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You're NOT going to believe THIS!

Eugene Ruane
Posted 22/05/2017

I understand that during the summer, newspapers (certainly the tabloids) get desperate (well..even MORE desperate) for football stories.

However it isn’t really a problem for them, as they can/do/will simply invent a load of space-filler shit...
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What does Alisher Usmanov's failure to take over Arsenal mean for Everton?

Jim Hardin
Posted 20/05/2017

It has been reported in the Guardian and other news outlets that Stan Kroenke has knocked back Usmanov's $1.3 billion attempt to take over Arsenal. Given the ties between Usmanov and Moshiri, could it mean that Everton is in line to be the next c...
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Rare Everton memorabilia in auction

Rowena  Turner
Posted 19/05/2017

Adam Partridge Auctioneers of Liverpool has rare and early Everton memorabilia coming up for sale 7th June 2017. To include the following items:

An early season ticket for 1910-1911.
A 1897 gold end-of-season medallion.
A rare 1907 suppor...
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U23 Player of the Year

Liam Reilly
Posted 19/05/2017

I see the only player from Everton to be nominated for the U23 Player of the year is 'Liam Walsh'.

Surely if he's the best in that league then he must be knocking on the first team door. I know he's suffered a few injuries but he's yet to even m...
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U23s - Contract Review

Alasdair Mackay
Posted 09/05/2017

I was looking, like thousands of other Evertonians, at the pictures of our incredible U23s lifting the Premier League Trophy and it got me thinking. What will become of this golden generation?

I decided to look over the contract situation fo...
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The 7th-best team finish 7th

Andy Crooks
Posted 08/05/2017

I just watched Chelsea beat Middlesbrough 3-0 tonight. How many of our team would get in theirs? Maybe Lukaku who would be surrounded by better players... maybe not. In fact, I doubt that any of our team would get into any of the sides above us. W...
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Goals alone do not an idol make

Frank Mullin
Posted 07/05/2017

Evertonians young and old alike have made idols over the years of a select group of centre-forwards who have demonstrated their unique qualities, which, more often than not, included scoring goals in abundance. Some, but not all, have been part of...
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Buy or Scout to bridge the gap?

Phillip Warrington
Posted 01/05/2017

The result against Chelsea and other results against the top six teams have shown us to be too slow, not technical enough. We can't break down technically good teams (apart from odd results); players lack ambition and the courage to attack and boss t...
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Fans as scouts?

Sam Hoare
Posted 28/04/2017

I just had a crazy idea. Not for the first time. I was about to post something on one of the rumour threads when it occurred to me how many Everton fans there are who (like me) spend hours and hours watching football matches, other than Everton on...
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Ross for sale but not Rom?

Gerard McKean
Posted 26/04/2017

Over the last 6 or 7 years, Everton have become a real “smoke and mirrors” outfit – we never quite know what’s real and what’s not. Of course there is a need for discretion and we were once renowned for the club’s stealth in signing ne...
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ESCLA event in London

Rob Madigan
Posted 26/04/2017

ESCLA along with EitC present 'Everton in the Capital' Charity Casino

To thank our London-based blues, we at ESCLA have decided to have an event before our last London game every season beginning with our final league match ...
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Where is Gana?

David Pearl
Posted 26/04/2017

Having been substituted in the last 2 games you might think its only just come to my attention... but he seems to have lost his mojo since returning from the AFCON. It might be his partnership with Morgan. Perhaps he is missing Barry. Or is it tha...
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Romelu Lukaku – Real Deal or the Cherry on the Cake?

Carl Waldron
Posted 24/04/2017

With the astronomical and ever-increasing fee for Romelu Lukaku being touted in the press and Ronald Koeman’s stated desire to keep him at the club, I began to think about how important he is to the team.

I must confess, I began my musings thi...
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What happened to Easter football?

David Flint
Posted 17/04/2017

Remember them playing games Saturday and Monday during the Easter weekend?

I could just leave the article at that and let the message boards do the rest.Seriously, though, since 2007 we’ve only played a double-header at Easter once (in 20...
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An Ideal Summer

Martin Clark
Posted 17/04/2017

With the season end fast approaching we start to wonder what we might need to take the next step and get into the Champions League.

If it wasn't for our poor run towards the start of the season we may of actually made it this year suggesting that...
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Atletico's new stadium

Adrian Evans
Posted 16/04/2017

Dear all, a Toffee since 1962, aged 8. I am definitely dead-set against an athletics track around our new stadium pitch. Never, ever... we are used to being close to the pitch, giving a great intimate intimidating atmosphere... I'd rather stay at...
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The Barkley Dilemma

Steve Hogan
Posted 10/04/2017

The yob who punched Ross Barkley in the face on Sunday night, in what was a completely unprovoked attack, might have just been enough to tip the player into thinking about a move in the summer?

The goldfish bowl that can be living on Merseyside at ...
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Lukaku vs Rooney vs ??

Andy Osborne
Posted 08/04/2017

Lukaku is not signing a new contract and is probably off to Chelsea at the end of the season. My initial opinion is if he doesn't want to play for us, sell him and spend the money on someone else. But who? Strong rumours that Rooney could be heading ...
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John Keating
Posted 06/04/2017

I am just wondering if we have possibly jumped the gun on getting rid of Niasse.

I do not for one minute mean as a replacement for Lukaku, but is he any worse than Valencia or Kone as our back-up striker?

It appears that having been given a run a...
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Stadium vs Squad

Kieran Fitzgerald
Posted 03/04/2017

There has been a lot of talk this season about it being a period of transition, both on and off the pitch.

Off the pitch, naming rights for the training ground, the binding together of our loans into a single interest-free one by Moshiri, a...
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