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Everton have unveiled the creative concept that they will use to mark the Club's historic final season at Goodison Park.   

The Blues will leave their iconic home for their new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock at the start of the 2025-26 season and, taking its inspiration from the former Goodison Road entrance, the new artwork pays homage to 13 decades of innovation, achievement and the passion and loyalty of generations of supporters.   

The brand will be used for all Club campaigns and events celebrating Goodison's farewell and appear in a variety of ways across official channels and inside the stadium.   

It will also feature on clothing and merchandise to be made available via evertondirect.com and the Everton One and Everton Two stores from next season.   

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The design will make its debut when the Club's Season Ticket renewal window for 2024-25 opens on Thursday (15 February), allowing Evertonians to guarantee their seat for the stadium's final campaign.   

It will then be rolled out further across different initiatives as the 2024-25 season draws nearer.   

As part of today's launch, the Club has released a video explaining the concept's origins and how it will be adapted to mark the many storied eras of Goodison's existence.   

The artwork will also feature a contemporary take on the iconic Archibald Leitch pattern that has been synonymous with the stadium since the early 1900s. The modern twist has been chosen over a faithful reproduction of the design to make it unique to the historic final season and to complement the classic 'Goodison Park' typography.  

Versions of the creative, celebrating each Club crest from the very first adopted in the 1920s, have also been created to acknowledge different eras and ensure the full Goodison story can be told.   

Richard Kenyon, Chief Commercial and Communications Officer, said: "Goodison is so steeped in history it was important for us to develop a design that could be adapted to reflect the Club's earliest days at the stadium right through to the present day and everything in between. Dixie, the Holy Trinity, Kendall's glorious team of the 1980s – the campaign will encapsulate all that Goodison has seen and stood for.     

"There is a deep-rooted connection between Evertonians and the very brick, wood and metal that make up the areas of the stadium where their families have, in many cases, sat or stood for generations.  These unique features will form part of our creative campaign as it progresses as we celebrate the last months of Goodison and count down to what will inevitably be an emotional farewell next May.” 

 Richie Gillham, Secretary of the Everton Heritage Society, said: “The clean, classic look, alongside the inventive use of the Archibald Leitch pattern, all cleverly and subtly embody Goodison Park. 

“I especially like the how the font has been adapted from the famous Goodison Road entrance. Not only was it iconic and striking to look at but it was also the opening through which some of Everton’s greatest players first entered the stadium and where so many Everton journeys begging.   

“The Heritage Society has a long-standing relationship with the football club and we will be working with the Club to provide information, background, facts and details that will help the Club and Evertonians commemorate our final season at Goodison Park.” 

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David Vaughan
1 Posted 14/02/2024 at 00:38:22
If you believed everything you hear and read these days about my beloved Everton on the edge – though there's no doubting we are fighting our owner's ‘existential threat' – then you'll find this creative project to celebrate our final season at Goodison Park rather incongruous, vaguely ridiculous, almost shameful. Surely only the stuff of dreams – and pipe dreams at that.

Or maybe, just maybe, news of Everton's death has been much exaggerated.

Take a look at the club's launch page on the official website, watch the video they've fabulously crafted (both linked above), and tell me that you don't start to wonder. To consider what others tell us is apparently unthinkable.

That we will indeed have a life once the Grand Old Lady has finally fallen silent. That things can and will truly get better. That we are on the cusp of a literally gleaming resurrection not many miles away.

What a future we are soon to embark on.

Everton will rise again. It begins not at the Grand Old Lady but over there, down on the river, the city's very founding feature. To leave our 'nuisance neighbours' behind, geographically and beyond and to once again, just like we did in 1892, become a new force to be reckoned with, a force to be proud of. An entity resonating with meaning and value, far beyond simply eleven men on the park.

So hold your nerve people, welcome then wipe those tears that will undoubtedly flow throughout our last season in dear old Liverpool 4 – the home of my family since before St Domingo's was founded – and say hello. Hello to Everton FC circa 2025.

Personally, I want Moshiri to stay, to not sell to desperadoes or vultures intent on picking the flesh off the carcass. To remain and be the spearhead (liberated, no longer fettered by meddling malcontents), and to lead us into paradise. To raise us up from the ashes of his own (and others') disastrous infernos, turning us once more into a phoenix and our bright new dawn.

And so, returning to this epistle's original provocation – the impressive optimism expressed through the club's new and innovative creative work... Read it, view it, buy it in the coming months, but live it.

Everton? Existential? Damn right! We're not going anywhere, other than migrating into our future and our fabulous new home. Buckle up, it's going to get bumpy, and it's going to prove one hell of a ride. Being Evertonian was seemingly always destined to be.

We're going to turn the air blue. Royal Blue.

Brian Cleveland
2 Posted 15/02/2024 at 03:47:56
Wow, David, that was rather eloquent, especially given that I was going to say that I cannot feel much emotion for it given everything else that is currently going on.

Just another small matter the Premier League will piss all over for us with our attention drawn towards them and their ineptitude instead of celebrating our past and embracing our future.

Perhaps I should so just keep silent.

Danny O’Neill
3 Posted 15/02/2024 at 07:05:49
Great words, David.

I'm excited about the new Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. I've been canvassing for a rebuild or move since the early 90s. It is long overdue.

I am a strong character, but when it comes to Everton, I am emotional. Leaving Goodison upsets me. I'm going to need a few people around me when the day comes. I don't think many will be able to walk away when the last day comes.

So many memories, good and bad. But following Everton is about the passion of the supporters. Let's make the most of the Grand Old Lady we all grew up in whilst she is still standing and do her justice. She deserves it.

You've started me now!

Michael Kenrick
4 Posted 15/02/2024 at 11:58:03
"In crafting the brand for Goodison Park's final season…"

Oh? So it's just one huge marketing opportunity?

Well, yes, it should be taken full advantage of from a commercial perspective — the kind of thing Everton have conspicuously failed to do in the past that goes a long way to explaining our current predicament amidst parlous commercial revenue streams that are totally insufficient to support the club's current operations — but did you actually have to make telling us that a part of the commemoration???

John Raftery
5 Posted 15/02/2024 at 12:28:55
Interesting to read in Richard Kenyon’s article on the club’s website we are making good progress in the stadium naming rights. Securing a major deal soon would be a huge signal the club has at last started moving in the right direction financially.
Derek Taylor
6 Posted 15/02/2024 at 19:35:46
It's a brave man that foresees there will even be an Everton (as we know it ) in 2025.

With only a bunch of spivs on the horizon to relieve Moshiri of his self-made chaos, only administration waits for us.

Shame on all of them, I say.

Peter Mills
7 Posted 17/02/2024 at 09:18:45
I renewed my season ticket yesterday, so am hoping to see some footy at Goodison next season, whatever league it might be in.
Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 17/02/2024 at 09:26:24
Good on you Peter and hope to see you there.

It's going to be an emotional season.

Like you, I don't care what league we're in. Obviously we have our preference, but we just follow Everton.

Always have done since we can remember. Always will.

Colin Malone
9 Posted 19/02/2024 at 15:45:39
Has anyone walked from Sandhills railway station to Bramley-Moore Dock? Just before you get to the stadium, it stinks to high heaven. People who don't know, there is a sewerage waste plant there.

I've gone there a couple of times for a look how the new stadium looks and it stinks, to the point, I have had to cover my face.

I hope the club is aware of this problem.

James Marshall
10 Posted 19/02/2024 at 15:47:51

I read somewhere they're going to install a wall of large fans to blow the stink of shite in the opposite direction during games.

(I may have completely made this up.)

Eric Myles
11 Posted 19/02/2024 at 16:40:08

We just tell everyone that it's the wind blowing in the stink from the direction of Anfield.

Jay Evans
12 Posted 19/02/2024 at 17:22:27

I’ve visited Bramley-Moore Dock about half-a-dozen times over the last couple of years, arriving from all different directions, but not once have I noticed any smell other than fresh sea air.

Stephen Davies
13 Posted 19/02/2024 at 17:32:51
I've visited Bramley-Moore Dock a couple of times and didn't detect any smell.

However, there was a YouTube video of Bramley Moore not so long ago by Mr Drone. At the time he commented on the strong smell and thought he was standing near to a particularly stinky bin somewhere but he later discovered it was coming from the sewage works.

Anthony Flack
14 Posted 19/02/2024 at 17:43:12
Are we renaming Anfield as the sewage works - it makes a lot of sense on many levels
Brian Wilkinson
15 Posted 20/02/2024 at 13:48:20
Hi Colin, I am one of the lucky ones with no sense of smell, there is a sewage plant next door, and the away fans will be housed in that corner of the North stand, great planning on our part, I would strongly recommend you not to get a season ticket in the North stand as you will have to walk right by the side of the sewage plant.

There again it cannot be a bigger stink than what’s going on at Goodison at the moment, you can smell the stench all the way to the Premier league head quarters.

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