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Gaz Smith
Posted 22/10/2017

I know he's injured and he (apparently) wants out, and I don't know how much Koeman has to do with it... but anyone remember how Thomas Gravesen stepped up when he was looking for a transfer?

I don't know about the rest of you but I'd at this put I...
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Has there ever been a worse time to be an Evertonian?

Jonathan Tasker
Posted 22/10/2017

Back in 1998, Colin Shindler, a Man. City fan , wrote a brilliant book entitled “Manchester United ruined my life.” Right now, I really wish I could publish the same about Everton, except I won’t be blaming another team, I would just be dire...
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Merseyside v North London

Rick Tarleton
Posted 22/10/2017

Having watched both the games and I thoroughly enjoyed the second game, let me spell out the difference between Liverpool's problems and ours. Let's ignore one huge point, they have attacking talent and we don't. Let's just concentrate on the way we ...
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Summer Madness

Mike Oates
Posted 16/10/2017

I am, like thousands of Everton fans elsewhere, totally aghast at the dire fare we have to put up with at the moment. You can use as many words as you want to try and describe the team at the moment – shapeless, rudderless, tactically inept, chara...
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Lukaku, Stones, Barkley and the betrayal of Everton

Andy Crooks
Posted 10/10/2017

I suggest that many Evertonians think we need the following:

A 20-goal-a-season striker, a creative midfielder with guile, and a footballing central defender who can pass. We had all three... three players who are as good as any, in my view,...
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Realistically, who's in the frame?

Kevin Tully
Posted 10/10/2017

The vast majority of Blues want to see Koeman replaced. Hopefully, the Board are sounding out potential replacements, as we can all see where this is heading.

Who can we get? In no particular order, here's a quick rundown of names who coul...
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Be bold. Try this out

Nizam Darwish
Posted 06/10/2017

I've been a Toffee fan since the 1970s and I dare say this current team has got talent. The problem with people nowadays is we expect instant results. 11 players assembled in less than 2 months are expected to play like Barcelona – fluid soccer wi...
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Can the class of '92 be repeated with the Everton U20 World cup winners?

Paul Holmes
Posted 05/10/2017

Mark Twain once said in a quote that history does not repeat itself but it often rhymes. So if this is true then why can't Everton build a team around the five youngsters that won the U20 World Cup?

Dowell, Davies, Lookman, Dominic Calvert-Lewin an...
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It was never the players!

Jim Wilson
Posted 03/10/2017

The only crumb of comfort I have from this horrific mess Koeman has put us in (and it is horrific and so unnecessary) is that players like Jagielka, Coleman, McCarthy, Barry, Barkley, Mirallas, Kone (probably the most derided), McGeady, who have all ...
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Decision Time

Kevin Tully
Posted 30/09/2017

It seems years ago now, but can you believe it was only January this year, Mr Moshiri stood up at the Everton AGM to outline his ambitions for the club?

"It is not enough to say 'We are special',” he explained. “We don’t want to be a ...
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Tips for Mr Koeman

Derek Neerkin
Posted 29/09/2017

Dear Mr Koeman,

Following on from your various after-match summaries over the past month, it would appear that the problem with the team not only stems from a lack of confidence or a lack of fight, but it could be from what I have seen to be a lack...
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Carlo Ancelotti

Peter Larkin
Posted 28/09/2017

Ok, ToffeeWebbers, simple question: would you take Mr Ancelotti at our great club?

Here's a man that simply wins them shiny things that we all crave at L4. With a great European pedigree, having worked for some of the elite clubs around Europe, an...
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A voice from afar...

Jay Harris
Posted 21/09/2017

After the recent 'lynch mob' vs 'apologists' wrestling match it was reassuring to come across an interview with Blues legend Kevin Sheedy, now working in Saudi Arabia. He explains that he left the Blues on very good terms, had not fallen out with ...
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What’s changed for Ginger Ron?

Scott Hall
Posted 20/09/2017

I am happy to admit that when we appointed Ronald Koeman, a man linked with ‘bigger things’ as far as the media were concerned, I felt we’d done well and got a decent manager. I say 'decent' because I thought he would take us forward for two...
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All I am saying, is give homegrown a chance....

Stuart Bellamy
Posted 19/09/2017

This is my first time posting an article on Toffeeweb, but I’d like to suggest an entirely new way forward for the club as a talking point. I think this will be a ground breaking approach in the current era and could transform the team to the wi...
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The One-Man Wrecking Ball

Brian Porter  
Posted 18/09/2017

Before anyone talks about giving Koeman more time, it's worth remembering that a heck of a lot of Saints fans were happy to see the back of him. But let's also remember what happened to Valencia under Koeman's leadership. I know I'm repeating much of...
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Fresh start?

Peter Larkin
Posted 14/09/2017

Firstly, I'm not going slate the manager, players, board or anyone connected with Everton regarding our recent "displays" – that's been done to death by me and by many others now.

Sometimes, a manager – for whatever reason – just doesn...
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Passing and Shooting

David Peate
Posted 12/09/2017

A match between Newtown and Everton Combination was played in Newtown in November 1895. The Montgomeryshire County Times reported on the game. The following is an extract from that report from which I trust that the present Everton management will ...
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Andy Crooks
Posted 09/09/2017

This post is not a reaction to today's game – I was going to write it yesterday. I have grave concerns about our team. We have invested a huge amount in the Koeman project. He is vastly paid. It will take time... but I expect signs of improvemen...
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Such early confidence has turned to desperation

Paul Harrison
Posted 31/08/2017

I have only ever written one article on here before. The gist of it was saying that,, when Chelsea then Man City and others got new owners, it must have felt like dreamland for their supporters as they now shopped in Harrods.

At the time Everton ha...
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