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ToffeeWeb is the longest-running Everton-related website on the Web, a popular destination for fans of the English Premier League club, and you can capitalise on the 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 page impressions that receives per month by advertising on our site.

Our viewing statistics, which are pulled directly from our hosts' traffic reporting engine, show that, depending on news cycles, between 40,000 and 70,000 visitors visit ToffeeWeb every day, making around 100,000 page impressions as they go and spending an average of 15 minutes browsing our pages.

Our visitors are drawn from over 80 countries across the globe, although the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa, USA and Canada are our primary markets, so if you are a UK-based organisation in particular, you could do a lot worse than take advantage of the exposure your company could garner from advertising on ToffeeWeb.

And, of course, these potential customers may be visiting a soccer website, but their interests and needs are varied, making just about anything a viable possibility for advertisement on our pages.

We're particularly interested in section/page sponsorship where advertisers get exclusive mention on our highest-trafficked pages.

To register your interest in advertising on ToffeeWeb, please visit the Contact page and select "Advertising".

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