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Everton History

All you ever you wanted to know about Everton's illustrious 125-year past.

A full but concise history of the club, from its formation in 1878 through to 2001.  Originally written by a Finnish Evertonian Hans Fyhrqvist in the early 1990s, Parts I through VIII were translated into English and then extended by writers here at ToffeeWeb to cover more recent events.

In 2004, this History was was translated into Spanish by Gerry Allison and published as Cien Ańos de Calidad — La Historia de Everton Football Club by The Rueteros Society.

· Part I: 1878-1888
· Part II: 1888-1915
· Part III: 1915-1939
· Part IV: 1945-1961
· Part V: 1961-1973
· Part VI: 1973-1981
· Part VII: 1981-1987
· Part VIII: 1987-1994
· Part IX: 1994-1997
· Part X: 1997-2002
· 1878-2001 (Condensed)

The club's none-too inspiring record since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, with links that will lead you to full information on each match over this period, embellished with our unique collection of archived match reports written by Everton fans since 1994. 

· Premier League Record
· All-time Premiership table
· 2010-11 Season
· 2009-10 Season
· 2008-09 Season
· 2007-08 Season
· 2006-07 Season
· 2005-06 Season
· 2004-05 Season
· 2003-04 Season
· 2002-03 Season
· 2001-02 Season
· 2000-01 Season
· 1999-2k Season
· 1998-99 Season
· 1997-98 Season
· 1996-97 Season
· 1995-96 Season
· 1994-95 Season
· 1993-94 Season
· 1992-93 Season


This section includes a host of statistical and other information about Everton records in various competitions.

· All-Time Top Flight Table
· All-Time League Table
· League Record
· FA Cup Record
· Everton in Europe
· Charity Shield
· Penalty Shoot-Outs
· Everton Big Scores
· Attendances
· Reserves


This section is dedicated for all those small and interesting trivia pieces that usually are missing from history books. One of the sections is dedicated to rule changes that have been affected by Everton players or officials.   

· Did You Know?
· General Trivia
· FA Cup Trivia
· Folklore
· Everton Firsts


This section provides you with details of some of the great players that have graced the turf of Goodison Park. The biggest section, Legends, includes biographies of some 30 great Evertonians written by Richard Pike.

· Legends
· Internationals
· Top Scorers
· Everton Hat-Tricks
· Substitutes
· Transfers
· Recent Players
· List of all Past Players


This new section picks up from where the definitive Everton record book,  Everton — A Complete Record (Ross & Smailes 1993) left off.  Many thanks to Steve Flanagan.

· Managers
· League Record
· Season-by-Season
· Against Others
· In Europe
· Other Competitions
· Internationals
· Representatives
· Career Records


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