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[Season Diary]

Full Season 2002-03

If it happened and it was Everton-related, it's right here in the comprehensive Season Diary.
Items are in reverse chronological order (more recent first). 

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 Season 2002-03 — All the news and snippets
 June 2003


News Headlines & Features

Franny wants to come home
28 Jun - The media have glommed on to this story giving a boost to Francis Jeffers and his much-rumoured desire to return to Goodison Park, where he believes he could establish a fine on-field partnership with his good off-field mate, Wayne Rooney.  Never go back, is what they say in football; how many Everton fans who were outraged by Jeffers's goal celebration against the Blues [Wasn't he just proving a point? - Ed] could swallow a prodigal return?

Now four Sky games before Christmas
26 Jun - Rooney or not, Everton are featured in only four live TV games on Sky during the first half of the season, with just one pay-per-view game added:

  • v Liverpool (h), Sat 30 Aug
  • v Middlesbrough (a), Sun 21 Sep (PPV)
  • v Southampton (h), Sun 19 Oct
  • v Blackburn (a), Mon 10 Nov

How The League Was Won!
24 Jun - A sneak peek at the upcoming season, courtesy of the vivid imagination of Colm Kavanagh, who's been at the poteen while drafting this marvellous tome.  No detail is spared as the great Everton rollercoaster plunges Blues fans through untold lows and unbelievable highs in a nerve-wracking season that completely fulfills the hype surrounding our 125th anniversary.  Read it and weep.

McLeod rejects 12-month deal
22 Jun - The signs are that Kevin McLeod will leave Everton after he rejected a 12-month contract that demonstrates the limited view from Moyes et al of his future potential at Premiership level.  Having impressed in QPR's unsuccessful bid to climb out of Division 2 via the playoffs, it appears that he would prefer to secure a longer-term deal that promised first-team football.  This will probably be in Division 1, possibly with WBA?

More games to go *live*
20 Jun - New TV packages for the season after next have been announced with bids invited from Sky, BBC, ITV, and whomever.  But many fans will not be happy about more akward kick-off times (1pm and 5pm on Saturdays) in addition to the now established Sunday (4pm) and Monday (8pm) slots.  The new packages go into effect for August 2004.

Away to the Arsenal
19 Jun - Everton will open the new season with a trip to Highbury on 16 August. Fulham at home was the widely rumoured opener but this is actually Everton's first home game the following week. The Goodison derby game comes early, on 30 August, with the return at Anfield coming at the end of January.

Everton de Chile top the league
17 Jun - Everton's counterparts in Viña del Mar, Chile, are top of the Chilean B Division, unbeaten after 10 games in the first half of the season.  Promotion to the top flight is obviously the prime objective after the Club has languished in the B Division for the last few seasons.

Wright injury more serious
16 Jun - It seems that Richard Wright's injury is a bit more serious than first reported; he apparently fell from a ladder and damaged his shoulder, which will now need to be strapped for six to eight weeks.  Wright will almost certainly miss most of the pre-season training and could be sildelined for the first few games of the season.

An unlikely Hampden Hero
15 Jun - In the Sunday Mail, journalist Rob Maclean sings the praises of "Scotland's biggest on-field asset", none other than Gary Naysmith.  Against Germany, Berti Voigts played the Everton star at left-back, in contrast to the midfield role favoured for him by David Moyes, but the lad "looked a class act ... His performance was quiet and understated."

No imminent signings
13 Jun - It's Official!  Nowt happening at Goodison Park with regard to transfers until July at the earliest.  So, despite us pushing the Rumour Mill to the limit these past few weeks with every crack-brained piece of nonsense we could find in the Internet media, those of you who thirst for the first breathtaking news of the next fabulous new signing will just have to chill.  It ain't gonna happen.  That's what Mr Moyes says.  And he should know!

A moving tribute to Colin Harvey
12 Jun - Over on the Bluekipper website, Mickey Blue Eyes has written an absolutely superb tribute to Colin Harvey, full of personal recollections and an intense perception of the greatness that was Colin Harvey, a player who epitomised the last class in the School of Science under the exceptional management of Harry Catterick era.

Disappointment for Rooney
11 Jun - Wayne Rooney played up-front with Owen until the 58th minute of the vital Euro 2004 qualifier against Slovakia at the Riverside tonight — only his second start in a full England shirt.  But it was not a good performance from The Boy, who was getting little service up front and having to come deep.  He picked up a knock on his knee (the same one with earlier ligament damage?) soon after the restart, coming off just minutes before Owen won and converted an equalizing penalty, then took a superb header to give England the lead.

Colin Harvey to leave Everton
10 Jun - Three hip-replacement operations have finally taken their toll and Colin Harvey, the Under-19 Academy boss, is about to call an end to his career with Everton. With his testimonial match against Parma coming up on 10 August, he says "it's as nice a time to go as any". A member of what many consider Everton's all time best midfield of Harvey-Kendall-Ball, he says "It's my time as a player that I'll treasure more than anything else. To be an Everton supporter and go on to play almost 400 games for the first team means more to me than anything and that's what's given me the biggest satisfaction".

Rooney was a bit wild
8 Jun - Serbian defender Nenad Djordjevic reckons Wayne Rooney was a bit wild and reckless when he came on for the second half last week, but the England manager is very clear about what Wayne Rooney can do for the England team, and is expected to start the youngster alongside Michael Owen in Wednesday's Euro 2004 Qualifier against Slovakia. This second article in The People makes some interesting points about Rooney's development, including something about a plate in his wrist!

Everton proposal accepted
6 Jun - Everton's proposal to include more flexibility in the payment of transfer fees between Premiership clubs has been accepted.  Clubs will now have the option of agreeing deals that include payment plans extending over the life of the player's contract, bringing the Premiership into line with the continent.
Will it have any effect on the number of foreign players in the Premiership? Vote Now.

Shares mean much more than money
5 Jun - Steve Luengo-Jones responds to yesterday's article by Paul Holmes, our Devil's Advocate.  One of the drawbacks of publishing provocative items from Paul is that he sometimes mixes into his analyses what look like facts but turn out to be suppositions or, worse, factual inaccuracies.  The article we published yesterday strongly implied that Everton Directors draw unspecified amounts in salary for their troubles.  We understand that this is completely false.  Not one of the Club's directors is salaried; they do not claim one penny between them — they do not even claim expenses.

More Questions than Answers
4 Jun - Following on from the success of the Reform Group in revitalizing Everton Shareholders Association on Monday, Paul Holmes, our Devil's Advocate, expresses some reservations about buying Everton shares as an investment — especially when considering the role now played by True Blue Holdings, Bill Kenwright's independent company that helped him secure the purchase of Peter Johnson's majority stake three years ago.

Gregg going it alone at the Dock
3 Jun - Paul Gregg, the co-owner of Everton Football Club alongside Bill Kenwright and the richest of the current Board of Directors, is reportedly putting together a new proposal for developing an arena and conference center at the Kings Dock without Everton's involvement after the club's bid for the prestigious site officially collapsed in February. Former Goodison director and major opponent of Everton's Kings Waterfront plan Desmond Pitcher is believed to be part of Gregg's new bid.

Yobo: a key signing
3 Jun - Everton fan Sean Watson explains why he sees the recent full transfer of Joseph Yobo as a critical step in the team-building process David Moyes has started.  There's no doubt that Yobo is class, and can do the business for us, provided he does not succumb to the same stresses that limited the success of other Everton players form West Africa...

Academy Clearout
1 Jun - The end of May usually sees a number of Everton's Youth Academy and Reserves players released following a determination by the staff that they are unlikely to make the grade in Premiership football.  This year, George Pilkington, who featured in 20 Reserves games last season, has been let go, along with five Academy players who also racked up appearances for the Reserves or Under-19s: Steven Beck, David Carney, Martin Crowder, Franklyn Colbeck, and Robert Southern.


Snippets & Rumours

Reserves move to Southport
30 Jun - Everton Reserves have moved out of the Halton Stadium in Widnes due to pitch problems, and will now play their 'home' games at Haig Avenue in Southport.

Looking after Wayne
29 Jun - Sven Goran Eriksson rather states the obvious in this News of the World  story.

Nyarko told to turn up for training
26 Jun - It will be interesting to see how Alex Nyarko responds to life back at Bellefield... assuming he will actually return on 3 July.

Sheeds gets the boot as well
26 Jun - Former Everton great Kevin Sheedy has followed Mike Newell out the door at Hartlepool United after the club relieved of his assistant manager duties.

Goodison to host England U-21s
24 Jun - Goodison Park will host an international fixture for the first time since 1973 (not the 1966 World Cup, as is stated erroneously in this story) when England U-21s take on Portugal on 9th September.

Pilkington joins Port Vale
24 Jun - After being released by Everton last month, George Pilkington has joined Port Vale.

Jevons payments causing problems
24 Jun - It's a nice idea, in theory, to get appearance-related payments for ex-Everton players at their new clubs... unless that prevents them from being picked!

Live TV for Rangers game?
24 Jun - Everton's pre-season game against Rangers could well be carried live by the Irish satellite channel, Setanta, who also transmit Old Firm games to Europe and North America.

The new Rooney?
23 Jun - Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Blackburn among others want him but he's a mad Blue and Everton are believed to be in pole position to secure the schoolboy contract of 11 year-old Adam Pepper who is, somewhat ridiculously, already valued at £5m!

Nigeria make the finals...
23 Jun - ... of the African Nations Cup, which means that Joseph Yobo could miss a few key Everton matches in the early weeks of 2004.

Gazza a no-show in China
21 Jun - Relegation-threatened Chinese Second Division club Gansu Tianma are threatening legal action if an AWOL Paul Gascoigne doesn't return to duty immediately. The troubled star took leave to attend an alcohol rehab centre in the US in April.

Everton kid in England U-17 squad
21 Jun - Sean Wright, who played a number of games for Everton youth teams last season, will provide some interest for Everton fans watching the upcoming 4 nations Under-17 tournament next month on Sky Sports.

Amo now a manager
18 Jun - Daniel Amokachi, FA Cup winner with Everton in 1995, has succumbed to a troublesome knee injury and taken the role of manager for the Nigerian U-23 side.

Preki — still going strong
17 Jun - One-time Everton player Preki is still going strong for Kansas City Wizards in MLS, where he leads the scoring ranks on the eve of his 40th birthday.

Rooney gets a month off
12 Jun - Wayne Rooney, along with the other internationals in the Everton squad, will get a full month off from now until he returns to Bellefield a week after the other players for pre-season training in July.

Everton get 'Community Mark' award
12 Jun - Everton have received recognition for their 'Football in the Community' programme. The 'Community Mark' award was presented by Business in the Community, whose patron is the Prince of Wales.

Gravesen & Carsley in form
11 Jun - Both Lee Carsley and Thomas Gravesen performed well for Ireland and Denmark respectively, Gravesen scoring against Luxembourg.

O'Hanlon on International duty
11 Jun - Sean O'Hanlon has traveled to France with the England U-20 squad for this year's Toulon Tournament.

King Colin
11 Jun - Len Capeling pays a glowing tribute to retiring legend Colin Harvey in the Daily Post today.  He says, "Every Evertonian worthy of the name will move heaven and earth to salute him at his Goodison testimonial on August 10".  We certainly hope so.

Rooney not one-dimensional
10 Jun - Over-the-top adulation of Rooney as England's (and Sven's) massive hope for the future, from Arsenal columnist Myles Palmer.

Clarke in England U-21 win
10 Jun - Peter Clarke was a key member of the England U-21 team that beat Slovakia 2-0 to maintain their challenge on group leaders Turkey.

Everton hold season-ticket sales
9 Jun - With 24,000 season tickets sold for next season, Everton are putting new applications on a waiting list until 21 June, with the intention of capping them at 27,000.

Mad Dog good for Denmark again
8 Jun - Tommy Gravesen was again in fine form for Denmark, playing an important role in their 1-0 win over Norway.  So why can't he do it for Everton every week?

Naysmith in for Scotland
7 Jun - Gary Naysmith played at left-back for Scotland in a good result for them, drawing 1-1 at home to Germany in their Euro 2004 qualifier.

Pre-season friendlies confirmed
5 Jun - The official website has listed all the pre-season friendlies for next season. After a short trip to Austria, matches in Scotland, including the first against Rangers for six years, await the first team squad.

More accolades for Moyes
5 Jun - David Moyes was voted Manager of the Year by SkyTV Viewers and a panel of pundits that included George Best and Charlie Nicholas. Said the latter, "He's got the best out of a fairly average team".

Club hires new Commercial Manager
4 Jun - Former New Brighton Director of Rugby Alastair Saverimutto has been appointed as Everton's new Commercial Manager.

Hibbert's hernia
4 Jun - Tony Hibbert has undergone a second hernia operation. Everton nevertheless expect him to be ready to begin pre-season training in July.

Reserves ditch Halton Stadium
4 Jun - Everton Reserves will no longer be playing their home games at the Halton Stadium in Widnes following criticism of the condition of the playing surface. Southport's Haig Avenue has been suggested as a potential alternative.

Wayne in form for England
3 Jun - Wayne Rooney performed well enough as he came on to play the second half for England against Serbia & Montenegro tonight.

Shareholders shakeout
3 Jun - At an action-packed Annual General Meeting last night, the old guard of the Everton Shareholders Association were ousted in a coup led by now-Chairman John Sinnott and now-Vice Chairman Steve Allinson. At the BlueKipper website, Mickey Blue Eyes gives his personal view of the night's events

Ferguson gets 3 match ban
3 Jun - Duncan Ferguson has received a three-match ban for his stray elbow on Joey Gudjonsson in the final game of last season against Aston Villa. The ban will take effect from the beginning of next season.

Transfers round the slow bend
2 Jun - Everton's predicament of high wages, and a new proposal (to be made at the forthcoming Premier League annual meeting) of paying for transfer fees over the lifespan of a player's contract, get mentioned in this sobering look at the inactivity in the transfer market. This is one for the players to read!

Captain Yobo scores
2 Jun - Joseph Yobo captained Nigeria's Super Eagles and scored one of their goals in the 3-0 defeat of Cameroon on Sunday. The result meant Nigeria also won the annual LG Cup tournament.

Li Tie deal no clearer or nearer
2 Jun - Quite a few websites are posting the same story about the deal that David Moyes just can't seem to clinch. Li Tie's Chinese team want more money. Welcome to the club!

Rooney's no-go bar
1 Jun - Image rights are big money these days and it comes as no surprise that the Rooney family have taken umbrage to publican Ken Speed naming a bar after Wayne and plastering the wall with Rooney memorabilia.

Like a house on fire
1 Jun - Steven Gerrard tells all about how well he gets on with Wayne Rooney at the England get-togethers and how they became the best of friends. He also says of Wayne "He's not as good as people think he is ... he's better".


 May 2003


News Headlines & Features

Another chance to invest in EFC
28 May - Since advertising Everton Shares for sale last week, we have learnt that there are two or three more shares available for private sale, but at a significantly lower price.  These shares are being offered for £1,475 each, which represents a substantial saving and shows the relatively wide range in current valuation.  If you are interested in becoming a shareholder for this more reasonable outlay, use our feedback page via the above link to send a message to The Editor — and include your e.mail address. (For those who have applied already, your details have been passed on to the new seller.)

Shareholders Association AGM
27 May - The forthcoming AGM of the Everton Shareholders Association next Monday promises to be an interesting one, with the Development Proposals put forward by the Reform Group slated for discussion.  This notice includes details of the AGM, and information about how you can join the Shareholders Association (if you are a shareholder).

Are you an Everton Shareholder?
26 May - This week, we are putting the focus on ownership of Everton Shares in the run-up to an important meeting of the Everton Shareholders Association next Monday.  ESA is the oldest group of its kind in the world, but is still open to change and growth.  A group of shareholders are proposing some reforms that would enhance the role of the association and give more meaning to ownership of shares in the Club.  The linked article provides an introduction to the Reform Group's manifesto.

Now you see him...
24 May - Reading the latest contribution from Everton commentor, Scrote, you could not help believing that Paul Gregg is not the kind of Director Everton fans want (as if the choice was up to them anyway!).  But the ToffeeWeb Viewpoint is that Everton fans should never forget the vital role Paul Gregg played in enabling Bill Kenwright to gain control of the Club from Peter Johnson.  Perhaps the emotional fallout over Kings Dock would not have happened without a stadium ownership requirement that eventually proved to be unattainable.

A Message of Thanks
22 May - Kevin Campbell, Everton's Team Captain and top scorer for the 2002/03 season, has dropped us a line at ToffeeWeb Towers with the following message: "Please pass on a message of thanks from me to all Everton supporters this season on behalf of the whole team. We really do value your contribution." It's probably a good time as well for us to thank him, the team and the Moyessiah for restoring the pride to the Royal Blue jersey and for their stellar efforts in securing our best finish in seven years. So, thanks lads!

A new idea for Goodison Park
22 May - Peter Fearon thinks there is another option for a new Everton stadium that has not been considered yet, but would be very workable.  Read his ideas on what could be done to take more advantage of the land Everton currently own at Goodison Park.

The Supercar Stadium
20 May - We have some early reaction to yesterday's news about possible plans for a new Everton Stadium near Stanley Park. A new subscriber in our Fans Comment section, who goes by the name of Scrote, looks on the scheme with a jaundiced eye in the wake of the Kings Dock collapse. 

Beam me up, Scotty!
19 May - Everton are in talks with developers and urban regeneration expert David Taylor with a view to building a new 60,000 all-seater stadium on the banks of the Mersey at the Central Docks in the north of Liverpool. Taylor's proposal, which started out as Liverpool's fallback plan, is a "mixed-use scheme, including residential, leisure, pubs and bars and a dedicated train station on the nearby Northern Line close to the listed Stanley Dock warehouse." Let's just hope that ridiculous-looking spaceship design isn't part of the plan and that they go for something more, well, befitting Everton FC... like the original Kings Dock artist's impressions!

Show Him The Money
19 May - Neil Wolstenholme is usually as sober as a judge when it comes to money...  but he clearer sees the need for firm financial investment in future team-building by the Everton Board to sustain the Moyes Miracle.  And the time for this is now.  Support for David Moyes in the transfer market will be vital if a very damaging second-season slump is to be avoided.  Neil maintains it is up to us fans to press the Board and let them know our high expectations at every opportunity.

Taking the Michael
16 May - Recent pronouncements from Michael Dunford that clearly back-track over ground we thought had already been sorted regarding the status of Joseph Yobo has got Mr Kavanagh a bit upset.  He is not alone in wanting to see some of the Premiership prize money given to the man who earnt it: David Moyes.  However, as Neil Wolstenholme will explain next in his revealing financial analysis, it just isn't going to be that simple...

Looking to advance
16 May - The season is over and the pundits are creeping out of the woodwork to give their opinions on where the Everton manager needs to make changes in order for him to continue to make progress with his team of "no-stars". Gemmill and Gravesen seem to head the list of deadwood that needs to be pruned so as to allow some promising young growth to flourish.

So near and yet so far
13 May - Well, it was a wonderful ride filled with moments to cherish — Rooney's wonder goals, last-gasp victories, flirtations with the Champions League — but after sitting safely in the top six for six months, Everton missed out on European qualification at the death thanks largely to a collapse in form just when it mattered. Lyndon Lloyd takes a disappointed but optimistic look at Season 2002/03 and tries to make sense of why it all went wrong.

12 May - Daniel Kemp sums up the feeling of failure brought on by Everton's disasterous end-of-season form that saw us lose 4 out of the last 5 games and slip out of Europe at the final insurmountable hurdle.  Is the Intertoto Cup the answer?  Well, it might have been, Daniel, but the time to get our name in the hat is long since gone.  Other than that, Daniel finds many positives to underline at the end of Act 1 of the Moyes Miracle.

A bridge too far
11 May - Everton's relinquishment of their European dream is complete following defeat to Manchester United at Goodison and Blackburn's emphatic 4-0 destruction of pathetic Spurs at White Hart Lane. Kevin Campbell capitalised on a Roy Carroll error to score his 50th goal for Everton and make it 1-0 after 8 mins but United responded as expected and David Beckham scored an unstoppable direct free kick just before half time. In the second half, United hit the post for the third time and Rooney missed a sitter from 2 yards and then sprinted clear but pulled his shot wide with just Carroll to beat. Then, van Nistlerooy went to ground, Mike Riley awarded a penalty and it was curtains for our UEFA Cup chances. The silver lining? We finished 7th and Liverpool miss out on the Champions League.

Rodrigo Released
11 May - David Moyes has confirmed that he won't be taking up a £3m option to sign Juliano Rodrigo permanently, despite his continuing recovery from a cruciate knee ligament injury. Citing the fact that Rodrigo's injury hasn't yet healed, the Toffees' manager feels his limited funds will be needed elsewhere as he seeks to bolster his squad for next season. The Brazilian made just a handful of substitute appearances before tearing his ligaments in training back in September.

Mission Impossible
8 May - As Everton gear up for the most important match of the season, it's hard to ignore the horrible fact that with Blackburn visiting a poor Tottenham side, the Blues will probably have to do something they haven't done for eight years in order to qualify for Europe: beat Manchester United. With the opportunity to introduce Chadwick or Osman long gone, David Moyes is likely to stick with the same tired line-up, but the supreme irony is that the player who could be the decisive factor in our season is the one man who has played no part in getting the Blues to their current league position in the first place... Duncan Ferguson!

The Yobo Scenario
7 May - The situation regarding Joseph Yobo's status seems as confusing as ever, with the Club and the player apparently under differing perceptions of their contractual relationship with each other, especially regarding the length of their respective commitments.  Nick Armitage is a little worried about this nonsense, and the obvious negative effect it has had on his playing form for Everton — which has lurched from world-class to not very good.  This summer should see some clarification, but could equally herald the untimely departure of this excellent player.

Building on a Bright Start
6 May - Having worked wonders during his first full season as Everton manager, David Moyes has the daunting task of improving on the enormous progress the club has made so far under his tenure.  Everton fan Shaun Cox describes his hopes the coming summer and next season.

Hope Springs Eternal
5 May - One of the most critical commentators we have at ToffeeWeb is Paul Holmes, who goes by the name of Iconoclast — and for good reason — when he posts (now somewhat irregularly) on Everton internet forums.  Playing his favoured role as Devil's Advocate in his latest submission, Paul is highly critical of the Kings Dock fiasco, which has disappeared amid a whimper of disappointment, and writes some almost positive comments — laced, of course with dire projections of what could go wrong – concerning the new regime of David Moyes.

Fulham 2 - 0 Everton
3 May - Rooney and Campbell started up front, with Yobo and Pembridge in for Weir and Naysmith; Leon Osman on the bench. Carsley hit the post after 3 mins...  Everton pushed hard to gain the advantage, with Rooney well involved, but numerous good free-kick opportunities came to nothing.  Then disaster as Stubbs scored a bizarre own-goal while trying to clear.  Campbell failed to score with a great chance and, just before the break, Richard Wright totally fluffed at a bye-line free-kick that crept in at the near post.  Bye-bye, Uefa Cup?  No, said David Moyes who put Big Dunc on for the second half, and Everton came out fighting... But it was mostly huff and puff with too many chances going begging — along with that place in Europe.

We will finish 7th
2 May - So says Martin Tilly who can't see anything but Blackburn overtaking us on May 11th as Manchester United crush our European dream at Goodison Park on the final day. While Martin makes light of his "negative clairvoyancy" and has both praise for David Moyes and hope for the future, it's curious that with the club on the brink of the manager's crowning achievement thus far, the pessimism that became so ingrained in Blues fans during the dark years of the past decade remains so prominent.

Rodrigol gets Reserves run-out
1 May - Juliano Rodrigo got his first taste of action since returning from injury when he came off the bench in the 65th minute of Everton Reserves' 2-1 defeat to Leeds at the Halton Stadium.  Nick Chadwick started as did while Tobias Linderoth, who put another 45 minutes under his belt in his bid to return to full fitness before the end of the season.  Leon Osman was not included as he will be travelling to the capital with the senior squad.  Craig Garside gave the Blues the lead just before half time but Harpal Singh equalised with Leeds' second penalty of the game, Iain Turner having saved the first in the 5th minute.  Craig Candsell-Sheriff got the winner with 8 minutes to go. Report from Steve Milne.


Snippets & Rumours

Yobo: Eagles Captain
31 May - Joseph Yobo captained the Nigerian Super Eagles to a 3-1 win over Ghana in Abuja.

Newell gets the sack
31 May - Former Everton player Mike Newell has been sacked by Hartlepool; his assistant Kevin Sheedy is likely to leave as well.

Pre-Season friendly arranged
30 May - An Everton XI will play non-League Leigh RMI, owned by Blue season ticket holder Andy Burnham, on July 26th, according to the Bolton Evening News.

Rooney declared fit
30 May - Everton's physio Mike Rathbone has declared Wayne Rooney fit to play for England in next Tuesday's friendly against Serbia and Mentenegro.

A hard act to follow
29 May - David Moyes is working hard to reduce expectations for next season. Who can blame him when he's got little or no money to spend to bolster the team and Everton were the most improved club in the Premiership last season.

Rooney interview fabrication
28 May - Possibly alerted by our highlighting of the Planet Football story, the club have branded the alleged interview Rooney gave to a Spanish newspaper as "utter lies".

Rooney speaks Spanish
27 May - The media clampdown that Everton have imposed on Wayne Rooney all season doesn't extend over borders it seems. Planet Football reports of an interview Rooney has given to the Spanish daily AS speaking of (amongst other things) his selection for the England team. This Google translation maybe the interview in question.

Maybe Moyes enabled his recovery?
27 May - The Sun continues to prove its mindlessness with this stupid piece of nonsense about Wayne Rooney.  You just know what these twats would be saying if, God forbid, The Boy was to suffer burnout...

USA 2 - 0 Wales
26 May - Mark Pembridge played 75 mins of a poor performance from Wales, losing their first ever international against the USA in San Jose, California, and getting himself booked for his troubles.

Moyes confirms Essien interest
26 May - The Official Site is known to play both sides of the transfer speculation game, and to publish transfer links that have little or no substance  This story does not necessarily mean that a bid for the Ghanaian midfielder is imminent; other sources suggest Liverpool are in the hunt...

Ray Wilson honoured
26 May - The Huddersfield Daily Examiner has chosen Ray Wilson as the recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award for this year. Read more about Ray in our Hall of Fame pages.

The end was hard to take
26 May - David Moyes speaks about the pain of missing out on a UEFA Cup place on the last day of the season. "The disappointment hasn't gone away," he says. "That hangs with you all summer, but that's football."

Yobo: signed, sealed, delivered
24 May - Joseph Yobo's status as a permanent member of Everton's current first-team squad was confirmed last night by David Moyes; he has signed a four-year contract.

McLeod: Other clubs interested
24 May - "It's no good for a young lad to play in the reserves because it does your confidence no good", says Kevin McLeod. He then goes on to say, "I have been offered another contract but my agent says there are other clubs interested". Read into that what you will.

Some answers from Wayne
23 May - Wayne Rooney responds to a selection of over 10,000 e-mails received by the Official Everton Website for their Question & Answer session with the young superstar.

Rooney joins England Squad
23 May - Wayne Rooney will join up with the England squad for the riendly against Serbia and Montenegro on 3 June, even though he is still not match fit.

EFC Shares for sale
23 May - We have received notice of two Everton shares for private sale at £2,000 each. Please use the feedback form if you are interested.

Battling the inevitable
23 May - Given the paucity of Sven Goran Eriksson's attacking options, David Moyes faces the almost impossible task of keeping Wayne Rooney out of the spotlight, especially as he is seen as the answer to the National team's problems.

Yobo deal agreed
22 May - Everton are claiming that Joseph Yobo has reached an agreement with Marseille regarding his severance payment; the Nigerian will now complete his transfer to the Club for a further £3.5M fee "within 24 hours".

Liaoning Badao play hardball
22 May - In what sounds like typical bluster from a Liaoning Badao official, Planet Football are reporting that the Chinese club will not agree to a lower price for the registration of Li Tie... so why are negotiations continuing?

The pleasure, the privilege is mine ...
22 May - Bill Kenwright tells the story of David Moyes turning down a "present" from Everton for securing their Premiership status "so early, so wonderfully" last season. Watch Soccer Stories - Moyesie-side on Granada TV tonight at 11.30pm.

Li Tie in Limbo
21 May - Rumours suggest that David Moyes is unwilling to spend £1M of his limited transfer budget to make Li Tie's loan deal permanent.

A thin wallet?
21 May - The Guardian would have us believe that David Moyes has £4.5M to spend on new players this summer.  This is over and above the £3.5M needed to secure Joseph Yobo's signature on a permanent contract.

Eriksson 0 Moyes 0
20 May - England manager Sven Eriksson is insisting there is no rift between him and David Moyes. This earlier article from the BBC suggests there may be problems ahead.

Patricia Berger?
19 May - Is someone at the Daily Post having a bit of fun, suggesting that Moyes would be interested in Liverpool's Patrik Berger to shore up Everton's midfield?

Moyes 1 Eriksson 0
19 May - In what is termed "an unheard-of occurrence", David Moyes attended Wayne Rooney's knee check-up to determine the latter's fitness for travel to South Africa. He's not going and Moyes is increasingly getting a reputation of 'Fergie Mark 2'.

Rooney keen to face Boks
18 May - Reports are suggesting that Wayne Rooney wants to go against the wishes of David Moyes and play for England against South Africa.  The decision on whether his knee injury is bad enough to keep him out of the squad is likely to be made today.

Last English manager to win FA Cup
17 May - Joe Royle: "We had won our Waterloo, as it were, by staying up.  We had eight points from 14 games when I took charge, so surviving in the Premiership with 50 points was the biggest feat of all.  As a result, we were totally relaxed and I remember saying to the players about two days before the final 'You know, winning the FA Cup wouldn't be a bad way to finish the season'".

Yobo resolution is near
16 May - Everton are confident that Joseph Yobo can reach an agreement with Marseille over the £350k he feels he is owed by the French club, allowing his formal transfer to Everton to be finalized.

Six offered new deals
16 May - Everton are offering new 12-month contracts to six of the current reserves: Kevin McLeod, Leon Osman, Sean O'Hanlon, Stephen Schumacher, Michael Symes, and Alan Moogan.

Everton Energy
15 May - If you live in the Liverpool area, you will be able to by your gas or electricity supplies through a new "affinity deal" between Everton FC and Atlantic Electric and Gas.

New Official Website
15 May - After some serious problems caused by the hosting company were resolved, the new official Everton Website is now fully operational.  The club and their web designers offer an apology on the site to Everton fans for a situation which was completely out of thier hands, that required the site to be reconfigured at the last minute.

Make the Cup Final interesting
15 May - Once again, we're not involved in the world's most famous domestic cup final, but you can still make it more interesting by having a flutter on the big game with ToffeeWeb partner, BlueSq. There are some tasty-looking odds to be found for the daring among you!

14 May - The Guardian's Richard Williams worries about the "terrifying speed with which the FA's marketing men have seized on [David Moyes's] prodigy as the symbol of their future prosperity".

Everton aim to nail down Yobo deal
14 May - Everton officials fly to Marseilles today to hold talks with the French club in order to make Joseph Yobo's transfer permanent. That will entail a final payment of £4m on top of the £1m paid last summer for this season's loan.

Manager of the Year
13 May - It couldn't be anybody else really, could it? He worked on a shoestring budget, inherited a squad with limited ability (bar one uncut diamond) and dragged a team that had a mindset accumulated over a decade of relegation battles into European contention. We give you the Manager of the Year, David Moyes.

Blomqvist a free agent again
12 May - Former Everton winger Jesper Blomqvist has been released by Charlton Athletic. The 29 year-old has been plagued by injuries and made just four appearances for the London side after signing for free last summer.

Update: Eriksson picks Rooney anyway
12 May - Medial knee ligament injury or not, the England manager is determined to have his way and has selected Rooney for the trip to South Africa. "Our doctor is talking to the Everton doctor, but I hope he can travel," the BBC quotes Eriksson as saying.

Player of the Season
12 May - It's all over but now it's time to pick who you thought was the best Everton player in 2002/03 — and there are plenty of candidates! Cast your vote now!

Rooney pulled from England squad
12 May - David Moyes has announced that Wayne Rooney will not be travelling with the England squad to South Africa after all. The 17 year-old apparently damaged knee ligaments in the second half against Manchester United... conveniently enough!

New Official Website...
11 May - After a number of false-starts, some of the club's new-look site is now online, but most of it is... "coming soon".

Keane to Rooney: Be careful
10 May - No, it's not a veiled threat before they meet on the pitch on Sunday. Roy Keane just wants Wayne to be aware of the pitfalls of fame. He says, "Football can be a ruthless business and you have to look after yourself".

'Moyesyside' in focus again
10 May - A good article in The Scotsman placing the spotlight firmly where it belongs while calling Everton "the Premiership’s most intriguing club this season".

McLeod offered new Goodison deal
9 May - In a sign that perhaps the younger players will play a greater role next season, Everton have offered Kevin McLeod a new contract. The winger, currently on loan helping QPR's play-off bid, had a terrific pre-season but failed to figure in David Moyes's plans and is out of contract this summer.

Ferguson charged by FA
9 May - Duncan Ferguson faces more time on the sidelines at the beginning of next season after the FA found him guilty of violent conduct based on video evidence of his elbow on Aston Villa's Joey Gudjohnson last month. He faces a minimum three-match ban.

Reidy gets the nod
9 May - Peter Reid has earnt the chance to manage Leeds United next season as his caretaker role was converted to a permanent position.

Rooney goes to South Africa
9 May - Wayne Rooney will travel with the England squad to South Africa after next weekend's Cup Final; attempts by David Moyes to get the kid a bit of a rest from football failed.

The Bluesaders
9 May - A salute to the diehard Evertonians in the antipodes, and Paul Gilbert, who has set up this new website for fans in Christchurch.

Colm's Corner
9 May - Our raconteur from Arklow, Co Wicklow, is back and in mellow mood as he reflects on Sunday's end-game.

Yobo called up by Nigeria
9 May - Joseph Yobo is one of three English-based Nigerians called up for the African Nations Cup qualifier against Malawi on June 7th.

Reserves thrash Liverpool
8 May - No Juliano Rodrigo but Leon Osman, Tobias Linderoth and Nick Chadwick helped Everton Reserves to a 5-1 demolition of Liverpool's 2nd string at The Halton Stadium.  Symes (2), Chadwick (2) and Garside scored for the Blues while Luzi and Babbel were sent off for the Reds.  Steve Milne was there to revel in the fun.

Of buttercups and pigeons...
8 May - Scared off by construction work on his Formby home, Duncan's homing pigeons have flown back to his old house in Newcastle. Meanwhile, Everton's players reveal the music they play to get "fired up" on match day. Aren't these close season stories?!

Sven's Young Player of the Year
8 May - No prizes for guessing who the England manager is gushing about in glowing terms, it's Wayne Rooney.

Two more Reserves games
8 May - Everton Reserves will have completed a mad finalé of four games inside a week to finish off their season.  Both final games are at home (Halton Stadium, Widnes), with the mini-derby kicking off against Liverpool at 7pm on Thursday, finishing with Birmingham City at 12:30pm on Monday. Read Steve Milne's Bradford report.

Nyarko remains a thorn in the side
7 May - With Everton's wage bill at its ceiling, Alex Nyarko's £10,000-a-week contract could hamper David Moyes's summer spending plans. The Ghanaian will be forced to return to Bellefield this summer if he doesn't find a permanent move elsewhere.

Ibrox friendly arranged
7 May - Everton have arranged to play Glasgow Rangers in a pre-season friendly on July 26th. Expect lots of press about Duncan's return to Ibrox, etc.

Grounds for complaint
7 May - This excellent article in The Times offers support for Everton's reluctance to allow Manchester United's title celebrations to hijack what could be an opportunity for celebration of our own at Goodison this weekend.

Player of the Month
7 May - Time to vote in the penultimate PotM of the season. Can Roonaldo retain the crown or can some of the other stars from April take this month's accolade? Vote now.

Rodrigo gets another game
6 May - Juliano Rodrigo took another step on his road to recovery when he came on as a 55th-minute substitute for Everton Reserves in their 3-0 win over Bradford City at Valley Parade. Nick Chadwick (2) and Leon Osman, two players who many fans hope will be involved at Goodison on Sunday, scored the goals... again!

Trophy presentation at Goodison
6 May - Contrary to the link we posted yesterday, the BBC is now reporting that the Premiership trophy will be awarded to Manchester United on Sunday at Goodison Park, about 20-25 minutes after the end of the game, and after Everton's lap of honour.

75 years ago today
5 May - It was on this day in 1928 that William Ralph Dean established an unequaled Football League goalscoring record: 60 goals in a season. Read this detailed profile by Ian MacDonald.

Trophy presentation at Old Trafford
5 May - Manchester United will now be presented with the Premiership trophy in front of their own fans at Old Trafford, avoiding the final-day bust-up that was brewing over safety concerns at Goodison Park next Sunday.

EVR 70N UK Number Plate
5 May - This, along with MER 53Y and other sports-related number plates, will be up for auction at Crewe Hall in Cheshire on 14th and 15th May.

A lot of fuss about nothing
4 May - A big fuss seems to have developed over the timing for presentation of the Premiership trophy to Manchester United at Goodison Park next Sunday: before or after Everton's lap of honour?

I'd do a 'Brooking' in a shot
2 May - Skillfully avoiding any mention of July 1997 altogether, Andy Gray says that if Aston Villa, Wolves or Everton came knocking with a management position he'd accept without hesitation. Agent Johnson really must have been a turn-off!

Season over for Radz
2 May - Tomasz Radzinski is 'highly unlikely' to figure in either of the last two games of the season after he pulled up in training with discomfort in the groin he injured in March.

Video panel for Ferguson
1 May - The FA is set to study a video of the incident of Duncan Ferguson's elbow catching Aston Villa's Joey Gudjonsson in last Saturday's match.  If he is charged with 'violent conduct' he could face a three match ban and a big fine.

Eriksson wants Rooney in South Africa
1 May - The England manager claims he hasn't picked the squad to go to South Africa yet, but also said about Wayne Rooney, “Why should he not go to South Africa? If he is picked, he will play. Why not?”


 April 2003


News Headlines & Features

Kevin McLeod hopeful of new contract
30 Apr - Kevin McLeod is one of the Everton fringe players we have tracked with interest over the last few seasons as he has tried and largely failed to break in to David Moyes's first-team squad.  With his current contract due to expire at the end of the season, a decision on the player, who is having a successful loan spell at Second Division QPR, will be a signal of Moyes's intent either to breed his youngsters for the future, or to look elsewhere for more proven talent.

Lies, damned lies and statistics
29 Apr - How do you go about comparing one season with the next?  Phil Roberts has come up with a bizarre procedure whereby he deliberately excludes the best spell of Everton results in a decade, and then uses the resulting censored data-set to demonstrate that we are no better off than last season!  Phil, don't be a daft sod.  There is an adage in football that is as simple as it is true: the table does not lie.  Don't go messing with it, will ya!

Calling that Nice Mr Moyes
28 Apr - Despite the slightly fortunate victory over Aston Villa, question marks still hover over Everton's midfield and attack, so Leon Osman (2 goals) and Nick Chadwick (1) are continuing to knock very loudly at the door of the first team with the goals that gave Everton Reserves a handsome 3-1 win in the "mini derby" against Liverpool. Tobias Linderoth played 47 minutes before being substituted in favour of Stephen Schumacher while Alessandro Pistone played the full 90. Report from Steve Milne

Last-gasp Wonderkid Wondergoal
25 Apr - It all came down to a wonderfully opportunistic strike by The Boy deep into added time as Everton had struggled to really put anything solid together despite being given lots of space and time on the ball in a very open, very mid-table, very end-of-season game.  Everton were stung just after half-time when poor defending let Allback in at the far post.  Moyes then threw on Ferguson but it was his partner Campbell who got on the end of Naysmith's only decent cross, hammering home a classic header, and setting up a long second-half struggle that looked for all the world like it would end in a disappointing draw.  And then just when his manager was considering taking him off... ROONEY!!!!!!

Ripe for a Reshuffle
24 Apr - With three games to go and the wheels threatening to come off Everton's season, David Moyes has to come up with something to try and re-energise his squad and stave off the challenge of Blackburn for the last remaining UEFA Cup place.  Lyndon Lloyd argues that, just like last season, Moyes should inject some youth into the team and make use of the Reserves' top two performers: Leon Osman and Nick Chadwick. After all, despite their inexperience, neither could be worse than some of the current first team incumbents.

Toffee Pages
23 Apr - It's been an idea long in germination, but we are now proud to give a plug to the excellent concept of ToffeePages.  No, it is not a new unofficial fan website of fanzine; this is a unique venture spearheaded by Frank Hargreaves to promote the idea that Evertonians in business should get together and pool their resources.  It's early days yet, but the first issue is being distributed at the last three home games of the season.  Get your copy and, if you have a business, get involved!

A yawning gulf in class
21 Apr - Everton's faltering Champions League challenge was emphatically crushed by a fluid Chelsea at Stamford Bridge despite the midfield changes rung by David Moyes. Playing in all black they started reasonably well, but Chelsea capitalised when Weir slipped giving Gudjohnsen acres of space to open the scoring from short range.  Everton responded with spirit but no product and Hasselbaink scored a weird headed goal soon after half time. Immediate subs by Moyes aimed to change the game but another avoidable goal and an audacious fourth goal by Zola sealed Everton's fate. Lee Carsley scored a well-worked consolation but Moyes's side's shortcomings were brutally exposed.
Match report by Lyndon Lloyd

Dead wood cost us dear
20 Apr - After the most dismal derby display from Everton in years, in what was hyped to the hilt as the most important derby in years, reactions are inevitable.  Nick Armitage contends that the serious limitations of certain players were cruelly and mercilessly exposed — and probably not for the last time! He says that we have sorely missed Hibbert, Pistone and Radzinsli, with the dead wood remants of Walter Smith's squad bringing us to our knees. 

Poor Everton succumb to depleted Reds
19 Apr - After a frantic opening Campbell had a header cleared off the line but bad defending allowed Michael Owen in and he scored after half an hour.  The second half started as scrappily as the first but when Carragher clattered Naysmith in the area, the referee pointed to the spot and David Unsworth made no mistake to equalise.  Liverpool responded positively, though, and were ahead again within minutes, Danny Murphy driving home spectacularly from 25 yards.  David Weir and Gary Naysmith were sent off second bookable offences in the last 10 mins with the second equaliser nowhere in sight.  Report from Richard Marland.

Punching the Gift Horse in the Mouth
19 Apr - They couldn't have asked for more help or more incentive.  Chelsea, Newcastle and Blackburn all lost.  Liverpool were stripped of their first-choice central defence and lost another defender just 10 minutes into this season's Goodison derby.  But Everton, just when they needed all the determination and guile they've shown for much of the campaign, let themselves down with a poor display and ended the game with 9 men on the end of a desperately disappointing 2-1 defeat.

Said departs Goodison
15 Apr - Egyptian international Ibrahim Said has left Everton by mutual consent after a three month loan spell at Goodison Park.  Originally taken on by David Moyes on trial last summer, the defender was signed on loan in January as cover for Tony Hibbert.  His contract was cancelled supposedly to allow Said to return to Cairo and attend to his ailing mother.  However, Said made half a dozen reserve appearances, and was judged by David Moyes to be not good enough for thr Premiership.

The Greatest of them All
13 Apr - Last week, the celebrations of Everton's fine history continued with another special dinner event — this time in recognition of Alan Ball, who was for many Evertonians the greatest player to ever wear the Royal Blue shirt of Everton.  Ian MacDonald was once again in attendance to capture the atmosphere and anecdotes that made up this unique appreciation of Everton's superb Ball of Fire.

Moyes's boys get the job done
12 Apr - Kevin Campbell scored his first goal since December to earn Everton a priceless victory at The Hawthorns with his strike just before half time.  Not for the first time this season, the Blues had to come from behind to earn the win.  Alan Stubbs was pushed into the ball but adjudged to have handled in the area after 17 minutes and Igor Balis scored the resulting penalty.  Everton's response was swift and five minutes later they were level when Campbell got in front of Hoult with a header from a corner that found the net to make it 1-1.  The home side missed some clear chances, one an open goal from six yards out and Campbell made them pay by firing home Wayne Rooney's square pass.

Kings Dock dream is officially dead
11 Apr - It was a grandiose and ambitious proposal befitting the stature of Everton Football Club, and for a while it looked a disctinct possibility... But today the club, citing rising constructions costs, have announced that the dream of a state-of-the-art stadium and arena on the banks of the Mersey is officially over. Liverpool Vision will be pressing on with a smaller proposal for the prestigious waterfront site while Everton must look at other alternatives for their home stadium.

125th Anniversary Season Strip
7 Apr - Everton have officially unveiled the kit for next season, the club's 125th anniversary, on the Official website. A newly designed 1960s-esque home shirt will be launched on 8th May and if you order via the online Megastore by 1st May, you'll get your new shirt by the launch date. Pre-orders start tomorrow (8th April) and the Blues will also be playing in the new home strip for the final game of the season against Manchester United. An accompanying amber away strip will be launched on 10th July and a silver-grey third kit on 14th August. View photos.
What do you think of the new home shirt? Vote.

China trip is OFF
7 Apr - Everton have called off their trip to China at the end of May, which would have seen them compete for the Kejian Challenge Cup against Aston Villa, Shandong, and Shenzhen.  Well-founded fears over SARS, which has now killed 23 people in Canada, have led to the decision in an effort to protect the health of the players, club officials, and supporters.  According to the BBC, Chinese authorities knew of the disease back in November but kept it quiet to avoid panic setting in.

Determined Everton back into 5th
6 Apr - The talk will be about the decision to award the penalty that David Unsworth rammed home as the decisive goal but in actuality it was justice done for other incidents in this game that didn't go Everton's way, most notably Andy O'Brien's deliberate handball to deny Rooney's run on goal that might have drawn a red card on another day. Wayne Rooney nodded home the opening goal off David Weir's flick after 18 minutes but a Laurent Robert wonder strike levelled matters going into half time. It was 2-1 after an hour, though. Campbell fell under Woodgate's challenge, referee Barry pointed to the spot and Unsworth blasted home from 12 yards.

Plaudits pour in
3 Apr - It is hardly surprising that all the talk this morning is about Wayne Rooney's performance for England against Turkey last night.  Rooney was excellent, showing that he has the maturity of mind to match the prodigious skills he brings to the football field at the highest level.  The decision to start him was made as early as last Sunday by Eriksson et al, though Rooney didn't find out until only a few hours before the game. 

Moving on to Plan B
2 Apr - With the Kings Dock financing fiasco finally running its course, Everton have been considering alternatives for constructing a new stadium.  No sites have been named as yet, but the rumours suggest that these will be on the outskirts of, or even outside the City of Liverpool.  Redevelopment of Goodison is apparently still a non-starter, raising concerns that Everton will now end up moving to a cheap Pride Park or a Reebok Stadium look-alike out in the sticks, rather than a prime city-centre state-of-the-art venue worthy of the Club's name and motto.

A day late and a dollar short
1 Apr - Quoting unnamed sources, the Daily Post is surmising that Everton's last-minute submission, claiming they have been able to raise their £30M share of the original £155M stadium cost, plus a further £35M to cover cost increases, is effectively a face-saving tactic to placate the fans.  Recriminations will probably be muted as there is little the fans can do other than mourn the passing of such a golden opportunity.


Snippets & Rumours

Gravesen on target for Denmark
30 Apr - Once again displaying his Dr Jekyll for Denmark to his Mr Hyde at Goodison, Thomas Gravesen scored the only goal as the Danes beat the Ukraine in a friendly tonight.

Scots crumble again
30 Apr - Gary Naysmith and Scot Gemmill did little to help avoid another dismal performance by Scotland, who bombed 0-2 to Austria in front a seething Hampden Park crowd of just 12,189.

New Commercial Manager
30 Apr - Everton have announced the appointment of New Brighton Rugby Club Director, Alistair Saverimutto, as their new Commercial Manager.

Shrews down Rats out
30 Apr - Shrewsbury Town knocked Everton out of the F.A. Cup, but couldn't halt a slide that eventually saw them lose their League status. They've now lost ex-Everton hero Kevin Ratcliffe as their manager as well.

Harvey Testimonial: Parma
29 Apr - Colin Harvey is to be honoured with a special Blueblood testimonial game in which Parma from the Italian Serie A will be the opponents at Goodison Park on 10 August 2003.

Fulham game on beamback
28 Apr - Everton have announced that the penultimate game of the season at Fulham will be beamed back live to Goodison Park on Saturday.  Entrance by ticket only.

Clarke returns from Vale
28 Apr - It hasn't been labelled a crisis yet, but the growing number of injuries has led to Peter Clarke cutting short his stay at Second Division Port Vale and returning to Everton.

Rooney pipped by Jenas
27 Apr - In a field of hot talent, Wayne Rooney and many poeple's favourite, John O'Shea, were edged out of the PFA Young Player of the Year award by Newcastle's Jermaine Jenas.  Thierry Henry picked up Player of Year.

Ferguson in possible trouble ... again
26 Apr - Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the BBC is reporting that the FA could decide to study video evidence of Duncan Ferguson's stray elbow hitting Villa's Gudjonsson.  Some things never change!

Moyes to meet Eriksson
25 Apr - England boss Sven Goran Eriksson will be meeting ten Premiership managers, including David Moyes, next week to discuss the club-versus-country issue. Moyes obviously has concerns about the level of future involvement of Wayne Rooney in the senior England team.

Gravesen cleared over Bernard tackle
25 Apr - The FA will not be charging Thomas Gravesen for the clumsy tackle on Olivier Bernard that had Alan Shearer spouting forth all sorts of hypocritical nonsense. Perhaps our new status among the Premiership elite has removed us from the blacklist!

Clarke's loan is also extended
25 Apr - Peter Clarke is to continue playing for Port Vale until the end of the season, cementing a pattern for David Moyes that the farming out of young players (McLeod, Chadwick, Osman) is less a strategy to give them experience — more a sign that they simply aren't good enough for his first-team squad.

Top of the table
25 Apr - Everton are the most improved in the Premiership.  No big surprise there, but the creators of the table that proves it show that, when they started the project in November, the chance of a top-seven place for Everton was already 30 per cent.  The new table shows, however, that they genuinely have become a much stronger side.

Radzinski likely to sit out again
25 Apr - David Moyes's is cautioning that Tomasz Radzinski is unlikely to be ready to face Aston Villa tomorrow, meaning that Wayne Rooney will make a sixth successive start for the Blues despite the manager's desire to give him a rest.

Internationals nark Moyes
24 Apr - David Moyes will lose most of his midfield players during the buildup for the penultimate game of the season at Fulham next week after Carsley, Gravesen and Gemmill (plus Naysmith, who is suspended) were called up for International duty in midweek friendlies.

At least somebody's had a good week
24 Apr - Ex-blue Brian McBride was named Major League Soccer (MLS) Player of the Week for the week ending April 20. This is the fourth time he's won the award.

QPR extend McLeod loan
23 Apr - Kevin McLeod will stay with Second Division Queens Park Rangers until the end of the season following an extension of his loan deal.

More injury troubles for Hibbo
23 Apr - In Tony Hibbert's brief return to first-team action on Monday, he picked up a nasty gash on the ankle that needed stitches, and could be doubtful for Saturday's game with Aston Villa.

Wayne: Footballing Intellect
23 Apr - Our kid Wayne hasn't been able to shake off defenders too well in the last couple of games, but this long piece in The Times talks about his "kinaesthetic intelligence" when doing what he does on the pitch.

Rooney won't be charged for spitting
23 Apr - Despite the best efforts of small-minded Liverpool fans to get him into legal trouble, Merseyside police have dismissed charges that Wayne Rooney spat at visiting fans during Saturday's derby based on video evidence.

Reserves beaten at Boro
22 Apr - A fairly young reserves team went down 3-1 at the Riverside Stadium tonight, Chadwick scoring the Everton goal — his fifth in five...

Brian Viner in the Independent
21 Apr - Everton's favourite journalist, Brian Viner, has a great story about his son being the Everton mascot in Saturday's derby match.

Rooney in spitting probe
21 Apr - Wayne Rooney is facing an investigation that he spat in front of Liverpool fans during the derby game. A police spokesman said "We will be making enquiries as soon as possible and liaising with both clubs".

More on Moyes
21 Apr - This Times article doesn't offer up much new stuff about David Moyes, but it is pleasing to see the young Scot still getting plenty of flattering press.

Moyes hates to lose
20 Apr - This piece from the Sporting Life shows how David Moyes hates to lose.  Acknowledging all the glaring faults that cost Everton the game, he still feels "we didn't deserve to go away from the derby with nothing."

Red mist descends
19 Apr - Red cards for Naysmith and Weir, the 6th and 7th of the season for Everton (most ever?), will see both players suspended for the game at Fulham.  David Weir will also miss the last game of the season against Man Utd as this was his second dismissal.

Will he stay or will he go now?
19 Apr - With the recently departed Ibrahim Said using the excuse of family problems (in his case a sick mother) to leave Everton, could Joseph Yobo use the same excuse to make his exit?

2 days could transform our season
19 Apr - While admitting that Chelsea remain strong favourites to clinch the fourth Champions League berth, this article in The Independent puts today's game in the perspective of a "face-off for a [potential] £15m prize." 6 points for the Blues by Monday would throw the race wide open.

Paint your face Blue
19 Apr - Artistes from the world-rekowned Everton Independent Supporters Association will be providing free face painting for Junior Blues at the Megastore from 1pm on Saturday.

Mersey Derby Fever
18 Apr -
Big Nev Weighs in on Derby
Unsworth Ready to Live the Dream
Radzinski Eyes Derby Recall
Ratcliffe: Pressure is on Reds
Moyes's Miracle on Merseyside
Stubbs Turns Up the Heat

Why the derby matters
18 Apr - The Beeb gives its take on why "Saturday's match between Everton and Liverpool at Goodison Park is more than just another game between two of the biggest rivals in British football". Also, get your blood pumping for the derby with this rare article of quality from Football365.

Get your Everton-related number plate
18 Apr - If you fancy sporting either EFC 89A (£299 + VAT) or EFC 106A (£150 + VAT) on your motor, head over to www.r4v.co.uk.

There but for fortune (or Mr Moyes!)
18 Apr - Ex-Everton goalie Thomas Myhre is one of three Sunderland players who have been invited to find other clubs as the impact of relegation hits home.  And other saleable assets include Gavin McCann — estimated fee of around £1.5M.

Everton's chance for Europe
18 Apr - According to The Times Predictor, Everton have a 78% chance of winning a Uefa Cup slot, but the Champions League place has almost disappeared at a paltry 4%.

Entering the final phase [Link Fixed]
18 Apr - With the build-up to tomorrow's massive derby game reaching a frenzy, Sean Watson has taken time out to review and summarize the issues concerning our soft centre: the midfield.

Other Side of the Said Saga
17 Apr - Ibrahim Said's story about his sick mother is beginning to look a bit suspect after he wanted to get straight back into action at his old Cairo club, Al Ahly.

Hoult own-goal decision
17 Apr - The Dubious Goals panel of the FA have decided that Russell Hoult punched the ball into his own net for Everton's equalizer at West Brom (er... not on 18 Jan???), denying Kevin Campbell his 11th goal of the season (Weir didn't even touch it).

Six of the best
17 Apr - The Post comes up with six of the best derby games over recent years. Of course none of them matter as much as the next one, but then again they never do, do they!

Another accolade for Wayne
16 Apr - PFA Young Player of the Year? Sounds like a shoe-in. Pick a suit, find some gum, and start that interview training now!

They don't come much bigger
16 Apr - The biggest derby since Joe Royle's first game in charge, maybe even the most important since '89 Cup Final or the Championship season of 1986/87, Saturday's clash with Liverpool is going to be a massive game.

Remembering a fallen Blue in Iraq
16 Apr - As we gear ourselves up for the battle against the Reds, this tribute to an Everton fan who lost his life recently in Iraq reminds us that it is just a game and that there is a Brother in Blue who won't be watching the events of this Easter weekend unfold.

Reserves downed by Barcodes
15 Apr - A Reserves side featuring Duncan Ferguson, Niclas Alexandersson, Nick Chadwick and Leon Osman lost 2-1 at home to a strong Newcastle side. Chadwick scored the Blues' goal from Osman's cross.  Steve Milne provides his report .

Saturday's ref is Paul Durkin
15 Apr - Refs are never liked but this season seems to have seen an increase in glaring mistakes and justified criticism of referees at the highest levels.  So the appointment of Paul Durkin to take charge of the derby is generally welcomed.

Sharpy comes through for young Blue
14 Apr - When the grandfather of a young Blue who recently lost his fight against serious illness found the Megastore empty of shirts in which to bury the lad, Graeme Sharp and the club came through and typified the spirit that seems to lie at the very heart of Everton FC.

Moyes wants FA hearing
14 Apr - David Moyes has made it clear to the FA that he expects a hearing in which to present his case against what he feels was an unjust dismissal from the dugout at The Hawthorns on Saturday.  He categorically denies using 'foul and abusive language' and exhibiting 'improper behaviour'.

Taking lessons from Mad Dog?
14 Apr - Joe-Max Moore's first game in the MLS since leaving Goodison in December ended badly when he was shown a straight red card less than 10 minutes after coming on as a substitute for New England Revolution.

Campbell claims both goals
13 Apr - He admits he didn't know much about it, but Kevin Campbell says he got the last touch in Everton's first goal against West Brom.   "The 'keeper has come out for the first one and punched the ball, it's hit the back of my head and gone in."  Replays show Weir missed the ball completely, so we're giving it to SuperKev.

Moyes in bother
13 Apr - David Moyes could face disciplinary action from the FA following his removal from the technical area after 38 minutes for 'foul and abusive language and improper behaviour' in the West Brom game yesterday.

McLeod brace for QPR
12 Apr - Kevin McLeod continues to impress at the Second Division level, scoring two to keep QPR in line for a play-off place. Peter Clarke also helped Port Vale secure a late win over Northampton.

More than just Rooney to Everton
12 Apr - A good article in the Birmingham Post in which West Brom players and their manager recognise there's more to Everton than just one wonderkid. "They are a good side all the way through and they deserve to be where they are in the league because they have been very consistent from day one."

Campbell effuses
12 Apr - The oldest member of the Everton squad, Kevin Campbell, says of the youngest member, Wayne Rooney, "It's a joy and a tremendous privilege to play alongside someone so gifted".

Jeffers compares Rooney to Henry
11 Apr - Wisely restricting any comparisons to himself and Rooney to their background, ex-blue Jeffers says our Wayne reminds him a lot of Thierry Henry.

Reserves see off Wednesday
10 Apr - A reserves team chock full of young players ran out comfortable 3-0 winners over Sheffield Wednesday at The Halton Stadium in Widnes thanks to two goals by Nick Chadwick and one by Michael Symes.  Click the headline to read Steve Milne's report.

Mad Dog's fate in FA's hands
10 Apr - Whether or not any action is taken against Thomas Gravesen for his tackle on Olivier Bernard is now up to the FA after Newcastle opted not to lodge a formal complaint and referee Neale Barry omitted any mention of the incident from his report to the governing body.

Rooney's house hit by vandals
10 Apr - Having had the family car tyres slashed last November, vandals have now attacked the Rooney Family house with a paintball gun. Wayne Rooney Snr, said "We are not going to report it to police. There's nothing we can do." Dixie's statue at Goodison was also hit this week with the same green paint — perhaps the numbskulls think we won't guess they're Liverpool fans if they don't use red paint.

Norwegians want Everton in Europe
10 Apr - Tobias Linderoth's old team Stabaek are hoping that Everton will finish high enough in the Premiership to play in Europe next season. They are due a bonus payment of £250,000 as a result of clause they insisted on when Everton bought the player.

Radz could be fit to face Baggies
9 Apr - Tomasz Radzinski has made such a rapid recovery from his groin strain that he could be ready to face West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns on Saturday — 2 weeks earlier than expected.

Rooney needs no cosseting
9 Apr - Brian Granville, who writes for World Soccer, maintains that England would have lost the Turkey game without Wayne Rooney, and that Moyes's continued protection of the boy is now "absurd."

Rodrigo's dream
9 Apr - He's been injured all year, but Rodrigo is hoping to make a first team come back before the season ends. "Our final game is against Manchester United at Goodison and it would be a dream to be ready and picked to play." David Moyes might have other ideas depending on what there's to play for.

Gazza: Learn from my mistakes
9 Apr - Paul Gascoigne has some advice for Wayne Rooney, 'Be careful, enjoy your football and don't change anything for anybody. Learn from my mistakes and you'll be one of the greatest players of all time.'

Another classic night
8 Apr - Ian MacDonald was privileged to attend yet another special Everton function — a BlueNose fundraising dinner for the WellCare charity, with Howard Kendall the guest speaker.

Had enough of Len Capeling?
8 Apr - For any Everton fans who still bother to read Len Capeling's bile in the Daily Post, fan Peter Fearon suggests that it's time to boycott his paper.

Joe-Max Moore interview
8 Apr - In an interview with Soccer365 Joe Max-Moore talks about his time in the Premiership and playing in the Everton team. "I really enjoyed my time there. I wouldn’t change it for the world."

Reserves lose at Sunderland
7 Apr - A relatively young team that included Niclas Alexandersson could do little against a Sunderland side who ran out 2-0 winners.

Battle for the Champions League
7 Apr - Your guide to the end of season run-in for the four clubs chasing Arsenal and United and battling it out for Champions League qualification is right here. Track our rivals' remaining games side by side with our unique guide.

Player of the Month — March
7 Apr - It's that time of month again, but picking a PotM for March (the first month this season where we didn't register a win) won't be an easy task. Have a go, here.

FA request ref's report on Gravesen
7 Apr - Thomas Gravesen could face disciplinary action from the FA for his clumsy challenge on Olivier Bernard that has got the Barcode-sympathizing media in a frenzy.

Shearer labels Gravesen a 'coward'
7 Apr - Alan Shearer branded Thomas Gravesen a coward after the latter's tackle on Olivier Bernard, conveniently ignoring his own blatant studs-up indiscretion against Richard Wright.  "It is a challenge that could finish a player's career.  It should have been a straight red and everyone could see it."

The Moyes story
6 Apr - The Observer has a two-part story on the real Everton hero of the season - David Moyes. Click on the headline for part one, and here for part two. If you're reading this on Sunday morning, print it out, make a cup of tea, get back into bed and wallow!

Wayne's Mum
6 Apr - Not content on focusing on the football side of Wayne's Rooney life, the tabloids are already running stories about his family. This one in the Daily Mirror is about the strength of Wayne Rooney's Mum's character.

Rooneymania around the world
6 Apr - In an age when the Internet rules - at least for lightning fast access to information - it is no surprise that Rooneymania has swept the world. Here's another article in which a Turkish opponent waxes lyrical about that mazy run at the Stadium of Light - "I've seen Zinedine Zidane do it, I've seen Gheorghe Hagi do it, but, with them, you almost expect it. With Rooney, I had no idea he was going to even try that, much less pull it off".

Toon's Duncan Edwards, now a Blue
5 Apr - In this interview in the Guardian Steve Watson reveals that a rash goalie once made a rash statement comparing him to Duncan Edwards. He spoils it a bit by adding, "I wasn't even clued up enough to know who Duncan Edwards was".

Why oh 'Y'?
4 Apr - Shops around the country have been caught short of the letter 'Y' to be put on the back of the hottest selling England shirt - that with Rooney on the back.  Let's hope much maligned Everton shop doesn't have the same problem.

Wayne Rooney Fan Club
4 Apr - No, this isn't the official (or unofficial for that matter) fan club, but a bunch of quotes from seasoned professionals gathered together by the Electronic Telegraph. Peter Reid, for example, says "I thought he was the best player on the pitch against a very good side. When he came off, even I stood up.  That's how good I thought he was".

Moyes: Don't take Rooney to South Africa
4 Apr - David Moyes has made a strong plea for Wayne Rooney to be left behind when England make their trip to South Africa at the end of the season, saying "We have to protect him from over-exposure."

First the gush, then the fear
4 Apr - So everyone from the press up to the man in the street has been gushing about Rooney upping the wattage at the Stadium of Light. Now, the inevitable "we have to be careful how we treat him" articles are appearing in the same press that will undoubtedly flash their knives the moment a blip appears on the wunderkind's career. This Times Online article talks about Moyes's misgivings on the same subject.

Cleland goes into management
3 Apr - Former Everton defender Alex Cleland has been appointed assistant manager at Scottish 3rd Division side East Fife. He says, "I'm delighted to be back in Scottish football and it's a great opportunity for me".

Kejian Challenge Cup
3 Apr - Amidst fears over the SARS outbreak in China and Hong Kong, Kejian have gone ahead with a press-launch for a mini-tourney in which Everton and Aston Villa will each play Chinese teams Shandong and Shenzhen at the end of May.

100 Seasons Gala Dinner
3 Apr - It's late and it's long, but this report on a unique night of Everton celebrations as witnessed by the head and the heart of Ian MacDonald, makes an absolutely wonderful read.

China trip in doubt
2 Apr - Fears of a growing SARS epidemic in Asia are now threatening Everton's plan to play a couple of games in Shenzhen towards the end of May.

More Yobo Contract Confusion
2 Apr - Andy Hunter in the Daily Post is doing his best to explain that Joseph Yobo has signed an agreement but he hasn't actually signed a contract...  Go figure!

The clamour for Rooney continues
2 Apr - In an article which is as amusing for the abuse poured on former England manager Glenn Hoddle, the Daily Mirror says the current England boss has nothing to lose by selecting Wayne Rooney to start tonight's game against Turkey.

Reserves fall to Villa
1 Apr - Duncan Ferguson played 77 mins against on Aston Villa at the Halton Stadium tonight, but could not stop the Villians walking off with a 2-1 win, Nick Chadwick getting the late consolation goal.

Bend it like Unsworth
1 Apr - It may sound suspiciously like an April Fool's gag, but the Chinese film director Zhang Yimou says he is working on a script for a film about Everton defender David Unsworth.


 March 2003


News Headlines & Features

D-Day for the Dock
31 Mar - The bell is likely to make one final toll for the Kings Dock today before the fat lady finally sings as the unofficially extended deadline for Everton to come up with the cash expires.  Everton are expected to prove to Liverpool Vision that they have at long last scraped together the £30M required two years ago...  But time has moved on and the ante has been raised to £65M — Everton will say they have lined up investors to cover that too.  But, with Liverpool Vision already moving ahead with an alternative project, the chances of them back-tracking surely must be remote.

Osman on target again
28 Mar - Steve Milne watched Leon Osman make yet another statement of his abilities, producing an impressive performance in midfield and getting forward to score the only goal of a hard-fought reserves game at Manchester City on Friday evening.  Osman has now scored seven goals in the last seven reserves matches, starting off with a memorable hat-trick at Man Utd.  But David Moyes seems adamant that Osman is not up to Premiership standard — despite the continuing paucity of Everton's toothless and uncreative midfield.  Go 'ed, Moysey: give the lad a chance!

The King is on life support
27 Mar - Everton announced this evening that the club expect to have the funds in place to fulfil their financial obligation for the Kings Waterfront project by 31st March, the final deadline that Bill Kenwright claims Liverpool Vision verbally agreed to. However, the regeneration agency insist that while they will look at any Everton proposal again, nothing has changed since their previous announcement that they will be pushing on with their plan for an entertainment and conference arena at the riverside site.

Blackburn our biggest threat?
27 Mar - Just seven games left...  Are Evertonians really spending their time churning through what remains of the once copyrighted fixture list and mentally assigning results before a ball is kicked?  Yep: Paul Traill is one fan who has allowed his mystic powers to run riot and his deliberations suggest that our hoped-for Uefa Cup slot will come under severe threat from Blackburn Rovers, who have a much easier run-in.  Who will save us? ... er, the Big Yin???
Counterpoint from Robin Cannon and Rob Bennett.

The Millstone Around Our Neck
26 Mar - With Alex Nyarko causing problems wherever he goes, you wonder if he'll ever find a club to take him on.  Garry (he has asked his surname to be withheld), ponders the options that Everton have as they try to resolve a situation that has been hanging around for the best part of two years.  Can he be rehabilitated back into the Goodison setup?

Biased refs must be stopped
25 Mar - The pet hate of all football fans is biased referees.  Everyone has their own endless list of incidents over the years where they will swear blind the referee has deliberately and maliciously adjudicated against their team.  It's enough to make your blood boil, and Sunday's incident with the ref's treatment of Duncan Ferguson has pushed fan Sean Watson to call for decisive action... fat chance!
[Are we treated unfairly by the refs? Vote here.]

Where to now?
25 Mar - A quick trip to North London has given Colm Kavanagh the nudge to think about where this great club of ours is going next.  The chances of Everton ever seeing anything at Kings Dock have now shrunk to the size of Duncan Ferguson's nicotine patches, but the prospect of some of the alternatives that will now be proposed is already making Arklow Man nervous as he contemplates what would be best for a club of our stature and history...

Rooney strike not enough
23 Mar - Arsenal faltering again?  Well, they weren't all that good, to be honest, but Everton weren't good enough to really break them down either.  A poor start by Everton saw Cygan nod home an easy goal from a corner in the 8th minute, and it was not until the half-hour mark that Everton had an attempt on goal.  But they finished the first half strongly and got the reward into the second when Rooney scored a beauty.  Arsenal then got lucky with another soft goal and Everton lacked the guile to pull it back again, with Ferguson coming on but not really being all that effective.  Down into 6th and below Liverpool.  How painful is that?

Rooney not the only Blue gem
20 Mar - Nick Armitage wants to place on record some of the qualities that had Tony Hibbert en route for a Player of the Season nomination before hernia problems laid him low.  Now he is back and hoping to resurrect the key role in defence in the right-back position he has made his own.

Reserves held again
19 Mar - Everton Reserves traveled the short distance to Bolton, giving an important run-out for a couple of players who are expected to shore up the first-team squad in preparation for Sunday's big match at Highbury.  Although Rooney paired well with Ferguson, it was his replacement after 1 hour, Stephen Schumacher, who scored the opener, only for Bolton to equalize in the last 2 mins.  Ibrahim Said also played, and could be a stand-in on Sunday for the injured defenders, Hibbert and Pistone.

Once a Blue, Always a Blue
18 Mar - This article was a bit late coming to our attention but it is well worth a detailed read.  Andie Hosie, Everton's new Head of Marketing since last November, gave some fascinating insights into Everton's approach for improving on the revenue stream from club merchandising, and included some of his own ambitions, as he talked with Sarah Dix from the marketing website mad.co.uk earlier this month.

Time to forget the Champions League?
16 Mar - The desperately disappointing bore draw with West Ham represented the loss of two precious points on which we were banking in the Blues' audacious attempts at Champions League qualification. So is it time to forget such lofty aspirations and simply concentrate on finishing in the top six? The season run-in just got immeasurably harder, but one thing you can never do is rule out David Moyes and his men, particularly as they hold the keys to their own destiny.

Two points wasted by lacklustre Everton
15 Mar - Everton's Champions League pretensions took a severe knock as they failed to deal with a toothless West Ham and stuttered to a goalless draw at Goodison Park. A dire first half gave way to a much-improved second period and although Wayne Rooney was thrown into the fray a few minutes after the interval, a general dearth of attacking ideas meant that he was unable to work any magic. He, Tomasz Radzinski and Alan Stubbs did go very close for the Blues, but this has to go down as a very disappointing result.

Have we turned the corner?
14 Mar - We can't let the 14th of March come and go without according due deference, praise and admiration to the man who has made it all happen for Everton this season: David Moyes.  He joined the People's Club just one year ago today, and it's been a different place ever since.  This exuberant Fans Comment from Simon Cousens sums up the buoyant new mood that a full house of Evertonians will share at Goodison on Saturday.

Leon on song again
11 Mar - Featuring a strong line-up headed by a young Wayne Rooney and an old Duncan Ferguson, Everton Reserves struck an early lead against West Brom when Leon Osman fired in another goal after just 9 minutes.   Taylor equalized for West Brom in the second half and that's how it finished.  Hibbert played well, but no sign of Ibrahim Said.  Worrying news, though, that Tobias Linderoth pulled up clutching his hamstring! Highlites from Steve Milne.

Lies, damned lies and statistics
11 Mar - The big question: can we retain our current place and qualify for the Champions League next season?  Can we be sure of a Uefa Cup place?  Lee Doyle sets out some targets for Everton to achieve over the last 9 games, using some questionable metrics, and knowing that we must play all the other teams in the top 6 during our run-in.  Buckle-up!  It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Time to see Rodrigo
10 Mar - Rodrigo is back at Bellefield but there must be a big question-mark over whether David Moyes will really use him to strengthen the Everton midfield in the few games that remain.  Fan Logan Shave would like to see the Brazilian given a good chance to prove that the fine words said about him are not just a load of hot air.

The Tommy and Toby Show
9 Mar - Is there another way to look at Tommy Gravesen — not as an arm-waving loon, but as an integral part of a midfield in which he needs the right type of players alongside him?  Perhaps that's why he looks so good when playing for Denmark... Fan Nick Leather believes that Tobias Linderoth could provide a better partner, with the pair of them perhaps creating the ingredients Everton's midfield still lacks — the Tommy and Toby Show?

Mad Dog Gravesen
8 Mar - No-one seems to polarize opinions on players as much as Mad Dog Gravesen.  Everton's enigmatic midfielder is rated by some as the best at the club and he can produce the odd brilliant defence-splitting ball... but more often than not he is running around like a right loon, chasing the man with the ball, waving his arms in the air, grinning like a demented Quasimodo, and occasionally diving in to give away critical free-kicks.  There is no doubt which side of the fence fan Nick Armitage stands.

McBride likely to head back to the MLS
6 Mar - With four goals in six matches since arriving on loan from Columbus Crew, United States international striker Brian McBride has been a useful addition to the squad. David Moyes would like to keep him on until the end of the season at least, but the MLS, who own his contract, expect him to return to America at the end of the month when the 2003 season starts over there. This Associated Press article featured on a San Francisco Bay Area website takes a look at his popularity on Merseyside and gives a little helpful PR to the city of Liverpool in the process.

Ferguson on the spot for Reserves
4 Mar - With the rest of the first team off at training camp in Spain, Tobias Linderoth and Duncan Ferguson maintained their own personal training regimes with match practice in the Reserve fixture against Blackburn Rovers at Morecambe FC tonight.  Ferguson played for 45 minutes and scored the second goal, albeit from from the penalty spot, in a 2-0 victory. Leon Osman, pressing his claims for more first team involvement before the season is out — indeed, why is he not in Spain with the rest of the squad? — chipped in the first. 18 year-old 'keeper Iain Turner kept a clean sheet on his Reserve team debut.

Announcing 4everton.com
3 Mar - Announcing a new resource for Chinese-speaking fans of Everton throughout the world.  This impressive website has been built by Andy Davey in cooperation with ToffeeWeb and will provide some of the similar resources that ToffeeWeb provides – but in the native language of millions who have become fans of Everton mainly as a result of the sponsorship by Kejian and Li Tie's presence in the first-team squad.  [Note: the site detects the language setting on your computer. Click this link to view the Chinese-language site (only works if you have downloaded Chinese script font)].

Blues have to settle for a point
1 Mar - David Moyes's Everton had to be content with a point from an entertaining encounter at The Riverside that lifts the Blues back into 4th place following Chelsea's defeat at Newcastle.  After having the better of the opening period, Everton took the lead after 22 minutes when Tomasz Radzinski's square ball was cut back to Kevin Campbell — who started in place of Brian McBride — and he knocked it back to Steve Watson who beat Mark Schwarzer to open the scoring.  'Boro made three changes at half time, one of them Juninho, and it was the Brazilian who equalised totally against the run of play with 20 minutes left.  The Blues, who had been pressing for a second when they gave up the goal, nearly won it at the death when Wayne Rooney raced through but Gareth Southgate got a crucial touch to his shot and ensured it ended 1-1.


Snippets & Rumours

West Brom Gigatron
31 Mar - The game at West Brom 12 April will be beamed back to Goodison for a live closed-circuit simulcast on the giant screen in front of the Park End stand.

Robson calls for Rooney to start
30 Mar - Football's old sage, Bobby Robson, was so impressed with Rooney's 12 mins on the field in Liechtenstein, he's calling for the young star to start against Turkey on Wednesday.

International Blues
29 Mar - Everton's questionable midfield players were involved in winning action for their countries at the weekend: Gravesen scoring in Denmark's 5-2 rout of Romania; Carsley in Ireland's 2-1 win over Georgia; Naysmith playing for Scotland in a 2-1 win over Iceland; Pembridge setting up a goal for Gary Speed as the Welsh beat Azerbaijan 4-0.

Gazza solves Chinese puzzle
29 Mar - Paul Gascoigne scored on his debut for China's B-League team, Gansu Tianma, leading to effusive praise from his new manager.

Young Guns blast Red menace
29 Mar - This morning, a very young Everton youth team defeated arch rivals Liverpool, who had been hoping to take Group A of the FA Youth Academy Under-19 League, a goal from Anthony Barry sealing the win just before half time.  Steve Milne was there.

Danish hooplah over Gravesen prank
28 Mar - Denmark's preparations for their Euro 2004 qualifier against Romania have been "disrupted" by a photograph of Thomas Gravesen with his "meat and two veg" out and dangling over the head of a fellow teammate. Proof that the words Gravesen and tackle can appear in the same sentence!

Rodrigo to resume full training
28 Mar - Juliano Rodrigo embarks on the final stage of his recovery from a cruciate knee ligament injury on Monday when he resumes full contact training. A mid-April reserve team encounter is his target.

Archie and his bat go east
27 Mar - Archie Knox, Assistant Manager at Goodison under Walter Smith, is apparently at the top of the list of candidates for the Singapore national coach's position.

Dyer gushes over our Wayne
27 Mar - More glowing praise and adulation for Wayne Rooney, this time from Kieron Dyer, who appears to be one of David Moyes's model players.

Jeffers shocked at Osgood outburst
26 Mar - Francis Jeffers has responded to the disgusting assertion by ex-Chelsea player Peter Osgood that he needs to be really hurt by someone to teach him a lesson.  Is Sky Sports really doing a service to football by generating this nonsense?

A slew of choice Rooney quotes
26 Mar - A great collection of quotes from everyone and their mother on the emergence of a rare talent by the name of Wayne Rooney.

Chadwick returns from Derby
26 Mar - Nick Chadwick is returning from his loan spell at Derby County without scoring for the Rams, despite playing 6 games in the First Division.

Fritz Spiegl dies at 77
25 Mar - Fritz Spiegl, the quirky writer and musician who adapted the Johnny Todd folk tune to create the Z-Cars theme, died on Sunday.

Everton to report Wiley
25 Mar - In a move guaranteed to strengthen sympathies for the Blues, Everton are to report Sunday's referee, Alan Wiley, for blatant bias and victimization of Duncan Ferguson when he clearly instructed his linesman to keep an eye on the big man.

Blatter wets himself
25 Mar - This article from The Telegraph depicts the highly revered Fifa President, Sepp Blatter, blowing a gasket over Sven, the FA, England, Rooney and anyone else who dares to mess around with his game.

Carsley called up
25 Mar - Lee Carsley, who has lost his first-team place at Everton, has nevertheless been named in the Republic of Ireland squad to face Georgia and Albania in upcoming Euro 2004 qualifiers.

Radzinski could miss a month
24 Mar - David Moyes might have to do without top scorer Tomasz Radzinski for as long as a month with the groin injury he sustained in training on Friday, but the manager hopes he'll be back in a fortnight.

Fans' fury at ref singling out Ferguson
24 Mar - Everton have apparently been deluged by calls from fans urging the club to lodge an official complaint to the FA about Sunday's referee, Alan Wiley. Sky TV cameras appeared to show the official requesting that his assistant keep an eye on Duncan Ferguson when he came on as a late substitute.

Rooney stays in England squad
24 Mar - Sven Eriksson has kept Wayne Rooney in his 25-man squad for England's Euro 2004 qualifying double header against Liechtenstein and Turkey.

Radzinski out injured!
23 Mar - Tomasz Radzinski will not feature in today's massive game at Highbury after sustaining a tear to a groin muscle during training.  Does this mean Ferguson and Rooney upfront?

D-Day for Bing Dunc?
23 Mar - In the Sunday Telegraph Patrick Barclay mulls over the thorny question of Duncan Ferguson's future, on the brink of what could be a comeback for the Big Yin at Highbury today.

McLeod starts for QPR
22 Mar - Kevin McLeod went straight into the starting line-up at Loftus Road but could not stop Wigan stealing a 1-0 win.

Do England have problems?
22 Mar - David Moyes thinks England really have problems if they expect a certain 17-year-old to re-ignite their European Championship campaign. He says, "I will never hold Wayne back from playing for England. As a footballer he is ready. Mentally though I am not sure he is ready to go into the spotlight regularly."

My mate Wayne
21 Mar - As part of their build-up to Sunday's big game, London's Evening Standard carries a dissertation on the life of young scouse scallies, as remembered by one Francis Jeffers.

McBride departs early
21 Mar - Brian McBride has returned to the US a few days early, bringing to an end his brief but relatively successful sojourn in the English Premiership; he will therefore not figure in Sunday's Arsenal game.

Peter Reid heads for Elland Road
21 Mar - The BBC is reporting that ex-Everton hero Peter Reid is being lined up for the position of Leeds manager vacated by Terry Venables today. This appears to run contrary to Leeds' stated intention of not appointing a permanent replacement until the summer.

McLeod off on loan again
20 Mar - Kevin McLeod, who has yet to feature in a Premiership game this season, is slated to join QPR on a month's loan.  With McLeod's contract up in the summer, is this a prelude to his departure?

Niclas not quitting
19 Mar - Niclas Alexandersson has been overlooked by the Swedish national team, just as he feared, but he insists he has not retired from international football.

McBride heading for home
19 Mar - Brian McBride will return home (to his gorgeous wife!) after this weekend's crunch game at Arsenal, according to the MLS — who were 'only' asking £1M for the Columbus Crew striker.  McBride has been selected to play for the USA against Japan in Seattle on 29 March.

Pistone loss confirmed
19 Mar - An Italian specialist in Milan has confirmed that Alessandro Pistone will require hernia surgery, putting him out of action for the rest of the season.

Port Vale need Clarke
19 Mar - Peter Clarke has underpinned a real turnaround at Port Vale during his brief loan spell, and manager Brian Horton is keen to keep him for another month.

Mixed messages from Sven
18 Mar - England manager Sven Goran-Eriksson sums up the dilemma Everton face with Rooney: to play him more or not to play him more...

Hibbert injury scare
18 Mar - Tony Hibbert picked up a knock in Saturday's bore-draw and is now rated doubtful for the Arsenal game, with fears of possible ligament damage.

Pistone crocked!
16 Mar - Alessandro Pistone seems certain to require hernia surgery that will sideline him for the remainder of the season.

Coming of age
15 Mar - There's nothing new in this Times Online article, but it's good to read more recognition of just how far the club has come under the stewardship of David Moyes. There's more of the same in this Guardian article.

McBride on BBC Football Focus
15 Mar - Brian McBride appears on Football Focus today saying Everton are confident of securing a place in the Champions League. Full programme details can be found here.

£750k offered for Bake?
14 Mar - Soccernet are intimating that David Moyes is willing to pay MLS no more than £750,000 for the continuing services of Brian McBride in the current deflated football transfer market.

Perspective: look forward not back
14 Mar - While even we here at ToffeeWeb have carried a plethora of articles on the year since David Moyes's arrival at Everton, the man himself says it's no good looking back, you have to look ahead. "Everything we've done now is water under the bridge. It's the fear of not ... winning the next game, that continually keeps me going."

8 million for Joe Cole!
14 Mar - The BBC quotes the Sun newspaper in reporting that Everton are ready to make an 8 million pounds bid for Joe Cole should West Ham get relegated. Glen Roeder, however, has dismissed the story out of hand.

Harvey gets a testimonial
13 Mar - A devoted servant of the club for 40 years, Colin Harvey is to be honoured with a pre-season testimonial that will see a significant portion of the proceeds go to BlueBlood, the past players foundation.

Moyes makes an offer for Bake
13 Mar - The Liverpool Echo is reporting that David Moyes has made an offer to the MLS, exploring a potential extension of Brian McBride's loan spell until the end of next season.

Moyes: Walter gave me seal of approval
13 Mar - David Moyes reveals that he went to see Walter Smith before taking the Everton job and it was his seal of approval that persuaded him to take the job. "I didn't go to Walter so that he'd banish any lingering doubts about the job. I just wanted him to approve of me taking his job."

Linderoth limps off
12 Mar - Tobias Linderoth suffered another hamstring injury in the reserves game against West Brom last night. Having only recently recovered from a similar injury to his right leg, he has now pulled a hamstring in his left leg and is likely to be out for a month.

Chadwick not averse to move
11 Mar - In an interview on the Official Site, Nick Chadwick explains that while he would happy if his future is with Everton, his primary goal is first-team football and wouldn't rule out making his loan at Derby a permanent arrangement.

Hibbert hits the comeback trail
11 Mar - Tony Hibbert begins the long trudge back to full fitness with a reserve outing against West Brom tonight. Having had the same hernia operation as Nick Chadwick, Hibbert has taken longer to recover, but he and David Moyes are hoping this is the beginning of the end of his injury problems.

Nyarko move falls through
10 Mar - Word about Alex Nyarko must have preceded him to the Middle East when his move to Qatar-based club Al-Etehad collapsed over the weekend.

China dates announced
10 Mar - Everton have confirmed plans for the post-season tour of China, with two friendlies to be played in the city of Shenzhen on the 23 and 25 May.

African Nations Cup
10 Mar - That good old "club v country" battle appears to be brewing over Joseph Yobo and Ghana's game with Malawi on 30 March.

Where are they now: David Eaton
8 Mar - Once a promising youth player at Everton, David Eaton was released at the end of last season and is now playing for Macclesfield Town, who are currently near the bottom of Nationwide Division 3.

Clarke faces old friends
8 Mar - Peter Clarke, on loan at Port Vale, will face his previous loan club, Blackpool, and try to make amends for the goal he scored for Blackpool in their 3-2 win last time these two met.

Falkirk pair up for grabs
7 Mar - Collin Samuel and Lee Miller, the Falkirk pair who came down to Bellefield for a week's training in January, are rumoured to be available in what will likely turn into a bidding war.

Bumper home attendances
7 Mar - Everton are heading for their highest average attendance numbers at Goodison Park since the 1977-78 season.

Rooney's bar and grill
7 Mar - Well OK we took a bit of a license with the headline ... there's no grill, but Wayne Rooney has had a bar named after him. The wunderkind is too young to get served in it, but it hasn't stopped the owners trying to cash in on the youngster's name.

Listen to Moyes interview
7 Mar - Go to the World Soccer Weekly website and click on the David Moyes link to listen to an interesting and wide-ranging interview with the Everton manager by a couple of Brits on behalf of fans in America that took place last week.

Behind closed doors
6 Mar - Everton finished up their week in Spain with a training game against local side Jerez, going down 3-1 with the goal coming from Weir.

Materrazzi money still not paid
6 Mar - Perugia still owe £500k to Everton as a sell-on fee dating back to 2001.  The Italian club may pay up by the end of the season...

Tough duty for Chadwick
5 Mar - Nick Chadwick had a number of chances to score for Derby on his first start, hitting the bar in the second minute, but his misses cost the Rams dear as they went down 1-0 at home to Crystal Palace.

Magpies remain in touching distance
5 Mar - Newcastle failed to extend their points advantage over the Toffees in their game in hand tonight when they went down 1-0 at Middlesbrough. Not-so-good news is that Manchester United beat Leeds United 2-1 to stay 2nd.

Yobo plays in Kanu charity game
5 Mar - Joseph Yobo played his part in an All-African XI that defeated the Rest of the World XI by a score of 7-4 at the Reebok Stadium, all in aid of the Kanu Heart Foundation.

Veterans game at Marine FC
5 Mar - Past players from Everton will play a fund-raising game against Liverpool veterans at Rossett Park, home of Marine FC next Sunday; kick-off 1pm.  

MLS may want £3M for Bake
4 Mar - All-American goalscorer Brian "Bake" McBride is quite a hit on Merseyside, says the New York Times, but he is unlikely to stay beyond April 1 if the MLS really want $5M (£3M) for him.

Carney named for Aus Under-20s
4 Mar - Everton's Under-19 star, David Carney, is one of seven players based outside Australia who have been selected to represent their country in the 2003 World Youth Championships to be held in UAE.

Chadwick settling in at Derby
4 Mar - On-loan striker Nick Chadwick is relishing the opportunity to get some first team action at Pride Park as he bids to get his career back on track.

Off to sunny Spain
3 Mar - The Everton squad took off for a week of training in Spain as preparation for the final run-in of nine games as David Moyes pushes for the highest finishing position in the Premiership.

£50k fee agreed for Turner
3 Mar - Stirling Albion have finally agreed to accept Everton's valuation of £50,000 for young goalie Iain Turner, who has been playing for the Under-19 team since January.

Moyes was serious about Kleberson
2 Mar - This story in The Scotsman suggests that Everton did put in a firm offer of £3.2m for Braziian midfielder Kleberson during January's transfer window but his club, Atletico Paranaense, are seeking upwards of £6m before they let him go.

Young Blues scoring freely
1 Mar - Everton U-17s drew 6-6 in a goalfest at Newcastle United; the U-19s didn't score as many but defended better, winning 4-1.

Chadwick makes Rams debut
1 Mar - Coming on as a second-half substitute, Nick Chadwick made his loan debut for Derby and provided a key interception that led to the Rams' equalizing goal against Leicester in the First Division clash at Pride Park.


 February 2003


News Headlines & Features

Final Nail in the Kings Coffin
28 Feb - Everton's bid to build a state-of-the-art stadium and arena at Liverpool's Kings Dock is all but after Liverpool Vision, the regeneration agency heading up the project to redevelop the prime riverside site, announced its decision to press on with the development of a major exhibition, conference and entertainment arena without Everton's involvement.  The club lost its preferred-bidder status for the site at the end of last year and has been unable to secure the funding for their part of the project in order to keep the dream alive.  A statement issued this evening expressed the club's disappointment that they were not given until the end of March to the original commitment of £30M.  But increased construction costs would now be expected to raise Everton's share closer to £65M.  Comment from Peter Fearon.

I have suffered too much
28 Feb - Deeply troubled by the rigours of life in general, and the awful lot of today's professional footballer in particular, Alex Nyarko has managed to fall out with yet another cub.  He says he won't be playing for PSG, where he has been on loan all season, leaving Everton with the dilemma of what to do with his registration.  Is there a club somewhere between Dubai and China ready to offer him yet another chance to find happiness?

We've come a long way, Baby
24 Feb - It's been almost a year since David Moyes took Everton by the scruff of the neck and embarked upon a transformation that began with Premiership survival and what everyone Blue hopes will end with European qualification come May. 12 months leaves little time to abandon fears that it could all go wrong in the last 10 matches of the season — during which time we have to face all four of the teams above us — but there are reasons to be optimistic as we head into the final stretch.

Radzinski rocket snatches it in injury time
21 Feb - Tomasz Radzinski snatched all three points and turned a hitherto frustrating afternoon on its head with two wonderful goals in the last seven minutes. Having gone in at half time a goal down to Southampton's only real chance that James Beattie (who else?) converted by looping the ball over Richard Wright, Everton continued to throw everything at Antti Niemi's goal but were continually denied. On 82 minutes, however, Wayne Rooney delivered an inch-perfect cross that Radzinski powered home from six yards. Then, in the third minute of stoppage time, Thomas Gravesen broke through the middle, found Radzinski out wide and with nothing else on, the Canadian international picked his spot and smashed the ball into the top right hand corner. A fantastic finish to a pulsating encounter.

The man with plenty of competition
20 Feb - An interesting article on the icLiverpool site examines the record of David Elleray when refereeing Everton matches as he prepares to take charge of Saturday's game with Southampton. While the hated headmaster has a fairly lenient record officiating other teams, he has issued 10 red cards in 17 matches involving Everton over the years — 6 to Blues players — and almost all of them have been in controversial circumstances. He was the man who, harshly in hindsight, gave Wayne Rooney his marching orders against Birmingham in December. If he's trying to be the Everton fans' most hated ref, he has plenty of competition!

The King is Dead...
20 Feb - Paul Holmes has been one ot the most dissenting critics of the shameless spin the Club has spewed about Kings Dock over the years.  But he is moving on faster than most of us, looking to the next great venture that Everton really must make sure they do invest in: creation of a new state-of-the-art Youth Academy with facilities to match the best that their Northwest rivals can offer.  This piece gives background and insight on where we currently stand, and how important it is that Everton move forward with their published plans as soon as possible.

The Forgotten Men Return... Eventually!
18 Feb - Duncan Ferguson, who has thus far played no part in Everton's surprise Premiership campaign, will have to wait for his first competitive football since a brief appearance in the Worthington Cup win at Wrexham back in October after tonight's Reserves' game against Manchester City was postponed. The Scot has recovered from surgery to free a trapped sciatic nerve, thought to be the source of his injury problems dating back four years and not a rare blood disorder, but his comeback has been thwarted by the freezing weather sweeping the country at the moment. Along with Nick Chadwick and Tony Hibbert, who were also hoping for a run-out following groin surgeries, Ferguson will have to wait two weeks.

Child's Play
13 Feb - No, this is not another article about Wayne Rooney — although there is a connection. Phil Roberts takes a look at the possibilities and rationale for David Moyes to play some of the other up-coming youngsters currently sitting on their backsides because all the Reserves' games keep getting postponed. Now that our Premiership future is assured for our 101st top-flight season, the main risk appears to be losing a place in Europe.

Two weeks away...
11 Feb - Colm has been hidden in his Corner for ages, ruminating quietly on all things Everton.  But now he's come out fighting, and the long-lamented figure of Duncan Ferguson is his target.  Ignoring inconvenient realities — such as a contract of employment and an undiagnosed sciatic nerve problem that has laid Big Dunc so low for so long — Colm weighs in with a blistering tirade that will have Bill Kenwright's ears stinging...  Maybe Colm's just missing Walter and Archie?

Moyes leaves it too late
8 Feb - After a lively start in which both sides were restricted to long-range efforts, Charlton took the lead through Kishishev.  Wright had saved but the Blues defence failed to react quickly enough.  Wright was the busier 'keeper and he had to be at his best to deny Claus Jensen and then Scott Parker as the home side threatened to extend their advantage.  For Everton, Radzinski had a good chance saved by Kiely.  Right on half time, Alan Stubbs was stretchered off and Joseph Yobo came on to replace him.  In the second half, the Blues stepped up the pressure and it paid off when Radzinski fed Brian McBride and the American whipped home the equaliser.  But a mistake by Li Tie allowed Lisbie to take the advantage again before Rooney finally came on with just 6 mins remaining.  A superb shot from him flew fractionally over the bar in the last minute, leaving us wondering what might have been if he had got on the field a little earlier.  Reports by Paul Gregory and Julian Cashen.

Mr Consistency
6 Feb - No one has started more games or scored more goals in the Premiership for Everton this season than Tomasz Radzinski and, along with Master Rooney and Joseph Yobo, the Canadian international has been one of the Blues' biggest success stories in a tremendous season thus far. ToffeeWeb pays tribute to the Everton No. 8, forgives him for his glaring misses and underscores his importance in David Moyes's attack.

45 points from 26 games
3 Feb - As Everton consolidate 5th place and look to get ahead of Chlesea into 4th, Phil Roberts has found another way to measure the success David Moyes is achieveing. It seems Everton have not had so many points from so few games since the heady days of 1987-88, and the reign of Howard Kendall.

Radzinski deepens Lilywhites' misery
1 Feb - Two second half goals — a penalty by David Unsworth and a trademark Tomasz Radzinski strike — were enough to earn Everton a third successive victory and deepen the gloom at Elland Road.  As expected, David Moyes named an unchanged line-up but there was little evidence in the first half of the guile and spirit that engineered Tuesday's win at Bolton.  Early in the second half, though, Radzinski missed the best chance of the game thus far, sliding the ball wide with just Paul Robinson to beat.  The profligate Canadian international atoned for his miss, however, in spades.  First, he won a penalty when Danny Mills bundled him over and Unsworth scored from the spot.  Ten minutes later, he found the net himself after racing onto a Li Tie throughball and firing home to make it 2-0.  The result is, obviously, Everton's first "double" over Leeds since 1951.


Snippets & Rumours

Chadwick on loan at Derby
28 Feb - Everton have agreed a one-month loan deal with Derby whereby Nick Chadwick will (hopefully) get some good playing experience with the First Division outfit.

McMahon throws teacup at Hills
27 Feb - John Hills, once of this parish, has come in for some hefty stick from Blackpool Manager Steve McMahon — also once of this parish.  The defender, who spent a fruitless two years on Everton's books, has rejected a new deal and will now be released come the summer.

Reserves lose at Newcastle
27 Feb - Eveton Reserves finally got a much-needed run-out at Newcastle tonight after their games over the past month have been postponed.  Duncan Ferguson played alongside fellow recoverees Tobias Linderoth and Nick Chadwick, with marginal first-team squad players Carsley, Alexandersson, Said all getting to play.    But they could not prevent the Blues form losing 1-0.

Goodison Park - worm's eye view
26 Feb - This BBC website provides you with an interactive view of Goodison Park from the perspective of a worm on the centre-spot — a worm that turns and has bionic zoom vision which gets really blurry if you go too far...

Rodrigo's window gets ever smaller
25 Feb - David Moyes has dampened expectations that Juliano Rodrigo will be back in first team action anytime before April. Having been assessed by the club's medical staff, the Brazilian is in great physical condition but is "a few weeks" away from playing competitively.

Hibbert comeback stalls
25 Feb - Tony Hibbert's hopes of returning to action soon have been dashed after he suffered complications in his recovery from hernia surgery.

Club offer compensation
25 Feb - Everton have offered to reimburse fans who booked travel arrangements for the friendly with Benfica in Paris between 10:30am and 5:30pm yesterday despite the fact that it appears to have been Benfica's fault for the game's cancellation.

Dundee United eye McLeod?
25 Feb - Following reports that he'd be taking a couple of Everton youths on trial, Dundee United manager Ian McCall is apparently interested in signing Kevin McLeod who is still unable to find a place in Everton's first team squad.

UPDATE:  Paris friendly is off
24 Feb - Everton are warning supporters not to make travel plans for Paris on 10th March after Benfica unexpectedly pulled out of the scheduled friendly in the Stade Charlety that Michael Dunford had confirmed only this morning.

More and more of Moyes
24 Feb - Not so much a match report from the Daily Mirror, more another page in the bulging portfolio celebrating what David Moyes has done in less than a year at Everton.

A fact of life this season
24 Feb - Len Capeling in the Daily Post points out a glaring fact of life this season ... we've missed far more clear chances in front of goal than we should have. Something that could cost us dear come May!

BBC Goal of the Week
23 Feb - It doesn't take a genius to figure this one out.  Tomasz Radzinski's blistering injury-time winner takes the Beeb's accolade, no worries.

Oh Tomasz
23 Feb - David Moyes lavished praise, but also kept things in perspective when talking about Tomasz Radzinski's performance against Southampton yesterday. "Sometimes he's 10 out of 10, and other times he's two out of 10. He had chances, he kept going and he was a threat all the time. But then he missed a couple and you think 'Oh Tomasz'."

Player of the Month
23 Feb - Time to announce January's Player of the Month, and the fact that this is his first such accolade is testament to the transformation he has undergone since David Moyes took charge.

The Dock is Dying...
21 Feb - Despite more upbeat spin, Everton appear to be softening up the fans for an admission that the Kings Dock project is not going to happen.  To save face at the club, they are hiding behind a meagre £15M increase in the stadium construction costs.  A 10% rise after 2 years of "due diligence" and "commercial sensitivity" is hardly a surprise, surely? 

McBride's 'better half'
20 Feb - Brian McBride is featured in the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition together with his wife Dina who is a regular model for the magazine. Now, would you extend your stay in England another year knowing she was back in the USA?!

2 young blues have Tannadice trial
20 Feb - Dundee United are giving trials to two Everton youngsters this week with a view to permanent signings. Manager Ian McCall is not at liberty to identify either player at this stage.

The next Rooney on board?
20 Feb - It hasn't officially been confirmed, but both The Sun and the Tribal Football website suggest that Everton have signed Wayne Rooney's 12-year-old brother, John, on a 3½-year Academy deal.

Clarke off on loan
20 Feb - Defender Peter Clarke has gone off on a second loan spell, this time with Port Vale of the First Division. The deal is only for one month, mainly due to the postponement of Everton's reserve games.

Chelsea trip on PPV
19 Feb - Everton's return to Stamford Bridge on Easter Monday, 21st April, will be televised live on Sky Premiership Plus — and possibly the usual channels worldwide. Kick off remains 3pm.

Baardsen departs
18 Feb - Espen Baardsen's brief association with Everton will be over at the end this week. The Norwegian made just one start after signing for free in January and that was his nightmare deputising for Richard Wright at former club Tottenham in the Blues' 4-3 defeat.

Blues must aim for Top 6
18 Feb - With Arsenal and Chelsea being drawn against each other in the FA Cup 6th Round, only the top 6 in the Premiership are guaranteed European qualification at the end of the season.

Rodrigo: I'll be playing soon
18 Feb - Brazilian midfielder Juliano Rodrigo says he'll be back playing sooner than everyone thinks. He certainly doesn't have much time to prove to David Moyes that he's worth keeping for another year.

Walter wouldn't mind returning
17 Feb - Don't worry he doesn't want to come back to Everton. No, Walter Smith says if the right offer came up he would love to get back into football management in general. He was speaking at an awards ceremony in Scotland where he was picking up something on behalf of Paul Gascoigne.

The other Li scores for China
17 Feb - Li Weifeng, the player David Moyes didn't want and who eventually went home, scored China's first goal in two months against Estonia. It was China's first victory under new coach Dutchman Arie Haan.

Death threats for Dunc intruder
17 Feb - The Evertonian inmates at the Liverpool prison where Carl Bishop, the would-be thief who broke into Duncan Ferguson's home recently, is housed have not taken kindly to either his attempted burglary of the Scottish striker's gymnasium or his desire to sue Big Dunc for assault. He has been moved to the prison's 'A' wing for his own protection.

Sunday Rumour Rubbish?
16 Feb - With around four months to go until the transfer window reopens, The People, as well as the more reputable The Independent, would have us believe that Everton are "ready to make a summer swoop" for Arsenal's Jermaine Pennant. This BBC article says the same, but is more interesting for its quotes on David Moyes and how he thinks Everton should have more points on the board by now!

X-rays diffuse X-rated tackle
14 Feb - When Alan Stubbs extracted himself from the X-rated Scott Parker tackle last Saturday, he thought he'd broken his leg. Doctors have now given him the 'all clear' and he is hoping to be back in the starting line-up against Southampton.

Fake tan jibe rubs ref wrong way
13 Feb - It seems referee Jeff Winter is more concerned about the fact that David Moyes called his tan a fake, than the latter's comments on his refereeing itself. He wants the FA to charge Moyes for something or other.

England's youngest
13 Feb - The plaudits begin. Wayne Rooney gave a performance worthy of the hype in his second-half record-breaking appearance for England against Australia at Upton Park. Mind you, after the pathetic first-half performance by the supposed 'seniors', Rooney's younger brothers would have looked good. The Guardian loves him too, and he's Player of the Week at UEFA.com.

Li Tie nobbles Ronaldo
12 Feb - Brazilian star Ronaldo failed to appear for the second half of the China-Brazil friendly in Guangzhou, after suffering a heavy tackle from Everton's Li Tie.  Li Wei Feng was also in the China team; the match ended with a 0-0 scoreline.

Moyes memorabilia for sale
12 Feb - Preston North End are selling off training kit worn by David Moyes last season. If you're in the market for smelly socks, towels and shirts you can read more in this Echo article.

Pistone: playing on confidence
12 Feb - Alessandro Pistone is currently playing some of the best football of his Everton career.  Mark English considers the impact of a new confidence inspired by David Moyes.

Shut up will you Gary!
12 Feb - Gary Naysmith thinks David Moyes would make a natural successor to Berti Vogts when the latter's stint as Scotland manager comes to an end.  "I think he could do it and I would imagine he would like to do it," said Naysmith in an interview given to The Scotsman.  Our headline sums up our feelings on that one!

Clarke in U-21s defeat
11 Feb - Everton's Peter Clarke played the full 90 minutes for England U-21s in Carrara, Italy as they went down 1-0 to the hosts. Ex-Everton youngster, Blackburn's Jamie McEveley came on as a sub for the last 20 mins.

Dunc's burglar banged to rights
11 Feb - The Beak has put druggie Carl Bishop inside for 4 years after he got caught by Duncan Ferguson raiding the Big Yin's gym and storage area at his Formby home.

Reserves postponed again
11 Feb - Everton Reserves will miss another game after the match-up with Birmingham CIty at Halton Stadium tonight was called off due to a waterlogged pitch.

Radzinski misses Libya game
11 Feb - Tomasz Radzinski will not be playing for Canada against Libya on Wednesday because of a bad back. He picked up the injury against Charlton on Saturday.

Still got room for Rooney?
11 Feb - Wayne Rooney has now reached Number 1 on the PlayerMeter at PlayerWatch.co.UK — making him the most talked-about player in the world at the moment. People talking about him include David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, the BBC and Mark Pembridge.

Club still chasing Materazzi cash
10 Feb - Everton are consulting with a team of Italian lawyers as they try to get the £500,000 owed to them by Perugia from their sale of Marco Materazzi to Inter Milan. When the defender left Goodison in 1999, a sell-on clause was written into the contract.

Jeffers Interview
10 Feb - This interesting interview with Francis Jeffers appeared in the Sunday Times at the weekend.  Once a blue, always a blue?  Perhaps not for those Evertonians who continue to hold some kind of grudge against him.

Rooney's minder Beckham
10 Feb - Wayne Rooney has proved all season he doesn't need any help looking after himself on the pitch. Off the pitch, however, Sven Eriksson has decided the best person to shield him from all the publicity he is going to get by becoming the youngest England player ever is none other than Beckham. "I'm sure that David will look after Wayne Rooney. He does that sort of thing very well."

Aussie manager's concern for Rooney
10 Feb - Frank Farina, the manager of the Australian national team, voices his concern for the pressure being heaped on Wayne Rooney prior to the England game on Wednesday. "He's only 17 and he's being talked about as the future of English football. That's a lot of pressure to be putting on someone of that age."

And if ya know yer 'istory
9 Feb - See how many of these tough questions you can get right in this unique pictorial Everton quiz, put together by Arklow's finest — Colm Kavanagh.

Moyes unhappy with referee
9 Feb - David Moyes was very unhappy with Scott Parker's tackle on Alan Stubbs. He was even more unhappy with referee Jeff Winter's response to the tackle - no free-kick, no booking - saying "Wayne Rooney was sent off for a challenge nothing like as bad as that a few weeks ago".

Wright and Rooney selected
8 Feb - Some obviously solid leaks to the Press proved to be correct regarding Sven-Goran Eriksson's intentions for the friendly game with Australia on Wednesday.  Both Richard Wright and Wayne Rooney are in the squad, together with ex-Blue, Francis Jeffers.

Strong Rooney call up rumours
8 Feb - The Telegraph's Henry Winter (one of the better football journos) is reporting that Wayne Rooney could be called up by Eriksson to face Australia next week. The Times Online has a similar story. If capped, he will be the youngest England international in history.

Another signed shirt up for grabs
7 Feb - A 2001/02 away shirt signed by 32 Everton legends is the latest star item up for auction by the BlueBlood foundation. Click here for more information.

Wright for England?
7 Feb - A number of media sources are speculating on the possible return of Richard Wright to the England set-up as Sven-Goran Eriksson prepares to name his squad to play Australia next week.

Li Tie to stay on longer?
7 Feb - David Moyes is looking at converting Li Tie's loan into a permanent deal, reflecting his confidence in a player who has figured in more of his starting line-ups this season than anyone else in the Everton squad.

Cleland plans coaching career
6 Feb - Having been forced to quit the game prematurely because of a calf injury (that was initially wrongly diagnosed at Everton), Alec Cleland tells the Daily Record  that he is hoping to rebuild his footballing career by moving into coaching.

Kanchelskis on the move again
6 Feb - And another ex-Blue, Andrei Kanchelskis, has left Southampton for Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal.

Houllier has lost the plot
5 Feb - The Evening Standard  hit the nail on the head with their astute analysis of the Liverpool manager's laughable defence of Steven Gerrard and that tackle and predict dire consequences for the Frenchman if the Reds finish lower than the Blues.

Samways released by Sevilla
5 Feb - Former Everton midfielder Vinny Samways has been released by Spanish club Sevilla after his proposed move to Cordoba collapsed, leaving the 34 year-old's career in limbo.

Gravesen content at Goodison
4 Feb - In an interview with a Danish newspaper, Thomas Gravesen says he is not perturbed by the fact that he hasn't been involved in recent games. "We are using the rotation principle... I'm fine with it," he says.

International call-ups
4 Feb - Gary Naysmith and Scot Gemmill have been included in Berti Vogt's Scotland squad to face Lee Carsley and the Republic of Ireland, while Thomas Gravesen has been called up for Denmark's meeting with Egypt for whom Ibrahim Said could feature.

Osman raring to go
4 Feb - The Cumbrian News & Star report on how Leon Osman's loan spell with Carlisle United and his form since returning to Goodison has put him on the verge of the Everton first team.

Reserves washed out
4 Feb - Tonight’s Reserve game between Everton and Sheffield Wednesday at the Halton Stadium in Widnes has been called off because of a waterlogged pitch.

Mr Personality
4 Feb - David Moyes has been named by the Liverpool Echo as the Merseyside Sports Personality of the Year for 2002.  Howard Kendall received the Dixie Dean Memorial Award.

More praise for Moyes
3 Feb - Three wins in a row and it's time for more plaudits for the man in charge, although it will be another 6 weeks before he celebrates a year in charge as Everton Manager, despite this headline at 4theGame.

Justice done over Gerrard lunge
3 Feb - The FA have been rightly criticised for not applying consistent standards to similar incidents in recent weeks, but they have at least meted some appropriate treatment out to Steven Gerrard for his two-footed assault on Gary Naysmith in the Anfield derby, banning him for 3 matches.

A last glimpse of Gazza
2 Feb - The Observer Sport Monthly carries a long and ultimately sad article about Paul Gascoigne, with insights into the last year of his life that show how his brief Everton career crumbled alongside that of father figure Walter Smith.

Lee Miller on his training sessions
2 Feb - The Sunday Mail carries a nice interview with Lee Miller who talks about his brief spell of training with the Everton lads at Bellefield last week.

Carsley in Kerr's first squad
1 Feb - Lee Carsley has been named in new Ireland boss Brian Kerr's squad to face Scotland at Hampden Park on 12th Feb.


 January 2003


News Headlines & Features

McFadden Bid Rejected
30 Jan - Everton's cunning strategy of creative book-keeping as a way to bring in the players David Moyes needs to maintain his push for a European place seems to be failing as Motherwell have rejected a novel deal that could have brought their fiery midfielder, Jamie McFadden to Goodison.  Moyes offered the Scottish Premier side £100,000 to take McFadden on loan until the end of the season with a view to making the deal permanent in the summer.  This news follows rumours that Colin Healy (pictured) could be going elsewhere as Celtic reject Everton's bid of $150k and that Everton could sign trialist Collin Samuel instead before the transfer window closes tomorrow — although Moyes has said that it's unlikely there will be any new faces. 

Reserves beat Bradford 2 - 1
29 Jan - Everton Reserves took a two-goal lead over Bradford City during the first half of tonight's game at the Halton Stadium with goals from Leon Osman and Lee Carsley (pen).  Kevin McLeod received a straight red card for a challenge on the Bradford goalie, Nick Beach, which saw him leave the field on a stretcher.  Everton failed to take advantage in the second half, allowing Carricondo to score with an excellent free-kick past Simonsen in goal.7nbsp; But the win was enough to raise them three places to 7th in the FA Premier Reserves/U-21 League, Northern Section.

Watson secures first away win since November
28 Jan - Steve Watson was the hero grabbing two goals as Everton recorded their first away win since November and emphatically banished the spectre of relegation by breaking the 40-point barrier. The versatile Geordie, who was unsuccessfully installed as an emergency striker a year ago by Walter Smith, connected with a David Unsworth free kick on 33 minutes with a stunning scissor-kick to put David Moyes's side ahead. Six minutes later, he was on hand to fire home a second after Jussi Jaaskelainen had saved from Gary Naysmith. Watson almost grabbed his hat-trick in the second half but Jaaskelainen did just enough to save his close-range header. Bolton, who had had a few chances of their own in the first half, improved slightly in the second but didn't really threaten to overturn the Blues' lead until stoppage time when substitute Delroy Facey found the net in a goalmouth melee.

A week is a long time in football
25 Jan - The old adage holds true for David Moyes and his Everton squad, which was ravaged by injury and illness a week or two ago.  But most of the news is now good with Pembridge and Gerrard getting full games for the reserves last week; Linderoth and Simonsen are now off the injury list and presumably back in training.  Since Moyes has shown little inclination to mess around with winning line-ups, the chance of Leon Osman or new boy Ibrahim Said seeing action at Bolton on Tuesday could be slim, although you wonder what more someone like Osman has to do in order to be given a decent opportunity in the first team.

Osman hits hat-trick as Blues thump United
23 Jan - Everton's Reserves finally saw some action for the first time in over a month and the break didn't look to have done them any harm at all.  Steve Milne reports on promising midfielder Leon Osman, who made his senior debut as a last-minute substitute at Spurs two weeks ago, and hit a hat-trick tonight as the Blues' second string demolished Manchester United in Altrincham.  Ibrahim Said made his expected first run out in an Everton shirt alongside first-team regulars Niclas Alexandersson, Mark Pembridge and Lee Carsley.  New young goalie Iain Turner was on the bench as cover for Paul Gerrard. 

Edging closer to safety
22 Jan - With 39 points in the bag, Everton have surely slain the beast of relegation, and there is one man who deserves the lion's share of the credit for this turn of events.  Fan Neil Wright wants to mark this momentous achievement by giving David Moyes on ovation when we do finally pass that psychological 40-point barrier — hopefully next Tuesday at Bolton.

Wei Feng to stay in China
20 Jan - Li Wei Feng will not be returning to Goodison Park as an Everton player after the Club announced that he will stay in China and join Shanzhen Jian Lia Bao (formerly Shanzhen Kejian, his previous club) following termination of his contract by mutual consent.  This brings to an end a strained relationship, with the player unable to make an impact with the team and unable to settle on Merseyside following the surprise sponsorship deal with Kejian that brought him to Everton last July.  At the time, it was strongly rumoured that he was "the wrong one", with the deal for Li Tie hurriedly being patched together to assuage Mr Moyes... allegedly.

Loan Star McBride fires Everton to victory
18 Jan - American marksman Brian McBride continued his sensational start to his Everton career by scoring both goals as the Toffees came from behind to beat struggling Sunderland and earn their first win of 2003. Richard Wright returned in goal; Weir back as captain. Everton made a great start to this game, with numerous chances being created in the first 30 mins, including Watson hitting the post, but no goals so far...  And then the inevitable, as Kilbane scored totally against the run of play.  The second half started with Sunderland again attacking but it was Everton who suddenly applied a total onslaught to the Sunderland goal, with McBride scoring two vital goals inside 6 mins as some tremendous pressure finally paid off.

Wayne Rooney signs 3-year contract
17 Jan - The big Friday-evening announcement from Goodison Park: Wayne Rooney's contract negotiations have finally been concluded and the boy wonder has signed a potentially lucrative professional contract for 3 years — the maximum allowed for a 17-year-old.  It was actually a double celebration as Everton's superb young full-back Tony Hibbert also signed a new 3-year contract with the club.

Club confident of putting Rooney deal to bed
16 Jan - Everton Chief Executive, Michael Dunford, is confident that negotiations over Wayne Rooney's professional contract will be done and dusted by the time he makes his next first-team appearance. The 17 year-old striker is suspended until the trip to Charlton Athletic on 8th February, but Dunford says that talks with Proactive, Rooney's new agents, have made encouraging progress and that he will have put pen to paper by the time that game comes around.

Goalkeeper situation uncertain
15 Jan - Everton currently have four unfit goalkeepers, after Espen Baardsen revealed that he was troubled with a hip injury during is less-than-stellar Everton debut.  Richard Wright's scan on his injured knee revealed he may need surgery if the inury doesn't settle down, while Iain Turner is expected to sign for Everton later this week, although that may depend on the outcome of the tribunal ruling on an appropriate fee.  Paul Gerrard is back in training and could be ready to face Sunderland on Saturday but David Moyes will give Wright every opportunity to prove his ability to play.

Defensive errors cost Moyes's men dear
12 Jan - A much-improved performance by an injury and suspension-ravaged Everton side was unforgivably ruined by calamitous defending that gifted a hat-trick to Robbie Keane and allowed Tottenham to perpetuate their hold over the Blues. After taking a 10th-minute lead through debutant Brian McBride, the Blues fell behind twice to Keane goals but managed to pull level again through Steve Watson and Tomasz Radzinski as the game took on thrilling proportions. But, with the defence arguably at fault for all four goals — not helped by a nervy performance by Espen Baardsen after Richard Wright had injured his knee in the pre-match warm-up — Keane capitalised on a dreadful error of judgement by Alan Stubbs to smash in the winner with 6 minutes left.

Everton close to tying up Healy deal
10 Jan - Republic of Ireland international midfielder Colin Healy could become an Everton player within the next 48 hours after his agent revealed that the two clubs were close to a deal. The fact that the story has been posted on the Official Everton website lends credence to the belief that the club will sign the Celtic midfielder before the transfer window closes at the end of the month. Healy's agent, Mel Stein, while questioning his client's decision to leave a club as big as Celtic says, "if you are going to go anywhere then Everton is a good move for any player". Celtic's decision on the Blues' £150,000 offer could be announced today.

More background on Rooney's contract
8 Jan - This article in The Guardian seems to provide a balanced and informed assessment of the issues that are currently holding up finalization of a contract between Everton and Wayne Rooney's representatives at ProActive Sports Management.  Everyone sounds committed to reaching agreement but the reported gap in salary offered and requested appears to be rather large...

Half-full or half-empty?
7 Jan - Phil Turner runs the rule over the season so far and tries to weigh the positives against the negatives in reaching some conclusion about the success of the Moyes Revolution, a little over half-way through the season.

Moving a few steps forward...
6 Jan - The cataclysmic events of the weekend have caused many fans to focus on the limitations of the current Everton squad, which currently features almost an entire team laid up with illness or injuries, and the effect of suspensions on the way.  Everton fan Andrew Presly has composed this review of where we have got to so far this season, the new faces we are likely to see, and how far they may take us come May.

Not the end of the world
5 Jan - Yes, it was a very bad result.  But it is not the end of the world.  The ToffeeWeb Editor looks back at some of the complex emotions that surround such a setback, and how they can seduce us into the wrong kind of thinking — about the players, the team, the manager, and the brief transfer window that some now see as the new panacea.

Everton join the ranks of the humiliated
4 Jan - David Moyes suffered his biggest reverse as manager of Everton after his injury-and flu-ridden outfit crashed to a disastrous FA Cup Third Round defeat at Gay Meadow and ensured that the eyes of the nation will be on the Blue half of Merseyside this weekend for all the wrong reasons.  Kevin Ratcliffe's struggling Third Division side made all the early running and Richard Wright had to pull off a string of saves before the Blues finally woke up and went close through Radzinski and Carsley.  Then, a free kick given away by Gravesen was curled home by Nigel Jemson to make it 1-0 at half time.  Niclas Alexandersson replaced the yellow-carded Thomas Gravesen at the interval and it was he who looked to have saved the tie with a goal on the hour mark.  But, with two minutes left, a Woan free kick found Jemson and he beat Wright for the second time to seal the shock of the round, and Everton's most humiliating Third-Round exit ever. Paul Gregory sent in this report.

Lacking Performance in the Engine Room
4 Jan - With Brian McBride, Ibrahim Said and Iain Turner all due to sign for Everton within the next 10 days, David Moyes is taking great strides towards the kind of squad depth he will need in his bid to keep the Blues in the top five of the Premiership. However, as welcome as those signings are, the worrying lack of any midfield flair on the horizon is disturbing. Will the boss be addressing what is potentially the team's biggest weakness before the transfer window closes?

Huff and puff barely enough
1 Jan - It took the Blues just 6 minutes to take the lead when Rooney split the City defence with a great ball for Steve Watson to convert.  Mark Pembridge had a similar 18-yard effort blocked and Wayne Rooney, on from the start, fired just over.  But City drew level through Everton's nemesis, Nicolas Anelka after a poor error by Richard Wright.  Campbell and Yobo were subbed at half-time, and Gemmill later replaced Gravesen but nothing seemed to inspire a listless Everton.  And with 9 mins left, the seemingly inevitable disaster happened when Foe headed past Wright.  But a desperate 4 mins of added time saw Everton finally, undeservedly, equalize through Radzinski.


Snippets & Rumours

Etherington stalls on Goodison switch?
31 Jan - Reliable sources suggest that David Moyes lodged a successful bid for Tottenham's Matthew Etherington but the player felt he had too little time to make the decision ahead of the transfer deadline.

Eriksson will not be rushed
31 Jan - He's been suspended for four games but that hasn't stopped the country's choice jurnos and pundits writing about him and shoving him under Sven's nose...  But thankfully it appears the England manager will not be rushed into an early international debut for Wayne Rooney.

Club decide against Intertoto Cup
30 Jan - David Moyes and the Everton board have agreed that the club will not be applying for entry to the Intertoto Cup this summer.

Gerrard to Portman Road?
29 Jan - Paul Gerrard may be an Ipswich player by the end of the week, if Joe Royle makes the move to re-purchase his favourite goalie.

Everton are 2nd best "First Half" team
29 Jan - The success of the David Moyes revolution is illustrated in these statistic tables, especially in terms of first-half performance and results against the Premiership's lesser teams.

Joe-Max back at the Rev
28 Jan - Joe-Max Moore has rejoined the MLS side, New England Revolution (Boston, MA) after his three years with Everton came to an end last month.

Blue Heritage Plaque for Anfield
28 Jan - Everton have presented Liverpool with a nice Blue Heritage Plaque commemorating the fact that Anfield was Everton's home from 1884 to 1892.  Just one problem: where are they going to put it?

Wright will suffer through the pain
28 Jan - In a worrying development that has presaged the demise of a number of previous Everton players, reports today indicate that Richard Wright will put off any operation on his injured knee until the end of the season so that he can carry on playing in goal for Everton.

Samuel and Miller arrive
27 Jan - Falkirk players Collin Samuel and Lee Miller have arrived on Merseyside for five days of training with Everton but there are no indications as yet that this arrangement between David Moyes and his good friend, Falkirk manager Ian McCall, will lead to anything permanent.

Falkirk looking for £500k
27 Jan - Falkirk have reportedly slapped a price tag of £500k on free-scoring Trinidadian striker Collin Samuel...

Jeffers can become a great goalscorer
26 Jan - So says Arséne Wenger about the young Everton prodigy who scored 2 goals for Arsenal on Saturday, his 22nd birthday, but has otherwise been used sparingly (and injured) for much of his time with The Gunners.

Under-17s lose to Man City
25 Jan - Alan Harper's Under-17s suffered an unlucky defeat at league leaders Manchester City with the Under-19s game called off.  Steve Milne was there to watch and report.

Samuel grabs a hat-trick
25 Jan - Collin Samuel, one of the young Falkirk players who is headed down to Bellefield next week to train with the Blues, scored an excellent first-half hat-trick against Hearts in a great 4-0 Scottish Cup upset.

BlueBlood star item of the week
24 Jan - The latest must-have item up for auction by the BlueBlood charity is a 2002/03 home shirt signed by a host of Everton legends. You know it makes sense... click here.

Moyes prepared to sell McLeod?
24 Jan - The Daily Post claims that David Moyes would allow Kevin McLeod to leave Everton — for a fee — after rejecting a loan move that would have taken the 22-year-old Everton Reserve to Rotherham for the rest of the season.

Xavier joins Galatasary
24 Jan - Former Everton player and itinerant virus host Abel Xavier has gone on loan from Liverpool to Turkish club Galatasaray.

Hibbert targets February return
23 Jan - Impressive home-grown defender Tony Hibbert has pencilled the televised clash with Southampton on 22 February in as his target date for first team availability as he recovers from a hernia operation.

Jurietti transfer collapses
23 Jan - Monaco's Franck Jurietti says he had a three-day trial at Everton but there was not enough money to make the transfer happen.  Either that or he just wasn't good enough for David Moyes?

Baardsen stays for another month
23 Jan - Buried in yet another conflicting article on Mr Joseph Yobo — this is at the icLiverpool website — is the news that Everton are extending the short-term contract of stand-in goalie Espen Baardsen for an extra month.

But Yobo says: No problems at Everton
23 Jan - Joseph Yobo tells Nigerian radio that there is no reason for anyone to be concerned about his contract at Everton.  Except the agent who negotiated it: he is "not very strong" and his services have been dispensed with... Oh, and the BBC report he is about to sign a new one — before the end of January... or before the end of the season.

Why Yobo was unhappy
23 Jan - In what it describes as a "shocking revelation", kickoffnigeira.com reports that the reason Joseph Yobo was unhappy about the completion of his transfer to Everton was that he didn't get a signing-on fee. His brother blames Yobo's ex-agent and Yobo himself for the oversight.

Blues to resume chase for Healy
22 Jan - As the negotiations between Martin O'Neill and Celtic rumble on so does the saga surrounding Colin Healy's proposed move to Everton. The icLiverpool site report that David Moyes will make a final push to seal the deal before the transfer window slams shut.

Moyes looks at Falkirk agreement
22 Jan - David Moyes travels to Falkirk in Scotland tomorrow to discuss plans for some of Everton's youngsters to join the Bairns on loan in exchange for the trials of Collin Samuel and Lee Miller next week.

Moore to rejoin the Revolution
22 Jan - Joe-Max Moore is on the verge of returning to New England Revolution, the MLS side from which he joined Everton three years ago. The out-of-contract American international was released by David Moyes a month ago.

Toffeehater with a Vengeance
21 Jan - London-based Everton fan, Charlie Martin, has every right to fear the inevitable, with today's news that Les Ferdinand has signed for West Ham...

Duncan's recovery is slow
21 Jan - Duncan Ferguson is stiffening up after training, and it is a concern for David Moyes, who feels the Big Yin's recovery is going slower than expected.  Big Dunc will not play in Thursday's reserves game with Manchester United.

Belated Match Report...
21 Jan - ... from Richard Marland.  Click the link for Richard's usual calm and clear analysis of the Sunderland game.

Cleland calls it a day
20 Jan - Former Everton defender Alec Cleland, released by the club last summer, has had to retire from professional football because of a persistent calf injury.

Where are you now, Walter?
19 Jan - The Scotsman has tracked down one-time Everton manager, Walter Smith, who was told by Sir Bobby Robson "You’ll never be a manager until you’ve been sacked three times."  So now we know...

Samuel and Miller from Falkirk
19 Jan - Everton are taking two Falkirk players, Collin Samuel and Lee Miller, on trial at Bellefield this week.

Everton link good for Kejian
19 Jan - Reuters News Agency reports that the Kejian mobile phone company in China is reaping the benefits of its ground-breaking sponsorship deal with Everton FC.

Rooney Autographed GP Photo
19 Jan - Your chance to get your hands on an exclusive photograph of Goodison Park, signed by none other than Wayne Rooney, is here! Proceeds go to the BlueBlood Foundation. It could be worth thousands in years to come.

New BlueBlood auction items
16 Jan - Signed stuff by Duncan Ferguson, Howard Kendall, Joe Parkinson, Graeme Sharp, Derek Mountfield, Ray Wilson and many more. Get yer bids in now — it all goes to charidee!

Marseille rekindle interest in Nyarko
16 Jan - With Paris St Germain looking increasingly unlikely to take up their option to make Alex Nyarko's loan move permanent, Marseille have once again expressed an interest in the Ghanaian midfielder.

Moyes denies move for Brazilian star
16 Jan - Rumours are rife that David Moyes has launched a late bid to sign Brazilian World Cup star Kleberson on another clever loan-to-permanent deal. However, despite the presence of another Brazilian already in the squad, Moyes has said that he will not pursuing the deal at this time — although he did confirm that he had been looking at Kleberson.

Owls swoop for Kanchelskis
16 Jan - Sheffield Wednesday have signed the former Everton star Andrei Kanchelskis on loan until the end of season. He made little impression at Southampton, but did make a big impression on Guy McEvoy in this game against his new team way back in 1996.

Club to trial football loyalty card
15 Jan - Starting next season, Everton and Ipswich Town will become the first clubs to trial the TeamCard, a loyalty scheme whereby fans can earn points to spend at other retailers by buying match tickets, etc.

Duncan's been burgled again
15 Jan - He was burgled at his last place and he's been burgled again exactly two years and a day later at his new home. Duncan Ferguson restrained the burglar until police came and that burglar is now alleging he was assaulted during the confrontation. Police want to question the player about the incident.

Ally McCoist — new striker coach
15 Jan - Buried deep in this Independent article is the news that old Rangers pro Ally McCoist has has been invited to become the strikers' coach at Bellefield — for just one day!

Goodison to get a Guatemalan?
15 Jan - Planet Football, the current home of dubious transfer rumours, carries a quote from MLS hot-shot Carlos Ruiz claiming Everton are interested in him. However, the Guatemalan striker could struggle for a work permit.

Beijing duck anyone?
14 Jan - Given the choice between Burnley and Beijing, Paul Gascoigne has opted for the latter. He says, "I have trained really, really hard. This is an opportunity for me to get out of England, go over there and enjoy myself".

Wei Feng in Chinese squad
14 Jan - Li Wei Feng, who has been back in China for the last two months recovering from a nose injury and training with the national team, has been included in the squad to face Brazil on 12 February.

FA diffuse Rooney rumble
14 Jan - The FA has reassured Everton that they won't be calling Rooney up for the World Under-20 Championship.  This article on the BBC website reveals that FIFA had threatened Rooney with a Premiership ban if he had been selected and not been released for England duty.

Moyes to look at Scottish duo
14 Jan - According to The Scotsman, Falkirk’s Collin Samuel and Lee Miller will have trials at Bellefield at the end of this month, with David Moyes presumably already thinking about close season signings.

Celtic test Everton resolve over Healy
13 Jan - Despite Everton's £150,000 bid and Colin Healy's desire to join the Blues, Celtic have insisted that the midfielder fly out to their mid-winter training camp in Florida. This suggests that they may be holding out for more cash; any deal could now be delayed 2 weeks.

No desert for Rooney
13 Jan - If Wayne Rooney is going to play in a World Cup, he is going to have to wait for the real thing. Everton have told the FA that they are not going to release him for the World Under-20 Championships in the UAE this Spring.

The FA want the boy
12 Jan - Everton could be without Wayne Rooney for five Premiership games in March-April including the derby at Goodison.  The FA intend to argue their point with David Moyes about including him in the England squad for the World Youth Cup in the United Arab Emirates from March 25 to April 18.

Here comes McBride...
12 Jan - A nice lengthy piece from The Independent previewing the arrival of Brian McBride as direct replacement (even down to the squad number!) for recently departed compatriot Joe-Max Moore.

Academy games off
11 Jan - Saturday's games at Crewe Alexandra involving Everton's U-17 and U-19 Youth Academy sides have been called off due to frozen pitches.

Greed has its price
10 Jan - Having turned down David Moyes's £4.5M offer for Mart Poom 6 months ago because they wanted £7M, cash-strapped Derby County have effectively missed out on £2.5M precious revenue by selling the Estonian to Sunderland for just £2M.

Dacourt moves on again
10 Jan - Terry Venables must be happy to finally have shipped out Olivier Dacourt, who is moving from Leeds to AC Roma on loan until the end of the season.

Polish midfielder on trial
10 Jan - The Independent suggests that 30 year-old Polish World Cup player Piotr Szierczewski played in a closed-doors game on Merseyside yesterday by way of a trial with Everton.

Player of the Month — December
10 Jan - The votes are in and we can reveal the winner of the December POTM poll.

Moyes keen to hang on to McLeod
10 Jan - In what hopefully bodes well for the near future, David Moyes recently turned down a request by Rotherham United to take young midfielder Kevin McLeod on loan until the end of the season.

Everton announce China tour
9 Jan - Everton will go to China later this year as part of their sponsorship deal with Kejian. The Blues will play one match in Shenzen and another in Hong Kong during a 10-day tour.

Iain Turner on his Everton move
9 Jan - In this article on new Everton Under-19s goalkeeper, Iain Turner, he proclaims: "You cannot really go wrong when guys like Chris Woods ... are looking after you and giving you advice."  And there's more in The Sun.

Ex-Blue on trial with St Mirren
9 Jan - Tribal Football report that 20 year-old midfielder Craig Penham, recently released by Everton, has accepted a trial with Scottish club St Mirren.  Don't tell anyone, but his real name is Craig Penman.

Blueblood auction items galore
8 Jan - Stuff signed by Gordon West, Fred Pickering, Graeme Sharp, Sandy Brown, Derek Mountfield, Derek Temple... the list goes on, and it all benefits the BlueBlood foundation so get bidding!

Healy still a possibility
8 Jan - Everton have confirmed that they are in negotiations with Celtic to bring midfielder Colin Healy to Goodison, either by the end of January or by the end of the season.

Read "Football Crazy" for free
8 Jan - Terry Ravenscroft has made his award-winning novel "Football Crazy" (normally priced £17.95) available for all fans of football to read completely free. Click here and follow the link to "Football Crazy".

New loan target on trial?
7 Jan - Unsubstantiated reports suggest that David Moyes has offered a three-day trial to Monaco defender Franck Jurietti.  The 27 year-old could sign on loan until May if he impresses.

POTM December — Last Call
7 Jan - The Player of the Month vote for December will be closing in the next couple of days. If you haven't voted for your choice yet, why not do so now?

Said gets his work permit
7 Jan - Ibrahim Said has been granted a work permit and should be available for selection against Spurs on Sunday, with Alan Stubbs now rated as doubtful due to a sprained ankle.

Stirling anger at Turner outcome
7 Jan - Stirling Albion player-manager Allan Moore has hit out at the token £50,000 offer Everton made for highly-regarded goalkeeper, Iain Turner.  David Moyes waited until the 18-year-old was out of contract to sign him and the matter now goes to a tribunal who will set the compensation fee.

Gerrard charged by FA
7 Jan - Liverpool's Stephen Gerrard has been charged with violent conduct after the FA viewed videotape of the disgusting two-footed lunge on Gary Naysmith in the Anfield derby.

Rooney has still not signed
7 Jan - Future earnings and the thorny problem of image rights are the sticking points that have so far prevented Everton reaching an agreement with Wayne Rooney and his agent that will enable him to sign a six-year contract with The Blues. Though this BBC article is much more positive on the matter.

Nyarko is staying in France...
6 Jan - ... at least until the end of the season, when his current loan deal at PSG runs out.  But the Everton website is strangely speculating that a lack of movement on a first option for a permanent transfer with an agreed £3M fee during the January sales window will mean the want-away Ghanain will have to come back to Goodison in May.

Reserves game is off
6 Jan - Everton Reserves were due to play at Newcastle today but the game has been called off sue to a frozen pitch.

Rodrigo is recovering well
6 Jan - The Everton website are relaying an e.mail from Juliano Rodrigo who reports favourably from Brazil on his recovery from knee ligament damage: he may be back in training by the end of the month.

McBride gets his work permit
6 Jan - The Department of Overseas Labour and Employment have granted a work permit for Brian McBride, which makes him eligible for selection against Spurs next Sunday.

Real Rubbish
6 Jan - Or at least that's what Everton's head of corporate affairs Ian Ross is saying on the BBC website about Real Madrid's supposed first option bid on Rooney. "There has been no contact between the clubs", he says. So McManaman won't be coming either then!

Real want to tie up Rooney
5 Jan - A story in The People claims that Real Madrid would like to buy a commitment from Everton that would provide a minimum £20M guaranteed fee should the youngster become available in the future...

Player of the Month
3 Jan - The David Moyes victory bandwagon may have ground to a shuddering halt during December but there are still candidates for POTM. Vote Now!

Big Dunc close to full training
3 Jan - Duncan Ferguson is getting close to resuming full training with the first-team squad after recovering from back surgery to free a trapped sciatic nerve.

New young goalkeeper
3 Jan - Iain Turner, an 18-year-old goalkeeper from Stirling Albion, looks likely to be the next David Moyes signing. He is having his medical at Everton and the BBC website is reporting that the deal could be finalised later today.

Mixed Emotions for Rats
3 Jan - Kevin Ratcliffe reminisces about his playing career at Goodison and how he has mixed feelings about tomorrow's FA Cup 3rd round match at Shrewsbury. He says, "This will be the first time I haven't supported Everton in a Cup tie".

McBride and Said deals agreed
2 Jan - Everton have secured agreements with Brian McBride and Ibrahim Said for loan deals that could bring both players to Goodison Park until the end of the season, as long as they can obtain work permits.

Wayne misses another game
1 Jan - A fifth yellow card for Wayne Rooney on New Year's Day means that he will now miss four games in a row.


 December 2002


News Headlines & Features

The China Connection
30 Dec - The size of the upcoming Premiership clash between Everton and Manchester City takes on entirely unprecedented proportions on the the other side of the globe from, Goodison Park, where the potential presence of two Chinese players on the field will push the TV audience for this game up into the billions. Today's Times has a couple of articles which look at the phenomena surrounding Li Tie and Sun Jihai.  No mention, however, of Li Wei Feng, who is back in China recovering from a nose injury.

Everton still have the Christmas Blues
28 Dec - Everton were held to a third consecutive draw — their second 0-0 draw in three games — by struggling Bolton Wanderers at Goodison Park as David Moyes's side continue to struggle for goals. Wayne Rooney partnered Kevin Campbell up front in the first half and Tomasz Radzinski for most off the second and, by all accounts, was the best player on the pitch. Campbell had an effort cleared off the line just before half time and Rooney suffered the same ill-fortune in the second period before crashing a shot off the crossbar as Bolton threatened to buckle. But Everton just didn't have the midfield imagination to create further opportunties and the visitors also hit the bar late on before the game petered out to a goalless conclusion.

Rooney red card grabs headlines from drab draw
26 Dec - A tediously uneventful game at St Andrews burst into life just before the interval when Thomas Gravesen sent Tomasz Radzinski away and he broke the deadlock in his customary style.  However, in first half stoppage time, Birmingham broke down the left with Stan Lazaridis and his cross found Kirovski and he buried a free header past Richard Wright to level matters.  Wayne Rooney entered the fray after 65 mins but with 9 minutes to go the youngster was sent off after a strong one-footed challenge with his studs showing for a 50/50 ball against Steve Vickers.  Both teams were left with ten men (Vickers was injured and had to be withdrawn and Steve Bruce had used all his substitutes), but neither side could find a winner.

Window opens early at Everton
24 Dec - Everton have obtained the services of Espen Baardsen as cover in goal for Richard Wright, Simonsen and Gerrard both being injured.

In another BBC story Egyptian superstar Ibrahim Said is reported to have joined Everton — even before the transfer window has officially opened?  The club are now officially denying this as a rumour.

Football doesn't need this
24 Dec - Peter Fearon has some strong words to say about Stephen Gerrard's outrageous assualt on Gary Naysmith in Sunday's Anfield derby.  It remains to be seen whether the FA will do anything about him, but Peter feels that Sven Goran Erikson has the opportunity to send a message, making it clear that players like Gerrard have no place in the England team.

Moyes — ever the realist
23 Dec - David Moyes is smart enough to acknowledge the realities of the task ahead in the second half of the season.  Despite occupying one of the four designated slots, he knows that putting too much emphasis on achieving a Chumpions League place come the end of the season may be premature. "We need to keep ticking over and putting points on the board." — Which is just what his team succeeding in doing at Anfield, the first 0-0 draw under his tenure as Everton manager.

Blues retain 4th with moral victory
22 Dec - It was honours even in a typically hotly-contested Merseyside derby but, once again, Everton were left seething at the incompetent Graham Poll for one clear-cut decision he did see and two disgusting assaults by Liverpool players that he and his assistants either didn't see or chose not to. Everton should have had the chance to break the deadlock when Stephan Henchoz clearly handled in an aerial challenge with Tomasz Radzinski, but, inexplicably, Poll awarded a free kick to the home side instead of a penalty.  Then, as the temperature reached boiling point in the final ten minutes, Barros ran his studs down Pembridge's face and Gerrard effected a malicious, pre-empted, two-footed lunge on Naysmith, neither of which incidents were punished.  A game that the Blues never really looked like winning until Wayne Rooney entered the fray in the 54th minute was very nearly won by the wonderboy but his shot from 18 yards was deflected onto the bar and over by Henchoz.
Report by Lyndon Lloyd

Bill and his technicolour dreamcoat
22 Dec - The press coverage of Everton in the build-up to the derby has been even better than that which was spawned by the excellent unbeaten run David Moyes inspired.  No doubt there will be more appearing as day develops, and this interview with Bill Kenwright in The Independent on Sunday contains some gems... like his encounter with a young fan who insisted that Wayne Rooney should at least have been on the bench at the end of last season.

Being Blue
18 Dec - One of the most significant derby games in the last 10 years was at Goodison Park in November 1994.  It was Joe Royle's first game in charge, and Everton were bottom of the Premiership, but Duncan Ferguson scored his first goal for Everton in a great 2-0 win.  For one young Evertonian from Norway, this was a truly formative experience: his first live match.  Lars went on to become a vociferous internet activist on the original ToffeeNet mailing list, and even tried to set up a website in competition with ToffeeWeb.  His lasting legacy for online Evertonians was the BlueView Forum — the original predecessor of The People's Forum.  Here is his brief story of Being Blue.  For more on Lars, visit the ToffeeNet nostalgia page and follow the link to Travis Furious.

Hibbert a major doubt
17 Dec - Tony Hibbert has emerged as a major doubt for Everton's critical upcoming derby game at Anfield on Sunday.  The superb young fullback, who has had a tremendous run of form in the Everton first team under David Moyes, suffered a massive gash in the thigh as a result of the incident that saw Blackburn's Lucas Neill sent off after 75 mins in Saturday's ding-dong battle of wills at Goodison.  Pistone and Watson already seem destined to start in place of the supsended Yobo and Unsworth... will this be the chance for Peter Clarke to make a lasting impression on the perfectionist, David Moyes.

Unstoppable Rooney sends Everton fourth
14 Dec - Wayne Rooney rewarded his manager's faith by setting up Everton's first and scoring the decisive second to snap the Blues' three-match losing streak and send them into fourth place in the Premiership — above next week's opponents Liverpool. After a frenetic opening in which Kevin Campbell had been foiled by Brad Friedel and Blackburn had had two efforts cleared off the line, the visitors took a 6th-minute lead through Andy Cole.  However when Rooney, on from the start in place of Tomasz Radzinski, hit the post on 12 minutes, ex-Rover Lee Carsley followed up to level matters.  13 minutes after that, Rooney gave the home side a lead they didn't relinquish, smashing a crisp drive past Friedel having beaten Craig Short for pace.  Both sides had opportunities to score again and the Blues had to survive another late onslaught but they held out to record their second victory over Graeme Souness's men in two months.  Read this Match Report by Steve Bickerton.

Yobo deal - claim and counter claim
12 Dec - Confusing and conflicting reports are coming out regarding the Yobo deal. Everton's Chief Executive Michael Dunford says on the official site that the deal was done back in July when Yobo arrived from Marseille. He says “I have an agreement signed by Joseph that if Everton decided to take up the option which we have duly done, the following terms would apply for a five-year contract". Not so, claims Yobo in an interview with Sky Sports. He says that he is technically still on loan until a deal is agreed between him and the club. It's not looking pretty and with Yobo having changed agents it could get worse before it gets better.

Everton take red card fight to the FA
11 Dec - David Moyes and Everton will take the case for having David Unsworth's red card against Chelsea chalked off to the Football Association after referee Eddie Wolstenholme refused to overturn his decision. The official gave Rhino his marching orders for "striking" Jesper Gronkjaer and, apparently having viewed video evidence, said: "I have seen the video which confirms that there has been violent conduct." Moyes is expected to ask the FA to intervene in the hope that their panel will take into account Gronkjaer's insistence that he wasn't touched, study the video footage and rescind Unsworth's red card.

Rooney scoops prestigious BBC award
9 Dec - Somewhat surprisingly, given his thus far brief exposure on the national stage (but a very proud moment for the teenager nonetheless), Wayne Rooney has been voted the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year. He was accompanied at the televised awards ceremony last night by manager David Moyes. The award is voted on by a panel of journalists and sports stars.

Moyes's Good Ship Confidence taking in water
7 Dec - The game might be remembered for some cruelly unjust refereeing by Eddie Wolstenholme and the late sending off of David Unsworth for his role in a last-minute tussle with Jesper Gronkjaer (who was only booked), but it was Everton's defensive failings in the first half that ultimately lost the three points. Having gone 2-0 behind by the 28th minute to two largely preventable goals by Mario Stanic (5') and Jimmy Floyd Himagain (28'), Everton rallied to get a vital goal before half time through Gary Naysmith. But while it was one-way traffic in the second half, the ball simply wouldn't breach Chelsea's charmed goal. Graeme Le Saux cleared off the line from Kevin Campbell who later headed onto the bar and Lee Carsley also went agonizingly close but couldn't prevent the loss of Everton's unbeaten home record as Gronkjaer scored a breakaway goal with the last kick of the game to rub salt into the wounds.
>> Report from Richard Marland

A Bridge too far
4 Dec - Everton's Worthington Cup dreams are over following a comprehensive 4-1 hammering at the hands of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Emmanuel Petit, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink (2) and Mario Stanic scored the goals, as David Moyes's team fell at the third hurdle. No one picked up Hasselbaink as he chased Zola's well-weighted through-ball and slotted home and the defence was caught napping again just before the break when Petit volleyed home Gianfranco Zola's chip. In the second half, Stanic headed in from a corner to make it 3-0 and Hasselbaink crashed the fourth past Richard Wright a couple of minutes later. Wayne Rooney missed a poorly-struck penalty with 11 minutes to go but Gary Naysmith scored from the resulting corner to provide the travelling Toffees with a consolation goal. The magnitude of the scoreline will no doubt add fuel to the Premiership matchup between these two sides at Goodison Park on Saturday.
Match report from Jonathan Martin

Official Site gears up for Christmas
4 Dec - In an effort to cope with the expected rise in demand for Everton merchandise ahead of Christmas, the club have put the first part of their new E-Commerce strategy into place a little ahead of schedule. The club's new Head of Marketing, Andy Hosie, has contacted ToffeeWeb to announce today's roll-out of a new online store at the Official Site. He explains that while an overhaul of evertonfc.com and the implementation of a new warehouse and call centre is in the works for the New Year, the club felt the need to launch a more robust and extensible online shopping platform early so that they would be better equipped to deal with increased demand. He stresses that the temporary interface is "by no means the finished article," and that the real power of the new system is behind the scenes (e.g. payment processing, data handling and storage, etc).


Snippets & Rumours

Kings Dock status expires
31 Dec - As expected, Liverpool Vision have declined to extend the hard-won preferred bidder status granted to Everton and the Huston Securities for the new Kings Dock project.  More "due diligence" is now in order as Everton continue to work on a deal for the £30M needed to keep the project alive.

January Sales start tomorrow
31 Dec - Evertonians are keenly awaiting the opening of the new transfer window and the expectation that Everton will be signing the likes of Ibrahim Said, Colin Healy, and possibly Brian McBride.

Blue Blood, a historical fanzine
31 Dec - George Orr has been producing this fanzine since before the beginning of last season.  It is an excellent read for those who have an interest in Everton past and present.  Buy the latest issue from George outside the Winslow before home games.

Gay Journo freaks over our Wayne
30 Dec - There can be no other explanation for this most bizarre and disgustingly shallow-minded of articles to date that Rooneymania has spawned.  Then again... it is from The Guardian.

Moyes has striker crisis
30 Dec - An injury to Kevin Campbell means he is doubtful for the visit of Manchester City on New Year's Day, leaving Radzinski and Rooney as the only fit strikers in Moyes's first-team squad.

Linderoth's pain continues
29 Dec - Planet Football are quoting Tobias Linderoth about his latest tale of woe regarding injuries, with his hamstring now giving him problems — and likely delaying any imminent return to first-team action.

Another suspension for Weir
29 Dec - A fifth yellow card for David Weir yesterday means that he will also miss the televised match at Spurs on 12 January with an automatic one-match ban.

Moyes: Persecution complex
26 Dec - David Moyes is becoming concerned about the wrong sort of attention his players are receiving at the hands of referees, and the kinds of decisions that are not being given against opposing teams. At this rate, David's straight-talking style is going to get him into trouble with the FA...

Rooney falls foul of ref's uncertainty
26 Dec - Wayne Rooney's determined attempt to win a 50/50 ball in hard challenge on Vickers was made all the worse by Savage's protestations, and will now cost him and Everton a three-match suspension, starting with the televised game at Spurs (which Gravesen also misses) on 12 January 2003. That's five red cards so far this season!

Problem with old match reports
26 Dec - A problem that was preventing the retrieval of a number of last season's match reports has now been fixed and they should all be accessible again.  If you ever find that a page at ToffeeWeb does not load properly, please report it to us on our feedback page.

FA panel request Gerrard video
24 Dec - An FA panel will study video footage of Steven Gerrard's two-footed lunge on Gary Naysmith after match referee Graham Poll unsurprisingly missed the incident. If he is found guilty, he could face a fine or a ban — a spell in Barlinnie wouldn't be unfair treatment.

Osman to return in January
24 Dec - Leon Osman will return to Everton on 4 January after completing a very successful 3-month loan with Carlisle.  The promising young midfielder was voted Carlisle player of the month for October; will David Moyes give him a chance to be the creative midfielder we are crying out for?

Hibbert and Chadwick need ops
24 Dec - David Moyes has revealed that two of his young players need hernia operations to eradicate groin problems.  Both Tony Hibbert and reserve striker Nick Chadwick are expected to go under the surgeon's knife early in the New Year.

More Blueblood auction items
23 Dec - The Everton Former Players Foundation has commissioned a photo of inside Goodison Park, signed by Graeme Sharp, for auction on eBay.  Get your bids in for this and other autographed items and support the work of Blueblood.

Fifth yellow for Gravesen
23 Dec - A one-match ban is now looming for Tommy Gravesen after he picked up his 5th booking of the season, thanks to Mr Graham Poll.  Mad Dog will miss the televised game at Spurs on 12 January.

Pettinger joins Grimsby
23 Dec - Released by Everton in September, young goalie Andrew Pettinger has now joined Grimsby Town on an 18-month contract after being on trial for a number of weeks.

Dixie Dean statue vandalised
22 Dec - The club is refraining from blaming Liverpool supporters for the pathetic act of vandalism which saw the Dixie Dean statue at Goodison Park daubed in red paint. The statue has since been cleaned up but left Everton's Head of Corporate Affairs seething with anger, saying “This is a disgusting and disrespectful act".

The boy from Brazil
22 Dec - A lot of the tricks Wayne Rooney uses on the pitch were learned playing Futebol de Salao. Or so says Simon Clifford who introduced the same techniques to Michael Owen. There's derby talk in there as well.

Stubbs on Rooney's dress sense
21 Dec - OK, so it isn't all about Rooney's penchant for long coats, but a lengthy article in the Times takes you into the changing rooms and out, while keeping tomorrow's game firmly in focus. The derby is being hyped-up in Asia as well!

Those comparisons again
21 Dec - It seems the journos (even respectable ones like David Lacey in the Guardian) just can't resist making comparisons. So how many times have you heard that David Moyes reminds people of another Scottish manager of a different hue? A junior hack does it much better here.

Caged tiger likely to start on bench
21 Dec - Reading between the lines suggests David Moyes is going to keep Rooney on the bench for the derby. Another article in the Telegraph suggests much the same.

Kings Dock gets closer
20 Dec - The latest noise emerging from the club is that the deal could even be clinched today. Don't bet the mortgage on it, but Everton could be about to bet all their properties on it! Read more in the linked Daily Post article.

Rooney vs. Owen - more derby hype
20 Dec - In this BBC article, Graeme Sharp says Rooney has some way to go before he matches Michael Owen's feats to date. This Reuters article doesn't throw any new light on the subject but makes similar comparisons. Another BBC article turns the focus on David Moyes and this one on the two boys.

Kenwright: we're both on a mission
20 Dec - Bill Kenwright says he is not surprised at the success David Moyes has brought to the club. "I feel I am on my own mission at this club and I believe he is doing the same."

Old boys focus on derby
20 Dec - Football Focus hosted an early Christmas lunch at which three players from either side of the divide reminisced about their derby memories. See what they had to say on BBC1 Saturday 21 December 1210-1300 GMT.

Pires: Everton have a real chance
19 Dec - The Arsenal maestro and Football Writers' Player of the Year says Everton are one of three teams that could stop them winning the championship this year. The other two? Man United and Chelsea!

Off again, On again
19 Dec - At the risk of putting our readers to sleep, the BBC says the Kings Dock project looks like a goer!

Win tickets to the Man City game
19 Dec - icNorthwest is giving away two tickets to the match against Manchester City on New Year's Day. Answer a simple question before noon (GMT) 23 December and the tickets could be yours.

POTM - December
18 Dec - We asked you to pick one hero from a whole squad full for the month of November and the results are in. Click here to find out which player has won his second POTM award of the season.

Said talks, Pape returns to France
18 Dec - Ibrahim Said could be the next new face at Goodison when the transfer window opens. David Moyes has been talking to the Egyptian player's agent. Meanwhile, the Official Site reports that Senegalese midfielder Pape Sarr has returned to Lens following his 2-day trial.

A shift of power?
18 Dec - In this article about derby games, Richard Williams in the Guardian asks (if Everton win) "would we be justified in talking about a shift of power, or even a regime change?"

Derby inducements
18 Dec - Richard Wright wanted to be absolutely sure he would play in the derby on Sunday. He didn't want the small matter of his wife giving birth to their second child getting in the way, so the couple had the baby induced early!

Reserves frozen out by 'Boro
17 Dec - 585 hardy souls braved freezing temperatures as Everton's second string went down 2-0 to Middlesbrough at the Halton Stadium. Report from Steve Milne.

Unsworth loses appeal
17 Dec - Some things don't change...  The FA video review panel voted 2-1 against rescinding David Unsworth's red card against Chelsea.  He will now miss the next four games.

Chinese Philosophy
17 Dec - Recognition from Reuters of what Li Tie and Li Wei Feng have achieved so far at Everton, and more positive press about the manager David Moyes.

Train of thought
17 Dec - The juicy prospect of this weekend's derby is rightfully occupying our frontal lobes, but how about this for a Chrimbo prezzie that's a little bit different: a fine print of the famous Everton steam loco — or better yet, a working model from Hornby!

The countdown begins
17 Dec - Henry Winter begins the countdown to the match of the season so far with a good (if a little red-centric) article in the Telegraph. He says, "Even Sky couldn't over-hype this one".

Window approaches and rumours fly
17 Dec - We don't usually highlight transfer rumours, not least because David Moyes has said there is no money in the coffers. However, the Guardian seems pretty certain Colin Healy is coming our way from Celtic in a cut-price deal when the transfer window opens in January.

BBC Goal of the Week
16 Dec - He's done it again. The BBC website picks Rooney's goal against Blackburn as its Goal of the Week.

The hype starts afresh
16 Dec - While David Moyes is trying to keep a lid on things (see this article from the BBC), the press starts the hype all over again. In addition to the Telegraph story linked above, here's a Rooney article masquerading as a match report in the Independent.

Sitting Pretty
15 Dec - Everton stay in fourth place, one above Liverpool, going into next Sunday's derby, thanks to an opening goal from Sunderland's Gavin McCann, who later squandered a penalty.  But a late goal from Proctor condemned the horrible reds to a welcome 2-1 defeat.

Ouch! Gerrard returns crocked
14 Dec - Paul Gerrard has had his loan to Ipswich terminated early due to a freak injury during training. Joe Royle gave the painful details, "It was literally in the closing moments of the training session. Paul turned awkwardly and the kneecap just popped out". Ouch indeed!

In defence of Rooney
14 Dec - In this article in the Telegraph, Paul Hayward calls time on the pathetic and overblown criticism Wayne Rooney has been attracting since his appearance on TV last Sunday.

Old boy Stephen Hughes goes nowhere
14 Dec - He came from Arsenal with plenty of promise but left for Watford on a free transfer. Stephen Hughes's injury-blighted career at Watford has come to an end after his contract was terminated through mutual agreement.

Rodrigo pencils in return date
13 Dec - Juliano Rodrigo, currently undergoing rehabilitation in Brazil, has been told by his doctors that they expect him to be back in action by the end of January.

No Moore Joe-Max
12 Dec - Joe-Max Moore will wave goodbye to Merseyside tomorrow when he returns to the United States after three years at Goodison Park. Everton decided not to extend his contract and the 31 year-old goes home as a free agent, although he has had reported interest from the English First Division and the MLS.

Irvine is loving every minute
12 Dec - More than anything Alan Irvine wanted David Moyes's assurance that should he come to Everton, they would be working on the players' strengths and weaknesses on the training ground. He says that's exactly how it has turned out and he's enjoying every minute.

Wei Feng flies home
12 Dec - Li Wei Feng has flown home to China to recover from a "troublesome" nose injury sustained in the reserves match at Aston Villa.

Rooney contract talks imminent
11 Dec - As of midnight on Thursday, Wayne Rooney's contract with his current agent expires and he will sign on with Paul Stretford's Proactive agency. Talks with Everton over his professional contract are expected to begin before Christmas.

Linderoth resumes training
11 Dec - David Moyes has been boosted by the return to training of Tobias Linderoth this week. Although there is no projected return to action for the Swede, the fact that he is near recovery will be good news for the depleted midfield.

Tie awarded the wrong type of goal
11 Dec - Li Tie has been accredited with his first goal in English football, but at the wrong end. The FA have decided that Newcastle's last-minute winner at St James' Park was not Craig Bellamy's but an own goal by Li.

Unsworth appeal begins
10 Dec - Everton have launched their appeal against David Unsworth's red card in the Chelsea game. With Chelsea winger Jesper Gronkjaer saying he will support any appeal Unsworth could get lucky, though David Moyes's strong words about the referee can hardly have helped matters.

Blues to trial young Scot
10 Dec - Stirling Albion's highly-regarded goalkeeper, Iain Turner, will a week-long trial Bellefield next week as David Moyes assesses his suitability. Manchester United have run a keen eye over the 18 year-old in recent months.

Player of the Month
9 Dec - The results for October are in and we have a deserving POTM winner — and, no, you didn't take the obvious choice! It's time also to take the impossible challenge of picking the man of November from a team of heroes that won every game that month. Click here to vote.

Shrews contemplate venue switch
9 Dec - Shrewsbury Town are apparently pondering whether to play next month's FA Cup tie at Goodison Park in order to boost gate revenue. Manager Kevin Ratcliffe, however, is against the idea, believing that his side have what it takes to cause an upset at Gay Meadow, which holds 8,000.

Moyes to report referee
9 Dec - In this article in the The Telegraph David Moyes is quoted as saying he is going to report Eddie Wolstenhome for his performance at Goodison Park on Saturday. It'll be interesting to see how the FA reacts to it.

Everton to take on Rats' Shrewsbury
8 Dec - David Moyes will take Everton to Gay Meadow — where he played early in his playing career — to take on ex-Blue Kevin Ratcliffe's Shrewsbury Town in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup. Ties are to be played over the weekend of January 4th.

Rhino red card for 'violent conduct'
7 Dec - Citing the use of David Unsworth's knee in the infamous touchline tussle with Jesper Gronkjaer, referee Wolstenholme explains his reasons for treating the two protagonists differently. He also said he'd review the decision if needed. Mr Moyes thinks it is.

The fat lady still ain't singing
5 Dec - Everton have been given an extension -- the BBC says 4 weeks, The Echo says 3 -- to the deadline (was there ever one?) to prove they have the finances for their part in the Kings Dock project. Bill Kenwright is reportedly preparing a new £35m package that would avoid the need for Paul Gregg's "reverse mortgage" proposal.

Moyes is the pick of the bunch
5 Dec - It has now been officially announced that David Moyes has been named Manager of the Month for November, but that award's jinx has already struck as the defeats at Newcastle and at Chelsea prove.

Player of the Month
4 Dec - We have a winner for September — and a welcome return to the fans hearts it is too for an idol on whom we had almost given up — and we're also taking votes for October.

You ain't seen nothing yet!
4 Dec - Joseph Yobo insists that he has a lot more to offer and we are yet to see him at his best. He is certainly part of a defence that Bobby Robson thinks could win him the league if they played for Newcastle.

Moore in limbo
3 Dec - He still has a contract that runs until the end of the season, but no work permit. Joe-Max Moore says that Everton were trying to help him by not applying for a renewal of his permit!

Yobo agrees deal and wins award
3 Dec - Joseph Yobo has agreed personal terms with Everton and his transfer from Olympique Marseille will be ratified when the transfer window opens in January. He has also picked up the PFA Fans' Player-of-the-Month Award for November.

Did Yobo have to be sent off?
3 Dec - OK, so elsewhere on this site we say Yobo had to go because he was the last man, but in this article in The Guardian David Lacey makes some good points about a similar incident involving Sol Campbell. David Moyes would agree with the sentiments.

EFC: Kings Dock not dead yet
2 Dec - Everton Football Club insist that the Kings Dock project is not dead in the Mersey. The Liverpool Echo says the deadline to raise the 35m pounds needed is this Friday.

'Come on feel the Moyes'
2 Dec - Another feel-good article to wipe away the gloom of yesterday's Toon loss.  The only surprise in this article is how long it has taken for someone to come up with that headline!

Songs of Praise on a Sunday Morning
1 Dec - There are a plethora of articles in the papers about Everton just now. In the Independent article linked above, David Moyes compares the current situation at Everton with Valencia a few years back. The Telegraph also sings the praises, as does The Observer.


 November 2002


News Headlines & Features

Newcastle United 2 - 1 Everton
30 Nov - The bubble burst on 87 minutes, and it took a fantastic Shearer strike to do it, breaking the stern resilience of an Everton defence that had stood rock solid in this game for so long, and for over 8 hours of league football since Ljunberg scored for Arsenal. The equalizer came after sustained Toon pressure following a clever goal from Campbell in the first half that set Everton hearts racing.  But minutes after that, J-Yo had to go, being the last man and bringing down Bellamy. And it was Bellamy who had the last laugh, running at Everton in the last minute, and firing a low angled shot from close range that Li Tie touched just enough to fool the otherwise impeccable Richard Wright.  The super run is over, and Everton are down into 5th place.

The Megastore: Supply and Demand
29 Nov - In response to many concerns raised by Everton fans who have been keen to purchase replica shirts in their size, Everton's new Head of Marketing, Andy Hosie, has provided us with this detailed explanation of the current situation.  Bottom line: The demand for large sizes of the figure-hugging new shirts have simply outstripped demand projections, and production constraints have limited Everton's ability to respond in a timely manner.

Do Everton have a Plan B?
28 Nov - In Part 1 of an in-depth analysis, Tony Wooly looked at what really is on the table in Plan A — the controversial financing proposal put together by Paul Gregg.  Part 2 looks at some reasonable alternative forms of Plan A that would still get us into the King's Dock.  In Part 3 Tony reviews the contenders for Plan B if KD fails — all a lot more expensive than £30M.

More MeagreStore Madness
26 Nov - Despite endless promises of improvement, Everton's merchandizing efforts still seem to be grounded in the Victorian era, as this empassioned plea from Nathan Jones demonstrates.  He is not alone.  Many fans feel the club's Meagrestore is simply failing to meet the needs of Evertonians with pounds burning holes in their pockets.

No Cup outing for Rooney
25 Nov - At ToffeeWeb, we have provided informative coverage of Everton's Youth teams for a number of years, including the FA Youth Cup victory in 1998.  Despite helping our youngsters reach the final with eight goals last season, Wayne Rooney will not be turning out at Goodison Park on Wednesday night when Everton take on Port Vale in a 2nd Round tie.  Kick off: 7pm.

Everton 1 - 0 West Bromwich Albion
23 Nov - Everton are up to Third Place in the Premiership after hanging on through another nailbiting finish to win by the now customary 1-0 scoreline.  Everton went into this one with an unchanged side on the back of a five-game winning run in the league, with four clean sheets, thanks in large part to Joseph Yobo.  Radzinski got the only goal, scoring with an excellent shot inside the near post after a rather cagey first half.  The second half was no better, with Everton unable to convert their clear superiority into goals.  Reports from Steve Bickerton and Richard Marland.

The Spin Game
22 Nov - Be afraid; be very afraid.  All current indications suggest that the Kings Dock project will collapse in a flurry of broken promises and painful recriminations.  How will the Club handle this catastrophe?  Ian Bonnar has some experience of his own in the way that high-profile corporate entities manage such bad news.  He describes two approaches that are all too familiar, having been employed numerous times in the past to assure meek acceptance by the long-suffering fans of Everton Football Club.

When the worms turn
20 Nov - Jurnos expect their readers to have short memories; in fact, they rely on it.  Peter Fearon shows in this cutting article how fickle they can be, when they unanimously predicted dire straits for Everton after their favourite manager, Walter Smith, was sent packing.  But now, of course, they are all quite happy to engage in some convenient revisionism...

Moyes stirs the memories
19 Nov - On the reasonable premise that we can never read enough articles about the ascendancy of David Moyes, here is another interesting piece on our favourite subject, this time from the Independent — as long as you can bear to read the name of Bill Shankly mentioned in the same paragraph!  It is well worth the read, and delves somewhat deeper than most of the adulation (welcome though it is) that has been published to date.

Winter of our Content?
18 Nov - His task as unofficial chronicler of the transient mood among displaced Evertonians has never been more pleasurable.  Barely recovered from many months spent foaming at the mouth over Walter Smith's dereliction of his managerial duties, Colm Kavanagh is a veritable sea of positivism in his praise for Everton Manger David Moyes.

Campbell scores in fabulous win!
17 Nov - Despite early pressure from a very quick and lively Blackburn side, Everton set out to continue their impressive form —albeit without Mark Pembridge after all; he has sustained a calf injury.  It was Kevin Campbell who got the Everton chorus roused with a superbly confident and professional finish after 19 minutes following an excellent feed from Lee Carsley and Everton were ahead.  But this was no easy game, with Blackburn pressing Everton back continuously.  Everton, however, defended effectively, showing excellent promise on the break.  Everton's resilence was tested to the extreme, but the injection of Rooney with 10 mins left simply oozed confidence and authority from manager David Moyes.

Show your support for the new Academy
16 Nov - If you live in or near Halewood, take this opportunity to show your support for Everton's planning application to build their new Football Academy and training centre on farmland known as the Halewood Rectangle.  The link leads to an online comment form that can be submitted electronically to Knowsley Council.  Please use this facility responsibly bearing in mind the long-term interests of Everton Football Club.

Fitness has been the key
15 Nov - David Unsworth now guards Everton's left flank with strong confidence and authority.  It provides added confirmation (as if any were needed!) of the effect of radical training methods David Moyes has employed since well before the beginning of the season.  These have helped to make sure he could get the very best from the players at his disposal.

Ahead of the game
11 Nov - Everton's steady ascent to fourth place in the table, the manner in which it has been achieved and the teams we have beaten to get there means that talk of Europe is no longer a ridiculous notion at Goodison Park, even if it comes three years earlier than the management might have planned.  While Everton's lack of squad depth and unfamiliarity with this end of the table will surely preclude them from lofty ambitions of the Champions League, European qualification of some description must now be more than just a dream.

Blue trio get England call
11 Nov - Three of Everton's rising young stars have been rewarded for recent efforts with call-ups to the England U-21 "get-together" at Burnham Beeches next week. Defenders Tony Hibbert, Peter Clarke  and, of course, striker Wayne Rooney have been included in the squad by David Platt.

Blues hold on for 4th straight win
9 Nov - Everton did just enough to earn a fourth-straight league victory (a first for the Blues since the inception of the Premier League) thanks to Tomasz Radzinski's 32nd-minute goal.  The Canadian striker collected a perfectly weighted pass from the returning Thomas Gravesen to slot the ball past Dean Kiely.  He was guilty, however, of missing two other good chances to make the game safe and the Blues nearly paid dearly for opportunities missed in the second half when they had to clear off the line twice in a minute as defensive frailties threatened to throw away the advantage, but they hung on to move up to 4th in the table.  Superb Reports by Steve Bickerton and Richard Marland

We dare to dream...
7 Nov - The Moyes Revolution reaches new heights with the dramatic win over Newcastle, wrought from events that would in the recent past have preceded ignominious defeat.  The significance of this is not lost on Colm Kavanagh who points up the key contrasts between then and now, and dares to dream of what might be possible under the indefatigable management of David Moyes.

Wright the shootout hero
6 Nov - A thrilling night of high drama ended with Everton winning a penalty shoot-out for the first time in 32 years and it was thanks to Richard Wright who saved two Newcastle penalties as David Moyes's side advanced to the 4th Round for the first time in 4 years. Kevin Campbell had headed Everton into an 11th-minute lead, only to see Kieron Dyer score twice in a minute to make it 2-1 with 11 minutes to go. But Steve Watson popped up with five minutes left to level it again. In extra time, though, another former Magpie, Alessandro Pistone, headed into his own goal to seemingly gift the tie to Newcastle, but after Steve Caldwell handled on the line and was sent off, David Unsworth powered home from the spot to make it 3-3. The game went to penalties and after Unsworth had missed the opening kick, Wright saved from Viana and Robert, Chopra skied over while Watson, Rooney and Campbell converted, putting Everton through in dramatic fashion.

Eriksson looking to fast-track Rooney?
5 Nov - David Moyes's attempts to keep striking prodigy Wayne Rooney under wraps may be tested with the news that England manager Sven Goran Eriksson wants to draft the 17 year-old into the senior setup as early as December. Eriksson is believed to be keen on Rooney by-passing the U-19s and U-21s but Moyes insists that there has been no contact from the FA and made it clear that he would not welcome Rooney being called up so soon.

On the Rise
4 Nov - Arséne Wenger's "invincible Arsenal" conquered, the Elland Road hoodoo laid to rest, two away wins on the trot, a youth player actually fulfilling his potential...  Yes, this is Everton, but not the pale imitation we have had to put up with for more than a decade. Could we be witnessing the re-emergence of the real Everton under David Moyes?

Wayne Rooney!
3 Nov - The Wonderkid has done it again, this time scoring just five minutes after coming on as a 75th-minute substitute with a superb individual goal to wipe out 51 years of Elland Road misery with a swing of his boot. The Blues had started well in the first half, taking the game to Leeds and were unlucky not to be ahead from one of Tomasz Radzinski's good chances.  Judas Barmby was booked for diving when he should have scored but we don't care about him. Wayne Rooney is an Evertonian and after leaving Eirik Bakke for dead and firing through the legs of Lucas Radebe he beat Paul Robinson from 18 yards.

Essential Reading
2 Nov - Some Evertonians have developed a deep suspicion of millionaire Everton Director Paul Gregg, who is brokering a deal to try to save the Kings Dock project in the face of Everton's failure to come up with their £30M share.  This excellent and very frank interview conducted by Mikey Blue Eyes and published on the Bluekipper website provides a unique perspective of what the man is really all about.

We can't afford Kings Dock
1 Nov - The 123rd AGM finally heard the truth after months of embarrassing silence over the Kings Dock project, although even what little was given away was inevitably hidden behind the dubious curtain of "commercial sensitivity".  The key admission was that the money was not, and (we are now told) never has been "ring-fenced" or assured in any way; it was in large part dependant on getting a good price for Goodison Park but that has been thwarted by the City Council failing to grant planning permission for retail development.

Stadium Ownership Essential?
1 Nov - It is abundantly clear now that Everton simply cannot afford the downpayment on the Kings Dock.  The whole project hangs in the balance, and the much vaunted ownership issue could be the deciding factor.  Paul Holmes adopts his Devil's Advocate guise to analyze the potential pitfalls that underlie Paul Gregg's controversial financing plan that may defer stadium ownership for anywhere between 10 and 25 years.


Snippets & Rumours

The Manager with Mostest
30 Nov - "It's easy to talk now in this position, and I do understand that the times will come when we don't always win. I will be angry then but at the moment I will enjoy it because I appreciate how hard it is to win games in the Premiership."

Still living the dream
30 Nov - Alan Stubbs tells The Times about the remarkable season so far and his, by now, well documented brush with testicular cancer.

Arrogance not cockiness
30 Nov - Rodney Marsh defends Rooney over the hands-on-hips incident.  He says there is a difference between arrogance and cockiness and he himself had arrogance in abundance.

No Kings Dock Deadline, say EFC
29 Nov - The Liverpool Echo / Daily Post journalists appear to be stirring trouble again over Kings Dock, claiming that Liverpool Vision have set a deadline of 5pm today for Everton to show that they can finance their £30M slice of the Kings Dock project.  Everton deny the existence of a deadline, and claim they remain fully behind the scheme.  So who's telling lies? 

Big Ron: Leeds should copy Everton
29 Nov - Ron Atkinson sings the Everton blues when comparing them to the present Leeds side, but he can't help finish by saying he thinks we'll struggle to finish in the top six. We'll see Ron!

Yobo deal imminent
28 Nov - The official site is reporting that Everton are about to complete the full transfer of Joseph Yobo from Olympique Marseille. All that remains to be sorted out are a few details with Yobo and his advisors, and the contract should be signed in the next few days.

Youth team crash out
27 Nov - After reaching last season’s FA Youth Cup Final, Everton have fallen at the first hurdle this time around – losing 0-1 at Goodison Park against Port Vale in only the 3rd Round of this season's competition.  Steve Milne watched their demise.

Moyes: Money is not what it's about
27 Nov - David Moyes insists he isn't motivated by money. He also says he isn't behind the rumours that Everton are preparing an improved contract for him even though he is only 8 months into a 4-year contract.

Peter Reid: Injury-free is the key
27 Nov - In this interview in the Singapore Straits Times, the ex-Sunderland boss says this Everton squad is similar to the league-winning squad of 1986-87. If Everton stay injury-free he sees the current team finishing near the top.

Nyarko scores in Uefa Cup
26 Nov - Amid rumours of a possible return to Everton for the wayward defender, Alex Nyarko scored one and set up another in PSG's 2-1 Uefa Cup victory over Boavista.  It was his first goal in PSG colours.

Reserves crash at Villa
26 Nov - Everton Reserves came unstuck against Aston Villa when they gave up three goals in 7 minutes of the first half, with the game ending in a 4-0 defeat, despite the presence of no less than 10 players in the side having first-team experience.  Steve Milne was watching.

Just a matter of time, but ...
26 Nov - It really is only a matter of time before David Moyes is voted Premiership Manager of the Month, but does he want the dreaded curse ... err ... accolade? We think he's bucked enough trends already not to let this little millstone worry him.

Young Sports WHAT of the Year?
25 Nov - The Guardian complains bitterly (while making some good points about the media) about Rooney's nomination for a certain BBC prize.

That moment!
25 Nov - Hand on hips ... the moment that will live with Everton fans for a very long time. Is he really 17?

3rd Place draws attention
25 Nov - Everton's rise to 3rd place will have jurnos across the country reaching for their laptops... William Johnson writes in The Telegraph of a potential Champions League place... And in the same organ, Alan Hansen talks about the organization installed by David Moyes.

Spend it on the players Bill
24 Nov - Not exactly the bastion of weighty journalism, but this article from the News of the World echoes the feelings of quite a few fans when it tells Bill Kenwright to spend any cash Everton might have on players rather than a new stadium.

Breeding confidence
24 Nov - In what is becoming a familiar refrain, David Moyes once again talks about not getting carried away. He does concede that the clean sheets are great for the confidence in the team.

Man of the moment - Yobo interview
23 Nov - Dodgy, but hardly surprising, headline in The Guardian where the man getting even more attention than Rooney in recent weeks gives a good interview.

On the Spot: David Moyes
23 Nov - Another excellent probing piece on David Moyes, with more of his formulative background and underlying philosophies brought to the fore, this time by Henry Winter in The Telegraph.

Moyes eyes Colin Healy
22 Nov - "I've told our chief executive Bill Kenwright that Colin [Healy of Celtic] is a player I'd like to see at the club but there are other priorities." — David Moyes, as reported by Sky Sports.

Council approve Halewood academy
22 Nov - Buried at the bottom of this story about a Goodison Road resident who is having half his house painted with a giant mural of Dixie Dean, the Daily Post is reporting that Knowsley Council planning committee last night approved proposals for Everton's new football academy in Halewood.

Yobo: I want to stay
22 Nov - That should silence the doubters and ward off the potential poachers as well. There are more Yobo quotes in this article from the Independent Online in South Africa.

Pembridge to miss WBA clash
22 Nov - Mark Pembridge will sit out Saturday's game against West Brom. The calf problem that kept him out of the Blackburn game and the Welsh squad last weekend still hasn't cleared up.

Richard Wright sounds happy
21 Nov - Everton's goalkeeper Richard Wright has plenty to be happy about as his performances in goal have underwritten Everton's recent run of form.

Newell takes over at Hartlepool
21 Nov - His only previous managerial experience was reserve team boss at Tranmere, but that hasn't stopped Hartlepool appointing the former Everton striker Mike Newell as their new manager.

Newsreel Memories
21 Nov - The Britsh Pathe website features a number of classic moments from Everton's past captured on black & white celluloid, and now downloadable (at extortionate prices) — but previews are free!

The People's T-Shirt
20 Nov - Limited supplies of a newly commissioned T-Shirt celebrating The People's Forum, Wayne Rooney, and ToffeeWeb, are available online, with some of the profits going to Zoe's Place and Blueblood.

Rooney in running for BBC award
20 Nov - Wayne Rooney has been named among 10 candidates for the BBC's Young Sports Personality of the Year award. The 10 nominees will be reduced to three finalists before the Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony to be held on Sunday 8 December.

Walter Smith in heart scare
20 Nov - The Daily Record in Glasgow reports that the ex-Everton manager was rushed to hospital complaining of chest pains. Tests showed nothing wrong, but the patient wasn't happy about the story leaking out.

Wright on right track
20 Nov - It's been 442 minutes since Richard Wright let in a goal in the Premiership and they are taking notice in Singapore! How much longer before Sven Eriksson takes notice too?

Reserves extend unbeaten run
19 Nov - Read Steve Milne's brief report on tonight's reserves clash against Sunderland which ended 0-0 with Simonsen, and Weir getting run outs, Pistone picking up a yellow card in the first half, and Li Wei Feng in the second.

Anders Limpar announces retirement
19 Nov - His Everton career ended after a bust up with Joe Royle, but he also won an FA Cup Winner's medal with the team.  At the age of 37, Anders Limpar has now called it a day on his football career.

King's Dock move in doubt
19 Nov - Citing a feasibility study carried out by the club, this Independent article says Everton are about to pull out of the King's Dock project. Any money there is in the bank is likely to be given to David Moyes to spend on players.

Those pesky Geordie coppers
18 Nov - Ian MacDonald of the Everton Independent Supporters Association takes issue with the Northumbria Police over their "zero tolerance" treatment of visiting football fans.

Under -19s struggle at home to City
18 Nov - Despite David Moyes making great statements about our Youth Academy, it is becoming harder and harder to keep to keep track of U-17 and U-19 games, with Steve Milne now being the only source for team line-ups.

Had just about enough of Houllier?
18 Nov - We don't usually give a fig about Liverpool FC but this article by the Independent's resident Evertonian, Brian Viner — in which he explains why "any lingering fondness for Liverpool is ebbing away fast" — is an absolute classic.

On the Up
18 Nov - There is a lot to feel good about with Everton confirming their high league placement courtesy of a fifth successive win. Everton fan James Matthews reviews some of the factors underlying this progress.

Moyes dismisses Rooney "untruths"
17 Nov - The issue of Wayne Rooney's contract may not be concluded until as late as January, but Moyes says he is not unduly concerned. He does want it signed as soon as possible, he admits, so that it puts an end to what he calls "untruths" being perpetrated by some people.

High praise from Alex Ferguson
17 Nov - The Manchester United manager thinks Everton are by far the best team United have played this season? High praise indeed!

Another upbeat Yobo interview
17 Nov - Today's Independent features another interview with Joseph Yobo, which covers some now familiar ground regarding his loan/transfer deal, and his feelings about manager David Moyes.

Osman will not be cup-tied
16 Nov - Everton have withheld permission for Carlisle United to play Leon Osman in their FA Cup 1st Round tie today.  Osman is on loan and could be needed for Everton's campaign come January.

Royle takes Gerrard on loan
16 Nov - Paul Gerrard has gone on a month's loan to Ipswich. He rejoins the manager that brought him to Everton from Oldham in 1996.

Shuddup, you got me at 'Hello'
16 Nov - Bill Kenwright explains how David Moyes convinced him very early in their first meeting that he was the man to lead Everton. This Guardian article has additional musings on derby games and finances in the Premiership.

Academy Plans under scrutiny
15 Nov - Some of the residents of Halewood fear the arrival of Everton's Football Academy on Green Belt farmland would be a bad thing, but there were also some supporters of the scheme at a public meeting held last night.  A decision from Knowsley Council is expected soon...

Where do old footballers go?
15 Nov - Well if you're Gazza and you want to get fit, you go to a fitness expert who has worked with the British Lions as well as Sunderland and Newcastle. Black says "I deeply believe this lad is an exceptional sportsman - still". Too little, too late?

New Head of Marketing
14 Nov - Alex Hosie is a local bloke from Ormskirk who has had an Everton season ticket for a good while and is ready to answer fans' questions at the Official Everton website.  He joins the club from a similar position at Proctor & Gamble.

Improvements across the board
14 Nov - In an effort to cater for the ballooning interest in all things Everton from the Orient, the club are running a Chinese language version of the Official Site. The commercial department on top of their game? Whatever next!

Gemmill determined to stay
14 Nov - Scott Gemmill knows it won't be easy to get back into the Everton first team - even with an injured Linderoth freeing up one potential midfield slot - but he is determined to stay and fight for a chance to play.

From despair to where?
13 Nov - The Soccernet website cannot be counted on for wholly positive or accurate stories about Everton, and their latest Premier Focus piece is no exception, emphasizing doubts and underplaying past achievements (1985?).

Dead-eye Dave
12 Nov - David Unsworth is the official Everton post-war penalty supremo, having now bagged an impressive 20 out of 23, edging ahead of Trevor Steven's 19 from 21.

Reserves back on winning trail
11 Nov - Everton Reserves beat Bolton 2-1 with goals from Nick Chadwick (scoring for the third game in a row) and Alan Moogan, after three successive draws.

Yobo is something else
11 Nov - One of the really special qualities about Everton right now is Joseph Yobo, perhaps the richest find of David Moyes's limited dalliances in the transfer market.  What a trickster!

Player of the Month
11 Nov - The votes are in and we have a first-time winner for August.  Still playing catch-up, we're also asking you to think back to September to pick the player you felt was Everton's that month and vote.

Chelsea Cup Clash on Sky TV
11 Nov - Everton's 4th Round tie at Chelsea will be broadcast live on Sky, kick-off at 7.45pm on Wednesday 4 December.

But then again ... maybe we should
10 Nov - "When a side combines organisation with flair it takes some beating and right now Everton are a heady cocktail of those qualities." When the press start using such words, maybe even David Moyes can forgive us for getting a little excited.

Let's not get too excited
10 Nov - David Moyes warns about getting over-excited with the recent run of good results. "We are rebuilding and moving in the right direction and we just need to keep it even and not get too carried away."

Worthington Cup 4th round: Chelsea
9 Nov - Everton have another tough away-day in the next round of the Worthington Cup having drawn Chelsea. The match will be played at Stamford Bridge in the week beginning 2nd December.

Saying one thing, doing another
9 Nov - The Guardian gets in on the 'give Rooney time and space away from the media glare' angle, while keeping him firmly in its focus.

Spotlight turns from Rooney to Moyes
9 Nov - David Moyes's 'appliance of science' comes into focus at the Independent and Howard Kendall in the Liverpool Echo says it's Moyes who is the "real hero" of Everton's recent revival.

Rooney wins Goal of the Month
8 Nov - Wayne Rooney has won his first award as a senior player — hopefully the first of many trophies — after his goal against Arsenal was chosen as October's Goal of the Month.

What price fame?
8 Nov - The Rooney family car appears to have been vandalised twice in the last fortnight. Everton are said to be considering moving the family to a detached house in West Derby, Liverpool ... with a lock-up garage one hopes!

Red heathens steal plaque
7 Nov - Just as they said they would, jealous numbskulls from the Dark Side have ripped the historic plaque commemorating Everton's formation from the Sandon Hotel in Anfield. The club are offering a reward for its safe return.

Keith Southern signs for Blackpool
7 Nov - Following his highly successful loan spell at Blackpool, Keith Southern, a former captain of the Everton Reserves, has made the move permanent, signing a 2½-year deal with the Seasiders.

Linderoth out for a month
7 Nov - Tobias Linderoth has suffered a hamstring tear that brings to an end his impressive resurgence in the Everton team, just when everything was going so well for him.

Clamouring to see the Blues
6 Nov - Everton have apparently sold out their 5,500 allocation at Ewood Park for the trip to Blackburn and tickets for Saturday's game with Charlton are reportedly going very fast.

Moyes has transformed the club
6 Nov - David Unsworth tells Phil McNulty "We train as we play. We pass the ball and the atmosphere is fantastic". The 'Moyes Revolution' is getting more good press - this time on the BBC.

Live on Sky... next February
5 Nov - The Sky TV cameras will finally make their first visit to Goodison Park this season for live coverage on 23 February, when Everton will now play Southampton.

Alexandersson sidelined by knee injury
5 Nov - Having insisted yesterday that there is no rift between himself and manager Moyes, Niclas Alexandersson now reveals that a worsening knee problem could keep him out of action for the next fortnight.

Pembinho available for Blackburn trip?
5 Nov - It looks for the moment as though Mark Pembridge will be available for the clash with high-flying Blackburn at Ewood Park in a fortnight after all as the Football Association of Wales decided not to force him to play for his country that week.

Goal of the Week
4 Nov - Who else? Graphic analysis by the BBC of the shimmy past Bakke, the surge past Radebe, the arrowed shot past Robinson and the goal that put the Elland Road jinx to bed.

Moyes refuses to rush Rooney
4 Nov - Despite the Roonster's goalscoring exploits, his manager is in no hurry to put him back into the starting line-up, insisting that he will remain on the bench of the foreseeable future.

Radebe haunted by Rooney goal
4 Nov - "I can headbutt a wall, but I don't know how he scored that goal. I thought I had him." So said Leeds defender Lucas Radebe on the strike that ended Everton's long winless streak at Elland Road.

Young Blues beaten in Final
4 Nov - Everton have succumbed to a 2-0 defeat to local rivals Liverpool in the final of the Natwest Senior Cup.

Southern hoping to extend loan
4 Nov - While Peter Clark has returned to Goodison following a 3-month loan at Blackpool, Kevin Southern is hoping to be able to extend his loan at Bloomfield Road to the end of the season.

Everton due £0.5m Materazzi payoff
1 Nov - Everton will enlist the help of FIFA in getting the remaining £500,000 due from Perugia for Marco Materazzi to whom they sold the defender for £2.5m three years ago.


 October 2002

Due to an unfortunate but catastrophic database error, the news data for October was lost. We will be working to restore most of the stories over the coming weeks. Thanks for you patience.

News Headlines & Features

Rooney wonder strike ends Arsenal run
19 Oct - Teenage star Wayne Rooney scored a spectacular 90th minute winner to bring Arsenal's 30-match unbeaten run to a screeching halt at Goodison Park. The 16 year-old, who had came on as a second-half substitute in the 80th minute, plucked a high ball from Thomas Gravesen out of the air, turned and then dispatched a curling shot past David Seaman in off the bar to score his first league goal, become the youngest Everton player to score in the league and the youngest to score in the Premiership. Earlier, Freddie Ljungberg had accepted a gift from the Blues defence to make it 1-0 after 7 minutes but his effort was cancelled out by Thomas Radzinski's 22nd-minute equaliser.

Dunc needs another Op
10 Oct - Everton have confirmed rumours that Duncan Ferguson will be taking time off during the break in the Premiership programme to have an operation on his sciatic nerve, as this is now believed to be the cause of the back problem which has kept him out of action at the start of the season. He is expected to be out of action for a further 6 weeks, a risk the club's medical staff are prepared to take if it means it will clear up his back complaint.

Same old, same old at Old Trafford
7 Oct - Everton battled through 85 minutes with a superb rear-guard action before succumbing to the all-too familiar flood of Manchester United goals in the final five minutes. Paul Scholes broke the deadlock when he fired home from six yards before David Weir's stark lack of pace was again exposed and he was adjudged to have pulled down Solskjaer.  Weir was red-carded, Van Nistelrooy drove home the spot kick and Scholes rocketed home the third in stoppage time to complete the scoring. Everton, undone by poor distribution and lack of edge in the final third had held their own up until then, substitute Wayne Rooney coming closest with a wonderful run and shot that was saved by Barthez.  Belated report by Lyndon Lloyd

Moyes working a mini revolution
6 Oct - Nice to read some positive press about Everton emanating from the ESPN/Soccernet site and their usually troublesome Daily Mail hacks.  This one provides another encouraging synopsis of the new mood at Goodison since the arrival of David Moyes, qualified coach and dedicated manager of Everton Football Club.

4 Oct - Since the Premier League came into being 10 years ago, Everton's worst record has been against Manchester United, a team we haven't beaten since that euphoric day in May 1995.  We take a look at our miserable record against United and suggest that, with the positivity and tenacity instilled in the team by David Moyes, now more than at any time since the Cup Final triumph, Everton may be equipped to give the Red Devils a game for once. 

Renaissance Man
3 Oct - Seemingly just a washed-up financial millstone around the club's neck a few months ago, Kevin Campbell is undergoing something of a rebirth at Everton with 6 goals in 9 games so far this season. Finally exhibiting something resembling full fitness, the man dubbed "Super Kev" is once again leading both the Everton line and the team's scoring chart.

Two-goal Rooney grabs the headlines
1 Oct - Duncan Ferguson played his first football of the season after coming on as a second-half sub, but it was Wayne Rooney who stole the limelight with his first senior goals for Everton as David Moyes's men eased into the 3rd Round of the Worthington Cup.  Kevin Campbell (who else?) opened the scoring after 25 minutes but Lee Trundle rattled the bar with a 20-yd effort after half time as Wrexham threatened.  But, with 8 mins to go, Rooney (who had come on for Radzinski) pounced, and he scored again in the last minute after a brief interruption by a pitch invasion to seal Everton's passage to the next round.



Snippets & Rumours

Rooney dazzles for England U-19s
10 Oct - Wayne Rooney played the first half for England Under-19s against Yugoslavia at Kidderminster, in a 2-2 draw.  Some of his touches and exhibited skills were sublime.

Match dates fixed
9 Oct - Dates for the upcoming games against Leeds (3 Nov), Newcastle (6 Nov), and Blackburn (17 Nov) have now been confirmed by the club.

McMahon chasing Clarke and Southern
9 Oct - Blackpool manager Steve McMahon has expressed a keen desire to make the loan moves of Peter Clarke and Keith Southern permanent.  Can Everton really afford to pass up these young talents?

Smith on the lookout!
9 Oct - Football clubs throughout Britain and Europe have been alerted to the fact that Walter Smith is now ready to return to football management...

Everton to Appeal Weir's Red Card
8 Oct - Although David Moyes does not sound too hopeful, Everton are reportedly planning to appeal David Weir's red card that will probably see him miss the game at West Ham on 27 October.

Sunderland sacrifice Peter Reid
7 Oct - Hardly much of a surprise on top of Sunderland's poor form recently, Peter Reid was finally sacked from the manager's hotseat at the Stadium of Light.

Victor Meldrew reports...
7 Oct - In his relentless pursuit of The Truth about Kings Dock, Mikey Blue Eyes provides a painfully circuitous and obfuscatory report on the Bluekipper website of his recent interview with Liverpool Council leader, Mike Storey, and his sidekick, Charlie Parker.  There will be a test afterwards...

Dreaming in Blue
7 Oct - Brian Viner writes a good line or two on behalf of many Evertonians in today's Independent; it's all part of the build-up to tonight's big game!

Hibbert and Clarke in England U-21s
6 Oct - Tony Hibbert gets his first call-up to David Platt's England Under-21 squad, where he will team up with Peter Clarke, who is still on loan with Blackpool.

Harvey's boys win again
5 Oct - Another winning performance saw Colin Harvey's Under-19s make further consolidation after their poor start to the season, with a 1-0 win over Wolves.  Steve Milne was there.

Branch on the move again
5 Oct - After failing to make the grade at Wolves, Michael Branch is being farmed out on loan to Third Division Hull City, with Wolves unable to shift the 23-year-old ex-Everton starlet off their transfer list.

Tough Worthington Cup Draw
5 Oct - Everton will play Newcastle United at St James Park in the 3rd Round of the Worthington League Cup.  Ties (one leg, sudden death; extra-time and penalties as necessary) will be played on 5 or 6 November.

Rodrigo eyes return in...
4 Oct - ... February!  Today's non-news includes an anticipated return for the Brazilian that is at least four months away... although Steve Watson's return is apparently somewhat closer.  And other dubious news sources predict Lee Wilkie joining Everton in three months' time... Ho hum.

Leon Osman goes on loan
3 Oct - David Moyes has sanctioned the departure of another young Everton Reserve player on loan, with Leon Osman joining Third Division Carlisle for one month.  Is he merely gaining valuable competitive experience? Or do the words attributed to Moyes — that there are no more promising youngsters coming through — have some bearing on this???

Xavier's viral woes continue
3 Oct - Often laid low by mysterious ailments of a viral nature during his mixed sojourn at Goodison, Abel Xavier has now succumbed to another mystery virus at Anfield!

A spot of fan trouble
2 Oct - Seven Everton fans may be in trouble after their pitch-long run for safety on Tuesday night when scuffles erupted among Wrexham fans following Wayne Rooney's first goal for Everton.

Rooney fever gets a boost
2 Oct - It was to be expected that Rooney's historic record-breaking first goals for Everton would trigger adulation, speculation and anticipation concerning Rocket Rooney and his Everton future, as in this piece from Reuters.

Auf Weir dersehen, Berti!
1 Oct - After being blamed by Berti Vogts for Scotland's embarrassing draw in the Faroes, David Weir has informed the Scottish FA that he has no desire to play for the foreseeable future — i.e. not while Vogts is in charge.

2001/02 Geek Title Winners
1 Oct - According to Keynote Systems' survey of the Premiership clubs' official websites, on average Everton's loaded the fastest of all last season. Who knew? So far this season, evertonfc.tv is third, with West Ham leading the way.


 September 2002


News Headlines & Features

Waiting for Yobo
30 Sep - Following his excellent debut at the weekend, this article from The Telegraph provides a potted history of Joseph Yobo since his exploits in the World Cup and how David Moyes snapped up the young Nigerian from under the noses of some of Europe's biggest clubs.  The article includes some excellent highlights from his performance against Fulham, where his influence on the leaky Everton defence helped secure only their second clean sheet of the season.

Blues Get Back on Track
28 Sep - After 44 minutes of turgid football, Everton exploded into life on the stroke of half time when Mark Pembridge's inch-perfect cross was met with the head of Kevin Campbell who flicked his 5th goal of the season past Edwin van der Saar to break the deadlock.  Less than a minute later, Thomas Gravesen took aim from 25 yards and belted home the second to make it 2-0 at the interval.  In the second half, Radzinski hit the post twice in as many minutes as the Blues threatened to extend their advantage.   Joseph Yobo made his long-awaited debut and did well by all accounts.

Everton announce new Academy plans
26 Sep - After a long time in the planning stages, Everton today announced plans to finally build a state-of-the-art Youth Academy and training facility that will also serve the first team.  It will be located in Halewood, and carries a price tag of around £9M.

Yobo figures in key Reserves win
24 Sep - Joseph Yobo featured alongside some other key members of Everton's Premiership squad (but not Duncan Ferguson!) in a Reserves match at Halton Stadium tonight that had a rip-roaring second half, with Leon Osman finally scoring in the 89th minute after the City goalie had been sent off!

23 Sep - Colm Kavanagh reacts to the weekend's events at Villa Park with a sense of frustration at the evidence that we are to suffer yet again another difficult season as David Moyes struggles to make something worthwhile out of the rabble of players Walter Smith bequeathed to him.

Villa jinx persists unabated
22 Sep - Despite a valiant second-half rally, in which Radzinski and Campbell scored excellent goals, Everton failed to deliver the coup de grace at Villa Park and paid the ultimate price when sub Dion Dublin scrambled home a poor winner after well-struck (if avoidable) goals by Lee Hendrie early in each half had given Villa a commanding lead following a first half during which Everton's ability to play the most abysmal football was painfully exemplified.  Report by Julian Cashen.

Long haul back for Ferguson
19 Sep - Although Duncan Ferguson played a full 90 minutes for the Reserves at Birmingham, David Moyes has warned that the big man is still not physically fit and has a long way to go before he can be considered ready to face the rigours of a Premiership match.

David Moyes: six months on...
17 Sep - David Moyes was able to celebrate six months at Everton with a vital win against the odds at the weekend, earned with a good slice of luck bolstering his Scottish canniness along the way.  Colm Kavanagh takes a good look at what has happened to Everton over that spell, and to some other clubs that would until recently have been considered our peers...

Best laid plans...
16 Sep - The unlikely win over Middlesbrough at the weekend has restored some of the Blues' pre-season optimism and will, hopefully, put Everton's season back on track. Lyndon Lloyd takes a brief look at the team's progress after the opening 6 games and suggests that with better finishing and some pace at the back, David Moyes presides over a highly capable team that has the opportunity to shine with some testing games around the corner.

Campbell double earns priceless win
14 Sep - Everton came from behind at Goodison Park to give their season a much-needed shot in the arm with a 2-1 win over Middlesbrough.  Kevin Campbell, whom many felt had lost his scoring touch, scored a goal in each half as David Moyes's side picked themselves up after two dismal away defeats.  After 10 minutes, however, a third loss looked on the cards when Nemeth fired home for 'Boro but Campbell followed up when Tomasz Radzinski hit the post to equalise and it was his glancing header off a Thomas Gravesen corner 13 mins from time that sealed the points.  Reports from Steve Bickerton and Richard Marland.

Where is it going wrong?
12 Sep - A second defeat has brought the clouds rolling in on the new dawn that Everton were meant to be experiencing this season, and put egg on the faces of all the fans who looked at the early fixtures arrogantly assuming that these games would be points in the bag.  Steve Hili has some more detailed concerns, and believes David Moyes is not without blame for what is turning rapidly into a very poor start to our 100th season in the top flight.

Glimmers fade on Everton's new dawn
11 Sep - Everton's positive start to the season is going the same as a year ago as David Moyes's injury-ravaged side succumbed to their second successive defeat.  David Weir's apparent 73rd-minute foul on Marian Pahars prompted a dubious penalty to the home side and the Latvian forward picked himself up to put the spot kick away past Paul Gerrard who was deputising for injured pair Richard Wright and Steve Simonsen.  Up front, the Blues were again profligate in front of goal, finding themselves frustrated by Paul Jones in the Saints goal. Report from Jonathan Martin

Weir made the scapegoat
9 Sep - Davey Weir has come in for quite a bit of flak over the rather, er, disappointing performance by Scotland in their 2-2 draw with the Faroes.  But over at the Everton website, Graeme Sharp reckons it is a bit unfair to single out the Everton captain, although to argue based on his past record and Everton form seems somewhat spurious.  Perhaps he just had a bad game?

Naysmith sounds like an Evertonian
8 Sep - Some fine words from another Scotsman, Gary Naysmith, in the most appropriate organ for encouraging talk about Everton and David Moyes — The Scotsman on Sunday.  Injuries may have played havoc with Naysmith's determined efforts to progress at Everton and with Scotland but he seems to know which side his bread is buttered... although its not entirely clear what exactly that final sentence means?

Yobo will be introduced slowly
7 Sep - David Moyes has been talking about how he plans to introduce Joseph Yobo into the Premiership cauldron.  The 21-year-old Nigerian World Cup defender is finally fit after getting badly injured in his first game for Everton — a pre-season friendly.  He played the full 90 minutes for the Reserves against Manchester United during the week, and is expected to be named among the subs at Southampton on Wednesday.

100 seasons in the top flight
6 Sep - The ToffeeWeb Editor offers up an explanation of why we should be celebrating 100 seasons of Everton playing top-flight football, and not the incorrect 100 years the club erroneously chose to vaunt.  Everton have actually been in the top flight for 111 years — and, due to a strange double quirk of fate, have been Champions for 20 of those years.

The man with the quals
4 Sep - David Moyes is the only British manager of a Premiership club who has the Uefa Professional Licence, football's leading qualification for coaches.  The other four Premiership managers with Pro licences are foriegn.  As of next season, all Premiership mangers will need to have a Pro Licence, or the FA Coaching Diploma, which is awarded by dint of experience.

The Three Disgraces?
2 Sep - In this hard-hitting article, Tony Wooly uses the latest uncertainties at the highest levels in Everton FC to present some scathing criticisms of the club's directors and senior management.  Poor corporate organization and an inadequate full-time team for day-to-day management are pinpointed as factors continuing to hold Everton back from becoming a great club again, and could threaten the holy grail that is the Kings Waterfront Project.

4-3-3 or 4-4-2?
1 Sep - Chris Kirwan's latest piece on his Dixie's Sixty column questions David Moyes's tinkering with the Everton team formation.  While he may be correct that a fixed 4-4-2 formation could lead to greater stability, he is wrong about our abundance of strikers: most of them are injured.  Also, is it really wise to point up Alexandersson's performance on Championship Manager???  Is Chris having trouble distinguishing fiction from reality?



Snippets & Rumours

Pembridge doubtful
30 Sep - The Official Everton website reports that Mark Pembridge could miss the Worthington Cup clash at Wrexham with an eye problem.

Young Scottish keeper in for training
29 Sep - Scott Shearer is the young 'keeper for Scottish Third Division outfit Albion Rovers and he will be at Bellefield this week, training under Chris Woods....

Lincoln link-up come unlinked?
29 Sep - Remember the hoopla that Everton and Third-Division Lincoln City were forming some sort of undefined link-up?  Lincoln City chairman Rob Bradley provides this explanation of the partnership's rocky history in the Lincolnshire Echo.

"Booted Out!" moans Blomqvist
27 Sep - Jesper Blomqvist has been blabbing to the Daily Express about how awful it was for Everton to give him the boot (actually, not renewing his contract) at the end of last season.  Since joining Charlton, Jesper has made one sub appearance in a 3-0 defeat against Arsenal...

Yobo eyes Fulham debut
27 Sep - Joseph Yobo believes he is ready to face the rigours of Premiership football by making his long-awaited debut against Fulham after three successful outings in the reserves.  That'll be him warming the bench then...

Watson still suffering
26 Sep - Steve Watson suffered a groin strain just 10 minutes into Tuesday's reserves game against Manchester City and will now be sidelined a little longer while he misses more first-team action.

Moyes may dump Ferguson
26 Sep - There are still over three months of football before the transfer window opens but that doesn't seem to be enough to stop some crazy transfer speculation, and from people at The Independent, who ought to know better.

Ominous signs that Clarke will leave
25 Sep - Amid whispered rumours that David Moyes does not rate his highly regarded young England youth defender Peter Clarke (despite preventing him from becoming cup-tied at loan club Blackpool), it appears from this piece that Clarke is laying the groundwork for a permanent move to the Seasiders.

ITV's coverage a disgrace
24 Sep - Many people have commented that ITV's coverage of the Premiership also-rans on their Match of the Day replacement is abysmal.  Fan Jamie McDine had this to say.

Yobo to make Reserves run-out?
24 Sep - There is strong expectation that Joseph Yobo will make an appearance with Everton Reserves against Manchester City tonight, potentially giving David Moyes some more options for patching up his leaky Premiership defence.  But </>Big Dunc misses out.

Campbell among the top scorers
23 Sep - With four goals so far, Kevin Campbell has worked his way up to 5th position in the list of top goalscorers in the Premiership so far this season.

The Great Call of China
22 Sep - This article in The Independent perpetuates the new sports quiz answer that Everton are the most popular team in the world — thanks to massive exposure in China after the signing of Li Tie and Li Wei Feng on loan.

The Good, the Bad..
21 Sep - In the Nationwide League today, Peter Clarke scored for his loan club, Blackpool, while Danny Cadamarteri was sent off for Bradford against Burnley with a straight red card for violent conduct.

Wright or Not?
20 Sep - David Moyes is being typically cagey about whether or not Richard Wright will return as first-choice goalkeeper against Villa, with Gerrard probably having done enough in recent games to retain his place.

Reserves edged out by Brum
18 Sep - Nick Chadwick scored twice and Steve Watson grabbed a third as Everton's Reserves led three times at Birmingham City, only for the home side to win 4-3 with four second-half goals.  Messers Wright and Ferguson both played the full 90 mins.  Report from Steve Milne

Dunne gets a reprieve
18 Sep - Man City have backed off from terminating Richard Dunne's contract, fining him two weeks' salary instead and putting him on a special training program.

Schumacher in England U19 squad
17 Sep - Everton youngster Stephen Schumacher has been included in the England U-19 squad to play Hungary next week, but Wayne Rooney is rested considering he is now playing regular Premiership football.

Rodrigo crocked
17 Sep - The news about Juliano Rodrigo is as bad as it gets: a ruptured cruciate knee ligament, ending feint hopes that he could add some Brazilian flair to Everton's attack.  He will no doubt be out of action for a number of months.

Duo back in training
16 Sep - Duncan Ferguson and Joe-Max Moore are back in training as each tries to recover their match fitness after long lay-offs for both strikers; they may play for the Reserves in midweek at Birmingham City.

Gordon Lee remembers
16 Sep - A short piece in the Telegraph on the current whereabouts of Gordon Lee, and his most abiding memory of a life in football.

Man City suspend Richard Dunne
15 Sep - Former Everton defender Richard Dunne, who had a few run-ins with Walter Smith before being sold to Man City two years ago, has got himself into more trouble with a serious breach of club discipline.

Back to the Racecourse
14 Sep - Everton have been handed a trip to Wrexham in the Worthington League Cup Second Round, a repeat of the pre-season friendly back in August.  The tie will take place on Tuesday 1 October — Kick-off: 7:45pm.

Friday the 13th???
13 Sep - Everton's remarkably bad luck with injuries continued today with the news that Juliano Rodrigo may have sustained knee-ligament damage when he fell awkwardly during training at Bellefield today.

Ferguson's back problem terminal?
11 Sep - After Duncan Ferguson preferred not to have a second injection to help him overcome a chronic problem with his back, fears are rife that this could signal the impending end of his injury-ravaged career.

Yobo not expected to play
10 Sep - The reality of a new injury crisis at Everton is beginning to sink in after Joseph Yobo has sustained a 'freak' training ground injury.  How in earth is the ball hitting your ankle considered a freak event in training?  (No answers required...)

Eaton signs for Macclesfield
10 Sep - David Eaton, another Everton youngster who worked his way through the Academy to play in the Reserves but failed to make the grade, has now signed for Macclesfield after being released by the club during the summer.

Newcastle game on telly
10 Sep - Everton's game at Newcastle has been switched to Sunday 1 December and will be televised on Premiership Plus, live at 2pm.  Full List of televised Everton games.

Joe-Max Moore's injury problems
9 Sep - Joe-Max Moore has been out of action since sustaining a knee injury during last summer's World Cup campaign, and he looks set to stay on the sidelines for some time yet.

Seamus O'Rooney?
8 Sep - If you thought that the Silly Season was over, thanks to the new transfer window, think again.  TribalFootball (and the Sunday People) seem to have come up with a classic in thinking that Rooney could choose to become an Irish International...

Internationals in action
7 Sep - Everton players featured in a number of today's internationals: Gravesen laid on the first goal for Denmark against Norway; Pembridge was booked for Wales against Finland; Carsley was on the subs bench for Ireland in Moscow; Weir played for Scotland in their 2-2 draw with the Faroes...

Pettinger leaves Everton
6 Sep - A brief sentence buried in this article states that Andrew Pettinger — once a highly rated young goalkeeper who briefly wore the Number 25 shirt at Everton, but never actually played at senior level — has left the club "by mutual consent."  Surely not another Chris Woods casualty???

Clarke kept out of cup tie
5 Sep - In an encourgaing move for Everton's future, the Club have refused Blackpool permission for Peter Clarke (who is on loan from Everton) to play for them in the Worthington Cup.  However, the ban does not apply to fellow loan player, Keith Southern.

Tal transfer goes through
5 Sep - Idan Tal's transfer to Rayo Vallecano has been completed after Fifa intervened and ensured that the FA gave international clearance for the deal to be completed.

Naysmith out of Scotland squad
5 Sep - An ankle injury will keep Gary Naysmith out of the Scotland squad for this weekend's Euro 2004 Qualifier in the Faroes.  Scot Gemmill has also been told he will not be needed.

Wright's wrist is alright
4 Sep - So says the new phyiso, Mick Rathbone, after ordering a second scan on Richard Wright's sore hand and arm, as a result of Gavin McCann's clumsy clash some weeks ago...

Reserves beat Man Utd
4 Sep - Everton's strong reserve team finally prevailed against Manchester United tonight, beating them 1-0 with a late goal from Leon Osman as a number of key first-team players worked their way back to – or tried to maintain – match fitness.  Report from Steve Milne

New ToffeeWeb Forum
3 Sep - There are some, er, 'technical' problems with the People's Forum, so we have set up a new webboard at boardhost.com, if you are interested.

Tal off to sunny Spain... or not?
2 Sep - Idan Tal was on the point of being offloaded to La Liga outfit Rayo Vallecano as their transfer deadline was extended through Monday.  However, it seems the transfer failed to get international clearance from the FA, so he may still be ours!  Everton are awaiting a ruling from Fifa...

Pembridge in Welsh Squad
2 Sep - Despite suffering a bad bout of stomach flu that saw hi lose 7 lbs, Mark Pembridge has joined the Welsh Squad in preparation for next Saturday's European Championship qualifier in Finland.

Wright-Phillips escapes ban
2 Sep - As widely expected, Shaun Wright-Phillips of Man City has had his red card rescinded to a caution after the referee came perilously close to admitting he actually made a mistake, saying in his match report that it was not a sending-off offence.  Go figure...

New Physio from Preston
2 Sep - David Moyes has persuaded another of his backroom boys from Preston to make the switch to Everton.  Physiotherapist Mike Rathbone joins Everton after the clubs agreed a compensation package.

Clarke in England U-21 Squad
2 Sep - Peter Clarke, who is playing well for Blackpool in his extended loan spell, has been picked by David Platt to be part of the England Under-21 squad for their game against Yugoslavia at Bolton on Friday.

Gemmill needs match practise
1 Sep - David Moyes has asked the Scotland manager Berti Vogts to allow Scot Gemmill to play for Everton Reserves against Man Utd on Wednesday, in his bid to regain match fitness.


 August 2002


News Headlines & Features

Misery at Maine Road for Moyes
31 Aug - The size of the task of rebuilding at Goodison that faces David Moyes hit home today as Everton failed miserably to claw back any points from newly-promoted Manchester City despite playing against 10 men for over an hour.  Nicolas Ankela scored twice in three first-half minutes as City dominated, but when Sean Wright Phillips fouled Gary Naysmith in the area, was sent off and David Unsworth scored from the spot, the Blues looked to be in with a chance.  However, despite having all the second-half possession, Moyes's men were poor in the final third and allowed Anelka to notch his hat-trick late on.  Guy McEvoy was there and sent in this report.

Kings Dock hits the skids
30 Aug - The deafening silence about the Kings Dock project over recent months has been shattered by "news" that funding for the project may have hit some problems.  We were confidently told that Everton's £30M investment portion was "ring-fenced" but it appears that this may not be the case, with Liverpool Council failing to give Everton planning assurances over the future use of Goodison Park.  Other reports are focussing on the role of Paul Gregg, who Liverpool Vision have asked to guarantee the sum.  The talk is of Gregg using the uncertainty over funding to precipitate a power struggle within the Everton Board... Ho hum.

10-man Everton save it at the death
28 Aug - A last-gasp goal by David Unsworth earned Everton a draw and preserved their unbeaten start to the season after Alan Stubbs had received an automatic red card in the 48th minute and Stern John had scored for Birmingham from the resulting penalty.  After both sides had hit the woodwork in the first half, Everton started brightly in the second but Thomas Gravesen's suicidal backpass sent John away and Stubbs hauled him down in the area.  With the seconds of stoppage time ticking away, though, David Unsworth's shot ricocheted off the post and Kenny Cunningham and in to make it 1-1.
Reports from Steve Bickerton and Rob Burns

Redemption for Wright
24 Aug - Kevin Campbell may have become the first Everton player to score a winning goal at the Stadium of Light but all the talk will be of Richard Wright whose second-half save from a Kevin Phillips penalty earned the Blues' first win of the new season.  After the hosts had made all the early running, Tomasz Radzinski finished a fine Everton move by setting up Kevin Campbell to slide in and make it 1-0 after 27'.  In the 2nd half, Wright embarrassingly fumbled the ball into the net but, mercifully, the referee disallowed it.  Then he pushed substitute Niall Quinn over in the box, the official awarded a penalty but the Everton Number 1 pulled off a wonder save to preserve the Blues' advantage.  Report from Guy McEvoy

Linderoth rejects quit claims
23 Aug - Swedish international midfielder Tobias Linderoth has dismissed suggestions attributed to him by a Swedish newspaper that he will quit Everton if he does not start getting regular first-team action. The 23 year-old admits that he was interviewed by the publication in question, but insists that his comments were taken out of context. He held clear-the-air talks with with David Moyes this morning and his manager is downplaying the situation.

A different take on the Johnson era
22 Aug - The persona of Peter Johnson is loathed and despised by many Evertonians… but did the suffering eveyone went through in that painful period actually play a critical role in ensuring that Everton emerged on a much more realistic financial basis? Are we not in a far better position than many other clubs now the screws are being turned? That's what Everton fan David Flynn believes.

In defence of a hero
20 Aug - In response to a recent piece by Colm Kavanagh, Ted Neeson comes to the defence of Duncan Ferguson, a hero of the 1990s who epitomised what it meant to be an Evertonian during those mostly dismal years… While we should never belittle the achievements of our past heroes, Ted's eloquent words fail to address the more difficult question of what Dunc the Captain is doing for us now.

In support of Kevin Campbell
19 Aug - Over at the Sport Network website, Chris Kirwan provides regular commentary on Everton matters. In this piece, he comes to the defence of beleaguered striker Kevin Campbell, whose style of play is not to the linking of all Evertonians.

Radzinski salvages opening-day draw
17 Aug - A wonderful goal by Tomasz Radzinski rescued a point for Everton after the opening-day celebrations for the club's 100th Top Flight Season were in danger of ruined by nemesis Les Ferdinand. The man who always scores against Everton put the visitors 2-1 up almost as soon as he had come on as a substitute but Radzinski equalised with 9 minutes to go. Wayne Rooney started in a three-man attack alongside Campbell and Radzinski and repaid the manager's faith by laying the ball off for Mark Pembridge who smacked home the first goal of the season after half an hour. Spurs grew in confidence in the 2nd half, though, and Matthew Etherington levelled on the hour mark.

Duncan: Our Hero?
15 Aug - While the club seeks to wind us up into a frenzy over celebrations of our 100-years (sic — it's 100 seasons!) in top-flight football, Colm Kavanagh brings us down to earth with this critique of Duncan, Our Hero.  Is David Moyes's decision to make him captain a final test to inspire him to recover that faded greatness he showed us oh so briefly?

The Real New Dawn?
14 Aug - David Moyes's first full season in charge, the emergence of a possible Everton legend in Wayne Rooney, pace at the back with Joe Yobo and a touch of Brazilian flair with Rodrigo… 2002/2003 promises to be an exciting season as Everton look to finally break the shackles that have kept them rooted in the wrong half of the Premiership for 6 years. We take a look at the Blues' prospects for the new campaign in our annual Season Preview.

This could be Jeffers's season
13 Aug - So says Arséne Wenger about his glass-ankled striker, who is now in line to play for Arsenal Reserves in 10 days time as he struggles to achieve full fitness for the Gunners and repay some of that £10M transfer tally that may one day find it's way into the Goodison coffers.  But you can't help wondering about the Arséne's comments after his mixed messages about Richard Wright...

Bill's bounty brews bad blood
11 Aug - Bill Kenwright is fuming at the implication that his recent £200k donation to the Labour Party could be construed to in any way be an attempt to buy power and curry influence with the key decision-makers who will need to sign off on the use of Government money to partially finance the proposed Kings Waterfront project and its new Everton Stadium.  An MEP on the EU funding committee says the money must be returned to Kenwright.

Everton 0 - 1 Athletic Bilbao
10 Aug - The Goodison curtain-raiser celebrates David Usworth's stalwart service to his beloved Everton over the years, and kicks off the 100-season celebrations in fine style, despite the pouring rain.  A disappointing encounter saw Everton create chances but fail to convert, with Alexandersson possibly the most guilty.  Then Bilbao scored on the stroke of half-time.  The usual slew of subs disrupted the flow in the second half with the game petering to an uninspiring end... and now we are ready to take on the Premiership!  Read the Match Report form Steve Bickerton.

Long road to recovery
9 Aug - An opinion about the demise of Joe Royle that is sadly not shared by many Evertonians is expressed by David Unsworth in the Daily Post: "The club really paid the biggest price.  It lost Willie and Joe and the majority of that team, who they were fantastic towards.  They were top drawer and it has taken a long time to get a partnership back that can compete at the level they were at at the time."  And that contains a strong indirect condemnation of the dire Walter Smith era...

We do this for every game
7 Aug - So said a Brussels policeman when our reporter from the friendly with Anderlecht, Steve Bickerton, asked him about the water cannons and CS gas being used on Everton's notoriously peaceful supporters after last night's game.  From the accounts we have received so far there was less bedlam in Belgium than police heavy-handedness that appears to be routine for Anderlecht home games.  Apart from more despicable racial abuse and jibes about the Nazi occupation from some, the Blues supporters sound as though they behaved themselves.  Read Steve's thorough account of the day.

Blues crash in Belgium
6 Aug - After struggling over ticket allocations, Everton played Anderlecht tonight in their penultimate pre-season friendly, with David Moyes selecting a team line-up closer to the one he wants for starting the season.  The three R's — Rodrigo, Radzinski, and Rooney — got some time up front but none of them could find the net.  Everton went behind in the first half to a de Bilde penalty after Naysmith was accused of handball.  Then Zane scored the second near the end to secure the win for the Belgians.
Report from Steve Milne

Canter at the Racecourse
3 Aug - In the seventh pre-season match for the first-team squad, Radzinski and Rodrigo were on target for Everton as David Moyes indulged in a little squad rotation against Wrexham at The Racecourse.  Li Tie and Lie Wei Feng appeared for the second half and made some nice touches.  Rooney appeared for the last quarter, but yet again failed to score.  Reports from Guy McEvoy and Steve Milne.

New Squad Numbers
1 Aug - Well… some of them are new.  Most players from last season keep the same numbers with the exception of Paul Gerrard, who slides from 1 to 35!  Nice to see a significant number of the fringe/reserves players getting in the squad from the start, especially Leon Osman; another sea change from the dark days of the Walter Smith era.  Still a couple of spots left open in the middle order — possibly being saved for two of the three trialists, Loumboutis, Said and Daley?



Snippets & Rumours

Everton say No to Moreno
31 Aug - It was always unlikely that Everton would take on Moreno Torichelli, and his week-long trial ended as the transfer window closed; he has now returned home to Italy.

Kan-Kan goes to Southampton
31 Aug - Andrei Kanchelskis, who had his best-ever season in British football with Everton, has moved on to join Southampton after being released by Glasgow Rangers.

Blomqvist to Charlton
30 Aug - As the new transfer window rapidly closes, Charlton have completed the signing of Jesper Blomqvist, who was released from Everton at the end of last season.

Unsworth claiming dramatic equaliser
29 Aug - David Unsworth is staking his claim to the injury-time equaliser against Birmingham until the FA says otherwise. The ball took deflections off Jeff Kenna, the post and Kenny Cunningham on its way into the net but Rhino says it's his.

Duo extend Blackpool stay
28 Aug - Blackpool will have Everton reserve duo Peter Clark and Kevin Southern at their service for another 3 months after Steve McMahon extended the term of their loan.

Toriccelli coming on Trial?
26 Aug - In a surprising move, Everton are planning to take 32-year-old Moreno Torricelli, the highly accomplished Fiorentina defender, on trial until the end of the week — when the transfer window slams shut.

Wright a doubt for Brum game
26 Aug - Richard Wright sustained a badly bruised arm in the early challenge from Gavin McCann on Saturday, and is now a major doubt for Everton's midweek game against Birmingham City — making Wrighty's amazing penalty save even more heroic!

Everton Ladies crash again
25 Aug - The Everton Ladies team fell to their second defeat of the season against the professional ladies of Fulham, who ran out 3-0 winners today and now top the Ladies league.

China's answer to Beckham
24 Aug - In an interview with The Guardian, Li Tie describes his cult status in his home country and the passion the Chinese have for football and, now, for Everton.  He estimates about a billion people will be watching today's game in Sunderland!

UEFA site gets Rooney fever
23 Aug - Everton are again featured on the Uefa.com website; this time they are turning the spotlight on Wayne Rooney...

Blues must wait for Yobo debut
22 Aug - Following a frustratingly slow recovery from heavy bruising to his fibula sustained in pre-season, Everton have announced that Joe Yobo is unlikely to be fit in time for Saturday's trip to Sunderland.

Ferguson fitness update
21 Aug - Duncan Ferguson has returned to light training under the influence of pain-killing injections on his troublesome back problem, which David Moyes believes is nothing more than an injury that needs to be cured… and that will take until at least the middle of next month!

Reserves see off Owls
20 Aug - Kevin McLeod — who was so impressive in Everton's pre-season build-up — scored the only goal as the Reserves (including Unsworth, Yobo and Rodrigo) beat Sheffield Wednesday 1-0 in the FA Premier Reserve League (Northern Section).

Amoruso link
19 Aug - Both Channel 4's Football Italia website and Planet Football have suggested that David Moyes may be looking to bring Perugia striker Nicola Amoruso in on loan for a year.

Past historic, future perfect
17 Aug - A nice article recalling Everton's past exploits, the celebrations for our landmark 100th Top Flight Season, and the groundwork being laid for the future is featured on the UEFA website this week.

Moyes expects high standards from Wright
17 Aug - David Moyes had no scruples telling Richard Wright that he should have done better on both of Tottenham's goals that denied the Blues an opening-day win.

The Reason
16 Aug - From The People's Forum, Preno's excellent post succinctly sums up The Reason we Go to The Game!

Moyes the Master
16 Aug - Can you ever tire of reading the words uttered by David Moyes?  Everton truly have found a gem of a manager who is determined to more than do the Club proud.  In this interview in the Daily Post, he sets out his stall as a manager intent on winning — and making sure the players are fully on board.

Flavour of the Moment
16 Aug - The Echo reports that Everton have over-taken Manchester United and Liverpool as the favourite team in China as a result of the sponsorship deal with Kejian and the arrival of the two Lis.

Striking the balance
15 Aug - David Moyes seems to understand the need for Everton fans to strike the right balance between rampant enthusiasm and cautious optimism as the new season gets ready for the off.  He knows what needs to be done, and he knows it can't be done overnight; he hopes the fans understand this and don't expect too much too soon...

Cause for optimism
15 Aug - More good press in the broadsheets with this article by William Johnson in The Telegraph, as Everton's 100-season achievement receives wider acknowledgment as we move nearer to Saturday's big kick-off.

Yobo & Li Tie in the frame
14 Aug - Both Joseph Yobo and Li Tie played in a behind-closed-doors practice game against Burnley yesterday, and may therefore appear in the starting line-up against Spurs on Saturday — according to Andy Hunter of the Daily Post.

Clarke on target for Blackpool
13 Aug - Peter Clarke scored two of Blackpool's goals in their 5-2 hammering of Luton on Tuesday night.  The Everton youngster played in his second game for the club alongside Keith Southern, who is also on a month's loan.

Duncan out for a month
13 Aug - Everton's team captain could be at least a month away from competing as he struggles through pain-killing injections to get 100% fit and conquer his back problems.  Since Big Dunc has never been 100% fit, does this mean he has played his last game for Everton?

Weir backs the Li's
13 Aug - David Weir has come out in support of giving Li Tie and Li Weifeng plenty of encouragement and a decent chance to show Everton fans what they can do on the field.

Moving in the right direction
13 Aug - One of our readers came across this article in the August/September issue of Football & Stadium Management, featuring an interview with Goodison Groundsman, Bob Lennon.  Page 2

Appearance Stats
12 Aug - Our summary table listing players' appearance and goal stats for the pre-season friendlies will be available until the end of the week, for those who are interested.  Who was the only player to feature in all nine senior matches?

Season Preview
11 Aug - In The Observer, Ian Whittell presents a very balanced and moderately up-beat preview of Everton's 100th season of top-flight football.

Injury list grows…
9 Aug - It's the usual story with injuries as Everton prepare to celebrate the dedication and commitment of David Unsworth with his testimonial against Athletic Bilbao tomorrow. Stubbs now joins Yobo, Chadwick, Ferguson and Campbell on the treatment table.

Ball out for a year
7 Aug - Michael Ball is unlikely to play a competitive match for Rangers throughout the whole of 2002 after undergoing a second operation on his troublesome knee at the hands of a specialist in the US.  The implications of this for Everton are a continuing shortfall in payment of the full £6.5M transfer fee, which the club is now unlikely to see.

Cut-price Barmby makes Leeds move
7 Aug - Reviled badge-kissing turncoat Nick Barmby's adventure with the club "he always wanted to play for" is over as he is on the verge of making a £2.75m switch from the Dark Side to Leeds United. He still hasn't played against Everton at Goodison since his controversial departure for Liverpool two years ago.

Police precipitate fan trouble
7 Aug - Disappointingly, clashes involving Everton fans in the streets before and after the Anderlecht game marred the visit to Anderlecht that nearly didn't happen because of the local police's refusal to allow traveling support.  A club statement on the incidents is expected soon.

Gazza: the real reasons
6 Aug - Why didn't DC United go for Gazza?  Coach Ray Hudson explains that, with just eight games left in the MSL this season and the infamous US Immigration and Naturalization Service to deal with, it just wasn't worth it.  (From 2 Aug)

Labour's biggest benefactor
6 Aug - Bill Kenwright heads the list of political contributions over the last three months, with a massive £200,000 gift to the strained coffers of the Labour party, which is £4M to £5M in the red.

Youngsters go out on loan
6 Aug - Two of the younger graduates of Everton's youth programme have gone out on a month's loan to Blackpool.  This should give them some decent competitive match practise in the Second Division, while David Moyes beds in his new foreign stars.

Everton will bring Premiership to China
6 Aug - Our Hong Kong correspondent, HK Dave, reports on a Chinese news article that predicts the presence of the two Lis at Goodison Park will help drive interest in English football in the world's most populous country.

New move in shirt sponsorship
5 Aug - Some dubious and rather mixed up commentary on Everton's deal with Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Kejian, from the business section of CNN.

Blues off to Belgium
5 Aug - The Everton squad for tomorrow's game at Anderlecht includes Scot Gemmill but the Li's (who do not have visas for Belgium) are left behind, as is Paul Gerrard and most of the junior squad members.  The pre-season injury list is now headed by Ferguson and Yobo, with Chadwick and Pistone close behind...

Singing the Blues
4 Aug - Today, 100 Everton fans got to help some of the players and the senior management at Goodison record a special CD with two songs celebrating the achievement of 100 season in top-flight football.  Special words have been set to two old standards, O come all ye faithful, and Home on the Range...  The CD, which sounds better than it sounds(!), goes on sale next week.

More injury woes
2 Aug - Nick Chadwick's groin strain is causing concern, along with Ferguson's latest mystery ailment, a back problem, and Scott Gemmill's stomach strain.  No mention of Joe-Max Moore who is rumoured to still be with the club…  But the Chinese contingent of Li's has arrived and is expected to be on show at Wrexham tomorrow.

Waggy sacked by Tranmere
2 Aug - In a bizarre move from Lorraine Rodgers, the Tranmere boss, Dave Watson was sacked as manager after the team lost a pre-season friendly 7-0 at home to Birmingham City.

Moyes widens the pitch
1 Aug - David Moyes has taken steps to redress a move by Walter Smith that came to epitomize his negative tactics when he narrowed the hallowed Goodison Pitch for 78 to 70 yards — the minimum allowed.  In an interesting compromise, David Moyes is having the pitch widened... but only to 74 yards.

Yobo signs improve
1 Aug - A second scan on Joseph Yobo's sore ankle has failed to reveal any hairline fracture of the bone… so it must be time for those miraculous painkilling injections to get him fit for the new season! 

 July 2002

News Headlines & Features

Premium Testimonial Tickets
31 Jul - Here is your opportunity to support David Unsworth's Testimonial in style — and do your bit for BlueBlood, The Everton Former Players' Foundation.  Premium tickets are now on sale for the Alex Young and Vice Presidents Lounges at Goodison Park on 10th August.  Or get a group together and take an Executive Box!

Naysmith out to impress
29 Jul - Gary Naysmith — one of the few Everton players David Moyes inherited who actually comes close to fitting the Moyes mould — talks to Andy Hunter of the Daily Post about his prospects following a long injury layoff.  In Moyes's words: "Gary has got great determination.  He wants to play and he wants to train.  He is desperate to be involved and, when you have got that, anything is possible."

Naysmith sets the pace
27 Jul - Gary Naysmith scored the opening goal at East End Park as David Moyes gives some of Everton's defenders an opportunity to show their mettle against Scottish Premier League side, Dunfermline.  A slew of second-half subs finally upped the tempo, with Gravesen and Campbell getting on the scoresheet.  The Golden Child appeared on 70 mins but failed to score the expected hat-trick.

Soundbite Bill and the Sunshine Kid
26 Jul - The infectious passion that Bill Kenwright has for the game and Everton FC in particular often makes him Everton's best spokesman and one of its best advertisements. However, at a time when Evertonians — mindful of a succession of false dawns — are approaching the imminent birth of the star that is Wayne Rooney with nervous anticipation, Bill goes and proclaims the 16 year-old wunderkind as "the greatest thing around in football". One step at a time, eh, Bill!

Another gem from David Moyes
26 Jul - "I want to get that Saturday feeling into the club.  That is, when you can take your family out for a meal on a Saturday night on a high because you've had a great victory, or you are absolutely shattered because you've done everything you can but you' ve failed."  Well, maybe that's actually more Kenwright than Moyes, as the Vice-Chairman tells Andy Hunter about the machinations involved in securing Richard Wright's signature.

Casting the Roons
25 Jul - It is natural to for us to want to read everything that is written about Wayne Rooney, who now carries Evertonians' desperate hopes for the season and the future.  In truth, very little of it is really worth reading.  One exception is this piece by Mickey Blue Eyes at the BlueKipper website, who gets in his usual philosopher quotes, digs at the whingers, and merciless swipes at the journo-hacks, but gives an exceptionally balanced assessment of Rooney the football player, and what that really means to Everton FC.

Wright agrees Goodison move
24 Jul - Richard Wright has resolved his personal issues and rebuffed a final overture from Arsene Wenger, deciding that a furture at Goodison Park and almost guaranteed first-team football will be better for his England career, despite a reported £5k/week pay cut.  However, he will not actually sign until Thursday morning.

An audience with Rhino
23 Jul - In a special gathering set up by Everton as part of his testimonial preparations, David Unsworth met with invited fanzines and websites last Friday to share his views on the Club, David Moyes, the promise of Everton Youth, and the definitive answer to the intriguing Lion/Tiger conundrum — a question that is now challenging some of the greatest minds in football.  This report is from Neal Clague of The People's Forum.

Moyes to sign Brazilian ace
22 Jul - Everton's galaxy of international stars will be augmented today with talented attacking midfielder, Juliano Rodrigo after a successful trial spell with the Blues.  In what is fast becoming the most positive close season in recent memory, "Juli" will be signed initially on a 12-month contract for £1.25M with the option to make a complete transfer for £3M from struggling Brazilian outfit, Botafogo.  It represents another canny loan-cum-move by the breath of fresh air that is David Moyes.

Wright deal may just happen
21 Jul - After his agent and the media laughed off the suggestion that Everton could land Richard Wright so soon after Arsenal purchased him for £6m last summer as the long-term replacement for David Seaman, the Official Site reports that negotiations to bring the England U-21 shot-stopper to Goodison Park are at an "advanced stage". A fee of £5m is mooted, although possible outstanding money owed from the Francis Jeffers transfer may smooth the way for the closure of the deal.

Friendly Banter
20 Jul - Everton's first pre-season game on British soil was a fairly casual affair that allowed David Moyes to take a further look at his three trialists, including Juliano Rodrigo.  After a slow start in rather wet conditions, the goals came from a Radzinski header and two nice chips from Kevin Campbell — both set up by Mark Pembridge.  An off-field highlight proved to be the excellent interactive dialog between the local audio commentators and scores of Evertonians via e.mail, The People's Forum and other Everton fan webboards.

Culture Vultures
19 Jul - New pictures of Kings Dock are featured prominently in tonight's Liverpool Echo but not on their website, where all we could find is this story.  Stunning images of Arena and Concert layouts (and Bill Kenwright!) are now up at the Official Website.

Yes, folks: it's Kejian
17 Jul - Everton finally made the official announcement of their £2M sponsorship deal with Chinese electronics company, Kejian, who are a major manufacturer of mobile phones in Asia.  The contract provides shirt sponsorship for two years, with the arrival of Chinese World Cup defender, Li Wei Feng, as part of the package, initially on a 12-month loan.

Poom finally speaks out
16 Jul - As the deadlock continues in the negotiations between Everton and Derby County over the valuation of Mart Poom, the Estonian has finally spoken out against the newly-relegated side's intransigence.  Derby are insisting on £7M for the 30 year-old, and he appears mildly upset that those excessive demands are preventing him from returning to the Premiership, although he says he'll stay if no fee is agreed.  Meanwhile, according to the Official Site, David Moyes could move for Turkey's star 'keeper, Rushtu Reçber, for £5m — which is either the manager's next move or another decoy to tempt Derby into compromise.

Everton move for Koumas?
16 Jul - Despite reports in the media that Everton are on the verge of signing Jason Koumas from Tranmere Rovers for £2.7M, Everton have apparently denied having made an official bid — although it is no secret that David Moyes is interested in the Welshman  Strong rumours at the end of last season suggested that the midfielder was certain to arrive at Goodison Park at the beginning of the summer but when David Moyes' interest appeared to wane, Koumas looked bound for newly-promoted West Bromwich Albion.  Reports yesterday suggested that Tranmere and Everton were poles apart on the player's value, which may point to the Blues having made a preliminary enquiry.

Players on sale and leaseback
14 Jul - An article in the Sunday Telegraph explains another way in which cash-strapped clubs such as Everton are using creative financing methods to spread or defer transfer costs.  In this scheme, certain players are effectively mortgaged to the bank, which owns their registration, charging a leaseback fee as well as interest on the loan, and an insurance policy against default!  Of course, it's all a bit sensitive (why?), and Everton (in keeping with the new policy of openness) refused to comment...

A case of "If it ain't broke..." ?
13 Jul - A band of the Premiership's currently successful sides, led by Arsenal chairman David Dein, are campaigning for a thee-week winter break in the Premiership schedule citing player fatigue as proof that the elite clubs play too many games. Other clubs from the lower echelons of the league — who aren't entrenched in the distraction of Euopean football — argue otherwise saying it will short-change the fans. What do you think? Have your say...

Everton close to temporary Tie deal
12 Jul - Speculation has been building all week that Everton are on the verge of signing Chinese international, Li Tie as part of the club's new sponsorship deal with Kejian.  Originally rumoured to be making a £2.5M, it now looks as though Everton could "borrow" the midfielder for a season for £200k according to the general manager of Liaoning Bodao, Cheng Penghui. "From negotiations conducted so far," SkySports quote, "Everton have expressed enough sincerity to show that they are keen to take Li to England."

It's the same old story…
12 Jul - New manager, new season, new mood of optimism… and the same old recurring injury to Duncan Ferguson, who was forced to sit out the first training session in Kapfenburg, Austria.  Does this perhaps have something to do with Dunc having an MRI scan at Leighton Hospital, Crewe, last week (so we are told)???

Moyes makes Wright enquiry
9 Jul - As Derby County continue to play hard ball over their valuation of Mart Poom — it is believed that the board at Pride Park want £4m for the Estonian —, David Moyes has turned his attention to rising English goalkeeper, Richard Wright. Moyes has confirmed that he has contacted Arsenal about the former Ipswich Town player who has failed so far to break into the first team at Highbury.

Yobo transfer goes ahead
9 Jul - Everton manager David Moyes has finally achieved his first success in the transfer market, landing Nigerian World Cup star, Joseph Yobo from Marseille for an initial fee of £1M for 12 months, with first option for a further four years and £4M.  But the saga is not over yet, as Everton must wait on the results of an application for a work permit...

Los Ruleteros
6 Jul - It’s the weekend and there is no footie.  What better than a yarn of massive proportions from the wandering mind of Ian MacDonald, who recently attended John Shearon's inaugurial meeting of the Ruleteros Society — an attempt to forge greater links with CD Everton in Viña del Mar, Chile.  John Shearon, the driving force behind the Society, also recounts the main points from the evening.

New Kit revealed
5 Jul - The official Everton website carries the first pictures of the new Everton kit, designed by Puma — and rather nice it is, too!  Unfortunately, it will not be released officially until 30 August, when it will no doubt be emblazoned with the name of some undeserving sponsor...  What a pity these shirts couldn't remain blank for this unique season.  Everton would surely gain more profit from the massively increased sales that would result!

The Blue Yonder
4 Jul - As we ramp up for the new season — a very special one — our regular match previewer, Lee Doyle, runs the rule over Bill Kenwright and examines some key achievements in the financial arena as well acknowledging the important progress being made on other fronts to advance the good name of Everton Football Club.

Everton reject Breen wage demands
3 Jul - David Moyes has still yet to make his first signing as Everton manager after Republic of Ireland defender Gary Breen decided against signing for Everton on a free transfer from Coventry City.  Everton appeared confident of landing Breen, who had a successful World Cup campaign with Ireland in Korea, after talks last week but the deal died when Everton declined to meet Breen's wage demand in excess of £20k/week.

Vive La Revolution
3 Jul - While the post-Korea Japan transfer merry-go-round swings into action, cash-strapped David Moyes is quietly turning the wheels of change at Everton and revolutionising the club's whole approach to the game.  His latest piece of innovative thinking — sending the players to Lyon for individual fitness assessment — is yet more evidence of fresh ideas and a commitment to fitness as a means of progress in the absence of a big transfer kitty.

Moyes wants positive football
2 Jul - The League Managers website features a new interview with David Moyes, where he talks about the way he wants Everton to play:  "I think I'd like the team to be thought of as a positive footballing side, who try to play football in the right way, and that would be something for me that would be very important."  Yes, David.

Weir ready to commit to Everton
1 Jul - David Weir is reportedly ready to end the speculation surrounding his future by putting pen to paper on a new contract at Goodison Park this week.  According to the Official Site, the Scottish international will commit himself to a further two seasons with the Blues, tying him to Everton until the age of 35.  If true, it will break the recent trend that has seen a succession of Players of the Season exiting swiftly in the close season.

Hands off our Tommy!
1 Jul - Although relatively ineffective for Everton, Thomas Gravesen had a very impressive World Cup campaign with Denmark, and David Moyes rightly reacts with indignation at the thought that he could be snapped up Aston Villa for a paltry £5M.  This would send out completely the wrong message about Everton's ambitions, and it would continue a trend we were told was finally over: selling off our best players. 























Snippets & Rumours

Chester City 0 - 1 Everton XI
31 Jul - Everton fielded a reserve side at Chester with Steve Watson and Gary Naysmith the most significant members of a youthful squad.  Kevin McLeod was involved in everything, including the corner that provided the first-half goal for Peter Clarke.  Report from Steve Milne

Yobo injury may be worse
31 Jul - There are fears that the injury Joseph Yobo suffered on his first outing with Everton may be serious after all.  Yobo is still in a lot of pain and the possibility of a hairline fracture of the fibula is now being reassessed by a second medical opinion, jeopardizing the start to his Everton career in the Premiership.

Jesper to sign for Boro
30 Jul - Jesper Blomqvist, who was released by Everton in May, is expected to sign for Middlesbrough on a one-year deal.  The lack of interest in him must be seen as vindication of Moyes's tough decision to dispense with his services as the Everton Manager continues to rebuild on the Youth theme...

Hibs 2 - 2 Everton
29 Jul - Everton finished up their pre-season tour of Scotland with their hardest test against Hibernian. Wayne Rooney opening the scoring after half an hour but was booked for a tackle on Mick McManus, the scorer of Hibs' first goal, in the second half and withdrawn. O' Connor gave the Scots the lead but David Unsworth fired the equaliser on 86 mins from the spot.

Another specialist for Ferguson
29 Jul - Duncan Ferguson will see yet another specialist to diagnose the back problems that have blighted his pre-season campaign.

Reserves in action
27 Jul - While the seniors were playing in Scotland, Everton Reserves traveled to Chorley where Peter Clarke saved the game with a last-minute penalty to level the scores at 2-2.  Omar Daley featured once again.

The budget is spent
26 Jul - Bill Kenwright has stated that both the transfers budget and the wages budget are now maxed out at Everton, and that there would need to be some movement of existing players before David Moyes could bring in any more new transfers.  Does this mean there is no immediate Everton future for trialists Omar Daley and Ibrahim Said?

The Hype turns to Wrighty
25 Jul - Richard Wright is a good young and talented goalkeeper who also makes the odd howler.  But the Everton hype-machine already have him down as the next England keeper...  Hands up if you remember what was said about (a) Paul Gerrard and (b) Steve Simonsen when they were signed for Everton?  Please, can't we tone this stuff down a little?

The Moyes Philosophy of Youth
24 Jul - “We’re trying to push the young lads through and we’re going to try to be a club at which, if you do well and you’re a young player, then we’ll try and put you in the team.”  Hmmm… just try not to think of Walter Smith!

Yobo injury scare downplayed
24 Jul - After concern that Joseph Yobo may have fractured his fibula during the Queens Park game, Everton report that there is no sign of a break — just some damage to soft tissue that caused a lot of swelling.

Rangers freeze Ball payments
24 Jul - Rangers are sitting on around £3.5M they owe Everton to complete payment for the transfer of Michael Ball last year, as the player struggles with a knee injury he has since going to Ibrox.  Ball will miss the first two months of the new season as he makes yet another trip to US knee doctor.

First Stop: Hampden Park
23 Jul - The Everton squad David Moyes took up to Scotland strangely didn't included Jamaican trialist Omar Daley who instead played and scored for the reserves against Burscough. At Hampden, meanwhile, Wayne Rooney started and banged in another hat-trick as the Blues beat Queens Park 6-0. Duncan Ferguson Kevin McLeod and Idan Tal (pen) scored the other three.  Report from Steve Milne.

Moyes to trial Saeed
23 Jul - Planet Football report that Everton will give Egyptian bad boy Ibrahim Saeed a three-day trial, although the fact that their report suggests he'll play in the pre-season friendly against Celtic tonight (we actually play Queens Park) may raise some doubts over the accuracy of the story.

New Dawn may not be false…
22 Jul - This piece by Nick Said (Saeed?) over on the Football365 website accurately sums up the rampant optimism that is taking hold of Everton fans in a new way now that David Moyes is the man calling the shots and pulling the strings as he prepares a much more promising Everton squad for the Premiership onslaught.

Pre-Season Stats
22 Jul - Pre-season quiz: (1) Which three players are the only ones to start all games so far? (2) Who has scored more goals: Rooney or Radzinski?  Keep track of the appearances and goals tally with our unique stats page, updated after every pre-season game... 

Wright announcement tomorrow
22 Jul - Everton are confident that they will be able to unveil Richard Wright as the answer to David Moyes' goalkeeper search within 24 hours. Negotiations with the player and his agent are in the final stages according to the Official Site.

Poom deal finally dead
21 Jul - It seems that Everton are finally admitting defeat in the battle to try to get Derby County to accept a reasonable price of around £4.5M for Mart Poom.  But wouldn't it be sad (for Derby) if the banks now stepped in to the fray???

Amo in the Emarat
20 Jul - Apparently, David Unsworth's testimonial committee can't trace Amo for a reunion of the 1995 Cup-Winners team.  News from earlier in the week has Daniel Amokachi signing up for a Second Division club in the United Arab Emirates. 

Has everybody now heard of him?
19 Jul - The endless hype about Wayne Rooney looks set to continue with Phil McNulty jumping on the bandwagon at the BBC website.  Wouldn't it be better if they could just keep shut until he actually produces the goods in the Premiership?

Rodrigo still a possibility
18 Jul - David Moyes is still hoping to get a decent look at Brazilian striker Juliano Rodrigo in at least a mildly cempetitive setting — Saturday's friendly at Shrewsbury Town's Gay Meadow.  Duncan Ferguson is expected to play as Everton continue to persue Egyptian Ibrahim Said.

Reserves at Bamber Bridge
18 Jul - Everton Reserves played their first friendly of the pre-season warm-up against Lancashire team Bamber Bridge.  Goals came for Jamaican trialist Omar Daley, and Rooney's mate, Michael Symes in a 2-1 win that featured two other trialists.  Read Steve Milne's match report.

Valentine to Darlington
18 Jul - Darlington have secured the transfer of Everton Reserves player, Ryan Valentine.  Never close to a first-team debut for The Blues despite 15 games last season in the reserves, Valentine will now ply his trade in Division Three.

Everton bid for Said
18 Jul - … or so says Adly El Kaiey of Egyptian club Al Ahly, who claims to the BBC that Everton have lodged a bid £2M for the Egyptian defender Ibrahim Said.

Contract extension for Chadwick
18 Jul - Nick Chadwick has agreed a one-year extension to his contract with improved terms that will run through to 2005.

Keeper search goes on
17 Jul - With the yawn-inducing Mart Poom soap opera reaching an unsatisfactory conclusion and Rustu's price tag approaching that which Derby slapped on Poom, David Moyes has apparently dispatched Chris Woods and Jimmy Lumsden to size up Slovakia's Kamil Contofalsky.

Marketing failure dismissed
17 Jul - Everton have finally responded to grievances from the fanbase and decided that their new Marketing star of last year is a dismal disaster.  Andy Oldknow has been sacked, probably for his abject failure in every area of marketing: timing of release of products, range of products available, customer satisfaction, customer service...

Balance to the Rooney hype
17 Jul - At the Football365 website, Sarah Winterburn provides a sobering — if a little biased against the club — reminder of the failed promises that have been the general result for overhyped youth talent emanating from Goodison Park over the last 10 years.

Recognition from the FA
16 Jul - The FA website contains an article giving some recognition to Everton's achievement of becoming the first club to play in 100 seasons of top-flight football

Hang 10 in Austria
16 Jul - SC Weiz 2-10 Everton
Wayne Rooney and Kevin McLeod both hit hat-tricks, Tomasz Radzinski bagged a brace and both Leon Osman and Jamaican triallist Omar Daley made the scoresheet as Everton romped through their second friendly in Austria.

Anderlecht tickets sorted
16 Jul - Club officials, who are often much maligned by the fans when it comes to ticketing arrangements, deserve praise for stepping in to the Anderlecht mess and sorting out a ticket allocation of 1,000 for visiting Evertonians next month.

Magnanimous gesture from Talinn
15 Jul - In a move that should make Derby blush, Mart Poom's old club, Flora Talinn have offered to slash their cut of their former 'keeper's sell-on fee by 60% if it will help keep the Estonian international playing in the Premiership.

All go for Joe Yobo
15 Jul - The signing of Nigerian ace, Joseph Yobo is official after the Department of Employment granted the 21 year-old a work permit to play for Everton until 2007.

Rooney on the mark in Austria
15 Jul - Everton's pre-season programme is underway and Wayne Rooney is already on the mark, scoring the third of the Blues' three goals against Austrian side SC Bruck am der Mur as they ran out 3-1 winners.  Sean O'Hanlon and Tomasz Radzinski notched the first two.

Radzinski looking forward
15 Jul - Tomasz Radzinski tells Sky Sports of his hopes for the coming season, a campaign he says can't be worse than the double-whammy of his succession of injuries and the Blues' battle against the drop last term.

Li Tie deal set
15 Jul - The one-year loan of Li Tie to Everton as part of the yet-to-be-announced sponsorship by Chinese electronics giant, Kejian, is set to go ahead, according to PlanetFootball.com.  Everton have called a press conference for Wednesday when it is expected they will officially announce the new sponsors.

Memorabilia Man
14 Jul - Gordon Lock has a rather nice job as Everton’s Memorabilia Officer(!), employed for the last two years on the thankless task of wading through and cataloging over 1,500 diverse items of Everton memorabilia at Goodison Park, in readiness for the move to the Kings Waterfront.

Gregory is a cheeky bugger
13 Jul - John Gregory, the Derby manager who engineered their relegation from the Premiership and plunged the club into the financial wasteland, claims that Mart Poom is worth £7M (for a 30-year-old!) and claiming that Everton are trying to steal his players.  Stand firm, Mr Moyes!

Danny gets his collar felt
12 Jul - The long arm of the law proved too smart for ex-Blue Danny Cadamarteri who is now required to do 180 hours of community service after stupidly lying to the police and being found guilty of trying to pervert the course of justice in his case against lap-dancer Joeline Joel.

Hughes calls it quits
11 Jul - Mark Hughes, who spent 10 frustratingly ineffective months at Goodison, has decided to hang up his boots in order to concentrate on the Wales management role full time.

Take it or leave it
11 Jul - The Official Site reports that Everton will make one final offer to Derby County for Mart Poom today before ending their interest in the Estonian altogether if the new bid of "just shy" of £4m is rejected.

More definitive links
10 Jul - As Everton's involvement in the transfer market starts to heat up, David Moyes may also be persuaded to take Li Tie from China as part of their much-leaked sponsorship deal with Kejian.  And Brazilian forward Juliano Rodrigo has arrived from Botafogo on trial.

Myhre goes to Sunderland
10 Jul - Everton's old and once much-loved Number One, Thomas Myhre, has joined Sunderland on a free transfer after a very poor showing in Turkey with Beshiktas.

Naysmith back in training
10 Jul - Gary Naysmith has been suffering from an ankle injury since the FA Cup tie with Crewe back in February, and thought he would miss the early weeks of the new season as he struggled to recover.  But things have gone better than expected and the young Scot is back in full trianing with the rest of the squad.

Derby stubborn over Poom
9 Jul - Everton's attempts to sign Mart Poom and Brian McBride continue to be frustrated.  Relegated Derby County insist that Poom is worth £4M while David Moyes upped his offer to £3.5M over the weekend.  Meanwhile, the MLS are refusing to allow McBride to talk to Everton, despite the 30 year-old's long service to the American league.

Cold shoulder from Anderlecht
9 Jul - Officials from Anderlecht, whom Everton play in the build up to the new season, say they have no plans to offer tickets to Everton's traveling fans.  Does "friendly" fixture not translate into Flemish?

Top-Flight High Fliers
9 Jul - This season, Everton celebrate becoming the first team to achieve a milestone in the English game: 100 seasons of top-flight football.  To acknowledge this achievement, our statman has knocked up a version of the All-Time Table made famous by Everton fan, John Burns, featuring just the current Premiership teams.

Still no firm transfer news
8 Jul - Joseph Yobo, Martin Poom, and Brian McBride are all still in the frame but completion of their transfers to Everton is by no means certain as the sagas surrounding each one continued through the weekend.  But there should be some decisions early this week, we are told...

New 'keeper link
7 Jul - With no apparent progress on the haggling over Mart Poom (although the Daily Post suggest Everton will up their bid this weekend), the Sunday People claims that David Moyes will switch his attentions to Slovak goalie Kamil Contofalsky, who seems to have a bit of an off-field reputation...

Everton confirm Yobo interest
5 Jul - David Moyes has confirmed on the Official Site that he is keen on signing Nigerian utility man, Jospeh Yobo. The 21 year-old has stalled on a move to Juventus yesterday and Everton "hope that over the next couple of days we can move a little closer towards signing him."

Supporters Club shelved
5 Jul - In another bizarre move, Everton have decided to postpone the new 'adult' supporters club (and forego the much-needed income stream), apparently because there are far too many other things going on and they clearly can't cope!

New sponsors: Kejian
5 Jul - The name of a massive Chinese electronics company no one has heard of, Kejian, will adorn the Royal Blue Shirts of Everton FC for the next two seasons, with the princely sum of £1M entering the Goodison coffers.  The worst-kept secret in football will be officially announced next week.

Bakayoko Bung Bluster?
4 Jul - News services are keen to embroil Everton in the misdemeanours of former Marseille coach Rolland Courbis, who has been banned from football and charged with receiving illegal payments in connection with player transfers that may include that of Ibrahima Bakayoko from Everton back in 1999.

Weir happy to conclude new deal
4 Jul - Confirmation that Davie Weir has signed a new deal, extending his Everton contract until 2005.

Arlene McCarthy talking rubbish
3 Jul - The Everton for Kings Dock campaign has issued a stinging rebuttal of MEP Arlene McCarthy's recent comments on the Kings Waterfront project, and the continuing Labour campaign of misinformation over European Objective One Funding in the Northwest.

Breen decision expected by the weekend
3 Jul - Everton expect to find out whether their bid to bring Coventry's Republic of Ireland defender, Gary Breen, to Goodison Park has been successful within the next 48 hours.  Newcastle, Charlton and West Ham have also shown interest.

Blomqvist disappointed to leave
3 Jul - Jesper Blomqvist has spoken of his bitter disappointment at being released by Everton this summer.  The pacey winger was told he was surplus to requirements because of Everton's high quota of left-footed players.

Too Many Games?
2 Jul - Our itinerant columnist, Colm Kavanagh has been rather quiet while watching the World Cup.  Well, you knew the silence wouldn't last...

Reggae Boy Omar Daley
2 Jul - A new face at Bellefield is Omar Daley, a young central midfield prospect who is on trial from Hazard United FC in Jamaica.

New Club Secretary
2 Jul - Everton have announced the appointment of David Harrison as the new Club Secretary, a post that was held previously by Michael Dunford.

Fixture change to anniversary
1 Jul - Everton's match at Aston Villa has been put back to 22 September for screening on pay-per-view, creating a special anniversary in Everton's 100th top-flight season.  114 years to the day after their first meeting in 1888 — Everton's first away game in the Football League.

World Cup A to Z
1 Jul - In The Independent, Brian Viner provides his definitive A to Z of the World Cup, and gets in his usual plug for Everton!