is stuttering but on balance working.

It is wrong in my eyes to write them off without giving them a chance.

There is absolute no guarantees that Silva or Fonseca etc would slot in and become our Pep Guardiola.

Oliver Brunel
20 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:51:20
I mentioned Fonseca a while back when we eventually opted for Koeman. Fonseca over Silva any day. I hope Silva goes to Chelsea then we can swoop for Fonny in the summer, get a proper scout in who knows the ropes, but who is advising Moshiri about football matters? That is my big concern. Fonseca would be class, real class.
Steve Brown
21 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:52:08
Martinez + Koeman + Allardyce + Silva or Fonseca = another wasted decade.

Aim higher!

Oliver Brunel
22 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:54:24
Steve, who are you thinking of? I mean when you say higher? Simeone? Conte? I would be happy with Simeone but would Conte demand a huge war chest??
Steve Brown
23 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:54:44
Ancelotti, Simeone, Tuchel, Sarri are the level. And money could get one of them here.
Paul McIntyre
24 Posted 11/02/2018 at 08:55:38
Silva improved Hull immediately but they were doomed from dire early-season form. But, if he had any positive impact at Everton, he would be looking for the next job within 6 months. He needs to stay at a club for a few years and show he can build a team.
Oliver Brunel
25 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:07:26
I think the Managerial choice is irrelevant until the systemic problems, documented by many on here, are resolved...
Colin Glassar
26 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:23:02
If we are going in for the 'Fonz', can I suggest we also get his DoF (or chief scout) who seems to find fantastic, cheap young talent all over the world – not like our incompetent “head hunter”.
Kenny Smith
27 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:27:22
‘The Mail's report claims that Everton's decision would be dependent on Sam Allardyce's performance over the next few weeks.‘

I'll tell you about Sam Allardyce's performance over the last few weeks... shite! And I can't see it getting any better despite the win yesterday.

Derek Thomas
28 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:32:03
Oliver @24; Game, Set and Match there... but I'd take Fonseca, his team plays decent footy right now, not in the past.

I await the future, can't be any worse... can it?

Eddie Dunn
29 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:41:06
I would go for Eddie Howe. He has done well with Bournemouth, plays an entertaining brand of football, is likable, and is still learning.

We should get him before one of the so-called big boys come in for him. He seems to be a good communicator and his players seem to like him. Good management traits.

Peter Warren
30 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:52:02
I would love us to go all out for Conte.
Charles McCann
31 Posted 11/02/2018 at 09:56:18
I agree with you, Eddie Dunn (#28), Howe is proving to be an excellent manager and would be my choice also. Bournemouth's style of football is very attractive and I feel. if he got time and support from the board. he could build a great team here at Everton again.

Sam Allardyce has to go as soon as possible as his decisions around team selection and tactics are baffling to say the least. Seems like a very arrogant sort of guy too.

Mike Allison
32 Posted 11/02/2018 at 10:02:00
When did Director of Football become about finding players? The scouts do that, and frankly, all clubs know pretty much everything about all players. If you play computer games or go to you can as well.

A director of football needs to do far, far more than notice that some kid in the French second division has a decent left foot. This links to what I see as one of Everton's biggest problems at the moment, which is that many people involved with the club, including the fans, don't see what the real problem is.

Our problem is that we have lots of good players, too many in fact, but no team. Anyone who thinks the answer to that is more players, more change, more settling in periods and more instability is setting themselves up for some disappointment.

What we need is a manager who can get the best out of what he's got, be consistent in selection and tactics and get the players working as a unit, rather than simply being a collection of individuals. Unfortunately the person in the best position to do that is Sam Allardyce, and I don't really believe in him, to say the least.

I'd replace him and Steve Walsh in the summer, based on interviewing candidates and seeing how much they wanted the job and what their plans for it were. Reputation and previous achievements wouldn't play much of a part; they're most useful for gaining instant respect from players, little else.

Solid methods and a clear, intelligent plan will gain the respect of the right players pretty quickly anyway, and any that don't buy in probably don't have the heart or head to play for Everton.

Just to return to the DoF point, their job is much bigger. They need to build a consistent identity and method of playing football that runs throughout the club, from youth level, through the Under-23s and into the first team. They need to plan the progress and transition of the players we've got (whilst the scouts look for new ones) and they need to make sure the facilities and coaching team are the best they can be.

When doing all of that properly, they can then work out when to look outside the club to bring in something that we haven't got. Their main focus should be on making sure the set-up within the club enables us to get the best out what we already have, players, academy, coaches, manager and everything else on the football side of things.

Tony McNulty
33 Posted 11/02/2018 at 10:07:27
The only certainty about all of this is that you know what you'll get if Sam Allardyce remains in charge next season.
John Kavanagh
34 Posted 11/02/2018 at 10:29:35
Hi-Yo Silva! He should be able to work with Walsh who is EFC's "loan arranger".

I'll get me coat .

Mark Dunford
35 Posted 11/02/2018 at 10:40:12
I really hope Big Sam is an insignificant footnote in our history by the end of May. He wasn't wanted and whoever resisted his appointment in October had the correct instincts. My guess is that the record under Unsworth would have been pretty similar across the same fixtures.

Eddie Howe seems a good call to me – he has Premier League experience, his teams play decent football and overachieve. His profile may be a little Martinez lite, but his sides are more consistent and he is reputedly an Evertonian. The brief Burnley experience may count against him. If we have to have a “name” then Fonseca fits the bill.

One of Allardyce's more annoying traits is his easy willingness to take credit while blaming others for anything that goes wrong. There are also long term worries about the transfer policy and particularly his treatment of some of the younger players. Holgate seems to be a better player now than Keane or Williams, yet isn't even on the bench. Other youngsters are similarly distanced.

The January Signings are mystifying additions that have done little to extend the squad – Walcott is an upgrade on the departed Mirallas. Niasse is now ahead of Tosun. No doubt we'll have to wait till the end of the season before our zombie manager goes; till then it is more of same – duff football and ever louder grumbling from the internet 15!

Dave Speed
36 Posted 11/02/2018 at 11:05:18
Eddie Howe? What I know is that he has similarities to a certain young 'Evertonian' who was shown faith by Sir Philip Carter I believe back in the day. Even shares 3 letters in the same order and also professes to be another Evertonian. Yes, the Great Howard Kendall. Young manager whose team played the Everton way at Blackburn Rovers.

He has Premier League experience, producing a well balanced, skillful, attacking team. There's never been a whiff of scandal, bad press etc etc. He likes to coach players and play them in their natural positions. He's done all this without a 'sugar daddy'. He owns up when he screws up.

I don't know enough about all the other names being touted, and I don't exclude any of them. If it helps Mr Moshiri to be non-reliant on Mr (always fuc)Kenwright, read this from a similar 'layman' in terms of football manager knowledge, go and spend some money on Eddie Howe, and that DoF they all keep talking about.

Oh yes, one other thing – he doesn't have a stupid catch-phrase like "Phenomenal" or "Pro-duc-ti-vi-ty".

Dennis Stevens
37 Posted 11/02/2018 at 11:10:27
I suspect that if we did appoint Howe, we would have him in place for a good while. I don't think he would be accepting the job whilst considering it a 3-year project / stepping stone with a view to his next role, one already in the back of his mind.
Oliver Brunel
38 Posted 11/02/2018 at 11:36:14
I admit Howe is a good shout. I would welcome someone who is honest and has a long-term plan for Everton – not the gobshites we have employed so far.

I doubt we would get Simeone or Emre, possibly Tuchel (but I'm not sure about him). My two would be Fonseca or Howe. Or Colin Glassar.

Karen Mason
39 Posted 11/02/2018 at 11:43:13
It's so good to read a fan forum where so many of the opinions are backed up by logic and, in the main, constructive criticism and ideas. Clearly all differing, but all with merit. I have read them all for some time, before contributing.

But on the Manager front, I am so incensed, still, by the appointment of Allardyce, that I can't help but chip in. Aside from his total lack of integrity, his loyalty is only ever to his bank account. He is the complete antithesis of everything our club is about.

I loved Mike (31), your breakdown of the role of a Director of Football. I can tell you that the methods you describe was exactly how Pochettino did things at Southampton. He changed the whole fitness training regime from bottom up, worked with the first team every morning and was at the academy in the afternoon. He wanted to ensure that the methods of training were the same throughout the club, so that players introduced to the first team were already well versed with the way of playing. He is all about the development of the club as a whole, including youngsters. I would give my eye teeth for Poch, but know that is unlikely.

Allardyce has no record anywhere, ever, of nurturing young talent. What a sad time it would be to disregard the undoubted talent and well coached players our Academy produces, but that is already beginning to happen with Holgate, who has been a much better option than Keane or Williams. Let's have a Manager who focuses on the importance of coaching and improving each and every player.

As much money as Guardiola has at his disposal, it is undeniable that he has improved and motivated every player in his squad to be a better player. He is best in the business, without doubt.

So how about his current understudy as our new Manager. Miguel Arteta. How many boxes would he tick? Played for us, knows the club, played in the Prem and is familiar with it, both as a player and coach. Coached at Arsenal – continually a top 6 side and now working with a great mentor. Could he be the young, dynamic Manager we seek?

Karen Mason
40 Posted 11/02/2018 at 11:52:28
ps: Just to add insult to injury, was anyone incandescent at Allardyce's comment on MotD: "All the Evertonians have gone home happy"??? Does he really think that a win at home is all it takes to change all our opinions about him?

His explanation to Gary Lineker about why the team were so dire away from home was nothing short of comical!!! Apparently it's do to with the great support we get at Goodison which is not the same away from home. Of course, it has nothing to do with the team selection or tactics, now does it? Yet more abdication of responsibility.

Derek Knox
41 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:00:08
Why don't we extend Sam's contract, buy Mangala, tempt Schneiderlin to a life-time commitment.

Add a steam roller, cement mixer, a Clydesdale Horse, and a three-toed sloth, we are set to go then!

Seriously though, Conte would be a major coup, but I think Eddie has hit the nail on the head, with Eddie Howe.

I know it's all hypothetical, but if we had appointed him instead of Koeman, I believe we would have been right up there in top 6 Club.

This guy has worked wonders with next to zero resources at Bournemouth, imagine if he had the King's Ransom that was put at Koeman's wasteful disposal.

I admit Silva would be a relative gamble, and we can't afford to use Everton as his managerial training ground, he may come good, then again he may fail miserably, and we are back to square one minus one.

The next appointment, has to be the right one, I am sure that has been said before, are you listening Mr Moshiri?

Colin Glassar
42 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:03:45
Thanks Oliver, I would love to take the Everton job but I'm currently dedicated to my minimum wage job. Anyways, I'd never work for Boys Pen Bill and his clueless cowboys. I'd probably end up in gaol (that's how it used to be spelt).

Yes, Karen, the fat one obviously has a huge opinion of himself and has fallen into the EMDS (Everton Managers Delusional Syndrome) which has affected our last four managers. Apparently there's no cure.

Raymond Fox
43 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:09:37
I don't think some of you would be satisfied if Jesus was our manager! We will end up no manager will want to come to Goodison, they will for the money of course.

We are 9th and 2 points off 7th now, for Petes sake – if you get your kicks out of slagging every manager we employ, carry on. Our players with the exception of Pickford and maybe a fit Coleman are miles off the top 6 teams squads. I don't care who is our manager – they're long odds against getting us into the top 6 each season.

Our problem is that we have six clubs in the Premier League that are richer and more attractive to the top players than us; tough luck for us but it's pretty obvious isn't it!

Paul Ellam
44 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:13:50
Like many, I don't think Allardyce will be here next season. It looks like Silva is the one, seeing as though we were prepared to pay nearly 㿀m compensation to get him – and now he's free! Kind of makes sense. I'm not a huge fan of his though, reminds me too much of Martinez.

Saying that, it's hard to predict who will do a good job, I mean, I thought Koeman really was the next step manager to get us trophies, and we all know how that ended.

The shouts for Conte, Ancelotti, Simeone et al are all good and well, but I get the feeling that those guys think they are a step above clubs like Everton so I don't expect to see any here. If you don't ask though....

Where's Vitor Pereira by the way?!!

For what it's worth I would try and bring in Manuel Pellegrini – he is a big name so Mr Moshiri would have his "Hollywood" manager and he knows the Premier League (and how to win in it) intimately so wouldn't need any settling in period.

Plus his teams generally play attractive football, which we all want, so it's just down to whether he would want to join and what money would be afforded to him.

Brian Harrison
45 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:35:38
Raymond (#42),

I think you are right the step up to the top 6 looks massive, and although this season has been poor we are as you say only 2 points off 7th. I also think a club has to be careful on not being known as a club that doesn't give its managers time like Watford. Although the chopping and changing of managers at Chelsea hasn't stopped them winning the title. But in their case, they can attract the best managers and the best players – we can't.

But I think most of us want to see an Everton team that tries to win every game irrespective of opposition or whether at home or away. Allardyce has never been that type of manager and at 63 that wont change now. So, while you are right at present, we are not far off were we have been for the last 13 years, surely we are entitled to have more ambition than our present manager has.

So that leads us onto what happens next. No doubt if we finish 7th Allardyce will with some justification say to the board you were 13th when I was appointed and I got you to 7th. So although I don't want him here I can imagine the board finding it difficult to sack him if he achieves 7th.

Now I can imagine the majority of fans will say yes we finished 7th but the football was dire a sentiment I agree with. But this board pressed the panic button very quickly in the season and, if 7th is achieved, I don't see this board getting rid anytime soon. Personally I believe that would be the wrong move, I would like to see Marco Silva here he has won as much as Fonseca.

They have both won a league and a cup, but Silva knows the premier league and his teams like to get on the front foot and play an attacking style. He has had poor teams to work with here he will have better players and a massive transfer kitty compared with what he has been used to.

Trevor Peers
46 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:40:39
Laugable reports, Fonseca or Silva would both take us down. Allardyce has done well at home, if he sorts out his 'dark side' of playing ultra defensive garbage away from home, I reckon Moshiri will keep him for the extra season.

Maybe by then we can attract an experienced top quality coach to take us forward. Replace Schneiderlin, Bolasie and Klaassen with better players, like he did with Walcott for Lennon, and we'll be in much better shape.

Dave Speed
47 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:44:12
I'm very sad that nobody got my "Mr (always fuc) Kenwright" clever joke in post 35 above (paragraph 3, line 3 – I'm desperate for recognition!).

Seriously, Karen Mason made 2 great posts above. The one about blaming our away form on the Goodison factor in particular was a good one. I thought when I heard him say it on MotD that he dodged the question as usual like an MP, but Karen is spot on.

I feel a bit better, however, that there seems to be a groundswell of opinion that prefers Eddie Howe as our next manager. I worry about a big name – we thought that Ronald Koeman would attract equally big-name players but it never really happened. Who chose us in a head-to-head with a top six team? I worry that another 𧶀 million would be squandered on players that the 'elite' are not after.

Like many others on here, I would rather have an astute manager who can:

(a) coach the good players we already have to apply their skills in the correct way in their natural positions, because that's what a coach does to make them better,

(b) recognise the players who do not have these skills and move them on,

(c) buy the correct replacements that would improve the team, including, without contradicting myself, a big-name player or two,

(d) motivate the players to perform every week,

(e) cascade the style, ethos etc of the team to the U23, U18 teams etc as others have said on here.

Eddie Howe fits the bill in a lot of people's minds it seems.

Eugene Kearney
48 Posted 11/02/2018 at 12:48:49
Brian (#44) – I think (hope) that the board had dilly-dallied so long over appointing a manager that they pressed the panic button and grabbed Big Sam who had them by the balls immediately and asked for an 18 month contract, which was granted.

So, the board forked out 㾾M because they were snookered by the fact that they took so much time over appointing anyone.

I hope (HOPE) that they've already started search for a replacement and plan to ditch Big Sam in May. If they have been following what fans are saying on here, on Twitter and Facebook etc. If they have their heads screwed on.

Ian Bennett
49 Posted 11/02/2018 at 13:49:27
I'd take Howe, but he'd need to prioritise a left-back and two centre-backs of high quality to avoid a Martinez Mk 2.
Dave Speed
50 Posted 11/02/2018 at 13:56:54
Typically right on cue: we're clamouring for Howe – me included – and they go and ship 4 against the team that can't score!
Danny O'Neill
51 Posted 11/02/2018 at 14:01:39
As long as there are rumours, it gives me hope we are looking and Allardyce won't be manager past the end of this season.
Karen Mason
52 Posted 11/02/2018 at 14:04:46
Hi Ray (42),

I take your point about were we are in the league, and breaching the top 6. My expectations are realistic, and unlike many fans, I do have patience if I can see things progressing in a good way.

For me, it is not just about where we are in the league. My dislike of Big Sam as Manager is not about our league position right now, which as you say, is no disgrace. It is more that he has given no indication, anywhere he has ever managed, of developing a club or it's players.

We may not – in the very near future – be able to crack the top 6, whoever is Manager, but I would like to see a Manager who is about coaching, developing and good football (and all the things listed by Dave @46). I would like to see our Club being known for playing great pass and move footy, that is both entertaining and great to watch and respected by other clubs for the way we play. After all, we hardly deserve the title of 'School of Science right now do we?

Challenging and being in the mix for the top 6 and other cup competitions would be a success for me, and oh yes – being able to win Derby games -even just at home. Instead, we have what we have and that won't change with the Manager we currently have.

I think people on this forum do have valid reasons for their criticisms of our recent Managers. I don't think that we are as fickle as many other clubs or hire and fire without good reason. When we have a good one, we stick with them. Moyes for example.

Martina received good support too, until the latter months when it seemed irretrievable and may have, to some degree, been down to player power (Lukaku downing tools etc).

So, I don't think that what many on here are asking for – ie not a miracle, but just a manager who develops players and club, and takes an active interest in our academy players, is not an unrealistic wish or expectation.

Dave Williams
53 Posted 11/02/2018 at 15:43:31
Great posts from Karen. Arteta as manager? Maybe with Cahill to assist? Has Mikel gained enough experience? He's certainly had the top man to teach him.

I would steer clear of anyone who is just going to repeat the mistakes of the regime under Walsh and spend money for the sake of it. We can only guess who has been responsible but, given his job title, Walsh must be in the frame.

To fritter away such huge sums on a glut of Number 10s whilst ignoring cover at left-back was bad enough. To then spend so much on Keane only to find that maybe he isn't the big, aggressive centre-back we need to dominate the defence, was negligent to say the least.

Then another 㿇M on Tosun is madness if the reports today are true that he doesn't work hard enough in training. Surely we carry out extensive checks and scouting which would reveal that he isn't a great trainer if, I repeat that is true.

It's not all been bad – Sigurdsson is beginning to show his quality, Martina was very good yesterday and has been an excellent acquisition for free, and to get Walcott for 㿀m was a steal... but then I look at Klaassen and wonder why we bought him.

Overall, an awful lot of money has been wasted and we need to sort this out as it has to stop. We have great youngsters who need careful development by a manager who will spend carefully rather than recklessly and a new Director of Football who can work that way too.

Arteta would be a gamble but there must be some knowledge in football circles as to whether he looks to have the potential. Our last great manager joined us with potential and took a while to sort things out but he worked with young players, instilled passion and team spirit into them, brought in some experience and look what happened.

We don't have the money to buy the absolute class players who are guaranteed to play well so put a young manager alongside a good Director of Football and give it a try. Sam won't be here beyond this season – that's why we only offered a six-month contract at first!

Jerome Shields
54 Posted 11/02/2018 at 15:48:09
Silva is not suitable for Everton. He was sacked by Watford. If he was any good, he would be still there.
Mike Gaynes
55 Posted 11/02/2018 at 16:53:59
Raymond #42:

"I don't think some of you would be satisfied if Jesus was our manager!"

Nah. Wouldn't hold the players to account. Too forgiving.

Jack Convery
56 Posted 11/02/2018 at 16:58:00
If Sam is here in August, I'm not.

We need a Ferguson type I'm out of here. someone who wants to build a dynasty and not piss off the first time some so-called big club comes calling. Could you ever imagine Ferguson saying yes to Barca or Real Madrid if they ever came calling? He would never have jumped ship.

I want a manager who sees Everton FC has his baby and not a stepping stone to 'bigger' things. We are big and, in the right hands ,we can become the biggest.

I don't trust this board and its employees to sit the right way on a toilet. They need to go first and take Allardyce with them pronto.

Alan McGuffog
57 Posted 11/02/2018 at 17:11:48
Looks like it's all set for the recently available Stuart McCall. Assuming we can't tempt Gary Megson that is.
Rick Pattinson
58 Posted 11/02/2018 at 17:17:51
Stuart McCall. It's written in the stars!!!!.
Derek Knox
59 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:02:38
Alan 57, and Rick 58, what about a Megson and McCall combo, Ginger Dream Team? :-)
Eric Paul
60 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:16:44
He did, to Man Utd.
Aidy Dews
61 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:17:49
People need to get real with some of their suggestions! Conte, Ancelotti, Sarri, Simeone?!

That calibre of manager won't take over us next season, no chance. Each and everyone of them walks into most top jobs in the world!

Conte, if he gets the sack at Chelsea, will go back to Italy to manage, no doubt about it. Ancelotti will get a big job somewhere. Sarri could take Napoli to the serie a title, would he leave one of the best footballing teams in the world for us? No he wouldn't! And as for Simeone, he's already said he's staying at At. Madrid for the forseable future so rule all them out!

Tuchel might be getable but even he's been mentioned for both the Chelsea & Arsenal jobs should they need new managers, along with being in the running still for the Bayern job come the summer so he's got suitors. Luis Enrique is being linked with Chelsea and I'm sure other big clubs would want him so he's a no.

So then you look at the next crop of talented managers around. Fonseca is a very highly thought of, very talented manager and he would be a great shout. He plays a good brand of attacking football but is tactically savvy and isn't just about attack, attack, attack. He knows hi to set up a team tactically with a thought to defence and stopping the opposition. He's had good spells in Portugal, a bad one at Porto but when he took over he lost some good players and it cost them but he's gone away, built his career and is now doing brilliantly at a Shakhtar where in his first season he won a domestic treble and he's on course to win the league again. He's qualified through to the knockout stages of the Champions League through a tough group that includes Mna City & Napoli, knocking Napoli out and being out of contract in the summer, it seems a perfect fit for us.

Silva is another out of contract, another young, fresh and talented manager we could go for and I wouldn't be surprised if it was him or Fonseca we appointed in the summer?! Personally I'd prefer Fonseca cos from what I've read and seen of the pair, Fonseca has more tactical nous defensively than Silva and combines attacking play with good, solid team shape that's hard to break down and I think he would be a better fit would Fonseca!

One thing I'm sure of though is Allardyce won't be in charge come next season. Moshiri always saw him as a short term fix and I don't see that changing. He'll be paid off and we will all move on.

And the shouts to give Allardyce a chance are proper bad shouts! We won't get anywhere with him and I would wager that if we did, so far down the line we would be off of the pace of the top 6 and he'd be in for the sack and then what?! We will of gone further backwards and it'll be a missed opportunity if we don't get rid this summer and go for a talented manager like Fonseca instead!

Dennis Ng
62 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:26:25
Aidy, agree with your assessment and hopefully him and Tuchel can be names we can dream of having. Still at this juncture, everything is rumor.

It would surprise me if Moshiri fires Allardyce after the season if we get 6-7th but it might also show how ambitious he is. Let's hope Moshiri is getting more shrewd with our team's future.

Aidy Dews
63 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:31:08
Jim Bennings #18, hardly “Sunday paper talk”

More to these Fonseca links than meets the eye imo!...

Eric Paul
64 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:33:21
I'd have Howe but the problem with him is if he gets any success England would be after him. Arteta and Cahill would be a good shout.
Dave Speed
65 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:35:43
Well structured reasoning Aidy (#61). You're preaching to the converted (me) as none of the top managers/coaches would come to do a rebuilding job here. It's a merry-go-round of the elite for these guys who take over a team that has just missed out on the top prizes. They buy a few big names and that's it – I know Jack Schidtt about how they coach them.

Fonseca is the stand-out of the rest as he has rebuilt a team into a formidable force in Russia, and even though their league isn't highly thought of, they have done well in Europe.

Would even he, as one of the 'second-tier' of the elite, consider the job here? Who knows, but it will make for an interesting summer.

Aidy Dews
66 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:36:22
Also, Fonseca isn't a new name to the board. When Moyes went, Fonseca was on the shortlist along with Martinez, Ragnick & Favre. And when Martinez got the boot we looked at him again but went with Koeman and then when Koeman got the sack we went in for him (after being rebuffed for Silva numerous times) this time but got knocked back due to Shakhtar wanting to keep him whilst they were still in the CL so the board are aware of him and know about him. And Moshiri is close friends with his agent Jorge Mendes aswell so there could be something in the Fonseca links definitely
Aidy Dews
67 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:43:57
Trevor Peers #46, Jesus Christ, do you watch much football apart from Everton or English football? Silva would be a gamble but he wouldn't relegate us! And neither would Fonseca. Read up about the bloke, about how he wants to play and how he sets up tactically, watch Shakhtar in Europe in the coming weeks and judge for yourself how good/bad he is but from what I've seen of Fonseca and his teams in Europe (Braga/Shakhtar), he wouldn't send us down. The prem is changing and it's going of the way of good, attacking football and more technical and going away from dinosaurs like Big Sam and Fonseca would fit in well.

Back him, and no doubt Moshiri would, and I'm sure he would do a good job at us

Aidy Dews
68 Posted 11/02/2018 at 18:52:28
Karen #52, brilliant post!
Anthony Murphy
69 Posted 11/02/2018 at 19:03:47
Not impossible that Unai Emery won't be shown the door by PSG if they fail to reach the last 4 of the CL...didn't we approach him before RK? Unlikely, but sometimes timing is everything. Howe/Silva/Dyche etc all potential but a proven winner who expects to challenge at the very top is what we need...not the next Moyes or Martinez
Aidy Dews
70 Posted 11/02/2018 at 19:07:44
I think he would come, Dave. He's out of contract in the summer and desperate to pit his wits in England and let's face it, he's not gonna get a top 4 top 6 job at this point so we're the next best thing. But if we get somedcisions right all the way through the club, buy the right players that a manager like Fonseca would want, then we're a great project for a manager like him imo!

I know we've had a poor season and none of the players have shown their true ability/potential, but I do believe we have the core of a good side and it just needs tweaks here and there. Get this season over, come back with a clean slate, get the players in we need and take it from there. I do believe there's plenty to work with with our squad but we just need a manager that as a certain way of working and playing and someone who can give us an identity and instil a mentality where we want to win every game and don't fear going anywhere or playing anyone. Get that manager, back them all the way and give them the time they need and I'm sure we will eventually kick on.

I actually don't think it matter what Sam does this season. He could get us 7th and I think he will still get the boot! People forget that when Moshiri first spoke to Allardyce he initially offered him a deal till the end of the season when it looked like we couldn't get Silva at first, but Allardyce walked away, so we tried for Silva again, tried for Fonseca, got spanked by Southampton and panicked into going back in for Sam on a longer deal.

I just look at Spurs years ago. Sherwood took over them, steadied the ship and got them to 6th and they still got rid even though their fans wanted him to be given the job. They initially give him an 18 month deal, like we have Sam, but put in a break clause and exercised it and went and got Pochettino and haven't looked back and I think we will do the same regardless as Moshiri clearly wants a younger, more “stylistic” manager as you can see with the attempts to get Silva & Fonseca, and we actually asked about Wolves manager, Nuno Santo also, so Moshiri doesn't want to go forward with Allardyce, he sees him as a stop gap and someone to steady the ship this season...

Trevor Powell
71 Posted 11/02/2018 at 19:47:35
Funny, I remember EFC taking on some untested manager who had no great credentials. Howard Kenyon no, Kendall!

He was a waste of effort to prove the point that only trophy winners should be considered!

Jer Kiernan
72 Posted 11/02/2018 at 19:50:02
This is very positive – the thoughts of kicking of a season with FS at the helm doesn't bare thinking about
Dave Speed
73 Posted 11/02/2018 at 19:57:26
JGD - FS means Fat Sam. I refer to him as Sam Solidice, because that's what he expects on the ball after a pass.
John Keating
74 Posted 11/02/2018 at 20:27:23
I'm not bothered who the next manager is to be honest.

Whoever it is they should be given either a zero hours contract or if we have to a yearly rolling contract with 3 months notice either way.

Sod all this 5 year plan shit we've been screwed royally by the last 2 and no doubt this one.

Bill Gienapp
75 Posted 11/02/2018 at 20:36:33
Ha ha - yes, Fonseca is beating Napoli and Man City in the Champions League with Shakhtar freakin' Donetsk and he's going to get us relegated. Now I've heard everything. We'd be extremely lucky to have him as our manager.
Jay Griffiths
76 Posted 11/02/2018 at 20:36:47
Haven't got a clue who can guarantee us a positive future.
My take on Silva. Possible good manager. One of two probable outcomes. He does poor, the fans handle pitchforks. He does well, his head is turned by a bigger club and we become a lower stair in the climb then our good form plummets. That is what happened at Watford is it not? It's his willingness to migrate so easily that concerns me. Long term should be a priority.
Sam Hoare
77 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:16:52

Pretty much exactly how I see it. I reckon there's a very good chance either Fonseca or Silva will take over this Summer. I like both of them and think there'll be far less incoming players as the squad is pretty big now. New manager will be expected to work with a squad that has potential within it.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
78 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:24:11
Leaving WHU in May

David Moyes as DOF. Spent a lot of time on the character of the player before signing - some of you will say too long. But he built a team that fought for this club.

I said DOF not Manager. DOF in charge of transfers, identifying the players. DOF.

Jim Harrison
79 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:33:15
88 Phil, why would Moyes be leaving West Ham? He has done a good job there so far and seems well settled
Danny O'Neill
80 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:37:56
Step backwards Phil. No matter what capacity or role, a step backwards by some 10 years or so. British managers/DOF (call them what you want) are just not up to it at this point in time unfortunately. They keep you up; if that's the ambition then fine, but it's not mine to be frank.
Tony McNulty
81 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:42:31
Give our aspirations (evidenced by the amount of money spent) haven't we moved beyond the "high potential" manager?

I can't see us going for anyone other than the tried and tested given Moshiri's apparent ambitions.

I think we've moved on from the days of bringing in a young Moyes or Kendall type. So I'd be surprised to see Silva as a candidate now.

David Barks
82 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:49:52
Moyes was only under contract with West Ham til the end of the season right? And I thought he said recently he was planning to move on. No doubt that's probably just negotiations to pressure them to sign him to an extension.

In either case, Moyes as DOF isn't the craziest idea. He did have a decent eye for talent and building a team as opposed to individuals, but nobody has a perfect track record when it comes to that.

Colin Glassar
83 Posted 11/02/2018 at 21:55:57
Rumours abound that the WHU owners want someone more “sexy” for next season Jim. Dour Dave ain't exactly box office stuff is he?
Tom Bowers
84 Posted 11/02/2018 at 22:12:55
So the press everywhere is speculating again and that's what they do best.
Most of it is trash so let's be realistic.

Everton will keep Allardyce if the finish 7th.or 8th unless and arrangement has already been made between both parties.

Silva seems an option at this stage but who knows what will be best for the club.

Most of us are not happy with Allardyce so far so a new man may be an attractive prospect at the end of the season but no guarantee to turn this club araound.

Michael Lynch
85 Posted 11/02/2018 at 22:30:06
Not sure why people feel the need to hurl abuse at anyone who doesn't agree with their own choice, it's not as if anyone on here has a crystal ball.

Anyway, for me, I'd be happy to give Allardyce a go if he can show some progress over the next few months. Assuming we put together some decent results and finish 7th or 8th, I'd let him have the summer to buy a couple of central defenders, a left back, and another striker or two, then see how we get on in the first part of next season. He has a Moyesian quality about him which is not necessarily a bad thing – Davey gave us some great years punching well above our weight. We need to get back to basics before we can push on, and Sam could give the next manager a good platform to build on, like Moyes did before Bobby fucked it all up.

Steve Walsh is the one who should go in my opinion.

Steavey Buckley
86 Posted 11/02/2018 at 22:58:03
There are too many managers in Europe (not just including the UK) who don't have a clue outside their comfort zone, so, fail. Each time they fail with clubs with ambition the amount of players bought accumulates. Manchester City got away with it, some years ago, because the owners own a country in the Gulf.

QPR were not so fortunate, and are failing to get out of the championship because they are struggling there after throwing money at the problem some years ago with the constant change of managers spending money they could not ill afford to waste.

Allardyce has to continue with Everton until the end of season to show the owner, chairman and fans he has a long term strategy to make Everton into a team that can beat their rivals home and away. If not, Moyes should be brought back, because he is still part of the DNA of this club.

Gavin Johnson
87 Posted 11/02/2018 at 23:14:45
Eddie Howe seems to be the name in vogue after a few good results. I reckon todays game at Huddersfield put his credentials into perspective.
Vijay Nair
88 Posted 11/02/2018 at 23:15:01

Moyes is one of those managers without a clue outside his comfort zone (mid table mediocrity). No way I would have him back here. Let him stay at West Ham.

What we need is someone to take is forward.

Danny O'Neill
89 Posted 11/02/2018 at 23:28:13
No Steavey. Just no.

Step backwards.

He done well for us when we needed it but hit his glass ceiling and has since shown his limitations.

Forever grateful but not the man to make us great again.

Danny O'Neill
90 Posted 11/02/2018 at 23:32:52
And Allardyce? Even more no.
John Pierce
91 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:02:21
Still a lot of resistance to the DoF model. Whilst I cannot defend our first swing using it, the model must be retained and the personnel changed.

There is not one current British manager around who is good enough to exceed our expectations and ditch the model for, ceding total control of footballing matters.

There are several European coaches that would fit better and not be limited like the managers that are part of the merry go round we have in the bottom premier league.

The usual names abound and I have genuine hope for Tuchel. He still is the one I'd like. Despite his taste for a champions league side, I think he won't get the Bayern job.

I actually think qualifying for the Europa League is key to attracting a decent coach. Many still view this as a millstone, it is reputation builder. It also allows us to keep a larger squad.

I think if we continue to be small minded and ignore the chance to finish seventh we will narrow the field of candidates. It feels in the current managers interest not to bother, it strengthens his hand.

Please be rid and show some ambition Everton.

Ian Riley
92 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:05:17
Sam has done okay so far. His aim and goal set by the club was premiership status for next season. Sam was never coming for a half season contract and who can blame him. Our squad needed players moved on or a kick up the backside. Sam is what was needed at the time.

Do the board stick or twist for a further season? Does Sam deserve a full pre-season to sort out the squad? Remember loan players will be returning. I think a new manager will be in place by June. Who? Has Silva been approached. The owner was very keen and prepared to pay big to get him. Silva needs time at a club. He will want to prove himself and Everton would seem a good fit.

What I do know is Sam inherited a team heading south quick. He tells it the way it is and will clear players out who are not good enough for this club. Style of football cannot be questioned due to the performances we we're putting in before he came. Getting positive results is more important. Look at West Bromwich Albion. Style of football has changed since the new manager has come in. Now they are seven points from safety.

Dennis Stevens
93 Posted 11/02/2018 at 00:06:46
Moyes had his shot but was more interested in positioning himself for his next job than actually trying to achieve success with Everton – he's a bottler. Allardyce was a poor man's Moyes before Moyes even came along & he ain't gonna change now – the sooner he's on his way the better.

Imo, it's a great shame the Board didn't opt for hope over desperation & retain Unsworth instead of the panic-stricken signing of Allardyce, but what's done is done. I think Eddie Howe would be an excellent choice, but as with all appointments, it's a gamble.

James Stewart
94 Posted 12/02/2018 at 00:23:54
Yes to Fonseca. A thousand times.
Victor Yu
95 Posted 12/02/2018 at 00:50:00
We should go for Conte if he is let go by Chelsea.
Karen Mason
96 Posted 12/02/2018 at 11:52:33
Aidy (#70),

I see that we think alike. I agree that we have the makings of a good squad, but just need the right coaching to improve them. Alas, most knowledgeable supporters know that Scam Allardyce is not the man to bring out the best in players.

I'm not religious (except about football), but I've started praying at night that Big Sam will be gone, at least by the end of the season, because the the thought of him being given a cheque book to sign players spells disaster for our School of Science.

It also means, for those who of us who value good pass-and-move, modern football, are doomed for another season or more. I pray to two of the 'Holy Trinity' who must be turning in their clouds in heaven, watching what is happening to our club. It's not just about winning, it's about how good you look while you're doing it!!!

Zack Yusof
97 Posted 12/02/2018 at 12:18:48
Brian Porter #6: "Marco Silva has not won a thing."

Not true at all. Look it up.

A manager that hasn't won a thing? Look no further than our less-than illustrious, hopefully soon-to-heading-back-to-retirement-in-the-summer, man in charge.

God, I've never wanted to believe a Daily Mail story more than I want to believe this one.

Danny O'Neill
98 Posted 12/02/2018 at 18:15:00
With you Zack. Please be gone and we can pretend it never happened.
Danny O'Neill
99 Posted 12/02/2018 at 18:15:38
And Thank you Karen!!
Zack Yusof
100 Posted 13/02/2018 at 08:34:39
Fingers (and toes) crossed Danny!
Geoff Evans
101 Posted 15/02/2018 at 08:32:35
Steve McClaren would be a great fit for Everton.
Raymond Fox
102 Posted 15/02/2018 at 21:37:11
What us and the other 13 teams want is better players. Changing managers isn't going to make us a top 6 side.

The best jockey in the world will never win a Derby on a donkey.

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