West Ham United 2 - 2 Everton

13 February 1995

West Ham: Cottee 22,60
Everton: Rideout 43, Limpar 79
Yellow cards
West Ham: Allen
Everton: Watson, Unsworth, Limpar, Ebbrell
West Ham:Miklosko, Brown, Martin, Potts, Dicks, Allen, Moncur, Cottee, Hutchison, Williamson, Hughes
Everton: Southall 7, Barrett 7, Watson 8, Unsworth 5, Ablett 6 (70. Limpar 9), Horne 7, Ebbrell 6, Ferguson 8, Hinchcliffe 7, Stuart 6, Rideout 7
Subs not used: Reiper, Boere, Sealey (West Ham), Jackson, Reeves (Everton)
Referee: M D Reed (Birmingham)
Attendance: 21,081


I saw Everton's game yesterday, and I like to give my view:

Everton came down to London with just 4 goals scored away, but all of them in London!!

JR said before the game, that if Vinnie Samways had been fit he would have been in the line up (instead of Ebrell??). He assured that Everton went on the pitch to take all 3 points - a draw wasn't enough (agree!).

Everton got a flying start, and had the Hammers under pressure. A low shot from Ebrell got just outside the goal, and Hinchcliffe had a very good freekick from 25 meters. In a marvelouse way, Mikloskos got one fingerip on the ball and pushed it over the bar. I will not forget this freekick for a while - it was like Maradona was taken it.

After a quarter West Ham got more into the game and then... TC alone with Unsworth, kicked the ball ahead of him and just got his toe in the ball before Ablett. 1-0!! A very good performance of TC, and I think many had a bet on him.

After the goal West Ham played with more confidence and both TC and Julian Dicks had good chances. But then Everton got a corner, from Andy of course. Andy hadn't particulary good cornes that evening, but in the crowd Rideout got the ball in the net. 1-1 !! Rideout showed very good forward skills in that situation.

In the second half, Everton started with some nice attacks but then again TC!! A cross just in front of Neville landed on TC's head -- and what was David Unsworth tinking of ?? He just let the ball go over him - trusting on Neville!! Terrible situation - but not for TC. How on earth could MW swap him for Burrows (and pay 100 000!).

At that moment I was very low - it all seemed like West Ham was going off the pitch with 3 points and Everton falling lower and lower in Premier League.. But no, wait... Ablett went out and Limpar was taking Hichcliffes place and Hichcliffe dropping down as a left back. In the following minutes Limpar was showing football at a very high level. Good runs, good passes and A GOAL!!!!! Yes Anders first goal this season (and his second for the club??). Ok it was a lucky goal, but who cares!! 2-2 and we score 33 % of our away goals in this match.

Player by player



"By far the quieter keeper, couldn't be faulted for either goal."

"Played well as he normaly does. 6 out 10."


"Good, but lacks some confidence"

"Fair performance, lost out in a challenge with Hutchinson which led to West Hams 2nd goal. Didnt strike me as being any better or worse than Jackson"

" Was easily best defender and almost got the winner. 8 out 10."


"Young defenders: Look at him and learn!!"

"Very solid, came close to getting the man-of-the match. Needed a solid performance as..."

"his normal rock self,his passing poor.7 out 10."


"Needs a rest - wasn't concentrated at all."

"Had something of a nightmare at the hands of TC. Although he was blamed for both goals, I would sooner give credit to TC for the first as he cut inside, changed direction and nutmegged Unsy in one movement and then as Ablett came across and Nev came out, lunged forward and slid the ball in from 16yds. Class finishing in my book. Unfortunately as game progressed, Rhinos' game fell apart, and IMHO the problem was an unwilligness to "attack" the ball. Too often he allowed the ball to go over his head, would have to turn and then make some pretty desparate challenge or be bailed out by team-mates. The second goal came about as Barrett and Hutchison challenged for a 50/50 on the Blues right, the ball "broke" for Hutchison who produced a lovely cross(dammit) into the heart of the six yard box. Watson had gone to cover Barrett leaving Unsy and Ablett to look after TC. On the replay you could see Unsy looking to Nev to come and get the cross, but again IMO, he should have headed it away. Instead he allowed it to go over his head, TC had given himself a yard and had a simple header from no more that 3yrds. Reading this back it all seems a bit black but in his defence, a dip in form is not that unusual especially from a player in his first full season. Also I would sooner watch the Rhino than certain RS internationals."

"Very poor and cost us both goals,rest will do him good.4 out 10."



"Solid, linked well with Hinchcliff...didnt slice any clearances...also directly involved in Rideouts goal."

"His normal rock self,his passing poor.7 out 10."


"Good working rate as usual - but....."

"Worked like a trojan, also strung a couple of very nice passes together but seems incapable of getting into scoring positions."

"Did he play!,poor.5 out 10."



"Solid worked very hard, unlucky not to score with an early shot."

"Broke a few of their attacks down,let down by passing. 6 out 10."


"Anonymous, but good when he got the ball"

"Played wide right, didnt seem to contribute a great deal, certainly not on the attacking front."

"A little disapointing,had some moments.6 out 10."


Yes he is a key player, but had some poor passes"

"Worth his place just for his delivery from dead ball situations. Was unlucky when a freekick was brilliantly pushed onto the bar by Miklosko. We won something like 19 corners, the majority of which caused the West Ham defence problems."

"Was good on counter attacking but corners were poor.6 out 10."


"Very good with Martin on his back all the time"

"Didnt seem to fancy it tonight, caused Alvin Martin some problems but when Rideout says he does Drunkens running for him he means it!."

"Not his best game,but worked hard.7 out 10."


"One goal, good working rate but some poor passes"

"Never stopped working, helping out in midfield etc. His goal came from a corner on the left, Ablett was left unmarked beyond the far post and delivered a powerfull header which beat the keeper but was hacked of the line, in the chaos that followed the ball dropped to Rideout who took the ball round one defender, and from a difficult angle fired the ball through one defenders legs and cannoned it off a seconds shins into the net."

"Worked hard for team,derserved his goal.7 out 10."


"On for Ablett after West Hams 2nd goal. To all the Limpar Lovers(sic) I hate to disappoint you but we looked a different team when he came on. Why oh why cant he play like this more often, skinning admittedly tired defenders, crisp passing, and looking to get a shot in at every occasion. His goal came controlled a high ball a cut inside the full-back in one movement, hit a powerfull shot from the edge of the box which was deflected by Potts, but could not be credited to anyone but Limpar."

"Showed on his day there is nobody who can touch him. 9 out 10."


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