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Everton WebBoards & Forums

Web-based Discussion Forums and Message Boards where you can read and post opinions about Everton.

General Discussion — Active

Grand Old Team TW-Affiliated discussion space, run by Danny More
The People's Forum The People's Forum — do try to keep up! More
bullet ToffeeTalk "For thw Thinking Evertonian"  
bullet NSNO Now firmly established and highly trafficked  
bullet BlueKipper Message Board Irreverent avatars, profanity, busy... More
bullet SOS1878 "Class, style, dignity"  
Chuffed to be Blue They don't like us... but do we care?  
bullet Follow Everton One of the newer Web forums for online Blues  
ToffeeTalk Forums Born to be Blue and EFC-Online?  
Everton at BigSoccer.com Quiet board
Everton FC Official Blue Room You must register, and you must behave!! More

Specialty Topics

BlackWatch Predictions League A ToffeeWeb spinoff run by Mikola Williams More
Irish Toffee Chat A meeting place for the Blue boys of Ireland More

Dead and Gone

Kings Dock Discussion Forum
WSAG Message Board
ESCNI Discussion Forum
Goodison Park - Everton FC
Everton-Mad Message Boards
ToffeeNet Forums
Everton Stadium Discussion
EFC-Online.net  (Now ToffeeTalk?)
Everton FC Official Chat Forum
 Fogarty's ToffeeWeb Forums
 BlueView Discussion Forum
 Zog's FIVE Everton Discussion Forums
 The Everton Roundhouse Discussion Forum
 Fans Forum at Express Live

  See also ToffeeWeb's review of Everton Mailing Lists, Chat Rooms, and Newsgroups

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