Everton U21s defeated by PSV Eindhoven at Goodison

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Everton U21s were defeated in the quarter-final of the Premier League International Cup by PSV Eindhoven.

Everton U21s got through to the quarter-final by winning all four games to top  Group C and earned the right to play their illustrious European counterparts at Goodison Park.

The game kicked off at 7 pm on Thursday 2 March and the Upper Bullens Road stand was open for spectators with a chance to see both Nathan Patterson and James Garner, who were given additional opportunities to build up their match fitness for the first team's relegation battle.

But the game itself proved to be a massive disappointment after a pretty strong Young Blues side conceded three goals with no replay to exit the competition at the first hurdle of the knock-out stages.

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Everton U21s: Crellin, Patterson [Y:59'] (67' Sherif), Campbell, Welch, I Samuels-Smith [Y:81'], John, Garner (83' Metcalfe), Price, Bates (67' Higgins), Okoronkwo (83' Heath), Kouyate (75' McAllister).

Subs not Used: Leban, O Samuels-Smith.



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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 24/02/2023 at 07:28:15
Michael or anyone, do we know if this will be available to watch on the website?

I'm probably reading to much into it and I know it wasn't planned as it's a competition, but intrigued given the Brands and Branthwaite connection.

Peter Mills
2 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:09:58
I had been hoping most of the U21s would be playing at Marine in the Liverpool Senior Cup on Tuesday. I guess it will have to be the first team now!
Tony Abrahams
3 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:18:40
I saw that advertised outside the ground Peter, so it’ll be interesting to see who plays.

I’m sure I’m going to watch Lewis Warrington playing tomorrow, because I haven’t got a ticket for Everton’s game, so it’ll be interesting to see how he plays, and hopefully I’ll also go to Goodison next Thursday night.

Allen Rodgers
4 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:33:04
What is the reason they open the Bullens Road instead of the Main Stand ? They did the same for the previous round and when you watch on tv it looks like there's nobody there.
Danny O’Neill
5 Posted 24/02/2023 at 11:47:36
Obviously I have no idea Allen.

Personally, from a fans and personal perspective, the Upper Bullens is, in my opinion, the best spot to watch and observe the football inside Goodison.

I don't care too much for cameras.

Dave Abrahams
6 Posted 24/02/2023 at 14:02:57
Allen (4). Going back for at least twenty years they have used The Upper Bullens Road stand as the principle stand for these games,as well as FA youth cup games, for me personally it gives the best view in the ground.
Allen Rodgers
7 Posted 24/02/2023 at 14:48:05
Thanks Danny and Dave
Michael Kenrick
8 Posted 24/02/2023 at 17:30:07
Thanks for that reminder, Peter @2.

Everton take on Marine in the Liverpool Senior Cup at 7 pm on Tuesday 28 February; kick-off 7:45 pm at the Marine Travel Arena – but I can guarantee there won't be any Under-21s involved. [Ticket Info – I expect a full and detailed report on these youngsters, Danny!]

Despite the tremendous historic significance of this ancient trophy, it has been contested by the Under-18s for many years – and it is damned hard to get any information about as the main EFC website refuse to acknowledge it on their fixture list, and might barely give it a mention — if we win.

Tony Abrahams
9 Posted 25/02/2023 at 20:43:34
I watched Warrington today and, although he's doing very well playing in the centre of the park in a tough environment, the kid is nowhere near ready for anything higher than League One at the minute, imo.

Dave Abrahams
10 Posted 02/03/2023 at 19:52:17
Garner and Patterson are named in the team but have no news of the game, don’t think it is being televised anywhere.
Dave Abrahams
11 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:02:47
Losing 1-0 to a goal by Barbadian, Patterson hit the post with a volley, no mention of Garner on the written commentary, great Everton aren’t they with a written commentary, bleedin’ minge bags.still in the game with half an hour to go.
Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:19:25
Thanks for the updates Dave. I'm out so keep them coming!

Patterson and Garner in the team is interesting.

Getting them ready?

Mike Oates
13 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:23:01
Both Garner and Patterson played against the Spurs U21's about 10 days ago and I thought both looked miles off the pace even at that level.
You can only go by the Blog feed tonight but it sounds as though Patterson is putting a shift in, but not a wiord about Garner. And it sound as though we are getting overun big time in midfield
Mike Oates
14 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:23:48
2-0 down
Dave Abrahams
15 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:26:20
Danny (12) It seems like Patterson is having a good game both defending and attacking, he’s had another attempt with a left foot shoot just wide then repelling another Dutch attack, not a word aboutGarner,the goalie is having a very good game for the Blues, still losing 1-0 with twenty minutes to go.
Mike Oates
16 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:29:59
Im afraid we are taking a bit of a pasting now, with our goalie (Leban according to main site, Crellin according to programme and Liverpool Echo) playing a blinder to keep them out.
Patterson just subbed after 68 mins, had a good game.
Dave Abrahams
17 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:33:19
Seelt makes it 2-0 from a corner, Leban got a hand to it but couldn’t keep it out, on the teamsheet they’ve got Billy Crellin in goal but on the commentary it’s Leban, that’s a written commentary, as I mentioned earlier.

Mike (14) who let you into the commentary box? Did you gib in like me?

Tony Abrahams
18 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:34:12
He’s a lot quicker than you Dave!
Mike Oates
19 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:38:13
Just got in about an hour ago and though it was live on main website, through club membership, but cheeky use of words by club
" Free to watch if member at turnstile "
I'm 300 miles away.

Generally we seem to be losing our way at this U21 level after a very good first 4-5 months. Losing Cannon to Preston a big loss, but he needs to be tested at higher level.

Dave Abrahams
20 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:40:17
Tony (21) Hey I’m backwards and forwards here, from the commentary box to ToffeeWeb, down to Birmingham feeding’ Danny with the news, making’ your mam tea and toast at the same time while Michael Kenrick is sitting with his feet up and I’m minding ToffeeWeb for him!!
Tony Abrahams
21 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:45:45
Michael works hard Dave, and you sound like you’ve got even more energy than Iwobi!
Mike Oates
22 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:49:52
Ive watched fair bit at this level for last two years, mainly from Membership viewing rights or highlights but more and more I'm convinced the type of player we are producing and the quality of football we play is wrong.

Our "pearls" always seem to be slight, easy to knock off, pedestrian, not quick thinkers, and frankly wont cut it at PL or even below. I see other clubs having strong lads, powerful, pacy and to me seem to have a chance in the more robust leagues.

Our quality of football is at best, slow, sideways, strangled, whereas Spurs, Blackburn, City were fast in transition, quick movers, developing space to play in etc etc.
I really don't know if this slow style is being imposed at levels within the club or we are just poor at recruitment

Mike Oates
23 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:53:18
3-0 to PSV, Marcel Brands will be cock a hoop to be sure. Reading between the lines it was well deserved.
Dave Abrahams
24 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:55:47
PSV have closed up shop and are holding on to their lead, Garner lasted for 84 minutes before he went off, Kouyate got carried off in a lot of pain, two or three more changes being made.

Going by their record PSV are a good team they have beat a few English teams in this competition and we’ve had a decent go at them.

Tony my energy is used in a more constructive way than Iwobi’s!!

Tony Abrahams
25 Posted 02/03/2023 at 20:57:42
Strong, powerful and pacy, are not things associated with many Everton players, at any level unfortunately Mike.
Dave Abrahams
26 Posted 02/03/2023 at 21:01:04
The match finished 3-0 to PSV with no mention of who scored the goal or anything else, the commentary was switched off with no Goodnight, Kiss me arse or anything what a bleedin’ club.
Tony Abrahams
27 Posted 02/03/2023 at 21:01:38
To be fair to Alex, he got quite a few positive comments from the Arsenal fans for not smashing into Odegaard last night.
Martin Farrington
28 Posted 02/03/2023 at 21:31:41
@ Mike Oates
Mike, you are spot on with all your comments.
I too have watched the U21s a fair bit.
Disheartened by the sheer lack of quality as you describe.
They always seem like they have never met each other.
The lack of energy is stark.
It reminds me of a crap school footie team made up of Big I Ams.
I have mentioned previously that I believe we have a very poor infrastructure regarding 'home grown' talent. (Which includes 'foreign' youngsters coming in.)
How is it we are way behind most other clubs. Especially when the chances of breaking into many of those sides is almost nil.
You would think that seeing how woeful our first team is and has been for eons, that Everton would be a huge draw.
But when we had a world class youngster. A striker who scored sackfuls during his few months "trial" but we binned him because
"others will catch up"
it says it all.
Scouts can only do so much.
It is clear that we are not attracting brilliant players who will flourish.
Or when we do they are hoofed out.
Because of egos or ideals or ethics or who knows . But that rot is there.

It a huge statement of how backwards this club is when we have NO STRIKERS in the 1st team and that not one player
from any of our "Under whatever" sides are good enough and chomping at the bit, ready to shred any mention of the name Calvert-Lewin.

The same goes for all the other positions too.

That sensational young striker was
Erling Haaland.

Danny O’Neill
29 Posted 02/03/2023 at 21:36:23
Thank you Dave.

How did Garner look?

On the subject of Warrington, interested in the opinions

I'd like to see him in and involved in the first team squad once he's back from loan.

You're doing a grand job running ToffeeWeb Dave!

Ignoring the result, how did the boys perform and play?

Dave Abrahams
30 Posted 03/03/2023 at 11:18:27
Danny (29), Danny the game wasn’t shown live, it was just a written commentary so it SEEMED that Patterson had a good game and workout, Garner was mentioned other than he went off after 84 minutes so I’d say it’s doubtful that either will start on Sunday.

Martin (28) I agree with you and Mike Oates that the Academy has been in the wrong hands for quite a long time and needs a long re think in the very near future.

Danny O’Neill
31 Posted 03/03/2023 at 12:04:39
Thanks Dave. It's a shame they don't show more of the development teams live online. I'd certainly watch a lot more.

I get enough grief for following the blues all around the country as it is, so trips to Southport to watch the youngsters would be stepping that bit too far.

Separate but related subject and I've mentioned it before, but as we are going to demolish Goodison anyway (lump in throat), I wish we would have considered a downscaled new stadium for the development teams to play at on the site.

For me, that would have been a great leagcy.

James Flynn
32 Posted 05/03/2023 at 17:40:43
Well, their 2nd goal came out of his goalmouth scramble, which happens.

But their 1st and 3rd goals? Too easy.

Looks like we had some chances, too.


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