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Welcome to the Concise History section on ToffeeWeb!  This section includes an illustrated history of Everton football club.  For details of it's creation, see the foreword and bibliography.

PART I: 1878-1888 The Early Days
The first part of the History tells about the creation and early days of the club, before the English League was created.
PART II: 1888-1915 Before World War I
Everton's first decades in the League.  During this time, Everton won two Championships and the FA Cup.
PART III: 1915-39 Between the Wars
Features some of the finest players who ever played for Everton (and anywhere in England): William Ralph "Dixie" Dean, Tommy Lawton, Joe Mercer and others.
PART IV: 1945-61 The Bad Decades 
Presents a less illustrious chapter in the club's past, including details of the last occasion Everton spent any time outside England's top division.
PART V: 1961-73 Catterick's Rule
The 1960's are generally viewed as "The Golden Era" among Evertonians. During Harry Catterick's reign, Everton were always contending for honours.
PART VI: 1973-81 The Barren Seventies 
A grim decade for Evertonians, as the other lot across the park were winning everything, while Everton failed to get any trophies.
PART VII: 1981-87 Howard's First Time
Howard Kendall's first spell as a manager was everything Evertonians could hope for, including our first European trophy.
PART VIII: 1987-94 Top to Bottom
Details on how, from winning the Championship in 1987, Everton slid to become a relegation-threatened club in mere seven years.
PART IX: 1994-97 A Royle Era 
Portrays the tumultuous period for Joe Royle in charge, which includes the famous FA Cup win over Manchester United in 1995.

PART X: 1997-2001 Fear and Trepidation
New managers appear; the same fears remain.  Neither Kendall III nor Smith provide the answers that Everton need.

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