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Fan Articles

Contributions from Everton fans and outside writers. Submit your own article for consideration

2017-18 Fan Articles »

Stick or Twist

Mike Fisher : 20/10/2017

Is it really that simple to put this down to stick with Koeman or twist and find someone new? Interesting to read forums and see the mixed opinions of those who feel Koeman's time is done and those prepared to stick a little longer.

4-3-2-1? Just Say No!

David Hallwood : 08/10/2017

Koeman comes across as a stubborn man, but surely he’s not stupid; he must change. It must change or the club will change him.

A Love Affair

David Brown : 08/10/2017

In recent years we have been stuck; our ‘love’ puts on some new makeup and we all shout with joy thinking that the glory years are just around the corner... only the corner never comes

Koeman or Walsh, the confusion over who signs whom

Clive Rogers : 08/10/2017

Does the director-of-football model cause more problems than it solves?

Disjointed Blues like a flashback to the Smith era

Jon Sellick : 06/10/2017

Add everything up and, under Koeman, it seems to total something nearing what my Grandad, who rarely wasted words, used to say during matches in the Smith era: a “load of shite”.

Poor Business = Poor Football

Mike Fisher : 03/10/2017

Business is about confidence and we have none that I can see. To all concerned: please start living up to the high expectations of your loyal fans and stop the nonsense before it is too late.

The Case for Koeman, M'Lord

David Cooper : 30/09/2017

I think Koeman is the "fall guy" for those who are pulling the strings – mostly Bill Kenwright but Farhad Moshiri cannot be exempt from blame.

The Clock is Ticking

Dave Wraggs : 17/09/2017

Much of the criticism aimed at Ronald Koeman over the past few weeks has centred on his perceived negativity and intransigence in terms of sticking with the same slow possession-based football that fails to yield any real attacking threat and is a throwback to the Martinezesque style of a few seasons ago, but without the odd gung-ho attacking foray.

Time for Koeman to follow De Boer out of the door?

David Booth : 17/09/2017

This is no Kendall-esque evolution and it cannot be allowed to continue. Time for Ronald to shape up, or be shipped out.

Assessing the squad and our options

Steve Ferns : 06/09/2017

Now the transfer window has shut and the dust has settled, somewhat, it is time to focus on things as they are and look at the season ahead.

What does Walsh do?

Paul Ferry : 28/08/2017

What does Steve Walsh do, what has he done this window, what is he doing today, what was the Italian jaunt for?

In Defence of Koeman

Dave Cooney : 28/08/2017

Koeman seems to be implementing a plan – focus on getting the defence sorted out first and then improve the attacking side of our game – but it takes time

Trip to Croatia

Rob Halligan : 25/08/2017

One fan's account of the visit to Split where Everton beat Hajduk in thew Europa League and the travelling fans largely avoided the trouble that was feared from local ultras

Everton: Still a sell-to-buy club?

David Booth : 02/08/2017

Despite the fact that we got a lot of our transfer business done amazingly early, any optimism that was generated is now dissipating and it looks as though we are in danger of leaving things too late... yet again.

Cambridge University Nil Satis Federation

Dave Rusk : 29/07/2017

The organization was formed on a train journey from Birmingham to Cambridge – after a football tournament. The name NSF was agreed – slight reference to NLF – National Liberation Front – from the Vietnam War. I don’t recall that we ever added the CU in our day. Meetings were then held in Trinity College bar and were surprisingly formal – minutes from the previous meeting, motions passed etc.

A gleaming, newly-decorated Everton squad – How will it all work?

James Lawson : 26/07/2017

Everton are looking pretty strong

The Second Year of the Project

Steve Ferns : 25/07/2017

Koeman’s project is not clearly defined. We assume it’s about winning something, but really it is just another way of saying we will pay him a lot of money to achieve a goal, and that goal appears to be Champions League football.

Squad Analysis: Are we ready?

Fran Mitchell : 10/07/2017

Often we talk about what we need and first IXs, but football is a squad game nowadays, and hopefully this season will see us challenge for the top-4, while also making serious tilts to the 3 cup competitions. How is our squad prepared for this challenge?

My disdain for Wayne on the wane

David Booth : 07/07/2017

It is looking increasingly like a done deal, but I really do not want him back. Here are not one but 15 reasons why we should not even be considering his return.

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