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ToffeeWeb — What we're about

Welcome to ToffeeWeb.  Produced and maintained by a small, international team of dedicated Blues, this is the longest-running, most comprehensive and up-to-date Everton website around.  We strive to provide an independent forum for the views of Evertonians the world over while delivering unparalleled coverage of events surrounding one of England's greatest football clubs.

Our commitment

Our aims are simple:

  • To provide the most comprehensive, reliable and best-designed source of current Everton news and historical information on the Web.
  • To provide you, the fans, with an unrivalled forum on which to have your voices heard, be it through our regular polls, the ToffeeWeb mailbag, or our unique Fans Articles section.
  • By doing our bit to live up to the club's famous Latin motto, Nil Satis Nisi Optimum (Nothing but the best is good enough), we strive to present a fantastic advertisement for Everton Football Club and its supporters.

This website is for Evertonians of all viewpoints who share our passion and interest in all things Everton, including the perennial need to push the team, the club and its management forward to achieve greater success.  We call it how we see it and we encourage you to do the same. We are as quick to laud the players, manager or Board when they do well as we are to offer criticism when they fail to live up to Everton's famous old motto.  We aim to be nothing but honest in that respect.

Brief History

ToffeeWeb is the result of the merger in March 2001 between ToffeeWeb.org and Evertonia.com, the two longest-running Everton sites of any description on the web.  While Evertonia was started in 1996, ToffeeWeb.org's origins go back to 1994, making the 2007-08 season our 13th. [Evertonia.com has since re-launched as a curated collection of Everton-related articles and syndicated news.]

Today, ToffeeWeb is widely regarded as the one of the most comprehensive football sites on the Web and has won a number of awards and accolades.

Detailed history


ToffeeWeb is an independent Everton website that has no direct affiliation with Everton Football Club, however, we haved historically enjoyed a highly amicable and mutually beneficial relationship with the Club and the official Everton Website that is testament to the rare spirit of community which exists between the club and fans.

Although ToffeeWeb is effectively a commercial venture because of its few advertising affiliations, the site only makes a small profit.  Most of the proceeds from the display of advertising banners on ToffeeWeb go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the site (e.g. virtual hosting, broadband charges, ISP subscription, labour etc).

The use of photographs of players of Everton FC and other clubs, be they domestic or international, has historically been done so on the basis that ToffeeWeb.com was a non-profit service for fans of Everton Football Club but we currently operate under a general license to display photographs from Getty Images through our association with Football Collective and are also occasionally provided with imagery directly from Everton FC.  If it is felt that any copyright laws or ownership contracts have been breached and a complaint as such is received, the site owners promise to remove the offending material at the earliest opportunity.

The owners of ToffeeWeb strongly discourage the further reproduction or use of imagery to which ToffeeWeb does not hold the rights, especially those images provided exclusively by Everton FC for use on ToffeeWeb.com.

The use of editorial matter from newspapers, websites or other media sources is done so without the permission of the content owners but we operate under a strict commitment to fully credit the source of the content as well as provide hyperlinks back to the associated website, if it exists.

The site owners reserve the rights of all other matter penned on behalf of the independent author andits use elsewhere is strictly forbidden unless the consent of the owners of this site have been granted for its use.

The views expressed in the material on this site are either those of the site owners or the contributing authors and may not correspond with those of Everton Football Club Co Ltd.  However, the views of contributing authors to ToffeeWeb may not correspond with those of the site owners and the site owners take no responsibility for any defamation or libel contained therein.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the site owners, please e-mail Lyndon Lloyd or Michael Kenrick via the Feedback page.

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