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Being a member of the site allows you to participate in discussions of our articles and Mail Bag letters and to join our Live Forum on matchdays and transfer deadline day. Only registered members of the site can post comments to articles on the site. Membership is free, takes just a few minutes, and you have our rock-solid guarantee that none of the details you provide will be passed on to third parties without your permission.

Why is my username not being accepted?

Your username must be unique to the system. If you receive a message saying the handle you have chosen has already been taken, please try entering a different one.

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You should have received an activation request email shortly after you signed up your new account. If you did not receive an activation request, please contact the Webmaster.

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If, after completing the registration form and clicking the "Submit" button, you don't receive an email from ToffeeWeb within a few hours requesting activation of your new account, please contact the Webmaster. It may be that you mis-spelled your email address while filling out the form or the email was not delivered to your server.

I'm trying to activate my account but the message says it needs to be activated manually by the site administrators.

Certain IP addresses have been flagged in our system due to previous abuses by other users who may share your IP address so any applications for new accounts are individually vetted by us.

I have retrieved my password with your login reminder but the username and password it lists are not being accepted.

In this case, please get touch with the Webmaster and we'll take a look.


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