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[Season Diary]

November 2002

If it happened and it was Everton-related, it's right here in the comprehensive Season Diary.
Items are in reverse chronological order (more recent first). 

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 November 2002

News Headlines & Features

Newcastle United 2 - 1 Everton
30 Nov - The bubble burst on 87 minutes, and it took a fantastic Shearer strike to do it, breaking the stern resilience of an Everton defence that had stood rock solid in this game for so long, and for over 8 hours of league football since Ljunberg scored for Arsenal. The equalizer came after sustained Toon pressure following a clever goal from Campbell in the first half that set Everton hearts racing.  But minutes after that, J-Yo had to go, being the last man and bringing down Bellamy. And it was Bellamy who had the last laugh, running at Everton in the last minute, and firing a low angled shot from close range that Li Tie touched just enough to fool the otherwise impeccable Richard Wright.  The super run is over, and Everton are down into 5th place.

The Megastore: Supply and Demand
29 Nov - In response to many concerns raised by Everton fans who have been keen to purchase replica shirts in their size, Everton's new Head of Marketing, Andy Hosie, has provided us with this detailed explanation of the current situation.  Bottom line: The demand for large sizes of the figure-hugging new shirts have simply outstripped demand projections, and production constraints have limited Everton's ability to respond in a timely manner.

Do Everton have a Plan B?
28 Nov - In Part 1 of an in-depth analysis, Tony Wooly looked at what really is on the table in Plan A — the controversial financing proposal put together by Paul Gregg.  Part 2 looks at some reasonable alternative forms of Plan A that would still get us into the King's Dock.  In Part 3 Tony reviews the contenders for Plan B if KD fails — all a lot more expensive than £30M.

More MeagreStore Madness
26 Nov - Despite endless promises of improvement, Everton's merchandizing efforts still seem to be grounded in the Victorian era, as this empassioned plea from Nathan Jones demonstrates.  He is not alone.  Many fans feel the club's Meagrestore is simply failing to meet the needs of Evertonians with pounds burning holes in their pockets.

No Cup outing for Rooney
25 Nov - At ToffeeWeb, we have provided informative coverage of Everton's Youth teams for a number of years, including the FA Youth Cup victory in 1998.  Despite helping our youngsters reach the final with eight goals last season, Wayne Rooney will not be turning out at Goodison Park on Wednesday night when Everton take on Port Vale in a 2nd Round tie.  Kick off: 7pm.

Everton 1 - 0 West Bromwich Albion
23 Nov - Everton are up to Third Place in the Premiership after hanging on through another nailbiting finish to win by the now customary 1-0 scoreline.  Everton went into this one with an unchanged side on the back of a five-game winning run in the league, with four clean sheets, thanks in large part to Joseph Yobo.  Radzinski got the only goal, scoring with an excellent shot inside the near post after a rather cagey first half.  The second half was no better, with Everton unable to convert their clear superiority into goals.  Reports from Steve Bickerton and Richard Marland.

The Spin Game
22 Nov - Be afraid; be very afraid.  All current indications suggest that the Kings Dock project will collapse in a flurry of broken promises and painful recriminations.  How will the Club handle this catastrophe?  Ian Bonnar has some experience of his own in the way that high-profile corporate entities manage such bad news.  He describes two approaches that are all too familiar, having been employed numerous times in the past to assure meek acceptance by the long-suffering fans of Everton Football Club.

When the worms turn
20 Nov - Jurnos expect their readers to have short memories; in fact, they rely on it.  Peter Fearon shows in this cutting article how fickle they can be, when they unanimously predicted dire straits for Everton after their favourite manager, Walter Smith, was sent packing.  But now, of course, they are all quite happy to engage in some convenient revisionism...

Moyes stirs the memories
19 Nov - On the reasonable premise that we can never read enough articles about the ascendancy of David Moyes, here is another interesting piece on our favourite subject, this time from the Independent — as long as you can bear to read the name of Bill Shankly mentioned in the same paragraph!  It is well worth the read, and delves somewhat deeper than most of the adulation (welcome though it is) that has been published to date.

Winter of our Content?
18 Nov - His task as unofficial chronicler of the transient mood among displaced Evertonians has never been more pleasureable.  Barely recovered from many months spent foaming at the mouth over Walter Smith's dereliction of his managerial duties, Colm Kavanagh is a veritable sea of positivism in his praise for Everton Manger David Moyes.

Campbell scores in fabulous win!
17 Nov - Despite early pressure from a very quick and lively Blackburn side, Everton set out to continue their impressive form —albeit without Mark Pembridge after all; he has sustained a calf injury.  It was Kevin Campbell who got the Everton chorus roused with a superbly confident and professional finish after 19 minutes following an excellent feed from Lee Carsley and Everton were ahead.  But this was no easy game, with Blackburn pressing Everton back continuously.  Everton, however, defended effectively, showing excellent promise on the break.  Everton's resilence was tested to the extreme, but the injection of Rooney with 10 mins left simply oozed confidence and authority from manager David Moyes.

Show your support for the new Academy
16 Nov - If you live in or near Halewood, take this opportunity to show your support for Everton's planning application to build their new Football Academy and training centre on farmland known as the Halewood Rectangle.  The link leads to an online comment form that can be submitted electronically to Knowsley Council.  Please use this facility responsibly bearing in mind the long-term interests of Everton Football Club.

Fitness has been the key
15 Nov - David Unsworth now guards Everton's left flank with strong confidence and authority.  It provides added confirmation (as if any were needed!) of the effect of radical training methods David Moyes has employed since well before the beginning of the season.  These have helped to make sure he could get the very best from the players at his disposal.

Ahead of the game
11 Nov - Everton's steady ascent to fourth place in the table, the manner in which it has been achieved and the teams we have beaten to get there means that talk of Europe is no longer a ridiculous notion at Goodison Park, even if it comes three years earlier than the management might have planned.  While Everton's lack of squad depth and unfamiliarity with this end of the table will surely preclude them from lofty ambitions of the Champions League, European qualification of some description must now be more than just a dream.

Blue trio get England call
11 Nov - Three of Everton's rising young stars have been rewarded for recent efforts with call-ups to the England U-21 "get-together" at Burnham Beeches next week. Defenders Tony Hibbert, Peter Clarke  and, of course, striker Wayne Rooney have been included in the squad by David Platt.

Blues hold on for 4th straight win
9 Nov - Everton did just enough to earn a fourth-straight league victory (a first for the Blues since the inception of the Premier League) thanks to Tomasz Radzinski's 32nd-minute goal.  The Canadian striker collected a perfectly weighted pass from the returning Thomas Gravesen to slot the ball past Dean Kiely.  He was guilty, however, of missing two other good chances to make the game safe and the Blues nearly paid dearly for opportunities missed in the second half when they had to clear off the line twice in a minute as defensive frailties threatened to throw away the advantage, but they hung on to move up to 4th in the table.  Superb Reports by Steve Bickerton and Richard Marland

We dare to dream...
7 Nov - The Moyes Revolution reaches new heights with the dramatic win over Newcastle, wrought from events that would in the recent past have preceded ignominious defeat.  The significance of this is not lost on Colm Kavanagh who points up the key contrasts between then and now, and dares to dream of what might be possible under the indefatigable management of David Moyes.

Wright the shootout hero
6 Nov - A thrilling night of high drama ended with Everton winning a penalty shoot-out for the first time in 32 years and it was thanks to Richard Wright who saved two Newcastle penalties as David Moyes's side advanced to the 4th Round for the first time in 4 years. Kevin Campbell had headed Everton into an 11th-minute lead, only to see Kieron Dyer score twice in a minute to make it 2-1 with 11 minutes to go. But Steve Watson popped up with five minutes left to level it again. In extra time, though, another former Magpie, Allesandro Pistone, headed into his own goal to seemingly gift the tie to Newcastle, but after Steve Caldwell handled on the line and was sent off, David Unsworth powered home from the spot to make it 3-3. The game went to penalties and after Unsworth had missed the opening kick, Wright saved from Viana and Robert, Chopra skied over while Watson, Rooney and Campbell converted, putting Everton through in dramatic fashion.

Eriksson looking to fast-track Rooney?
5 Nov - David Moyes's attempts to keep striking prodigy Wayne Rooney under wraps may be tested with the news that England manager Sven Goran Eriksson wants to draft the 17 year-old into the senior setup as early as December. Eriksson is believed to be keen on Rooney by-passing the U-19s and U-21s but Moyes insists that there has been no contact from the FA and made it clear that he would not welcome Rooney being called up so soon.

On the Rise
4 Nov - Arsene Wenger's "invincible Arsenal" conquered, the Elland Road hoodoo laid to rest, two away wins on the trot, a youth player actually fulfilling his potential... Yes, this is Everton, but not the pale imitation we have had to put up with for more than a decade. Could we be witnessing the re-emergence of the real Everton under David Moyes?

Wayne Rooney!
3 Nov - The Wonderkid has done it again, this time scoring just five minutes after coming on as a 75th-minute substitute with a superb individual goal to wipe out 51 years of Elland Road misery with a swing of his boot. The Blues had started well in the first half, taking the game to Leeds and were unlucky not to be ahead from one of Tomasz Radzinski's good chances. Judas Barmby was booked for diving when he should have scored but we don't care about him. Wayne Rooney is an Evertonian and after leaving Eirik Bakke for dead and firing through the legs of Lucas Radebe he beat Paul Robinson from 18 yards.

Essential Reading
2 Nov - Some Evertonians have developed a deep suspicion of millionaire Everton Director Paul Gregg, who is brokering a deal to try to save the Kings Dock project in the face of Everton's failure to come up with their £30M share.  This excellent and very frank interview conducted by Mikey Blue Eyes and published on the Bluekipper website provides a unique perspective of what the man is really all about.

We can't afford Kings Dock
1 Nov - The 123rd AGM finally heard the truth after months of embarrassing silence over the Kings Dock project, although even what little was given away was ineviatbly hidden behind the dubious curtain of "commercial sensitivity".  The key admission was that the money was not, and (we are now told) never has been "ring-fenced" or assured in any way; it was in large part dependant on getting a good price for Goodison Park but that has been thwarted by the City Council failing to grant planning permission for retail development.

Stadium Ownership Essential?
1 Nov - It is abundantly clear now that Everton simply cannot afford the downpayment on the Kings Dock.  The whole project hangs in the balance, and the much vaunted ownership issue could be the deciding factor.  Paul Holmes adopts his Devil's Advocate guise to analyze the potential pitfalls that underlie Paul Gregg's controversial financing plan that may defer stadium ownership for anywhere between 10 and 25 years.


Snippets & Rumours

The Manager with Mostest
30 Nov - "It's easy to talk now in this position, and I do understand that the times will come when we don't always win. I will be angry then but at the moment I will enjoy it because I appreciate how hard it is to win games in the Premiership."

Still living the dream
30 Nov - Alan Stubbs tells The Times about the remarkable season so far and his, by now, well documented brush with testicular cancer.

Arrogance not cockiness
30 Nov - Rodney Marsh defends Rooney over the hands-on-hips incident.  He says there is a difference between arrogance and cockiness and he himself had arrogance in abundance.

No Kings Dock Deadline, say EFC
29 Nov - The Liverpool Echo / Daily Post journalists appear to be stirring trouble again over Kings Dock, claiming that Liverpool Vision have set a deadline of 5pm today for Everton to show that they can finance their £30M slice of the Kings Dock project.  Everton deny the existence of a deadline, and claim they remain fully behind the scheme.  So who's telling lies? 

Big Ron: Leeds should copy Everton
29 Nov - Ron Atkinson sings the Everton blues when comparing them to the present Leeds side, but he can't help finish by saying he thinks we'll struggle to finish in the top six. We'll see Ron!

Yobo deal imminent
28 Nov - The official site is reporting that Everton are about to complete the full transfer of Joseph Yobo from Olympique Marseille. All that remains to be sorted out are a few details with Yobo and his advisors, and the contract should be signed in the next few days.

Youth team crash out
27 Nov - After reaching last season’s FA Youth Cup Final, Everton have fallen at the first hurdle this time around – losing 0-1 at Goodison Park against Port Vale in only the 3rd Round of this season's competition.  Steve Milne watched their demise.

Moyes: Money is not what it's about
27 Nov - David Moyes insists he isn't motivated by money. He also says he isn't behind the rumours that Everton are preparing an improved contract for him even though he is only 8 months into a 4-year contract.

Peter Reid: Injury-free is the key
27 Nov - In this interview in the Singapore Straits Times, the ex-Sunderland boss says this Everton squad is similar to the league-winning squad of 1986-87. If Everton stay injury-free he sees the current team finishing near the top.

Nyarko scores in Uefa Cup
26 Nov - Amid rumours of a possible return to Everton for the wayward defender, Alex Nyarko scored one and set up another in PSG's 2-1 Uefa Cup victory over Boavista.  It was his first goal in PSG colours.

Reserves crash at Villa
26 Nov - Everton Reserves came unstuck against Aston Villa when they gave up three goals in 7 minutes of the first half, with the game ending in a 4-0 defeat, despite the presence of no less than 10 players in the side having first-team experience.  Steve Milne was watching.

Just a matter of time, but ...
26 Nov - It really is only a matter of time before David Moyes is voted Premiership Manager of the Month, but does he want the dreaded curse ... err ... accolade? We think he's bucked enough trends already not to let this little millstone worry him.

Young Sports WHAT of the Year?
25 Nov - The Guardian complains bitterly (while making some good points about the media) about Rooney's nomination for a certain BBC prize.

That moment!
25 Nov - Hand on hips ... the moment that will live with Everton fans for a very long time. Is he really 17?

3rd Place draws attention
25 Nov - Everton's rise to 3rd place will have jurnos across the country reaching for their laptops... William Johnson writes in The Telegraph of a potential Champions League place... And in the same organ, Alan Hansen talks about the organization installed by David Moyes.

Spend it on the players Bill
24 Nov - Not exactly the bastion of weighty journalism, but this article from the News of the World echoes the feelings of quite a few fans when it tells Bill Kenwright to spend any cash Everton might have on players rather than a new stadium.

Breeding confidence
24 Nov - In what is becoming a familiar refrain, David Moyes once again talks about not getting carried away. He does concede that the clean sheets are great for the confidence in the team.

Man of the moment - Yobo interview
23 Nov - Dodgy, but hardly surprising, headline in The Guardian where the man getting even more attention than Rooney in recent weeks gives a good interview.

On the Spot: David Moyes
23 Nov - Another excellent probing piece on David Moyes, with more of his formulative background and underlying philosophies brought to the fore, this time by Henry Winter in The Telegraph.

Moyes eyes Colin Healy
22 Nov - "I've told our chief executive Bill Kenwright that Colin [Healy of Celtic] is a player I'd like to see at the club but there are other priorities." — David Moyes, as reported by Sky Sports.

Council approve Halewood academy
22 Nov - Buried at the bottom of this story about a Goodison Road resident who is having half his house painted with a giant mural of Dixie Dean, the Daily Post is reporting that Knowsley Council planning committee last night approved proposals for Everton's new football academy in Halewood.

Yobo: I want to stay
22 Nov - That should silence the doubters and ward off the potential poachers as well. There are more Yobo quotes in this article from the Independent Online in South Africa.

Pembridge to miss WBA clash
22 Nov - Mark Pembridge will sit out Saturday's game against West Brom. The calf problem that kept him out of the Blackburn game and the Welsh squad last weekend still hasn't cleared up.

Richard Wright sounds happy
21 Nov - Everton's goalkeeper Richard Wright has plenty to be happy about as his performances in goal have underwritten Everton's recent run of form.

Newell takes over at Hartlepool
21 Nov - His only previous managerial experience was reserve team boss at Tranmere, but that hasn't stopped Hartlepool appointing the former Everton striker Mike Newell as their new manager.

Newsreel Memories
21 Nov - The Britsh Pathe website features a number of classic moments from Everton's past captured on black & white celluloid, and now downloadable (at extortionate prices) — but previews are free!

The People's T-Shirt
20 Nov - Limited supplies of a newly commissioned T-Shirt celebrating The People's Forum, Wayne Rooney, and ToffeeWeb, are available online, with some of the profits going to Zoe's Place and Blueblood.

Rooney in running for BBC award
20 Nov - Wayne Rooney has been named among 10 candidates for the BBC's Young Sports Personality of the Year award. The 10 nominees will be reduced to three finalists before the Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony to be held on Sunday 8 December.

Walter Smith in heart scare
20 Nov - The Daily Record in Glasgow reports that the ex-Everton manager was rushed to hospital complaining of chest pains. Tests showed nothing wrong, but the patient wasn't happy about the story leaking out.

Wright on right track
20 Nov - It's been 442 minutes since Richard Wright let in a goal in the Premiership and they are taking notice in Singapore! How much longer before Sven Eriksson takes notice too?

Reserves extend unbeaten run
19 Nov - Read Steve Milne's brief report on tonight's reserves clash against Sunderland which ended 0-0 with Simonsen, and Weir getting run outs, Pistone picking up a yellow card in the first half, and Li Wei Feng in the second.

Anders Limpar announces retirement
19 Nov - His Everton career ended after a bust up with Joe Royle, but he also won an FA Cup Winner's medal with the team.  At the age of 37, Anders Limpar has now called it a day on his football career.

King's Dock move in doubt
19 Nov - Citing a feasbility study carried out by the club, this Independent article says Everton are about to pull out of the King's Dock project. Any money there is in the bank is likely to be given to David Moyes to spend on players.

Those pesky Geordie coppers
18 Nov - Ian MacDonald of the Everton Independent Supporters Association takes issue with the Northumbria Police over their "zero tolerance" treatment of visiting football fans.

Under -19s struggle at home to City
18 Nov - Despite David Moyes making great statements about our Youth Academy, it is becoming harder and harder to keep to keep track of U-17 and U-19 games, with Steve Milne now being the only source for team line-ups.

Had just about enough of Houllier?
18 Nov - We don't usually give a fig about Liverpool FC but this article by the Independent's resident Evertonian, Brian Viner — in which he explains why "any lingering fondness for Liverpool is ebbing away fast" — is an absolute classic.

On the Up
18 Nov - There is a lot to feel good about with Everton confirming their high league placement courtesy of a fifth successive win. Everton fan James Matthews reviews some of the factors underlying this progress.

Moyes dismisses Rooney "untruths"
17 Nov - The issue of Wayne Rooney's contract may not be concluded until as late as January, but Moyes says he is not unduly concerned. He does want it signed as soon as possible, he admits, so that it puts an end to what he calls "untruths" being perpetrated by some people.

High praise from Alex Ferguson
17 Nov - The Manchester United manager thinks Everton are by far the best team United have played this season? High praise indeed!

Another upbeat Yobo interview
17 Nov - Today's Independent features another interview with Joseph Yobo, which covers some now familiar ground regarding his loan/transfer deal, and his feelings about manager David Moyes.

Osman will not be cup-tied
16 Nov - Everton have withheld permission for Carlisle United to play Leon Osman in their FA Cup 1st Round tie today.  Osman is on loan and could be needed for Everton's campaign come January.

Royle takes Gerrard on loan
16 Nov - Paul Gerrard has gone on a month's loan to Ipswich. He rejoins the manager that brought him to Everton from Oldham in 1996.

Shuddup, you got me at 'Hello'
16 Nov - Bill Kenwright explains how David Moyes convinced him very early in their first meeting that he was the man to lead Everton. This Guardian article has additional musings on derby games and finances in the Premiership.

Academy Plans under scrutiny
15 Nov - Some of the residents of Halewood fear the arrival of Everton's Football Academy on Green Belt farmland would be a bad thing, but there were also some supporters of the scheme at a public meeting held last night.  A decision from Knowsley Council is expected soon...

Where do old footballers go?
15 Nov - Well if you're Gazza and you want to get fit, you go to a fitness expert who has worked with the British Lions as well as Sunderland and Newcastle. Black says "I deeply believe this lad is an exceptional sportsman - still". Too little, too late?

New Head of Marketing
14 Nov - Alex Hosie is a local bloke from Ormskirk who has had an Everton season ticket for a good while and is ready to answer fans' questions at the Official Everton website.  He joins the club from a similar position at Proctor & Gamble.

Improvements across the board
14 Nov - In an effort to cater for the ballooning interest in all things Everton from the Orient, the club are running a Chinese language version of the Official Site. The commercial department on top of their game? Whatever next!

Gemmill determined to stay
14 Nov - Scott Gemmill knows it won't be easy to get back into the Everton first team - even with an injured Linderoth freeing up one potential midfield slot - but he is determined to stay and fight for a chance to play.

From despair to where?
13 Nov - The Soccernet website cannot be counted on for wholly positive or accurate stories about Everton, and their latest Premier Focus piece is no exception, emphasizing doubts and underplaying past achievements (1985?).

Dead-eye Dave
12 Nov - David Unsworth is the official Everton post-war penalty supremo, having now bagged an impressive 20 out of 23, edging ahead of Trevor Steven's 19 from 21.

Reserves back on winning trail
11 Nov - Everton Reserves beat Bolton 2-1 with goals from Nick Chadwick (scoring for the third game in a row) and Alan Moogan, after three successive draws.

Yobo is something else
11 Nov - One of the really special qualities about Everton right now is Joseph Yobo, perhaps the richest find of David Moyes's limited dalliances in the transfer market.  What a trickster!

Player of the Month
11 Nov - The votes are in and we have a first-time winner for August.  Still playing catch-up, we're also asking you to think back to September to pick the player you felt was Everton's that month and vote.

Chelsea Cup Clash on Sky TV
11 Nov - Everton's 4th Round tie at Chelsea will be broadcast live on Sky, kick-off at 7.45pm on Wednesday 4 December.

But then again ... maybe we should
10 Nov - "When a side combines organisation with flair it takes some beating and right now Everton are a heady cocktail of those qualities." When the press start using such words, maybe even David Moyes can forgive us for getting a little excited.

Let's not get too excited
10 Nov - David Moyes warns about getting over-excited with the recent run of good results. "We are rebuilding and moving in the right direction and we just need to keep it even and not get too carried away."

Worthington Cup 4th round: Chelsea
9 Nov - Everton have another tough away-day in the next round of the Worthington Cup having drawn Chelsea. The match will be played at Stamford Bridge in the week beginning 2nd December.

Saying one thing, doing another
9 Nov - The Guardian gets in on the 'give Rooney time and space away from the media glare' angle, while keeping him firmly in its focus.

Spotlight turns from Rooney to Moyes
9 Nov - David Moyes's 'appliance of science' comes into focus at the Independent and Howard Kendall in the Liverpool Echo says it's Moyes who is the "real hero" of Everton's recent revival.

Rooney wins Goal of the Month
8 Nov - Wayne Rooney has won his first award as a senior player — hopefully the first of many trophies — after his goal against Arsenal was chosen as October's Goal of the Month.

What price fame?
8 Nov - The Rooney family car appears to have been vandalised twice in the last fortnight. Everton are said to be considering moving the family to a detached house in West Derby, Liverpool ... with a lock-up garage one hopes!

Red heathens steal plaque
7 Nov - Just as they said they would, jealous numbskulls from the Dark Side have ripped the historic plaque commemorating Everton's formation from the Sandon Hotel in Anfield. The club are offering a reward for its safe return.

Keith Southern signs for Blackpool
7 Nov - Following his highly successful loan spell at Blackpool, Keith Southern, a former captain of the Everton Reserves, has made the move permanent, signing a 2½-year deal with the Seasiders.

Linderoth out for a month
7 Nov - Tobias Linderoth has suffered a hamstring tear that brings to an end his impressive resurgence in the Everton team, just when everything was going so well for him.

Clamouring to see the Blues
6 Nov - Everton have apparently sold out their 5,500 allocation at Ewood Park for the trip to Blackburn and tickets for Saturday's game with Charlton are reportedly going very fast.

Moyes has transformed the club
6 Nov - David Unsworth tells Phil McNulty "We train as we play. We pass the ball and the atmosphere is fantastic". The 'Moyes Revolution' is getting more good press - this time on the BBC.

Live on Sky... next February
5 Nov - The Sky TV cameras will finally make their first visit to Goodison Park this season for live coverage on 23 February, when Everton will now play Southampton.

Alexandersson sidelined by knee injury
5 Nov - Having insisted yesterday that there is no rift between himself and manager Moyes, Niclas Alexandersson now reveals that a worsening knee problem could keep him out of action for the next fortnight.

Pembinho available for Blackburn trip?
5 Nov - It looks for the moment as though Mark Pembridge will be available for the clash with high-flying Blackburn at Ewood Park in a fortnight after all as the Football Association of Wales decided not to force him to play for his country that week.

Goal of the Week
4 Nov - Who else? Graphic analysis by the BBC of the shimmy past Bakke, the surge past Radebe, the arrowed shot past Robinson and the goal that put the Elland Road jinx to bed.

Moyes refuses to rush Rooney
4 Nov - Despite the Roonster's goalscoring exploits, his manager is in no hurry to put him back into the starting line-up, insisting that he will remain on the bench of the foreseeable future.

Radebe haunted by Rooney goal
4 Nov - "I can headbutt a wall, but I don't know how he scored that goal. I thought I had him." So said Leeds defender Lucas Radebe on the strike that ended Everton's long winless streak at Elland Road.

Young Blues beaten in Final
4 Nov - Everton have succumbed to a 2-0 defeat to local rivals Liverpool in the final of the Natwest Senior Cup.

Southern hoping to extend loan
4 Nov - While Peter Clark has returned to Goodison following a 3-month loan at Blackpool, Kevin Southern is hoping to be able to extend his loan at Bloomfield Road to the end of the season.

Everton due £0.5m Materazzi payoff
1 Nov - Everton will enlist the help of FIFA in getting the remaining £500,000 due from Perugia for Marco Materazzi to whom they sold the defender for £2.5m three years ago.

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