Richarlison not too happy with life at Spurs

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After what was supposed to be a dream move to the capital for Everton's talismanic goalscoring hero of last season, Richarlison is having a frustrating time since he left the club in a £60 million deal last summer.

And in the latest disappointment, Richarlison slammed Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte after they crashed out of the Champions League in meek fashion.

Spurs exited the last 16 after losing 1-0 on aggregate to AC Milan after they failed to score in an inspid goalless draw last night at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Richarlison featured for only the final 20 minutes of the game. 

Richarlison has scored just two goals in 25 appearances for Spurs – and he has started only 8 games in total, playing for the full 90+ minutes on just three occasions.

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Richarlison told TNT Sports: “This season, excuse the word, it’s been shit, because I don’t have minutes, I suffered a little with the injury. But, when I enter the field, I give my life. I came from two games well, I think that’s it, I think I should have played and I don’t have to cry about it.

“Yesterday [Tuesday], they asked me to take a test at the gym, that if I was good I would go to the game and, at the time of the game, they left me on the bench. These are things that it is not possible to understand.

“Let’s see what he will say tomorrow, but there are no fools here either, I’m a professional, I work every day and I want to play. There are minutes left, time left.”


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Mark Ryan
1 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:09:12
So Richarlison is very unhappy at Spurs…

Would you want him back?

John Bourne
2 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:11:35

In a heartbeat!

Alan McGuffog
3 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:11:50
I think Spurs will be looking for a new boss soon. That may see a change of fortune for Richarlison.

I'd like to see him back but it will never happen as there would be plenty of decent teams after him if he wanted out.

Alan McGuffog
4 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:29:33
My Spurs buddy says for £60 million you'd expect a goal by now. But then again Conte has hardly used him. Likewise Danjuma, who we were after, allegedly.
Danny O’Neill
5 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:29:56
I'd take him back, but I suppose the question is: "Would he want to come back?"

Then again, who else in the Premier League would have or need him?

I'll have an uneducated guess. If he's going to move after a short stint and remain in the Premier League, then I could see Manchester Utd or Newcastle Utd. I don't think he's realistically coming back to Everton.

Conte won't stay. His family are in Italy and I think he generally only stays for about 2 years at any club on average. He's a bit like Mourinho on steroids.

Brian Harrison
6 Posted 09/03/2023 at 09:46:59
Seems Conte wont be at Spurs next season, so I would imagine Richarlison's agent will tell him to sit tight and see who the new manager is.

He must be bitterly disappointed in how little playing time he has had under Conte, which again makes me ask who actually signed him for Spurs as it doesn't look like it was Conte.

I am always mystified as to why clubs pay huge sums of money to managers only for them to allow other people to bring players into the club.

I think even in this day and age, £60 million is a lot to spend on a player and not use him, and the one thing about Richarlison is he always gives 100% – even when not fully fit.

Mike Doyle
7 Posted 09/03/2023 at 10:02:06
Two things we know about Ritcharlison:

1) He always wants to play – and stay on, even when injured.

2) Playing for his country is very important to him – and if not playing regularly, he’s likely to lose his place.

Personally, I’d have him back in a heartbeat. Whether he would come is a different matter.

Michael Lynch
8 Posted 09/03/2023 at 10:04:50
Right now, the idea of Richarlison coming back here is a fantasy.

We're on the verge of relegation to the Championship, and he's the Brazil first choice Number 9.

Tony Waring
9 Posted 09/03/2023 at 10:24:27
With Spurs in some disarray from coach downwards maybe we could get a bargain Richarlison back to Goodison?

Just a thought especially as he has hardly started a game yet!

Derek Knox
10 Posted 09/03/2023 at 10:50:50
Mark and John,

I have always advocated that it very rarely, if at all works, for a player, or manager, to return for a second spell with any success above the first time.

However, I would stick my neck out, and wholeheartedly welcome both Richarlison and Geri Deulofeu back too. Two players who could get you off your seat, and definitely capable of scoring some much-needed goals.

Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 09/03/2023 at 10:52:49
Brian H@6, your third paragraph is something that I cannot get my head around either, mate.
Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:00:24
If he leaves, I'm guessing he will go to the continent.
Rob Halligan
13 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:01:41
Even if Spurs do get a new manager, will the new manager play Richarlison before Kane, Son or even Kulusevski?

Kulusevski is on an 18-month loan at Spurs, but every indication points to him joining permanently this summer. Richarlison's only real hope of a regular place is if either Son or Kane are sold – something which the Spurs fans won't be too pleased about, especially as that would make Spurs just another average run-of-the-mill Premier League team – which they are anyway... Big club? My arse!

I think most of us said when Richarlison moved to Spurs last summer, he would struggle to get any decent run of games, maybe the domestic cups, and it's been proved right. He wanted Champions League football, but even then he's barely played in it, and his only two goals all season came in the first group game, a staggering 6 months ago.

I've also heard recently that his agent has advised him to get out of Spurs! A bad move all round!

Kevin Molloy
14 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:03:37
it's worth reflecting on the fact that we've finally started ripping other clubs off. We've taken in a hundred and thirty million in the last six months. I reckon this time next year, as a job lot they'll be worth half that.
Barry Hesketh
15 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:13:15
I reckon that his next destination will be Real Madrid, so long as Carlo remains their manager. I can't see him remaining in the Premier League, and even if he was open to the idea, we couldn't afford him now.
Danny O’Neill
16 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:32:12
Big stadium Rob, but big club? Debatable.

They're a bit like Newcastle and think they are Manchester United without the league titles to back it up.

For me, it was a strange move for Richarlison. Maybe the clubs and agents engineered it.

I couldn't see how he was going to be first choice or a regular starter.

I think he'll go to the continent. Spain, Italy or possibly France. PSG or Lille?

Brian Harrison
17 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:32:48
Barry 15

Interesting you mention that Richarlison could end up at Real Madrid if Carlo stays. I was listening to Tim Vickery the South American journalist based in Brazil and he said that Brazil want Carlo as there new manager, Tiete was sacked or resigned whichever is right and they only have a caretaker manager for the next 2 games.

Sam Hoare
18 Posted 09/03/2023 at 11:50:32
He won’t come back to us (unless as a Rooney type move once he’s on his way out). Shame as he’d be a perfect hard working, athletic winger in Dyches system.

Spurs always seemed a strange move but Kane will leave this summer and Son is looking leggy so maybe he’ll get more opportunity there or move to Europe.

Barry Rathbone
19 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:00:58
The truth is he really isn't as good as some claim his "big fish in a small pond" routine, as per his time here, does not a good player make. Although he could always do a job for midtable/relegation noddies like us and Watford.

His apparent failure at Spurs is not unexpected he just doesn't have top level ability the basics are dreadful given he's south american. No surprise the world cup was a study in anonymity bar that goal and if somehow he ends up at Madrid then Carlo really has finally lost the plot.

Hopefully not as he needs to finish off the shite first

Pete Neilson
20 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:01:43
It was a poor move for all involved, us, Spurs and Richarlison. Tough to get into the team and realistically never going to win anything at Spurs.

Even if Madrid dismiss Carlo at least the club statement wouldn’t be dismissive like that of Bruges to Scott Parker. Brutal stuff.

“Scott Parker is no longer head coach of Club Bruges. Parker was announced as the new head coach of Club Bruges on December 31 last year. The English ex-international previously worked for Fulham and Bournemouth and replaced Carl Hoefkens at the club. In 12 games, the Brit could only win two times.”

Robert Tressell
21 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:04:49
It's a shame because Richarlison would be tailor made for Dyche's direct style in a 4411. But then you could say the same about Gordon and others who have left. Even Moise Kean. We move on.

Even if we had the money to buy him back, he'd have better offers in La Liga, Serie A or England.

Instead of living in the past, better to hunt down the next Richarlison direct at source in South America, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, East Asia etc.

Gerry Quinn
22 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:36:46
"You made the bed, now lie in it" comes to mind...
Dave Abrahams
23 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:41:22
Pete (20),

I don't think it was a poor move for Everton, we got a reputed £60M for him. He wanted the move and would have been out of contract this summer if he stayed, I think, so financially we are better off.

If we hadn't've let him go, what would his mood have been like? He's got a titty lip him on at the best of times… 7 going on 25!!

Ernie Baywood
24 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:44:03
Of course we'd have him back. He'd be our best player by some margin.

But it won't happen. There's no chance. Even if he wanted to come, Spurs would sell to the highest bidder and that wouldn't be us.

He's worth a fortune. Certainly more than we got.

Mal van Schaick
25 Posted 09/03/2023 at 12:47:45
We have the money from Kean and Gordon, buy Richarlison back him for £40 million.
Larry O'Hara
26 Posted 09/03/2023 at 13:12:00
I’d have him back: I’d even drive him!
Dave Abrahams
27 Posted 09/03/2023 at 13:16:32
Ernie (24),

How many bidders do you think would be interested in signing Richarlison if Spurs decided to let him go? I think Spurs were the only club in the hunt for him when they signed him; all the other allegedly interested clubs never showed any interest.

Frank Crewe
28 Posted 09/03/2023 at 13:16:45
He made the same mistake Pienaar made. Pienaar moved to Spurs while Bale was there. He had no chance of shifting him out of the first team because he wasn't anywhere near good enough.

Richarlison has both Kane and Son in front of him. Again no way to shift them, especially for an individualist like Richarlison. That's one of his problems. Is he a wide player or a central striker? Well now he's just another expensive bench warmer.

It is unfortunate that players get over-inflated ideas about just how good they think they are. He was a good player for Everton because the competition for his place was extremely limited. He was a big fish in a small pond. Now he's a small fish in a big pond and he doesn't like it. We live and learn eh?

Dale Self
29 Posted 09/03/2023 at 13:32:44
FREE RICHY! I could see a return if Spurs get pipped by the RS. Conte and Levy could have a falling out. Turning it all over with a Kane transfer is possible.
Mark Taylor
30 Posted 09/03/2023 at 13:54:27
I knows it's not healthy but I always get a big dose of schadenfreude when one of our 'big' players leaves and fails elsewhere. Mainly it applies when it's someone I perceive as too big for their boots. Richarlison to some extent, Gordon and before them Lukaku, Barkley, Rodwell and even Rooney.

Not always though. I wished Gana all the best at PSG and I guess relative underdogs like Antonee Robinson and Kieran Dowell doing okay at other clubs makes me happier. Before them, I was always happy to see Naismith do well.

There's probably no rhyme or reason to it…

Duncan McDine
31 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:01:19
Frank @28,

My mind also drifted back to Pienaar after reading this story. He was a fabulous little player and felt the love from us Evertonians, much like Richarlison.

Unfortunately, very few players reach the same standards when they come back for a 2nd stint, so I don't think a return for Richarlison would be great for him or us.

Paul Hewitt
32 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:09:13
He wanted a move to a so-called bigger club, he got it. So stop moaning.
Michael Lynch
33 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:22:01
Talking of strikers who no longer play for us, Dyche didn't seem too positive in his presser about the chances of us seeing Calvert-Lewin in action on Saturday.
Anthony A Hughes
34 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:24:40
Calvert who, Michael?
Soren Moyer
35 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:29:34
I just don't see him in a Top 6 side. He is an average player but hard-working.

He should have stayed with us.

Alan J Thompson
36 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:30:04
Would I want back a player who blows like a tug after every pass and run and another who goes down at the slightest touch, you betcha!

Perhaps we could do a Pienaar as Spurs did; offer them £30M plus they can throw Winks in as well. What goes around, eh.

Christopher Timmins
37 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:40:23
If it's not broken don't try and fix it. Richarlison played well for us as did Stevie P and they should never have tried to move away from us, assuming of course that was the case.

We got good money for him, as will prove to be the case with Anthony Gordon, and we should thank both of them for helping to shore up the finances of the club.

Calvert-Lewin will probably be kept in reserve until after the International break when it will be now or never time as regards his ability to making an impact on our fight to survive the drop.

John Raftery
38 Posted 09/03/2023 at 14:47:01
We needed to sell on the last day of our financial year. The £60M for Richarlison helped to balance the accounts. His departure considerably weakened our attack but, at the time, there appeared to be no alternative.

At Spurs, Son is past his peak, Conte is on his way out, Kane's future is in doubt, and the fans are unhappy. It will be interesting to see if and how Richarlison fits in with the plans of the new manager, widely tipped to be Pochettino.

Eddie Dunn
39 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:01:43
Richarlison is now realising that the grass isn't always greener, just like Lukaku did.
He will never return and I wouldn't want his sulking gob and pathetic diving anyway.
Iakovos Iasonidis
40 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:06:40
He would be so useful!
Joe McMahon
41 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:10:51
Something not right at Spurs. He is Brazils striker, and Spurs can't utilise him. They didn't need him really either — reminds me all those years also Newcastle singing Asprilla, they didn't need him and threw the title.

I don't get the stick Richarlison gets, he gave his all for Everton and at times dragged us towards safety. He also made Gordon look better.

Robert Tressell
42 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:36:49
Wow. Some shitty comments about a guy that worked his arse off and led by example to keep us up last season.

He also gave us at least 1 extra season to get our act together as a club, which we completely failed to do.

And we couldn't afford to keep him in any case, because it seems strongly likely that Burnley and the Premier League would have taken action for our finances if £60M hadn't turned up in our accounts by 30 June or whenever it was.

Personally, it's the rubbish in the squad and our lack of money that makes me fed up, not the players of genuine ability.

Danny O’Neill
43 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:43:34
I've praised Tottenham for the magnificent stadium they've built and on the grounds of their original one.

Current team wise, they can look impressive on their day. But in my opinion, they rely on two players.

Bigger picture, they've won more FA Cups than us. They've won the League Cup several times, which continues to elude us, although I am not going to meet my maker until we win that. They've won more European trophies.

But when it comes down to it, when you judge it on league titles, they are way behind. Only 2 to their name, the last being 1961, which makes our 1987 9th title seem like yesterday. Well certainly for my generation.

Back on thread, it still feels like a strange decision by Richarlison in my opinion.

Danny O’Neill
44 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:46:33

Richarlison sulks and gets frustrated, but there is no doubting that is because of the effort he puts in and, with Everton, the frustration in the players he had around him.

Danny O’Neill
45 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:49:36
He gets targeted and fouled a lot.

If he was English and called Jack Grealish, he would get a lot more decisions.

Ajay Gopal
46 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:54:39
If Fulham were to qualify for Europe, I could see Marco making a loan move for Richarlison. After all, it was Silva who helped him settle in England and I remember Richarlison saying he considers Silva to be a ‘father figure'.

Pickford in exchange for Richarlison, anyone?

Clive Rogers
47 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:56:03
Danny, thought he’d gone a bit stale, but if he’s now gone mouldy he’s really knackered. Don’t want him back with mould.
Brian Williams
48 Posted 09/03/2023 at 15:59:01
Why are people so keen to get rid of England's first choice keeper?

Doesn't make sense.

Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 09/03/2023 at 16:13:40
The joys of not checking before you post. It's worse when I'm on the phone.

Targeted and marked a lot. As in his card is marked.

Brian. No idea. He's not perfect, most of us know his defects, but who would be better? And still young for.a keeper.

Just get out of that 6-yard box and get in the gym to make those parries stronger and put the ball away from danger.

Nearly Saturday. See you there, Blues.

Clive Rogers
50 Posted 09/03/2023 at 16:26:33
Danny, I’ve had spellchecker problems also. Let you off!
Nick Page
51 Posted 09/03/2023 at 16:35:41
Despise these shithouses. They've been ruining players for years. The lure of the capital and a fucking shite club that haven't won anything of note longer than us.

Biggest joke in the Champions League going. At least they win the shiny new stadium award and host the NFL. Twats.

I'd take him back in a flash but I wouldn't ever do business with Levy.

Joe McMahon
52 Posted 09/03/2023 at 16:48:53
Brian @48,

What I don't understand is his performances for England are so much better (on the whole) than for Everton. Forest's first goal on Sunday when he palmed the ball back into play lost us 2 points. That's maybe why?

If we could get good money (the kind Liverpool get when selling on), for me, it's sell.

Sean Roe
53 Posted 09/03/2023 at 16:54:51
He looked good playing for us purely because he worked hard and the rest of the squad is utter shite.

He's an average player that is not of the quality of Kane, Son or Kulusevski and was never going to get in ahead of any of them on a regular basis.

Brian Williams
54 Posted 09/03/2023 at 17:17:19
Joe #52.
All keepers make mistakes. Pickford's are more to the fore because you watch him every week. Also more to the fore because he's surrounded by shite.

Who would we get who's just as good, or better? Not just a wish, who "could" we realistically get who's just as good, or better?

Certainly not another English keeper because evidentially none are as good as him, unless the England management are completely wrong.

Ian Bennett
55 Posted 09/03/2023 at 17:31:30
I'd buy him back. Some players suit clubs, and he suits us.
Rob Halligan
56 Posted 09/03/2023 at 17:35:33
Brian # 54,

I think the harder the shot, the further a goalkeeper can palm or push the ball away from his goal.

The shot by Gibbs-White wasn't particularly fierce but was more placed low to Pickford's left. Pickford did well to get down and palm the ball away, but because there was no power in the shot, it didn't go very far.

How many times have we heard a commentator say “The power was in the cross” when a forward scores with a header? Well it's the same for a goalkeeper when parrying a shot away.

Pickford did actually palm the ball away from goal, albeit not very far, because there was no power in the shot, not directly back into the 6-yard box, as some seem to think.

Jerome Shields
57 Posted 09/03/2023 at 18:21:54
Barry #19,

I agree, Richarlison was always a poor passer of the ball. I used to call him the worst Brazilian passer of the ball in history. He also likes to come onto his right, which makes it easier to defend against him.

His strengths are work rate, running at defenders, and shooting. Most of his goals are opportunist with a good shot. I remember him only scoring once with his left foot.

In the Champions League, a player has to be able to pass a ball and a forward has to be strong on interplay in the final third. Work rate is a given at that level. The chances of getting an opportunist goal from a good shot are greatly reduced.

Actually, anytime Everton have won since he left, it has been with an opportunist Richarlison-like shot. It has got that we know the play isn't what it should be and are hoping for an opportunist shot every game.

Maybe we need Richarlison back for this reason. Many are hoping Calvert-Lewin will pull off this saviour-type shot on his return.

He may go to Real Madrid, but not while Ancelotti is manager.

Dave Abrahams
58 Posted 09/03/2023 at 19:33:58
Robert (42) some shitty comments about Richarlison!!

Really? Have a look at the posts on another thread about a player who plays for us, Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Now that's what I call shitty from his own 'supporters'?

Andrew James
59 Posted 09/03/2023 at 22:04:01
Being a cynic, I wonder if Dele Alli (who Spurs knew as a player was a shadow of himself about 4 seasons ago) was a down payment for this deal.

Richarlison admittedly was not the player some built him up to be and didn't become the player we hoped when he was signed. Mainly because of the conveyor belt of coaches and the players around him.

But one senses we sold him for a few less quid than we should have because replacing his influence in our forward line was going to be tough.

It would not surprise me if one of two things happened. Spurs realized they could shift Dele to us in exchange for Richarlison 6 months later at a knockdown rate and Everton hoped that Dele was a risk worth taking.


The £60 million was cash plus a valuation Spurs and Everton agreed for Dele. Potentially we might have got £40 million for Richarlison with Dele as a makeweight in the deal.

All speculation yet this smacks of taking several Man Utd players on the drip following the sale of Rooney to them.

Eddie Dunn
60 Posted 10/03/2023 at 08:02:49
In terms of "shitty comments", he didn't do us a favour staying an extra year. Imagine if he had gone to Spurs a year earlier, lost a starting berth, and then possibly his place in the Brazil side at the World Cup.

We gave him time off to compete in the bloody poxy Olympics!

I do recall he was paid each month too, and I guess he was on money we can only dream of. So he did very well out of us.

He was still a sulky twat and a diving cheat and if he wasn't our diving cheat, we would all have hated him.

Danny O’Neill
61 Posted 10/03/2023 at 08:33:04
There's a lot of sense in that, Eddie. Naturally, like anyone, he was looking after his career and interests. That's normal and we all do it in all walks of life.

We often forget that a lot of these players, although they become affiliated with and have affection towards Everton, are not Evertonians like you and I who have never known anything different since we can remember. From cradle to grave, as they say.

I did hear a lot of good things about Richarlison and how he interacted with the supporters. I'm not sure he will have the same relationship with Tottenham.

Yes, he sulks a lot, but I often thought that's because he gives a shit and was probably frustrated with what was around him. Also, just his own personal demeanour. I've always been told to smile more. I was born with a frown.

Nice scenes of him in the changing room after the Palace match, him walking through the fans in the Enclosure to meet what I presume was family in the executive boxes and then heading to the Gwladys Street with his baby wrapped in a Brazil flag.

With regards to the diving. Tricky one. In the modern game, a fast-moving player who gets clipped will go down either naturally, or because they feel the contact. Because they are moving quickly, it can look spectacular, but it's just the momentum.

Once they get a reputation, it's difficult for them to shift it and get a decision. It happened to Andy Johnson once Mourinho called it on Sky. He wasn't a diver, he was a quick player, who when clipped, went down. But because of his pace, the slightest touch made it look worse. So he got labelled.

I'll revert back to my observations of Jack Grealish. He isn't considered a diver by the media. He is referred to as the most fouled player in the Premier League.

Funny how the media and supporters spin things depending on the player. Grealish plays for England and Manchester City. Richarlison played for Everton and Brazil.

Different perceptions and bias.

Paul Birmingham
62 Posted 12/03/2023 at 23:57:44
Well said Rob, and basic laws of physics, in velocity and momentum. Pickford is the best shot-stopper in the Premer League, imho.

I think for all footballers who went to the World Cup in Qatar, this season, in mental terms, must feel like an extended stretch, and it's impacted all clubs who had players on World Cup duty.

Richarlison, I reckon, will vamos Spurs in the next preseason, he's wasted a year of his career.


Ian Jones
63 Posted 13/03/2023 at 07:20:21
Reasons for Spurs buying Richarlison are obvious. You need a strong squad to be competitive when potentially playing so many competitions.

Trying to keep them happy is the hard part.

Liverpool's strike force is, unfortunately for us, a good example with Nunez, Diaz, Jota, Firmino, Salah, Gakpo.

Keeping them happy is reasonably easy. Being part of a trophy-winning side helps.

As for Richarlison, he wants Champions League football. He may be more suited to playing abroad in Spain or France.

I am not sure why people think he'd come back to Everton or go on loan to places like Fulham.

I also think £60 million or whatever it was represented good value considering he probably only had 1 year left on his contract.

John Raftery
64 Posted 13/03/2023 at 15:46:07
Richarlison had 2 years left on his contract. He was rated man of the match at Spurs on Saturday.

Reports of his failure there may prove to be premature.

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68 Posted 28/04/2023 at 13:09:48

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