The Stadium Debate

Proposals to upgrade or relocate Everton's home

Redeveloping Goodison Park, Pt I

The Goodison For Ever-ton group challenges Peter Johnson's assertion that the Old Lady couldn't be redeveloped

The Kirkby Project

The proposal to relocate Everton to Kirkby is put to a vote in August 2007

Redeveloping Goodison Park, Pt II

Tom Hughes sets out to prove once again that Goodison can be redeveloped on its existing footprint

The "Tunnel Loop" Alternative

A way to keep Everton in Liverpool emerges as the missing Plan B


The abhorrent idea of sharing stadia with Liverpool has a short lifespan

The Kings Waterfront

A dream move to the Kings Dock falls apart due to lack of funds

Peter Johnson's Relocation Proposal

Former chairman's plans to move Everton to Kirkby Golf Course and then Cronton Colliery fizzle out

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