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Blues Online

  • Social Media

  • Mailing Lists

    The ToffeeNet mailing list was once the place for information about things Everton on the internet and it's still going with a small group of long-time members.

  • Blogs

    Longer-form opinions from the more loquacious Evertonians.

  • "Web Boards" and Chat Rooms

    Discussion forums, message boards and live chat areas to discuss all things Everton with like-minded Blues.

  • Everton *Live*

    There are various ways to experience Everton matches via the Internet. Exiled fans, especially should bookmark this page.

  • Staying Blue in America

    ToffeeWeb's section devoted to following the Blues and the Premier League from across The Pond.

  • Other Everton Links

    Everton is one of the most popular football clubs for personal website hosting.  This page tries to keep track of some of these ever-changing sites.

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