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ToffeeWeb Legends

This is ToffeeWeb's Legends page.

Everton Teams
Everton Players

The Glorious 1984-1985 Team

ToffeeNet members voted the greatest Everton players of all time, they are presented below by Richard Pike.

Ball, Alan (1966-72)
One of the all-time greatest Everton and England midfielders.
Dean, W R (1925-38)
The greatest goal-scoring machine England has ever seen.
Gray, Andy (1983-85)
The real Scottish brave-heart who was instrumental in one of the clubs greatest time periods.
Harvey, Colin (1963-74, 1987-90, 1997-)
One of Everton's finest own products who not only was part of the great Ball-Kendall-Harvey midfield but was also Everton's manager for three years.
Hickson, Dave (1951-55, 1957-59)
A real bright spot during a less bright period in the club's history.
Horne, Barry (1992-96)
Horne deserves his place in Everton's Hall of Fame just for that one goal against Wimbledon, but he was also instrumental in the 1995 FA Cup win.
Kendall, Howard (1967-74, 1981-87, 1990-93, 1997-98)
One of the great Evertonians of all time: the most successful manager and one of the best midfielders in Everton's history.
Labone, Brian (1958-1971)
Club captain and England international in the golden 60's, epitomises the commanding centre-half role so vital to successful Everton teams.
Latchford, Bob (1974-81)
England's number 1 goal-poacher for years in the 70's, celebrated for getting 30 goals in a season to win 10,000 from the Daily Express.
Lawton, Tommy (1937-39)
The man who could have been the greatest centre-forward of all time if the war hadn't interrupted his career.
Lineker, Gary (1985-86)
Only one season at the club, but what a season it was for him!
Lyons, Mick (1971-82)
Club captain and inspirational leader in the less inspirational 70's.
McKenzie, Duncan (1976-78)
One of the most enigmatic players ever seen in Everton. Gordon Lee is still hated for selling McKenzie.
Mercer, Joe, OBE (1933-46)
One of English football's all-time greatest. Perhaps the best wing-back ever seen, he was also very successful as manager, even managing the England team for a time.
Ratcliffe, Kevin (1980-92)
The most successful captain in the club's history.
Reid, Peter (1982-1989)
The inspirational midfield general in the glorious mid-eighties.
Royle, Joe (1966-1975, 1995-1997)
One of Everton's finest centre-forwards and also an FA Cup winning manager.
Sagar, Ted (1929-1952)
A fine goalkeeper who has the record of the longest time playing for one club in the entire League.
Sharp, Graeme (1980-91)
A great centre-forward in the glorious mid-eighties team who scored some memorable goals.
Sheedy, Kevin (1982-92)
Maybe the best left foot in the club's history? Some of his free-kicks were brilliant.
Southall, Neville, MBE (1981-98)
The greatest Everton keeper of all time, has played a record total of matches for both his club and country, has won two Championship medals, two FA Cups, a Cup-winners Cup...
Steven, Trevor (1983-89)
"Tricky Trev" was a key-player providing ammo for Sharp and Gray in the mid-eighties scoring his share of goals, too.
Stevens, Gary (1981-88)
Arguably the best right-back in Everton's history. One of the brightest stars of Everton's youth policy.
Temple, Derek (1957-67)
A fine left-winger who scored the winning goal in one of the most memorable FA Cup finals of all time, the 1966 final.
Vernon, Roy (1960-65)
An instrumental part of the 1963 Championship team with his goals. Arguably the best penalty taker in club's history.
Watson, Dave (1986-)
Watson has been a key player in the club for over a decade now. Was also caretaker manager after Joe Royle quit.
Wilson, Ray (1964-69)
Probably the best left-back seen at Everton. World Champion in 1966.
Young, Alex (1960-68)
"The Golden Vision". God at Goodison Park in the 60's. So popular, that a TV-program was made of him.

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