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ToffeeWeb's Goodison Legends

The greatest players to ever play for Everton. This was an embryonic list started in the 1990s at ToffeeWeb's initial creation and is not to be confused with Dr David France's more comprehensive Gwladys Street's Hall of Fame



ToffeeNet members voted the greatest Everton players of all time. They are presented below by Richard Pike.

  • Alan Ball (1966-72)
    One of the all-time greatest Everton and England midfielders.
  • William "Dixie" Dean (1925-38)
    The greatest goal-scoring machine England has ever seen.
  • Andy Gray (1983-85)
    The real Scottish brave-heart who was instrumental in one of the clubs greatest time periods.
  • Colin Harvey (1963-74)
    One of Everton's finest own products who not only was part of the great Ball-Kendall-Harvey midfield but was also Everton's manager for three years.
  • Dave Hickson (1951-55, 1957-59)
    A real bright spot during a less bright period in the club's history.
  • Howard Kendall (1967-74) (Manager: 1981-87, 1990-93, 1997-98)
    One of the great Evertonians of all time: the most successful manager and one of the best midfielders in Everton's history.
  • Brian Labone (1958-1971)
    Club captain and England international in the golden 60's, epitomises the commanding centre-half role so vital to successful Everton teams.
  • Bob Latchford (1974-81)
    England's number 1 goal-poacher for years in the 70's, celebrated for getting 30 goals in a season to win 10,000 from the Daily Express.
  • Lawton, Tommy (1937-39)
    The man who could have been the greatest centre-forward of all time if the war hadn't interrupted his career.
  • Mick Lyons (1971-82)
    Club captain and inspirational leader in the less inspirational 70's.
  • Joe Mercer, OBE (1933-46)
    One of English football's all-time greatest. Perhaps the best wing-back ever seen, he was also very successful as manager, even managing the England team for a time.
  • Kevin Ratcliffe (1980-92)
    The most successful captain in the club's history.
  • Peter Reid (1982-1989)
    The inspirational midfield general in the glorious mid-eighties.
  • Joe Royle (1966-1975, 1995-1997)
    One of Everton's finest centre-forwards and also an FA Cup winning manager.
  • Ted Sagar (1929-1952)
    A fine goalkeeper who has the record of the longest time playing for one club in the entire League.
  • Graeme Sharp (1980-91)
    A great centre-forward in the glorious mid-eighties team who scored some memorable goals.
  • Kevin Sheedy (1982-92)
    Maybe the best left foot in the club's history? Some of his free-kicks were brilliant.
  • Neville Southall, MBE (1981-98)
    The greatest Everton keeper of all time, has played a record total of matches for both his club and country, has won two Championship medals, two FA Cups, a Cup-winners Cup...
  • Trevor Steven (1983-89)
    "Tricky Trev" was a key-player providing ammo for Sharp and Gray in the mid-eighties scoring his share of goals, too.
  • Gary Stevens (1981-88)
    Arguably the best right-back in Everton's history. One of the brightest stars of Everton's youth policy.
  • Derek Temple (1957-67)
    A fine left-winger who scored the winning goal in one of the most memorable FA Cup finals of all time, the 1966 final.
  • Roy Vernon (1960-65)
    An instrumental part of the 1963 Championship team with his goals. Arguably the best penalty taker in club's history.
  • Dave Watson (1986-)
    Watson has been a key player in the club for over a decade now. Was also caretaker manager after Joe Royle quit.
  • Ray Wilson (1964-69)
    Probably the best left-back seen at Everton. World Champion in 1966.
  • Alex Young (1960-68)
    "The Golden Vision". God at Goodison Park in the 60's. So popular, that a TV-program was made of him.

Honourable Mentions

  • Barry Horne (1992-96)
    A candidate simply for that one goal against Wimbledon in 1994, but he was also instrumental in the 1995 FA Cup win.
  • Gary Lineker (1985-86)
    Only one season at the club, but what a season it was for him!
  • Duncan McKenzie (1976-78)
    One of the most enigmatic players ever seen in Everton. Gordon Lee is still hated for selling McKenzie.

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