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Photo Feature
Stuart McKay

Drinking with the Devil?
24 July 2005

This may be obvious but I've not seen it reported: Everton and Liverpool are effectively sponsored by the same company, Carlsberg (well tenuously).

I first noticed that the typefaces were similar,  the white lettering on green background.  Also a friend who lived up country in Thailand (who ran a bar) told me that it's very strong and very similar to Carlsberg special brew.  The locals like strong beer apparently !

I found the following information:

Chang Beer is the product of a joint venture, which was formed in 1991 to brew Carlsberg Beer in Thailand, between the TCC Group and Carlsberg.

These links explain:





Notice how the last letter r  in Carlsberg and the r in beer (Chang) are similar.
Also in the 80s & 90s Carlsberg also had the word beer along side the name in their logo and it was almost identical. This can be spotted on perimeter ad boards of the world cup 1990 and indoor ice skating competitions of the mid 1980s.

In addition Carlsberg also produces elephant beer around 7.2 % although this is coincidence as Elephant-beer has its name from the world-famous Elephant-gate, which guards the entrance to the Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen.

Also if you interested you can buy Chang in bottles in the UK & branded glasses at:



Stuart Mackay


2005 ToffeeWeb

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