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Celebrity Evertonians

They may have fame and fortune but there is a select band of celebrities who are as badly off as we are when it comes to football. Below is a list of people in the public eye who are either known to or are believed to follow Everton. 

Some of the following are tenuous, others disputable.  Please feel free to write in and challenge a listing or suggest others.  Remember, sports broadcasters are notorious for hiding their true allegiances; what someone heard them say in a bar one night may not necessarily be true! 

There is obviously a grey area to this feature and we haven't listed famous ex-players and managers who haven't gone on to post-football careers in the public eye, nor are we listing current or former Everton players, even if they are known Blues like Tom Davies, unless they remain in the public eye and are vocal in their support of the club.

  • Jodie Comer

    Jodie Comer

    Liverpool-born BAFTA-winning actress, known for Killing Eve, Thirteen, Lady Chatterley's Lover and My Mad Fat Diary. Her Dad, Jimmy, is a masseur at the club.

  • Amanda Holden

    Amanda Holden

    Actress, model, fixture on Britain's Got Talent and general fodder for tabloid front pages and gossip columns. She is the ex-wife of Les Dennis (see Unsubstatiated Connections below), a good friend of Bill Kenwright and can occasionally be spotted in the Director's Box at Goodison Park.

  • Sir Paul McCartney

    Sir Paul McCartney

    Britain's wealthiest and perhaps most famous musician is a Blue of sorts: "I went occasionally to watch football.  My family team was Everton and I went to Goodison Park a couple of times with my uncles Harry and Ron.  They were nice memories for me, but I wasn't that keen on football." More recently, he has rather lamely pledged allegiance to both the reds and the Blues.

  • Dame Judy Dench

    Dame Judy Dench

    The Oscar-winning actress and all-round good egg is an avowed Evertonian and honorary patron of the club's official charirty, Everton In The Community.

  • Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone

    The famous Hollywood actor became a Blue overnight after being invited to his first Premier League game by friend, business partner and former Everton director, Robert Earl. "Sly" was involved in bringing the film Creed to Goodison Park where Evertonian and professional boxer Tony Bellew fought the title character played by Michael B. Jordaan.

  • Ian Astbury

    Ian Astbury

    Lead singer of The Cult who were one of the most famous rock bands on the planet in the 1980s and early 1990s.

  • Tommy Fleetwood

    Tommy Fleetwood

    Professional PGA Tour golfer whose caddy Ian Finnis is also a Blue. Came second in both the US and British Open and has risen as high as 9th in the world

  • George Costigan

    George Costigan

    Actor who starred in Happy Valley, Line of Duty and Rita, Sue and Bob Too for TV as well as the films Hereafter and Calendar Girls. Also a fixture on the Everton podcast Talking The Blues with his brother, Andy.

  • Tony Blackburn

    Tony Blackburn

    BBC Radio stalwart, TV presenter, former singer and winner of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here in 2002 who has been on Britain's airwaves since the late 1960s.

  • Ian Hart

    Ian Hart

    Liverpool-born actor who starred in Clockwork Mice, Ken Loach's Land & Freedom, the biopic Michael Collinus and played Professor Quirrell in the Harry Potter movie series. In all, the prolific actor has made over 130 films and TV programmes.

  • Mary Berry

    Mary Berry

    The celebrity chef of The Great British Bake Off fame says she's never been to Goodison Park but she's an Everton fan.

  • Bill Bryson

    Bill Bryson

    The acclaimed author of numerous travel books and other excellent works including Notes from a Small Island, Notes from a Big Country and A Short History of Nearly Everything apparently developed a love of the Blues while he was living in Britain in the 1970s.

  • Kenny Everett

    Kenny Everett

    Late mad-cap comedian, TV presenter and DJ who was most famous for his surreal The Kenny Everett Television Show in the 1980s.

  • Leonard Rossiter

    Leonard Rossiter

    Understated Wavertree-born actor who most famously starred in Rising Damp and The Rise & Fall of Reginald Perrin in the 1970s but also starred in Z-Cars early in his career. He passed away at the Lyric Theatre in London's West End at the age of just 57 in 1984.

  • Freddie Starr

    Freddie Starr

    Late stand-up comedian and lead singer of Merseybeat band, The Midniters in the early 1960s. He became a fixture on British TV between the 1970s and 1990s and famously showed up outside the Everton team hotel to perform for the players ahead of the 1984 FA Cup Final

  • Rob James Collier

    Rob James Collier

    Actor and model who played scheming under butler Thomas Barrow in the highly-acclaimed Julian Fellowes period drama, Downton Abbey

  • Tony Bellew

    Tony Bellew

    Professional boxer who realised his dream of winning a world title belt in a bout at Goodison Park. Star of Rocky spin-off Creed in which he fought Michael B. Jordan's title character with the stands of the Blues' home ground as the backdrop.

  • Ian Smith

    Ian Smith

    Harold Bishop from Australian soap Neighbours is a confirmed Blue!

  • Dolph Lundgren

    Dolph Lundgren

    The star of Rocky IV once said of his Blues cedentials, "I live in Los Angeles... But when I lived in Europe, I liked Everton."

  • Chris Mason

    Chris Mason

    Star of Broadchurch, Legend, Vampire Academy, Between Two Worlds and Pretty Little Lies, now follows the Blues from Los Angeles as he builds his acting career

  • John Parrott

    John Parrott

    Professional snooker player, Question of Sport captain and brother-in-law of Duncan Ferguson

  • Aaron Sorkin

    Aaron Sorkin

    Hollywood Director and Screen Writer who told BBC 5 Live Sport in March 2021 that while he isn't a big follower of the beautiful game, he is "an Everton fan".

  • Kelly Thiebaud

    Kelly Thiebaud

    Daytime Emmy award-winning actress from US soap opera, General Hospital for her portrayal of Dr Britt Westbourne.

Music & Entertainment

  • James Barton
    Creator of Cream, the nightclub
  • Ian Bell
    Lead singer with Gomez
  • Pete Best
    Former Beatles drummer
  • Andy Bush
    Absolute Radio presenter
  • Cahill
    Liverpool DJ who took his name from his favourite player and scored a Top 40 hit witth Trippin' on You
  • Neil Caple
    Marty from Brookside
  • Alan Clarke
    Late film director
  • Kenneth Cope
    Randall and Hopkirk, deceased
  • Sharon Corr
    One of the three stunning sisters from Irish band, The Corrs. Her uncle Peter Corr played for Everton — does that mean Andrea, Caroline and Jim are Blues as well then?
  • Dead 60s
    Three of the four members of this new band are Blues, apparently
  • Bill Dean
    Late, great scouse comedian; Harry Cross in Brookside
  • Katie Downes
    One-time Page 3 model who married Jamie Cook of Arctic Monkeys
  • Paul Draper
    Lead singer with Mansun
  • Jenifer Ellison
    Brookside actress and lads mag favourite
  • Micky Finn
  • Elin Fflur
    Welsh singer/song-writer
  • Susan George
  • Peter Gill
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood drummer
  • Will Hanrahan
    Onetime "Anne & Nick" morning show regular and dotTV presenter
  • Joey Harrison
    Member of the new band, The Crescent
  • Rex Harrison
    Actor, star of My Fair Lady, apparently a "famous Blue"
  • Samuel T. Herring
    American singer and rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. Best known for fronting synth-pop band Future Islands
  • Gordon Honeycombe
    ITN Newsreader of old
  • Sir John Hurt
    Late but revered Derbyshire-born actor who had Blue leanings, perhaps after a part in Z-Cars in the early 1960s but who followed Norwich after moving to Norfolk later in life
  • Quinton Jackson
    BA Baracas in the A-Team remake is a fan because of his physio in the UK who is a Blue
  • Dominic Johnson
    Football commentator and Virgin Radio DJ
  • Gethin Jones
    Blue Peter presenter
  • Ken Jones
    Late actor who starred in The Golden Vision and Porridge
  • Michael B. Jordan
    Hollywood actor who says Everton is his team in support of his friend and Creed co-star, Tony Bellew
  • Sam Kane
    Brookside, Coronation St actor; married to Linda Lusardi
  • Bill Kenwright
    Late theatre impresario, former Coronation St actor, and former Everton chairman
  • Andrew Lancel
    Currently starring in The Bill
  • Lee Latchford-Evans
    Pop singer with Steps
  • Sophie Lawrence
    Played Ricky's sister in EastEnders and had an aborted music career
  • John Lennon
    Although none of the Fab Four came out strongly for either Merseyside team, the late Beatle attended the 1966 FA Cup Final with Paul McCartney, lending credence to the belief that John was more Blue than Red.
    Furthermore, former Beatle drummer Pete Best apparently recently confirmed that when pushed John was definitely a Blue.
  • Mike Lewis
    Of UK band, Lost Prophets
  • Sean Longworth
    Member of the new band, The Crescent
  • Keavy Lynch
    Singer from pop band B*witched
  • Lee Mavers
    Ex of The La's
  • Sinead McGrath
    Kathleen in the Farmer Michael sketches with comedian Steve Timothy
  • Shane McGowan
    The late singer from The Pogues whose love of Everton was really only revealed after his death. He once told the Echo that the best thing about the city of Liverpool was Everton and credited Michael Thomas's famous goal at Anfield in 1989 as one of his fondest memories of the city
  • Liz McLarnon
    Pop singer with Atomic Kitten.  Recently refused an autograph to Lineker, saying she hadn't forgiven him for leaving the Blues!
  • Andy McNair
    "Dan Hunter" in Hollyoaks
  • Damon Minchella
    Bassist with Ocean Colour Scene
  • Jimmy Mulville
    Comedian, head of the prolific Hat-Trick Productions and major Everton shareholder
  • Gil Norton
    Music engineer/producer of bands such as China Crisis, Pixies, Foo Fighters
  • Simon O'Brien
    TV presenter/actor - Standing Room Only, Brookside
  • Tom O'Connor
    Day-time TV presenter who now qualifies (see below)
  • Keith O'Neill
    Drummer with Cast
  • Sophie Rankin
    Model and actress, who had a brief part on Emmerdale
  • Nicola Roberts
    Member of girly band, Girls Aloud
  • Karl Rowlands
    Member of the new band, The Crescent
  • Michael Ryan
    Dream Team actor
  • Jenny Seagrove
    Actress and Bill Kenwright's longtime squeeze
  • Sonia
    Pop singer from the early 90s'
  • Ed Stewart
    Radio personality
  • Sean Styles
    Radio Merseyside
  • Claire Sweeney
    Ex-Brookside actress
  • Dylan Taite
    Eccentric New Zealand music journalist and ex-The Merseyman drummer who died in 2003 aged 63
  • Sid Tate
    Veteran Liverpool comedian
  • Steve Timothy
    a.k.a. Sir Stevo Timothy, the comedian behind the tomfoolery of viral sensation Farmer Michael
  • Donny Tourette
    Musician, Towers of London, and 2007 Celebrity Big Brother contestant
  • Trickie
  • Rita Tushingham
    Actress and an ESCLA member of old, apparently. We've been told she's a red but have also been adamantly informed she's a definite Blue!
  • 'Comedy' Dave Vitty
    Radio personality ('Comedy Dave' on BBC Radio 1)
  • Mary Whitehouse
    The late but legendary campaigner against TV filth
  • Hayley Williams
    Member of the US band Paramore told an Evertonian that she supports the Blues
  • Zutons
    Two members of this band are apparently Blues as revealed on Soccer AM recently
  • Zuzu
    Local-born pop-rock songwriter and musician

Sport & Sport Media

  • Jake Ball
    England and Notts County cricketer
  • Graham Beecroft
    TalkSport presenter
  • Roger Bennett
    Football documentarian, director and producer as well as purveyor of the Men In Blazers TV show and podcast in the US
  • Riddick Bowe
    Two-time Heavyweight Champion boxer expressed his Evertonian leanings on Twitter, using Dave Hickson as his cover photo in honour of the legend's passing in June 2013
  • Robbie Brookside
    British Pro WWE wrestler
  • Daniel Bryan
    American WWE wrestler who supports the Blues because that is the team of his friend, Robbie Brookside
  • Gabriel Clark
    ITV Sport reporter
  • Phil Clarke
    International Sea Angler, Team Wales
  • Ian Cobain
    Chief Reporter with The Times
  • John Conteh
  • Matt Dawson
    England international & World Cup winning rugby player
  • John Duncan
    Of The Observer
  • Cyril Dixon
    Royal correspondent of the Daily Express
  • Martin Dwyer
    Classic-winning jockey
  • Ross Dyer
    Former beIN Sports commentator, now with Fox Sports in the US
  • Sophie Ecclestone
    England Women cricketer
  • Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards
    National and Olympic ski-jumping hero
  • Fandango
    WWE wrestler who became a fan following a bizarre incident over Twitter involving his theme song
  • Tom Farrell
    Former GB Olympic athlete and 400m hurdles world record-holder
  • Chris Foy
    Former Premier League referee
  • George Gavin
    Sky Sports TV presenter
  • Jeff Hardy
    WWE wrestler
  • Austin Healey
    England international rugby player
  • Stephen Hendry
    Snooker player; his dad was apparently a big Hearts fan and became a Blue when Alex Young moved south to Goodison
  • John Higgins
    Snooker player; a Celtic man, primarily, but Everton are his team in England
  • Adam Jones
    International Wales and British Lions rugby player
  • Gary Imlach
    Presenter of the American football show on Channel 4, son of Stuart Imlach who was team coach under Catterick and Bingham
  • Graham Lee
    National hunt jockey
  • Fletcher Mackell
    NBC New Orleans sports anchor/reporter
  • Andy Mayers
    When Saturday Comes
  • Charlie McCann
    Does the horseracing on Talk Sport
  • Ken McKenna
    Manager of Total Network Solutions
  • Phil McNulty
    BBC Head Football Writer and ex-Echo journo
  • Ian Millward
    St Helens Rugby League coach
  • Dan Miragliotta
    UFC fighter
  • Martin Moxon
    Yorkshire cricketer
  • Shea Neary
    Professional boxer
  • Paul O'Connell
    Retired lock for Munster, Ireland and the British Lions
  • Alexei Popyrin
    Australian professional tennis player who reached No.87 in the world in 2019
  • Tom Scudamore
    The jump jockey is a reputed Blue
  • Steve Smith
    British Olympic high jumper
  • Julian Warren
    Sky Sports presenter
  • Elton Welsby
    Ex-sports presenter

Authors, Journalists & TV Presenters

  • Ian Birrell
    Deputy Editor of The Independent
  • Kevin Dunn
    ITV foreign correspondent
  • Liam Fogarty
    BBC Reporter
  • Everton Fox
    BBC Weatherman
  • Dominic Lawson
    Former editor of The Spectator and son of ex-Chancellor, Nigel
  • Roger McGough
    Liverpool-born poet
  • Mark Owen
    Ex-Granada Tonight Presenter, now fronting news for international news channel, France 24
  • Paul Preston, OBE
    Professor of Spanish Studies, LSE; Franco biographer
  • Brian Viner
    Columnist for The Independent
  • Gary Nelson
    Former Charlton player and author of "Left Foot Forward"
  • Sir Ken Robinson
    Inspirational creativity guru and world-renowned author and voice on education; Patron of Everton Free School
  • Bill Tidy
    Newspaper cartoonist
  • Alan Towers
    Ex-BBC newsreader and reporter

Politics & Business

  • Joe Anderson
    Mayor of Liverpool
  • Brendan Barber
    General Secretary of the TUC
  • Martin Beamount
    Chief Executive of the Co-Op
  • Warren Bradley
    Ex-leader of Liverpool City Council
  • Andy Burnham
    Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and current Mayor of Manchester
  • Mark Carney
    Head of the Bank of England
  • Cllr Eddie Clein
    Previous Lord Mayor of Liverpool
  • Paul & Oliver Collyer
    The brains behind the successful Championship Manager computer games
  • Prof Gary Davies
    Physicist and Astronomer, Director of the UKIRT, Hawaii
  • Cllr Alan Dean
    Ex-Labour Chief Whip and former Lord Mayor
  • Cllr Mark Dowd
    Chairman of MerseyRail
  • Lord Faulkner
    Labour peer
  • Steve Fitzsimmons
    "Cream" licensee, ex-Conservative councillor in Liverpool
  • Cllr Ron Gould
    Former Lord Mayor of Liverpool
  • Derek Hatton
    Politician turned radio presenter
  • Lord Barry Jones
    Ex-MP of Deeside N. Wales
  • Sir Terry Leahy
    Tesco CEO
  • James Major
    Son of former Prime Minister, John Major
  • Chris Matheson
    Long-time ToffeeWeb reader was elected as Labour MP for Chester in 2015
  • Eric Moonman
    Professor; former MP and ESCLA chairman
  • Bernie Mullin
    President and CEO of Atlanta Spirit, owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team
  • Steve Sinnott
    General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers
  • Tony Woodley
    Tony Woodley, Gen. Sec. of the Transport and General Workers Union

Footballers and Managers, Past and Present

  • Eirik Bakke
    Leeds player
  • Joey Barton
    Former player and ex-Fleetwood Town manager midfielder
  • Dan Bennett
    Wrexham player
  • Tim Cahill
    The Assie and ex-Blue is now an occasional pundit
  • Paul Connolly
    Plymouth player
  • Landon Donovan
    Darling of USA "soccer" and two-time Everton player
  • Sean Dundee
    South African striker, once of Liverpool
  • David Eyes
    Oldham Athletic player
  • Tim Howard
    Ex-Everton keeper is an international ambassador for the club and a pundit on US television
  • Eddie Howe
    Took Bournemouth to the Premier League for the first time in their history in 2015
  • Bryan Hughes
    Birmingham City player
  • Kenny Irons
    A Huddersfield Player
  • Henrik Larsson
    Swedish international footballer
  • Anders Limpar
    Former Everton winger who apparently named Bob Latchford as his all-time favourite player
  • Gary Nelson
    Ex-Brighton striker and author of Left Foot Forward and Left Foot in the Grave
  • David Nugent
    Preston North End, Portsmouth and Leiceester striker who was rumoured to be an Everton target in the summer of 2005
  • Iffy Onuora
    Ex Mansfield, Gillingham, Swindon, Sheffield United, Tranmere and currently at Huddersfield Town
  • Leon Osman
    The former Blues midfielder is now a media pundit and co-commentator
  • Wayne Rooney
    Once a Blue, always a Blue apparently
  • Graeme Sharp
    Goodison legend turned local radio personality, now working back at the club
  • Ian Snodin
    Once Everton touched this Yorkshire lad, there was no going back. Ian is now a club ambassador
  • Gary Speed
    The late Wales Manager, previously of Everton and Leeds and Newcastle
  • Alan Stubbs
    Hibernian manager
  • Graham Stuart
    The ex-Everton striker is now an affirmed Evertonian and a club ambassador
  • David Thompson
    Blackburn player, previously of Liverpool and Coventry
  • Lee Trundle
    Once a Wrexham player, now with Bristol City
  • David Unsworth
    Everton Academy chief
  • Steven Wright
    Sunderland player, ex-Liverpool

Unsubstantiated Connections

  • Arthur Askey
    Liverpool-born comedian who many believe is a Chelsea fan but may well have been an Evertonian who watched the London blues because of the colour of their strip
  • Justin Bieber
    The teen pop sensation raised eyebrows when pictured playing in Everton's third kit on Robert Earl's island in the Turks and Caicos in January 2015 but he's been snapped in Chelsea, Arsenal and Barcelona gear before.
  • Helena Bonham-Carter
    Actress (Planet of the Apes, Fight Club, numerous period dramas)
  • Neil Buchanan
    Aintree-born Art Attack presenter who, we're told, is a Red
  • Robert Carlyle
    The Scottish actor rose to fame in Cracker playing a Red-loving nutter and repeated the feat in the film, 51st State, but rumour has it that Everton are the English team for this Rangers fan (or is it Celtic?!).

  • Frank Carson
    Irish comedian who we're told could have been more into Arsenal
  • Helena Christiansen
    Apparently the Super Model's Blue credentials were in The Echo, but along with Bonham-Carter, could be made up
  • David Coleman
    BBC presenter and MotD commentator for many years, when presenting Grandstand on FA Cup day in February 1966 that "his team" Everton had just beaten Bedford Town away 3-0.
  • Dickie Davies
    Badger-haired Sports TV presenter
  • Les Dennis
    Family Fortunes host who we're told is a Red, though his ex, Amanda Holden is a Blue
  • Nate Dogg
    A reader writes: "In a recent magazine interview, Nate Dogg said when asked Liverpool or Everton: 'Everton. I actually saw them play when I was a little boy; they are my team.'"
  • Andy Gray
    If he could have two favourite teams, Sky's loud-mouthed summariser would choose Everton and Aston Villa, but his real soft spot does appear to be for Villa, although he increasingly says "we" when referring to Everton these days.
  • Sam Kelly
    aka Warren in Porridge
  • Michael B. Jordan

    The Hollywood star once said Everton was his team in support of his friend and Creed co-star, Tony Bellew but he has since taken a minority stake in AFC Bournemouth.

  • Jay-Z
    A reader writes: "The rapper loves the colour blue and this was shown when he joined in the chants at a recent Charlton game when he was over here last."
  • Ken Jones
    aka Ives of Porridge and The Golden Vision
  • John McEnroe
    There is more than one photo of the tennis legend in an Everton shirt from an event at Calderstones a few years ago but it's not clear whether his solidarity with compatriot Tim Howard extends to him being an actual fan of the club.
  • Gerry Marsden
    Of "Ferry cross the Mersey" fame who, like Cilla Black, apparently started out Blue but was enticed to the Dark Side.
  • Nas
    The New York rapper was pictured in 2014 with an Everton shirt in the wake of Tim Howard's heroics in goal at that year's World Cup. It's not clear whether his allegiance to the Blues has been a lasting one, however.
  • Brian Nash
    Guitarist with Frankie Goes To Hollywood; the only 'Bluenose' in the band we thought, but his cousin writes to tell us that he's a Red.
  • Stephen Norris
    Conservative MP, Mayor of London candidate. Evertonian by birth, he is now a Fulham season ticket holder.
  • Tom O'Connor
    We've had e-mails insisting he's devout a red and yet more attesting to his Blue leanings:
    1) His Everton memorabilia was on Through the Keyhole recently
    2) "A couple of years ago I met him at the match of the day exhibition. As I was walking out he came over to talk to me because I was wearing my Everton shirt. He said whilst giving the talk he had spotted me on the front row because of the shirt and wanted to talk to me. He also asked if I had seen a stand that was selling Everton shirts, so he could buy one. I had my photo taken with him and then, later on, I saw him again he said (holding up a an everton shirt), 'got one,' smiled and walked off." - Andy
    3) I challenge the fact that Tom O'Connor is a Blue. He was my teacher in a distant past and wore a Red badge in his lapel. Always!
    4) He is definitley a Blue, he said so in a column in last Saturday's Echo 01/10/05. I was suprised as I thought he followed the team from the crypt.
  • Michael Owen
    Along with Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Jamie Carragher and Ian Rush. All boyhood Blues who were lured to the Dark Side, so it's hard to say whether any of them can be regarded as Evertonians now.
  • Matthew Perry
    Could Chandler Bing be a Blue? Surely a wind-up!
  • The Queen Mother
    This has neither been proved nor disproved but there is a persistent connection between Everton and the Queen Mum, probably due to vivid memories of that handsome devil Dixie Dean in the 1933 FA Cup Final and Everton's towering status being on everyone's lips back when the old girl was in her heyday. Like those of her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, however, the London press have claimed Arsenal for the Queen Mum's footballing allegiences.
  • Mark P Sadler
    Novelist: Blood On His Hands.
  • Robbie Savage
    Lairy ex-Birmingham City midfielder turned BBC pundit
  • Slick Rick
    London-born Brit musician. It was claimed during his childhood that his favourites were Andy Gray and Paul Bracewell but he'd have been 20 in 1985. Jury still out on this one...
  • Ian Thorpe
    According to Blue Kipper, the Australian Olympic swimming hero is a lifelong Blue. A reader insists he supports Spurs.
  • Mike Tyson
    Took a liking to Thomas "Mad Dog" Gravesen after seeing him play. Whether that means he now follows the Blues is another matter.
  • Venus Williams
    The tennis star fell in love with Wayne Rooney during Euro 2004 and said that she would probably support whichever team he played for. At the time that was Everton but...
  • Sir Norman Wisdom
    Comic genius of another generation was a lifelong Brighton & Hove Albion supporter and a member of their Board. Did he have a soft spot for the Blues?
  • Sir Clive Woodward
    England Rugby chief. Is he Everton Blue or Chelsea blue? We've had adamant proclamations both ways.

Ridiculous Assertions?

  • Adolf Hitler
    "Rumoured to have lived in Dingle in the early twenties, was supposed to be that fond of the Blues that he watched them regularly and was a big fan of the dangerous 'Dixie Dean', who inspired early thoughts of aerial bombardment.  Also the Observer / Independent wrote a ditty on Everton a few years ago regarding Hitler, saying "the most hated man in the world followed the Blues."  Well, let's hope his penchant for red had him leaning the other way!
  • Colonel Gadaffi
    If you believe a persistent and surely ridiculous story, the controversial Libyan leader had a thing for Everton.  Rumour had it that after the Blues played there under Gordon Lee in the late 70s, the Colonel was impressed enough to change the Libyan national strip from green to Royal Blue!  But his son's recent enquiries about Liverpool show that the family tradition does not extend to Tripoli.
  • John F Kennedy & Family
    A reader writes: "Due to their Irish ancestry. Tommy Eggo was a great favourite with some of their elders."
  • The Sultan of Brunei
    No one is sure where the laughable story that the world's then second-richest man wanted to buy a stake in our beloved Blues came from, but it certainly wasn't true. Ironically, though, ex-Blue Mike Lyons became the coach of the Sultan's team in Brunei in 2002, so you never know what Mick might whisper into his "shell-like".

Rejected Connections

  • Craig Bellamy
    Newcastle striker who was alleged to have an Everton tattoo on his arm, claims to have been a boyhood RS supporter
  • Halle Berry
    Hollywood actress.  Her Liverpool-born mother is supposedly a Blue. But Halle has now categorically denied being an Everton fan. 
  • John Birt
    Government guru and former head of the BBC has been linked with the Blues, but someone who went to his school claims he was torn between Liverpool and Manchester United.
  • Cherie Blair
    The former Prime Minister's wife apparently watched the Blues in the late 1960s, but we're told she's a Kopite. Thank God!
  • Georgina Bowman
    Radio 1 News presenter ditched the Blues along with her Evertonian boyfriend and now follows Macclesfield Town.
  • Richard Branson
    This one keeps coming up but so far we have nothing conclusive. Apparently he has roots in Maghull but we're also told he's a Southampton fan
  • Bobby Davro
    Cheesey 80s comedian/TV personality who developed an affection for the Blues in 83/84 but apparently supports Tottenham
  • Michael Foot
    Although a confirmed Plymouth Argyle fan, he wrote a poem extolling Everton's footballing virtues. It seems the Blues were clearly his second team.
  • Michael Head
    Once lead singer of the Pale Fountains and, more recently, Shack; apparently a Red, despite moves to put him forward as an Evertonian. 
  • Lenny Henry
    Comedian most notable for his work with Comic Relief is a West Brom devotee.
  • Sophie Howard
    The Page 3 model rose to prominence as the Everton rep in FHM Magazine's crass "Premiership of Women" but numerous web sources insist she's a red.
  • Rod Hull
    Late entertainer and operator of Emu who is believed to have fallen off his roof while trying to improve his TV reception so he could watch a Manchester United game.  He was a Bristol Rovers fan, apparently.
  • Goran Ivanisevic
    May have grown fond of the Blues when Slaven Bilic was at Goodison but he has recently declared his allegience to West Brom of all teams!
  • Samuel L Jackson
    Developed an affinity for football while filming 51st State on Merseyside. While it was at first thought that he favoured the Blues, his recent TV appearance sporting a Liverpool cap and red-carpet appearance with a Reds replica shirt confirms he was brainwashed by the dark side.
  • Stella McCartney
    Fashion Designer; daughter of Beatle Paul, although we're told her dog's name is "Red" and wears a red collar so...
  • John Motson
    Football commentator whose first match was Everton; they say he has retained a fond spot for Everton but he is known more for his Tottenham leanings. Others have suggested a fondness for Charlton Athletic.
  • Dermot Murnaghan
    Suave ITV News anchor. His Blue credentials have been challenged by readers. A Gooner we're told.
  • Christian O'Connell
    X-FM DJ revealed his Southampton leanings and Liverpool sympathies in 442 magazine
  • Bill Oddie
    Says he was a Chelsea fan in the 60s (used to go to games with Eric Idle), stopped going when they sold Osgood et al but picked it up again and has been a Man Utd fan for the last twenty years... Glory hunter!
  • Heidi Range
    Ex-Atomic Kitten now of Sugababe... apparently prefers the Shite
  • Natalie Sawyer
    Sky Sports presenter was apparently charmed by the Blues at the 1995 FA Cup Final but she's a confirmed Brentford fan since childhood even though she regularly emcees Everton supporter nights
  • Matt Smith
    Even though a reader writes: "My Uncle went to school with him, and now works with him. He is most certainly a Blue," he's a red according to a few irate e-mails and his own entry on the Radio 5 Live site where he makes a couple of references to Liverpool, including wanting to be Steven Gerrard for a day.
  • Sharlene Spiteri
    Apparently once featured in The Mirror with a Blues strip on, Thierri Henry once celebrated a goal by revealing a T-shirt congratulating the Texas singer on the birth of her baby indicating she might be a Gooner, but we're told she's a confirmed Celtic fan.
  • Jeff Stelling
    Sky Sports presenter is a Hartlepool United supporter, apparently.
  • Phil Taylor
    A reader writes of the darts champion: "Where is Phil "the power" Taylor? Wasn't he paraded at goodison as a fan recently?" Apparently not, as we're told he's a Port Vale fan.
  • Roger Taylor
    Queen drummer who supposedly fell in love with the Blues after the Cup Winners' Cup triumph in Rotterdam but is apparently a Chelsea fan
  • Clive Tyldesley
    Football commentator whose voice graces the video of the 1986-87 Championship season, but is apparently a follower of Manchester United, Manchester City, Nottingham Forest, or Liverpool, depending who heard what from whom...
  • Simon Weston
    Falklands survivor made famous by a heroic battle against potentially fatal burns is a confirmed Man United fan.
  • Paul Whitehouse
    The Fast Show funnyman was rumoured to have been hooked on the Blues since his dad took him to see the Blues play Luton years ago but he's a Spurs fan.

If you know of a famous Blue not on this list who would like to challenge the inclusion of someone above, drop us a line using the feedback form.



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