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Everton Videos

This Web page provides information on past and current videos featuring Everton FC.  It is by no means complete.  If you have a video relating to Everton, or know of one that is not listed here, please send full details and any review comments to The Editor via our Feedback page.  All videos are in PAL (UK) Format, unless otherwise stated.  (See Note for USA/Canada fans)

This is Everton

The video-magazine series introduced in the 1995-96 season. Typically issued every two months or so, the video provides an excellent way to keep in touch with things at Goodison Park, especially if you live abroad.

This is Everton, Volume 3

Volume 3 should cover the 1997-98 season.  Look for the first issue in October 1997, with issues every two months till aound April 1998.  It is also available on subscription from the Mail Order Department of the Everton Megastore:

"This is Everton" Subscriptions
Mail Order Department
Everton Football Club
Goodison Park
Liverpool  L4 4EL

As a guide, last year's Prices (including postage and packing) were as follows:
UK - £39.95 : Eire - £42.00 : Europe - £50.00 : Rest of the World - £75.00
... all with a discount of 5% for members of Everton's Worldwide Fan Club.

This is Everton, Volume 2

We were promised at least 4 issues, but only got three.  The sudden departure of Joe Royle at the end of March 1997 probably meant that the stillborn Issue 4 became an overnight embarrassment and was canned.  Subscribers instead eventually received a "free" copy of the Season Review of 1996-97 in its place.

Volume 2, Number 3
Date: Feb 1997 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 2003 - Price: £7.99

A very upbeat period for the club, with a 7-1 drubbing of Southampton and a climb to 6th place in the league.

Volume 2, Number 2

Date: Dec 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 2002 - Price: £7.99

Celebrates the arrival of Nick Barmby.

Volume 2, Number 1

Date: Oct 1996 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 2001 - Price: £7.99

Good match action from the start of the season includes a win over Newcastle, and an excellent Duncan Ferguson double strike at Old Trafford.

This is Everton, Volume 1

The inaugural season of Everton's video-magazine was a great step forward, especially for Evertonians exiled in far-flung corners of the globe.  Here was a cahance to see all the goals, the current players and newsmakers at Goodison.

Volume 1, Number 5
Date: May 1996 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 1005 - Price: £7.99

The last issue of the Everton Video-Magazine wraps up the 1995/6 season, with Goal of the Season and other goodies.

Volume 1, Number 4
Date: Apr 1996 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 1004 - Price: £7.99

This issue of the Everton Video-Magazine covers Everton's good mid-season run in the League, ending up with the dismal failure of their attempt to defend the FA Cup. Highlights from all the games played in January and February, 1996

Featured players are basketball demon Daniel Amokachi, snappy dresser John Ebbrell, and the Pieman from Wigan, Joe Parkinson. Excellent comment and insight from Joe Royle throughout.

Volume 1, Number 3
Date: Feb 1996 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVM 1003 - Price: £7.99

Features Andrei's double-strike at Anfield, and profiles of Duncan Ferguson, Craig Short, and Graham Stuart.

Volume 1, Number 2
Date: Dec 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Craig South - Serial No: EVM 1002 - Price: £7.99

European exit comes early in Holland. Profiles include Ferguson, Rideout, and Horne.

Volume 1, Number 1
Date: Oct 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Jonatan Sides - Serial No: EVM 1001 - Price: £7.99

Starts off in style with the arrival of Andrei Kanchelskis and the victory over Blackburn Rovers in the 1995 FA Charity Shield.  Also includes profiles of Limpar and Rideout.

Feature Videos

Heroes and Villains

Date: 1996 - Time: __ mins - Producer: ____- - Serial No: _____ - Price: £7.99

Anthony Bushell This is THE strangest Everton video ever! It starts off well, (with a run of players to the sound of "Kung Fu fighting") but the rest of the video is a long string of songs, and if it profiles a player, the main part of each profile is just shots of them walking about the pitch, not actually scoring or anything. Fortunately, it was only 8 quid!

Our Way to Fitness

Date: 1996 - Time: __ mins - Producer: ____- - Serial No: _____ - Price: £7.99

Everton's Physiotherapist, Les Helm, goes over the key issues involved in keeping his Premiership players fit and reaady for action.

Six of the Best
Date: 1996 - Time: __ mins - Producer: ____- - Serial No: _____ - Price: £9.99

Joe Royle's Six of the Best Everton matches, featuring:

  • Leeds United (h) 3-2 -- First Division, August 1969
  • Aston Villa (h) 4-1 -- FA Cup FA Cup 3rd Round, January 1978
  • Bayern Munich (h) 3-1 -- ECWC Semi-Final, March1985
  • Liverpool (h): 4-4 -- FA Cup 5th Round Replay, February 1991
  • Liverpool (h): 2-0 -- Premier League, November 1994
  • Tottenham Hotspur (n): 4-1 -- FA Cup Semi-Final at Elland Road, March 1995

Includes a bit less than 10 mins of each match, linked with Joe Royle talking about players etc..

Dave Shepherd: Great choices. You just gotta love Joe when he feels the same stuff we do about the same old matches..

  • Leeds 3-2 was my earliest memory of a Great Everton match. Leeds were at their peak with Bremner, Charlton, Clarke, Hunter, Giles, Cooper, Mick Jones etc., and Everton were too with.. well, you know :) It was 'a game of 2 halves', with a great result for an Evertonian in Yorkshire.
  • Bayern and Spurs, yes, classics.
  • Liverpool 94-95? Well lots of legend, tremendous emotion surrounding Joe's first match in charge, but the football wasn't the classic stuff of the others in that list.
Great Save
Date: 1995 - Time: ___ mins - Producer: _____ - Serial No: _____ - Price: £9.00

The essential Guide to brilliant goalkeeping

An education in the mysterious art of goalkeeping, from the old maestro himself, Welsh International, Neville Southall. The FA Cup Final marked his 650th appearance for Everton, and this video provides some the secrets and insights behind the rugged individuality and enigmatic personality of one of the best keepers in the world.

The Pain & The Glory - Everton
Date: 1995 - Time: 75 mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: 634 672 3 - Price: £10.00

A Football and Music Spectacular

A review by E Armitage:Having watched this video (for those who don't know there's one for every Premiership side) I thought I'd try and save some people a bit of money. Having been promised footage from as far back as 1966 set to great music I thought I was in for a fun filled hour. However, I was wrong. Well over half the clips are from 1984/85 with about 2 seconds of anything pre-1980.

The quotes and music are at best irrelevant, at worst highly irritating. There's no commentary, no bits of interview, it appears to be in no order at all, not even any dates and my memory is so bad that it was just frustrating trying to remember when the clip was from. HOWEVER, it was over an hour long and a good warmer before the cup final. If watching Graeme Sharp banging in nameless goals to the backdrop of "Achy Breaky Heart" is what turns you on, then this is the video for you. Otherwise, put the 10.99 towards something else.

Everton's Striking Years
Date: 1995 - Time: 108 mins - Producer: Granada - Serial No: TOFFEE01 - Price: £9.00

An excellent retrospective on that special Goodison phenomenon, the striker. Profiles, history, and goals, starting with the man himself:

  • Joe Royle
  • Bob Latchford
  • Graeme Sharp
  • Andy Gray
  • Gary Lineker
  • Peter Beardsley

This one is hosted by Andy Gray, and includes very perceptive and entertaining interview comments from Joe Royle, Peter Beardsley, and others.

Everton: 2 in 1
Date: 1993 - Time: 180 mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: ________

This is a double pack of Everton: Great Games, Great Goals, 1984-1993 and the Season Summary / Review of 93/94. Liz Armitage says it is great value for money.

Everton: Great Games, Great Goals, 1984-1993
Date: 1993 - Time: 82 mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: 630 056 3

A compilation of special Everton moments from 1984 to 1993. At the beginning of this period, Everton under the tutelage of Howard Kendall, won the FA Cup, the League Championship, and the European Cup-Winners Cup. This compilation, fronted by Graham Beecroft of Radio City, starts with highlights of the 1984 FA Cup final victory against Watford.

Its got some interviews, Kendall, Southall, Watson, Cottee, and a few others, then it goes on to clips from memorable and not so memorable matches, including a couple of derby victories, the 4-4 cup game and loads of other good league and cup games.

It includes classic victories against Manchester City, Liverpool, West Ham, and others. Highlights include the full build up to most goals, as well as other key moments from each game. Fabulous goals by Beagrie, Beardsley and Preki (!) seem to linger in the memory. There's also a 10 year profile of Southall which is excellent.

Everton - The Golden Goals Collection
Date: 1992? - Time: ___ mins - Producer: PolyGram? - Serial No: 631 118 3 - Price: £13.00

The official collection of all Everton's Golden Goals.

On the Edge: Everton v Wimbledon, 1994
Date: 1994 - Time: 92 mins - Producer: TeleVideo Productions - Serial No: #None# - Price: £12.00

The dramatic last game of the 1993-94 season. Everton are in dire risk of relegation for the first time in over 40 years. Wimbledon are the tough visitors they must beat in order to stay up. This bare-bones video gives you the game - the whole game, and nothing but the game. No frills, no intro, no scene-setting, very little fan-crisis atmosphere, and no post-match analysis.

But it does have the full match including the build-up to Barry Horne's cracking goal that turned the match Everton's way. This appears to be the BBC taping for Match of the Day, with Barry Davis commentating, not the CSI international feed which featured a more lively and involved commentary by Martin Tyler. Still, a memorable game, once Everton started to play properly. And an important entry for any Evertonian's video collection.

Available from the Everton Megastore / Mail Order.

The Official History of Everton FC
Date: 1988 - Time:86 mins - Producer: BBC Video - Serial No: BBCV 4202

From the earliest days as St Domingo Boys Club, to one of the great English Clubs of the post war era, this video celebrates the history of Everton Football Club after the first 100 years of league football. John Motson traces through the years with some great footage, goals (including Sharp's goal of the century against the RS) and most of the great moments, plus some of the bad ones. It finishes with Colin Harvey in charge. This one's a must for all Evertonians, even though it's a little dated now.  May also be avialable in NTSC (US Format)

Gary Barker (

Complete Everton Matches

Southall: Testimonial Match Versus Celtic
Date: 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Ettinger Brothers - Serial No: EBP 1008

Well, almost complete.  This souvenier of Big Nev's testimonial captures the fervour of 10,000 traveling Celtic fans who invade Goodison and provide a spirited celebration of Southall's remarkable career.

Everton 1 Manchester Utd 0, Feb 95

Date: 1996 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: ____- - Serial No: _____ - Price: £10.00

A drammatic league win over Champions elect, Manchester United, who were distined to be denied their double by Everton, both in th Leaguue and later in the Cup.  This one features the classic Duncan Ferguson shirt-whirling exhibition that got the Scottish star into trouble, after he rose majkectically to power home a corner in front of the Gwladys Street End.

2-0 to The Blues

Date: 1996 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: ____- - Serial No: _____ - Price: £10.00

Not really a great game of football, but a great occaision that sgnalled the start of a rare record for an Everton Manager: Joe Royle's teams never lost a match to arch rivals, Liverpool.  This was Joe Royle's first match in charge.  Goals from Ferguson and Rideout sealed an imkportant victory for the beleagured blues in November 1994.

FA Cup Videos

1995 FA Cup Final: Everton v Manchester Utd
Date: 1995 - Time: 100 mins ? - Producer: PolyGram ? - Serial No: 634 732 3

Michael Kenrick:  In Joe Royle's first season as manager, he brings Everton to Wembley as underdogs, after having fought hard to avoid relegation. Opponents Manchester Utd are stinging and brooding after a difficult season which saw them fail in the European Cup, lose Eric Cantona after he assaulted an abusive fan, and, just 6 days earlier, lose their League Title to Blackburn Rovers on the last day of the season as they failed to beat West Ham Utd. Everton, buoyant after securing their rightful place in the Premiership, are relaxed as they take on the might of Manchester Utd, who face the prospect of not winning any silverware for the first time in six years if they fail on the sapping Wembley turf.

Everton prove they are every bit as good as United, if not better! Despite some piercing Mancunian attacks early on, Everton don't give the United midfield time to settle on the ball and play their once-attractive passing game. Limpar is on song, and his aberrant genius is creating opportunities for the Everton forwards were there are none. Then on the half-hour, another laborious United attack breaks down outside Everton's area, and Watson releases Limpar, who scampers away with three other blue shirts in support.

Suddenly, its a tremendous flowing breakaway move, with Limpar releasing the ball right to Jackson, who advances on Bruce in the area. He checks, and sends in a perfect low cross to Stuart at the far post. But Stuart crashes the ball into the underside of the bar, when it might have been easier to score past Schmichel in the United goal, who sprawls low to his right, the wrong way, in anticipation. Everton hearts are in mouths for anxious moments as the ball bounces down hard off the bar, and up toward Rideout. He climbs high and strains his whole body to reach the ball ahead of a lunging Irwin, and it arcs in under the bar, with Bruce and Schmichel helpless. The startled and bewildered look on Rideout's face is due to Irwin's hard follow-through, which catches Rideout on the nose. But its not enough to stem the joy of Rideout and Evertonians the world over as he extends his schoolboy record of always scoring at Wembley.

Buoyed by the goal, Everton dominate the last 15 minutes of the first half, with more magic from Limpar, including a fabulous first-time switch-ball to Stuart on the right. Everton go in deservedly clutching the slender lead. The second half sees United once again desperate to score, but it was not to be. Southall denies Scholes early on, as the whole Everton defence, led majestically by man-of-the-match, Watson, withstands the onslaught. More brilliant saves come from Southall as he resolutely denies the red horde. On comes Furgeson, and then Amokachi, to tumultuous cheers, as first Rideout and then Limpar, are replaced injured. Big Dunc finds no joy against the burly Pallister in the middle, so he intelligently switches to the left wing, playing some excellent football to round him on the bye-line and cross low and hard, but Neville intercepts to clear a certain goal for Stuart. As the minutes tick away, Schmichel predictably advances into the fray, and gets stranded in Everton's area when trying to get on the end of a free-kick. But Amokachi, with a golden opportunity to score a spectacular last-minute goal in the unguarded net from inside his own half, thinks better of it, and dribbles harmlessly down the left side as the final whistle blows.

Everton 1 Manchester United 0. A dream return to the club of his youth for Joe Royle, who is proclaimed King for the day. A famous victory celebrated far and wide by Evertonians who have been through many disappointments since those heady triumphs of 1985. The lasting memory is Dave Watson's fabulous grin, as he realizes Everton have won. And he beams all the way up the Wembley steps to that proud moment when lifts the Cup aloft for Everton. Everton: Southall; Jackson, Watson, Unsworth, Hinchcliffe; Limpar (Amokachi), Horne, Parkinson, Ablett; Rideout (Ferguson), Stuart

1995 FA Cup Semi-Final: Everton v Tottenham Hotspur
Date: 1995 - Time: 100 mins ? - Producer: PolyGram ? - Serial No: 634 732 3

The best performance by an Everton team in over a decade. Everton defeat the odds and the media darlings, Tottenham Hotspur, in a fabulous display of committed attacking football. Witness the disappointment of German import, Jurgen Klinsman, as he sees his dream final ebb away amidst the baying of a vociferous Everton crowd that filled three sides of Elland Road. See the sheer joy of Daniel Amokachi as he becomes the two-goal super-sub who dashes on to relieve the injured Paul Rideout before Joe Royle can hold him back!

The Road to Wembley
Date: 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Grant Bovey, Watershed - Serial No: 634 666 3

As the name implies, this video traces Everton's path to ultimate victory over Manchester United in the 114th FA Challenge Cup Final, 1995. After the survival battle of the previous season, Joe Royle's resurgent Everton enjoyed a marvellous FA Cup run.  The video features every goal and the highlights of every match along the road to Wembley.  Presented by Richard Keys of Sky Sports.

Everton's Greatest FA Cup Goals
Date: 1993 - Time: 43 mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: 087 716 3

A succession of goal highlights from Everton's FA Cup triumphs, and disappointments. It starts with some footage of the 1933 FA Cup Final against Manchester City, and includes the goals from the 1966 semi-final and final.

The Game of the Decade: Everton 4 Liverpool 4
Date: 1991 - Time: 140 mins - Producer: Watershed - Serial No: WSP 1039

The full 120 minutes of the remarkable First Replay in the 5th Round of the 1991 FA Cup campaign. Andy Gray adds colour commentary full of passion and interest, as both he and ___ become hoarser by the minute. Also includes highlights of the Second Replay, with Everton stunning Liverpool by an early goal from Dave Watson. Available in PAL & NTSC Formats.

1984 FA Cup Final: Everton v Watford
Date: 1989 - Time: 104 mins - Producer: BBC - Serial No: BBCV 4271

Complete coverage of the 1984 final that pitted a resurgent Everton against Elton John's pride of Watford. John Motson commentates for the BBC, with inane blandness contributed by the arch prick, Jimmy Hill. Opportunist goals by Sharp and Gray bought victory to a team that was to develop into one of the best Everton have ever produced. Watford played their part in an open, clean, entertaining game that featured some fine passing moves by Everton, and some worrying work by a young John Barnes for Watford, who also had a less-than-effective Mo Johnson in their attack.

Everton: Southall; Stevens, Bailey; Ratcliffe, Mountfield, Ried; Richardson, Steven, Heath; Sharp, Gray, (Sheedy and ___ missed out through injury).

Season Reviews

Season Review, 96-97
Date: 1997 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVE103 ` - Price: £12.99

An upbeat remembrance of a season that ended in fear and desparation.  

Season Review, 95-96
Date: 1996 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: Michael McGrath - Serial No: EVE102 - Price: £12.99

Joe Royle's first (and only!) full season in charge ends with a place in the Top Six, just missing out on Europe.  Watch and remember tthe stunning shooting skills of Ukrainian winger and leading scorer, Andrei Kanchelskis.

Season Review, 94/95 -- Royle Blues
Date: 1995 - Time: 60 mins - Producer: TeleVideo - Serial No: EVR 95 - Price: £10.00

The season in which Joe Royle awoke the sleeping giant at Goodison Park.  The blue tide which ebbed fro so long finally swept back up the Mersey, carrying all before it.  Safe again in the league, the Blues fought out an FA Cup Final no Toffees fan will want to forget, snatching the last hope of a trophy from Manchester United.  

Season Review, 93/94
Date: 1994 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: 631 054 3 - Price: £13.00

The year of the Great Escape! A dire season for Everton -- the first for new manager, Mike Walker -- culminates in one of the most emotional games every witnessed at Goodison Park: Everton v Wimbledon. The video is also a remembrance of Tonny Cottee's last full season at Goodison.

Season Review, 92/93
Date: 1993 - Time: _____ mins - Producer: PolyGram - Serial No: 086 728 3

Details needed, please.

Season Review, 91/92
Date: 1992 - Time: _____ mins - Producer: _____ - Serial No: _____

Details needed, please.

Season Review, 90/91
Date: 1991 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: Telstar - Serial No: TVE 4025

Lots of stunning goals and cup action from Everton, who hold Liverpool in that famous 4-4 draw at Goodison Park.

Season Review, 89/90
Date: 1990 - Time: _____ mins - Producer: Fox - Serial No: 255750

No details available.

Season Review, 88/89
Date: 1989 - Time: 90 mins - Producer: Fox - Serial No: 233250

Cottee, Sharp and Sheedy are the stars of this video, as Everton's greatest decase of success draws to a close and the stars of Goodison Park are once more in decline.

Video Sources

UK (PAL Format)

Everton Megastore for new and current videos, plus some stocks of older videos.

Tracks Video -

14 Railway Street, Hertford  SG14 1BG
  • Phone: (01992) 589294
  • Fax: (01992) 587090

Video Active -

96 High Street, Marlow, Bucks SL7 1AQ
  • Phone: (01628) 483333
  • Fax: (01628) 477016

Soccer Books Ltd -

72 St Peter's Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 8HU
  • Phone: (01472) 696226
  • Fax: (01472) 698546
USA (NTSC Format)


3352 Mather Field Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
  • For purchase call 1-800-431-8849
  • For enquiry call (916) 368-5582

Special Note for Evertonians in the USA and Canada

Although hardly any of these videos are playable on ordinary VCR's, the cost of dual-mode or multi-standard players is coming down.  The Aiwa MX-1 is available at around $400 from discount stores, and lets you both play and record NTSC and PAL videos.


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