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The case for defence

Barry Metcalfe
Posted 15/01/2018

What a mess of a season. My guess is that after the Tottenham game Sam Allardyce (if he didn't already know) now fully realises the horrendous mess that Koeman has left the club in.

I actually feel sorry for Moshiri who I firmly believe is ...
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A little immature

Steve Hogan
Posted 10/01/2018

I followed the agenda of last night's AGM as it happened via the Liverpool Echo, who had a reporter there giving a timeline and appropriate updates on what was said by the contributors on stage. For the first time I have began to (ever so slightly...
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We only sing when we're winning?

Tim Wardrop
Posted 02/01/2018

Throughout the period 2000-2011, I was either a season ticket holder at Goodison Park, or a regular match-day attendee (home and away). Since then, for various reasons, I've become an irregular match-day goer (I probably get to four homes and thr...
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Why change a winning formula?

Adam Baig
Posted 02/01/2018

Why change a winning formula?

Pick a back 4 and stick with it – check
Take each game individually – check
Find a way of playing Rooney and Sigurdsson together – check
Give players renewed confidence – check

Then – two ...
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Comfort and Joy

Darren Hind
Posted 22/12/2017

God bless you, Merry Toffeemen, let nothing you dismay
For Everton have sacked Koeman and Big Sam is here to stay
We may not like his football but this is how we play

In Eighteen we will all forget our cares
All of our cares
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What impact does Birmingham hosting the commonwealth games have on our stadium

Dean Johnson
Posted 21/12/2017

With Birmingham being awarded the commonwealth games, what does this mean for the design of the new stadium ?

I haven't seen any news since and so was wondering if any esteemed ToffeeWeb-ers have heard anything...
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Who should we buy in January?

Andy Crooks
Posted 19/12/2017

I suggest no-one. We are not going to be relegated, we are not going to be top four, we could win the FA Cup with what we have and a couple of panic signings are unlikely to increase our chances.

I would like the coach to continue to give ex...
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Managers v Philosophers

Martin Reppion
Posted 11/12/2017

We have heard a lot in recent years about managers who have a 'philosophy'. This is usually an overseas coach who shuns the typical British work ethic in favour of pretty, passing football. Sometimes, they are successful such as Pep Guardiola. Someti...
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Stayaway fans

Nick Wall
Posted 02/12/2017

Sam Allardyce certainly isn't the answer to all my prayers. But I'm curious: more than just a few fans are declaring that they won't watch Everton / renew their season ticket while he's in charge. Why?

There appear to be three main lines of ...
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What's our best team?

Peter Laing
Posted 01/12/2017

Now that the dust has finally settled regarding the controversial Managerial appointment of Sam Allardyce and his backroom staff I for one welcome a return to looking at matters on the pitch.

Allardyce undoubtedly has a penchant for experie...
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Our greatest ever goal

Don Alexander
Posted 30/11/2017

Quite simply folks some of the TV punters have acclaimed Wayne Rooney's third goal as just that, our greatest ever, and that may be the case.

What do you think though, and if you differ, what WAS the greatest ever in your opinion?

For me the scre...
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No left back!

Steve Ferns
Posted 30/11/2017

Everton's official Premier League Squad for the 2017-18 season as listed on the Premier League website is as follows:

25 Squad players (*=Home grown)

Baines, Leighton John*
Barkley, Ross*
Besic, Muhamed
Bolasie, Yannick* » Read

Back to basics

Gareth Clark
Posted 28/11/2017

Let’s start off on a nervy note - I think we made a huge mistake letting Koeman go... and if I were in charge, I’d try to get him back.

A big issue is that our fans have a huge say, which is a great thing, until we hit a rough patch. Wh...
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Sending the wrong message

Rupert Sullivan
Posted 28/11/2017

I know that Everton are currently in a difficult situtaion, the results are bad, morale seems worse and the whole picture looks very black... Surely then, this is all the more reason then NOT to appoint a someone like Allardyce?The club should be lo...
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Crisis not Catastrophe. Keep Calm

Peter Fearon
Posted 28/11/2017

May I sound a note of optimism amid all the gloom and doom? Contrary to many fans whose posts I have read I do not believe for one nanosecond that we will be relegated this season. So pervasive is the negativity that I read one post today that see...
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State of mind

Simon Smith
Posted 27/11/2017

Is Michael Keane up for the fight or is he really injured?

Some might say he does not have the mental strength for a dog fight and can be a bit fragile when we need to show a spine.

I guess only time will tell so watch this space and let's see...
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Take your pick

Carl Taylor
Posted 26/11/2017

Whilst watching another embarrassing capitulation against a Southampton side who prior to playing us couldn't hit a barn door, I began to think about how awful our squad actually is. I started to consider which players other teams would covet. Forget...
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Now's the time for an inquest

Mike Oates
Posted 26/11/2017

We are in crisis and can’t decide how we manage our way out of it, either with in-house Unsworth, or a true-brit, tried and tested manager, Allardyce or Dyche, or splash the cash and get a true European tried and tested, Ancelotti or Tuchel or go o...
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It’s the fans' fault this form

David Gill
Posted 24/11/2017

Blame Koeman. He probably played his part but it’s more the fans' fault.

People at the club keep calling us fantastic fans. I have to disagree.

I’m going to refer to us fans as “you” because I sing on my own most of the time.

You lot ...
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Our proactive board

Rick Tarleton
Posted 24/11/2017

Just over a month ago, our Board made the correct decision and sacked Ronald Koeman. No problem there. One assumed they had some idea of whom they wanted to succeed the highly paid Dutchman. Big names like Ancelotti and Tuchel were bandied around....
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