Everton Logo Everton 4 - 2 Barnsley
Half-time: 2 - 1
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FA Carling Premiership 97/98 - Game 6
Saturday 20 September 1997
Goodison Park, Merseyside
Att: 32,659
Scunthorpe United (a) Ref: Gerald Ashby Newcastle United (a)
1997-98 Fixtures & Results League Position: 13th Premiership Results & Table
EVERTON: Speed (12, pen:77), Cadamarteri (42), Oster (84). Cadamarteri (Full)
Barnsley: Redfearn 32, Barnard 78.
LINEUPS Subs Not Used
EVERTON: Gerrard, Hinchcliffe, Bilic, Watson, Short, Williamson (60 Farrelly), Speed, Stuart, Barmby, Ferguson, Cadamarteri (75 Oster).
Unavailable: Parkinson, Thomas, Branc
h, Phelan, Allen, Dunne, Thomsen (Injured).
Southall, Barrett, Ball.
Barnsley: Watson, Appleby (Marcelle 74), Sheridan, Moses, De Zeeuw, Redfearn, Liddell, Shirtliff, Tinkler (Bullock 85), Barnard, Ward (Hristov 58). Leese, Krizan.
Yellow Cards Red Cards
EVERTON: None. --
Barnsley: De Zeeuw, Tinkler, Sheridan, Shirtliff, Hristov. --

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All is Well with the World?
Guy McEvoy

The Saturday morning had begun in a brutal way.  Having lost my midweek Newcastle ticket on the Friday night, a careful recreation of events brought me to the conclusion that the girlfriend had 'accidentally' thrown it out whilst tidying-up my flat.  As I confronted her colourfully with my Sherlock-Holmes-style analysis, it became apparent that she simply had no clue as to the magnitude of what she had done.  She even accused me of 'over-reacting'.

'Over-reacting'? This could well be the last chance I will ever have to make every game in a season and I've blown it by September!!!  You simply can't let them get away with that sort of thing.  So I snapped. I told her to have her bags packed by the time I returned  home.  A shame, as I really liked her, but the priorities have to be right so she just had to go.

By the time I got to Goodison I was feeling terrible about the whole thing.  It was weighing on my mind heavily.  I wondered how I was going to cope.  Missing a game... Shocking!

The mood in the ground pre-kick-off pretty much matched my own. It's been a few games since we were last at home and the morale around the season-ticket holders in my area took me back to the worst of the Walker era.  Evertonians were genuinely fearful of Barnsley, a sad state of affairs.  "Down with the Wanderers, you're going down with the Wanderers" chanted the visiting supporters.  The Park End couldn't find enough conviction to manage a reply. Even the band they'd brought along was at least twice as loud as ours.

First Half

Kendall had chosen to stick with the wing-back system he'd toyed with in mid-week and, in recognition that it had only really looked a winning combination when Cadamarteri had been introduced, the youngster was given his first home start.  Out-of-favour Barmby was also accommodated at the expense of Farrelly, whilst Gerrard kept his place in goal.  

It looked untidy to start with and Barnsley passed the ball round well causing some unease and two early scoring chances.  The frustration could be felt in the crowd.  Then, all of a sudden, it just seemed to gel. An Everton Corner... Only Ferguson stood in the six-yard box. Speed, Bilic and Short grouped themselves together just away from the penalty spot.  As the ball was played in, Short and Bilic split taking the defenders with them allowing Gary Speed the space to show yet again why many regard him as the best header of the ball at the club.  A powerful connection looped high into the net opening Everton's account for the day.

It felt like we were starting to get a grip on the game.  Hinchcliffe had a guilt-edged chance when Ferguson knocked a ball down to him leaving him unmarked 8 yards out with not a defender near him and a keeper glued to his line.  No Everton player will have more time this season to cue up a shot.  The whole crowd had time to stand up and offer him sentences worth of advice on where to put it.  Perhaps having too much time flustered him.  He blasted it straight the keeper.

He then went to make this miss even more significant a few minutes later when, under no pressure at all, Andy needlessly passed the ball to one of their midfielders who chose to chance his luck.  His luck was in.  The effort took a wicked deflection off Short which saw the ball donkey-drop over the desperately back-pedalling Gerrard, evening out the score.

Hinchcliffe completed a rotten 10 minutes straight from the kick-off; when he did most of the hard work to make amends and charged unchallenged into the box, Ferguson and Cadamarteri where both in a position to receive a pass but Andy chose to shoot himself.  Just wide.

Cadamarteri had been growing in confidence throughout the game, his enthusiasm had sometimes got the better of him early on but you could see him settling down as the game went by.  Playing as a right-sided striker, I guess he takes that role somewhere in between a winger and a striker that was once taken by a certain Ukrainian... Watson floated in a cross, Ferguson was again there for the knockdown and the 17-year-old anticipated it, he held back just long enough to judge the bounce and then struck hard a well placed shot. What a great debut goal. More to the point, it was an "instinctive striker's goal."  The first we've seen this season.  Let's hope the first of many.

Anyway, that did us 'till half time.

Second Half

The pessimists (like myself) who expected a second-half collapse where wrong for once.  Everton came out and in the early part of the second half played their best football so far this season.  It focused upon Cadamarteri.  Barmby was playing slightly behind him and for once we had someone who could run on to Nick's through-ball.  Not only could he get to it, but he knows how to use it too.  The boy can hold off defenders, he has explosive acceleration and you can sense the hunger he has for the game.  He can whip in a fair good cross too.  The only area he was at all letting himself down in was his being caught by the Barnsley off-side trap several times, though that is a skill which can be easily learnt.

A goal felt like it was due; Barmby got the ball and ran to the box, a shot wasn't on and he hit the floor.  From where I was sitting I never expected the referee to point to the spot, particularly as he'd been unmoved by some more spectacular dives by the Barnsley front line earlier on, so it was a delight when he gave it.  Gary Speed took the opportunity to get his second.  For the first time this season we had the luxury of a two-goal cushion.  Good job too, that cushion was gone within minutes.  A thumping unstoppable drive again gave Barnsley more respect in the scoreline than their display was deserving and the relaxation we'd briefly been allowed to enjoy in the stands was ruined.

Farrelly was brought on for Williamson who'd never really managed to get a grip on the afternoon, and then Oster was brought on to replace Cadamarteri after he damaged his calf.

The home debut goal thing was obviously catching and Oster didn't want to be left out. He picked up a ball running between defenders, tricked them with his footwork, and held onto the ball for what looked like way too long before rolling it gently past the keeper.  Glorious.  Relief all round.  My only criticism was that his celebration was non-existent.  A minor gripe.

This was a good all round performance by the blues albeit against a very average side.  It was smiles all round on the way out of the ground, underlining what an enormous difference 90 minutes of football can make to your mood.

I arrived back home just in time to see the ex-girlfriend load the last of the bags into a taxi.

I'm young free and single and my team is winning again. All is well with the world.


  • Gerrard 7 - Good enough, wouldn't like to attach blame to either goal, the first was a fluke the second unstoppable.
  • Stuart 6 - I thought we'd established he's not a wing-back?  Why play him there then? A s it happens he did a fine job considering, BUT if we're going to stick with this system then we should buy a specialist and let Graham do what he does best: attacking midfield.  If there isn't room for an attacking midfielder in the squad then fine, I'm damn happy to see a player of Stuart's calibre on the bench knowing he's more than capable of doing the job if a gap is created.  I'm sick of seeing one of Goodison's greatest servants of the past four years getting a barracking for doing an honest job of playing somewhere he surely never asked to play.
  • Short 7 - He's looking more and more solid. Has greatly impressed over the last few games. Must be seen now as a pick before Watson.
  • Watson 7 - The one player who we forgot to tell that we've given up on the long ball thing.  Got away with it today though cos it led to goals!  Gave cause for concern a couple of times when he seemed to have completely misread balls, but always managed to correct his error before any damage was done.
  • Bilic 6 - Another surprisingly quiet game from Slav. Still if this is him 'out of form' then we've nothing to worry about.  Certainly did nothing wrong, just didn't shine again.
  • Hinchcliffe 6 - Finally started to hit some decent corners, thank god.  Missed a sitter, must take a chunk of responsibility for the Barnsley second.  Did give us nice width, but still looks short of an international player.
  • Williamson 6 - Doing the Parkinson job but couldn't find the Parkinson bite.  Has played better for us.
  • Speed 7 - Two good games in a row now from the Captain.  A couple of goals too.  Good to have you back Gary.
  • Barmby 7 - Good game. Still looks at times to try to over-complicate things, but when it comes off it looks great.  I like the idea of him and Cadamarteri playing together, -- potential for a fruitful partnership.   Has reclaimed his team place.
  • Cadamarteri 8 - What a home debut!  Once the goal (and it was a corker) had gone in, his confidence peaked and the lad shone.  Let's hope his injury isn't too bad for Wednesday -- I have a feeling that this lad, with him being a different kind of forward to everyone else we have, is the key to this system.
  • Ferguson 7 - Looks more comfortable now the pressure is off him and the team plan is not just based around him.  Important job played in drawing defenders thus freeing up space.
  • Farrelly 7 - Looked more comfortable than Williamson had.
  • Oster 7 - Wonder goal from the wonder kid.  Did make some mistakes later on which show there is still work to be done on his team-play, but his individual skill is outstanding. It is mouth-watering to think we could be watching him and Danny play together for the next 18 years!

The best of times, the worst of times
Steve Bickerton

It was a balmy afternoon at Goodison Park as the crowd gathered for another session at the sacrificial altar. After two defeats at home already and a less-than-convincing display at Glanford Park in midweek I was a little nervous at the thought of another promoted club turning us over. Another defeat, another lunge towards a winter of misery and mayhem.

I was still in work in Blackpool at around 1 o'clock and had to get myself home, nourished, pick up my son and off to the ground. Traffic on the way (including a couple of cars full of Barnsley fans trundling down the A59) delayed my progress but by 2:30 I was there. It was a strange atmosphere.  Very quiet, even the travelling Barnsley crowd were not as vocal as I expected. It was announced that today was a FIFA Fair Play Day. I mentioned to noone in particular that we should expect plenty of bookings as a result!

Gerald Ashby was the referee, a chance then, maybe, of some fair advantage being played...

First Half

The match kicked off with Everton playing towards the Park End. The biggest shock was the exclusion of Southall in favour of Gerrard, who had obviously, it seems, done enough in midweek to warrant keeping his place.  Much had been made in the press beforehand of Barmby's inclusion in the line up today and the starting formation seemed to be more like the sort he would expect to perform well in.

The game started out with Everton looking to be in the mood for a Sunday kick about in the park. Everything was done at pedestrian speed. It looked to me as though they'd been told to slow it down, play it to feet and let the ball do the work.  Somebody forgot to tell the ball!  It all looked very pretty but Barnsley's more aggressive attitude soon ruffled a few Everton feathers and we started to play with a bit more purpose.  

We started to play some worthwhile football though all we had to show for it in the early part of the first half was a terrific header from Speed, free in space somewhere round the penalty spot, from a Hinchcliffe corner, finding the back of the net. Oh how we roared!

The hoped-for advantage saw other opportunities denied as Gerald Ashby blew up for Barnsley infringements when we were clear through. Barmby showed his clear frustration with a delicious drive into the net after he'd burst through the Barnsley defence only to find that the aforementioned Mr Ashby had blown up for an foul on Speed.  Later in the half, with Hinchcliffe clear in the box in acres of space, the Everton defender waited for the whistle to blow for a foul on Ferguson but was surprised to find the advantage played. A snapped shot hit the keeper when it looked easier to score and Barmby's follow up was knocked away for a corner.

Bilic was spraying the ball about with a certain amount of arrogance finding the pacey and tantalising Cadamarteri unerringly on the right. He jinked and weaved his way with awesome confidence for one so young, time and again through the Barnsley defence, but so often the final ball just glided beyond an oncoming blue shirt.

Again Barmby was denied, this time by the keeper, as a ball from deep from Bilic dropped beautifully for him to flick it over the keeper's head into space where the run around David Watson (the Barnsley keeper!) would see him with an open net.  Watson had other ideas as a desperate stretch just  stopped the ball from reaching the incredulous Barmby.  It was all one way, not much opposition but not an exceptional display from the blues.

Admittedly we still looked a little shaky at the back, but given the start to the season we could expect that.  But these were never going to score were they.  Ooops: 1 - 1!!! A sloppy clearance from Hinchcliffe just outside the box fell kindly for Barnsley, it was pushed forward towards the "D" where Redfearn launched it gingerly towards goal. Gerrard should have that covered. Then it takes a wicked deflection, loops over the advancing Gerrard who can do nothing as it floats into the empty net.  Hushed disbelief.

From the restart we so nearly scored again, but a shot flashed harmlessly across the goal.  Then came the sweetest goal of the game. Bilic, advanced, picks out Ferguson who climbs easily in the box and knocks the ball back out to the unmarked Cadamarteri, standing in the angle of the right hand side of the penalty box, a short backlift, the ball flies crisply into the top left hand corner of the net. Goodison erupts, Danny boy celebrates Ravanelli style (without the T Shirt/vest - a Toffeenet one needed next time?) and is embraced eagerly by all of his colleagues. A special well-done from Bilic who really seems to be taking on the role of "Daddy" in the team.

Half time came with Barnsley not really causing too many more problems but leaving me with the feeling that although the scoreline was satisfactory at 2 - 1 another one would be nice. (Bookings score Everton 0 Barnsley 2).

Second Half

The second half was fairly quiet for the most part, but every time Cadamarteri got the ball there was a buzz in the air.  He had the Barnsley defence ripped to pieces time and again, but sometimes his overconfidence was his undoing -- just trying too hard. Nevertheless he used the ball well and, for a mere 17-year-old looks mature beyond his years.  I'm not used to making comparisons as I have something of a faulty memory, but there's just something of the Johnny Morrissey about this lad, up and at 'em and hang the consequences.

Then came the third goal.  Now I have to say that our overwhelming dominance fully deserved a third, but I can't for the life of me say, hand on heart, that I'd have been too pleased about the same decision being given at the other end (indeed from my point of view a much more valid shout -- but still not a penalty -- was denied later at the other end).  Barmby was free racing on the goal two defenders in tow and catching him. He enters the box, feels one close by and launches himself groundwards, knowing full well he'll never get in the shot. The partially unsighted referee blows immediately points to the spot, the Referee's assistant looks sheepishly away.

Defender booked, Speed steps up, Gwladys Street rise as one; 3 - 1.  Bilic again the welcoming dad as he beckons Speed to leap into his arms (which Speed duly does).  Still celebrating; slack defence; 3 - 2. Stunned silence.

Horrible feelings of 3 - 3 come over me as Barnsley step up the effort (not a gear though, more a case of more gas in the same one). Farrelly replaces Williamson who had a "quiet" game.  But we weathered the storm only to see Cadamarteri in another delightful run twist and pull up as he twisted his ankle. He played gamely on, but a headed challenge and he fell to the ground clutching the same ankle. Cue Oster.

I say that, but he was conspicuous by his absence for the most part, falling back into the role which Barmby had been playing with Barmby moving up front to join Ferguson. Barmby's running today was good to watch, in the free role behind the front two of Ferguson and Cadamarteri and he seemed to be helped by Danny's pace and ability to read both his flicks and Dunc's. How would he react to moving up front?  Well, it was more of the same, good running, good vision and, in the main, excellent distribution.

Barmby continued to play both the front role and that of dropping back as Oster drifted aimlessly about in the middle. Then, a through ball and Oster latches onto it with electric pace. He beats two men, round the keeper and slides the ball home. 4 - 2, game over, relief abounds, the crowd starts singing!

We could have had more with Ferguson leaping well in the box only to direct a header either wide or tamely into the keepers hands. Oster suddenly found himself and delighted us with a run down the left stopping the ball and stepping over it, seeing two men sail past him only for Farrelly to show himself not infallible to a bit of bewilderment at the youngster's skills and miss the pass delivered to him completely.

No more panics, plenty of extra time. No more goals. No Everton bookings; five for Barnsley.

Individual Performances:

  • Gerrard:  Uneasy, susceptible on crosses, still not my first choice.
  • Short: Looked comfortable on the ball today, performed well in general.
  • Watson: Still got what it takes, makes up for a loss of pace with his reading of the game, but was caught out a few times.
  • Bilic: Excellent distribution and reading of the game. A good performance.
  • Stuart:  I'm a fan of his effort, but today he was woefully short of pace and ideas.  Not his best position.
  • Hinchcliffe:  Was made to pay for one sloppy moment.  His delivery of crosses still isn't what it was -- except for the corner that Speed scored from. Still adapting to life back on the park.
  • Williamson:  Not overly notable. Played a comfortable game without overtaxing himself.  Looked as though he was playing well within himself. I was disappointed in him.
  • Farrelly:   seemed to have a bit more about him, but always looked just off the pace.
  • Speed:  Mr Action Man. All over the park. In defence, in midfield. up front, on the deck, in the air.   Had a terrific game, but not much competition from the Barnsley midfield.
  • Barmby:  At last playing where he likes to play.  Showed excellent touch and vision.  Lacked some pace but was aware of everything going on around him.  Seemed to enjoy himself more, but was fortunate, as on another day, his reactions to being pulled up when expecting advantage to be played, might have earned him a yellow card. Worked well with Cadamarteri. So nearly my man of the match.
  • Ferguson:  Worked well up front, taking lots of punishment from the Barnsley defence (two bookings for tackles on him).   Held the ball up well, won lots (but not all) in the air and showed good awareness and distribution.  Found a more understanding partner for his flicks on in Cadamarteri.
  • Cadamarteri:  My man of the match for his effort, touch, speed, guile, vision, class and finishing.  If this is the uncut diamond, I can't wait to see the polished jewel inside.
  • Oster: He showed up well too. His goal was well taken and he showed an appetite going forward that we've lacked in the past)

Overall: A satisfying result with a good display. This has to be tempered, however, with the knowledge that we played a poor side today.

Overall the defensive unit played good football as we went forward, coped adequately when faced with cautious approach play, but as soon as any pace was injected they seemed to go into headless chicken mode.  Both goals conceded were symptoms of this malaise.  Still lacking in confidence.  A couple of clean sheets in the two less daunting games to come ;-) might resolve this though.

The midfield didn't have much opposition, but we still allowed Barnsley far too much room and time on the ball.  We were happy to sit back all too often.  In other games we will be punished for this.  Hinchcliffe seemed happiest sitting back rather than surging forward and Stuart was just out of it all day. Maybe St James' Park will give them a lift.

The forwards looked a good unit today, but we still lacked that killer finish in front of goal. With that 6 or 7 would not have been out of the question against a poor Barnsley.

In the two upcoming games against Newcastle on Wednesday and Arsenal on Saturday the defence will have to be ready to withstand a hurricane, rather than just be shored up against a light breeze.  The midfield will need to be more competitive and the forwards more clinical.  But we scored four you might say -- I know, it was great, but I'm still slightly worried.

Nervy and Edgy
Richard Marland

Nervy and edgy I had predicted and nervy and edgy we duly got. This match was being hyped up as a 6-pointer. That was ridiculous, this is only September for heaven's sake, but the match was still important -- not least for our own self-respect.

The team and tactics chosen by Kendall were somewhat unusual, we seemed to play a quasi-wing back system with Stuart and Hinchcliffe as wing backs.  We had Gerrard in goal, getting the nod ahead of Southall. We had three central defenders -- Watson, Bilic and Short. Two wing-backs who were more wings than backs -- Hinchcliffe because he didn't seem to have the legs to get up and down as a true wing-back should, and Stuart, I guess, because he was instructed to stay in fairly advanced positions. We had a central midfield pairing of Williamson and Speed, with Barmby ahead of them in the hole behind the front two of Ferguson and Cadamarteri.  

We started off a bit edgily, Gerrard being called on to make two very good stops within the first few minutes. However, after those early scares we settled down a bit and began to press forward.  Barmby almost connected with a long pass from deep inside our half (I thought it was from Williamson, my mate thought it was from Bilic) it came over Barmby's shoulder and he hit it first time on the volley. The ball almost dipped over the keeper but he just managed to get his finger tips to it.

Our goal wasn't long in coming.  Hinchcliffe swung in a corner and Gary Speed came into the vacuum created by Dunc to send a header flying in.  Despite this goal we never gained true ascendancy.  We should have put the game out of Barnsley's reach through Andy Hinchcliffe, he managed to beat the offside trap and found himself one-on-one against the keeper, directly in front of goal.  All he had to do was place it either side of the keeper but instead he panicked a little and went for power, managing to blast it straight at the keeper -- a bad miss.

Our next chance also fell to Hinchcliffe, coming into the area from the left wing he held off the attentions of the Barnsley defenders but put his shot past the far post.  Another one he should, perhaps, have done better on but at least this time he had the mitigating circumstances of close attention and a tight angle.

We continued to press but Barnsley always had quite a bit of possession and we looked a little unsure at the back. It was almost inevitable that Barnsley would equalise -- a long range shot hit Short and looped over Gerrard and into the net. If the goal had it's element of luck we only had ourselves to blame as it was indecisive defending that presented the opportunity in the first place.

Fortunately the team didn't panic, and although never being entirely at ease we continued to press their goal. We soon re-established our lead, a long ball was launched towards Dunc and for once the tactic worked, Dunc won the ball and found Cadamarteri in the right corner of the box. He controlled the ball and found the net. A good finish and a deserved goal.

Half time arrived without any further drama. We deserved our lead but we had given Barnsley plenty of indication that they were still in with a chance.

Second Half

Certainly the purpose that Barnsley brought to their play in the second half gave the impression that they thought they could get something out of the game.  We definitely needed the third goal and we weren't putting too compelling a case forward for it.  Eventually it did come and in somewhat fortunate, controversial circumstances.  Barmby was running onto a pass inside the box, he had the close attentions of two Barnsley players and as soon as he reached the ball he fell.  The referee instantly pointed to the spot. I had an excellent view of the incident and it didn't look like a penalty to me, as soon as Barmby felt the presence of the defenders he went down.

Still, lets not look a gift horse in the mouth.  Gary Speed is our new penalty taker and he dispatched the ball confidently, in fact almost as well as the young lad playing in the half time penalty competition who put his effort right into the top corner of the net.

Thank God for that we all thought.  Now we can relax.  We should have known better.  Within minutes Barnsley were level again, a cross from the right wasn't dealt with and they had a spare man coming in at the back who swept the ball in with some aplomb.

We began to think the unthinkable. Barnsley were by no means ripping us apart, but they were seeing quite a bit of the ball and we had shown enough defensive uncertainty to make them believe that they had a realistic chance.  Our worries were finally eased by John Oster.  Oster was on for Danny Cadamarteri, Cadamarteri having run himself to a standstill.  Oster collected the ball near the edge of the box and did very well to make space for himself and then to keep his composure to beat the keeper.

There was still 6 minutes to go, but we managed to see these through, along with a bit of injury time, without any further trauma.  A deserved victory, but by God we made heavy weather of it.

  • Gerrard 6 Some excellent stops but also some horribly indecisive stuff on crosses. He came a long, long way for one cross when he shouldn't have, he just about got away with that but it seemed to knock his confidence and he refused to come again even for stuff he should have.  I know that plenty will write him off, yet again, and I must admit that I harbour doubts about him, but both Royle and now Kendall rate him so he must have something to offer. Perhaps it's too early in his Everton career to judge him. Maybe when he's established himself in the side is the time to judge him.
  • Stuart 5  Didn't notice him too much today.  Don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  • Short 6  Did OK but was part of a struggling back line.
  • Watson 6  Started off really well. Almost looked back to his best.  Didn't look so good later on when they got at us a bit.
  • Bilic 6  OK, but didn't seem as commanding as he has been. At least he didn't get himself booked.
  • Hinchcliffe 6  Still finding his feet and his fitness after his layoff.  Did OK but caught up field quite a few times. Should have scored.
  • Williamson 5  Did some neat stuff early on but faded badly.  I guess his groin strain didn't help.
  • Speed 7  Did well I thought and not just for his two goals.
  • Barmby 6  Didn't exactly set the world alight, but did OK.  Nearly scored, worked hard and had a foot in most of our good play.
  • Ferguson 6  I thought he did OK.  Not doing as well as he can, rumours of the flu and he seemed to have some sort of problem with his leg.  He set up Cadamarteri's goal with an excellent flick on, and the space that Speed had for his headed goal was thanks to Dunc's presence.  Did some sterling defensive work at corners and also showed his new licence to roam by coming into midfield on occasion.
  • Cadamarteri 7  The star turn of the day . Did well for his goal and gave a good all round performance.
  • Farrelly 6 Came on in the second half for Williamson. Did alright, delivered two cracking crosses (one from either flank) and generally did OK.
  • Oster 6  Up until he scored he had done virtually nothing.  Took his goal very well and then started to sparkle a bit.

Team 6  Deserved to win but ultimately unconvincing.  Never looked secure at the back and Speed and Williamson never got to grips with midfield.  I'm becoming more convinced that our immediate problems lie in central midfield, the number of times we fail to win possession in situations where Joe Parkinson would is criminal.

Wing-backs and Barmby?
Jonny Sharps

Everton gained their second win of the season today, with a comfortable victory over Barnsley. Howard Kendall continued with the wing-back formation that was used mid-week, to accommodate Nick Barmby. After a good performance against Scunthorpe in the Coca Cola Cup, Paul Gerrard kept his place in the team ahead of Neville Southall. Danny Cadamarteri started his first match after impressing Kendall in his two substitute appearances against Derby and Scunthorpe.

The match started with Everton pressing Barnsley, although it was the 'Tykes' who had the first opening when after five minutes Liddle found an opening. The striker struck the ball, after Bilic had misjudged a left-wing cross, to the left of Gerrard from 10 yards. Just as the ball looked like it may sneak into the net, a good tip wide by the young keeper saved the goal.

Everton passed the ball well, and Barmby was impressive just behind the front two of Ferguson and Cadamarteri. Barmby almost netted after seven minutes when he almost tipped a long ball out of defence over the on-rushing Watson, but the Barnsley keeper stretched up to knock the ball down one-handed.

In the twelfth minute a good move on the left presented Hinchcliffe with the opportunity to cross, but the ball hit a Barnsley defender and went out for a corner. As Hinchcliffe stepped up to take one of his trademark corners the expectation after his 9-month absence could be felt. The ball flew straight to Gary Speed's head, and from near the penalty spot the new club captain headed the ball over Watson and into the back of the goal.

After 25 minutes Barnsley created a good chance when Darren Barnard was allowed to run down the left with Graham Stuart backing off. The full-back reached the area and unleashed a fierce drive that only just cleared the bar. Two minutes later Hinchcliffe found himself all on his own in the penalty area as Barnsley tried to rush out and play Everton offside. There was no flag and he lashed his shot straight at Watson who saved at point blank range, while Cadamarteri's shot from the rebound was deflected wide.

Barnsley equalised after 32 minutes when Neil Redfearn's shot from 20 yards deflected off Craig Short and the ball sailed over the stranded Gerrard.  Everton regained the lead two minutes before the break when Watson sent in a long cross from the right towards Ferguson. the giant Scot rose to nod the ball down to Cadamarteri, who smashed home an unstoppable drive to mark his full league debut in style.

The youngster produced a storming display, full of running in the second period.  Cadamarteri eventually gave way to John Oster after 72 minutes, struggling badly with a calf strain, but he left the pitch to a reception of the type normally reserved for Duncan Ferguson.

Barnsley started the second half in the same hard-working style that they played the first half.  However, it was Everton whose more skilled approach paid dividends.  Barmby played a storming second half and put in by far his best performance of the season.

Everton almost extended their lead in the 65th minute when Ferguson rose at the far post to nod a Hinchcliffe free-kick wide of the post. They did get their third though in the 76th minute when Ferguson flicked on a long ball from Watson for Barmby to race away. Clint Marcelle and Adrian Moses chased in vein and the West Indian star brought him down inside the box. Speed stepped up and sent the Barnsley 'keeper the wrong way.

Barnsley pulled one back immediately when Barnard lashed the ball into the roof of the net. He was left unmarked at the far post following a Marcelle cross that was badly misjudged by the Everton defensive.

Everton got their fourth after 83 minutes when John Oster raced on to a ball from Barmby and, showing excellent control, created space in the box to beat David Watson with a cool finish.

The long balls to Ferguson seemed to have been cut out from the play despite two of the goals coming from them. Bilic had a quiet game at the back whilst Watson and Speed seemed to recapture the form of the last season.  Hinchcliffe still looked rusty and his enforced absence will be a setback whilst the midfield of Speed and Williamson (and later Farrelly) looked the most solid it has so far this season.  Cadamarteri was a revelation up front and has surely moved ahead of Branch in the Goodison striker pecking order, whilst Barmby looked so much more at home behind the strikers.

Match ratings:

  • Gerrard 7 - Good saves but still looks dodgy when handing of crosses
  • Short 6 - Made no mistakes, but did little beyond what was required
  • Watson 8 - Covered well for Bilic and Short as well a distributing the ball well, his best performance of the season. Still seems too keen to boot the ball up to Dunc though, but it did result in two goals (Danny C's and penalty) so I'll forgive him ...
  • Bilic 6 - Did very little, did venture forward with the ball a couple of times though
  • Stuart 6 - Looks like our comfortable "wing back", his flaws still shone through though.   Should have been marking Barnard for their second.
  • Hinchcliffe 7 - Did not go forward enough and seemed to want to cover at the back a lot (maybe plan by Barnsley?).  Hasn't lost his magical left-foot.
  • Williamson 6 - Quiet game, probably due to defensive duties and carrying a knock (I think).  The midfield wasn't over-run as usual so he deserves some credit.
  • Speed 8 - Excellent game, back to last season's form. Passed the ball well and got forward well.
  • Barmby 8 - Another player to play well, looked far more happy behind the two strikers than upfront. Bollox to the reports that he dived.
  • Ferguson 6 - Quiet game, won all the headers as usual. Flicks fell to our players; he should have scored with header from Hinchey's free kick in the second half.
  • Cadamarteri 8 - WOW!!!!!!

I know it was only Barnsley, but this was a good performance and we deserved to win. We haven't been able to say that much recently.  Watson/Speed/Barmby all had good games, whilst Danny C ........what can I say..........

Speed provides momentum as Everton outrun Barnsley
by Peter Cooper, The Sunday Times

DANNY WILSON, the Barnsley manager, warns players overawed by fairly accomplished opponents that without improvement they must expect the worst against top teams.  Everton are not one of those sides. Nevertheless, a performance remarkable only for two goals from unlikely sources dealt Barnsley a fifth defeat in seven matches.

Wilson raged about a penalty which put Everton 3-1 ahead. "It was never a penalty," he said. "And I've told the referee so. His decision changed the game." This, though, oversimplifies the issue.

If Barnsley are paying too much respect to players they previously only read about, they can take little heart from conceding telling goals to teenage opponents still making their way.  What changed the match and did most to shape the result, after Gary Speed scored and Neil Redfearn equalised, was a 42nd-minute goal by Danny Cadamarteri.  It was the 17-year-old's first goal in his first full senior match.

When the recruit - of Italian extraction from exotic Bradford - was injured and went off to a standing ovation, he was replaced by John Oster, a year older at 18 and with two dozen appearances for Grimsby Town under his belt.  Oster scored.

Both managers opted for core defences of three centre-backs, which required somebody to make sense of a midfield jammed with four extras.  Speed got to grips with this.  Barnsley could not.  Their defence was exposed after 12 minutes when Andy Hinchcliffe supplied a left-wing corner kick and Speed leapt, unchallenged, to head in.  Barnsley probably expected Duncan Ferguson.

Redfearn's equaliser needed luck. A promising shot was made better by a cruel deflection which looped the ball high over goalkeeper Paul Gerrard.

It would still have been merely a jolt if Hinchcliffe had put away the best chance of the match five minutes earlier.  Through a failed offside trap with a Ferguson header, Hinchcliffe, face-to-face with goalkeeper Dave Watson and everything at a standstill, tried an unnecessary drive and Watson saved with his legs. Cadamarteri's goal, set up by another Ferguson header, gave Everton a lift just before half-time.

Wilson's plea after the event was that a 75th minute goal by Darren Barnard, who startled Gerrard with an outstanding cross-shot from 20 yards, would have meant more but for Speed's penalty.  Wilson's only case, though, was how the penalty came about.  Nick Barmby was hemmed in by three opponents but how he was felled was not clear. Howard Kendall agreed it was "one of those".

Barnsley were more disgruntled but cannot deny they were woefully flawed when Oster scored on a run straight at goal, cutting through three opponents. The claims of Barnsley supporters last season no longer holds good; it is not like watching Brazil.

Report Times Newspapers Ltd

Cadamarteri enlivens striking day for Everton
by Nick Szczepanik, The Times

SOMEHOW one expected something wittier from Merseysiders than chants of "Going down"; but the fact that it took 84 minutes to occur to them was a tribute to Barnsley, whom Everton had been unable to subdue until then.

"I'm not too downhearted," Danny Wilson, the Barnsley manager, said after this FA Carling Premiership encounter at Goodison Park on Saturday.  "We caused them a lot of nervous moments and quietened the crowd for long periods and we have to take confidence from that."  But Wilson must do something about his team's defending, judging by the straightforward header Gary Speed was allowed, from Hinchcliffe's corner, to give Everton an early lead.

Barnsley, who had no fair means of combating the aerial power of Duncan Ferguson, gained an unexpected equaliser when Neil Redfearn's 31st-minute deflected shot looped over Paul Gerrard.  Ten minutes later, Danny Cadamarteri, Bradford-born, 17-year-old and dreadlocked, volleyed in a Ferguson header to crown a livewire debut.  "He did ever so well and deserved his goal," Howard Kendall, the Everton manager, enthused.

Barnsley, for all their passing craft, could have done with any sort of striker: Nick Barmby, for example. When Ferguson flicked the ball on again, in the 75th minute, Barmby's run ended after a challenge from Marcelle, which Gerald Ashby, the referee, saw as a penalty, converted by Speed.

"Absolutely never a penalty in a million years and he [Ashby] knows it wasn't," Wilson said.  "I spoke to him afterwards; the comment was: 'What was the penalty for? You knew full well he was diving.' He said, 'Well, your lads have been doing it all afternoon, anyway'."

It took a second Barnsley goal, a fierce, angled shot by Barnard, to rouse Everton again, Oster running on to Barmby's pass to beat a defender and roll in the fourth.  "I don't think there was much to choose between the teams,"  Wilson said. Apart from Ferguson, Cadamarteri, Speed, Barmby . . .

Report Times Newspapers Ltd

Barnsley fall as Oster dispels Everton doubt
Derek Potter, Electronic Telegraph

EVERTON'S third success of the season was an uneasy affair against a team fighting to bridge the growing gap between Division One and the Premier League.  Not until substitute John Oster's first senior goal in the 84th minute could Everton be sure of the three points.  A second goal by Gary Speed, in the 76th minute, from a controversial penalty to make the score 3-1, was followed by a spectacular reply from 25 yards by Darren Barnard.

Barnsley's first game at Goodison Park since New Year's Day 1953 was anything but a happy return for the team who sparkled last season but who are struggling to make an impact at a higher level.  A goal in the 11th minute was a perfect pick-me-up for Everton, beaten twice previously at home in a crucial season for the club and Howard Kendall, in his third spell as their manager.

Both defences made man-marking errors but Barnsley paid for their slip.  Corner-kick specialist Andy Hinchcliffe lofted his kick perfectly for the unmarked Gary Speed to head his first goal of a disjointed season.  Only two minutes had elapsed when Dave Watson, the former Everton captain, failed to clear an inviting cross by Barnard.  Andy Liddell's instant shot was pushed aside by the leaping Paul Gerrard, making his league debut for Everton in place of the veteran Welsh goalkeeper Neville Southall.

It was a more inspiring start for Gerrard than his rival goalkeeper, David Watson, back after missing three games.  Barnsley were in a battling mood, with Liddell and Barnard making spectacular, if unsuccessful, attempts to equalise.  David Watson fuelled those hopes with a sharp save from Nick Barmby and a shot by Hinchcliffe as the Barnsley defence hesitated, expecting an offside ruling in their favour.

Neil Redfearn rewarded his goalkeeper's vigilance with a 31st-minute equaliser when Everton were again hesitant in defence.  Eric Tinkler's shot was blocked as the prelude to a rapid response by Redfearn, whose own effort looped off a defender and over Gerrard's head.

Three minutes from half-time Barnsley had to start again. Danny Cadamarteri, making his league debut, neatly tucked away a shot from 12 yards after Duncan Ferguson set up the chance.  The goal was reward for his energetic probing and roaming in support of Ferguson and Barmby, whose switches added to the increasing burden on Barnsley's defence.  Cadamarteri, born in Bradford and 22 days short of his 18th birthday, was applauded for his sharp and determined runs,

"Danny is an explosive and talented player and pound for pound is one of the strongest in the club," said Kendall's deputy, Adrian Heath.

Report The Electronic Telegraph

RESULTS  (Game 7)
Sunday 21 September 1997
CHELSEA                 2-3    ARSENAL                   33,012
Poyet(40) Zola(60)             Bergkamp(45,59) Winterburn(89) 
Saturday 20 September 1997
ASTON VILLA             2-1    DERBY COUNTY              35,444
Yorke(73) Joachim(75)          Baiano(15)
BOLTON WANDERERS        0-0    MANCHESTER UNITED         25,000

EVERTON                 4-2    BARNSLEY                  32,659
Speed(12,pen:77)               Redfearn(32) Barnard(78)
Cadamarteri(42) Oster(84)     
LEEDS UNITED            0-1    LEICESTER CITY            29,620
SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY     0-0    COVENTRY CITY             21,087

SOUTHAMPTON             1-1    LIVERPOOL                 15,252
Davies(48)                     Riedle(37)
TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR       0-0    BLACKBURN ROVERS          26,573

WEST HAM UNITED         0-1    NEWCASTLE UNITED          25,884
WIMBLEDON               0-1    CRYSTAL PALACE            16,747

LEAGUE TABLE (after 21 September 1997 )
Club                          P    W    D    L   GF   GA   GD   Pts
Manchester United             7    5    2    0   10    1    9   17
Arsenal                       7    4    3    0   16    8    8   15
Blackburn Rovers              7    4    2    1   18    8   10   14
Leicester City                7    4    2    1   10    5    5   14
Chelsea                       6    4    0    2   19    8   11   12
West Ham United               7    3    1    3   10    9    1   10
Liverpool                     6    2    3    1    8    6    2    9
Newcastle United              4    3    0    1    5    4    1    9
Aston Villa                   7    3    0    4    8   10   -2    9
Crystal Palace                7    3    0    4    6    8   -2    9
Coventry City                 7    2    3    2    7   10   -3    9
Tottenham Hotspur             7    2    2    3    5    9   -4    8
Everton                       6    2    1    3    8   10   -2    7
Leeds United                  7    2    1    4    8   11   -3    7
Derby County                  5    2    0    3    5    5    0    6
Bolton Wanderers              6    1    3    2    5    8   -3    6
Barnsley                      7    2    0    5    6   17  -11    6
Wimbledon                     6    1    2    3    6    9   -3    5
Sheffield Wednesday           7    1    2    4    7   15   -8    5
Southampton                   7    1    1    5    5   11   -6    4
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